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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  January 16, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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captioning funded by cbs overnight the massive system also spawned possible tornados in texas. president-elect trump hits back after criticism from the head of the cia and the civil rights legend. incoming white house press secretary seance spir will join us. >> mr. trump says he has a plan. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your woin
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yesterdandy, a this ice just continues to build up. we were standing just a few feet away when this massive branch came crashing down. >> deadly winter weather freezes the midwest. >> ice is making travel ramise ble. >> millions of millions still without power. >> covered up her car. been digging ever since. a cargo plane has crashed killing at least 37 people. >> sources within the intelligence community attributed with sharing that information is a real disservice to our democracy. >> what i do find outrageous is equating intelligence community with nazi germany. >> donald trump, if you take away the particulars, was yoected on the same program that u were, change. >> that's a lot of particulars you're taking away. >> fair enough.
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barnum & bailey sir cultural gone forever. players and spectators stampeded for the doors. >> all that -- the white van overturned. a group of people came together to flip it upright. it's unclear what caused the crash. the steelers come into kansas and beat them on the road. >> -- and all that matters -- >> people talk when we went on vacation, people were like, spending taxpayer money -- ,no no. i pay for all of it. we buy our own toilet paper in the white house. it's not free. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> with three seconds left, it is good. the packers are moving on. aaron rodgers has done it again and mason crosby, a hero for green bay. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places.
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>> aaron rodgers is simply unbelievable. he gives his players position. >> crosby, three great kicks. >> that is a football game. that's where you see the beauty of the game. >> let's not leave out the patriots. >> i mean the super bowl could possibly be aaron rodgers and tom brady. >> wow. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." millions of americans face dangerous winter weather after a deadly ice storm slammed the country's midsection. >> whoa. tornado. right there. it's right there. >> storm chasers captured the violent weather last night near dallas/ft. worth. thousands are without
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>> there's a tunnel of ice-coated strees in oklahoma. some branches crashed down. the ice storm is blamed for six deaths. it's creating havocs on roads and at airports. from new mexico up to iowa. it stretches all the way into parts of the northeast. omar villafranca is in oklahoma which is covered in ice. omar, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that storm rolled across texas and into oklahoma and brought with it freezing rain that coated power lines and trees like this one behind me. it looks like it's a tree made of glass, but let me show you what we're dealing with. it's actually ice, about a half inch up to an inch thick. this storm basically crippled the area and left millions at a standstill. overnight storms pounded texas bringing heavy rains, flooding, and tornadoes. >> whoa. >> reporter: two touched down south of dallas. heavy winds near one
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hangar at the grand prairie airport. further north, ice more than an inch thick in some places crippled parts of the great plains in the midwest, crushing trees, cracking power lines, and disabling cars. >> it covered up my pickup, come covered up our car, neighbor's van. been digging ever since. >> reporter: battered by freezing rain and snow, leaving thousands of people without power. on the roads crews worked overtime clearing ice and snow. >> oh, there goes another one right there. >> reporter: the ice storm devastated highways, leaving drivers spinning out of crow. a dash cam shows a kansas city trooper making a narrow mistake after a semitractor trailer loses control on a busy road. in
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crashed on interstate 80 causing one to erupt in a blaze. fire crews were called to the airport where hundreds of flights were canceled due to the storm. following the dallas clowboys' loss to the green bay packers caused them to close down. the game was pushed back seven hours because of the ice storm. there is rain in the forecast for some of the affected areas, but the good news is temperatures should get and possibly stay above freezing for most of the day, which will absolutely help melt some of this off the trees. gayle? >> hope you're right. thank you very much. meteorologist jamie davis of our fort dallas station katv is tracking the storm. good morning. >> good morning.
