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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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here we go, it's saturday, it must mean winter weather coming our way. here's the impacts. i've adjusted this a little bit. activity is moderate. if it's connected to a county it's got a higher risk of being canceled. they won't take chances on a wintry mix, but ice snow not going to happen. some icing moderate, not going to bring down power lines or trees. some slippery roads, moderate if not treated. but most roads treated. check this out. i can attest
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bank there was so much snow on the roads. so treated roads will be fine. it will bigger problem is sidewalks and driveways. we have a winter weather advisory most of metro area. the guys to the south the bulls eye last week, but not this week. here's the latest radar, not reaching the ground yet. it's above and evaporating before it hits the ground. there's some reports of mixed precipitation moving in. and 37 now in frederick, and 34 downtown. we'll come back and tell you something you can't leave home without, and it's not a snow shovel. thanks. we've got you covered tomorrow. the wake up washington team will be on the air from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., and for information on school closings, road conditions and more just down
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the inauguration is just a weeing away, and we'll start with security. 47 different agencies are working together to keep the inauguration day safe. today the secret service took us behind the scenes of one communication center and asked us not to reveal the location. from here they'll deploy 28,000 law enforcement officers. also at their deposal, establish -- disposal, blimps top counter aircraft or drones. >> a lot of people got drones for christmas, but they're prohibited mountain air space over washington dc. >> about 100 groups have applied for permits to protest. the park service said it did its best to keep pro and anti- trump demonstrators separate to minimize conflict. >> among the teams keeping dc safe is dc's national guard, but their leader will be out of th
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trump raises his right hand. we're looking into the story, and gary has more. >> reporter: yes, so this morning that outgoing general gave an interview to the washington post, and he seemed to suggest he was forced out by the incoming administration with no choice but to leave as soon as donald trump take it is oath of office, but our reporting shows that's just not the case. with eight years under his belt as the commanding officers of dc's national guard. general scwartz helped plan the inauguration. >> if something goes bad it's up to the law enforcement agency to make the first move, if you will. >> reporter: but unlike in the years since george w. bush first appointed him, he'll watch the inauguration conclude from home, stepping down as donald trump steps up to take the oath of office at noon. the timing
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unusual, general schwartz told the washington post trade, adding he'd -- today, adding he'd never plan to leave a mission in the middle of the battle, but our reporting show it is timing was the general's decision. not the trump team. he followed protocol and submitted his resignation. before the trump team could act on it, the military drew up plans to replace him a senior official said. two transition sources say the trump team asked the general to stay on a few more days, just to get through the inauguration, but with his successor already chosen, he declined. he wants to insure there's a secure transition between two major generals, that means at 12:01 p.m. friday, general william walker takes over the guard as acting commander general. he's also been heavily involved in the inauguration planning, and spoke about the
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us last month. >> there's a sense you're actually witnessing history. i mean, you are. you are witnessing history. you're witnessing the transfer of power. >> reporter: i should point out that the general schwartz sound bite was from an interview in december. tonight through a spokesperson he declined to be interviewed for this piece. he's expected to retire after stepping down next week. >> all right, thank you for the story behind the story. and an important note, if you'll be in downtown dc sunday you might get an emergency alert on your phone. it's just a test, part of a practice run for the big day from dc's homeland security agency. so every tom, dick, and harry knows the
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and it's one of the biggest purveyors of portable bathrooms. don's johns say they're proud of the name, but the architect of the capital has a problem with it. the agency says they had to cover up the logo to comply with restrictions on advertising. one of the leading democrats won't be on hand for the inauguration. georgia congressman george lewis, the first he's skipped since he was elected 30 years ago, and says he doesn't view the president-elect as legitimate because the russians helped him get elected. and tonight from capitol hill, james mattus could be cleared to be the secretary of defens
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over the next week we're talking to you in a segment we call your city, your voice. wusa9 is hitting the streets. you tell us what's on your mind. we're listening and getting all sides. sasha from fort washington say she's concerned about mr. trump's businesses, she fears it's a conflict of interest now that he'll be president. >> the president of the united states shouldn't actually be involved in different businesses for personal advance. you should be invested just in the country itself and not your own personal issues there. >> sop tonight we're digging deeper into trump's business dealings. >> all right, we'll come back to pete in a minute. we've been talking about this on
