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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 4, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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go to work on friday morning. bad news, the roads will be slippery with temps in the 20s and low 30s. yellow weather alert. general trace to two inches. critical time, 10:00 p.m. tomorrow night into 5:00 a.m. on friday. friday morning commute will be slippery. weekend storm, best ch anceof snow south and east. we'll come back and look at that in a couple minutes. breaking news at 5:00, a whole bunch of weapons found near a busy dc road. the mayor's office has just released body camera video showing the fatal shooting of javon hall. the mayor had faced public pressure to release that video after hall's family disputed claims that hall was armed. >> garrett haake live after reviewing the video. you talked with the mayor. >> reporter: that's right. the mayor's office has some extraordinary lee way. they can decide when to release
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a case is in the public interest. this has proven to be in the public interest. there have been protests and hall's family has spoken out saying they did not believe he was armed. the mayor's office released not just the two seven minute body camera videos of the two responding officers but also the 911 call transcripts that sent those officers back to that home on christmas day. the mayor's office trying to paint as complete a picture as possible of what led to that split second decision on christmas day. >> went inside the house. >> the video shows a fast moving, chaotic scene as a pair of mpd officers return to a house in northeast washington for the second time in an hour. reports of some kind of domestic incident. as they approach the home a woman warns the man inside has a knife. one officer gets up the back staircase and orders a neighbor out of the way. through the open door we and the responding officer see javon hall ar
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inch knife. the officer orders hall to drop the knife three times. then moves down the steps to create distance. hall's girlfriend steps outside and closes the door mind her. in a moment the door quickly opens again. hall has the knife still. just feet from his girlfriend. the officer fires four shots. at least one bullet strikes hall in the chest. >> shots fired. >> reporter: next several minutes show the officer who fired his weapon moving the knife away from hall. then officers trying to treat his chest wound. the mayor has faced calls and protests to release the video. hall's mother has denied he was holding a knife when shot. the official investigation continues. this settles part of the controversy. >> there was a question if there was a weapon involved in this incident. clearly there was. >> hall died at a hospital a
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the officer who shot him who has not been publicly named remains on administrative leave. garrett haake, wusa9. more breaking news. a hiker made a mysterious discovery along the canal in dc this afternoon. a woman found a violin case full of guns. our john henry is at fletcher's cove where the woman found the guns. so john, police still not sure how they got there? >> yeah, in fact they're not sure how long the guns have been here as well. those weren't the only things found. there were more guns found not too far from where the violin case was found along the canal. when officers heard about this there were many that came here to inspect and see why those guns ended up here. we had two sweeps of the area for safety reasons. make sure nothing else dangerous was out here. they say some of the guns were long guns. some others
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they found some ammo out here too, but it appears none of the guns were loaded. as the investigation was going on, traffic and pedestrians were redirected in this area. here's what one woman told us the scene was like. >> the reaction we had was coming down from the trail up here. not being sure whether it go through. there was so much police and k9 trained dogs around that i told my mom and brother we probably want to u turn. >> police are not telling us just exactly how many guns were found. only that multiple guns. they're running the serial numbers on the guns to see if they can trace back where they came from. with the it laest, john henry, wusa9. >> thank you, john. police wrapped up their investigation at the boat house around 3:30. canal road has since reopened to traffic. he should have arrived at dulles airport last night. a virginia
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united airlines kicked a child off of a flight. an unaccompanied minor. pulled him off the plane and left him stranded in up state new york. stephanie ramirez live at dulles. he's not going to be arriving today either. >> no, that's the case. this is his first time flying too. a relative drove from sterling, virginia to albany new york to pick him up because she doesn't trust the airlines to get him here safely. >> i called him and then it just went into calming him down, letting him know it's going to be okay. it's not his fault. he didn't do anything wrong. this is totally on united. he doesn't need to be upset. >> he was panicking. >> he was panicking. >> the he is 13-year-old logan o'connor. martin took custody last year. still hurting from this, martin flew logan to his mother. getting logan back to virginia turned out to be another traumatic event. >> i spent more time talking to people than his flight would
