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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 4, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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y27mly y16fy captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is january 4th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the president goes to capitol hill this morning. it is a last-ditch effort to save his signature health care legislation from being repealed. dramatic video shows a school police officer body slamming a high school girl to the floor. outraged parents demand to know what led to the violent confrontation. and the "titanic" may have been in trouble before it made its maiden voyage. they say it's not just the iceberg that sunk the ship. we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90
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same but in the hushed chambers you can feel the wind of change. >> if we can't do better, we might as well look for another line of work. >> estimates are thousands will die every year. it's vulgar, vicious, and unacceptable. >> no fat lady has sung, it isn't dead. po lice inke tury are detaining more people in connection with the attack on a nightclub, but the gunman still on the run. a north carolina policeman slam amingh hig school snttude to the ground. it's triggered an investigation by state officials. >> i was in shock. like he really slammed me. >> did russia give you this information or anybody associated with russia? >> the answer is . no >> the western part of the country is bracing for heavy
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>> you have to have chains or four-wheel drive. >> frightening moments for a child as he dangles from a chairlift in utah. >> all that -- >> the vice president welcoming a new senate class in true biden fashion. >> sop helou y god. >> i will. >> -- and all that matters. >> bill and hillary clinton will attend the inauguration of the new president donald trump. >> 50-50 hryilla pulls a red wedding at least to kanye, you know? >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> you had the first interview. >> did you see any of it. >> i did not. >> it's okay. >> i was busy with my family. >> as you should have been. >> thank you. >> yes. a lot of people were with their families and they watched that cbs special. >> announcer:
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"eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." president obama goes to capitol hill in a few hours to defend obamacare. vice president-elect mike pence is also going there to discuss how to get rid of it. the president will work with house and senate democrats on a plan to prevent massive changes to the affordable care acts. at the same time pence and house republicans are planning their strategy to repeal and replace the law. >> the new congress was sworn in yesterday. house republicans reversed a move to put an independent ethics office under control of a republican-led committee after president-elect trump criticized the vote. nancy cordes is there. good morning. >> good morning. they're talking up the
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care law and to try to get republicans the think twice, but the party in power made it clear yesterday that they're not going to be swayed from their number one priority. >> the people have given us unified governments, and it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it's because they want results. >> in his opening speech, house speaker paul ryan says he plans to take full advantage of a unique opportunity. republicans in control of the house senate and white house for the first time in a decade. >> i intend to keep this place running at full speed. >> democrats laid out their intentions too. the party's new senate leader chuck schumer said he'd work with mr. trump to a point. >> we'll fight him tooth and nail when he goes to the baser instincts. >> basically there's little democrats can do to stop the repeal of obamacare. guilt is one of their few tools in their arsenal. >> how are
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that families are going to be protected with their health care plan. haven't heard a word. >> the prospect of taking it away is a question of life or death for some people. >> but a cbs news poll shows that just one in ten americans think obamacare is working well and only 8% of democrats believe it should remain unchanged. >> i believe the verdict of the american people has been that obamacare has failed the american people. >> for republicans, the first day of the 115th congress was a rocky one. they held an emergency meeting to undo a closed door vote they took one day earlier to gut the independent office of inethics plus a scolding from the president-elect who tweeted do they really have to make the watchdog their number one priority? there was unanimous agreement
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start again and take a more transparent approach to congressional ethics reform. >> i think we're going to work it through properly, right? the mesh people say, hey, slow down, we want to know what's going on here. >> while the president is here on capitol hill this morning girding democrats for the fight, the same will be taking place on the republican side. vice president-elect mike pence will be here as well. and we're starting to see a parade of the president-elect's nominees meeting with democrats and republicans trying to smooth the way for that confirmation process which gets under way that weekend. >> thanks very much, nancy. u.s. intelligence officials say they did not put off a briefing with president-elect donald trump on cyber attacks. he tweeted this last night. intelligence sources tell cbs news the meeting was always planned for friday. the president-elect also targeted
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twitt twitter. and his criticism may have led another auto giant to change their plans. jan crawford joins us this morning. jan, good morning to you. >> good morning. trump had threatened companies with high taxes if they moved jobs overseas and already that may be having an impact. as for the russian hacking, trump had promised to reveal what he knew about the hacking this week, so his tweet caught some in the intelligence community off guard. >> there is no intelligence community worldwide that has the capabilities, the expertise as the u.s. intelligence building. >> john brennan defended them saying the president-elect should wait before drawing his own conclusions on russian hacking. >> i would suggest to individuals who have not yet seen the report or been briefed on it that they wait and see what it is that the intelligence community is
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>> cbs has learned it's not been finalized by the intelligence community but it's getting there. julian assange denied any ties to the kremlin it's not the russian government and it's not state party. >> with our president-elect taking office, america will be standing tall in the world again. >> he said mr. trump is ready to battle for the american people. the president-elect took that fight to the nation's largest automaker with a warning on twitter. general motors is sending the mexican made model of chevy cruze to the u.s. on tuesday they heard the message and shifted gears. >> they'll be built right here in flat rock, michigan. >> ford's ceo mark fields announced tuesday that the company was
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build a $1.6 billion facility in mexico. instead it will spend $700 million on a michigan assembly fractry, creating 700 jobs. general motors responded to trump saying although the chevy cruise sedans are made here, others are made in mexico. we'll hear more a week from today when trump holds his press conference. he announced that, of course, on twitter. charlie? >> jan, thanks. general motors and ford are not the only companies to receive criticism from the president-elect. boeing, apple, amazon, and carrier were also called out in the campaign. m mellody hobson is there. good morning. >> good morning. there's what's called in corporate america the trump
