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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  December 25, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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heartland. a light that became a beacon of hope for youngsters who had lost their way. tony dokoupil will report our cover story. >> the world's most famous reform school, boys town. >> i want a home for them where they can stay. >> is still running strong. after nearly 100 years. >> more felons per capita here than any town in nebraska. >> probably. we're all doing our best to change. >> how a last chance. >> i'm very proud of you. >> can become a newbie againing. ahead on "sunday morning." >> pauley: adam driver hasn't always been a hollywood heavy. once upon a time, he was just another indiana kid who dreamt big. tracy smith hears all about it in our sunday profile. >> you still want to kill me. >> long before he was the
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adam driver was just an ordinary guy. a slacker kid growing up in mishawaka, indiana. >> you actually had to sell vacuums. >> i wasn't good at that either. had a long string of 18 years doing things badly. >> oh, how things have changed. adam driver, later on "sunday morning." >> pauley: we hear a lot about joy to the world this time of year. this morning, our seth doane introduces us to a man for whom joy is just part of the job. >> he was hand picked for the job at age two. after a lifetime of delivering a message of hope and examination, he's an authority on a welcome topic this christmas day. >> joy, you know something about. >> joy, yes. happy, not only just on
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peace. compassion. >> a visit with the dalai lama. ahead this "sunday morning." >> pauley: christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes. did you know menorahs, too do, too. with sorry that altschul this morning, let there be lights. >> 'tis the season for hanukkah. but no celebration would be complete without a menorah or two or ten. >> this is a shoe menorah. generally less expensive than the shoes that my wife and my daughter buy. >> later on "sunday morning," let there be lights. >> i love it. i'm rocking and rolling, baby. >> 2016. >> happy 2016. join is it poinsettia or poinsettia?
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ben tracy tells us about the best selling christmas song of our time. barry petersen visits an old water tank that found new life as that recording studio. and more. first, the headlines for this sunday morning, christmas day, 2016. officials report no survivors following the crash of a russian military plane into the black sea. 92 people were on board including members of a famed russian army corps and orchestra. pope france wished christmas peace for a world scarred by war and terrorism. the pontiff cited those suffering through the syrian war especially, quote, the awful battles in aleppo. queen elizabeth will miss christmas services today as she recovers from a cold. it's the first time that's happened in 28 years. the queen is 90 years old.
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actress carey fisher remains in intensive care tattoo los angeles hospital. there's been no up daylight on her condition since she suffered what's described as a cardiac episode on flight home from london on fry did i. president-elect donald trump says he's going to dissolve his charitable foundation before taking office to avoid conflicts of interest. critics say that's not enough. they have called for mr. trump to put his assets in a blind trust. here's the weather. a blizzard will blow tea cross the plains and parts of the west making the trip home for christmas dinner almost dangerous. rain and thunderstorms are the problem farther south. expect record warm in the east. in the week ahead, some wrestlers will need rain gear to stay dry ringing in the new year. >> looks likev
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pretty good school day today. >> just ahead. >> chase, where would you be without boys town. >> a visit to boys town. strand restoring ading th a father's faith.... stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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make a gift today at
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we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. >> there's no place like home. rarely does that ring truer than this time of year. our christmas cover story is all about a very special home for some very needy
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it's reported by tony dokoupil. >> right near the mid point of america, ten miles outside of omaha, nebraska, there's a town that sits between childhood and whatever comes after. >> these young people are about to become citizens of the most famous village in the world. >> in this town, almost every kid is at a crossroads. >> raise your right hand. i do solemnly promise. >> i do solemnly promise. >> that i will be a good citizen. >> that i will be a good citizen. >> and the goal of all the grown ups here is to help the kids leave the town behind. [ applause ] this is boys town. 18-year-old chase pruss
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dodge, nebraska, was sworn in six months ago. arriving like a lot of kids, straight from jail. >> i took a school safe. for beer money. >> beer money. gas money. buy cigarettes. >> two more break-ins followed. and chase ended up arrested in front of his bewildered parents. >> my mom was crying. >> he had run through four different schools. stolen and lied. and he faced 80 years in prison. >> absolutely, it is a long road. >> until a judge helped him get into boys town. >> nice job. >> i had that mindset, i never want to ever put myself in a position where i could land myself back in an orange jumpsuit. i never wanted my jail i.d. to say who i was. >> on your worksheet you "have -- >> 17-year-old an day harris came to boys town much the same way. nearly three years ago he stole a car. ended up
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>> i didn't feel like i was going to amount to anything after that. >> frankly, he didn't think he'd amount to much before jail, either. >> an day, what do you think an upside is? >> c. >> college seemed out of reach. he can't remember hearing someone say they were proud of him. >> you're absolutely right. beautiful. >> more felons per capita here than any town in nebraska. >> probably. but we're all doing our best to change. >> almost every week here at boys town, new boys and since 1979, new girls, too are sent by social workers, judges stand desperate parents. most of the kids have been unable to live anywhere else without getting in trouble. boys town is their last chance. a lot of people would say they're bad kids. >> is that how they see themselves when they get here?