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shouldn't have happened. >> you see what happened in text messages. o'connor says because of a weight balance issue united airlines decided to remove a few people from the tuesday night 7:30 flight back to dulles. martin said to stay on the plane. they took him off. the gate staff didn't know logan's unprotected minor status when logan handed an employee the phone. >> my request to speak to a supervisor went unanswered. then everybody went home. nobody from united could contact anybody when i called them. >> o'connor has had his fair share of stress. especially as a firefighter. but calls this infuriating. >> they need to look how they handled the unaccompanied minor program and make sure nobody else's kids get left behind or lost. i mean my brother had he not had a cell phone, no one would have known what was happening. >> now after o'connor's own
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requesting questions united did release a statement. a spokesperson says we apologize to the o'connors for letting them down. we have refunded the flight and as a gesture of goodwill they're working to make sure this doesn't happen again in their investigation. at dulles, steveny ramirez. >> horrible situation. thanks. that reimbursement that united provided included the required $150 unaccompanied minor fee. they offered to pay o'connor's wife for any travel expenses incurred on that trip to going to get logan. police are still on the scene of a shooting this evening in manassas. this happened on ricks view lane. that's near stonewall jackson high school. we do know that one person was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound. more information on this story as it becomes available. mayor bowser has signed a bill into law that would strengthen the punishment for criminals who disable, take off or tamper with their
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monitoring devices. it would give agencies more power to monitor people wearing the devices. this comes a little over a week after the death of local actress and yoga teacher. duane johnson has been charged with the murder. he should have been wearing a gps monitoring device. he never showed up to have it put on. more than 100 people were hurt when a train derailed in new york city. the long island railroad commuter train jumped the tracks as it pulled into a station in brooklyn. the new york fire department says none of the injuries are life threatening and tracy brown was a passenger. >> i don't know what happened. all i just know was a big like -- it was like explosion or something. it was just bad. >> it was total chaos. smoke on the train. and we were just sitting there in had shock. >> video and photos from social media show shattered glass and broken seats inside one of the train cars. the train crashed through a barrier and a small room at the end of
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the cause under investigation. president obama making a rare visit to capitol hill to try to save his signature law. the affordable care act. but the fight is not going to be easy. president-elect donald trump is vowing to keep his campaign promise of repealing and replacing the healthcare law. they may be outnumbered. democrats are vowing to fight for obamacare. >> united in our opposition to these republican attempts to make america sick again. >> obamacare has failed. and it has been rejected by the american people. >> cbs news poll showing one in ten americans think obamacare is working well. a virginia lawmaker has introduced a bill similar to north carolina's controversial transgender bathroom law. legislation would prohibit individuals from using a bathroom of the opposite sex in in government-owned buildings. to notify parents within 24 hours if a child requests to be recognized as a member of the
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committee last year. virginia governor has vowed to veto the legislation it reaches his desk. the penalty phase of dylann roof's trial is underway. roof, who is representing himself told the jurors he's not crazy and does not plan to call any witnesses. the self-professed white supremacist was convicted last month of killing nine black parishioners in 2015. even if roof convinces the jury to spare his life he still faces another death penalty trial in state court. police investigating the nightclub attack in istanbul arrested another two dozen people overnight. four days after the massacre selfie video showing the suspected gunman is really all investigators have. turkey's president addressed the nation for the first time since the attack. the government has extended its state of emergency allowing police to carry out additional raids with little explanation. the national museum of african-american history and culture are distribu
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>> the timed passes are required to get into the museum on the mall. they're available online and by phone. now the museum also gives out a limited number of same day passes. the smithsonian says it will begin distributing tickets for the month of may on february 1st. we're just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5:00. okay, one thick i know, anacondas don't belong in toilets. that's what one person found in arlington. turns out animal control workers aren't surprised. >> that's fantastic. topper is back with the latest info on snow headed this way and what it could mean for your kids school. right after the break the union representing metro's workers blasts the agency for what they say are unfair firings. details ahead in a live report.