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winter weather alerts including an ice storm warning across kansas, iowa, and nebraska. we could see a quarter to a half an inch on top of what we've already seen. of course, that's going to cause more slick roads, power out angs and many travel disruptions. many officials are telling folks to stay inside and stay put if you can. in addition to the ice, snow is going to be the big story especially over parts of colorado and western kansas where we expect some areas to pick up 3 to 6 inches of snow. charlie? >> jeff jamison, thank you. at least 37 people were killed. the turn eric cargo plane was flying from hong kong to istanbul. it was about to make a planned stop when it
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outside ma is in airport. most of those kill wrd on the ground. the cause of the crash isn't known, but the jet was trying to land in heavy fog. president-elect trump is in an angry dispute with a legend in the civil rightsre aa on this martin luther king jr. day. lewis and other house democrats plan to skip friday's inauguration, and yesterday mr. trump hit back at cia director john brennan tweeting that the agency couldn't do much worse and asking was the leaker of fake news. major garrett is covering the trump transition with four days to go. good morning. >> good morning. mr. trump was responding. the head of the spy agency also refused to confirm or deny if the cia had any evidence about contacts between the president-elect's camp
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the russians pointing instead to the fbi. >> i very much hope that our relationship with russia improves in the coming administration. >> reporter: on sunday john brennan warned the president-elect about temper and judgment. >> therefore, when he speaks or when he reacts, he has to make sure he understands the implications could be profound. >> mr. trump had for weeks doubted reports on russia tampering, cyber and otherwise, in the 2016 election. >> as far as hacking, i think it was russia. >> before reversing course during his news conference last week. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> it's led people like john lewis to question his legitimacy. >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected, and t
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destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> lewis said he will boycott the inauguration. on saturday trump turned to twitter. john lewis should spend time helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime infested. all talk. talk, talk. no action or results. sad. lewis represents a district with wealth and prestige. it includes atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport, the centers for disease control and prevention, and the georgia institute of technology. >> donald trump won this election fair and square. >> on "face the nation" mike pence tried to soften mr. trump's tone. >> it was deeply disappointing to me and also to hear h
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inauguration this friday. i hope he reconsiders both statements. >> pence also said none of the conversations that michael flynn had with the ambassador to the u.s. were related to the sanctions tied to an election on hacking. gayle, it is unclear if mr. trump will maintain those sanctions. >> all right. thank you very much, major. in his final interview, president obama says he'll have to get the intelligence community to trust him. steve kroft asked the president about mr. trump's criticism. >> we're in this transition period and one of the first things that he has done in this transition period is to pick a fight with the intelligence agency. do you think that that's a smart move? >> you're not going to be able to make good decisions without building some relationship of trust between yourself and that community. >> do you see that happening? >> not yet, but,
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again, he hasn't gotten sworn in office yet. >> president obama also said he believes the affordable care act will be one of his lasting legacies. president-elect trump says he plans to present a better alternative to obamacare soon. he didn't offer specifics to the "washington post." he said the republican plan was in the final strokes and said, quote, we're going to have insurance for everybody. mr. trump said the replacement plan, there was a philosophy in some circles if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. that's not going happen with us. he warned the pharmaceutical companies, they're politically protected but not anymore. senators bernie sanders and chuck schumer told a crowd in warren they would fight the repeal of the law that protects 20 million americans. john, good rn
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thanks for having me. >> how do we define exactly what the president-elect wants to do. is it universal health care? here's what he told scott pelley. i'm going to take care of everybody. i don't care if it costs me votes or not. they'll be taken care of much better than they're taken care of now. >> i think his goal is to make sure everybody's got health care but one of the beauties of having a president like donald trump, he knows,000 create deals. >> more people are going to have access to health care under the obamacare plan? >> i think not only are they going have greater access but greater choice. they're going have more plans an more doctors available, something they're not having now. you see in market after market people who at one point had two, three plans to choose from are now being told the only plan
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other competition is available. what he's going to do is reinstill a sense of competition and choice in the marketplace, allow greater competition to drive down costs, give consumers more options. >> why haven't we heard the details yet, sean? >> because he's not president yet. i get that you're excited about what he's going to do. but we've got four days to go. he's got plans on a lot of things that are going make this country move in the right direction, whether it's how we're going help our veterans and create better options. >> sean, that's a big promise, insurance for everybody. what does that look like? does that mean government pays for it or government mandates that businesses pay for it? >> well, again, norah, i think the goal as the president-elect stated in the "washington post" article, his goal is to make sure everyone's covered but he wants to do so in a way that brings all