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random and come in such an unexpected manner there's a sense that even staff may not know at times who he's going to target, that he's alone in a room with a phone and that gives corporate america -- it makes them very, very nervous. >> what can they do if they're targeted, mellody? >> a lot of people i talked to say they're viewing this as crisis management. specifically having a plan. so one fortune 500 executive explained to me a three-pronged approach. first and foremost, making sure you understand the strengthneri key policies. number two, i thinking about speed. one crisis management person said a brand can be destroyed with a viral story in five to ten minutes. you don't have ten hours to think about how to respond. and last but
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what platform you would use to respond in the event you need to. >> mellody, the president-elect says he plans to nominate someone who has favored imposing tariffs. many people think the auto industry is going to be hit hardest in terms of some of the policies. we receive what ford has done. what about now, gm? >> this is a big story and not something that's inconsequential. "the wall street journal" has been tracking this and they made good points. they talked about the competition between audi and bmw. bmw has a plant in south carolina. every car that they export out of this country, they pay a 10% duty. so a $50,000 car, $5,000 is consequential. that duty is probably a bigger deal than cheaper labor. so this has lots of impli cautions for the auto industry. >> is his strategy effective, mellody, his c
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is it working? >> jury is out. one executive that i talked to said, you know, is this really a strategy or is this plain old cyber bullying. this is not clear. and at the end of the day, how these companies respond, the early response from companies like ford really does set a precedent for the future. >> but it can matter -- it can matter if it affects our stock price. >> absolutely. and, again, that's why i say the jury still out. he's not in office yet. he's president-elect. there's been a handful of companies. we'll see how this plays out over time. but one thing i will say, the old days are gone is not about press releases and people do have to understand they have to be prepared for whatever might come. >> brand-new ball game. good to see you. you so much. the video of the school police officer body slamming a high school student has triggered outrage in a north carolina community. cell phone video
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rolesville police officer de los santos picking up a girl and throwing him to the ground. he was responding to a fight at the high school. good morning. he's been placed on administrative leave. the mother of the young girl who was body slammed told our local cbs affiliate that her daughter suffered a concussion. the president sent a letter to parents saying she was deeply concerned by what she saw. it's unclear what prompted officer de los santos to slam the girl to the ground. he was responding to this fight between the girls caught on a second video. moments later the teen was taken down by the officer. school officials say she was not involved in the initial fight and the principal said she was trying to break up the brawl which involved her sister. >> being the parent of two kids, i have a senior and a freshman
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think an adult ever really should body slam a child, especially a female. >> i'd like to know what happened prior to it escalating and getting to that point. if there's more to it, i'd like to see it. as parents we have a right to see it and know what's going on. >> in a statement the police chief pleaded with the community to remain patient while the matter is investigated. >> we'll work diligently to review all pertinent information. >> a city official says this is ruben de los santos who has been at the rolesville school for three years. on facebook the aclu posted in part this disturbing use of force should never be used. we're working to learn more about the situation. they've officially requested the north carolina state bureau of investio
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third-party investigation. the officer was wearing a body video camera. that will certainly be reviewed. another video shows a female officer repeatedly punching a teenaged girl. officers were called to the location. the video shows the officer pummeling the girl while sitting on her chest. they say the video does not give the whole story here. >> you cannot see the striking portion where the female admits that she struck the police officer. that was not shone or depicted in the video. >> she picked me up by my har, slammed me down to the girl. at the end of the day, i'm still a minor. she's a grown woman and a cop. >> o
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from active duty during the investigation. charges against the teen were dropped. turkey says it has identified a gunman who killed 39 people on new year's eve at a nightclub. he is the target of a huge manhunt. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. jonathan vigliotti is in istanbul with a defiant new message from turkey's leader. jonathan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. turkey's president spoke a short while ago, addressing the nation for the first time since the terror attack. he called on the country to stand tall, a message inspired to instill confidence in the nation's security. but during the briefing, he never mentioned any update on the ongoing manhunt. four days after the rampage, selfie video is really all the country has to go on. cbs news has learned the code name of the suspect being
7:17 am
circulated. turkey's foreign minister said they know the attackers name but for reasons unclear they have not released it. police have arresteded dozens of possible accomplices including 27 people overnight in the city. meanwhile a steady stream of funerals have taken place across the region, a reminder of just how far-reaching this attack was. the turker government has extended their state of emergency, essentially allowing police to carry out raids with little explanation and they've ordered a local media blackout. this allows them to block out reports they don't like. queen elizabeth has sent a message of condolence to turkey's president. it's one sign that britain's 90-year-old queen is back to work. she was out during christmas and new year's holidays recovering from what officials called a heavy cold. she also gave an award to
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members of her staff yesterday. several flight attendants were taken to the hospital after they said a strange odor on the plane gave them headaches. the plane was traveling from north carolina to florida monday. they were treat and released. the airlines is now releasing that. video shows this. oxygen masks dropped down monday night when the plane experienced cabin pressure problems during a storm. they made an emergency landing in jacksonville. southwest says none of the 133 passengers was hurt. the plane was taken out of circulation to be inspected. a storm affects seven states in the western u.s. heavy snow from california and oregon to colorado. up to 4 feet is expected in higher elevations. the forecast is expected to bring snow, ice, and rain to the south later this week.