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they call it a cover up and a culture of intimidation. the local metro workers union is blasting management for recently firing a dozen employees and using them as scapegoats. tonight we're hearing from one fired track worker for the first time. delia goncalves live in northwest dc with more. good evening. >> good evening. thomas was fired just this morning and smoke to us just a few hours after his firing. he has spent nine years working with metro. he says he's been targeted by metro managers since 2011. that's when he started blowing the whistle on repeated safety violations. >> i've always wanted to speak to the press. >> and now trap thomas has his chance. >> i've been trying to expose the culture of retaliation specifically. on the orange line until this r morn
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report mind to another and calling it falsification just because the numbers are the same like they're supposed to be. >> what do you want people to know? >> how dangerous this system is. i want them to know that the track inspectors actually do care about it. >> thomas is just one of a dozen employees fired for falsifying documents that metro blamed for the east falls derailment this summer. >> they have not told the union specifically what those individuals are accused of doing wrong. >> and then the nerve after having that management structure in place that causes that culture to happen to then say well the real problem is falsification by the people at the bottom of the food chain. th's outrageous. >> the systematic failures can't be blamed on just a handful of people like thomas who says reporting the safety violations to osha and other agencies cost him his job. >> was it worth it? >> if if nothing changes then it wouldn't have
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>> the union denies that their workers falsified these documents but we asked for proof. unfortunately they don't have it for us. the union does not have access to any of these documents because metro has not given them those papers and when i reached out to metro and asked for those falsified documents i was told they do not release employee disciplinary records. we're live in in northwest, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> thank you. well metro's gm released a statement saying quote, thousands of metro employees do a great job and routinely put safety first, however a true culture of safety requires we told ourselves and each other accountable. well back in november that's when topper pulled out his winter weather outlook. he studied the weather patterns and came
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>> as for the first measurable snow of one inch or more at national, i'm going to go with january 6th. >> so again, that was a couple of months ago. >> not bad accident right? i'm over here with our chief meteorologist. they call you chief for a reason. what goes into predicting snow? i know you don't just have a dart board. >> but i've got to tell you. we looked at patterns and it's not a great year for snow lovers anyway. >> and you're one of them. >> and i'm one of them. we also looked at things like pressures in the atlantic ocean and la nina then there's a little bit of luck thrown in too. now that said i'm told that we were on the money two years ago. we were a day off last year. we could be on the money this year. >> okay. well -- >> we'll see. many folks didn't see the snow showers last friday so this could be the first snow
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just about everybody. let's talk about a three degree guarantee. well, we were pretty bold today. i was a little worried. we went 57. i was a little worried and it was still cloudy out. i think we'll be okay. temps fall as arctic air moves in. we'll let you know how we did at 11:00. here is our snowfall forecast. hasn't changed much. just a trace to an inch. really from gaithersburg all the way down into st. mary's county. the bulk of the snowfall is north and west. bakerstown, frederick. maybe an inch or two. you jump the divide and you'll find two to four inches. you're crossing savage mountain tomorrow afternoon, get ready for snow and slick roads. i would not advise that. snow potential, this is yet another snow map. another model for you. you can see we'll take you through friday at 9:00. half an inch downtown. a trace to two inches is really a good forecast. not a case where the
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it's coming from the west. those can break your heart too. i'll tell you that. another model. this is a local model. three tenths of an inch downtown. 1.3 inches in leesburg. we're seeing some agreement on the models of a little more north and west. top end is going to be under two inches for 99.9%. it's 50 right now. dew pointsfallen. it will stay breezy all night and. 22 to 32. cold but dry. yellow weather alert thursday afternoon into friday morning. we're looking at light snow thursday night into friday morning. a trace to two inches possible. you may see snow on your way home tomorrow. i would try to get off the roads by 9:00
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night. future cast. 37 downtown. looking at clouds by morning to the south and wes. by morning we're in the 20s. even 26 in bwi and 25 in fairfax. clouds overspread the area. high clouds by mid-morning. by 1:00, a couple flakes. by 6:00, we're okay. by 11:00, that's going to be the best chance for snow between 10:00 and 11:00 and about 5:00 in the morning. temps by then will be in the upper 20s and low 30s. 29 in gaithersburg. 32 in leesburg and 29 in frederick. the roads will become slippery. presumably they will be treated tomorrow. i would allow extra time on friday morning. 30s across the board to start. 35 by 11:00. clouds roll many. only 37 by 1:00. friday morning, light snow. 36. snow still
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town. you may have a much better chance of snow on saturday than we do west of i-95. after that, cold on sunday. cold on monday. showers tuesday and wednesday. by then we're back into the 40s. wusa9 news app is your best place to find any school closings or delays for friday morning or any time there's nasty weather. the wake up washington theme, they're going to be on the air at 4:00 a.m. friday morning. allison, mike, ellen, melissa. everything you need to know before you head out the door. we have a cat food recall to tell you about. hot items at this year's consumer electronics show. details in tonight's consumer alert. right after the break, officers accused of overreacting in the rough handling of two female teenagers.
