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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i think everybody has knowledge. don't underestimate the guy because he's going to be the 405th president of the united states. -- 45th president of the united states. >> president barack obama gives his last interview as president exclusively to cbs. thanks for joining us. i'm debra alfarone. today is the one and only dress rehearsal for friday's inauguration focused on getting the details just right and reaction to the president- elect's feud swivel rights activist and democratic congressman jo
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rights activist and democratic congressman john lewis, but first president obama reflects on the last eight years as commander in chief. >> i think my basic character and outlook actually have not changed much and people who are closest to me would tell you that the guy who came here is the same guy who is leaving. >> one of the first things that he has done in this transition period is to pick a fight with the intelligence agencies. do you think that that's a smart move? >> you're not going to be able to make good decisions without building some relationship of trust between yourself and that community. >> you see that happening? >> not yet, but, again he hasn't gotten sworn into office yet. saving the economy was a pretty big deal. we did a lot of stuff early that ended up having an impact. i was surprised and continue to be surprised by the severity of partisanship in this town. we've set a bar that shows that
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>> what are you going to do on the 21st when you wake up? i don't know where you'll be, but you'll wake up someplace where you are not president. >> here's one thing. i'm not setting my alarm. that i'm certain of. >> president obama defended his use of the phrase the red line when talking about syria's use of chemical weapons. he also called the computer glitches during the rollout of a management failure. viewers are reacting to the interview on twitter tonight. christopher said watched, listened to 60 minutes and had the green bay/dallas game on silent. someone else writes that's 60 minutes of my life i can't get back. angel tweets said it before and will say it again. barack obama is a true statesman and an exceptional human being #60minutes. well, it is official. donald j. trump is now president or at least his stand- in is at the 1 and only rehearsal today. stephanie ramirez gives us an inside look and says one of the youngest stand-
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>> reporter: there he is, the 45th president of the united states. this was the practice run for friday's 58th presidential inauguration stand-ins and all. we got to meet the president, if you will, and his vp last week. >> the peaceful transfer is really the key stone of our democracy. so what we're celebrating is that act. >> reporter: sunday they added one more. >> they are up there while millions might be watching. >> reporter: that's charlie blunt, senator roy blunt's 12- year-old son. he stood in for baron trump to get the timing down and practice security movements for one of the most important ceremonies in our democracy. right now the singing is supposed to be occurring. there is only one dress rehearsal, so today it has to being done right. people lined the barriers to get a
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>> a lot of people i know are leaving town. the country is very divided now and i think the city is, too. it's largely a democratic city. >> i'm hoping that there's just a unity and that people just enjoy the moment for what it is for history. >> reporter: jeannette minot told me she doesn't believe people should protest during the ceremony. that's why that man is in town now and protested yesterday. >> to let them know we're watching. >> reporter: one piece of advice. >> smile and don't slouch. >> reporter: at the capitol building, stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> that young man's father, senator blount, said president- elect trump may be one of the few people involved 2 hasn't been on the platform -- who hasn't been on the platform before. he said he's confident the people who have been part of the ceremony will help make sure everything runs smoothly. from the army color guard to the marine corps band hundreds of military members
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their route for the parade. all branches of the military will participate in the 58th inauguration of donald trump. as inauguration day approaches, you can find a list of road closures, what you can and can't bring to the ceremony and just about having you need to know on our free wusa9 app. congressman john lewis says he won't attend the inauguration. it will be the first time the 76-year-old georgia democrat has missed inaugural activities in the past three decades. loses says he's contesting the legitimacy of donald trump's election and he's calling for investigation into what role the russians played in the presidential election. >> i think there was a conspiracy on the part of the russians and others to help him get elected. that's not right. that's not fair. that's not the open democratic process. when you see something and it's not right, not fair, not just