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table. so there's a pharmaceutical component to this, there's a competition and a marketplace access issue meaning right now the plans cannot compete across state lines which limits competition. so there are ways to deal with the price side that drive the price down and give consumers greater choice. >> let me ask you about john lewis and john brennan. was that necessary on behalf of the president notwithstanding what john lewis had said. >> look. i think john lewis is an icon on this martin luther king jr.'s anniversary. >> exactly. >> he's been a stalwart for that. that's why i think his comments were disappointing. john lewis more than anybody understands the need to enfranchise people, to get them out to vote, and when he makes a comment about the ill le legitimacy oan
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think it ubds mines what he's done. he's been such a champion, working to get more people to vote and the legitimacy and apparatus of systems. to see him make a comment like that, i think, was disappointing. >> the president-elect doesn't have to respond to every criticism. >> i understand that. but when someone of john lewis's stature goes out and attacks the legitimacy of an election and his legitimacy as president, there is something when someone of that huge stature and iconic nature attacks him. the president-elect has a right as he's done over and over again of fighting back and making sure that hi shows he's not going to sit back and take attacks without responding. >> thank you so much for joining us. susan page is "usa today's" washington bureau chief. good morning. >> good morning. >> insurance for everybody. who pays for it. >> it sounds
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people who have worked on health care for decades don't understand how that's going to work. it's what we've struggled with as a nation for a long time. now, i may be talking about universal access to insurance. that's something speaker paul ryan has talked about. that's something more different and limited than universal coverage. >> access is a big deal. >> it would be a big deal, protecting the people with pre-existing issues. that would be a big deal. >> and trump has said he's inclined to do that. >> that's right. but you do have to pay for it. a lot of russian news ore the weekend. we heard the cia director say donald trump does not have a full appreciation of russian capabilities and the president-elect saying he could do away with some of these russian sanctions. >> and he was a leaker. >> and we heard that nato is obsolete. so these are things that -- you know, trump has been a disrupter in many way
7:18 am
russia as well. the idea that he may actually move to lift the sanctions just imposed by president obama for meddling in our election, these are things that have gotten everybody's attention. this would be a fundamental shift in the approach that american presidents in general and particularly republican president-ele presidents have take en. >> what does vladimir putin have to do to get trump to lift the sanctions? >> maybe they'll have to invite them back to the talks. >> what do you make of his squabble now with john lewis? there are very strong feelings on both sides of this dice putte? >> there's nothing that seems to get the president-elect's attention more than questioning hiss legitimacy. that's when it comes to russia
7:19 am
lost the popular vote to hillary clinton. these are things that really get his attention. he's insensitive perhaps to some of the racial aspects including the offense that john lewis and othering took when he questioned the legitimacy of barack obama's presidency. >> four days to go. he says he's going to unite the country. >> leets hope that happens. >> yes. cbs news will have full coverage. it begin us with us on friday on cbs. protests of hundreds of thousands of people will likely compromise security on inauguration day. inside we'll go inside the command center to see how law enforcement arou
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you're looking at a live picture at the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington, d.c. a wreath-laying ceremony will honor the civil rights leader and the first lady will lead in plans throughout the day. 120 national parks are waiving entry fees. >> nice to see. welcome back to "cbs this morning." he would have been 80 something on this day. >> i know. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the unprecedented challenge of securing the presidential inauguration. nearly a million people are expected to visit washington including a rec
7:31 am
protest groups. we'll take you inside the command center responsible for keeping everybody safe. plus the incredible story of a young woman taken from her family. the person who was thought to be her mother for 18 years now charged with kidnapping. time to show you this morning's headlines from around the gloechblt vice president joe biden is urging the world to stand up against russian aggression. his remarks come after president-elect trump said sanctions could be lifted in exchange for a new deal. lee jay young is the heir to the samsung empire. he's accused to paying more than $36 million in bribes links to the samsung president. it comes
7:32 am
the galaxy note 7 recall. the eight richest men are as wealthy as half the world's come bun nation. bill gates has a combined $426 billion. now that equals the wealth of more than 3.5 billion people, which is equal to the poorest 50% of the population. the charity oxfam calls it grotesque. >> it is staggering. >> wow, that's a big number. and "the new york times" notes return notes. they're offering up to $1,300 against pending returns. the taxpayers are now dangling free and clear money to compete with low costs online filing services. security preparations and planning for friday's inauguration have been under way for mont
7:33 am
inned a a mock swearing-in ceremony. they marched to work out final details before the big event. jeff pegues is on the national mall where security trailers and barricades are being set up for the 58th presidential inauguration. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. washington is going to look like a fortress this week. look at all this fencing they've set up, and there is more to come. poli policing inaugurations is a difficult task but this year will be different because of the complex of potential threats. add to that the number of protest groups who have applied for permits. 25, which according to the national parks service is five time as what they typically see. pennsylvania avenue is being transformed for the inauguration as is security around the nation's capitol. the department of
7:34 am
million people in the streets of washington. so can you see all of washington from this room? >> we can see a lot of washington from this room. >> reporter: executive ace sis stand director of the fbi will be watching from this command center with representatives from different agencies. there are dozens of televisions with different angles of the city, streets and yarl view as well as traffic flow. they want everything covered. >> we're facing a more complex threat environment. >> in what way? >> just in terms the types of threats that have occurred, attacks we've seen here in the united states and around the world. >> reporter: the attacks in paris, belgium, and san bernardino haunt officials. it shows terrorist initiatives are capable of large-scale attacks or lone wolf
