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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  December 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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dc investigators grilling a person of interest in the murder of a popular dc yoga instructor. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. tricia mccauley disappeared this weekend.
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we spoke to friends and family who are now devastated after learning she was killed. >> reporter: after family and friends desperately search for over 24 hours, police this morning confirmed tricia mccauley's body was found in her white car right here in front of the cbs. -- cvs. >> we know this will be extremely painful for family and friends. >> reporter: police confirming that the woman described as vivacious, loving and gentle has been found dead. >> let me express on behalf of all of us got our deepest condolences to her family. >> reporter: the last contact with loved ones was on christmas day at 4:30. friends were worried. >> thinking that somebody could have harmed her is awful. >> reporter: according to authorities, this man and can -- the man in custody and the victim did not know each other. >> this investigation is proceeding rapidly. >> reporter: they say around
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morning this man robin assaulted employees at a cvs. the victim's body was found that another cvs at around midnight. her brother think the community today saying to all of her dc family, i know she truly thought of you that way. thank you for being there for her for all these years. hang onto each other. police have not called this a homicide out of an abundance of caution. there will be a memorial service tonight at five back 15 at yoga district where she taught yoga classes weekly. >> dc police are asking for your help as they try to piece together a timeline in connection with the murder. they listed some locations where the person of interest has been seen. that is on our website. it looks like the
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steakhouse in crystal city will be back open today. it closed yesterday after the cleaning crew found a dead body in the restroom. police have not released the man's name yet. an autopsy is underway to determine cause of death. police do not suspect foul play. we are expecting metro police to give more information later today about a deadly hit- and-run accident near 14th street early this morning. we spoke to a witness who knew the victim.>> reporter: a pretty active seen here. we are told a woman was hit by a vehicle and killed. you can see the number of police vehicles out here with  the metro police department. investigators are putting markers on 14th street to identify parts of their investigation and map out this crime scene. we talked with wayne witness who actually saw the woman hit by a black suv -- with one fitness you actually saw
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>> it was coming down 14th street. when he got to a certain point, he stepped on the gas more. he hit her. i ran to her aid. and when i got to her, blood was coming out of her mouth and everything. i did not touch her because her body was twisted. but she was still moving. i proceeded to comfort her and let her know that the ambulance was on the way. >> reporter: the witness says the victim lived in this apartment building. apparently she has lived here for more than a decade alone. they say just knowing she is gone is pretty difficult to come to terms with. >> the good samaritan also told as the victim was hard of hearing. messiness police really -- release more investigate -- as soon as police release more information, we wi
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it. fights broke out in malls across the country yesterday. this happened in more than a dozen cities. police believe at least in some situations that posting on social media may have played a role. in some cases, police responded to reports of gunfire. >> anytime we are hearing about a mall shooting the day after christmas, you have tons of people shopping. we want to get in here as fast as we can. >> police made a number of arrests across the country because of these fights. one is the most powerful politician in the world and the other is about to be. president obama and president elect donald trump sounds more like a playground bragging contest lately. we have more on the social media between the two men. >> i think she looked and said
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things he is saying and what he is doing, we should focus on that. >> -- >> reporter: president obama told david axelrod that hillary clinton underestimated working- class america. he said he would of been able to beat donald trump with a message of diversity and tolerance. >> if i articulated it, i think i could immobilize the american people. there is a sense obviously that some communities have been left behind from the recovery. and people feeling anxious about that. >> reporter: in response, donald trump tweeted president obama says the what is the one against me. he should say that, but i say no way. after their oval office meeting last month, donald trump says that there are pieces of obamacare he would like to keep. earlier this month he said he consulted the president on cabinet picks. >> i will always make myself available to him. >> reporter: but on foreign affairs, they have been
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is the president technology warned vladimir putin about meddling in the us election, donald trump tweeted if russia or some other entity was packing , why did they wait so long to ask. why did they only complain after hillary lost. just this week donald trump criticized the administration from it staining from a un resolution condemning israeli settlements in the west bank. as to the you read things will be different after january 20. donald trump resumed his working vacation today in florida. the issue is gotten a lot of attention on social media lately. we would love to hear what you think.