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they see themselves as, you know, on the bottom of the totem pole. >> how do you change that mindset? you. show them that, this is your decision. this is your life. >> tony jones is what's called a family teacher. >> okay, david, who is making tea? >> he and his wife simone run one of 55 homes on campus. boys town children live here like a family alongside the jones three biological kids. >> every single young man that has come through my home has become a parted of my family. >> this is a large part of what makes boys town so powerful. >> looks like everyone had a good school day. >> all 360 kids living here have paid boys town parents like tony and simone. >> a professional, full time
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whatever my boys may need me to be at that particular time in their life, that's then who i become for them. >> good day, son. good day. >> jones actually began at boys town as a boy himself. he was born to a shattered family in detroit. >> i can recall my brother and i standing at a bus stop and it was in the dead of winter. and we only had one pair of socks to share between the two of us. >> but then, a priest gave the jones brothers a chance to change their lives at boys town. >> it was a total transformati transformation. >> where do you think you would be if you had said no to boys town? >> oh, two places. i would either incarcerated or i would be dead. >> the saddest spectacle in our social life is the
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unwanted, unloved boy. >> the jones story is typical of a hundred years of stories at boys town. it began in 1917 as father flanagan's home for boys. >> his bruised and tortured heart and mind must be nursed back to normal health through kindness. >> the most beloved clergyman in america, he created the most famous reform school in the world. you may remember a 1938 oscar winning movie about the place starring spencer tracy. >> i want a home for them where they can stay and where they can learn. >> but what you probably don't know, is it's a real town with a real post office and police department. at about $65,000 per student per year, boys town is comparable to a top private college and it's mostly taxpayers footing the bill. but taxpayers pay for prisons, too. more than $39 billion a year
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boys town says it can keep some of those prison cells empty while nearly doubling the chance that these students will graduate from high school. >> how do you avoid coming in and being somebody just another person telling them am the things they're doing wrong? >> by telling them am the things that they're doing right. that's how you help kids change. it's being able to say, hey, young man, you did a good job this morning getting up. >> it's almost sounds like a joke. >> you know something? that little praise goes a long way. >> that little praise goes all the way back to father flanagan's founding ideas. there are no bad boys. chase, where would you be without choice town? >> i'd be in lock up. >> if all that sounds too pat to be successful, just listen to the results. >> probably just lock up. >> i've been here for a short amount of time. but since my first day i didn't feel like i was in a place where
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i felt like i was home. >> of course, boys town way does not work for every child who comes here. there are failures. >> it's nice to see you. hey, dad. >> but for chase's parents, dan and trish, it's been nothing short of a christmas miracle. who was chase before boys town and who is he today? >> he was dishonest, disrespec disrespectful, a thief. and to you he is the chase that i always wanted him to be. >> very proud of you, chase. we love you very much. >> i love you, too. >> how is the kid sitting here right now with me different from the kid who was driving that car? >> he was not even the same person. >> an day harris, the cake has been no less dramatic since stealing that car. how are you different? >> my actions, the way i s.
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i've grown up. i've become a young man. >> he's a school leader now, a star on the track team. he just found out he's headed to college next year. but first he's headed to amarillo for the holidays, a place he hasn't seen for nearly three years. >> dad! >> it's a place that boys town has been preparing him for since the very day he made his grand theft exit. >> this is my christmas gift. so, i mean, this is all i wanted. >> that's my baby! >> it's home. >> we've missed you. so proud of you, sweetheart. very proud of you. >> pauley: coming up -- are they in every room? >> they're in every room. and every room's different color. >> poinsettias or out do you say poinsettias?