7:19 am
experienced severe weather in the south including tornadoes. at least six people were killed in alabama, gentleman, and florida. high winds tore through homes and businesses and left thousands without power. a revenge porn victim files charges. ahead, why she wants g
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mcdonald's is in a fight over a new store in one of the world's holiest neighborhoods. >> i'll say. one calls the fast food giant near the vatican a disgrace as a lawsuit tries to shut it down. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by weightwatchers. lose weight and enjoy the things you love. weightwatchers. live fully.
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a stunning new theory on what may have played a crucial role in the sinking of the "titanic." ahead, new photos. and tomorrow, this year's consumer electronic show from self-driving cars to augmented
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♪ strike a pose during the congressional swearing-in ceremony, speaker of the house paul ryan looked a little confused when a congressman's son attempted to dab. he shut down a popular dance maneuver. congressman roger marshall went a step further. he grounded his son. i think paul ryan is going to lose a little bit of cool points. >> first of all, he looks like he's doing a batman which is what you're supposed to d
7:31 am
really like this. >> what was he doing? >> he was trying to do the dab in celebration of his dad. >> he wanted to put a photo on instagram to show his friends. >> he was proud of his dad. >> he's in trouble now. big trouble. >> i think so too. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this hour, did the "titanic" sink alone? new photos. ahead, how fire and ice might have caused the disaster. and the burger battle near the hearst of the catholic church in rome. one cardinal says it's a disgrace. a disgrace that mcdonald's would open at that location. well, seth doane shows us how the vatican will actually profit from the fast food chain. it is time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the
7:32 am
the soldiers will not have to pay back their debt. about 15,000 will have their debt waved. some will not get a waiver. some did not fulfill their enlistment contract. charles manson is alive following reports he was taken to the hospital. he was taken for an undisclosed medical issue. the 82-year-old was convicted in the killing of actress sharon tate and six others in 1969. officials at the department of corrections in california declined to comment saying inmates' medical conditions is private. tillerson was tapped for secretary of state. he stepped down as exxon's ceo on january 1st. he was previously expected to retire in march. if confirmed, exxon shares he was supposed to
7:33 am
$180 million will be put in trust and he will not be allowed to invest in exxonmobil. new evidence suggests that it was not just an iceberg that doomed the "titanic." more than 1, 500 people died when the ship considered unsinkable plunged into the atlantic ocean 100 years ago. it was headed from new england to new york. a new study says a fire in the hull may have played a part. mark phillips has more on what led to this discovery. good morning. >> good morning. say tit"titanic" and you think icebergs and folly. add to the evidence, we can add fire. >> it was the famous band who played "a night to remember" in the film as the ship nt
7:34 am
thee." it seems 100 years later we may be nearer the truth of what caused the disaster. >> it was the largest ship every built. >> reporter: the new documentary provides a new twist on the maiden voyage. everybody knows why the tit "titanic" went down. she hit an iceberg and despite being supposedly unsinkable she sank and took 1,500 lives with her. why was she going so fast through an iceberg filled sea and why did she go down so quickly? the filmmakers say it has to do with a dark smudge on the ship's hull that has come to light with a new batch of photographs in light of the "titanic's" launch. the mark on the hull, says irish journalist maloney is the result of a smouldering fire in one of the coal storage bunkers, a fire th
7:35 am
>> the intensity of the fire and the robbing of the protective properties from the steel that very likely the fire itself was co-author of the catastrophe. >> reporter: the film even suggests the need to put out the fire by the smoldering coal into the ship's boilers was the reason she kept traveling at speed despite knowing the icebergs were lurking. the initial inquiry blamed it on the ship's speed. more than 12,000 feet down on the atlantic seabed some are now still being revealed. the "titanic" has become more than a well known tragedy. it's become a metaphor for disaster and it looks like the deck chairs are being arranged once again. charlie? >> thank you, mark. you can watch the documentary on the smikts sohn jan channel on january 21.
