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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 9, 2017 7:00am-7:40am EST

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and traps people in their car et. opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> it's crazy how it's bone
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trickles to a raging riverer. we're just p appear in cord. >> if you were in his path, you soldiers, killing four. >> what is it that donald trump believes? >> that this particular hack was perpetrated by was entities is something no one is disputing. >> meryl streep is taking on >>nald p.trum hollywood is crawling with outsiders and insiders, and if you kick them all out, you'll have nothing
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football and itake. the queen appears fhegrndbr. 30-12, steelers take it. >> they're going to it end zone. touchdown! unbelievable. >> packers win it. >> when it's over with, what will you feel? >> i willti sll feel the appreciation for what churchill said, the worst form of government except all the alternatives. >> on "cbs this morning." >> this isn't the first time i've been mistaken for ryan reynolds. >> while they ended on a sower note. >> this is one of the few places left where americans still honor the popular vote.
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>> at least two people were killed in califo. reno where more than a thousand homes have been evacuated. carter, good morning. >> good morning, norah. it's been days that this area has been pummeled with rain and snow and finally yesterday afternoon all that melting water made it down here to reno. this is the trusty river. check it out. you can see it is almost filled to the brim. if it goes any higher today, some of this water could go right downtown. from northern california into nevada, heavy rain caused major
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to become stranded as mes were rising floodwatersturned a cab driver wasn't so lucky. he died after his car slid into the rink. >> i've never him for many years. good guy, hard worker, family guy. >> reporter: strong winds tropled this tree known for its iconic tunnel, famed tourist attraction and another hit a woman walking near a gol
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yosemite park was placed on a o > reporter: in case locks and debris that are rushing at high speeds. when that happens he scoops them out so they don't have a log jam. if they were to have a log jam, the water would come flooding right into the streets. >> thank you very much.
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big. kevin frazier joins us. good morning. >> good morning. it might have been expected but it was startling nonetheless. mer strooep was one who called out donald trump. the political rhetoric stole a
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down so this is a administratio >> the golden globe is one of the few places left whe vote. >> reporter: more outspoken was meryl streep. she took the opportunity to talk about a real life performance by donald trump last year that she said stunned her. >> it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. >> the audience listened with rapt attention while social media exploded in support and outrage. >> disrespect invites disrespect. violence insights violence. when the powerful
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position to bully others, we al belief system. so then what doesh ur his golde the last ever ceremony by the hollywood foreign press association. >> i don't mean to be gloomy. it's just that it has the words hollywood, foreign press in the title. >> reporter: still this was the night to honor the highest achievements. "lala land" took the risky step of bringing back hollywood and it paid auchlt it won along with the best acting
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gosling and emma stone. was atl
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candidate. in fact, senate republicans packed so many c unknown or unresolved ethics issues shortly before their scheduled hearings. senate democrat cory
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>> these are people who arefa c
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widespreadsi were. >> he is
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other two with high confidence concluded they w aan leader of the senate that
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refused to join point. how much sponts does hebear? inr the weekend it's impossible for infor mission from siesh attacking to influence our process. >> yeah. look. i think the decision he made was made for honorable reasons. he did not want to be or appear to be manipulating our election inrnally. but i think when you look at this from a broader field of view, we were too timid. he should have done more. he should have been more forceful, more public, and more public pushing back on what the russians were doing. i think in retrospect we let this one slide too long, too far.
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for us. there was a gre on. i totally agree. we've got a overall with the pattern of russia bash. we just pushed it over here into the well known cyb t
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anrunman accused of theoummunity courthouse in ft. lauderdale. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the 9 millimeter gun that the suspect used to commit the offense is the same gun he used when he walked into an fbi office last november saying he was having terroristic thoughts anday
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watch >> reporter: annika dean dove tr
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took custody of mr. wolt errey d
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ome green.
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nothingness. >> i use charlie rose in a c di were rigged during a there's no claim of responsibility. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said tit appears to b isis related but there's no evidence of that.
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>> that threat came from north korea's newsr yourself or its allies, it will be shot billion investment in two american plans. the news comes after tweets by to mexico. the fiat chrysler investment will go to warren, michigan, by 20. 2,000 jobs will be created. and fortune reports on the limited closing all stores. they're cutting 4,000 jobs. the retail struggled with a big drop in sales due to part in shufting consumer business. you know the
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>> it was my favorite store growing up. ud
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and so did his
7:33 am someone said to me, it doesn't n
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ey s
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kim kardashian. three men his family was with her 35th birthday today. >> i'm glad to see the queen is back out. how your internet history could make you pay more than someone else for the same product or service. we'll be right back.
