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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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it was a weekend full of winter. yesterday we were dealing with snow, accumulating snow and the cold settled in today behind it. in fact in, d.c. this was the coldest day we have had since february 20th of 2015, nearly two years ago. it's still cold and breezy outside, 19 degrees feeling like 9 right now and even though temperatures are falling through the teens, feels like temperatures are dropping into single digit territory, where they have been
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soerto your monday morning, especially for the kids heading out to the bus stop. 15 will be the morning low here in town, but in our suburbs we're looking at morning lows in single digit territory factoring in winds not as gusty tomorrow morning, but still a light breeze. it will feel like it's in the single digits. coming up in a bit we'll talk about a big warm-up, when are we going to make it back into the 60s? i've got 60s in our seven-day forecast. i'll have that for you coming up. >> thank you, melissa. we already have a couple school delays and closings tomorrow morning. you can get all the latest info and live weather updates on our free wusa9 app. the cold weather presents a whole hose of challenges for people that have to spend their entire day out in it, but as our john henry learned, some people try to make the best of what we have. he joins us live now from arlington. you ran into some people doing things in
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wouldn't want to do? >> reporter: that's right. just because it's cold outside does not mean people will put their lives on hold. they will work to overcome any obstacle put in front of them. it's that time of year again where even the simplest of tasks can be complicated by the cold. we certainly saw that in arlington today. >> it's freezing out. >> reporter: this car's battery had to be jumped because it couldn't put up with the frigid temperatures. a few auto repair shops even told us they saw an uptick in customers today because of the cold dry air can deflate tires, but we learned even in the most extreme of weather people always find a way to make do. one might expect a shop that specializes in frosty treats to do poorly on a day like this one, but it was just the opposite here at bayado on wilson boulevard in arlington. >> when i came in at 3:30, there were no seats. >> reporter: apparently
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gelato even in the cold and perhaps even more addicting than ice cream in the winter is an athlete's desire to burn calories no matter the temperature. we found plenty of runners outside looking to stay in shape. >> trying to get in shape. >> reporter: does the cold impact you at all? >> no. as long as you bundle up and wear the right gear, it's not too bad. >> reporter: as a matter of fact, bill holquist told us things could even be worst. >> at least it's not raining. >> reporter: one important thing to note, officials here in arlington county point out some of the less traveled streets where you may still have snow could have ice in them due to this cold weather. so make sure to use some caution if you're out and about early tomorrow morning. john henry, wusa9. >> good advice, john. thank you. get home safe. some people said no to these temperatures and stayed inside today, but our stephanie ramirez found at least one
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>> reporter: literay t outside of the jefferson memorial sunday morning adam mirsh tells me he didn't think it would be this cold when he made his plans. >> jefferson is the first place we kissed and i decided a great place for engagement. i wish it was 20 degrees warmer so i could feel my face. >> yeah. >> reporter: they quickly bundled up after flashing that hand. >> extremely cold and i'm not used to it yet. >> reporter: to southeast d.c. you don't see this too often. check out the hustling and bustling eastern market. >> i have to. that's what keeps me going. >> reporter: tina amokey did brave the cold with six pairs of pants and three pairs of gloves on and she sells winter hats in case you forgot yours. you're rescuing people out here. >> that's my job. that's my job. >> reporter: while laughter kept us warm here, it wasn't all fun and games sunday. maryland state police tell us this morning they responded to 194
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virginia state police tell us they responded to more than 0 crashes and more than 900 disabled vehicles. black ice is still a major concern. oh, in case you missed them, our friends are back. potholes and lots of them. >> somebody recommended a spring wedding, so -- >> reporter: in d.c. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> congratulations to them! tune into wusa9 or download our free app because we'll give you the latest in weather related closures and delays tomorrow morning. a virginia animal shelter feeling the weight of the weekend's snowfall in ways that it just never imagined. up to a foot of powdery white snow fell in the virginia beach area this weekend and part of the roof collapsed on the shelter's building. no animals
