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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 12, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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blake shelton's new mission. >> this guy deserves to be a star. >> blake's big move today that could change everything. >> then, why andrew keeps puckering up to other men. >> her
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royal closets. >> the first scenes from the michael jackson tv show. >> he was probably closer to my color than his original color. >> who''re mo gangsta? >> you're total gangsters. >> you're vicious. >> for january 11th, 2017, this is entertainment tonight. >> now we're going to find out if blake shelton has the touch to turn one oner into the first superstar..o cf1 o >> when he hits the road next month, he's taking his latest champion along for the ride. >> this guy deserves to be a star, and there's no excuses any more. this is the guy that i think can break the mold and become a star out of this show. >> blake shelton not just
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he's taking his voice champion with him on tour. there's a tremendous number of talented people that come on the voice. >> music editor says there's another issue at play. >> the voice may be the most successful singing competition out there, they haven't produced a successful singing star like jennifer hudson. i've been cornering the voice for a few years now. he feels guilty when his contestants don't make it to superstardom. >> you can't help but become friends with some of these people. why won the you do that? >> blake's going to give 37-year-old sundance a boost. that the contest an thes get after the show, there's a record deal the
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record label doesn't have a clear cut plan. >> this guy deserves to be a star. that has to start with universal records, getting involved and behind him. >> i spokeewith sundance on the phone about exciting news. >> what are you going to be >> i need to pay attention to see how he's going to work the crowd, what kind of energy he brings to his live performances. i'm excited to watch the professionals and find what they're doing the best. >> any plans to song right r record with blake? >> i'm going to talk with him. i would sure like to do that. >> that's an exciting time. >> another voice winner is going to be able to watch us and learn. speaking of winners everybody's still talking about the moment when ryan gosling won a golden
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ryan reynolds and andrew garfield decided to celebrate with a kiss. >> we didn't see that coming. >> the 33-year-old was at it again, not once, but twice. >> what were we talking about. >> the smoochy moment was after colbert asked garfield about this lip lock. >> i wanted ryan to know i loved him whether he won or lost. >> it doesn't matter, it's how you play the game. >> love the british wit, this porning, andrew appeared on live with kelly and guest host jerry o'connell. >> andrew revealed ryan's wife was in on the globe joke. it was only supposed to happen if reynolds won. >> if i
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to my wife, and last minute i'm going to turn to you. >> then, ryan gosling won, they went for it anyway. >> we were both very excited about the possibility. i was upset i wasn't going to get to kiss him. win or lose, we can still do it. >> he's a kisi kind of fella, that andrew. >> justin timberlake and jessica biel. they were out supporting each other again last night. >> no one knew for sure if justin was going to show up at the premiere of jessica's new movie. with those two whooknows. >> we've had so many date nights, we don't know what to do with ourselves. screw date night. this is too much. >> jessica produced and stars in the book of love. justin did the soundtrack. but after posing for
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disappeared to let her take the spotlight. >> having a partner that's doing something you're excited about, for me, his music and everything he does is -- it's amazing to see somebody doing what they love. >> i think it can be as simple as that really. >> sse that? >> that's what my lips are going to be. >> jessica is married to jason sudakis. >> in the movie, your character. very inspiring and encouraging to jason's character. how are you inspiring and encouraging for your husband. time. do this, fix that. take the garbage out. come on, get it together. don't go to sleep, stay awake. >> i don't know, i hope i'm inspiring to him. >> someone who isn't so
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jessica was pregnant with them during filming. >> he was like okayy i'm playing trains. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> can you leave me alone now. >> you cannot compete with thomas the train. one couple who gives jessica and justin a run for their money is george and amal. look at them going for a romantic stroll by their home in the english countryside. she's wearing the same boots we see on kate middleton, they are kate'ssfavorites. >> flip or flop is the most popular show. after several surprises were uncovered in their divorce documents. those documents indicate that tarek has not only asked for spousal support, but wants to prevent christina from getting spousal suuport from him. a source close
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come out firing. telling us, it's all a joke. they share everything, so it's laughable. a rep says he's not choosing to respond. in the papers filed monday in orange county, california. tarek has asked for joint custody of their two children. christina tells us the kids are their number one priority, and that they are committed to raising their children together and doing whht's best for their family. >> as for shooting their home restoration show, flip or flop, it's business as usual. tarek and christina are continuing to film together, although they are living separately. now that they are separated, the source says, they've both been dating other people. >> nick continues the search for mrs. right. we're two episodes in, and the biggest star isn't nick. believe it or not. one of his controversial contestants. >> my heart is gold.
