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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 14, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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tonight a prime time star hospitalized. >> five sequences. >> what we just learned about frightening fall on the set of her hit show "couldnquantico." then robin thicke accused of child abuse. his ex this court, clain
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behind closed doors allegations of hitting and punching. what robin says tonight. ♪ ♪ >> politics aside, thee inauguration is always an enormous event. big performances. we will tell you who is in and who dropped out. and -- >> "entertainment tonight." >> hanging out with the macgyver stars. before tonight's show. >> for january 13, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> looking amazing at the golden globes and now days later she is rushed to the hospital. >> we have details of biasnca' condition tonight. >> often having action scenes own the abc hit, slip end fell during stunt, hit her head on the ground and suffered a concussion. but abc in statement to "e.t."
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it a minor incident and didn't want to comment further until they had more information. bra iancwas examined bay doctor, released and is home resting comfortably. >> the 34-year-old actress did tell us she well trained for her physical duties onset. >> we do a lot of fight sequences. 45 push-ups. >> the indian born actress made her name in bollywood, first doing stunt there. >> i did a lot of acting at home which made it easier tore me to pick up my fight sequin answers stuff. >> she was scheduled to join her cast mates this morning but she was asked and she is expected to be out until sometime next week, until she gets a clean bill. health. >> more news now, paula patton comes out fighting in her custody battle with robin thicke. why has she accused her
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when it come to son, julian, robin admits to using time outs and light spanking, open hand on the butt. however allegations in paula's 30-page court document are much worse. paula claims robin hit julian in the face once and grabbed him by the neck at the airport. julian's school mediator says that julian said quote dad punches him so hard but never where someone can see. if they are in public place, like the beach, dad will take him to the bathroom. the alleged affects on the 66-year-old who takes after music just like his dad, his grade school says julian developed a estutarn witnessed him hyper ventilating and he cried so uncontrollably it took 15 to 20 minutes to calm him down. >> he is like all mommy. just like mommy except for the hair. >> becoming a mother is like, it expands
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exponentially. something takes precedence and priority over you. >> paula raises concerns of & alcohol and drug abuse. a nanny says robin smoked marijuana in front of julian. and he showed up at the school intoxicated. the judge denied paula's equest that robin have limit end supervised visits with julian. family law attorney tells why and explains when spanking becomes excessive. >> california law absolutely alaws you to spank your kids for discipline. and with an open palm. i think when it get excessive is when you leave bruising or cuts or bleeding and it is done outsidd of the purpose of discipline. i think for paula to make her declarationssstronger she should have attached exhibits with photographs that admits damage to the child. >> today a source close to the singer told us, quote, anyone who knows robin knoww that julian is the light of his life. he would never hurt julian. he is no
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>> everything changed. it gives me that drive to try to be my very best and be a good example and make my son proud of me some day when he grows older. >> i hear you, robin. also making news, a surprise development over joseph fiennes playing michael jackson. the family of the king of pop unleashed their fury, and guess what? it worked. michael jackson episode has been pulled from the air. british broadcaster sky in an announcement today tweeted their decision was taken because of quote concerns expressed by michael jackson's immediate family. now there's an understatement. those concerns have been furious and forceful. michael's nephew, tj, whoed called the depiction a disgusting mockery today told us in an exclusive statement quote it's a huge victory. casting fiennes made no sense. >> i'm as shocked as you might be. >> that was fiennes a year
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then the portrayal of the road trip with liz taylor and marlon make-up and fake nose, paris tweeted i'm offended. i'm surprised the family's feelings were actually taken into consideration for once. we all do really appreciate it more than y'all know. for his part, said sky, fiennes fully supports the decision. tj's older brother, taj, expressed gratitude. thank you to the media for cover willing the extreme backlash. ♪ ♪ >> meanwhile kim kardashian may be close goeetting justice in h robbery case in pair pips ris. kim gets a big payday in dubai. kim making her way through the atlantis hotel lobby in dubai. security detail trailing furthhr behind than we have seen in recent months. this as news broke that