7:35 am
sponsored by isis or al qaeda. they say they can't rule everything out. >> we work hard every day, 24/7, not just during inauguration but on every day, even today, to stop things like that from happening. >> you can have unpredictable crowds. >> reporter: former homeland security director michael chertoff who led in 2009 when president obama was sworn into office says terrorists aren't the only concern. >> protesters can be a challenge, particularly because they're a distractor. >> reporter: over 350,000 protesters are expected to be in the streets. there will be 28,000 law enforcement officials including 3,200 from across the country and about 8,000 members of the national guard. cyber attacks are another concern for the security
7:36 am
tracking potential threats online that could disrupt the inauguration, but officials say there are no specific or credible threats to the event. charlie. >> jeff, thank you so much. cbs news coverage of the inauguration begins here on "cbs this morning." you can watch it all day long this friday on cbs. a girl who was an ducted from a florida hospital back in 1998 was reunited with her parents after nearly two decades. investigators found 18-year-old kamiyah mobley living in a small town almost 200 miles from where she disappeared. the woman she thought was her mother has now been charged with kidnapping and interference with custody. tony dokoupil shows us what led investigators to the missing girl. good morning. >> good morning. she disappeared just hours after she was born. it generated national headlines but her family says they never gave up hope and now that faith has finally been rewarded. kamiyah mobley was just
7:37 am
newborn the last time she was held by her biological mother. now she's a young woman. on sadr mobley met the parents she never knew she had. biologi aiken, it was the first time he had ever laid eyes on her. >> the past 18 years, it's going to be hard to make that up. >> reporter: mobley was abducted from a jacksonville hospital more than 18 years ago. a woman posing as a nurse took the infant from her mother and panished. >> i could not sit and hold her. will you please, please bring me back my child. >> we're asking your assistance in locating this lady. >> reporter: police chased down more than 2,500 leads but they were dead ends. it all changed after the national center for missing and exploited children got an anonymous tip. >> we got information that this person had who he believed to be kamiya
7:38 am
be the abduct ter. >> reporter: that led police to the home of gloria williams of south carolina. tests confirmed friday the 18-year-old girl living there under a different name was, in fact, mobley. >> she had an inclination months ago that she may have been involved in this in some way. >> reporter: friends and neighbors described williams as a good parent and a pillar of the community. at the friday hearing where williams agreed to be extradited to florida, mobley openly wept. >> she's bonded with who she believed to be her family and birth mother, so she's going to deal with a lot of conflicted loyalties. >> reporter: she told the newspaper on her daughter's birthdays she would wrap a piece of cake and put it in the freezer. they say in the u.s. 133 babies have been abducted from hospitals in the u.s. the good news is only four of those cases remain
7:39 am
>> oh, wow. >> but this one is so heartbreaking. >> how do they solve most of them? >> tips come in over the years. this is what happened over the years. >> i remember having a baby. now they have all these security measures in place so that no one takes your baby. you have to have the matching wristband on the mother and the baby before they bring the baby out. >> it's so sad. it's so sad, norah. the fact that the girl didn't know and the guy who was her father all these years thought that was his child too because the woman mad lied to him as well. >> the sadness goes in both directions. you saw her weeping at the court hearing. >> what a terrible story. it's the end of an era for the circus. after nearly 150 years. ahead, why the big top is coming down forever on the greatest show on earth. and we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcasts. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews, and what else, gayle? >> we always like our podcast
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the so-called greatest show on earth is folding up its tent forever. after nearly a century and a half of shows the parent company of ringling bros. barnum & bailey circus will go out of service in may. manuel bojorquez is at a circus training center in sarasota, florida. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the so-called greatest little show on earth. it's the training ground for some who had hoped to join ringling brothers. it has an uncertain future despite a spectacular fast. with
7:45 am
exotic animals, the ringling bros. barnum & bailey circus was turned big top cap uring audiences for nearly 150 year bus attendance has been falling. ringling tried to remain relevant adding i skating and bmx effects. they added their first female ringmaster. but they say letting go some of their biggest performers was the final straw. >> removing elephants from the touring units we saw a very sharp drop in attendance, much greater than we anticipated and that's led us to this decision because the business motto was no longer sustainable. >> activists are claiming victory but are still concerned about the future of the animals. >> they still have the possibility of moving them
7:46 am
sanctuaries. >> reporter: at the conservatory in sarasota that trains the young of tomorrow, it's sad. she's an instructor here and her dad lou was one of ringling's most famous clowns. >> is this the end of an era? >> in my heart i don't want to believe it. it's part of americana, part of our dna in america. it's a memory maker. >> reporter: the final ringling brothers show will be in union dale, new york, on may 21st. we may learn more about the circus's employees and animals when the company addresses the media at its headquarters later this morning here in sarasota. gayle? >> yep. it's brand-new day. remember when you went to the circus as a little kid. >> i still go. >> kids love the circus. >> it is a lot of fun.
7:47 am
human tricks. >> i get that. the circus and the malls. oh, no. manny, we thank you again. the video from the ground is very impressive. coming up next, you'll see the view captured by three friends from more than a mile and a half up in the air. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by petsmart.