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>> stirring up the drama. >> i will literally punch her in the face. >> turning up the heat. >>. >> corinne is unapologetic in her efforts to win nick's heart. >> i need to kiss him tonight. i just need to kiss him tonight. >> the nation is already calling her a villain. telling us viewers should keep an open mind. >> i think so far her portrayal is accurate. she has a big personality, she's not afraid to take risks. i hope they're as patient with corinne as they have been with me. >> he likes a woman who can own it, and isn't afraid to make mistakes and own who she is. corinne fills that bill. is she the one? we'll see, he's attracted to that type of wo. man >> corinne has another fan in host chris harrison. >> i see her in life goals. she's my
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to be her. i love her and adore her, i want to be corinne. >> i want to run a multimillion dollar company, i want a nanny, i want to be fed cucumbers, right? >> what part of her life seems so horrible. >> listen to chris, i love it. >> while we're talking about that. the creator of that show is bringing a love connection back many. >> of course we all remember the '80s dating show. andy cohen is going to host this time. the show will debut this summer on fox. the new hollywood romance o you didn't see coming. which singers were all over each other. >> bieber brings back his famous do. the best and worst looks. are you comfortable wearing sweat pants and no make-up in front of your man? why that's a bad idea. >> trying to be the best mom that i can, the best wife i can be. closed captioning provided
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no one tells selena's wild & weekknd. >> sure looks as if this is hollywood's newest couple. >> selena couldn't keep her hands to herself. after having a three hour preivatne din rin santa monica. >> it's been two months since the weekend split from bella hadid. we all remember selena's longest and rockiest relationship. that was with justin bieber. the 22-year-old comes full circle with his hair. it's the same do justin rocked when he hit the scene. he's tried it all blonde and blonder. >> we can't forget last year's dread. and finally, congrats are in order for amy adams.
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>> starlet, a genius, but most immortantly, you're always going to be my friend. and i love you and congratulate you. >> jeremy renner was a guest speaker. & >> when i first drove on to the disney lot, i think it was january 21st, 1999 not that i'm keeping track, that was my first audition in los angeles. and i never ever expected that it would lead me to this moment in receiving this honor. >> congratulations, amy, well deserved. we also found out that woody harrelson is feeling the force. he's signed on for the han solo star wars movie. no word on the character he's ben affleck's csa patdown that keeps going and going and going. what airport securityyis telling us about all this.
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why he's so gangsta. >> you do not want to mess with him in a dark ally. >> why she thinks you should always look good for your husband. >> after the controversial first scenes went virall we're talking to the white actor playing michael jackson. >> i'm as shocked as you might be.