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you pay. anna werner says that could
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travel o enefeld. >> i think people think the price is going to be consistent at that site. >> yes, exactly. >> watch what happens when he uses eblocker. >> let's check and see the
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>> s e wait comes up with. >> two different prices. the sameextly. >> and yet if i'm using my p.c. -- >> i'm going to pay -- >> 23 bucks more per night. >> that doesn't seem fair. >> no, but that's the reality on the internet. >> travelocity told us it's likely attributable to a deal they were offering to mobile customers exclusively. it's one example of what consumer advocates call price discrimination, different prices for different people, and those varying prices atited to certain people or one hotel site. they found evidence of
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athletic shoes. >> but to ter sounds like an ominous word, think of
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>> there are ways to stop them from tracking you. device in yo. you can clear your
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cache. every tv doctor knows that
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i love him, too.
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well, happy mariah carey sp about her botched performance on times square. she stood by her claim that her show's production company set her up to fail. >> it's a shame that we were put into the hands of a production team who chose to capitalize on circumstances beyond
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a singer to sfindt d
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enough anymore.
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i water could go hearings tryio anticipate every possible question. >> how much responsibility does president obama bear for this? >> hho
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he should have been more reepnes is the one who calledut.9$1.98. >> shom sow way paul richardson comes up with the ball. >> one hand hangs on, goes to the ground. oh, my goodness, what a catch. >> even pete carroll has to look up and watch this one on the big board. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by liberty musicalual insurance. i'm
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are chilling much of the itrashes. a russian spokesman says a new u.s. intelligence report is reminiscent of a witch hunt. >> the obama administration is boosting the american presence in europe to deter aggression. tanks have just arrived in germany. starting today they will be moved to
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cowi right almer spoke to now you can see that's no longer tht, is quite the opposite. always the massive equipment of the brigade started rolling in. this is the first buildup in nearly 30 years. this impressive display of military mite is designed in large part to reassure america's nervous european allies that the u.s. military will be there standing with them against russian aggression. aggression and land grab like the 2014 invasion of crimea when
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russian troops landed in what had been obsolete and wants to restore it. spe what the incoming president may or may not do, butly tell you this is in the interest of the united states army to build readiness. >> reporter: the commander in chief could reverse all this but it would take months or even years. meanwhile vladimir putin has already implied this buildup is pointless. it's stupid to think
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would ercises with the armies of other nato countries. no this morning he tweeted, quote, meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood doesn't know me but attacked last night at the golden globes while accepting the cecil b. demille awards. she publicly criticized mr. trump for mocked a disabled reporter. >> this instinct to humiliate someone that's modelled by someone in the public platform, it filters down to everyone in their life because it kind oif gi
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people to do the same thing. "l off with several trophies on ba with the winners. i wish i was backstage. i bet you saw and heard a lot. >> it was amazing, gayle. traditionally the golden globes is full of surprises and a good indicator of who will get a lot of love at the time and apparently "la la land" is front and center. the contemporary musical won in
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nomiteid y think? >> emma had this in the bag coming off "february." >> you know, it's not. it's not. >> maybe some of it. >> reporter: the la la sweep was good for other nominees. >> there was a kiss between ryan and andrew garfield. >> they did? >> i'm happy for them. >> viola davis. thank you. >> viola davis won best actress for the long portrayal in fen s fences. >> what about my life. >> he gave an emotional introducti
8:05 am
american dream. >> sees. >> it do you want to be his guardian? >> casey affleck's sobering performance of "manchester by the sea" earned him a golden globe. it may have sparked some sibling rivalry. >> now do you look at your brotan
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parties to celebrate his he's keeping it real. >> congratulations. that's great. the hollywood foreign press prides itself on surprises. what was the biggest surprise? a lot of people talking about "moonlight" today. >> not only "moonlight" but "atlanta." danny glover when he won had to sit back
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going to win but
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be aet the party. >>t e id
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anniversary. congratulations, you guys. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by liberty mutual insurance.
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the chain smokers. i bet you've heard of them. why? because they're one of the hottest acts in music and it's no accident. >> a lot of people try to make you feel it is an accident and you're an imposter and it sucks and you have to remember that you're not and you're here for a reason. >> you're here for a reason. it's a catchy song. ahead how the song they wrote as a joke helped them skyrocket to fame and potential grammy success. you're watching "cbs this morning.
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the new year savings event at havertys. ford is laying out its vision to grow its roots as an automaker. they're working on new technology to help people avoid gridlock and get around cities.