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the rough handling of two female teenagers is being investigated this evening. >> a video circulating on social media captured a north carolina school resource officer slamming a 15-year-old high school student to the cafeteria floor. the officer was responding to a fight between
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students. another video from philadelphia showing a female police officer sitting on top of a 16-year-old and punching her several times. police responding to a fight involving more than 30 people. it happened new year's day. the beating left the girl with bruises and a concussion. >> i feel like it's wrong. at the end of the day i'm a minor. she's a grown woman and a cop. the way she approached me, that's not the way she should have did it. >> the teen wasn't following instructions and hit the officer several times. that officer is on leave while internal affairs investigates. in tonight's consumer alert. we have an important recall for pet owners. the jm smucker company is issuing a recall of certain lots of 9lives, ever pet and special kitty canned cat food brands. low levels of vitamin b 1 were found in the food. you should not feed it to your
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cat. contact at 1-800-828-9980 between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. monday through friday. the consumer electronics show kicks off tomorrow. this year's annual event will be in las vegas where tech companies will showcase their latest technology and coolest gadgets. industry experts say there will be lots of 4k tv the, self- driving cars, drones and virtual reality spectacles cameras were built into everything. this one is interesting. a new gadget among beauty products. it's a smart hair brush. yeah. it has a microphone and sensors that can tell when your hair is wet. it warns users if they're aggressively brushing their locks a bit too much and causing damage. thsmart brush is pricey, it costs $200. straight ahead, a local lawmaker gets ready to raffle off a semiautomatic rifle. murderers over drugs are
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start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea so it wasn't on a plane but a snake was found in another place you really wouldn't expect nor would you want to see one. a toilet. >> it happened to an arlington resident and it it wasn't your average snake.
5:30 pm
nikki burdine joining with us more on this bizarre story. >> reporter: bizarre and a story that gives you the hebey screenies. this is where the snake was taken to after animal control officers found it. while most of us were shocked, turns out it's not that uncommon. >> i have found all kinds of fun stuff. >> an animal control officer says recently the number of large constrictors found where they aren't supposed to be has jumped to about one or two a month. >> completely not abnormal for us to find larger constrictors in places you would not think. >> that perfectly normal discovery was found at an apartment complex on south 31st street in arlington. the person came into the bathroom, lifted up the lid and found an anaconda in the toilet. animal control removed the ree.
5:31 pm
were hurt. how did a snake get there in the first place? >> they can get loose, they make their way through peoples walls and just kind of show up wherever there's a hole. >> this snake is only about four or five feet long. he was never claimed so a reptile specialist adopted him. as for why the exotic snakes keep showing up, for one it's fairly easy to buy one. we found several ads online. >> the internet provides a lot of resources to people who want to purchase whatever they want whenever they want wherever they want. >> and in arlington county, not illegal to own. >> currently there's no exotic in arlington county. it could have been a bengal tiger sitting in the toilet. >> she plans to propose such regulations. until then these stories will continue to be normal for her. >> i had a woman a few years ago changing a lightbulb and a larger constrictor -- a standard ball python came down out of the hole that the light made when
5:32 pm
down. >> now i tried to meet sir hiss but since this is still an open investigation we were not allowed to. i tweeted out a couple of cute pictures of dogs up for adoption here at the animal welfare league of arlington. back to you guys. >> thanks. i may never sleep again. the name of the apartment complex where the snake was found has not been released. the one kind of exotic animal not allowed in arlington county is poisonous snakes. we checked several local ordinances. arlington, fairfax county, prince george's county, dc have the same rule. you can keep a nonpoisonous snake such as an anaconda as a pet. the rule is part of the code for wild and exotic animals. checking out those dogs soon. in just about an hour in prince george's county detectives are going to be scouring a neighborhood. they're looking for clues to help them