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suspects, five men and one woman, were indicted and are in custody in paris. bringing total to ten indictments. the trip was originally set last october. kim was supposed to be deliver mafgt maf master class with her make-up artist but then after the traumatic robbery at gunpoint. today fans stood in hours where vip tickets sold for over $1600. despite the latest developments, kim seems to be enjoying herself in dubai. she is there with sister's ex boyfriend, scott, and looks like keeping up with the kardashian's cameras tag aged along. the duo posted these pictures of themselves having dinner, at op sides ends of the lavish spread. lamar odom returning home from rehab eight days ago. now he will be on an episode
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"the doctors." i spoke about the day lamar was found unconscious upside down in that broth el. >> he admitted committing suicide. he didn't want to die necessarily but knew he almost died and he called his actions >> lamar putting hise lifback together, following 30 days in rehab. lamar want to reconcile with his ex, khloe kardashian. >> what are you looking forward to? >> honestly, i want my wife back. >> when he said that, what did you think and what would you advise him? >> quite frankly, i was a little surprised when he said, i want my wife back. but clearly, khloe was on his mind a lot throughout his recovery. biggest thing i worry about with lamar is staying sober, staying strong. >> you know, dr. stork did a fabulous job with his interview. he told me lamar reconnected with his two children that is the real promising
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the presidential inauguration. and today we are learning more about the star power signed on for what is always the super bowl of political ceremonies. ♪ ♪ >> lee green wood is part of today's just announced lineup. country music icon has already performed at three presidential inaugurations. the inauguration committee revealed this morning that broadway star jennifer holiday and country singer toby keith will perform. who else is on the bill? radio city rookets, mormon jackie evanko. former america's got tal ept fourth of july celebration in the nation's capitol and is peex tctedo close out the ceremony next week. "e.t." today with our cbs affiliate in the natio
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at u.s. capitol. today just announcing the lineup, part two of celebrations taking place next thursday. and those events will be held at lincoln memorial and will also be broadcast live. >> so who won't be here? this morning, paul announcing dropping out. don't expect marie osmond after a story surfaced she was willing to perform. she cleared things up on twitter. i had no ip tensiontention of pg atth inauguration, no matter who won. >> and princess leia's digital return. >> and the strainest new romance. are lee an rhymes and eddie's exes a hooking up? >> before you see "50 shades darker", "e.t." shares secrets. and love is in the air
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when carrie fisher died 17 days ago, her work in star wars universe was far from finished. will she live on with the help of hollywood magic? tonight's know and tell, the future of princess leia. >> that doesn't sound too hard. >> multiple headlines claiming disney was in talks with carrie fisher's estate to use her image. that could pave wait for a digital princess leia to pop up in future films. >> charming.
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>> both k carrie's and peter's likenesses appear post death. the new report is false, tells "e.t." j.j. abrams recently spoke about fisher's sequel. >> the second film is finished. her work is done. and the third film remains to be seen. still no script. >> next, lee an rhymes and eddie's exes hook up. >> did eddie and leanne know you guys are doing this. >> who? >> we don't have to check with them. we are grown up. >> they have since become super close friends since 2009. and now partnered on "my kiichen rules" but are they getting too close? >> i'm not sure if who wanted to get into whose pants more. >> partners in crime. >> from spicy to nasty. as bachelor nick making one contestant sick? expressive an confident and want to take
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your fave, vanessa. >> doing up and down movements. >> yeah, that's a lesson this canadian teacher probably wishes she hadn't learned. >> i would say this, vanessa, you know it's real if he hold your hair or the bucket, wipes your mouth, if you're struggling. pay attention. that's for real. >> that is real. >> everything you need to know about "50 shades darker." >> intrigued. >> the love scenes, steamy sound track, and kaim bim basinger's bk seductive new role. >> we know katie holmes can handle it but what about ted keedy's impersonation. >> and macgyver's exclusive. >> closed captioning provided by --
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do that? come into a sleep number store and save $600 on our best selling mattress it's a no brainer. katie holmes is in hot demand. she is popping up in the all females ocean review, that will be so, so good. i cannot wait for this. katie is back as jackie kennedy onasiss who look who isl
