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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a yellow alert begins the first week of 2017. hello. thank you for watching wusa 9 at noon. happy new year. umbrellas needed today.
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week? alison ray has your first alert forecast. >> a little icky out there today. it's gray, rainy, and chilly as well. it's kind of a cold rain. but at least we're staying away from that freezing rain potential we had earlier this morning. everyone stayed above freezing. that's a little bit better. it's just one of those days, maybe stay inside, take down the christmas decorations. some pockets of heavy rain. not so much today. but tomorrow we're going to see heavy rain. north of sterling, we see one pocket of heavier rain. taking a wider view, temperatures aren't going to budge today. upper 30s, low 40s. cloudy, foggy, drizzly with mist out there as well. these showers are pushing to the northeast. things will wind down a little bit as we head into the evening hours. take a look at your future cast, noontime today, the band of showers around the district and just to the north,
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just a bit. but it's going to look like it's about to rain at any point. just one of those days. as you head to the east of 95, those showers will continue. we have another 24 hours of rain to deal with. i'll explain that yellow weather alert and yeah, cold weather fans, stay tuned. i have something for you. use our wusa 9 app. track the showers in the palm of your hand. thanks alison, a new year, a new dc council. a swearing in ceremony for the 2017 council members wrapped up a few minutes ago. members tell us they're ready to tackle issues head on. >> by law, council members must be sworn in by noon on january 2nd so every minute of this ceremony has been scripted to make sure no laws are broken. hundreds of local leaders, family members, and loved ones are here at the convention center in dc to watch six council members get
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noon, we have to have another election. >> mc'ed be bruce johnson. taking the oath of office, david, he says his focus is education. robert white jr., an advocate for strong neighborhoods and efficient government. jack evans has a background in law and economics and experience in dc politics. brandon todd representing ward four, committed to expanded services for seniors and improving the quality of life for dc neighborhoods. vincent gray, a former dc mayor who says the district became more prosperous, safe, sustainable, under his leadership. >> a few protesters were escorted out of the ceremony during their muriel bowser speech. hall was killed by police christmas day after officials say he refused to put down a
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montgomery county want to turn back the clock. our partners at the washington post reports the debate for school start times is back on the agenda. some want the opening bell pushed back to where it was in 2014. this comes nearly two years after county leaders voted to push the school day back so high school students could get more sleep. but opponents believe younger students are having a tough time adjusting to starting classes after 9:00 a.m. the issue will come up during a school board meeting next week. tiny, but mighty. that's how friends are remembering charlotte. charlotte is a 16-year-old shot and killed by another teenager in her bed room on new year's day. it happened in a quiet howard county neighborhood early sunday morning. charlotte's mother was also shot before the suspect turned the gun on himself. friends, family, and an entire community are in mourning. >> she just always was smiling. and she was always
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and i don't -- i don't know. she was just like really sweet and a good friend. >> she was quiet. but strong minded. it's just, this is really sad. this is devastating. >> the suspect is a 15-year-old boy from ellicott city. he's currently in critical condition at a baltimore hospital. charlotte's mother was treated and released yesterday morning. the family of a missing 11- year-old girl from northeast dc needs your help. briana todd hasn't been seen since around 1:30 sunday afternoon on brentwood road in northeast. call dc police if you have any information about her whereabouts. new developments now stemming from that deadly new year's day attack in istanbul turkey for which isis claimed responsibility. eight people are now in custody and being questioned about the shooting that left 39 people dead. jonathan has more. >> ten, nine, eight -- >> cell phone video
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the club showed a cloud of 600 rings in the new year. but just one hour into 2017, the gunman struck. surveillance video shows him exchanging fire with police outside on the street. bullets ricocheting off cars. a camera captures him shooting his way into the club, killing a police officer and a civilian. inside he reportedly shot anyone in his path. some club goers thought the shots were fire works until people started dropping to the ground. the club attracts local celebrities and tourists from all over the world. jacob, a business owner from greenville delaware was injured in the attack. >> i got shot in the leg. these crazy people came in shooting everything. >> a bullet reportedly bounced off his phone and hit him in his leg. he spoke this morning about the attack as he was getting ready to fly to the u.s. >> all i can say is it's a massive tragedy. for me, i wake up in the united states, i