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27-year-old carington carter was shot to death in fort washington last friday. a reward of up to $25,000 is being offered for information that leads to a conviction. carter is one of 97 people killed in prince george's county in 2016. that's 20 homicides more than the previous year. police chief says the biggest increase is in drug-related homicides. that has more than tripled in one year. the vast majority of those deaths he says comes from sales of marijuana. recently decriminalized in maryland. >> marijuana sort of sat behind the scenes but now because the demand is greater there's people willing to do violence to control that trade. that's what we're seeing. >> the chief says of the 26 drug-related killings in prince george's county. 19 were related to pot. a lot of reaction from a report on a plan to hand out free marijuana joints during the presidential inugh ration. >> dc pot advocate plans to give
5:34 pm
and then four minutes and 20 seconds into donald trump's speech he wants everyone to light up. it's an effort to get marijuana legalized on the federal level. on our wusa9 facebook page, writes this is crazy. they should arrest the person passing it out. they have more than the legal allowance. better take your own snacks because there won't be any food vendors allowed on the mall. if this story sparked your interest, feel free to leave your comments on the facebook page. another local lawmakers is raffling off an ar 15 rifle. maryland state senator says he's a strong defender of what he calls god given second amendment rights for law- abiding citizens. ar 15s and similar rifles are controversial because they've been used in so many mass shootings. a number of other political candidates have announced similar contests including virginia republican gubernatorial candidate. virginia is one of
5:35 pm
states seeing a significant number of people with the flu right now. the centers for disease control -- flu being widespread in the commonwealth. that's the most serious designation. there's regional activity in maryland and local activity in the district. the cdc generates its data using information from healthcare providers. to help keep yourself flu free experts recommend washing your hands often, especially after coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose. cough into a tissue or the inside of your elbow instead of your hands. get your flu shot and if you do have the flu, stay home until you're fever free without medication for 24 hours. >> oops. [ laughter ] trending now, mariah carey breaks her silence after that debacle on new year's eve. more controversy surrounding the mcdonald's steps away from the vatican. let's talk about the saturday event. this is the most aggressive model in terms of snowfall. this is good muse if you like
5:36 pm
maybe 1.9 inches. three inches into st. mary's county. that's the most aggressive model. that's the saturday storm. we'll talk about the thursday night storm and the yellow weather alert in a minute.
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continues in our trending segment tonight. mariah carey breaking her silence after that horrific performance on new year's eve. >> i thought she was silent. carey stopped singing during one song. it's being blamed on technical malfunctions. in an interview carey says that dick clark himself would never have allowed an artist to go through that. she says it won't stop her from doing live performances in the future and carey says her true fans have been supportive. ellen degeneres has booted a singer off her show for making derogatory remarks about gay people. >> a video shows gospel singer kim burrell labeling homosexuality as perverted. she was supposed to perform on ellen's thursday show. next up a lawsuit to shut down that new mcdonald's in one of the world's li
5:40 pm
>> we first told you yesterday about the controversy surrounding that restaurant just outside the walls of vatican city. it's within the line of sight from where pope francis makes his weekly appearance in st. peter's square. some people calling it mcvatican. one cardinal calls it a disgrace. people living in the area don't seem happy either. especially this man whose family has owned a restaurant across the street for four generations. >> mcdonald's is producing a lot of problems, he told us. it is the same food everywhere. whereas we do pasta hahs famous worldwide and typical roman dishes. >> listen to this. the vatican is in on the deal. receiving more than $31,000 a month in rent. but here's a little perspective. one priest says there are more serious problems in the world. >> i love a big mac and everything but if you're visiting italy, the vatican, isn't mcdonald's the last place you want to go? >> i would recommend you go somewhere el
5:41 pm
house speaker paul ryan received a firsthand lesson on dabbing. >> it wasn't something he invited. the son of kansas congressman roger marshall struck the pose while his father was being sworn in yesterday. dabbing is a dance craze started in atlanta. speaker ryan could be heard asking the boy if he was okay and did he have to sneeze. congressman marshall tweeted just so you know, he's grounded. >> that's a little embarrassing. yeah. take a trip down redskins memory line lane in sports we look back at the famous seat cushion game 25 years ago today. that is coming up. but first he lost his wife, then his house and car went up in flames. after the break we'll introduce you to the world war ii veteran try ago get his life back.