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kris van cleave has spoken with? >> well, i don't know if it's good o r d,ewmp who has talked directly with donald trump on a regular basis. >> do you have any concerns about a trump presidency? >> you know, look. any time there's a transition, there's a lot of unknown, but i'm really encouraged
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big border tax. >> i think nobody wants to are cities of tomorrow and how that will change ford into a carmaker and company, a mix of smart mobility, electric and smart cars, ridesharing
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ridesharing. >> you're laying going h
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i love this story. look at this video. this little guy might be the newest recruit for the queen's gar. the little boy dressed as a ardsman for his 4th birthday last week. one of the guards spotted the little guy saluting and came back out and took a picture. take
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the guard broke
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how it's taking them near grammy gold. >> right now it's time to show you an orctica this winter. the long-term result could be to raise local sea levels. a crack in
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showha g la uber. it plans to launchxt month. th tesays it will be most helpful traffic city managers. regulators have criticized uber for keeping its information private. >> and how drones have led to more crashes. more than a million were sold over the holidays and now social media is talking about toys getting stuck in trees, accidentally heading people or just flying off. most people have no training when it comes flying them. to improve safety the faa has come up with tips to help those operating them like not operating them in
8:29 am
iphone on this date in een devices. today more than 2 billion people use smartphones. >> yep. everybody at this table for one. >> has at least once. >> at least one. some of us have, two charlie playbill on its performance on broadway's "the color purple." it was very important night for cynthia erivo.
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that's not it. that's after s tl seat, on friday. i have never been to w something to see. president obama will deliver his farewell address tomorrow. he'll speak at the same venue in chicago where he gave his 2012 election night speech. "new york times" jodi kantor has interviewed hundreds of people. her book "obamas" is being reissued tomorrow with a new preface. jodi is also a cbs contributor. good morning. >> good morning. >> ever since george washington, presidents have given farewell addresses, but president obama will be the first to return to his hometown to deliver his
8:31 am
what will we hear him say?d y a ob w iting to see is what the message he chooses to deliver to the american people about how they should navigate the next four years. >> i'm guessing that one of the things he's going to talk about in reading a lot of the legacy things he's doing, there's always concern about media in the future in terms
8:32 am
media, in terms of fake news an of us. he was in a way patient partisan rumors about the death panels and the democrats wanted to make end of life-desomething'ses for people and president obama was
8:33 am
the presidency. and i think ac party which needs a lot of work. they're really two off very lon hawaiian vacation has disappear. the country is going to want to keep hearing from him. on the other hand there is a tradition of the president and first lady kind of keeping quiet. >> michelle obama, harvard trained lawyer, a woman who
8:34 am
right. it's what first ladies have always found difficult. >> what do you greatest honor to be theeir wee. i thought it was in part because she really was quite direct, right? she was above it all. she was grarchls but her chief message was to young people. she said, do not be afraid, you know. go build a country worthy of your promise. and so even as sheas
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chainsmokers, they never
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lethally happy. >> we're taking a lookhe show. these guys keep it up until they fall down. feels like i ankle. >> reporter: the chainsmokers are the dwoul of 27-year-old drew taggart and 31-year-old alex paul. their sound is not quite dance and not exactly pop. >> how do you describe your musical style? what is it that you're doing? >> right now? >> yeah. >> i don't know. i really don't know. >> reporter: whatever they're doing, it's working. in 2016 they had three songs in billboard's top ten.
8:42 am
>> a lot t but when they
8:43 am
i moved to the city ♪ >> how auto biographical was it? >> i took it from my current relationship when my girlfriend said something to me that she was really pissed at me. she's going to sue me for publishing now. don't. >> reporter: their girlfriends may also be upset because they did not get invited to the grammys. moese guys are taking their ms. >> i remember not being part of it at allnd i thought
8:44 am
would that be, you know, if we work even harder between your girlfriend and your mom and your mom's been there? . >> we'll be right back. you're watching "cbs this morning" on our fifth anniversary!
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house. we talk to the new host of house flippers. >> a golden globe awards recap. a party, the fashions, celebs and more. >> it's monday, january 9. this is great day washington.
8:55 am
good in textriit under your pillow. >> you say i don't answer texts when i am off. i do. i love you chris leary. there was a lot of love in the room for this new movie called moonlight. in october we were fortunate enough to sit down with the director and some cast members and won for best motion picture drama at the golden globes. >> it was called moonlight, a film about a young man coming to age while struggling with dysfunctional home life and coming to terms with his own sexuality. here is what the director had to say. >> i think it's all ab
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wants to kemom.


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