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7:52 am
barge in the pacific. three friends called it a unique view of the launch. they were flying in a small plane and captured it on camera from 8,500 feet in the air. >> who's happier, the three friends or elon musk? >> elon's very happy. >> i bet he's doing the hula somewhere. president-elect trump hates the way "saturday night live" targets him. ahead, political satire over the yes. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults.
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it is monday, january 16th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including the president-elect promising insurance for everybody. see what he might do to replace obamacare and how that could change your health coverage. but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. fr that storm brought with it ngeezi rain thatte coad power lines and trees like this one behind me. >> an ice storm warning across parts of kansas, nebraska, and iowa. this is where the worst of it has already been. >> mr. trump was responding to the cia director's assertion that the president-elect does not fully understand the russian threat. su the president-elect
8:01 am
with some of these russian sanctions. sh this would be a fundamental ift in the approach that american presidents in general and particularly republican presidents. >> let me ask you about john wawis. s that necessary? >> when he comments on the ill legitimacy of the president, that undermines the work john lewis has done. >> it's an art form with an uncertain future despite a spectacular past. >> it's dion lewis. and taking off. he's taking off. peters is trying to chase him. that's not a fair match. lewis is going to break it. 98 yards! larry holmes, the special teams coach and former patriots linebacker can't believe it. >> was that norah? was that norah screaming with your children and your husband? was y
8:02 am
>> unbelievable. >> grout to be there in person. >> yeah. >> very cool. >> big match-ups ahead too. >> you had a good time. >> really good time. >> watching the patriots? >> really good time. >> is tom brady as good up close and personal -- >> i didn't get that close. but watching them all play. a shout-out, the houston texass had a great game too. but the patriots came out on top. >> did they ask you about us? >> i'm not the guest in the a block. >> you're smiling awfully hard. >> very giggly. >> very giggly today, miss o'donnell. >> maybe it's -- >> i'm just happy. >> what are we missing, charlie? >> it says charlie on the prompter now. >> okay. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and miss norah o'donnell. at least six people are dead after dangerous ice storm batteruced mh of the central united states. the system pounded parts of texas overnight with heavy rain,
8:03 am
flooding, and tornadoes. two touched down south of dallas. it damaged a hangar at the grand prairie municipal airports. >> an ice storm crushed trees, cracked power lines and sent cars out of control. ice and winter storm warnings are in place from new mexico up to iowa. winter weather advisories are in effect to the north and the east. donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president in four days. he still has a strange relationship with the intelligence community. he blasted cia director john brennan last night on twitter writing, was this the leaker of fake news. mr. trump was reacted to brennan's response when he was asked if the president understands the threat from russia. >> i don't think he has a full appreciation of russian capabilities, russia's intentions and actions that they're undertaking in many parts of the d.
8:04 am
and sponlts of the intelligence community is. >> in two interviews the president-elect said he's open to taking another look at sanctions against russia if that country helped the u.s. he also attacked john lewis from making these comments on friday. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you dmot consider him a legitimate president. why is that? >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected, and they helped destroy the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> mr. trump tweeted, quote, congressman john lewis should spend more time fixing and helping his district which the in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime-infested instead of complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk. no action or results.
8:05 am
john lewis is a civil icon of the civil right air force rah. he was beaten in the march with dr. martin luther king jr. atlanta to trump, wrong. and on twitter, people posted pictures of that district with the #defendthe5th. this friday the inauguration begins with us on "cbs this morning." it will continue all day long on cbs. the president-elect says he is almost ready to unveil his proposal to replace obamacare. donald trump told the "washington post" the plan will provide insurance for everybody. he said it is very much formulated down to the final strokes. mr. trump said he would use executive power if necessary to replace the affordable care act. rallies took place across the country yesterday. thousands attended for a protest led by bernie sanders yesterd
8:06 am
>> what we're saying to the republicans is if you want to improve the affordable care act, let's work together. but if you think you're simply going to throw millions off of health insurance, you've got another guess coming. >> so what could plan to replace obamacare actually look like. shannon, good morning and congratulations on your new job and a promotion. >> thank you. >> so when sean spicer was here this last hour he said he couldn't really talk about the specifics because the president-elect is not the president yet. you've been working the story. so what does it look like? >> from republicans in congress i'm hearing a lot of the same republican ideas that they've been talking about for years now, health savings accounts, you know, getting rid of these essential core benefits that the obamacare plans have to include things like birth control, psychiatric care, well visits. they say
8:07 am
the costs of plans now and if we got writ of those, it would make it more affordable. they don't like panhandledates or the government telling people they have to buy insurance or employers. those are things we keep hearing. pre-existing conditions we keep hearing over and over again. we don't want people with pre-existing conditions not to get care. if people have no incentive or pressure to buy an insurance plan, then they're going to wait until they get sick. oh, i have a pre-existing condition, you still have to koer me and they'll buy it then and that's the worst-case scenario. >> does it affect trooper's values, the kinds of things he's talked about over the years? >> one thing he li'd like to se included is lowering drug prices. that's something, if we think we're going get a plan through easily and quickly, if he goes after drug prices which he is
8:08 am