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it fell over receipt tail space and and proceeds from the store were in the area. >> that's a large source of income for us and not having that will put a dent in our budget. >> the facility says it is accepting donations to cover the cost of rebuilding the roof and replacing the damaged retail items. rockville city police are investigating a possible hate crime tonight after a couple received an antisemitic letter and eggs were thrown at their car. mikey and sonia franklin say that their car and lawn were vandalized after hanging a black lives matter black lives matter -- black lives matter banner outside their condo. there was an antisemitic note that nazis made jewish people wear during the holocaust. the management company said displaying the banner outside
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rules. they took it appantly struck. prince george's county police are trying to solve a homicide now in temple hills, maryland. police officers were called to hill park drive at dunlap street around 2:30 this afternoon. they discovered a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are now searching for a motive and suspects in the case, a reward offered for information. there has also been a deadly stabbing tonight in prince george's county. it happened along seifert's creek drive in chillum where a man was found suffering from stab wounds. he was taken to a hospital where he died. detectives believe it's domestic related. the accused gunman in friday's deadly shooting at the ft. lauderdale international airport is due in court tomorrow to face federal murder charges. tmz obtained surveillance video of the shooting and we want to warn you some of the video is graphic. the video appears
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year-old esteban santiago pulling out a gun it9- millimeter handgun santiago used to kill five people and wound six others is the same gun fbi agents took away from him in november when he underwent a mental health evaluation. santiago's gun was returned to him a month later. >> there is a federal law with regard to having a gun by somebody who is mentally ill, but the law requires that the person be adjudicated mentally ill, which is a difficult standard. >> santiago reportedly confessed to planning the attack. meanwhile five of the victims are hospitalized tonight, three in critical condition. in jerusalem a palestinian rams his truck into a group of israeli soldiers. four soldiers are dead and 17 people are wounded. sunday's attack is the deadliest palestinian attack
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it happened as officers were getting off the bus at a popular promenade. the driver of the bus was identified as a 28-year-old palestinian father of four. he was shot dead by israeli police. in italy tomorrow francis opening car doors to the homeless. the cars are being left near the vatican with the doors unlocked so that homeless men and women can get inside and warm up. papal charities is providing the homeless with sleeping bags, gloves, tea, coffee and food. the pope also asked papal charities to keep shelter dormitories in rome open 24 hours a day for the homeless. britain's queen elizabeth made her first public appearance in 2017 today. the queen attended a church service on her estate. the 90-year-old monarch did not attend traditional church services on christmas and new year's day because she was suffering from a severe cold. queen elizabeth is britain'
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longest reigning monarch entering her 10th as queen. as inauguration day draws near, we want to know what's on your mind. >> and we'll meet some
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only 12 days until president-elect donald trump is sworn in. leading up to the inauguration we're talking to you. we call it your city, your voice. it's simple. wusa9 is hitting the streets. you tell us what's on your mind. we're listening. we're getting all sides. ernesto. >> for people in general for, you know, the working class create more jobs, construction, more restaurant, whatever gives people income so they can put food on the table. >> and that was ernesto who was asking about jobs, the economy a big issue for so many people inct
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your voice pete montine lays out trump's goals. >> reporter: donald trump wants to create a lot of jobs, 25 million of them. about that many people live in the statof texas. here's what trump said on victory night. >> we are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. we're going to rebuild our infrastructure. >> reporter: there are the construction jobs ernesto is looking for. congress can do this. it can pass an infrastructure spending bill. top republicans and democrats want it. for now, though, they're dragging their feet. lawmakers are focused on other things like getting rid of obamacare. blue collar jobs can also come from big business. the head of ford motor company says it's encouraged by policies laid out by the president-elect. for now it's hard to know how many jobs trump can crea
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new job numbers came out friday. it shows in the eight years office jobs grew by 11 million. trump's goaltws e as big. >> duane says, " i have very little hope." henry says, "this is a very exciting time to remove regulatory barriers to economic freedom, break the stranglehold of political correctness on a culture and unite a country behind one purpose. patriotism is cool again." cindy says, "i hope that four years from now we'll still be able to recognize our country." tomorrow morning we're taking lots more of your comments to the air. so what do you want to know? tell us what you think bydowning the conversation on social media. -- by joining the conversation on social media. always watching, always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> first off, we didn't