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do something. >> donald trump meantime fired back on twitter calling lewis all talk and no action. trump also called the congressman's 5th district falling apart and crime infested. the tweet was promptly met with criticism over attacking the long time civil rights leader on the eve of martin luther king, jr. day. there are so many events helped for martin luther king, jr. day tomorrow -- planned for the martin luther king, jr. day tomorrow including the walk in southeast d.c. tell us why there's an effort underway to reclaim mlk's legacy. >> people i spoke to say that tonight they're excited about tomorrow's parade, but there is still a lot of work to be done here in d.c. and throughout the country. they say part of the way we can progress is to remember everything that dr. king stood for. dr. king once said in justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. for many americans those words still
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jeff kennedy feels need to act when others are taken advantage of. >> balance at some point is betrayal. >> reporter: he attends covenant baptist church in southwest. this congregation has been involved in the annual mlk parade in the southeast for years. he said the event reminds residents what dr. king actually stood for. >> to get back to what dr. king's actual legacy was and not whitewash dr. king's memories. >> reporter: some people feel over the years the country has forgotten just how the civil rights activist fought for equality. an organizer with black lives matter said king stood firmly against racism, militarism and materialism by protesting in the street, as many do now. >> i think that mlk was very supportive of disruptive protests and also building. >> reporter: his group wants to reclaim king from what they believe has been a sanitized view of his legacy. throughout the week in king's honor they'll hold events where
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it will also teach protesters their rights and how to organize. >> it's a movement that mls helped bring energy into -- mlk helped bring energy into. black people trying to get free is the same objective that we're trying to be part of. >> reporter: communities will remember dr. king in their own way on monday and participate in service projects in the district. there will be a celebration for those who believe in dr. king's words, silence is simply not an option. >> it's our duty to fight. >> once again the parade is a big event in southeast. the peace walk starts around 7:30 tomorrow morning on mlk while the parade steps off around 10 a.m. >> thank you, john. president-elect trump has promised to make repealing the affordable care act one of his top priorities once he's sworn into office. today across the country thousands of people attended rallies in order to keep the healthcare act
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obamacare. in bowie, maryland, senator chris van hollen hosted a rally to save healthcare. he with other state and county leaders acknowledged the affordable care act is not perfect. they argued you can't make sweeping changes without plans in place for an alternative. >> we can't afford the limbo. we have too many critically ill patients that need their care and without knowing how they're going to pay for it, it only adds stress to families who are already stressed. we must have something in place to support our families. >> all those tens of millions of americans who get their insurance through their employer, 13 ups have gone up victim, very slowly -- their premiums have gone up very, very slowly, historically slowly since the affordable care act was passed. >> healthcare rallies were also held in many other cities including boston, san francisco, chicago and in warren, michigan. an interview with our news partners at the washington post tonight, president-elect trump
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obamacare in the coming weeks, but that his plan to replace it will include insurance for everybody. switch gears now, chilly or chance of showers? howard bernstein tracking our inauguration week forecast. howard? >> gets off on a little bit of a bumpy start but looks much better the second half of the week. tonight if you're out late especially south of town expecting some moisture from southern west virginia through central and southern virginia. it's not so much in the d.c. metro, but areas down toward fredericksburg and far southern maryland, northern neck, we're seeing showers here, charlottesville. fredericksburg got a little early, but even though we're seeing some radar returns, if it is reaching the ground, temperature in tappahannock is 40, same in fredericksburg, not worried about icy areas down there. still everything is moving from the northwest to the southeast. this will not hit d.c. tonight. futurecast shows clouds around, a few showers well south. tomorrow is cloudy, maybe a peek of sun, but don't count
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40s, 45 with tomorrow's 3- degree guarantee temperature and tuesday we have more moisture returning in the form of showers that could affect rush hour. three things to know. we will have a yellow weather alert tuesday because of the showers that i do think will impact the commute, first in the afternoon, then the morning. it's going to be milder and dry wednesday. we may make a run towards 60 on wednesday and right now looking dry and comfortable for inauguration day with highs looking like in the middle 50s. we'll be watching the storm to our south closely. see you in a few with the rest of the seven-day. >> thank you. two men are recovering tonight after being stabbed during an argument while they were playing soccer this afternoon near south lake high school. the men are 22 and 23 years old. both are expected to be okay and we're told it's an isolated incident. there's no public threat. police say the suspect is in their early 20s, maybe driving a blue subaru. anyone with information that could lead to an arrest is