7:36 am
name deleted from google, yahoo! and bing. this is a first of its kind case. she says her ex-boyfriend posted pictures online as an act of revenge. we asked google, yahoo! and bing to comment but they did not immediately respond. the woman's lawyer told us my client has been devastated by this matter. she would really like her name to be removed from those search engines so she can live her life. rikki klieman joins us at the table. this is terrible to have happened to somebody. >> terrible indeed. what happens with revenge -- >> it doesn't seem right. >> it doesn't seem right, but the question is where do you go and what do you do. the answer is not a lawsuit against the search engines to remove your name. we know that the search engines are immune. they are totally immune from suit by virtue of something
7:37 am
communications decency act and what that was was a law that in the era of the explosion of the internet, we wanted a complete and free discourse. we wanted the wild west. what we didn't want, this. >> i'm sorry. what is revenge porn? >> revenge porn in is simplest language is a photograph or videotape that may or may not have been taken with consent, but it is posted without consent because usually it's a jilted boyfriend or a jilted husband. >> using porn for revenge. >> exactly right. now, there are very few states, though it is growing, that have laws specifically against revenge porn, but that hasn't solved the problem. >> why wouldn't google and the others try to help her and remove this? >> it's one thing to try to remove the video. that's fine. and they've gone far enough and they they seayhe
7:38 am
removed from any search engine. you don't have the same right of privacy in your own name. if you're a gayle king or a charlie rose, there is a chance that there may be other people out there who have your name. >> i know there are. >> and the reality is their name should not be removed. perhaps if you're a ricky jo kleman, you may have a more interesting argument. the reality is you don't have privacy to the right of your own name. she wants her name removed forever. it's interesting, fascinating, but it's not going to happen. >> what are the chances of it happening? okay. >> maybe in europe, not the u.s. >> aren't there private companies that can help her with this? >> yes, and i'm sure she's used them. >> what should we do with the boyfriend? >> do i need to answer that. >> not nice. it would not b
7:39 am
>> hang him by his toes. >> hang him by his toes. >> upside down. should the golden arches be allowed near one of the world's most famous and holy dome? >> reporter: they're both well known institutions, but do they go together? mcdonald's and the vatican. yep. we'll squloi the controvershow ahead on "cbs this morning." and you can subscribe to the podcast. get your interviews. you can find it on iphone and ip ipod. chronic migrainehe only treatmer shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks.
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mcdonald's is facing a lawsuit to block one of its newest restaurants in italy. the fast food giant last week opened a franchise just outside the walls of vatican city. the location has generated a super-sized controversy. seth doane is in rome with why some church leaders in rome are so se
7:44 am
>> reporter: good morning. around here you can get classic roman dishes an now it turns out you can get a classic dish of a very different sort, a big mac. michelangelo helped design the gloriousdome of st. peter's basilica. now not far from the famous dome are the modern arches, the mcdonald's arches. do you like the mcdonald's here? >> no. >> reporter: for four generations this man's family has had a restaurant across the street. mcdonald's is producing a lot of problems, he told us. it is the same food everywhere. whereas we do pasta that's famous worldwide and typical roman dishes. the cardinal called the arrival of the fast food chain a disgrace. pope francis, who
7:45 am
once used a bolivian burger king to change into his religious vestments regularly rails against consumerism, but the vatican is in on this deal, said to be receiving more than $31,000 a month in rent. this mcdonald's is a tenant in one of the many vatican owned buildings surrounding vatican city. mcdonald's certainly sticks out on these quaint ancient streets. the restaurant is just there. behind me is the wall of the vatican city, st. petersburg, and the window the pope speaks from. around the corner is another piece of vatican property that now host as different restaurant chain. hard rock cafe opened its doors on the grand boulevard which leads to st. peter's square. near the vatican some are pragmatic. it is an inexpensive meal, after all, and a little perspective. i think there are more serious problems i
7:46 am
alessandro said. there are greater scandals. but italians are bracing themselves for another fast food scandal. starbucks has announced plans to open up in italy, the land of small mom and pop coffee shops, but so far not a single starbucks. >> i keep thinking since when is a big mac a disgrace? what are they talking about? >> the fillet-o-fish is going to be very popular on fridays. >> what did you say? >> i would say it's whopper of a story but that would be wrong. >> that's burger king. >> that would be wrong. >> the big mac. watch this. ahead, vice president biden ice
7:47 am
newly elected senators and their families. the little girl is lik >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy. at walgreens we make it easy for you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d.