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we are very much hands-on producers. if my office... ...becomes a plane or an airport the surface pro's perfect. fast and portable but also light. you don't do this 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for... ...decades if you don't feel it in your heart. listen, i know my super power is to not ever sleep. that's it. that's the only super power i have. time for a story about a plant. mark strassmann sets the record straight. >> in greenville, south carolina, this 1905, craftsman style home is a canvas of christmas color. >> they're in every room. >> every room is a different color. >> travis
9:20 am
cleveland have a passion for poinsetta: seward chose five different varieties. >> i try to keep the room the same color. >> this is all red. >> they are christmas. they speak christmas. and if you have lots of them they scream christmas, i guess. >> green vim has ha poinsettia pride. at the airport, new arrivals see it in this massive tree. more than ten feet tall, built with 168 plants. >> you can't live in greenville and live in the community and be a part of the community not understand that the poinsettia have a special place. they have the poinsettia parade, the christmas parade. >> zone set hotel. poinsett bridge. which is very historic. it's hard to miss that there is a connection. >> it's hard to miss in this house. what's less obvious is the story of these plants. which grow wild in mexico
9:21 am
in the 1500s the aztecs were the first to cultivate. franciscan missionaries arrived in the 1600s and thought the plant's red color symbolized the blood of christ. in taxco, mexico, this nativity parade earlier this month showcased the poinsettia's enduring power. street mosaics pay tribute to the plant. it is the chris mass plant. >> jim fausta horticulture professor at clemson university is an authority on the plants. poinsetta or poinsettia? >> most academics will say poinsettia. >> poinsett, that 19th century politics lived in greenville. >> joel poinsett, for whom the plant is named after was the first ambassador toex
9:22 am
he was an affidavit plant person he was involved in the exchange of plants to and from mexico and the united states so he happened to, in 1828, send the first poinsettia to this country. >> americans became enamored of this plant that blooms only once around christmas. >> it's really in the early 1900s when poinsettia become popular that you see christmas stamps and cards that have red and green as dominant colors. >> the red and green we associate with christmas coincided with the popularity of poinsettias? >> yeah, absolutely. >> in 1960s and '50s, u.s. green houses produced millions of them. poinsettias decorated the sets of christmas specials on television. and "the tonight show" with johnny car glob well, well, well. look at all the poinsettias. >> today they're america's second most
9:23 am
behind other kids. there are more than 150 varieties. >> we have varieties like tight an and marble star, ice punch, freedom. >> shades of red make up 90% of the $200 million market. contrary to widespread belief, poinsettias are not poisonous to people or pets. >> if you taste the nectar on them, it tastes really good. it's really sweet. >> it is sweet. >> like honey. >> it is like honey. >> who knew? consumers typically buy on or two. travis seward bought more than 80. >> how do you know when to stop? >> he doesn't ever know when to stop. >> we got a
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when are they leaving? grilled cheese and campbell's tomato soup go together like grandchildren and chaos. made for real, real life. >> pauley: it's hanukkah. the jewish festival of lights. sorry that altschul fills us in
9:26 am
>> hanukkah, the jewish festival of lights. a time for family and dedication. a tradition that wouldn't be complete without lighting at least one men norah. >> we lose track. properly called hanukkah lamps their collection is about as varied as they come. >> >> from poke mob to this one compliesed of shoes. to one in the shape of a metal house. >> they open it put the candles in then close the door you get the flickering lights. >> moore started collecting them to add a little spark to the holiday season.
9:27 am
>> christmas season is great. i love the christmas season. but we're jewish. when you have little kids you want to make the celebration fun and interesting. >> so every year father and daughter go in search of the next great addition. >> just have a good time laughing, making jokes, picking out menorah, is that we want to add to the collection. we have cupcake menorah. >> it's minuscule compared to the one at the jewish museum in new york city. at last count they have more than a thousand, largest in the world. >> this is the oldest lamp in the collection. so it's very exciting. it was made during the renaissance. >> susan braunstein is the curator. she says the legend of the hanukkah lamp dates back more than 2,000 years. to the time the jews took back their holy temple in jerusalem from the greeks. >> when
9:28 am
the temple, they only found enough sanctified oil to burn for one day. >> yet miraculously it lasted eight. each night you light a new candle. >> that's right. >> a lamp holds eight cancels plus a servant called a shamash, must be on different level. after that pretty much anything goes. how is this a hanukkah lamp? >> well, if you look at all the elements on the top there are holes for -- >> cool. >> different than the blocks. this wonderful, joyous explosion of color and shapes. >> diversity was the museum's goal. >> o collection is really an immigrant collection. it's pieces that came with the immigrants who arrived on our shores. >> something oded halahmy
9:29 am
>> in 1973 i made my first hanukkah lamp in new york city. >> halahmy, an iraqi jewish artist, is known for his ab tract art and hanukkah lamp sculptures. people must be drawn to this. the color, the gold painting. >> his family was part of mass exodus during early 1950s. his father who was a goldsmith left behind some of their most prized possessions. >> this was really painful for my family. my father have to sell the collection of hanukkah lamp that brought from iraq. >> halahmy treasures the memory of his father and now makes at least one new hanukkah lamp every year. i made this one. >> wow. >> that inspires -- wow. >> each one features his
9:30 am
signature pomegranate signifying love. which is only fitting for the holiday. >> all we need is love. >> whether you make them, collect them or just like to observe the holiday, the hanukkah lamp is enduring symbol of light and hope. >> it is my love. love, freedom, light. i love it. >> good boy, all right. >> pauley: still to come, a walk with adam driver. more "doing chores for mom" per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent,
