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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 6, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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much more coming ahead on the why, bs evening news roughly an hour and a halfs time. continuing coverage. five people have died. eight others injured after a shooting at the fort lauderdale airport in florida. >> hundreds of people evacuated running on a tarmac. the alleged shooter, 26-year- old esteban santiago in custody. no flights going into or out of the airport. >> the suspect had a military i.d. on him. he was born in new jersey. we'll check in with kenneth craig with more. >> shots fired. need deputies. >> reporter: police scrambled to the scene after shoots were fired at fort lauderdale's airport. airplanes were evacuated. >>
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>> the incident occurred in terminal 2. includes delta and air canada. florida senator bill nelson was briefed in washington. >> it happened in the area where people bunch up in the baggage claim area. >> reporter: the suspect has be identified as esteban santiago ruiz. a official says he arrived with a gun checked in his bag, went into the bathroom to load it then started shooting. >> when we apprehended him the subject was arrested without incident. >> eyewitness saw the gunman open fire. >> he was just randomly shooting. like walking through the woods picking off things like target practice. >> reporter: passengers were streaming back inside when another panic broke out from a different direction. people ran across the tarmac from the airport garage after reports of more gunfire. groups took shelter behind cars. in the meantime the entire aior
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kenneth craig, cbs news. >> it is gathering information and the atf is responding to the scene. several flights from reagan international airport to fort lauderdale were canceled or diverted. one flight sat on the tarmac for hours before passengers were allowed to get off. we'll hear from them at 6:00. on social media, president- elect donald trump tweeting monitoring the terrible situation in florida. just spoke to governor scott. thoughts and prayers for all. stay safe. on our facebook page, some people are crazy. don't ever second guess nor take for granted one's safety in today's world. we'll update this story as soon as new information comes into our newsroom. we'll have it on our news app. that is your best place for breaking news information. now to a yellow weather alert with more snow on the way for parts of our area. i'm in the weather center with first alert meteorologist topper shutt. southernyl
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biggest impact, huh? >> last night we talked about north and west. hagerstown had their one to two inches. folks in southern maryland, this is your time. tonight and tomorrow. some of you are under a winter storm warning. let's start with our snowfall map. tweaked this just a little bit. brought the trace to inch band a little further to the north and west right along the divide. almost to the divide. then i extended the one to two inch band either side of i-95. still we haven't changed the bullsian eye. 48 inches through southern maryland. southern st. mary's county. you'll be shoveling some snow. the good news, it is a dry snow. even for you folks down there. sometimes you're on the border of rain-snow. not this time. the arctic air is firmly entrenched. let's talk about the models. we always quote the models are doing this, doing this. here are four models. here's what they're thinking for tomorrow's snowfall at
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2.4. 3.5. that's been the most aggressive model in the last 36 hours. it actually just kind of did about face. it went almost nothing about 12 hours ago. now it's back to 3.5. these models were almost nothing yesterday and they're migrating over. that tells me the storm is going to be a little bit to the west and to the north which means more snow for us. here's where it is. do not recommend driving down 95 into raleigh or virginia beach. they're going to get hammered. the precipitation goes all the way back into alabama and mississippi. much of it is in the form of snow. 10:00 tonight, your plans are okay. unless you're out super late. try to get in after midnight. by 7:00 we have snow across the metro. the snow will make it into the southern suburbs. almost into waldorf by about 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. 10:00, snow across the metro area. temperatures in the 20s. only 26 tomorrow at 10:00. then even by 3:00 snow now beginning migrate eastward across the bay. this is going to be a big storm also for
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we'll come back, talk about after the snow when temps will make it above freezing. >> thank you so much, top. breaking news out of fairfax. one woman is dead and a man has serious injuries after a shooting. sky 9 over the scene not too far from little river turnpike. investigators believe this is a domestic incident and there's no threat to the public. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox is gathering information. we are expecting new charges very soon in that public corruption scandal involving liquor licenses in prince george's county. the u.s. attorney says he's going to charge three more people before the maryland general assembly goes back into session on wednesday. for a second day in a row our bruce leshan is live in federal court in green belt with more. bruce, good evening. >> good evening. we are expecting charges early next week against a maryland state senator and a maryland state delegate. a lot of people in
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george's are furious that alleged bribe takers are once again giving the county a black eye. the kelly executive angry that prince george's has once again been hit by a pay to play scandal. >> i'm disappointed. i'm quite honestly off. >> he knows it's going to get worse. >> the other shoe is about to drop here. that their elected officials who are going to end up being charged here. is that even more of a betrayal to your constituents? >> oh, certainly. any time an elected official abuses their position it's a betrayal to not only the people of prince george's county but the state of maryland. >> on thursday the fbi raided the county liquor board. two liquor stores and a scrap yard. agents arrested a liquor board commissioner and the board director and charged them and two liquor store owners with conspiracy and bribery. then there is the as yet unnamed state
