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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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manufacturing jobs in america. >> and opponents plan to protest on inauguration day. by hundreding out -- handing out thousands of joints. >> the new republican- controlled congress is now back this session. it has already received a scolding from president-elect donald trump. he urged lawmakers to focus on what is important. but as weijia jiang reports tonight, each side of the aisle has different ideas as to what that exactly means. >> reporter: the 115th congress gaveled into session tuesday. but not before house republicans made an about-face. they reversed their plan to gut the office of congressional ethics. an independent body that overseas lawmakers. that move, with a disappointing tweet from donald trump to urge them to focus on health reform and
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with the hashtag, dts, for drain the swavment. >> the occ is unjust and has been given unjust power. >> reporter: wisconsin paul ryan received enough votes to retain his job as speaker of the house. >> reporter: democrats are rejecting any rubber stamping. >> senate minority leader schumer promised to hold trump accountable and criticized the most use the form of communication. >> with all due respect, america cannot afford a twitter presidency. >> reporter: republicans are focused on an immediate repeal of the affordable care act. >> if we can't do better than obomma care -- obama care, we might as well look for another line of work. >> reporter: president obama heads to capitol hill wednesday in an effort to save his
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weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> in the live election, republicans retained control of the u.s. senate, 52 to 48 seats. maryland democrat, chris van holland was one of four democrats sworn in today by vice president joe biden. barbara mikulski retired at the end of last term. anthony brown replaces donna edwards who gave up her seat to run against van holland for senate. members of the naacp are staging a sit-in at the mobil, alabama office. protestors say they'll stay put until sessions remove his name from consideration or they're arrested. naacp says sessions has a long history of opposing several rights causes. a
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have painted a false picture of his record. vice president-elect mike pence will be on capitol hill tomorrow, talking about the incoming president's agenda. singling out general motors for sending a mexican made model of the chevy cruze to be sold in the united states. gm's rival ford is citing this for 700 jobs in michigan instead of mexico. >> all of these factors, obviously have prompted us to invest in flat rock and canceling a plant in mexico. they released a statement saying all of its sedans are built in a company in ohio. but the company said it does build the hatchbacks in mexico with a
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in this country. donald trump -- upsets the win office will be here when he takes the oath of office. former president and secretary of state will attend the inauguration ceremony. former president george w. bush and first lady laura bush will also be there. new rat 6:00. you might catch a strong smell of marijuana on inaugust day. that's because there will -- inauguration day. that's because there will be thousands of joints handed out. >> reporter: at 8:00 in the morning on inaugust race day, -- inauguration day, they will be handing out thousands for free here on the west side of dupont circle. they tell me this is all in protest. but the real protests begin as they march to the national
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mall, where they plan to stink out the inauguration. >> reporter: rolling papers and marijuana replace poster boards and sharpies. this is their protest preparation. >> the main message is it's time to legalize cannabis at the federal level. >> adam is the founder at dcmj. a group of legislators who helped introduce and pass in the district. making it legal to possess 2 ounces or less of marijuana. legal to grow it and legal to give it away. but it is not legal to sell it. adam is worried all of his progress will be lost with the trump administration. specifically with trump's pick for attorney general, jeff sessions. >> we're looking at a guy who said marijuana is dangerous. >> the great marijuana giveaway is legal. as long as it's done on d.c. land. >> we don't want any money being exchanged whatsoever. this is really a true gift, people who come
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exact. and at four minutes and 20 seconds into trump's speet -- speech, 420 is the internationally known code for weed, by the way, they'll light up. >> it's a protest. and the national mall is a place for protests. >> reporter: adam says this is not an anti-trump event, or even an attempt at disrupting the ceremony. everyone is welcome. >> there's people from texas, some cowboy fan walking down the street with a big cowboy hat and a fur coat and he walks up to our demonstration, i want him to feel welcome coming to washington, d.c. >> reporter: now, if you plan on coming out here on inauguration morning, you need to be careful. because if you take one of those free joints and you're standing where i am right now, on the west side of dupont circle, you're in the clear, you're not breaking the law. but if you walk right behind me and stand on
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there, you're breaking federal law. so be careful of that if you come out here. i'm nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> a lot going o. >> initiative 71 by the way, was passed in february of 2015. a statue of convicted killer leonard peltier has been removed from the campus of the university. today, crews took that statue apart. they loaded it onto a truck. peltier is in prison, convicted of killing two fbi agents on the pine ridge reservation in 1975. that statue was put in place a few weeks ago. as part of a larger effort to get president obama to grant clemency to peltier. the fbi agent's association had called on a.u. to take down the statue. the governor of virginia tonight is selling the state's republican -- the republican- led general assembly, not to, quote, waste time on a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
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governor mcculloch says he'll waste no time in passing -- if it passes. a report from maryland's attorney general says 3700 rape kits in the state were never tested because police departments decided not to submit them for testing. the kits can be crucial in finding and convicting sexual predator. maryland attorney general brian frosh said police departments see uniformed guidelines on when to test rape kits and how long to keep them. here's the good news. our two days of rain are coming to an end. but snow may be an issue later this week. >> that's right. chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking roller coaster temperatures on the terrace. >> here's the deal. it may not be breto meter weather but may be impact worthy. cloudy sky.