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this. we are freezing here. tonight. >> yes. tomorrow morning layers, layer, layers is really the key. it will be very, very cold out there and we are going to see warmth coming later in the week. it just will take a little time to get there. in term of tonight and the weekend in general, we have the snow. we have the cold. >> yes. and then we had that. we had dogs in snow which is always my favorite part. >> we do. >> of everything having to do with snow, dogs in snow. >> on the left is your murray. >> that's my murray and this is mallly's dog cooper who is murray's best friend. >> and then my little emma. i don't have a dog. i'm in an apartment right now. >> she's got such cute little prints. >> about two minutes and she said it was enough. a lot of people are saying cold is enough. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee from today. >> okay. >> forecast high by howard was
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temperature of 25 was actually the coldest high temperature since late february, february20th of 2015. so it's been almost two years since it has been that cold outside, right now 19 degrees in town, feels like 9 because we still have winds from the west. overnight into tomorrow morning we'll see a wind direction shift coming out of the south. that sends this area of high pressure off to the east opening the door for warmer temperatures to return to our area. we've got to make it through one more day before we get there. wake-up temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the single digits to low 10s. it will feel pretty cold out there. 14 in d.c., 11 in gaithersburg, 9 in frederick, feels like temperatures tomorrow morning because winds won't be as blustery will remain just above 0 for most locations. a feels like temperature in d.c. tomorrow morning around 8, but feeling much colder th
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so dress in lots of layers need heading off to the bus stop. noon time tomorrow mix of clouds and sunshine, 24. notice winds only between 5 and 10 miles an hour versus today's wind gusts that were between 30 and 40 miles an hour. so we're making progress, but still tomorrow we're below freezing. wheno we turn the corner? i'm tracking the warm-up coming quickly just in time for midweek, wednesday up to the 50s already, 54. then in the 60s for thursday and for friday. that will be nearly 20 degrees above the average. with the warmth is also going to come some shower chances and we'll track a little unsettled pattern the rest of the workweek. so let's talk about our futurecast. going through monday afternoon 4:00 we have some sunshine, cold out there. tuesday morning starting off for work more clouds. futurecast wants to say hey, could see a little wintery mix late tuesday evening. i'm leaving that possibility into our northern counties, but it's this at
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pushing in for tuesday night and ts off an unsettled pattern where we have round of some showers possible, wintery mix possible into parts of next weekend. we'll go through the actual timing as we go day by day, but the point is the forecast will turn milder and more unsettled. so it's still dry and cold tomorrow, just a light breeze. 40 degrees for tuesday after starting off in the 20s on tuesday morning. we turn the corner into the 50s as we get into your wednesday. thursday, friday i think that's our kind of weather. we're in the 60s. >> i will take it. thank you very much. we have a cute little video that you found here. not everyone likes the cold. i know topper and howard likes it. check this out. >> santa, make it warm! >> i think that's exactly what most of us feel like. >> just so you know,
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specifically quote, "jesus, ke it warm! ". >> i like where he's going with that. >> luckily it will be warm. switching gears right now and we will switch gears, prince george's county posted thousands of dedicated video gamers this weekend playing the latest and greatest games nonstop. wusa9's stephanie gailhard explains. >> reporter: there's a cultlike following here. some people are dressed in costumes and some people have been playing video games like this pacman for 24 hours straight. magfest 2017. 18,000 die hard gamers descend on national harbor. >> some of the top games are like killer queen. there's people waiting hours to play it. >> reporter: sacrificing sleep for high scores. >> there's an energy around everyone and it kind j
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>> reporter: she's running on adreso many others playing hundreds of games. people traveled from all over the world to be here for this four day event. it wraps up today. >> it's my first time, but it's been really great having the opportunity to play all these games. >> reporter: from newbies to veterans, magfest is all about the love of video games. >> there's so many people that share the same passion that you have. when you come here, you know when you see someone, they have the same passion. they enjoy the same thing and there's not really an icebreaker you have to do. >> i think it's a great way to relieve a lot of stress that we go through in life and it's a lot of fun and you make great friends through it. >> reporter: friends like them taking this opportunity to make a fashion statement. >> i'm a dinosaur godzilla type and we have a tiger here. >> reporter: for them and a majority of people here getting a high score isn't what this expo is all about. >> the video ga
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>> they're camagfest is nonpfit run by th' around since 2002. despite the cold some brave souls took a ride on metro without their pants.
