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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  December 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they pivotk against nuclear por. >> president putin said he wants to modernize russia's nuke nuclear weapons and trump said let it will be an arms race, we will out match them and out pass them owl. >> other countries need to understand he will act. >> foreign policy experts say america's nuclear weapons are e if he can traffic -- are old. >> putin sent trump a christmas letter saying he hopes that russia and america will be able to bring their relationship to a new level. president elect trump said it was a nice letter and putin's thoughts are correct. >>
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security council passed a resolution condemning israel settlements. they demanded the obama administration veto the measure. the u.s. obtained. craig boswell, cbs news the white house. after a 4 day run from law enforcement across europe the suspect wanted for this week's truck attack in berlin is dead. two officers spotted him acting strange earlier this morning. when they asked for his id he took out a pistol and shot one cop before the second officer shot and killed him. the suspect pledge allegiance to isis before driving a truck into a crowded christmas market killing 12 people on monday. a warning from the fbi and the department of homeland security. isis has published a list of churches complete with addressing in all 50 states threatening to launch attacks over the hols.
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known credible threat and issued that warning out of an abundance of caution. a hostage situation on board a hijacked plane in malta ended peacefully. the flight had 120 people on board. it touched down unexpectedly after being hijacked in libyan air space. two men in their 20s threatened to blow it up. after a dramatic four hour stand off the hijackers surrendered. no passengers were injured. developing this evening, fairfax county police are investigating the death of two 22-year-old's whose bodies were found hours apart and miles away. >> they may have known each other frp >> police found the body of 22-year-old hanak yohan last night. he was suffering from trauma to the upper body. >> well, 12 hours later police were called to another crime
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of pro plexty. >> this whole family is nice, his mom, dad and little brother. >> neighbors and friends can't figure out why anyone would want to hurt the 22-year-old man. his coach in soccer. >> very, very kind gentleman. always a smile on his face. very respectful. i'm tote al shocked. i just can't believe that this happened. >> fairfax county police say they found him in his home dead. they could only say he was suffering from some kind of trauma to the upper body. they have no suspects. fast forward 12 hours and -- >> fast forward 12 hours and 2 miles away and police found a 22-year-old woman's body leaning against a tree. >> i saw the police come, i saw the fire department come. >> there may be a link between the two but we have not confirmed that yet. >> late this afternoon police
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22-year-old. they classified her death as a homicide and said she too had trauma to the upper body. >> police said these two crimes do not appear to be random. if you have information about either of these murders fairfax county police asked that you give them a call. a 31-year-old man is charged with dui after an over night crash that killed his 22-year-old passenger. police sarkar lois lopez was driving a toyota sion when he sped past a car in centerville and lost control of his car and it flipped. 22 year-old darla ramirez was ejected from the car and died at the scene. neither were wearing seat belts. crews are trying to figure out how this car ended up submerged in a river. it was found after 3:00 this afternoon. they found this car in the water but no one was inside. three fraternities
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reinstated after officials concluded their investigation of a report of abuse of a goat. a fourth fraternity alpha sigma phi was suspended. a goat named phillip just kind of disappeared. he's still gone. a generous donation to help the local environment. the u.s. agriculture department is giving $1.1 million to the chesapeake bay foundation. that money will go towards reducing farm-based pollution of the bay. they will keep livestock out of streams and create buffers. local olympian katie ladeky is getting in the holiday spirit. she posed for pictures with the glen echo fire department and santa is there too. send us your christmas picture to our wusa 9 facebook or twitter and you may see them on t
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from congress could impact how you shop for milk at the grocery store. >> a little girl is reunited with her best friend but not before he goes on an epic airport adventure. >> howard. >> a little chill y out here tonight. we have temperatures down to 40 here in town, the mid 30s towards oakland. so a lot of upper 30s and low 40s right now. thankfully the winds are light i am tracking some rain and some snow towards wisconsin but the rain is really the more pressing problem for us. not going to be here this evening. maybe late out west in the valley but it will impact your saturday. i'll tell you about that and the rest of the holiday weekend forecast in just a few minutes.