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the spotlights that illuminate the washington monument are back on this evening. last night it went dark because its automated lighting system was out of sync. the landmark has been closed since august because of on going problems. plans call for it to reopen in 2019. at 88, david hoped to live
5:45 pm
small retirement home overlooking the potomac. the world war ii vet has now lost almost everything. >> his wife, his home and any way to rebuild. bruce leshan to talk more about his strag toll recover. >> the house, the camera video r, the slides and memories. all lost in a fire just before christmas. the 88-year-old who lived here had just let his home insurance lapse. he needed the money to pay for his wife's funeral. >> oh my dear marilyn, i'll never see my darling any more. >> reporter: david has lost almost everything he cares about. his wife of 47 years died in september. >> i am sitting by the river feeling lonely every day. >> then the dream home they whared by the potomac burned
5:46 pm
december. >> maybe i should have stayed in the house and burned with it. >> basically he's homeless as a child and i just don't want to see him homeless at the end. >> he is a quiet, gentle soul. a world war ii vet. retired from the navy research lab. not the kind of guy to turn to his children for help. >> but was just in that gap between stopping the house insurance and when i would restart it that the fire came. >> now those children are desperate. >> my dad's always been my hero. always. always been there for me. r i just feel so helpless. i don't know what to do to help him now. >> can he get a mortgage? can he rebuild? >> i don't think so. >> underneath all of the bed frames and who knows what was burned i found this. >> reporter: his family has recovered a few things but not
5:47 pm
the urn holding his wife's ashes. >> he feels he needs to be here where she is. >> reporter: the kids say if they had only known they would have paid for their mom's funeral. they hope this serves as a cautionary tale for other people welledderly parents. keep an eye on their finances. do not let them live out their last days in despair. in st. mary's county, bruce leshan. >> so tragic. he needs all the help he can get. he is living with his son right now but has threatened to move into a shed on his property just to be closer to his wife. his daughter is a teacher and the community has poured almost $22,000 so far into a go fund me page she set up for her dad. we have the link up on reports say charles manson is ho
5:48 pm
quoting sources who say the 82- year-old cut leader is seriously ill. manson was convicted of orchestrating the 1969 murders of pregnant actress sharon tate and six others. maryland's attorney general is calling for statewide guidelines for rape kits. dna collected after sexual assaults can be a valuable tool in solving crimes. but sometimes rape kits go untested. police departments have different policies across the state for testing and maintaining rape kits. asking the maryland general assembly to develop uniform guidelines for all departments. the macy's store in landmark mall is going to close by the end of the year. one of 68 stores the company plans to close. it's the only store in our region on the list though. macy's plans to reinvest in e commerce. check out this giant snowman lighting
5:49 pm
today. alaf from frozen. it sits in front of a home in oregon. apparently with the weather they've been having there's really no chance that olaf is going to be melting any time soon. hey, top. that's where the cold air is. seattle struggling to get above freezing. they've had snow down in the oregon coast. don't think we'll make a snowman with this. here we go. snowfall forecast ending on friday morning. a trace to an inch in the immediate metro area. kind of silly breaking it down into bands. maybe one to two, north and west. winchester, frederick. maybe up north toward fayetteville. you jump the divide and you'll see two to four inches. winter weather advisories west of the divide. i would not recommend going across savage mountain tomorrow morning after 3:00. this is one model and this has got two tenths for snowfall as we go through thursday at 7:00. then take you into friday morning at 9:00. has a half an inch, inch up in frederick and
5:50 pm
1.2 inches in leesburg. this is about right. some of the snow bands could set up, heavier snow could fall east. for the most part, trace to two inches. another model. less to the south and east and more to the north and west. don't despair though our friends in the south and east. you have a better chance for snow on saturday than we have here in the immediate metro area. that's a coastal storm. okay, live look outside. live weather cam. still 50 right now. dew points in the low 20s. winds gusting. drier, colder arctic air moving in. turning colder tonight and staying dry. bus stop temperatures. 22 to 32. cold but dry. yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon through friday morning for light snow. light snow this ors into friday. a trace to two inches is looking likely. yellow weather alert, why? impacts, light snow high. slippery morning commute
5:51 pm
friday. friday, high. don't think it's plowable and school delays, guess i got to give you low risk. hard enough to predict the snow around here. i'm not going to predict school closings or delays. clear with temperatures in the 30s. headed for the 20s overnight in the suburbs. much, much colder. all right. 31 to start. downtown tomorrow. clouds start increasing. 35 at 11:00. 37 at 1:00. mostly cloudy by 1:00 as well. friday morning snow and then nice day. 36. very cold on saturday. snow possible mainly south and east of town east of i-95. next seven days. bitterly cold sunday. still cold on monday. back in the 40s tuesday and wednesday. showers roll in late tuesday and continue into wednesday. redskins offensive coordinator is one of the up and coming coaching stars of the nfl. seeing him roaming the