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the big dog is up for sale. it's a bolt that was rodney dangerfield's yacht in the 1980 comedy caddy shack. now the twin engine water fishing boat is docked in annapolis and it's up for sale if you've got a mere 129,000 bucks. the listing broker said the boat does need a little bit of tlc, but its hollywood history is included in the price. today's freezing temperatures didn't stop hundreds of people from taking part in no pants day, yeah, no pants day. aboard the metro system there. metro riders showed up bundled in coats, as you can see, hats, but one thing they didn't have, pants. the annual event was organized by the group
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kind of everyone comes out and one of e ir d.c. does and all around being a little different, having fun. >> we want to know what are you doing? what's it about? they tell they -- their friends. first kind of shocking, then okay, it's cool. >> it started in new york city in 2008 and since then people have been dropping their pants in dozens of city. in chicago thousands of people braved the bitter cold to get tickets this weekend to president obama's farewell speech tuesday night. some people huddled under blankets as they waited in single digit temperatures saturday morning for the chance to get tickets. etta mcchristian is a chicago resident. the strategy for scoring free tickets included spending the night in a downtown hotel and showing up early, really early to get in line. >> i got up at
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morning. i came in yesterday and stayed at and her daughter and sister. it was great to get out this and be the first one in. >> those free tickets were snapped up pretty quickly. organizers say tickets were gone in less than three hours. >>
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the wizards have rallied to .500 to start the new year. this team refuses to give up. the wizards taking on the milwaukee bucks today once again finding themselves in
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double digit ghth time this sea wizardome s scorback and pick up the big w. more coming up on game on overtime. plus after a tough season the burgundy and gold are back to the drawing board starting with coaching staff changes. defensive coordinator joe berry and his staff are out. the nfl wildcard weekend has come to an end with its wild moments and more importantly, it's insured that we have four divisional games coming up that are all rematches next weekend. first time it's happened in six years. we'll look at today's winners and losers. plus there's plenty of college basketball, the george washington colonials at home today put up a valiant fight after falling down 23 to richmond. we've got that game and the rest of the day in local college hoops. and a very unique event at university of maryland today called beauty and the beast. it pairs two sports together in
11:31 pm
we also meet one young ovtime. >> i can't wait. i can't wait to hear what you have to say about wall and the wizards. >> they ended 2016 strong, kind of struggled but starting to find that groove again. >> i like good news. sorry, not such great news in weather. >> it's going to be cold tomorrow and then warm up midweek. >> we'll
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afoot and healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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this is game on overtime. >> redskins fans watching nfl playoffs this weekend probably thinking we should be playing, but we are not. so we got to see some wildcard action and could there be some teams this weekend that make a run at the super bowl? >> antonio brown, touchdown! >> wizards were left for dead but have come alive in this nba season, a chance with a win at milwaukee. >> we got the story of a maryland athlete wrestling with a difficult family or deal but fighting through it. game on overtime starts right now. >> he's got the postseason record and he's got the end zone. >> hi there. welcome inside game on


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