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state delegate who allegedly voted to give liquor stores permits to sell on sundays in exchange for thousands of dollars and promises of tens of thousands more. >> they need to go wherever it leads them. take it all the way up the line. make sure it doesn't happen again. >> with so many good things happening in the county, including a billion dollar casino, residents say a scandal like this is the last thing they need. >> i'm so tired of corrupt individuals in our government. i really am. >> i'm going to need them distribute that money back to the community again. >> now governor hogan says that liquor commissioner anuz sood has resigned and he says the whole liquor board system in maryland probably needs to be reformed. live at federal court in green belt, maryland, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> thank you. we're hearing several politicians names being kicked
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possibly involved in this and possibly being charged. so far none of them have responded to our messages. police releasing dramatic new video of an atm theft in prince george's county. it shows the suspects knocking over the machine with a u haul truck. this is at a gas station on queens chapel road. more than three thieves loaded up into the truck and they're going to take off. this is the sixth atm robbery being investigated in prince george's county within the last month. this may be related to a u haul truck containing stolen atms that was found in southeast dc on monday. there's been an incredible outpouring of support from the community after a father of five died in a car wreck along route 15 in frederick. wusa9's stephanie gaylehard joins us live. that father was devoted into his children. >> exactly. he was devoted to his children. he was a si
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five kids ranging in age from are 8 to 19 years old. when he wasn't spending time with his children he was with friends helping them out any way he could. >> thank you for being a shining light in this world because you made a difference and you made an impact on everyone that you came across. and that you will never ever be forgotten. >> john chen's life ended tragically thursday. it happened on route 15 in frederick. maryland state police say chen lost control of this trash truck. it slammed into an abandoned vehicle on the shoulder of the road then flipped over in the median. chen was 43. a single dad raiding five kids. 24 hours later those children are with his brother. i spoke to him on the phone today. >> his children meant the world to him. nothing was more important than his children. he worked hard every day of his life for his kids. he was one
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kindest human beings. always smiling and everyone that met him and go the to know him truly loved him. >> that's evident here on social media. since his death, heart felt messages like these have been spreading online. >> he would give you the shirt off his back. when my ex-husband was off work for six months he would buy us groceries randomly and just bring them to the house. we didn't even ask. >> it's that kindness he showed towards others that's being reciprocated today on this go fund me page. so far more than $21,000 has been raised to help his five children. >> your energy and love will go on with your kids and with every friend and every person that ever had the opportunity to be in your life. >> all right. and john's brother tells me hee so thankful for that incredible show of support from the community. he's finding strength in that tonight. if you'd like to help out the chen children, check
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fund me page. reporting live in frederick, i'm stephanie gailhard, wusa9. >> thank you. police are looking for the dryer behind a hit and run accident in virginia. a 41-year-old was part of a chain reaction crash on the beltway four weeks ago. it was icy when he got out of his truck at route 50 in fairfax county. he was struck and killed. police believe that the car that hit him wasn't part of that chain reaction crash and they're looking for that driver. we're just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5:00. >> they ask me why do you have a lighthouse? well, do you have one? [ unintelligible ] >> the story behind this piece of history that's up for sale or trade. on maryland's eastern shore. michelle obama's emotional final speech as first lady. topper is back with more on tomorrow's snow. how much will you see
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winter weather gripping other parts of the country. new information on why four men may have tortured a man with disabilities and streamed it all on facebook. my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. my whole family wants to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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turning now to the latest on the trump transition. the president-elect met today with top intelligence officials. afterwards he called the briefing constructive. cbs news learned the meeting included information that showed russian actors or go betweens delivered stolen democratic e-mails to wikileaks and its founder. in recent weeks trump expressed doubt about the findings. >> i just want them to be sure. >> a new declassified
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president putin ordered the campaign to influence the presidential election. inauguration day is two weeks from today. tonight new information for anyone thinking about heading to events. let's start with getting there. arlington memorial bridge will be closed to all reeks. only pedestrians will be allowed to cross it it. five stations will be closed for security purposes. mount vernon square, archives, federal triangle, smithsonian, as well as the pentagon. trains will run from 4:00 a.m. until midnight. dc confirms three permits have been issued for protests at freedom plaza along pennsylvania avenue. it's unclear if groups will protest on the mall. 3000 police officers and 5000 members of the national guard from across the country will thep us safe.