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y brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper >> it belongs to me. >> it's "sunday morning" on cbs. here again is jane pauley. >> pauley: you may know him as kylo ren. but in real life hisam
9:32 am
adam driver. and his career is moving into the fast lane. tracy smith has our sunday profile. >> you still want to kill me. >> adam driver was the brain-probing bad gib last year's star wars mega hit "the force awakens." i was intense and malevolent but his kylo ren was also kind of, well, vulnerable. >> you're afraid. >> we met the real adam driver on his home turf in brooklyn with his rescue terrier, moose. why did you decide to get a dog? >> i love dogs. >> clearly, driver is no star wars villain but he might be just as complex. >> could you slow down a little bit please? >> before he ever picked up a light saber he was best known as lena dunhamoy
9:33 am
hit hbo series "girls." >> i want to walk. so please stop the bike, adam. >> the role seems tailor made, he plays an actor named adam who lives in brooklyn. >> what's the issue? >> you're not being that nice to me, i don't really understand why you want me around. >> when you love someone you don't have to be nice all the time. >> but his latest film is a bit more of a stretch. in patterson, adam is a bus driver who really wants to be a poet. >> i'm working on a poem for you. >> a love poem? >> i guess if it's for you it's a love poem. >> it's not your typical hollywood movie and it isn't meant to be. >> i knock off work. have a beer at the bar. i look down at the glass and feel glad. >> were you worried about doing a movie about poetry? >> it's that
9:34 am
talked about ton set. dozens of people are going to watch this movie. i got a bus driving poet. people will be lining up to see this. >> so far at least critics have been lining up to praise it. the film does have a few surprise turns. and that's pretty much the story of adam driver's life. raised in a middle class home in mishawaka, indiana, he was a slacker student who liked drama and not much else. >> i auditioned for juliard when i was that senior, i didn't get in. okay, i just won't go to college. i didn't apply to anywhere else. that was my genius plan. if i didn't get to that school, it was good school to go to, well, i won't do it. >> after juliard turned him down he lived at home. sold vacuum cleaners and pondered his future. it all came to him in a flash in 2001, on september 11th.
9:35 am
head? >> i feel like probably most people in the country did at that time just shock and horror and anger. wanted reibution, i'm at the age where i can. why -- nothing is holding me back here. >> was that actually cognition that, hey, i can help out here? >> yeah, part of it. joining the military seemed like a good idea. >> so, adam driver enlisted. in the marines. was there a moment where you thought, what did i do? >> yeah. these huge dudes are also with shaved heads are yelling at you. these grown mean, you know, you're just -- you're alone. i guess, essentially. >> but after a few weeks he learned to love it. driver became a rifleman, highly trained in ground cam bat and small arms. but just before he was about to ship out for iraq, he broke his sternum in a biking accident and s
9:36 am
the corps. heartbroken and unemployed, he reallied to juliard. this time, he got in and had to learn to be a civilian all over again. >> not that i was spitting on the ground or dragging my knuckles, but used to be direct. >> had to tone it down. >> sensitive actors? >> well, maybe, yeah. i mean which is all probably hiding some kind of like, insecurity in myself. you know, is adam crying in the corner again? i mean, i didn't cry. crying is for -- weak people. >> . >> driver nine theater helped him cope and help his former brothers and sisters in arms. so he cofounded arts in the armed forces, a group that puts on bare bones theater productions for servicemen and women. >> you know, we talk a little bit about this before, this idea that you have like survivor's guilt kind of thing that
9:37 am
didn't go overseas with the other guys. >> yeah, i think there was initially, maybe a high level of guilt that i didn't get to complete my service. i didn't get to go overseas and do the job i trained to do with the guys that i trained to do it with. what better audience than people that are protecting our country. why not serve as the ultimate service industry which is being in the military. shall i transmit, sir? >> once out of school, his acting career took off. with parts in ever bigger productions, like steven spielberg's "lincoln." >> do we fit into the times that we're born into? >> while, i don't know about myself. you maybe. >> and not long after, he was cast in the mother of all franchise films. >> will you help me? >> yes, anything. >> so when you found out you were going to be the bad guy. >> yeah. >> what did you any. >> way better. costumes are
9:38 am
light sabers are better. >> one person who can disarm adam driver, his nonprofit cofounder joanne tucker, whom he married in 2013. they have booked military gigs well into the new year. in the meantime you can see him in another role he really hungered for. >> pray for courage. >> in the new martin scorsese film "silence. driver is that jesuit frees who, with andrew garfields on a dangerous mission to find a lost colleague in 17th century japan. >> what are you saying? you can't. >> you lost a lot of weight. >> yeah. 51 pounds. >> 51 mounds. >> i didn't realize it was that much? >> yeah. that was important to get down as much as we could in the time we had. to hopefully tell that story. >> and then after you told that story did you get -- >> ate a lot of food. >> yeah. >> so, what is it about
9:39 am
>> very quiet. >> now that he's not a starving actor any more, life is good. he'll return to the dark side in star wars episode 8 next year. and after that? like every good marine, adam driver knows to be ready for anything. were you worried when you found out that you'd be the guy who would kill han solo? >> that took a lot of -- i had to think about it for awhile. i also have an allergy to like big blockbuster hollywood movie. >> an allergy? >> how you can -- you're supposed to be in your career, the projects that you're supposed to pick. it's just follow the things that are personal and interesting to you that's apart from that, everything will fall into place.