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elect trump and his business issues. we checked just a few minutes ago about your thought, and richard says he's done more than he's obligated to do in that he stepped down from his businesses, but denise disagrees but says she'll give him a chance like she does for every president. here's pete now. >> he's asked me as you just heard to speak about the conflicts of interests and steps he's taking. >> reporter: the future of the trump organization is in these folders placed in front of reporters wednesday. it was trump's first press conference since being elected. >> i could run the trump organization, great, great company, and i could run the country. i would do a good job, but i don't want to do that. >> reporter: worried that's not the case, plenty of people sounded off in the your city your voice booth. >> what businessman can pull himself away from a business
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started? >> reporter: mr. trump says he'll turn over personal business to a trust, and give the others to his sons. >> he wants no doubts in the mind of the american public that he's completely isolating himself from his business interests. >> reporter: his empire includes resort, the trump tower, and even the new trump hotel on pennsylvania avenue. the attorneys have stayed away from calling this a conflict of interest. >> he's been a businessman for so many years, i don't know if he can actually let go totally. >> president obama thinks this is turning out to be an unusual transition. this sunday on 60 minutes he has a message for the president- elect and his supporters. >> i think everybody can't underestimate him because he'll be the 45th president of the united states. the one thing i've said to him directly, and i would advise my republican friends in congress and supporters
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country is just make sure that as we go forward, certain norms, certain institutional traditions don't get eroded, because there's a reason they're in place. >> and there's more where that came from. president obama, eight years in the white house, that's on 7:00 sunday right here on wusa9. >. drain the swamp, it was a rallying cry of donald trump's campaign for president, and tonight some dc artists say not so fast. they've launched a social media campaign hoping to draw attention to the idea that real dc is nothing like federal dc. the group's founder wants people around the country to understand that some the communities and residents and federal government, all they do is share a city. and new tonight, developments in a coup
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stories we've been watching. the convicted dc sniper wants his life sentence tossed out. he was 17, a juvenile when he got life. his attorney says the sentence is illegal after a recent bill that applies retroactivity. nine people were killed in the shootings. remember the controversial painting in the capitol complex that depicts police as pigs? well it's coming down for good. the hill reports that the architect of the capitol determined the painting violates capitol rules, so it's coming off the wall. congressional black caucus members argued it should stay up based on freedom of expression. and republicans are moving to block dc's right to die law. the dc council passrd it, and
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congress has the final say. they've introduced bills in both the house and senate to stop it. >. a 7-year-old boy dreams of becoming a police officer, and that he had dream came true for elijah. we'll tell you the story behind this special guy's big day. living history, we'll step into a dc establishment that's been at the center of politics for four generations. and a dog owner speaks out after literally stopping traffic on the beltway, and we'll talk
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>. well this story just really tugged on our hearts. the men and women of the prince georges county police department gained a new colleague just for the day. the tiny uniform made it official. 7-year-old elijah young became officer young, and got a firsthand look inside th
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operations division. he really wants to be an officer one day, but he's in hospice care battling a second round of brain cancer. he's so brave. his mother told us today was a dream come true for the son she credits with teaching her a lot. >> he don't quit playing when he's in bed, he just keeps going, so he's, he's strong. and he just teaches me to keep going and not to complain and to appreciate life. we take life for granted. >> but we really shouldn't. and there's so much more to the story. check out the hashtag elijahsfight on twitter. and our news desk heard about a car accident where 270 meet it is beltway, so we sent sky 9 to check out the scene. once we got there the real
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story unfolded. one of the men opens the door, and then the dog jumps out and darts across the road. drivers slamming on the brakes as the owner chased after her. >> she didn't have a collar, she's brand new, only has a red harness, and i gladly would have gotten hit by a car. >> and there's good news, a woman called us saying she found the pit bull/lab mix, and we got her in touch with the dog's owner tonight, and he, i am sure is extremely relieved. >> oh my goodness. that was some drama! >> really was! >> yeah, heart stopping. all right, let's talk about some dc history. in a city known for constant change, there's a little spot in georgetown that's holding steady. >> there's a bar that's had politicians for moha
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tavern, and this man is william martin. >> i need the history here. martin's tavern is the oldest family-owned restaurant in washington dc. i'm the fourth generation. my grandfather, my great grandfather, my father and myself. it started becoming a political hangout. >> reporter: that was 1933. you ordered a filet mignon and it set you back $3. >> mike pence has been here. >> reporter: not much has changed, it just has more history. >> this is the nixson booth. and jfk after church sunday he'd go running, then come in and sit down and eat his breakfast and read the paper. >> reporter: between the presidents there are regular people eating too. >> once a mont