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look at the pictures on your screen. d.c. police say these two cousins have been missing more than a day. 10-year-old kamiyah callaway and 16-year-old mi'easha callaway were last seen together around 10:30 last night on madison street near missouri avenue in northwest. we're told mi'easha had on mickey mouse pajama pants and kamiyah had pink pants with the word love on them. call police with any information that could help find them. after 100 years the curtain will close on the greatest show on earth. we'll tell you which dates to circle on your calendar if you hope to catch the ringling brothers circus in our area one last time. >> plus we're answering your questions about the incoming administration. it's your city, your voice. tonight we
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only five days until president-elect donald trump is sworn in. leading up to the inauguration we're talking to you. we call it your city your voice. it's simple. wusa9 is hitting the street. you tell us what's on your mind. we're
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sides. james mason lives in ft. washington and he's worried about trump's foreign policy. last week donald trump said liking vladimir putin could be an asset. >> he's so arrogant with his words and what he says it's like as if nothing matters to him and doesn't care. for every action there is a reaction. so for every word that's spoken and if it's spoken in the way that's not, you know, as far as i guess conducive to the public or to the powers that be, it could cause something that is detrimental to everyone. >> so tonight we're finding out more for you about russia's inement in the election. pete montine is on the your city your voice team. >> reporter: russia keeps coming up. >> i think he should tone it down a little bit. >> if putin likes donald trump, i consider that an
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elect now agrees with the assessment russia was responsible for several election related cyber attacks that led president obama to impose some sanctions. mr. trump now says he will keep them in place, at least for a little while. >> i don't see this president- elect as a legitimate president. >> reporter: house democrat john lewis says russian election interference undermines the president-elect. he and seven other democrats are now skipping the inauguration. >> i think there was a conspiracy on the part of the russians and others to help him get elected. that's not right. that's not fair. >> reporter: mr. trump's vi presidential pick defends his stance on russia. governor mike pence appeared sunday morning on face the nation. >> there's no evidence of any impact on voting machines. donald trump won this election fair and square. >> reporter: we're still out there listening to you. even some of trump's fellow partymen are taking a harder line on ru
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united states needs to step up its foreign policy game. >> join the conversation right now on our wusa9 facebook page and continue to watch your neighbors weigh in on the big issues with our your city your voice team. every night at 11:00 and every morning on wake-up washington as we lead up to inauguration day friday. hey, if you want to see the ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus, your last chances in our area are in march and april in d.c. and fairfax. the circus is shutting down after 146 years. despite efforts to update their acts the circus' parent company said it doesn't make financial sense for the show to continue. >> it's been through every kind of economic cycle and it's been through a lot of change. it isn't relevant to people in the same way. >> last year the company decided to retire the elephant show. it saw a dramatic drop in ticket sales and was plagued with years of es
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animal activists. the circus' last stop will be in new york in in a. all of their existing animals -- in may. all of their existing animals will go to suitable homes once they have their final curtain call. >> i've been an honorary ring master twice. i've got my certificate and whistle. >> show-off. >> no. it's a fond memory and quite an honor that i had, so kind of sad to see it go. >> oh. i don't have a similar story. i apologize. i was never allowed to go because i was allergic to animals as a child. don't cry for me. let's talk about the while. >> 3-degree guarantee, the high today 48 degrees, a fairly nice january day with a high of 49, off by one. 45 is my 3-degree guarantee number for monday. we do have a couple showers i'm tracking now to the south of us. they won't hit d.c., but we've seen a little bit close
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fredericksburg, maybe clipping the northern neck, the movement from the west to east, actually south of fredericksburg, reedsville seeing a couple showers way down there, but temperatures are still well above freezing, so not concerned for anything, but a couple wet roads to the south. up north good thing it's not doing anything because we're below freezing now in gaithersburg, frederick, hagerstown in the lower 30s. they'll fall into the 20s like westminster 27. now in washington the capitol dome looks good, 40 with no wind and dew point 27. that's crept up. it was teens earlier. we are seeing a little bit more humidity. we'll have a cloudy day the most part for martin luther king day. as far as the rain, just an isolated shower or two. tuesday will be a yellow weather alert day and i'm thinking the afternoon commute will be affected more so