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think of this. it's so, so sad. and i really wish everybody here the best. >> 17,000 police were patrolling the streets on new year's eve. amide a wave of attacks in turkey in 2016 from isis and separatists. they increased their own security. the interior minister believes the man acted alone and came prepared. leaving in his wake, a shattered night club and bloody start to a new year. >> the attacker remains at large. a massive man hunt for him continues. the interior minister believes the shooter actually changed clothes before disappearing air midst the chaos. cbs news, istanbul turkey. we just learned the turkish deputy prime minister says authorities have obtained the fingerprints and a description of the gun man who attacked the nightclub and are close to identifying him. following a precedent set by george washington, pr
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well to the nation eight days from now. the major speech reflecting on his eight years in office will be given in his hometown of chicago. and just within the hour, the first family returned to join andrews. his last vacation before turning the presidency to donald trump. they shook hands with well wishers trying to boarding air force one and returning to the white house. donald trump is back in new york city after spending his holidays at his florida resort. the president elect continues to express skepticism about reports of russian hacking. kenneth craig has more on the trump transition. 35 russian diplomats, expelled from the united states were back on russian soil monday. but president elect donald trump says he's still not completely convinced that russia was behind the attacks on u.s. cyber systems. >> i know a lot about hacking. it's a very hard thing to prove. it could be me
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other people don't know. >> mr. trump said he would share what he knows later this week. an apparent reference to his upcoming meetings with u.s. intelligence agencies. >> there doesn't seem to be conclusive evidence within the intelligence community. >> but many republicans and democrats in congress think the evidence is conclusive. >> members of the intelligence committees in congress, democrats and republicans, none of us have question about this. the only one who does apparently is donald trump. >> we believe that vladimir putin hacked into our elections in america. he's trying to undermine democracy all over the world. >> mr. trump said no computer is safe from hacking and suggested to reporters during the new year's party that if something is really important, write it by hand. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. mr. trump's comments come the same weekend president obama ordered technology upgrades at the white house, including new computers, and faster internet service.
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plane that disappeared over lake erie near cleveland shores will resume today. the city stopped the search for the plane last night because it was too dark. a beverage distribution company executive was piloting the plane when it vanished thursday night. his wife, their two sons, and two neighbors were aboard. the city says crews received multiple reports of debris washing ashore east of the airport. a north texas couple is suing apple over its face time app. in the lawsuit, james and bethany claim apple is liable for a crash on christmas eve 2014 that killed their five- year-old daughter. the other driver was using the app when he smashed into their car. the couple says apple failed to implement a safer alternative design that would lock out and prevent use of face time while driving. no comment yet from apple and the lawsuit. this new year got off to an exciting start for one rockville maryland
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little eman nor made her way into the world as the first baby born in 2017 at adventist shady grove medical center. she arrived at 12:15 yesterday morning weighing 6-pounds and 13-ounces. her new year's day arrival wasn't exactly what she planned. >> i did everything to have her 2016. but she had another plan. she wanted to be a star today. i didn't want her to be the first one in 2017. i want her to be the last one in 2016. i think my 2017 will just be right back i mean, it will be perfect. >> mom, dad, and little eman and her two big brothers are doing well today. the hospital plans to send the family home with a special gift basket full of toys, clothing, books, and essentials for the new baby. a disappointing start to e
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nation. the skins are putting the wraps on another disappointing season. instead of preparing for the playoffs, players including chris baker returned to ash burn this morning to clean out their lockers. washington could have made it to the post season with a victory over the new york giants yesterday. a fumble over turning lost 19- 10 before the hometown crowd at fedex field. still ahead, demonstrators take to the raptors mtoake a point at the minnesota vikings game. we'll have details ahead. plus something new in new york. first planned in 1929, service began this weekend on the second avenue subway line. those stories and more, just ahead.