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mayor bowser says dc will spend $30 million. so far the feds have paid $19 million of that bill. >> we expect it all to be reimbursed by the federal government. >> as for the protesters who plan to smoke marijuana at the inauguration, mayor bowser said arresting them will not be a priority. go to our inauguration tab on our app. mielle obama delivered her final public speech as first lady. >> so i want to close today by simply saying thank you. thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country. being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life and i hope i've made you proud. [ applause ] >> michelle obama speaking a the a white ho
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honoring the 2017 school counselor of the year. additional details are emerging about the disturbing beating of a mentally disabled man in chicago. now new video of the assault shows the young victim was being forced to drink out of a toilet. he was also kicked, choked and cut, all of it streamed on facebook live. prosecutors say one of the four attackers demanded $300 from the victim's mother. bond was denied today for those suspects. a winter blast stretching across the country, western new york hit with two feet of snow. jealous much, topper? >> little bit. >> in buffalo hundreds of students were stranded in their classrooms. nearly two dozen kids spent the night at their school. snow and ice are in the forecast from the midwest to the southeast. anxious shoppers have already cleared out the store shelves in atlanta. we actually reported last night folks there being asked to stay inside for the next two to
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they just don't have the infrastructure to deal with all that. >> it's a ratio. you get an inch, stay in a day. >> i guess i'll stay here for the next couple of days while there's snow coming down. >> i did a story on this many years ago. everybody floods the markets and buy the bread and milk. why don't you buy a roast? something you can really eat for three days if you get hungry. >> topper's tips to navigating the storm. >> sorry. we're excited over here. the storm that we've been watching last couple of days is further west. i moved the trace to an inch back a little to the west. now encompasses hagerstown. one to two inches either side of i-95. the big band into extreme southern maryland. that does include friends
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del mar. frederick, maryland maybe an inch. you're in one of the bulls eyes. leesburg, maybe an inch and a half. okay. showed you this earlier. this is kind of cool. these are the different models. gfs. that's an american model. euro is european. rpm is a local model. the most aggressive at 3.5 inches. yesterday these guys were almost nothing. so they've kind of come back, storm is trending further west. any time we have a coastal with arctic air in place, we don't sleep a lot. we pay a lot of attention. still sitting on 30. dew points in the teens. low teens. pressure beginning to arrive. winds north-northwest at 9. widen the radar. there's the snow. alabama and mississippi with a mix. atlanta has rain right now. they'll kick
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overnight. your friday night plans are safe. dinner and a movie okay. by about 3:00 i would say la plato will have snow. snow will be as far north as dc. friday night plans safe. yellow weather alert saturday. heavier snow to the south and east. 3:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m. then temps are going to remain below freezing all day. temps remain below freezing all weekend. what falls will stick around for a while. it's going to be a dry snow though. winter weather advisories are creeping further west. fairfax in now. so these are winter weather advisories for the district. prince george's county. ones in white here, winter storm warning. includes st. mary's county. includes everybody across the bay. future cast. clouds in the 20s. no worries. but by 7:00 we got snow just about everywhere from dc southward. that's heavier snow
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that's where the heavier snow bands are going to be. that said, by 9:30, 10:00, snow should be to leesburg. just south of frederick. this is the opposite of last night. bulls eye is not north and west. it's south and east. 20s to start. downtown temperatures holding in the mid20s on through 1:00. sunday with sunshine. only 29. we might crack freezing on monday. 33. next seven days. here's good news. slaughters on tuesday, 46. showers on wednesday and 56. sunshine thursday. a few clouds friday. low 60s by then. a notorious killer whale dies on the same day that seaworld makes changes to its orca shows. a shopping mall staple closes the doors to all of its stores and it might cost you more to shop at a popular wholesale club. details in tonight's consumer alert.