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>> the food is excellent. >> reporter: that's part of what makes this place special. >> it's just i think the place where people like to come. >> reporter: martin is starting to put up decorations for inauguration. it's one of the few times he'll turn on all the tvs. >> see the big mirror on the wall? that's actually a tv. >> reporter: for now the red, white, and blue is mixed with remnants of christmas. in a city constantly split between donkeys and elephants, this place manages to stick in the middle. >> no one knows what party i am. >> reporter: no matter how many politics come through, dc is dc. >> there are americans that respect washington dc and it's history. >> reporter: ellison barber, wusa9. >> you know this restaurant has served every president from truman to george w. bush, but all before
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office. maybe president obama can go and check it out. they'll have to see if president trump makes a trip. >> so much history. >> wish we could get a filet for a few dollars again. that would be nice [ laughter ] >> as we talk about the forecast real quick, i kind of felt like an idiot today in my shorts and tank top salts my driveway. >> did you have the leotard on too? had he wears a leotard [ laughter ] >> the driveway is probably the most dangerous tomorrow, so you were smart. i think the roads will be fine. 3 degree guarantee. you'd think it would be shooting ducks in a barrel, i went 61, but then it was 63, and then hit 65. >> man, charity is going to get some more money. >> well, it's the warrior canine connection, so there you go. we go 41 tomorrow. also a midnight high. you'd think shooting ducks in a
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for you canine connection, your check is getting bigger. right now 44, dewpoint 22, winds north/northeast at 15. the arctic air sneaking the wes not reaching the ground in a lot of places. we have no reports out past 66 and front royal, but this is going to move across in the next two to three hours depending on where you are, and saturate the atmosphere and fall from the sky as a wintry mix. wintry mix all day saturday. rain south and east, that's it. just a cold rain. yellow weather alert saturday. what do you think you need tomorrow? everybody needs this tomorrow. don't leave home without it. windshield wiper fluid. it's going to drive you crazy tomorrow with the salt on the road and the spray from the car in front of you. you'll be using it constantly. i wish you needed a snow shovel though. tomorrow night your plans are probably okay, but i will caution you a little freezing drizzle is still possible north and west saturday nigh
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temperatures remain steady tomorrow night. here's the ice potential. not much at all. this model shows nothing in the metro area. so that means it's a nuisance situation. you get to a quarter inch or half an inch you have problems, and they have plenty of problems in oklahoma, kansas, and missouri. here's futurecast, 6:00 a.m. in the morning, 32. a mix here. i think futurecast has a little too much snow here. i hope it's right, but certainly a mix to culpeper. then by 9:00 still a mix. temperatures around 32, and by lunchtime, it's showing a little warmer air working up here. i don't think we'll see warm up work up past dc tomorrow. just dense arctic hour, so i think from the surface to about a thousand feet will be about 32 degrees all day. by 3:00, still 32, and by 6:00 most of
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then drizzle and freezing drizzle tomorrow night north and west and town. 34 a little optimistic tomorrow. sunday, that's nice. morning clouds and 46, and for the holiday more showers, 42. not a huge deal. maybe a little freezable mix early in the morning -- freezing mix early in the morning. near 60 wednesday and thursday, and right now inauguration looking nice. upper 50s, slight chance we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. upper 50s, slight chance by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today.
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now wusa9 game on sports. we are in mid-january already, so we're getting into the real heart of high school basketball season as we get some friday night hoops for you, of course as a part of game on varsity. west lake at home to take on lackey tonight, and good ball movement. two-man game, tied things up in the 3rd quarter. down by 7. harrod nails that jumper. ingram with the nice move, and
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a score. lackey with the three- point lead. west lake trying to drive to the basket, loses it, turns it ov, and lackey wins to move to 10 and 2 on the year. capitol christian and national christian. the plus one there, and the eagles up by 14 at the end of the quarter. good ball movement, that's always key. to another freshman, martino from the corner, nails a triple. quick pass to gray, and she hits the deep shot. national christian rolls 75-36. up a level, hill top georgetown taking on st. johns, and walker led the way with 20 points. don't look now
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are one of the hottest teams in the nhl, going for their eighth straight win with chicago in town. 500th straight hockey game. jay the regal google. two goal -- beagle. two goal night for him. sweet passing, oshi, and when you're rolling, you're rolling. caps roll 6-0. lead leaguing sixth shut out for holtby. and sean mcvey will be the amount next head coach football coach. spent many years in here, and they'll battle each other next season. that should be
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universe moving to la as ceo of exxonmobile... rex tillerson put exxon's interests before america's i'm not here to represent the us government's interest. instead, tillerson sided with putin. with billions in russian oil deals... he opposed us sanctions on russia... ...for war crimes forced to pay hundreds of millions for toxic pollution... ...putting profits ahead of our kid's health. tell your senators to reject rex tillerson. and protect american interests not corporate interests.
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ce. all right weaver rooting for -- we're rooting for snow this time. >> you know, it will be a little of everything. not a big deal. but eventually we're looking at temperatures back in the 40 sunday with sunshine, and near 60 wednesday and thursday. inauguration, upper 50, maybe a shower. >> we will take it. we'll be outside. >> hope you'll have a great weekend. the late with sleep number, there'sbed? an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600 on our best selling mattress
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