essentially proposing, that's going to create a very big bat well congress because republicans in congress feel like this price negotiation, this letting the government set drug prices goes against their free market values. it might be trump's values of lowering drug prices but they think it's going hurt business and innovation. >> as a consumer, you think, yeah, great idea. >> right. and in a lot of countries they do is it the price of drugs. it's a very, very popular idea. >> he has really shown to use the white house, even though he's not there yet, as a bully pulpit against businesses. >> what we don't know is how much of the plan is going to be driven by congress and how much will be driven by the trump administration. is it going to be the trm p administration telling them what to do or congress saying here's plan, an idea we agree on, here's a bill, sign it. that determines a l
8:09 am
included and what ideas get left on the cutting room floor. >> lowering prices is something everyone agrees on. they're the most -- other than the nra, they're the most powerful people in terms of washington and the lobbying sector. that will be a thing worth watching. the second thing is the president-elect is promising insurance for everybody, and i think as reporters and others, the question has to be, who is going to pay for this. you can't have insurance. it doesn't come free. either the government is going to pay for it and taxpayers are going to pay for it or businesses pay for it, which is what congress was. which one is it? >> well, republicans are hoping they can do that by making health care affordable, by getting rid of some of these required benefits, improving malpractice reform, buy into free market. they believe if their principles are put in place, they'll be able to afford it or they'll be lowered for the
8:10 am
that's all theoretic cal and needs to be tested and played out. that's what they're hoping for sure. >> everybody has access to insurance. it's whether you can afford it or not or the type of insurance. >> or if you can pay for it. >> you can get casualty insurance. it's an extremely high deductible. this is a debate and a debate worth having. >> if the government pays for it it's medicare or a single payer system. >> right. we'll see when the plan comes out. we're waiting with bated breath. >> thank you so much. ahead,
8:11 am
likes to read a lot. >> i get to learn new words and stuff. >> so what's one of the words that you are learning now? >> i've already learned
8:12 am
punctilliuoness. >> i believe that means on time. that's ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning." bloomin' onion big! it's a bloomin' onion topped with our aussie cheese fries... but hurry in... just a few more days for this happy bloomin' new year... from outback. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop.
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for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets.
8:15 am
god, i'm loving this press conference. i love the press. i respect the press. let's take another question from the press. >> hi. i'm from "buzz
8:16 am
"buzzfee "buzzfeed." you're a failing pile of garbage. i'll tell you why. i took your quiz. i'm joey, array chel. >> he fired back on seasonal words. not funny. the cast is terrible. always a hit job. for years the presidents have had to get used to being the butt of comedians' jokes. jan crawford is in washington with some of the best political satire. good morning. >> they're always poking fun of the politicians in washington and some presidents have actually tried to laugh along. in 1975 chevy chase ushered in a new era of political humor. >> hello. hello. >> impersonating president gerald ford during the first season of "saturday night live." since then both democrats. >> there's going to be a whole bunch of thing
8:17 am
police clinton. >> reporter: and the clintons. >> one guy who scares me more than my dad. >> reporter: posing for truth behind political personas. >> and as i stand here in my borrowed work jacket in front of a sign that says the real deal. >> reporter: jon stewart honed his style of political humor over more than 15 years of comedy central's ""the daily show."" and explained it in a recent interview with charlie rose. >> i'm going with a scalpel at the crux of your identity as a politician to expose it for everybody to see and then i'm going have to make a joke about it and walk away and you're going to laugh and it's going to humanize you. >> reporter: many politicians have learned to laugh at themselves. >> the election is about who can take the
8:18 am
impersonation became almost as famous as the bushes themselves. >> the way is to start out with mister rogers. it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. then you add a little john wayne. here we go. go over the rich. you put them together. you've got george herbert walker bush. >> first up, i want to say how sclieted aim to be in front of both the liberal media as well as the regular liberal media. >> reporter: in 2008 tina fey's impersonation of sarah palin may have been the first to go viral. >> hillary and i don't agree on everything. >> anything. >> i believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy. >> and i can see russia from my house. >> reporter: 2015 president obama embraced key & peele's
8:19 am
>> i received my fair share of criticism from the republican party. >> i can't even give malia an allowance. >> inviting him to deliver his white house correspondence speech. >> we need to stay focused on climate change? listen, y'all. in case you haven't noticed, california is bone dry. it looked like a trailer for the new mad max movie up in there. >> reporter: darrell hammond impersonated numerous politicians including vice president dick cheney. >> sorry i shot my friend in the face. >> reporter: perhaps most famously president bill clinton. >> saddam, are you still there? >> who is that? one of your jewish friends? >> no. well, yes, sort of. >> reporter: the times i have been around him, he's always been very gracious. cheney was very nice. i went to a couple of christmas parties at his house. >>'ve made a pretty good living on making fun of
8:20 am
>> reporter: christopher buckley who's been making fun of washington for decades argues the goal of satire is to show politicians how silly they really are. >> i also have an underlying respect for them. if you have no respect for them, you know, what's the point of making fun of them. >> now, after that highly contested election, i mean voters could probably use a laugh, and as the president-elect is set sboolg the white house, he's probably going have to get used to the jokes or he can turn off his tv. gayle? >> i guess it's funny if it's not you. but wouldn't it be funny if donald trump had alec baldwin at the white house press correspondents' dinner and was in on the joke? >> i don't think that's going to happen. a big scare for dozens of people in a newly opened sports hall. the video shows
8:21 am
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8:24 am
talk about running for your light. 80 athletes and spectators at a floor hockey tournament had to run foraf sety when the whole roof started to collapse. inspectors believe heavy snow on mae roof, this was a new roof,
8:25 am
nobody got hu
8:26 am
bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied.