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evening should be fine. but by 8:00, couple of showers. that's about it. from the bulk of the snow falls overnight on thursday. in fact, this is 2:30 in the morning on friday. you see a pretty good band of light snow, either side of d.c., with actually a little heavier amounts down into southern maryland. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. so it will stick. 6:00, most of the snow will be gone. and certainly by lunchtime, it will be gone. it's the friday morning commute we are concerned about. we'll come back, have a different concern tonight. we'll tell what you that is. coming up, search for a missing 6-year-old boy comes to a tragic end. but up next, new video of a deadly new year's eve attack at
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newly released surveillance video shows people ducking for cover as the gunman enters the club. we're also seeing video of the aftermath after the 39 bodies were removed. shows the club riddled with bullet holes. the gunman, still on the run tonight. but today, police detained two foreign nationals at istanbul's main airport. on suspicion that they may have links to the killer. jury returns to court tomorrow to decide whether dylann roof gets the death penalty. he was accused of killing to death nine
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during a bible study in 2015. yesterday, a judge ruled that roof is competent to represent himself. last week, roof said he plans to call no witnesses or present any evidence. police in aurora, colorado have found the body of a child under the ice of a frozen pond. they believe it is 6-year-old david puckett. he disappeared from his home on new year's eve. police say a dog tracking the boy's scent, led them to that pond today. at this point, authorities do not suspect foul play. coming up, reaction to the viral video that everybody is talking about this evening. a twin trying to rescue his brother from beneath the fallen dresser. up income, -- up next, the young classmate is now dead himself. and investigators are revealing why he may have
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howard county teenager who shot and killed a 16-year-old girl inside her bedroom died himself today. >> and police are linking 15- year-old sean criser to recent burglaries in the area. delia goncalves is live with what else we know tonight. >> after the murder, police searched the suspect's home here and found evidence from
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blocks away. including that murder weapon. >> you can search for answers, but you will never really know. >> neighbors, even police, say some of the answers they need are gone now with the deaths of the suspect and victims. 16-year-old charlotte zarimba was shot and killed after getting into a fight with a masked man. 15-year-old sean criser. >> i'm devastated. i -- we just -- i start to cry when think of him. he's a little altar boy at church. i've known him since he was a little boy. he used to shovel my snow. you know, it's just hard. and the little girl who was killed used to sell us girl scout cookies. >> we don't know how he made entry into the house or at what time he might have made entry into the house. >> what he was doing there, he's gone and she's gone. so how will you know? >> all they know is the two must have known each other. they lived in the
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neighborhood, shared classes at howard high, and rode the same school bus. >> i just pray and pray and pray. you know and i'm thinking, why? why, god? did this happen? . >> reporter: howard county police remain outside of the house here. they are still investigating this case. in ellicott city, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> and the victim's mom who went to the room when she heard the fighting, she was shot in the leg. she was released from the hospital tonight. police are still investigating. it is the dramatic viral nanny cam video everyone is talking about. it shows twin boys in utah, climbing on this dresser. it's not secure. and all of a sudden, the dresser topples. and it traps brock. and you see the 2-year-old, moving his legs, trying to get free. now, ikea. this dresser was made by ikea. weighs more than 100 pounds. miraculously. you see his brother bodie. brock is able to
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we're showing this video to you again. the twins were not hurt. but far too many children are. this accident is a reminder about tipover dangers and unsecured furniture and local parents we spoke with are taking this warning seriously. >> look back and think about how many of mine are all bolted in and all done. maybe having a little conversation with the husband this evening. because this was very scary to watch. >> they are so lucky. a child dies every two weeks when this happens. in june, ikea recalled at least 29 million dressers and chests because they could tip over. and it led to the deaths of three children since 2014. this particular dresser was not on the list. it does instruct people who secure it to the wall using provided anchors. something you should do with all of your heavy furniture, television, equipment that you have children in your home. how would you like to have george w. bush as