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7:52 am
swearing them in yesterday. he posed for selfies, told jokes, blew some kisses, and was even snubbed by babies. >> he takes it all in stride. he's such a people person of all ages. two former white house chiefs of staff are here to look at the next challenges the president could face. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." sease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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it is wednesday, january 4th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including the challenges facing president-elect trump and incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus. two former chiefs of stavgs bill daly and andrew card are in studio 57. but first here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. the president is coming here to capitol hill to urge democrats to not give up on his atsignure achieve mnltss. throughout the campaign trump threatened american companies if they moved jobs ovseas and that may have an impact. >> it's crisis management not
8:01 am
too different from health care. >> the principal sent aet lter to parents saying she was deeply kirned by what she saw. >> he called on the country to stand tall. >> you say "titanic" and you think of ericebgs and human folly. but according to theory based on new information, to ice we can add fire. >> where you used to be able to get classic roman dishes, now it turns out you can get a classic dish of a different sort, a big mac. >> on knnew year's eve, you spe hours at time square. luckily i was near a stage. i plugged it in and it said something like m. carey sound, so i don't know. i pulled it out. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle
8:02 am
president obama will meet with democrats on capitol hill this morning. he'll urge them not to give up on the affordable care act. the president wants congressional democrats to focus on the good part os testify law and get republicans to think twice about repealing it. vice president-elect mike pence will meet with house republicans at the same time to plan their strad stratgy to get rid of obamacare. the senate has already introduced a measure saegt timeline for repeal. aside from all the partisan lines being drawn, paul ryan spoke of unity yesterday. >> who here among us does not want to open wide the door to opportunity? who here among us does not want every american, every creed, ander coland every color to krocross the threshold. you can't find one,
8:03 am
>> they tookreversed the closedr vote the night before. there was swift criticism from both parties and president-elect trump. said republicans should, quote, focus on health care and other things important. >> as part of the transition, incoming chief of staff reince priebus met last month with the men who have done the job for other presidents including andy card and bill daly. card served for five years under george w. bush. he delivered "news of the world" trade center attacks to the president on september 11th, 2001. bill daly was with the clinton administration and with the obama staff in 2011. it's good to have both of you here. andy, let me start with you. what do you make of president-elect trump sor
8:04 am
openly questioning our intelligence community and the hacking? >> i don't mind him challenging them and questioning them but you don't want to demoralize them. you don't want to diminish their ability to do their jobs. they're professionals and they work very, very hard. it's not monolithic thinking. it's a very diverse community. i don't want to see him demoralize the efforts of the intelligence put together and take his intelligence from those who don't have security clearance. >> but you have trum thp morning referencing views of julian assange on the russian hacking issues. he tweeted this morning a 14-year-old could have hack. could the president-elect be quoting assange? >> i think it's outrageous. here's a man hiding out in the ecuadorian community. the fact that he's
8:05 am
maybe our national security people aren't as competent as julian assange in figuring out who hacked or how it was hacked is truly outrageous. >> the current cia chief john brennan said quoting assange, he's not exactly the truth of bastion or integrity. >> next he'll be quoting snowden and saying he's the source of the hacks or he knows more what's going on than we do, that's crazy. i think that's time it stops when you're 16 days from taking over the reins of the most powerful country in the world, and we need these people to work together. >> do both of you assume they're saying to him do not do this but he's simply ignoring their advice because the role of the chief of staff is in part to be able to say no to the president? >> i'm confident reince priebus has the capacity to say it to the president-elect and the
8:06 am
i do think the president will have to find more discipline just for the time, over the amount of time it takes to do the job and you can't really opine on everything that's coming through the pipeline. >> you know there's a notion of one president at a time. >> yes. >> this president is out there doing things that suggest he's already president. >> he has been -- he has a phenomenal relationship with the american people, and i's a direct relationship, something we haven't seen in other presidents. >> and could be good? >> it almost has to be good because it's happening and i'm not sure you're going put that genie back in the bottle. i think the tweet world is going to be our president for a long time. >> we talk about one president at a time but what about one chief of staff at a time. it's been rofted that reasonain priebus and steve bannon
8:07 am
been working. >> >> until he's in the oval office, you get some indication but i think the president's message was i'm going have free-flowing and whether his daughter and son-in-law and obviously kellyanne conway, that has to be imagined by the chief of staff. if he can't manage that group or the president, you've got a problem. >> remember when we had jim baker and mike dever -- >> we did. it comes down to how much does the president allow the chief of staff to have the responsibility from managing the white house and managing -- >> tell us what you'll be saying to the president-elect today if you were talking to him and advising him? >> taste your words before you spit them out. everything that you utter as president has a consequent someplace in america or the world, and respect the most