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orkingbe to better.
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z25enz z17vz y25eny y17vy
8:30 am
the packers. it is good. the packers are moving on. >> moving on. quickly too. the green bay packers punched their tirkt to the nfc title game yesterday where the thrilling victory over dallas. people saw it and said it was thrilling. welcome back to "cbs this morning." cbssports tony gonzalez, there he is, is in the toyota green room to break up the four matchups ahead of the super bowl. emmy nominated actor tyrus burgess of "tituss" will tell us if he's really similar to the character he plays. new york's daily
8:31 am
reports that d.d. cooper may have been a boeing worker. he was never found. now amateur scientists analyze particles from a clip-on that parker left behind. they feed rare elements like ones found at an arrow space plant. the "times of london" talks about the prince of william becoming a full-time royal. he's ending his era as a continue pilot. they will make kensington palace this fall and that's when prince george will start school. the rile will really miss the flying. he does love it. some big names are moving to the ritzy california neighborhood. jeff bezos just paid $23 million in cash for this. th
8:32 am
nine-bedroom home there as well. so it's a nice place to be. >> i heard it's a nice neighborhood. >> it is now. a trip to the super bowl will be on the line next sunday. aaron rodgers and the green bay packers will take home the atlanta falcons in the nfc. in the afc, the pittsburgh steelers will face tom brady and the patriots in game you can see on cbssports. tony gonzalez has been following these teams all season. the former pro bowler is making his feature return this week. tony joins us this morning. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> he's also an actor. >> i like that. show some respect to the actor at the table, y'all. >> let's talk about the movie in a moment. but, first, looking at aaron rodgers yesterday, it's amazing to me.
8:33 am
for a long time, is how he can pass on the run. >> that's his game. this is one of those things. when you blitz aaron rodgers, he has the number one efficiency against the blitz. if you blitz him, he's going to rip you apart. and if you drop people back, he's going to rip you apart because he's a hall of fame slicer and dicer quarterback. he's been on fire the last eight games. to me, i don't know, they were 4-6. he came out and said we're going to run the table. >> run the table. >> run the table. to me, i don't think people understand how big that statement was. because he's doing it. it's like right up there with hue hand ali with the greatest people of all time saying -- calling his shot. >> did you think, yeah, sure, or did you think, he's going to do it. >> no. i got on board. if you look at our show, i got on part with it. i said, i'm not going against mr. discount double-check. if he says he's going to win the rest of the season, i'm going with him. >> the team that they'rela
8:34 am
>> what team is that? the atlanta falcons. geez. tough. >> matt had a good game, didn't he? >> matt is the mvp of the nfl this year. not that i have a vote. but i think the way he's played from beginning to end, he is -- it's going to be a great football game. two elite quarterbacks in the nfl. >> he stepped his game right there. >> yes. yes. well, he -- i think after last year, he went through the worst season of his career statistically which is sometimes the worst thing that can ever happen to you as player. i know for me my regular season i dropped 17 balls and they were about to call me a bust. if that never happened to me, i probably would have never became the player that i was. you have go through that down time. the way he responded -- >> but, tony, 17 balls? >> 17. >> 17? >> 17. not five, not ten. 17. >> i led the nfl. >> let's talk about the patriots and steelers, tony. >> that's the game. once again, the quarterbacks, ben roethlisberger, tom
8:35 am
you like them so much, but -- >> are you making fun of her? you know, she was at the game. >> you like them so much. >> she loves gronkowski. >> yes. >> i love him too. he's a good guy. >> so does that mean -- >> i like him because he's serious and he's smart. that's why i like gronk. >> because he loves beer bongs and partying? >> you love him in a bathing suit. >> that's what it is. >> are you picking the steelers or are you picking on norah? that was very grade school? who are you picking? >> the patriots at home. tom brady, bill belichick. they even got such a complete football team. ben roethlisberger is good too. it's going to be a good football game too. no matter what, i'm giving them the edge. >> brady? he made two interceptions. >> but he didn't play well. i think that's over. i think he'll play well. >> who's going to be favored? >> probably the patriots will be
8:36 am
