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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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responsibility for the attack that killed more than three dozen people. crailg boswell -- craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: this is the most wanted man in the country. the country's prime minister said the attacker left behind fingerprints and that investigators are close to identifying him. >> we hope that we will find not only the terrorists, he said, but also his connection and those who gave him support inside and outside the club. the killer was seen on surveillance video, exchanging gunfire with police outside the club, about an hour after midnight. bullets ricocheting off a car. he then shot his way into a club. killing a police officer and a civilian when it was over. 39 people were dead. authorities believed the gunman may have changed clothes before disappearing into the night. turkey's state-run news agency said eight people are being run in connection with the attack. the islamic state has claimed responsibility.
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jajob -- jacob brach was injured in the attack. >> i got shot. these crazy people came shooting up everything. >> a bullet reportedly bounced off his phone and hit him in the leg. brach spoke about it as he was about to fly to the u.s. >> all i can say is it's a massive tragedy. >> a makeshift memorial outside the club is growing. this woman said, we must not be afraid. because we will die, schons we are afraid and as long as we keep silent. craig boswell, cbs news. 38 of the 39 victims have been identified. most of them foreigners, having come from saudi arabia, lebanon, iraq, canada and other countries. isis also claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing in a baghdad market today. at least 36 people were killed. more than 50 others wounded. police say the bomber pretended to be a man seeking to hire day laborers. when the workers gathered around has pickup, the bomber blew it up. it's the third attack
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in the iraqi capital in the past few days. president obama is back at trump tower after spending the holidays at his country club. they will meet this week about their conclusion russia was behind the hacking of democratic e-mails during the election. over the weekend, mr. trump once again seemed to cast doubt on those attacks. saying he knows things other people don't know. and today, the incoming white house press secretary defended the president-elect's position. >> i think what he's driving at is the fact that there doesn't seem to be conclusive evidence within the community. >> he also said president brahm brahm -- obama only punished after the los. and that they were politically motivated. meanwhile, with just 18 days left until his inaugust raise, people
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inauguration. people continue to lash out. he said, various outlets thought i was going to lose the election. wrong. i thought and felt i would win big over the fabled 270 electoral votes. when they canceled fireworks, they knew and so did i. the president-elect also took a shot at chicago mayor and former chief of staff rahm emadge -- rahm emanuel. record-setting 4,000 murders. the mayor can't do it. he must ask for federal help. president barack obama back at the white house tonight for his final days in office. the first family returned to joint base andrews today to return from their hawaii vacation. on wednesday, the president will meet with house and senate democrats on capitol hill to strategize on how to prevent republicans from repealing the affordable care act. they will also hold a
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website vox. and today, they put out this tweet. announcing obama will deliver his closing message during n his hometown of chicago wednesday. now to that striking statue of an american indian activist that has just gone up outside of a university. tonight, the people he called fox news crazies have bullied the university with threats of violence. our bruce leshan is live at the arts center tonight with all the details. bruce? >> yeah, deb. the statue is still here. but the university says not for long. in a statement, it says, in the interest of the security of the art and the safety of the community, it is taking it down. >> reporter: it's hard to miss. 9 feet high, made of redwood and steam. the statue dovetays with -- dovetails with a
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push. urging president obama to grant clemency for leonard peltier. the american indian activist was convicted in the 1975 murders of two fbi agents in a shootout at the pine ridge reservation in south dakota. he is still in prison. and the statue is based on a self portrait he painted in his cell. >> my record is one of sadness and disbelief. >> artist rigo 23 says he is shocked that american university has given in to demands to remove the statue. >> what the director of the arts center told me is that the fox news item unleashed the crazies and the crazies are threatening. >> the fbi agents association had called on the university to take the statue down, in a statement, todays it is pleasedded the university plans to -- pleased the university plans to move it.