8:08 am
which is time. and you're only going to be making the toughest decision, not every one. >> president obama says address only the toughest ones that come to his desk. >> think before you speak. now it's think before you tweet because people around the world believe what he says when he speaks or tweets. there's ramifications for that. so you can't -- it's not like a campaign. 16 days from now it is a very different thing, and so far i would say it doesn't look like people get the fact that it's going to continue. they're going to campaign. tweeting about julian assange when you're in a dispute with the intelligence agencies and quoting somebody basically and
8:09 am
versus your own intelligence groups and many believe damaged our national security with what he did is just, in my opinion, outrageous. >> what is the most important attribute that the chief of staff has to have. one word, andy? one word, bill? >> i would say patience. >> self discipline and introduce it to the process. >> thank you both. hope you come back. >> andy card and bill daly. thank you so much. police in boston are connecting with the community in some unlikely ways. ahead in our series
8:10 am
jeefring it seems . everything it seems is connected to the internet. how about this. our bodies will become more connected to the internext. what does that mean exactly with your health and the privacy of
8:11 am
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8:15 am
union" continues this moaning to showcase what unites us as americans unites us more than what divides us. we look at boston. cities have avoided crises like we've seen in other places like ferguson and baltimore and michelle went there. good morning. >> good morning. gang and gun violence was widespread. dorchester still struggles with crime, but youth there are now part of the solution. a. >> reporter: dante says he's been stopped hundreds of times but he's never been arrested. a youth leader for nonprofit teen empowerment. it bridges together teens and police in boston to talk. >> it's a tough time for police in the community relations right now in america.
8:16 am
it's not secret. >> reporter: they engage in some pretty nontraditional ways. it's disarming for both sides. >> really having them stand in each other's shoes and they see somebody who's maybe exactly like them, who faces the exact same challenges. >> reporter: stanley powell founded the program in 1992 when violent crime was rampant in boston. it gathered gang members, sworn enemies, and brokered a peace deal. >> you have them talk. you have them sit there and look at what the fight is really about. >> reporter: in the mid-'90s for 29 months not a single person under the age of 21 was killed on the streets. >> one of the things that took place, there was a belief in young people and investment and it paved them for their work to make their community peaceful. >> reporter: from 2015 to 2016 in the part oofs the city where the program operates, homicides
8:17 am
throughout boston homicides went up 36%. pollack sees these teens as the agents of teens. >> it begins not because they have a problem but because they have something to offer. >> reporter: they're paid to organize events and recruit new members including police officer zack crossen. >> middle of summer, it's hot out, yo view a hoodie on. >> reporter: this summer, it was a case of mistaken identity. >> in my mind we're in a neighborhood where there's been some recent shooting activity. >> were you worried about stereotyping this young man? >> no. i get it. i'm not naive to understand. i know i'm a white police officer in a predominantly minority neighborhood and that's a huge thing to overcome. >> reporter: but they did. from the other side of the fence dante handed the officer a flyer. >> do you normally whip out teen
8:18 am
police officers? >> i do now. >> wall this high could have been a real barrier for you two. >> absolutely. i'm glad it wasn't. >> reporter: there were times things spliet gone very differently for dante. >> you dropped out of school, you were homeless, you were considering selling drugs. what stopped you? >> there's no love in the streets, you know. there's only two ways. >> there's a third choice you made. >> for change. >> it's been a tough life for you. >> mm-hmm. real tough. >> dante is now back at school working to graduate this spring, but he and officer zack are not naive. the faces of dead unarmed black males killed by police and men in blue killed on the job run through their minds every day. >> i want to go home to my family just as much as
8:19 am
else wants to go home to theirs. >> reporter: still, what's happening here is what they believe has freed bost ed bosto the fate of so many other cities. >> me and zack, you know, we can sit down and talk with officers. if i am going to be stopped, there's ghoingt be any hostility. that's dante, we're on common ground. >> dante is technically homeless. he's staying with friends and with the help of team empowerment, he has dreamed. he hopes to be a social worker because so many social workers have helped him through tough times. >> i love this story. >> i do too. >> the attorney general said something to me interesting once. she said the problem is that most people meet a cop for a first time on a negative basis, right? you get a ticket or you're pulled over. the first time you meade e meet a cop it should be on a positive basis. the community support should
8:20 am
begin way before there's any problem so they build that trust. >> what happens here is teens are truly involved in changing the face of their communities, in changing the attitudes of their communities. in the end some are getting paid for it like dante. he has two jobs. >> this is a perfect example of how you change things one by one. >> when you get to know human beings one on one, you learn you have a lot in common. a surprising purchase that amazon's alexia sent to their door. yikes. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. >> announcer: this morning's "a perfect union" is sponsored by campbell's. real for life. and salad. made for real, real life. mom washed our clothes. credibility as handymen.