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or maybe harry truman or maybe honest abe? the hall is getting its selection of life-sized wax figures. so all 44 u.s. presidents are looking for a new home. maybe it's yours. the museum closed a few weeks ago, due to a steady and prolonged drop in business. the wax figures will be auctionedaf on saturday -- auctioned off on saturday, january 14th. talk about high anxiety at some 30,000 feet. cell phone video shows the airlines flight suddenly lost cabin pressure in a storm. and the plane's oxygen masks were released. despite some. left an antonio. pilots made an emergency landing in jacksonville. nobody hurt. >> still pay attention when they give you the instructions. >> you kind of do. >> no, no, you have to. >> here's the
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longer live. it's much easier to fall asleep. >> you never know. >> they keep you engaged. >> we're looking at really a kind of dreary night. heavy rain is over. we had about almost an inch of rain across the board. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. went 50 today. figuring we'll make 47. right, top? maybe not. we'll add the numbers up tonight at 11:00. we'll let you know how we did. just the future cast now of the storm on saturday. we have two chances for snow. thursday night and saturday. these are two different models. the yellow and the magenta there. look how far apart they are. that's the same time and space. that's how far apart they are. and by 2:00 a.m. sunday, they're getting closer. but the storms are way out to sea heading up to the maritime. again, we're close. we have the potential for a storm. these are our big storms off the coast. right now, looks like a glancing blow. at worst.
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of town. the potential for the weekend? this is the worst case scenario for the weekend model. could see 2, 3 inches. an inch or so downtown. lesser amounts west and north. kind of counter intuitive, right? >> live look outside. still 46. winds out of the west at 7. 46 for a while. chilly with drizzle and fog tonight. could see some problems tomorrow morning with visibility. i don't think we'll see dense fog advisory, though. bus stop temps, 38 to 48. yellow weather alert thursday night. and light snow thursday night into friday morning. again, a trace to 2 inches possible. that's what we're looking at thursday night into friday morning. day planner, 40s to start. 53, though, by 11:00. up to 54 with sunshine by 1:00. not a bad day tomorrow. thursday, clouds roll in. showers possible. snow showers possible by evening, most of which falls overnight. light snow very early friday morning, 32.
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again, meteorologically, not a big event. but the impact would be very high friday morning for the commute. cold over the weekend. there's the flake. mainly south and east. chillo tuesday. we'll be back after this.
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now, wusa 9 sports. with christ know berset. kristen berset. the gold and burgundy, trying to figure out what is with the free agents on the roster. but could they search for a new offensive coordinator is this offensive coordinator sean mcveigh will interview with the 49ers for
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job. he's also expected to interview for a coaching job with the los angeles rams. as we turn the page to the new year, it's time to start thinking about the return of baseball season, believe it or not. the washington nationals announced today that pitchers and catchers report to their new camp in west palm beach, february 14, followed by position players, three days later. sources close to or friends -- our friends at the washington post say the nats are interested in extending bakers field. they led the nats back to the post season with 95 wins and was also a finalist. that can't damper their spirits after they finish out 2016. wizards close out december with a 10-5 record. that's good for third best in the conference. they're once again led
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time all-star john wall, who was east conference player of the month. wall led the conference in assists in december while averaging 24.5 points a game. here's a trio for you. tony cornheiser, maury povich have brought this restaurant up the street, chad. they plan to rename the restaurant, make it a sports place and perhaps put a studio in there. and cornheiser can do a show. >> we want to share other big news. somebody got hitched -- >> somebody got married. >> look at that. >> whoo! girl, you are wearing that dress. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you. >> rocking that dress. >> such a wonderful day. >> two sports anchors come together, along with their families. congratulati
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