5:52 pm
every week it's easy to forget he's only 30 years old. now he could possibly become the youngest head coach ever in the nfl. he is expected to bear view with the los angeles rams and the san francisco 49ers in the next week. he is similar with the niners organization. his grandfather is a former general manager and vp there that helped build five super bowl winning teams in the 80s and 90s. he took over play calling duties this season for washington and his offensive unit ranks third in the nfl. >> he's done a great job and deserves an opportunity to interview and see what happens. host probably a lot to this football team and done a good job calling plays. utilizing the people that we have. we didn't get it done. that should not affect his ability to get an interview or a job. today is the 25th anniversary of the seat cushion game. rain-soaked night, divisional game
5:53 pm
raining yellow seat cushions after a touchdown put the nfc championship game within reach. redskins of course went on to beat the bills for their third super bowl title. the washington wizards finish 2016 by going 10-5 in the month of december to put themselves back in the playoff hunt. and tonight's inside the paint we take a look at the man running the show. over the first two and a half months of the scott brooks tenure, we see a renewed passion. brooks is not afraid to challenge his players or call out poor play on anyone. you can be the last player on the bench or one of the all stars. while the wizards are inconsistent, we've seen their play improve in the clutch important moments. time will tell if scott brooks is the right man for the job but right now he has put this team an on upward trajectory filled with optimism. >> brooks has to be really excited. a lot of people are excited about the wizards doing well. >> they're doing well. their getting better. thay
5:54 pm
couple games but they finish strong. >> keep flirting with .500. you win a few more games. who knows. >> thank you so much. when bruce johnson joins me at 6:00, a report from capitol hill. barack obama's healthcare law faces an uncertain future. what a woman says is a severe case of islamaphobia caught on camera.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
caught on camera, a man walks up to a muslim family and calls them terrorists. the family says the man taunted them while they were shopping in sugar land, texas. video has gone viral. the family says this isn't the first time something like this has happened to them. >> you can't just call somebody a terrorist. >> reporter: tensions boiled over -- sugar land's town square after a muslim family claimed the man in this video called them a bunch of terrorists. >> for him to walk by and say you're a bunch of terrorists, i just can't fathom would somebody could make that assessment. >> the man in the video hasn't been charged with aquarial. the encounter left a lasting mark on this 21-year-old. she was the only one in the family wearing a hijab and claims this was a clear case of islamaphobia. >> i was honestly disgusted. i was very hurt. >> she says the man didn't apologize and only taunte
5:58 pm
family even more. eventually management asked him to leave and called security in and sugar land police to assist her family. when she got home she posted her experience on facebook. 36 hours later it's gone viral. >> i've gotten responses from all over the globe. people in australia, canada, malaysia saying this happens to me in my community. >> she never got the man's name and that's why she's speaking out now. she hopes he's watching. >> i would love for him to just come forward and let's have a conversation. why did you call me a terrorist? what made you so afraid of a 21- year-old girl, you know? if you walk up to try to get to know them, you know, you'd be surprised. you'd have a lot in common. >> now police didn't respond to the incident because there wasn't any violence involved so there were no arrests. right now at 6:00, president barack obama and vice president-elect mike pence meet with their parties on capitol hill to strategi
5:59 pm
future of obamacare. coming up, the convicted killer in the charleston church shooting speaks to the jury. he doesn't ask them to spare his life. body cam video appears to refute claims that a man shot and killed by dc police was not armed with a knife. thanks for joining us tonight. we're keeping aen you i on the possibility of winter weather tomorrow night into friday. topper is tracking the chance of snow. >> don't let the 50s today fool you. the cold air is rushing in right now. that's one ingredient we need. a general trace to two inches of snow. more north and west. frederick. better chance. inch, two inches. around the immediate metro area a trace to an inch. temps will be below freezing with it falls. roads will be slippery on friday morning. thursday evening commute should be fine. you may see flakes. don't freak out.
6:00 pm
here's a look at one of the computer models we look at in terms of snowfall. it's close. eight tenths downtown. inch and a half in gaithersburg. a little less to the north and west until you jump up to cumberland and romney. then about one and a half inches of snowfall. 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, some clouds. 8:30, light snow or snow showers. the bull of the snowfall is after 10:00 p.m. and falls overnight on thursday. we'll come back and talk about another chance for snow over the weekend. tonight obamacare is at the center of the first fight of the new congress. republicans and democrats held dualing strategy sessions today. weijia jiang reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: president obama said little as he left a meeting with congressional democrats wednesday morning. they are scrambling to save his signature legislat


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