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that's 150 meg internet, tv and phone for 79.99 per month. only from fios. welcome back to wusa 9. two demonstrators are facing burglary and trespassing charges after a sky high protest in minneapolis. they climbed into the raptors of u.s. bank stadium to hang banned
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banner. it happened yesterday during the game between the minnesota vikings and chicago bears. >> we're here at the u.s. bank stadium. >> authorities cleared the area under the protesters and waited until the game was over before removing them. planning for it began back in 1929. and this weekend, finally, new york's second avenue subway opened for business. and it's not just new yorkers who are excited about this new leg of the rail as tony reports. >> a stretch of new york city's second avenue subway line opened to the public on sunday. exciting for people not just in new york but across the country. >> after so many years of the closures, we get to finally be
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hours from virginia for the ten minute ride. >> i've always had a love and passion for trains. it was something i could not miss. >> new york governor andrew cuo pushed for the end of the year deadline was on hand for the grand opening. >> congratulations. you did it. >> we think it's a model for how nationally and other governments could get projects done that are big and ambitious. >> yes, i do, government doesn't know how to build. beurocracys don't build. it's a different mind set and culture. leave it to the private sector companies but let government lay out the over all goals. >> three stops make up the roughly two mile extension of the q line. the final cost, a staggering $4.5 billion. >> digging a tunnel down a crowded road in manchester is not that easy. >> other cities, including washington dc and chicago are struggling to update
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record ridership. president elect donald trump's plan to invest $1 trillion in u.s. infrastructure may help. but governor cuomo says translating that money into shovel ready projects won't happen quickly. three phases will create an 8.5-mile subway along second avenue. but it's unclear when that is expected to be completed. as you can see, from 1929 to now, they take their time. make sure to get it right. all right. she has it right. it's raining today. it's raining tomorrow. and she knows what's happening the rest of the week. hi alison. happy new year to you. >> everyone has their resolutions and i saw a lot of people outside running yesterday. because it was gorgeous. but now, now it's, are you going to make it today two of the resolutions. >> day two on the elliptical. that's what i'm hoping for. >> the indoor gym for sure today. it's gloomy out there. this is going to be
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we're at 45 degrees. cloudy skies out there. temperatures will stay on either side of 45 for the rest of the day, even into the over night hours. not much temperature change with the cloud cover, the showers, and that northeasterly wind. so what are we expecting. tomorrow, we have another yellow weather alert day. it's going to be inconvenient. this is going to be problematic for your morning commute. the hang back to work after that long week and you'll have heavy rain to deal with tomorrow morning as well. we'll be dry by the evening. your evening commute tomorrow looks more promising. behind thattings it's about to be very cold. temperatures in the 30s. this is just not a cold snap. we're going to be in the 30s for high temperatures for at least four days. now, over the weekend, we could be tracking some snow. the actual details of this are not nailed down just yet. we're going to update you on that. first live le
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looking at light showers around the region. there are a few pockets here and there with heavier rain. but today, it's pretty light. we have a while to go through with this system. and then tomorrow, the heaviest stuff comes. so it gets a little worse before it gets better. 6:00 tonight, dry for most areas, even though it's dry, it'll still be cloudy. and a little misty. light showers for northern maryland. we didn't see the showers approaching. ouif y don't commute until after 7:00, here comes the rain. and there's a lot of it. between 7:00 and 10:30, this is where we'll see the most rain for the region in the next 48 hours. it starts to wind down during the afternoon. and here's the drive home, 6:00, looking a lot better. as far as rainfall totals, any where from 1/4-inch to the lightest spots at 1 inch and 1/2 in southern maryland. 46 degrees today. 50 tomorrow. 50 for wednesday. and temperatures will fall fast. wednesday evening will feel very
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passing snow showers on thursday. then that system i'm keeping my eye on over the weekend. coming up on wusa 9news, producers are hitting back after being accused of sabotaging mariah
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i'm gonna say let the audience sing, okay. [ singing ] ♪oh baby, baby, we belong together ♪
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it just don't get any better. >> i guess not. hot mess though is what it was. were you watching her train wreck of a performance on dick clark's new year's rocking eve. they accuse the production company for purposefully doing it. the call is absurd. whoever is to blame. her performance had everyone talking on social media. mariah carey made more money mumbling and being confused than i'll make in a lifetime. mariah can get on stage everyday for the next year and let the background track play without moving her mouth once and would die a legend. let us know what you think. go on our social platforms and tell us. the new year started on a high note in los angeles. someone changed the famous hollywood gn
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hollyweed. surveillance video shows a male suspect dressed in black making the change. he could face misdemeanor charges if they catch them. this is not the first time the letters have been changed. activists did the same thing in 76 when legislation went into effect relaxing marijuana possession laws in california. we'll have one final look at the weekend forecast when we re
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tonight at 5:00, a somber day for students in ellicott city headed back to school after a classmate was shot to death. plus going out to eat isn't always easy for people with vision loss and making work out resolutions
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that's always the hard part. it's easy to make the resolutions. 46 today. the showers will continue. more rain tomorrow. and then cold. >> that's it for us. we'll be back at 5:00. have a great day. see you tomorrow at
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[ door closes ] >> christine: we have been trying to bust luther fisk for years, and it's not just about the drugs that he's moved, but it's about the bodies he's piled up along the way. i want this guy stopped and in a cell. >> dylan: yeah, we all do. that's why i signed up for this. >> christine: i just want you to understand what you've signed up for. less prep time means a greater possibility of slip-ups. i can't have any slip-ups. >> dylan: okay, i got it. >> christine: okay, so you're derek young, right? you need to know every name, every date, every word of this guy's background. you need to know derek young's identity as well as your own, if not better. if you talk in your sleep, these are the words you'd say. >> dylan: okay, then that's how it's gonna be. >> christine: [ sighs ] >> dylan: what? are you worried that i'm not ready for this? >> christine: are you? >> dylan: are you talking as the d.a. or my father's wife? because i've made it very clear


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