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log on to our social media pages and join the conversation. bad weather has canceled hundreds of flights and delayed thousands more since yesterday. a mix of rain and snow is passing through the east coast today. parts of the great plains digging out after blizzard conditions there. north dakota got more than 20 inches of snow. severe weather has turned travel into a frustrating ordeal. >> i am tired. sleepy. it is nothing i can do. i just have to wait. >> more than 400 flights were delayed in minneapolis where the winds were close to 70 miles per hour. to airports were closed. some passengers had to spend the night there. the same storm system that part where father to the midwest, that is arriving in our area right now. but
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form. not the same part of the system and not the same set up. we saw showers this morning. it has been mostly cloudy overall, but what you notice when you walk outside today versus yesterday is how warm and humid it has been. with the humidity and heat, we have a couple of showers we are tracking. these are wrapping up at this hour. by 2 o'clock this afternoon, we will have some sunshine. it will actually be pretty nice later today. 24 hour temperature change. yesterday versus today. 15 to 20 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. we're in the 60s. earlier lorraine was up to 70 degrees. my goodness. but the colder air is moving in from the northwest. that arise tomorrow. today is the warmest day of the week. more sunshine this afternoon. not too
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degrees cooler. it gets even colder later in the week. i will talk about that change in the transition of temperatures coming up. you can always check the seven- day forecast on our free app. coming up, see what happens when a doting dad invites basically everyone to his daughter's birthday party.
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now for a look back at some of the biggest stories of 2016. one of them of course the longest and most dynamic, the election of donald trump. but that is just one of the major stories. >> reporter: the worst mass shooting in us history took place in june at the pulse nightclub in orlando. a loan
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call killed 49 people and injured 53 inside the gay nightclub before he was killed by police. in december a fire and in oakland warehouse killed 36 people. the building was being used as an artist residents and the blaze started during a dance party. 2016 was also marred by more high profile police shootings of black men. on july 5 alton sterling was killed as police wrestled him to the ground. the next day another man was shot and killed by an officer during a traffic stop. his girlfriend recorded the immediate aftermath live on facebook. >> you shot for bullets into him serve.>> reporter: those smart protest. one in dallas on july 8 ended with the ambush killings of five police officers. the gunman was killed by a bomb attached to a police operated robot.
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a few cases ended without convictions. charges were dropped in the freddie gray case after three trials. >> -- in december a jury deadlocked in the trial of a charles the police officer who fatally shot walter scott as he ran from a traffic stop. another jury convicted 22-year- old dylan roof of killing nine african-americans during a bible study in charleston. the self-described white supremacist could be sentenced to death. wildfires burn hundreds of homes and thousands of acres in california. a california man was arrested on suspicion of starting the fire and others. he was charged with 17 counts of arson. flooding was a major problem in parts of west virginia. 10 inches of rain
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flooding. 23 people were killed. in august almost 2 feet of rain fell in parts of louisiana, causing record flooding and 13 deaths. a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo was fatally shot to protect a young boy who wandered into its habitat. the gorilla was seen tracking the boy before zoo workers responded. after weeks of protests and sometimes violent clashes with police, supporters of the standing rock tribe celebrating the decision to reroute the dakota access oil pipeline. lebron james led the cavaliers to their first nba title. and after 108 years, the chicago cubs are world series champions. >> a couple of good news stories at the end thankfully. for many the rose bowl parade is even bigger than the game. we are ss
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crunch time for the people who built the floats. many times there are hundreds of volunteers working on just one flow. they need to be made out of flowers and plants products. >> it is a children stream. -- children stream. -- children's dream. a lot of work. a lot of volunteers. we a people coming from all over the world doing this. >> the tourna mentparade is next monday at 11 am. today is the second day of kwanzaa. the principal today is self- determination. it is a weeklong holiday that started yesterday with a focus on unity. it is the 50th year it has been celebrated. -- >> we are going to discuss what unity means. you have a discussion about that principle of how you practice it, or how you need to practice it
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>> kwanzaa is a secular cultural holiday designed to encourage people to research history and find their very own sense of pride. this dad in mexico basically invite everyone who can make it to his daughters birthday. he did not expect more than 1 million people to rsvp. a huge number of the strangers actually showed up. this was the 15-year-olds face afterwards. hundreds of people showed up, including local press. there were a bunch of jokes online who say these celebrations are overdone just a little. let's talk about whether. the warm up is here. >> we're at the peak of the temperatures. now we are going down the roller coaster. it will be cooler later this week. but this afternoon get out and sujoy.