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kennedy. matthew perry. they told us all about it this morning. >> what i loved about playing jackie is she was such a style icon. and we are still so inspired by her. everyday. and being on those long costume fittings was so much fun and we were lucky that, you know, we were able to recreate so many beautiful pieces and you know, her style was so classic and it still wo trksoday. >> the kennedys after camelot covers more than 30 years after the president's assassination. up to john junior's death in 199 the. >> i want you to do something important with your life. i want you to do something that would make your father proud. >> my father is dead. >> matthew perry plays ted kennedy. he deals with the tragedy. >> my daughter died in this car. >> you think the girl's death will affect your chances of being president? >> he had more of a sy
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thinner build than myself. so they created a compression suit for me. no moving in it. and if i had to go to the bathroom, it was an hour and a half. hour and a half ordeal. yeah. >> so he didn't have any liquids. >> well, and also half way through, someone take that expression suit and throw it in the garbage. because i'm not wearing that any more. >> we also spotted katie on the set of "oceans 8." james cordon also joined the film. katie told us about her role. >> so many amazing women in it. so many amazing actresses. >> also, old ladies ladies. >> yeah. >> fantastic. >> what can you tell us about your character? >> i can't say anything. >> nothing at all? >> i'm playing myself. it is just a cam ro. >> you know katie is not the only star for round 2. dakota johnson. sexiness again. >> she is starring in the sequel, "50 shades darker." this might be steamier than the
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>> but dakota also has a playful side. we will see her photo shoot. >> you have any super model water? >> i shes gracing the iconic cover of vogue but dakota isn't taking herself too seriously. >> i want you back. >> february may just be dakota's month with the release of 50 shades sequel. here is everngythi you need to know about the very sexy movie. >> i've never been happier. >> number one, last time we saw ana she left christian played by jamie dornan over the relationship getting a bit too intense. now they are back together. this time on her terms. supposedly. >> take them off. >> next -- we meet some of christian's exes. >> you think you're the first woman to try to save him? >> yes, that is oscar winner kim basinger, who is less than thrilled with this freshly new king elled romance. >> i'm so excited. she is one of my favorite actresses of all time. >> we also meet
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talking them. ana's new boss is also trying to woo her. >> do you want to be kept or have respect? >> number four, sound track is loaded. na is that is the single everyone is talking about from taylor swift and zane formerly of one direction. there is also music from john legend and nick jonas and nicki minaj duet. >> and pushing the envelope, definitely sexier than the first. >> yes. >> okay.& one thing that we do know is jamie doesn't like people gawking at him, in particular, his body. even though he makes several appear uns in the movie. >> don't give away my secrets now. >> he works hard on it. >> i do. >> wait,
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all day aeeveryday. macgyver tonight. he has more than crazy wayes it bust the bad guys. he also has a new boss. >> fans know meredith eaton from "ncis" and "boston eagle", where she plays the love interest of william shatner. >> objection. >> sustained. >> she joins macgyver. the cast is clearly excited to have her on boar cd asaro-sts have been sharing this behind the scenes photo. meredith sent us an exclusive shoutout from the set. >> hey, guy webs this is meredith from the set of macgyver, where i play maddy webber, the new boss. check it out. >> you know i trust you. >> meanwhile, the stars of macgyver, lucas hill and george eves, gave us excleusiv access while they were on a photo shoot for the latest issue
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watch magazine. >> we are trying to get this plane to buzz over the head of >> yeah. >> so that we can, you know, get the shot done and start drinking martinis. >> yes. martinis are good. >> the two play friend on macgyver. and whether they are running from planes or running with rachutes, they seem to share the same in real life and on the show. >> it takes a village. to make -- >> now lucas and george are so close they actually cam map together in real life. >> like two men who pitch a tent. that would be a great reality show, by the way. we'll be right back.
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>> your 24/7 destination for entertainment news. >> travel consideration provided by -- >> you know, it's always something working with your friends, but imagine working with your spouse. >> on monday, we put that to the test. >> excuse me? >> yes? >> this is the most fun i think i've ever had on the set. >> we are with chris pratt and anna faris. "e.t." is behind the scenes with hollywood's funniest couple. >>. >> we have a sex scene, a sexy
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