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tm z is reporting that actress and author cari fisher suffered a massive heart attack on a flight from london to l.a. an emt on board admin strered life saving measures. the los angeles times is reporting that she's currently listed in critical condition. fisher of course gave worldwide fame for her role as princess leah. she was out operate a book tour. a guilty plea in court today from the former milwaukee police officer charged with shooting an armed suspect. dominique brown
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from police in august. the officer's body camera shows that smith raised a gun and the officer shot him in the shoulder. that shootage also shows the officer shooting smith in the chest after the suspect dropped the gun. smith's killing spashed two nights of riots. today a new jersey judge is refusing to reconsider her decision not to name a special prosecutor against governor chris christie in the bridge gate scandal. >> a former new jersey firefighter wants a special prosecutor claiming the prosecutor would have a conflict of interest. two former allies of the republican governor were convicted in a federal trial in november of conspireing to punish a mayor who didn't endorse chris christie by causing traffic jams near the bridge. chris christie was not charged. a fight over what could be called milk could change the way that products are labeled in the dairy aisle. 23 members of congress signed a letter asking if fad and drug administration to
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against manufacturers of what they say is fake milk. they want the fda to require plant-based products like soy to adopt a more appropriate name. the fda said it received the letter and plans to respond directly to the lawmakers. it's been a long journey for this dog named liberty rescued from a meat factory in asia. today was the start of a new chapter. we were there as it got a new set of leggings. >> a woman missing her stuffed animal got a surprise
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we have an update to a story that we first brought you on wednesday. a dog named liberty got a new set of legs today after being rescued from a meat market in asia. >> they are helping dogs like liberty. >> it's been a long dog for liberty rescued from a cambodia slaughter how house. >> it's easy to underan
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it has not been long since she was tortured and her front legs cut off. >> the team at animal ortho care has been making a new set of legs for liberty. >> it fits in there. a foreign place with foreign devices on her legs. >> liberty is one of many dogs rescued by animal hope and wellness foundation based out of california. >> the group exposing the grew some reality of the asian dog meat market. >> i have shed so many tears over here. >> today it's about hope and those first few steps. >> i'm so flipping excited. i said, all i want for christmas is for liberty to have her leggings. -- legs. >> it should take her a few weeks to adjust, restore her faith in humanity. >> she's a fighter. you can tell it in her eyes and the way she's walking
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herself again. >> we couldn't fit all of this amazing video in one store so if you want to see more of her first day head to our website at in sterling, virginia janice park, wusa 9. >> you see her prosthetics are red, white and blue. as she grows animal ortho care continues to hope to fit her for mur prosthetics for free. the chance to get most online shipments by christmas has come and gone. last minute shoppers are still trying their luck at stores. the mall at prince george's is staying open until 11:00 tonight. it will be open from 8:00 to 6:00 tomorrow. special holiday hours are the latest way that malls are courting all of you. the internet is taking a bite out of business. online shopping is expected to account for $117 billion of holiday sales this season. the region's
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hour. it's been a good travel day for the most part except for some weather delays on the west coast. give yourself some extra time for traffic if you are picking somebody up tonight. the approach lanes around the airport really busy and we found people inside the terminals in a pretty good holiday mood. >> what is with the head gear? >> go big or go home, baby. for sure. >> these are my grandchildren. this is giana and this is robert, junior. >> big family, little family, i don't care, family is the best thing in the world. >> family is a number one. we have to bring more love and family closer together. >> nice to be out at the airport when everybody is smiling. >> everybody is happy. >> usually we are out there when people are like what is going on. >> yeah. >> well, this by usy travel period at the airports will cap off the busiest year for the u.s. airline industry ever. traveling through the airport over the holidays, you can be a little crazy. you have people to deal with, luggage, sometimes even the most precious cargo
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and 8-year-old girl from michigan lost her teddy bear at an airport in detroit on wednesday night. her mom asked for help finding teddy on social media and in stepped family friend steven louderman who is a southwest employee. he told the detroit free press he saw the facebook post, retraced the families steps before his shift started and found teddy on the top of a garbage can. before returned the stuffed toy they wept on an airport adventure. teddy got to sit at the captain's seat, got to drive a luggage truck and then last night teddy was reunited with his best friend. >> best boy ever. >> like the parent s got out of, you know, this one. >> weeks of heartache. >> those things are irreplaceable for the little ones. >> yeah. it's like a warm blanket. you need it. >> we lost one we came back