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one dallas family learned the hard way that amazon's assistant alexia has expensive taste. 6-year-old brook was playing with alexia and mentioned she wanted a doll house and sugar cookies. alexia came through and placed the amazon order. mom megan told "cbs this morning" she was shocked when she saw the e-mail for a $170 doll house and four pounds of cookies. they enjoyed the cookies but plan to donate the dollhouse because they already have one. she exercised parental control so it
8:25 am
the new critically
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♪ call me good call me bad ♪ ♪ call me anything you want to ♪ i know what you said and i know you're happy with the one authentic you do ♪ ♪ baby, i'm your man >> i love it! ♪ you know it baby, i'm your man ♪ >> we love it, too, james. that's james corden in his very first car pool karaoke. that's good, right? >> indeed. >> back in 2011 with the late george michael. they paired up
8:31 am
relief. he paid tribute to michael who died on christmas day. he owes him so much. he said car pool karaoke has become a big part of his life and he said he was inspired by him. it's interesting to see where it came from. >> very, very poignant announcement by james corden. >> it really was. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, actor dev patel. i can't wait for you to see this movie. he earned a golden globe nomination for his new move called "lion." why he needed eight months to prepare for his role and how a tv role helped him to develop his australian accent. he's here. plus dr. david agus standing by. we could see how new techniques could prevent disease before they happen. this morning we talk about new
8:32 am
"usa today" talks about the rise in gas prices. in 2016 it rose to $2.13. this year it could rise to $2.49. the main reason is opec's decision to raise production. on new years the landmark was changed to holied wily wooe. artist zack pamonus sa fernandez did it. he was inspired by a similar prank in 197 f. police are investigating a possible trespassing violation. >> he said he wanted to make people laugh. mission accomplished., "people" says janet jackson and her husband have welcomed a new son intohe
8:33 am
world. they confirmed that baby eissa was born yesterday. this is the couple's first child. this is a big deal because she was 50. they say she had a stress-free and healthy delivery and is resting comfortably. a lot of people thought the name would be michael but eissa is on the husband's side. beyonce, radio head, and kendrick lamar will headline. coachella is due to kick off april 14th. and "time" says scientists discovered a new organ in the human body. it connects the intestines to the abdomen. its specific function still unknown. researchers found it is one continuous organ. the new year will
8:34 am
bring significant improvement to medical health. you have the growing opioid epidemic, the skyrocketing eveny pen and the push to legalize marijuana. 2017 could see new advances in high-tech medicine and the comeback of some older remedies. our dr. ager is there. good morning. >> good morning. >> you can do something that prevents devest. >> there's no question about it. we saw it over and over again. so diseases like sickle cell anemia, we may be able to actually change before the child is born or an adult. imagine taking the t-cells which is what hiv infects so they can't get in. this is going to be a major advance going forward.
8:35 am
receive this treatment? >> clinical trials are going to be ongoing this year. the first crisper food products are actually on the shelves. there are mushrooms out there. this is a technology coming into prime time. >> downsizing dangers, david? >> there's no question about it. it's a slippery slope. you can change the sickle cell gene but you want to make baby taller, faster, smarter. so the potential for taking advantage of it is clearly there. >> what are the possibilities of connecting our bodies to the internet. >> we all see it. our toaster and internet can be connected. but over and over we're seeing more devices that people are wearing. you know, the ces show is in las vegas this week. we're going to see more of them announced, but it's more the quantified self. we can pressure our steps, heart rate, blood pressure all the time. more is going to come out. we're going to measure
8:36 am
glucose sugar levels through the skin. this is the year we're going to see explosive devices to learn about ourselves. >> what about the hacking of individuals? >> it's a major issue. yesterday they announced guidelines to prevent the hacking but clearly the ability to hack is there and we all have to be aware of it and companies really have to step up and build the safety precautions so it doesn't happen. >> you also said 2017, big year for the use of illegal drugs and mainstream medicine. is this a good thing? is this a bad thing? what are you concerned about if anything? >> well, it's interesting. it's not like all of a sudden it's happening but over the last decade, we've started to -- the science community has started to use things like mdma to deal with post traumatic stress disorder. they're now finding medicinal purposes. it's
8:37 am
it turns out they happen to be recreational drugs. >> is there something we need to improve to make the drugs more efficient and faster? >> we are the fastest regulatory agency in the usa. this is the fastist place things can get done. that being said, there are areas where we can improve. the fda needs to be pushed a little bit. the hiv poured blood on the steps of the fda and things happened quicker and more expeditious. we don't need go that extreme but we do need to do something. >> going forward do you think climate change will affect our health? >> you're seeing it. it's the hottest year on record. when that happens the virus change, bacteria changes, and crops change as the weather changes. zikas of the world also change. climate change is going to
8:38 am
affect our health. >> all right. got it. dr. david agus. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. and happy early birthday, charlie. >> tomorrow's a big day. you can send presents to the broadcast center. >> send good health. >> good health is the best present of all. thank you. actor dev patel changed his appearance to star in the new movie "lion." he's in our green
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> you're absolutely right! >> it's getting hot in here. >> i'm nervous. >> what? >> am i nervous? it's you who's in the hot seat, my friend. >> oh, yes. sorry. >> many actors -- many fans were introduced to actor dev patel in his role "slumdog millionaire." lo h
8:43 am
>> look at those ears. >> they've served you well. "lion" is based on the story of a 5-year-old boy. this boy is separated from his family and struggled to live on the streets of cal kuty. more than 20 years later he struggles to find his birth family. >> you need to face reality. >> reality. do you have any idea what it's like knowing my real mother and brother spent every day of their lives looking for me? however day my real brother screams my name? can you imagine the pain they must be in not knowing where i am? huh? 25 years, luc, 25! >> why didn't you tell me?