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> pauley: it happened this past week, news of the passing of three originals. zsa zsa gabor was famous for being famous long before we knew what that meant. she began her career in vienna, crowned miss hungary in 1936. ♪ soon
9:42 am
the united states and became that sought after actress. while she may have been famous for her movies, gabor was infamous for her marriages, nine in all. gabor once said, i'm an excellent housekeeper. every time i get divorced, i keep the house. zsa zsa gabor was 99. china machado was also one of a kind. san francisco chinese and portuguese descent she became a hostess for pan american airways. not long afterward she met luis miguel dominguin, a celebrity bull fighter. their relation shim came to an abrupt end when he met actress ava gardner at a marty. but machado moved on to the world of high fashion. even though she once said of herself, i never thought i was good looking in any way, shape or form.
9:43 am
richard avedon disagreed. she would become one of the very first nonwhite models to appear in harper's bazaar. later on she produced fashion tv shows and designed costumes for film. and continued to model well into her 80s. china machado was 86. >> cindy stowell she's our champion, ladies and gentlemen. >> cindy stowell was a contestant like no other on "jeopardy." >> what is xerox? what is the forbidden city? >> you're on the board. >> native of austin, it was all her dream to appear on the quiz show. but after finally making the grade, stowell had to reach out to show producers to ask if her appearance could be moved up because she didn't have long to live. her shows taped in late summer and not only did stowell compete, she woni
9:44 am
bouts. built when her last appearance aired wednesday night, cindy stowell wasn't watching. she'd succumbed to her cancer earlier this missouri on wednesday host alex trebek paid tribute to her. >> from all of us here, our sincere condolences to her family and her friends. >> at 41, cindy stowell had not only gotten her dying wish but her more than $100,000 in winnings have been pledged to cancer research. talk about a real champion. ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas ♪ >> pauley: ahead. ♪ there is just one thing i need ♪ join she's singing our song. the way of a touching moment?n if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance
9:45 am
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>> jay: more than 20 years after the debut there's still magic and money in a christmas classic from mariah carey. name that tune. ben tracy can help. after all, 'tis the season. ♪ >> he can play just about any christmas song. but if walter afanasieff had to pick just one, well, all he wants for christmas is this. ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas, there is just one thing i need. >> for
9:48 am
"all i want for christmas is you" has been the christmas gift that keeps on giving. this year, it once again sits atop billboard's holiday 100. did you ever imagine that 22 years later, we'd be sitting here talking about this song? >> i literally, every year, i'm very, very surprised. i'm very fortunate. i mean, i pinch myself every year. >> that's because afanasieff cowrote this song with carey it appeared on her christmas album released back in 1994. >> how long did it take to get this song done? >> going to say 15, 20 minutes. we're improvising. i quickly i go, that's really cool melody. which is basically what i was playing in my base hand. you know, i go da-da-da-da. how about that? i like that. it's different. then i
9:49 am
she likes that chord. >> carey then wrote the lyrics and the rest is nothing short of that christmas miracle. the song has sold more than 14 million copies. it is the most downloaded song of mariah carey's career and has generated a reported $50 million in royalties. let's pretend that we're all conducting an orchestra. >> it was not expensive to make. >> a little snare drum. >> afanasieff used his computer to create all of the music. >> here's my bass. nobody's every heard this. ♪ all i want, tall i really want. >> hearing mariah carey's isolated vocal track is a reminder that she is one of the best singers of all time. carey and afanasieff were long time collaborators. ♪ that a hero lies in you
9:50 am
he worked on some of her biggest songs. including "hero." ev the light still shining heeryw♪re >> but only one of his songs climbs the charts every single year. why do you think this has lasted so long? >> because it didn't fall into any genre except for a very, very tried and true rock and roll genre. that no matter what year it is, it's always that sentimental yesteryear feeling. >> it's timeless. >> that's what it is. >> ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas. >> that may be because mariah carey has spent a lot of time making sure nobody forgets she's the queen of christmas. ♪ make my wish come true, baby, ♪ >> the queen, the literal throne sitting monarch of the last 22 years is this live stand kickin'
9:51 am
still performing. and gets to walk around saying, that's my song. >> that's my song. >> pauley: coming up. sounds of the season.