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we have a couple of lingering showers out there. we have a mostly cloudy skies. it is not the brightest day, but it will be later this afternoon sunnier than what we're seeing now. current temperature in town 63 degrees. that feels nice. not as gusty as this morning. 20 to 30 miles per hour this morning, but now the winds are coming from the west which will bring in cooler air for tomorrow. this afternoon still warm enough outside. a couple of lingering showers on doppler. it will be moving off towards the piglets a lot -- peninsula shortly. we have a cold front coming. the cooler air will arrive as we get into your wednesday. there will be a big temperature drop. you need
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tomorrow. 1 pm we are dry. clouds still around . but to the northwest it is mostly sunny. we continue to see more sunshine. there could be a sprinkle at 4 pm. but we see mostly sunny skies. this evening turning cooler outside by 8 pm. falling back into the 40s. throughout the overnight last night we went from the 40s yesterday afternoon up through the 50s and now in the 60s. forecast his this afternoon unseasonably warm, 64. 20 degrees above average for this time of year. not quite a record high which is 72. but it certainly is warm outside. highs today to the north of town in the low 60s. it will be really warm there.
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short-lived. by tomorrow we are more than 15 degrees cooler in the upper 40s. we will hang around 50 degrees for thursday. another front comes thursday and brings a drop in temperatures back below average. by friday temperatures in town in the low 40s. but there will be places stuck in the 30s for friday afternoon. it will also be pretty windy. so it will feel like it is in the 30s areawide. new year's, a lot of people planning what they are doing this weekend. if you're staying in dc, new year's day during the daytime there will be some showers around, but temperatures in the 50s. for new year's eve afternoon, it will be sunny and the clouds increase throughout new year's eve night. but it will stay dry. so fireworks and any celebrations, it will just be seasonally cool in the 30s. tomorrow will be cooler. another chance of showers thursday. friday colder with mountain snow showers.
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some of the best educators in the world got together in one place. you can see them right here tonight. the kennedy center honors airs this evening. al pacino, james taylor among those being honored. as usual, some pretty big stars take the stage to pay tribute. >> i think this is a time where the artist have the really big job to hold people accoun
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inspiration to people. >> stephen colbert posts tonight. there also celebrating jfk's 100th birthday. you can watch it right here tonight at 9 o'clock. one final look at
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>> jack: i know it's short notice, but it's a worthwhile cause. >> neil: this is helping so many people. >> jack: this fundraiser is very important to the foundation. it's -- >> neil: call me if anything changes. >> jack: yeah. no, i-i understand. thank -- thank you. a who's who list of donors, top-notch entertainment, five-star dining. hilary agrees to be the celebrity host, and we have everything we need for a great party. >> neil: except four walls and a ceiling, jack. i just -- i knew it. i should have stayed on top of the venue thg. >> jack: don't beat yourself up. there's no way you could have known this guy was gonna be foreclosed on. >> neil: and here we are. it's new year's eve, all dressed up, and no place to go. i hate to say it, jack -- >> jack: no, don't say it. we're not gonna give up. we're not gonna quit. some way, somehow we're gonna make this happen.


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