8:44 am
living privileged lives makes me sick. >> "forbes" says "lion" is one of the finest achievements. he's earned a golden globe nomination. i can't wait, dev patel, because your name is going to be called, don't you all agree? welcome to the table. the movie is so good, i can't tell you. we watched it over christmas break. everyone of all ages applauded when it was over. >> i watched it with my kids. we absolutely loved it. it's so terrific. >> it really is. we can't say enough about it. i heard you say this role was nourishing for you. >> yeah. >> i never heard an actor say it was nourishing. what does that mean? >> scripts are few and for between for indian actors like myself. i went on this long eight-month kind of
8:45 am
character travel big train, meeting the most incredible people, trying to change my accent and looks. >> all to get ready for the ultimate role. >> yes. >> you say you were related to it personally because why? other than being indian? >> well, i'm a mama's boy first of all, and it's about mamas and sons so that's a really -- he's really lucky because he's got two pillars of love at either end of the world. he's got this amazing indian mother who raised these three children alone. they really struggled. she was a labor rohr. he was torn away from her and he had a second chance at life with this australian family. >> at 5 years old he was torn away. when he was found, they asked, who's your mother and all he could say is
8:46 am
>> having that duality. >> it's the most remarkable story and it's a true story and you met the real seru. >> yeah. the whole family. they're just such incredible people. the idea that this boy could somehow find his mother from space using this app, this google earth app, a needle in a haystack, and truly here's this young boy who had an incredible photographic memory and you see the struggle that he faces to survive on the streets of calcutta as a child. it really is harrowing actually. >> yeah. >> nicole kidman plays your mother. >> yeah. >> who plays your younger self? >> this young boy who's never been in front of a camera before. they found him in an open casting call. never seen a hollywood film before or
8:47 am
so this whole thing of having him around, he met to bill clinton who came to one of our screenings, it's been incredible. he truly is a little superstar. >> and one of the most gorgeous boys. he jumps off the screen. i'm fascinated by your accent. they say you spent a lot of time, eight months to perfect this accent. is it hard considering you have a british accent? >> i don't have an ear for accents so it takes me a long time. also it can very easily become caricaturial and you can start sounding like crocodile dundee. to cut away the fat so it's ingrained into your dna so you're thinking and feeling that voice, it takes a long time. >> was it hard to concentrate on the acting while concentrating on telling the story at the same time? yes. it's a lot
8:48 am
credit goes to our director garth davis. when you're in the ring and you've got this amazing atmosphere setting this tone and there's no cgi but reacting to real landscapes, the beautiful sweeping staz mania and india, everyone came to this emotional pregnant. >> i like that phrase. >> you've been well served. >> i've been very lucky. danny put me on the map and garth davis put me on google maps. >> you also don't use social media, do you? >> no, no. i'm actually technologically very bad. i'm so bad with all that. i prefer to keep my life very simple. yeah. >> so you do that on purpose? >> yeah. >> yeah? >> i think so. >> i like my privacy. and i don't think there's much i can tweet about that anyone would be interested in. >> oh, dev, you would be
8:49 am
surprised. >> do you have blackberry? >> not anymore. i've recently graduated from that. >> dev patel, congratulations. your movie is so trichlkt. continues success. >> thank you. a scary situation. a young boy gets stuck on a ski lift. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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8:52 am
a scary ordeal at utah's sundance resort. the boy was hanging by his backpack stuck in his seat. they managed to pull him to safety. a similar drama played out less than two weeks ago at the very same resort. it also in involved a boy's backpack got stuck. >> what are you thinking? no backpack? >> back to the movie
8:53 am
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