9:52 am
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>> pauley: how hear this. barry petersen has a story about one of a kind december city nation that has tab heard to be believed. ♪ silent night, holy night note. >> the christmas music is age old. ♪ all is calm, all is
9:54 am
small colorado town of rangely. but it has never been heard this way before. it is music made inside a massive, old water tank like thousands that dot the american west. but there is only one like this. >> if i slam it. it has acoustics that are as complicated as a gothic cathedral. where a single sound can reverberate. for up to a minute. >> it's a combination of accidents from a early industrial age of america that makes this sound. >> bruce odland was touring western colorado with a group of artist in the '50s. ar
9:55 am
traveling the state with tape recorders to collect sounds. >> and a muddy four-wheeler pulls up with two rough necks in it and they say, hey, are you that guy? and i'm going to say, i have microphones, i'm obviously that guy. get in. we got something to show you. when they took him to the tank it was love at first sound. ♪ the tank started its life storing water for steam engines roaring across the west. when steam died, the tank was moved to rangely. a one stop light western colorado town of a couple thousand, where it was mistakenly placed on a bed of gravel. its weight warped the steel floor upwards making it unsafe for storing pretty much anything. how does that affect the sound, do you think? >>
9:56 am
flat you'd hear the sound flutter like wop- wop, wop. because it hits the bat tomorrow and it hits the curve it disburses in all directions. it just gives this wise whoo. >> it's fame grew among artists across the country. but people in this town of ranchers and hard scrabble oil workers were dubious. they found it pretty hard to see any reason to support saving that seemingly derrick tower of steel whose value seemed to be mostly for scrap. how did you get these two cultures together to agree? >> it's been a gradual process. i mean, at first we were just like extra terrestrials who had to be watched. >> a step kick callie lane urie, then on the city council, agreed to visit the tank and giveig
9:57 am
when somebody first talked about the quality of the tank, didn't you think they were just a little bit crazy? >> oh, yeah. >> but hearing was believing. ♪ >> it's like the sound goes into your soul. and it does something to you. >> what does it do to you? >> it's like a joy-filled peace. >> other towns people are now supporters and helped in the internet crowdfunding that has raise $150,000 to buy and maintain the tank. hoping to make it a center for artists and musicians from around the world. ♪ amazing
9:58 am
sweet the sound ♪ >> elaine comes from just across town and to understand why she believed this old tank needed saving, we asked her to sing from deep within her religious faith. ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ i once was lost, oh, but now i'm found ♪ was behind but now i see ♪
9:59 am
>> santa, for christmas -- >> pauley: ahead -- my daddy is in iraq. >> pauley: a christmas wish. >> could you bring him home for christmas? >> that would be the best gift of all. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones.
10:00 am
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>> pauley: there are christmas wishes then there are christmas wishes. as steve hartman now reminds us. >> whenever i think of the true meaning of christmas, i'm always reminded of what happened in this second grade classroom outside raleigh, north carolina. >> did everybody get what they wanted? >> in 2011, the guy in the santa suit gave every second grader the exact toy they asked for. every kid, that is, but bethany arnold. who refused to ask for a single toy. >> dear santa, my daddy is in
10:02 am
iraq. could you bring him home for christmas? >> that would be the best gift of all. >> did you know you were asking for something that was kind of tough? >> yes, but -- well, it's tough to go around the world in one night. >> that's true. >> and i've never wanted anything more than that. >> bethany's dad, wyndal, arnold, was a contractor in iraq. repairing the country's electrical infrastructure. >> i understand that he has to stay and help people. but i do his him a lot. >> last time they saw each other they exchanged these key chains. >> this is his heart. >> she carried his while he held on to hers. >> i told her, next time that i see you i'll give your heart back. >> unfortunately, bringing two hearts together at christmas isn't always a government priority. which is why this year bethany decided to appeal to a higher author
10:03 am
santa. she even asked him again at school. >> santa, for christmas, i want my dad to come home. >> that's when her wish began coming true. that's when she got her heart back. and that's when i got my reminder of what this weekend is all about. >> daddy! >> there's not a toy in the workshop that ever got this kind of reaction. >> you sure you don't want something else? >> i'm just so happy. >> not ha bow big enough to wrap the joy. since this story first aired, wyndal is now back home for good. he says he missed his family too much to stay away another minute. proving the only thing better than that dramatic home coming is a family you know will always be there.