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an orca that killed a trainer at seaworld in orlando has died. the cause of death was not released but tilikum was being treated for a persistent bacterial infection. a trainer drd
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pool by tilikum. the killer whale was involved in the deaths of two other people in the 1990s. that news coming on the weekend that sea world in san diego is saying good-bye to one of its most controversial attractions. it is ending its theatrical shows involving killer whales. sea world says they'll be featured in what they call a new, more natural encounter. the move comes after years of backlash by animal activists following the release of black fish. in tonight's consumer alert. it's been a retail staple. now the limited is closing for good. speculation has swirled that the company would be the first retail bankruptcy of 2017. people on social media are expressing sadness that the womens apparel designer and retailer will shut down its stored by sunday, january 7th.
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it may get more expensive to walk into costco. predicts the warehouse club is planning to increase minute fees by about 10%. according to industry insiders costco typically raises annual minute fees about every 5 to 6 years. the price of a gold star minute will go from $55 to $60 and an executive minute will rise to $120 from its previous $110. volkswagen's fix for a portion of the 475,000 diesel cars equipped to cheat emissions tests has been approved by the epa. the german auto maker will reprogram the software in five of its 2015 models so they'll meet u.s. e i guess so manies standards. vw will install hardware on the cars next year. the epa says the changes will not affect fuel economy or reliability. so if you have the cash or an interesting trade, a piece of history could be yours. >> you'll have to have something really good though. this maryland man is
5:27 pm
unload his lighthouse, as well as his cottages. you can se
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it's being called one of the most unusual craigslist ads out there. a retiree willing to trade his lighthouse and cottages for something that intrigues him. >> wusa9 has more on this ad that has people buzzing. >> reporter: on unspoiled land,
5:30 pm
its beauty. >> oh yeah. i miss that. when you come down you don't want to leave. just want to stay here. >> reporter: a place where even in the dead of winter the water sparkles. >> this will do it. two minutes of this. >> reporter: based on his enthusiasm and this ad, he is ready to sell or trade. a craigslist ad posted a few weeks ago says trade my water front lighthouse for your motor home. along with his two cottages. >> should last about 100 years. it's a summer time cottage. they ask me why do you have a lighthouse? well, do you have one. i ask them why they called. they want one. >> since the ad was posted. >> it glows red inside. >> he has had at least 17 calls. >> a lot of people want you to donate it. >> he'll definitely miss it. i think i'm probably the one that's kind of pushing him to sell
5:31 pm
>> when he saw this lighthouse over a decade ago on a pennsylvania farm. >> that people like to go there. >> he knew he had to have it. although it's not a functioning lighthouse, it's something that has captured the imagination of people from all over the country. >> they want it but then they ask me to finance it and that would make me 103. >> because of his age he says he's only interested in cash. about $135,000 or a fair trade. >> oh i get up there. you ready? >> it doesn't take long to see why this 30 feet structure means so much this him. >> i've got houses i've never slept in. i won't miss it. just peace. very peaceful. >> eight windows to contemplate the world. he has thought a lot from the top of this lighthouse.
5:32 pm
to me. this lighthouse, money, it's all things you're going to leave behind. there's no trailer hitch or roof rack on a hearse. enjoy it while you're here. you know it should have been a blue sky. i got pictures of a blue sky. >> until he gets that special offer, he will be waiting. and you'll know where to find him. >> there we go. >> if you'd like to see a close up, just head to our app. switching gears now. the driver of a dump truck that damaged four vehicles and injured two children before crashing into a home in oxen hill is facing new charges. larry clark is charged with failure to control speed to avoid a collision. he claimed he lost control of a struck after being struck by a hit and run driver.