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unremorseful, cold-blooded killer, who does not deserve mercy, even after 40 years in prison. but amnesty international said his trial was unfair. and several world leaders have labeled him a political prisoner. a jury found the only two other suspects in the murders acted in self-defense. we talked to peltier's son by phone. >> my father is going to die in there for aiding and abetting the killer, the killers? what killer? they all got acquitted. >> reporter: now, the university says that it supports the art center and prosock -- provocative art. but they say by putting the statue here in a prominent, public space. it made it look like the university was supporting clemency for peltier. and it says that is not a position that it has taken. live at
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bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> the university has said it has offered to work with the artist to find another display for that peltier statue. only going to get wetter. chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking the rain on live first doppler radar. >> we're kind of left with drizzle. this is radar over the last hour. not picking up a whole lot. but plenty of drizzle. the roads stay wet overnight. then this big area of moisture saw tremendous amounts of rain. in alabama and georgia. moving northeastward. that's going to get us for the morning commute. in fact, this is 6:00 a.m., on future cast. look at all the yellow. that's moderate rain. it's all ready by 6:00 a.m. you have heavy rain through the west of manassas. up through winchester. and along 81. then boom, gets moderate to heavy across the entire metro area. temps in the mid-40s. we'll advance it again
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lunchtime. we'll come back, though. we'll flip patterns and a couple of snowflakes on the seven-day. and we'll explain why. >> thank you, topper. the redskins rang in a new year, with a disappointing loss to the giants that ended the season for the burgundy and gold. today, we found fans look for retail therapy on this dreary monday. we set up a note pad at west field mall. and asked fans to describe this season in three words. while many aired their frustration, some ended with the glimmer of hope. >> my last final word being that next year, they could actually be great. >> they need those fans that were staying with them, even when they're not up to par, with the hopes and dreams at our next season will be much better than this season. >> a lot of hope out there. the washington redskins ended their season third in the nfc east. coming up in sports, we'll take you out to redskins park, where players spent the day, clearing out their lockers and lookin
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great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant. we're following a developing story out of ourora, colorado -- aurora, colorado. police are searching for a boy missing since new year's eve. david pocket wandered off from the home. police do not suspect foul play. they say he's
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before. but they say the light jacket he's wearing won't protect him from falling temperatures. temperatures. still no sign of a plane that went down. the plane carried a family of four and two neighbors when it vanished thursday night. the group had attended a cleveland cavaliers game. and was returning to the columbus area. debris from the plane has washed ashore, including a bag containing the pilot's i.d. card. the sentencing phase of the dylann roof trial is set for tomorrow. attending bible study at a church in charleston, south carolina, back in june 2013. he could get the death penalty. the judge could agree to let roof act as has attorney. but with his own restrictions. roof will not be allowed to approach the jury. deadliest prison riot in the history.
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they are not sure exactly how many escaped during the fighting. investigators believe that rioting began as i fight between -- a fight between two rival gangs. a murder of a maryland teenager, gunned down in her bedroom. up next, police find a van, full of atms, believed to be
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d.c. police made a surprising discoverythat prince george's county police are very interested in. officers found a u-haul full of stolen atms in the middle of a quiet subdivision in the southeast. this happened on 38th street. and police found the u-haul, parked in an alleyway. at this point, we don't know if police found the driver, prince george's county police say that over the last month, five atms have been stolen across the county. today, fellow students stood in salidarity with the family of a 16-year-old shot and killed early new year's day. stephanie ramirez tells us, the students wore black to remember 16-year-old charlotte zarimba. >> the students say 16-year-old charlotte zarim ba was seen smiling in the hallways. >> she was a
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she was just a sweetheart. >> they left for dismissal quietly and with heavy hearts. >> yeah. >> to show that they really cared about her and stuff. >> a school spokesperson said charlotte zarimba volunteered with the best buddies program, helping students with special needs. the teen remembered by close friends and relatives as a giving and loving person. at around 2:00 a.m. new year's day, police tell us a 15-year-old boy, shot zarimba's mother, fatally shot shacialt zarimba, then turned the gun on himself. it would inside the family's ellicott city home. after some sort of scuffle. >> considering these are young kids. those relationships over the years. >> a howard high school spokesperson tells me, until police release the name of that 15-year-old,
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in howard county, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> police are still withholding the suspect's name and his connection to charlotte zarimba. he remains in critical condition. according to howard county police. two people are dead after an armed carjacking after a police chase in new haven, connecticut. the toyota higdehlanr. during the chase, the driver of that stolen suv lost control and crashed into a synagogue. both men inside the suv died. connecticut state police are now investigating. and a group of new and reelected members of the d.c. council took the oath of office today. the swearing-in ceremony was held at the walter e. washington convention center. among those taking the oath, former mayor vince enltsdz gray -- vincent gray, who now represents ward 7. he says his responsibilities
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held out of a summit last month. >> it was pretty clear. people talked about healthcare, education and economic development. and we've got to be able to focus on those things. we have a plan that is going to be released in the next few weeks that reflects the work that we're done at that summit. >> gray lost his bid for a second term as mayor to muriel bowser. he is not running for that office again in 2018. new yorkers on the upper east side now have another way to get around. the q line has added three stops. at 82nd, 87th and 96th street. it covers about two miles and costs about 4 million. manhattan real estate is pricey. tens of thousands turned out for the 128th tournament of roses parade in pasadena, california today. barricades were erected at more than 50 intersections to
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prevent terrorist attacks like ones in berlin and france. the parade itself was highlighted by the usual floats and high-stepping marching bands. alex felix. served as grand marshalls of that big parade. looks a little cloudy out there. >> it's actually kind of cool out there. like 50 pomaybe 60 out there. we have a couple of nice days ahead. >> it was interesting. i was working working with melissa nord last night. talking about the three-degree guarantee. going on about how the ladies were getting it done. a little pressure on you. >> they did a nice job. in fact, the number today, i'm pretty happy with were. >> really? >> we went 46. and i think it's going to work out quite nicely. we know it made it to 44. we'll let you know how it did tonight at 11:00. live look outside. not a pretty night. just drizzle. light rain. temperature, 44. winds out of the north/northeast at 9. nothing heavy overnight.