10:04 am
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>> pauley: even the name sounds exotic. the dalai lama. so, what's the renowned spiritual leader of the buddhists of tibet really like? we asked seth doane to find out. >> the 14th dalai lama. >> the world 'most celebrated monk, nobel peace prize winner and spiritual leader of six million tibet tan buddhists, with a message of compassion and nonviolence so meaningful, and so cool, he's been featured in an apple ad. though we'd arrange to meet him it still seemed a bit other worldly to see the dalai lama. >> your holiness. >> nice to meet you. known to cast off formality and did. the 81-year-old immediately accepted a little support. we met in poland where his busy schedule would allow t
10:07 am
the book of joy. it's based on series of conversations he had with equally celebrated friend. >> i saw this picture. it's great. you look like you're going to kiss him. >> i told you once, shhh, behave like a holy man. >> his coauthor is south africa retired archbishop desmond tutu a pillar of his make's struggle against apartheid. the book they wrote with editor douglas abrams explores a topic appropriate to the season. how to live a more joyous life. one of 100 or so, yes, 100 books, the dalai lama has authored or lent his name to. why did you want to do book about joy. >> the subject is good. if some book about anger, about war, i can't want. >> but joy you. >> o'donnell: know something about? >> oh, yes. happy, not onl j
10:08 am
physical level but mentally. peace. compassion. that's the real joy. >> everyone has a right to achieve happy life. >> the dalai lama brings to the topic the perspective and purity of, well, a monk. >> you don't drink. you don't smoke. you've taken a vow of celibacy. >> yes. >> is there a lesson for the rest of us in that? >> no, i don't think. every human being cannot be a monk. if human being becomes celibate then humanity will cease. so better to have more reproduction. >> you don't want everyone to be celibate. his message is simple. most people look for joy in the wrong places. >> everybody seeks happiness. joyfulness. but from outside, from money, from power, from big car, from big house. ultimate source of happy
10:09 am
outside. >> it's an inner peace which he taught himself to find. >> anger. i think, almost gone. >> you don't getting angry? >> no. >> really? >> really. >> something must annoy you. >> a little bit. very temporary, short. some sort of reaction. otherwise, no ill feeling. >> wow. >> true training, 50, 60 years, analytical meditation. >> get up at 3:00 in the morning and meditate four or five fours hours? >> yes. >> in temple or hotel room? >> or in car. now today i take about one hour drive in car, occasionally looking, seeing, here or there. in big field i saw some deers. very nice. >> the deer. >> very nice. >> what did you like about it? >> peaceful.
10:10 am
vegetarian. peaceful. very nice. >> he's a man who seeks peace. but for most of his life has known conflict with adversary china which bars him from returning to his native tibet. at two years old he was identified tas the reincarnation of the recently deceased dalai lama, the name for the highest religious figure in tibet tan buddhism. at age four he was brought to tibet's capital city, lhasa. >> here to work. living things. just love them. >> it's a story ripe for hollywood as been dramatized by no less than director martin scorsese in "kundun." >> he was just 15 years old when he became tibet teas sole political and spiritual leader. that was in 1950, the same year officially atheist communist china occupied tibet.
10:11 am
the dalai lama tried in vein to negotiate self rule for his people. >> in 1959, the dalai lama fled to india following the tibetan revolt against the chinese. >> formed government in exile. >> we decided we are not seeking independence. we are not seeking separation. we are very much willing, remain within the people's republic of china. >> to this day china views the dalai lama as an enemy of the state much and seeks to block him from traveling to certain countries or meeting heads of state. the dalai lama told us it doesn't bother him. you must get tattle agitated that a foreign leader won't meet with you. >> my main purpose promotion of human value, promotion of religious harmony. >> he finds harmony through humor. >> he's not listening! >> unless you use the stick, i will not listen.
10:12 am
>> but i thought you were nonviolent. >> for the dalai lama and desmond tutu joy and laughter go hand in hand. their playful teasing runs throughout hours of conversations from their work on the book. >> how important is hum more for you? >> oh, important. whether god creates or by nature we have the ability to smile. but i think genuine smile really bring closeness. >> a smile can bring people together. >> yes. >> tas the dalai lama sees it something as simple as a smile can change the world. stand in a world marched by violence and nationalism we must try to find commonality. >> then the problem. violence -- >> you think solve the world as problems we need to think beyond that which divides us, beyond
10:13 am
religion, bond national boundaries. >> yes. >> that from a spiritual leader, after the interview we asked for a picture with the crew. he asked us to join hands and said finding solidarity, peace and joy, starts with engaging those right beside us. >> pauley: next, it's in the stars. about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment.