5:33 pm
at the time of the accident. a funeral will be held for the teenager shot and killed in her home. charlotte zaremba was killed new year's day by a 15-year- old. he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. zaremba's mother was also shot and wounded. a changing of the guard. we learned a new man will lead the county's fire department. announced his retirement. assistant chief will head up the department. previously brought out of retirement to lead the fire department. ,. a new report says republicans are exploring ways to fund donald trump's wall. >> our editorial parter ins say supporters believe the spending is justified under a 2006 law that mandated 700 miles of reinforced fencing
5:34 pm
border. the inauguration of donald trump is two weeks away. as he prepares to head to the white house, vice president joe biden has advice for the president-elect. >> grow up, donald. grow up. time to be an adult. you're president. got to do something. show us what you have. you're going to propose legislation. we'll get to debate it. let the public decide. >> interview with pbs news hour anchor. a new report says hillary clinton is being urged to run for mayor of new york city. the conservative website news max says major democratic donors and leaders are pushing her to challenge bill de blasio, a veteran democratic consultant says clinton is so popular if she decided to run de blasio wo
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his retirement papers the same day. a new effort is underway to ring transparency to the virginia general spree. the proceedings will be carried live on the internet. a recent investigation found virginia is one of only nine states that doesn't broadcast audio or video. lawmakers will convene for a 45 day session in richmond next week. david spade lucky to be alive after this serious crash in hollywood. his range rover was destroyed in a three vehicle wreck. his suv was reportedly struck by another vehicle whose driver sped up to beat a yellow light. the 52-year-old actor said he was going to go to doctor to get checked out. what a bank executive did to try to keep people from finding out about his drunk driving arrest. >> only made it worse. incredible rescue after a man got tangled up on a ski
5:36 pm
amazon's digital assistant ends up putting smiles on the faces of sick kids. hey, topper. >> different story tomorrow. we have all the moisture in the world. last night we didn't have much moisture at all. look at the snow and sleet. goes back to mississippi. this is heading our way. models keep trending farther fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios.
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what do you say? let's get to what's trending tonight. we start with an incredible rescue on a ski lift in colorado. >> part of it was caught on video. according to the denver post, look at this, a guy got tangled up in the lift and was hanging unconscious by his neck. in steps this dude, provingal slack liner who slid 30 feet across the cable. in case you're in the familiar with slack lining, it's like tight rope walking. a ski patroller tosses a guy a knife. he uses it to cut the guy free. looks like he's kicking him in the head. that's not what he's doing. mickey wilson is the hero who rescued the trapped skier. he spoke with the victim who is now in a neck brace but he does appear to be okay. an update right now on the little girl who accidentally ordered a doll house
5:40 pm
amazon's echo dot. this all happened after 6-year- old brooke was having a conversation with alexa, you know. of course you've heard of alexa. but since the young girl from dallas had a doll house she decided to donate the new one to the patients at a children's hospital. let's listen to brooke's mom. >> and since we come to medical city er with minor things with our children y'all have been so wonderful to them so we thought this was the place it had to be. brooke knows this hospital only and says that's where it's got to be. >> now in addition to that doll house brooke also ordered up four pounds of sugar cookies. brooke is no fool. her mom has since added a digital password to make sure all of these shenanigans don't happen again. >> that's what you want your kid to have. a four pound box of cookies. a banker arrested for drunk driving did everything he could to keep people from finding out about
5:41 pm
joseph talbot apparently bought nearly a thousand newspapers at $1.25 a piece to keep people from reading about his indiscretion. now police in upstate new york arrested him on december 29th. he's also charged with refusing to be fingerprinted or photographed. he told troopers he didn't want his picture in the paper. instead he gets it plastered on tv stations all over the country. well done. >> ouch. ouch. ouch. beauty and the beast will take college park by storm sunday. we're not talking about the disney movie. it's a sporting event. we'll explain in sports. why donald trump ended up in a twitter war with, who else, arnold schwarzenegger. i'm talking live with john dickerson about the president- elect and his views on russian hacking.