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stevia leaf was discovered before the sugar cane? and everything had fewer calories. iatruv. life with less sugar is just as sweet. here's proof that even a two-time oscar winner isn'' exempt from a patdown. he kept his cool, even shook hands with the agent when it was over. we asked the tsa if there was a reason for the extra long patdown, they said, no, just standard protocol. ben plays a
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movie. the whole cast is bossed around at home by their kids. >> you said your twins live by night and they're gangsters. >> these kids are up at night. >> i don't wanna when you tell them -- they're both yelling at you. >> they start fighting, they look like two labs fighting over the wrong girl too. >> it's vicious, you guys are only two, this is horrible. >> zoe saldano with twins in their terrible twos. >> she came back they knew exactly. great, and they're not easy to get rid of anyway. >> as for ben. he has 11-year-old girl
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>> i have become an expert on tweens. i don't know how much radio disney you listen to, but i know quite a bit. >> there's not a gangster thing about ben affleck. >> he's 6'5" and a beast. you would not want to mess with him in a dark ally. >> the film also stars elle fanning, her most memorable moment was shooting this scene with ben. >> it's amazing, his organization, how he keeps everything on track. obviously, he wrote it, and he's directing it, he stars in it. >> he's just cool and great and wicked smart. >> the ladies love ben. i don't know if they actually love their undergarments. listen to me, this movie is so accurate, the wardrobe is so authentic all the way down to the 1920s undergarments that the ladies had to rock. >> sounds
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>> now, on to a woman that is a music and fashion icon. many are changing their opinion after a letter resurfaced that victoria wrote about always looking good for your man. >> i want to look great. >> everyone should be camera ready now. >> her rules for life may be shocking and kind of offensive to some. on marriage, she says, "bite your tongue" and basically advice, never look back in front of your husband. clean your hair, your teeth take care of your brows. you always want him to be attracted to you. >> i'll be five minutes. >> always wear sunglasses even inside, they turn a nothing outfit into something cool. she also says, don't mess with your boobs. she denies all the years she got implants was stupid. she got her fake breasts removed. celebrate what you g
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>>. >> victoria looks back at her spice girls audition tape. she confesses she did fad diets and had an addiction to green juice. she shaved her eyebrows in the pursuit of perfection. she told us her best advice. >> i'm constantly trying to better myself. trying to be the best mom i can, the best wife i can be. she loves you, she loves make-up. she walks better than the most grown women. let me tell you. >>. >> don't do it, harper. >> a lot of people were upset when it was announced that joseph fines would play michael jackson in a british comedy. >>d hol on tight, we have the first scenes.
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>> i'm a white middle class guy from london. i'm as shocced as you might be. >> joseph fines just sabotaged his own career. >> last year, when the news of controversial casting first broke. he knew this kind of reaction was coming. >> he definitely had an issue, a pigmentation issue, he was probably closer to my color than his original color. >> it's not in anyway malicious, this is a light tongue in cheek lotok a michael and two of his best buddies. >> his buddies, elizabeth taylor and marlon brando are played by stockard channing in the new series airing in th ek.u. this episode sets out to reenact a hot
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road trip the three legends took to escape new york following 9/11. the three of them jumped in the car and went on a road trip. it's kind of off the wall. >> we reached out to michael prince who did not respond by our deadline, his son posted this, i'm so inning credibly offended by it, as i'm sure plenty of people are as well. it honestly makes me want to vomit. when we come back, how someone -- kevin frazzer -- probably r z27mkz z16fz
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y27mky y16fy
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reacher." >> see it all on travel consideration provided by -- "this is us
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we got the answer to the big question, is toby alive. if you haven't seen it yet, i hope you don't folllw kevin on social media. seven minutes into the show, he gave it way. don't hate him. >> i waited until the west coast feed. like so many folks out there, i wanted to know what was going on with toby. and i had to let the world know my feelings. >> take a look. >> bye, everybody. >> khloe kardashian on her jaw dropping body transformation. >> genuinely i can't believe it. ♪ plus, everything you need to know about the new freddie mercury movie. will you sing? >> can the look-alike star sing like the queen front man.
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leaked to bring down russia's attorney general and the head of the security services at that time here, one vladimir putin. >> liz, what's the feeling in eastern europe if russia grows more aggressive under a trump administration? >> reporter: very anxious and not just in ukraine where russia has been waging war for almost two years ago. i have just come from estonia. it's one of the u.s.'s nato allies, and the government there is very worried that if a trump administration goes, as they would see it, soft on russia, it would embolden vladimir putin to invade their country, and they're also afraid that the u.s. may not even come to their defense in that instance, even though they are part of nato and a fully paid up member of nato, to boot. >> liz palmer in moscow, liz, thank you.


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