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we're in 8th grade. technology is the only thing that really entertains us. i'm gonna use this picture on sketchbook, and i'm going to draw mustaches on you all. using the pen instead of fingers, it just feels more comfortable for me. be like, boop! it's gone. i like that only i can get into it and that it recognizes my fingerprint. our old tablet couldn't do that. it kind of makes you feel like you're your own person, which is a rare opportunity in my family. (laughter) >> pauley: plenty of us know what it's like to spend the day at a park. but spending the night at a park requires the likes of conor knighton, who is always on the trail. >> great bay is in national park isn't really on the way
10:16 am
anywhere. head to this remote stretch of the nevada desert you can easily spend entire day wandering the pine by yourself. but if you go home when the sun goes down, you'll have missed one of great bay is in's nationest attractions. as they are found of saying, half of this park is after dark. this is what great bay is in looks like at night. the stars shine so brightly here because this place is so unbelievably dark. >> we're pretty rare. this is one, if not the darkest place, in the lower 48. >> annie gilliland is a part of special team of tar gazers. >> we are the dark rangers. which i do love telling people i am a dark ranger here. >>he dark rangers lead night time programs setting up tel telescopes and showing off the gal taxis for people who may be seeing them for the first time. >> what is it like? >> our wor i
10:17 am
the gal taxi out there is so big our minds can't even imagine it. >> great bay is in less than 300 miles away from the las vegas strip. the brightest spot on earth when viewed from space. protecting the skies out here has become a priority for the park. >> having a dark night, very different from the daylight, hatters to all the wildlife here, the plants and trees as well as human health. >> this year after redoing all of its lighting the park was certified as one of just handful of international dark dark sky parks, one of the last places to see what it's becoming endangered natural resource. >> all aboard! >> during the summer, visitors can join a ranger on star trains, hopping into historic rail cars and heading owl into the desert to see what the night sky would have looked like across most of america 100 years ago. today, over two-thirds of americans can't see the milky way from their back
10:18 am
alexis wood came all the way from st. louis to take a look. >> light could reach us from millions of years away, it's been traveling forever. suddenly getting to me, this one individual person on this planet, back water of the gal taxi, it's amazing. >> hard not to have that reaction when you look up to the heavens. as a weisman or two or three, once said, these are stars of wonder. stars of night. >> pauley: ahead. look who santa brought! ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪
10:19 am
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♪? ♪ >> pauley: it's a sunday morning tradition and it's particularly appropriate when sunday is christmas day. a beloved song, from our beloved anchor emeritus, charles osgood. welcome home, charlie and merry christmas. >> thank you, same to you, jane.
10:22 am
it is like coming home for christmas. ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ you can plan on me ♪ please have snow and mistletoe ♪ and presents on the tree ♪ christmas eve will find me ♪ where the love light gleams ♪ i'll be home for christmas, if only in my dreams ♪ far par. if only in my dreams ♪
10:23 am
merry christmas everyone. grandma is so happy to be here for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy.
10:24 am
, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too. look who's here! >> pauley: before we take our leave, a little news of our own. christmas came a little early for our lee cowan and his wife, molly palmer. young kevin spencer cowan was born friday afternoon in los angeles. says lee, the merriest of merry christmases from the cowans, plus one. merry christmas to all of you, lee. and congratulations. with that we turn to the news from washington. john dickerson has a preview of what's ahead on "face the nation." >> dickerson: happy holidays. we'll hear from the late show steven cobay plus our annual cbs correspondents roundtable.
10:25 am
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but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. >> pauley: we leave you this sunday morning, where else? in a winter wonderland in california's sierra nevada near lake tahoe. captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations captioned by media access group at wgbh
10:28 am
>> pauley: i'm jane pauley. we wish all of you the happiest of holidays and hope you'll join us again when our trumpet sounds next "sunday morning."
10:29 am
10:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs today on "face the nation", holiday traditions new and old. 2016 has been a year of surprises and shocks, tragedy and terror. and there has been plenty of anger and sadness. but there is also hope and good news. in a new "face the nation" tradition we once again look over the year past and the year to come with stephen colbert. then we turn to a cbs news tradition that is 66 years old, the year fend correspondent round table. the faces have changed since then, the news moves at a faster pace, but the reporters of the washington bureau still cover it all. it is all ahead on this special holiday broadcast of "face the nation". happy holidays and welcome to "face the nation", i am john


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