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i really did save hundreds on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming)
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great savings. and a whole lot more. the overnight snow amounts to much in the dc area. >> in frederick it was more than enough for our photo journalist to blast meteorologist melissa nord. that's cold and uncalled for. >> isn't that like from the frozen movie? do you want to eat a
5:45 pm
live shot. that's a low blow. or a high blow, actually. >> brilliant aim. >> it was. >> she played it off well. downtown not much. but you folks in southern maryland didn't get much last night. well tomorrow you will shine, so to speak if you like that sort of thing. let's talk about the snowfall map. i tweaked this a little bit. what we do is we brought the trace to an inch further west. even west of i-81. up to frederick and leesburg. that's your trace to an inch. i moved this a little too. the one to two inch band on either side of 95. then 2 to 4, southern charles county. 4 to 8. southern st. mary's county and southern calvert county. that is the bulls eye. this hasn't changed. what has changed is it's creeping further to the west. it's going to be a very dry snow. very difficult to make snowballs tomorrow. gaithersburg tomorrow, maybe an
5:46 pm
live look outside. live michael and son weather cam. sitting on 30. dry air mass right now. widen the radar out. there's the moisture. unlike last night when we had just to squeeze every little flake out. didn't have much moisture. we have all the moisture in the world here. this low pressure developed. the northeast gulf of mexico. moves off the coast. it can tap the gulf of mexico. no shortage of moisture there at all. your plans tonight are safe. some of this snow will get into our southern suburbs after midnight tonight. everything is not reaching the ground out to the west. friday night plans are safe. yellow weather alert for saturday. light snow in the metro. heavier snow south and east. critical hours on saturday. temps remain below freezing today. remain below freezing all weekend. whatever falls is going to stick around for
5:47 pm
advisories are creeping further west. fairfax county. prince william county. the whites, those are the winter storm warnings. if you go down further south into virginia beach, they have blizzard warnings out. impressive storm. our yellow weather alerts, impact wise. light snow, high. slippery roads moderate. shovelable in the southeast. south and east, high impact for you folks. light snow. you won't break your back doing it. you get a leaf blower out if you want to be unenvironmentally correct. fun though. 22 in gaithersburg. everyone is essentially in the 20s. the snow races in here overnight. by dawn, 7:00 in the morning, go all the way to fairfax and dc still in the 20s. by 10:00, snow reaches frederick and leesburg. this is one of the middle of the pack model. s not quite as aggressive. still going to hammer south and east into charles county and st. mary's county. this could be your storm of
5:48 pm
we don't expect a real snowy winter. slight snow. 26 by 1:00. then three day outlook. we're cold on sunday with sunshine only 29. only 33 with full sunshine on monday. next seven days. 46 on tuesday with showers. pattern flip. 56 with showers on wednesday. low 60s thursday and friday of next week. a twitter battle between donald trump and arnold schwarzenegger. right? it started with a rant from the president-elect. >> wow. the ratings are in and arnold schwarzenegger got swamped or destroyed by comparison to the ratings machine djt. so much for being a movie star and that was season one compared to season 14. now compare him to my season one. but who cares, he supported kasich and hillary. that inspired a flurry of
5:49 pm
tweets from schwarzenegger. arnold then writes, i've been thinking a lot about this quote from president lincoln. we are not enemies, we are all americans. >> we haven't heard the last of this one. >> not at all. >> this is arnold. he'll be back. president-elect donald trump stepped away from twitter this afternoon to meet with intelligence officials about how russian hackers influenced the 2016 election. here with us tonight, john dickerson. always great to see you. has the president-elect changed his mind about whether or not russia tried to meddle in the election? >> he appears to have changed his mind for the moment. he was resolute when this was discussed before the election was over he was very firm in the idea that you really couldn't tell who was involved in the hacks and that the russians weren't necessarily the culprit. he's maintained that position for many months. now he seems to be changing it a little bit. as we've learned with the president-elect what changes once can change again and is he signing up to all of the findings of
5:50 pm
agencies that he sort of mocked in their views so far about russian meddling in the election. one thing he's firm on today though is while he suggests the russians may have been involved, he says it didn't have anything to do with the outcome of the election. >> right, right. is that why we think he's been resisting this for so long because of concerns people will think that he won a tainted election somehow? >> yes. that's clearly a big concern. but of course that's done now and he's going to be the president and so even after the electoral vote was made official he has continued to be skeptical and so, again, we'll just have to see what this means after a few days after he has a chance maybe in his press conference to talk about what he actually believes. then depending on what he believes the next question of course is what's he going to do about it if anything. he says he's going to form a task force to look at cyber espionage and that kind of thing. that's a general response. what about a specific response to tru
5:51 pm