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the morning commute. inauguration day highs in the mid-50s. there's snow in new mexico, but this is a tornado watch. there have been tornadoes on the ground in january this evening in texas, don't think it's done any damage. the colder air up in kansas and kansas city they've had some ice. that's why they moved that steelers/chiefs game from this afternoon to this evening. this moisture is moving north for now. some of it will moand be in here tuesday. looking at the futurecast, lots of clouds around tomorrow, possibly some morning sun especially north and east of town. high pressure slides to the east. the winds turn around. clouds are here. there's just a spotty shower monday. monday night a spotty shower. here comes the warm front. so while monday we'll see temps in the low to mid-40s. on the other side of this front tuesday we'll be in the low to mid-50s, but we'll see a better chance for showers around. we get into tuesday afternoon and evening and
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we start in the upper 40s and even with a cold front and northwest wind starting that high means we'll be in the upper 50s, maybe 6 degrees before we cool down just a little as we head toward thursday. here's a look at the forecast for tonight. 28 to 34. we've seen isolated showers well southwest and south of washington and not really worried about any icy areas thankfully. among modern 30s with a stray shower -- morning -- monday morning 30s with a stray shower and tuesday showers around, 54. pleasant on wednesdays. if we have showers, i think they'll be gone before daybreak. wednesday will be a good day, maybe a day if you haven't taken down the lights yet. you might want to do it wednesday or thursday, 52. friday inauguration day 54. saturday and sunday there's a couple storms friday, saturday and sunday that look like they'll affect the southern and southeast u.s. right now i
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the most part. so we'll keep things dry. towards next weekend, if it looks wetter, we'll change that forecast., but right now comfortable, -- forecast, but right now comfortable and low 50s. >> it's going to be one of the most comfortable inauguration days in history. >> that's good news, no rain. one dog in colorado took his love for chasing geese just a little bit too far and he got stuck on an island in the middle of a frozen pond, how cute. caught
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caught on camera, firefighters in denver, california, rescue a dog caught on an island in -- denver, colorado, rescue a dog caught on an island in sloan's lake. the puppy became trapped and couldn't make his way back. the owner called the fire department and firefighters sprang into action. >> we go through the same motions whether it's a dog or human. we've done it quite a bit lately because dogs love to chase geese and get out on the ice and they fall throug
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half hour to cross the icy lake and rescue theo. he was cold and shivering, but ultimately little theo is we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios.
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> capitals are red hot, winners of eight straight heading into the matinee with the flyers at verizon center, good day to stay hot. of course, they could. caps scored four goals in five minutes and rolled to a 5-0 win over the flyers, matt niskanen for a pair and williams and the caps have the best record in hockey after that 5-0 win. >> it's been fun, though. i think guys are enjoying coming to the rink right now. you know, we're kind of in this every other day play game
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schedule and i think that's where we play our best. got to bring your best in the nfl playoffs, wild one, green bay advances upset win on the road, 51-yard field goal here at the horn as the packers advance to the nfc title game, beat the cowboys, will face atlanta next week and pittsburgh also winning tonight. shawn mcveigh is winning now in hollywood getting big time bucks, former redskins offensive coordinator taking the rams job. possible candidates we discuss next in game on overtime. >> and also a really cool story on the 1 and only break dance school in our area and it's in the country, in fact. the only one that exists and the cool thing is you know how like in karate they've got the brown, black and you earn your belts? at the break dance school you earn your shoelace, the big fat school lace. >> -- shoelace. >> can adults do this? >> i'm sure they
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>> my friend does this. it's pretty cool. >> game on overtime is exciting. we're doing really well, caps, wizards, not bad. >> keep it going. let's keep winning with the forecast. >> once you get past tuesday, we'll be on somewhat of a roll. cloudy and cool tomorrow, 45, milder tuesday, 54. wednesday looks nice, showers probably over before daybreak and looking good thursday and inauguration day before shower chances increase a little bit next weekend. >> we will take it. you can get updates any time on our wusa9 ap we are the tv doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives.ime on our wusa9 ap by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses.
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trol today.
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this is game on overtime. >> and score! >> niskanen fires and scores! >> who is the hottest team in hockey? your washington capitals, that's who! caps arguably the best team in the nhl after winning their ninth straight, but we got to ask does it really matter? >> rodgers, touchdown. >> playoffs matter in the nfl. could green bay pull off the upset in big d? >> redskins are looking for coaching help after their wonder kid shawn mcveigh bolts for l.a. to be their head man, the latest on the search to replace mcveigh as game on overtime starts right now. backstrom on the hop, two- on-one


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