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from manassas and it was on the floor of the garage. it was a relief. weather wise i want to talk about white christmas statistics for you. i want to thank chris for doing the research center. you're asking about a white christmas. first of all issue -- first of all, let's get our expectations in check. were in washington. most of the time an inch or more of snow on the ground. 15% of the time maybe enough to measure but not quite an inch. now, 2009 that was the last time we had edward snowden on the ground and that was left over from that big storm that where he had earlier in december. that snow on christmas day the last couple of times it happened was 1992 and 2003. it doesn't happen often around here. tonight yourself looking at the capitol wheel. the humidity is at 68%. the dew point is 40. we have a 10 degree spread. we he some rain on the way. it's going to be main
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now, the stuff that you see here maybe a little bit of it reaching the ground in southern and south western west virginia. the air is still dry so we are not seeing much showing up yet on the observations. that will change later tonight. 40 in town, upper 30s in the valley. joint base andrews one of the cold spot at 36 with easton and cambridge right now at 37 degrees. we are talking about a dry evening with the rain late. the rest of us i'm thinking maybe not until over night. a wet saturday morning. yellow weather alert for rain and showers around on saturday morning. only saturday morning. we will dry out some of the afternoon. a dry and mild christmas day with highs pushing towards 50 if not the low 50s. we may push near 60 by tuesday with the chance for a stray shower then. some snow up here, not a lot of snow. out west we talked about the travel delays earlier. you can see why. look at the rain up and down the california coast. a lot of cold aieh
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jet stream is taking a dip. like a seesaw when it dips in the west it rises this the east so that's why it's mild for the next 6 days or so. rain coming out of st. louis but moving into indianapolis. it's just a matter of time before it gets here. the future cast is indicating it's going to take several hours. we may see a little bit out towards the valley west towards 10:00 or 11:00. really over night towards tomorrow morning that's when we expect the bulk of the rain. towards late morning at 11:00 most of the rain now down to the south and east of us through southern prince george's , southern maryland, the northern neck, eastern shore. then by mid afternoon clouds, a couple of breaks and then we see even better conditions as we head towards tomorrow night. i know hanukkah starts tomorrow night. midnight mass, weather conditions will be a okay if you're traveling out tomorrow night. tonight 36 to 41. we will see some rain after midnight. winds south after 5 s
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40s with the rain. it will taper off late morning and then in the afternoon partial clearing, highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. your 3-day forecast, christmas day dry and mild, 50. milder monday and 54. tuesday that stray shower near 60 with 40s back in here on wednesday. showers thursday and then much colder it looks like by friday and new year's eve. >> thank you. it's that time of year that we can sit and buckle down and finally watch some sports. >> how about what did you do when you were 25 years old? we have a story of a young high school coach making some waves at 25. >> keep it moving. >> his story is straight ahead in sports. >> you see
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basketball off to aqwpb0 61 start under the guidance of a coach that's not much older than his players as part of game on varsity on this friday night. ryan escow heads the hoyas and he's only 25 years old of age. he started to coach prep 2 years ago and so far this season so far so good. >> i think it's helped us because with his youth he can come to practice with that energy. >> i've always been a quicker learner and definitely an observer. i definitely am not ashamed -- you know, when i took the job i didn't know everything. i still don't know everything. if i said i knew everything i wouldn't be very successful. >>
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what he needs today as -- needs to do that takes a big toll. the wizards have won 7 of their last 10. remember when folks were saying it was a lost season? showing some life on on the wizards. wizards on the road tonight face it is bucks. bradley beall had 21 points, john wall 23 in the victory. maryland basketball getting into spirit with a new cheer. now we know that these guys are god at basketball but singing you be the judge. >> ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> boy, that was really convincing. i don't know. >> i want to know what was going on behind the scenes.
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before you get dinner tonight or smig. like they made them do it. they were forced to do it. >> yeah. you maryland terps right there. >> better on the heart. >> maryland's finest. we would sing it a whole lot different. i'm just saying. so the forecast going into the holiday weekend? >> got a little rain tomorrow morning but it should be out of here for most of us by noon, early afternoon south and east. it looks goods tomorrow night. sunday, christmas day, fine, 50. we are going to get warmer by tuesday near 60. maybe a stray shower. thursday showers likely. i'm finally seeing what could be another cold shot here as we head into friday and new year's eve and new year's day. >> are we working up to like a clash of the choirs here? >> i don't know but you can't win that one. i promise you. >> we start ed ed something here that we probably won't be able to finish. >> see you back
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