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dawn, a batch of good rain is going to roll in here. back into georgia and alabama. this is going to race northeastward. too bad the cold air is not here yet. yellow weather alert here tomorrow. bus stop temperatures. 38 to 46. and you will need an umbrella. it will be raining. i mean, pouring between 8:00 and 9:00. both commutes will be wet. certainly the morning one will be. and snow showers for thursday. the pattern flips and cold air rolls back in here late wednesday into thursday. impacts high for rain and showers. wet commute in the morning. that's high. wet commute in the evening. low to moderate. and no doubt we need an umbrella tomorrow. especially in the morning hours. late tonight, 10:00, 11:00. mid-40s downtown in the burbs. then by 6:00. look at the moisture come flying in here. heavy rain to moderate rain in culpepper by 6:00 p.m. temperatures in the low 40s. by
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envelopes the entire metro area. we're just on track here for a slow commute tomorrow. day planner. 40s across the board. 50 by 1:00. rain began to taper offer a little in the afternoon. breezy and milder. 58. temperatures really crash. 34 thursday with snow showers. may have to issue a yellow weather alert thursday. friday cold. snow possible over the weekend. pick your model. i'm in the minority here. putting the snowflakes here. at least we have the cold air in place. and upper 30s, with sunshine next monday. >> thank you, top. boy, still sad. it's like a sad feeling, right? >> absolutely. the aftermh of an epic fail for the redskins. we're out at redskins park for the locker room cleanouts and interesting comments from the players. hear from them next.
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so how many times today have you thought to yourself, what are were the redskins doing? in a game that could define not only this season but careers that go down softly. now they're clearing out their lockers. margin of error so slim in this league for success. but as the kin skins cleared out -- the skins cleared out, they talked about the opportunity that was right for them. and they did not get it done. it's going to be a long off season, wondering what could have been. >> we felt like with the talent we have here, not only on the roster but on the coaching staff, too, still should be playing and
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>> putting all your inside and knowing you're going home. and this following week, you'll be looking at a tv, looking at a team that we should have been playing. >> trying to see what happens next year. but that's the position we put ourselves in. we can't blame anybody else but ourselves. >> this team is obviously going to look at it a lot -- look a lot different next year. chris baker, deangelo hall, all free agents. some could return. but as we know the nape of this business, there is going to be a lot of turnover. >> i hope everybody is back. but you know, money and all that, i'll let the guys upstairs handle that. >> it's a little difficult for me. being that it's a contract year for me. but i went out each and every week and put it all on the line. but hopefully everything works out and i can stay here. >> it will be something to keep moving forward with. and being from washington, d.c., it all makes sense. but you never really know.
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>> what should the skins primary concern be this off season? e? defens the quarterback? or the acco hingstaff. you can vote at our twitter handle. look at virginia state schools in babble. -- basketball. both in the top 25 since 1995. virginia and virginia tech. duke cracking the top 25. it's amazing it's taken this long. but good stuff for them. >> i don't know if you saw, delia had a story, asking people about what do you think about the redskins? i didn't like that. i didn't like that. >> i didn't like that. how do you like me now? >> all right. wusa 9news at 6:00.
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