around noon trump sent out a tweet calling for an investigation after insinuating that secret intelligence was shared with a tv network. what's this about? >> i have no idea. sometimes takes a little while to catch up with the pace of his tweeting. so i don't know. and i don't even know -- well, i just don't know. >> the more things that come out we want to keep asking questions. always great to have you on. 10:30 sunday morning here on wusa9 for face the nation. this weekend the maryland terrapins will host a competition that showcases two of their less popular sports in a unique way. as diane roberts reports, they take their name from a popular disney movie but it's
5:52 pm
athleticism. >> reporter: the terrapins gymnastics team is full of energy and encouragement for each other. their goal is to flip, tumble and balance their way to perfection. so when these ladies hit the stage on sunday it'll be their first competition of the season. they won't be on the stage alone. they'll be sharing the stage and the audience with these guys, the terps wrestling team as part of the beauty and the beast cocan e addition. for the third year in a row the school's athletic department will put on the event to broaden the audience for both sports. >> it's really a special event to have two great programs showcased at the same time. it's so exciting and fun. >> when you get in that arena and you have twice the amount of teams, twice the amount of fans the energy level goes up. we love that. >> fans love seeing the grit
5:53 pm
hand but might sneak a peek at their cross sports teammates. >> we try to focus on ourselves. sometimes i glance over and see because they're rolling around on the floor. but yeah, i will occasionally peek. >> it's hard not to. especially because i mean you see those little girls like flying all over the place. >> as for the event title, nobody is taking offense that the wrestlers being called beasts. >> if it you hear someone say he's a beast. he's legit. he's tough. in wrestling you say you got to wrestle that guy, he's a beast, you'll be ready for it. >> fans better be ready for the full on athleticism coming their way. >> beauty and the beast set for 1:00 this sunday. >> they seem to have a mutual respect for one another. >> got to love it.
5:54 pm
coming up when bruce joins me at 6:00. details are emerging from donald trump's meeting with u.s. intelligence officials about russia's hacking during the election. don't forget the cbs evening news with scott pelley is on the way at 6:30. we want to hear your story ideas. it's very easy. just send an e-mail to
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one woman is dead, a second person injured. this after a double shooting in northern virginia. this happened in fairfax county late this afternoon. peggy fox is live on the scene. what do we know? until (inaudible) [ inaudible ] -- >> reporter: truck here assisting the detectives inside. when police got here after that call was made they found a middle-aged woman who had been shot to death and they found a man with life -- life -- who was suffering from life threatening injuries and he was taken to the local hospital. now neighbors here tell us they are not surprised. they say that man was very threatening. he would not le
5:58 pm
neighborhood. he wouldn't let his wife talk to neighbors. here's what another neighbor said. >> very concerned. very controlling of his family. we didn't know them. nobody really knew them. >> reporter: when officers arrived they discovered a woman who was pronounced dead on the scene. an adult man taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. neighbors here just feel very terrible for the family and horrible for the children here. they say they didn't know the family very well because the father was very controlling. we expect police to be on the scene collecting information throughout the night. live in fairfax, peggy fox, wusa9. right now at 6:00, we're learning more about the alleged shooter in a deadly rampage inside the baggage claim at the fort lauderdale airport. president-elect donald trump continues to deny the impact of russian hacking after his briefing today by u.s. intelligence officia
5:59 pm
will deliver a glancing blow to the immediate dc area is expected to cause big problems just to our south. good evening. >> thanks for joining us tonight. we're following breaking developments in that deadly shooting in florida. here's what we know right now. five people dead. at least eight others injured. police have the suspected killer in custody tonight. he's 26-year-old esteban santiago ruiz. he was born in new jersey. he has a minor criminal history. he has a concealed weapons permit. now he also had military i.d. on him when police grabbed him. officials say he arrived on a flight from alaska with a gun checked in his bag. he went into a restroom to load it and then started shooting at a baggage claim area. here's an eyewitness. >> he was not targeting. he was just randomly shooting. walking through the woods just picking off things like
6:00 pm
psychological treatment while living in alaska and after being briefed by law enforcement. bill nelson said this is looking like the act of a man with a mental health problem rather than an act of terrorism. authorities believe there is no other shooter at large. nonetheless, the airport remains closed tonight as officers sweep the area. the shooting at fort lauderdale airport is having a ripple effect on airports in our area. >> garrett haake is talking to passengers. what are they saying? >> yeah, well they're having to be rerouted. the remaining flights on american airlines and jetblue, two of the three airlines that fly direct from here to fort lauderdale have canceled their remaining flights. they're sending people to other cities in south florida instead. around the airport tonight you can see there is some additional security but passengers are still moving through the airport relatively smoothly. in part because there's such a low volume of travel. unless you're going to fort lauderdaleu


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