but right now go against -- i hope that doesn't happen either. i want matt ryan to get a shot. but if aaron rodgers is in there playing the way he is right now, we've seen this before, back when they won the super bowl the last time. that ball is like on a rope and he's shredding the defense apart. >> can we talk about your acting career? your mom is a big action fan. did you do this for your mom or because you liked it for yourself. >> you should have seen my mom. she was like, oh, my god, i love vin diesel. i had a blast. >> this young man has some acting chops. >> i can do my mom really well, yeah. but it was fun. >> do you want do more of this, tony? >> i would love to do more. >> it's all going to his head. >> please. can i have green m&ms in my trailer from now on? >> i enjoyed it a lot more than i thought i was going to. it's very much like football. you get your script, your
8:37 am
you have do it over and over and when you rehearse it, you out and do it and then you nail it or don't nail it on. very good. >> listen. i cheer you on no matter what you do. i love you, tony gonzalez. >> thank you. i continue to watch you. i watch you on youtube, old interviews. the one you did on will smith was so good. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> he's smart too. hi acts, he does foonl and he's smart too. >> and he has great judgment. >> he has a great why, successful kids. you don't need a storied past to enjoy a good book. as we told you friday, daliyah arana has read over 1,000 books. we traveled to gainesville, florida to hear daliya
8:38 am
>> reporter: for 4-year-old daliyah arana, it is not hard to find the appetite to read. >> i broke my trunk. >> reporter: the small town georgia girl feels most at home here at the local library where she's able to check out books as the owner of her own library card. the story of houda lie w daliya became a voracious reader began when she was 2 years old. her mother involved her in a program where they read 1,000 books before they're in kindergarten. she said she surpassed that goal before preschool. >> i got to learn new words and stuff. >> so what's one of the words that you are learning now? >> i've already lunged p ee eed learned
8:39 am
>> she learned from the library. >> what did you learn about the library of congress? did you get to touch some of the books? >> i didn't get to touch the books but they gave us some books. >> they gave you some books. >> yeah, we got to keep them. >> she's read five to seven books in a day. >> reporter: her mother believes she vdeveloped a love for readig while she was still in the womb. >> my main hope is that she will inspire other children to read. >> deeply rooted in that american dream, i have a dream. >> reporter: we were there as daliyah rehearsed drchltd martin luther king jr.'s famous "i have a dream" speech. at the hall county library ahead of her performance to mark the national holiday. >> and daliyah is stillable to be a little girl, because when you hear
8:40 am
reading a thousand books, you think, wait a minute, is she able to play outside? >> exactly. she's still a 4-year-old. >> what do you want to be when groix up? have you thought about it? >> yes. i want to be a paleontologist. >> what is that? >> well, a paleontologist, they study dinosaurs. >> whether it's a word or through a sentence, daliyah says her first 1,000 books are just the opening chapter of her story. >> the end. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" demarco morgan, gainesville, georgia. >> how much do we love this little girl, at 4 years old she already knows she wants to be a paleontologist. >> i have to correct what i said earlier. punctiliousness is paying
8:41 am
>> i get it. congratulations to little daliyah and her mom. >> and her mom. one of the stars of the em nominated show will reveal what it's like to work with co-creator tina fey. tituss burgess is his name. he's in the toyota green room. hello, tituss. >> hello, gayle. >> he'll tell us what t
8:42 am
8:43 am
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8:45 am
you very much, tituss burgess got his start on broadway. he started with "good vibration," "jersey boys," and "guys & dolls." now "unbreakable kimmy schmidt." she moves to new york and she meets tituss, guy roy na be actor. in season two his wife comes back and kimmy ain't happy he ditched his wife right after the wedding. >> divorced, dead. >> pizza party for one. what's wrong? >> i don't know, tituss. what is wrong and what's right and what's
8:46 am
>> i find that life is mostly gray areas, especially the parts i can't reach with moisturizer. >> uh-huh. is that why you thought it was okay to be so mean to vonda? >> i don't know what you mean. >> you couldn't even apologize to her. >> there are three things we do not do, apologies, drag, and calcul calculus. >> tituss burgess joins us at the table. >> thank you for having me. >> we're so glad you're here. tina fey said she first met you at "30 rock" where you played the hairdresser. >> defong. >> she didn't know if you played a character or were a wonderful character. but it's wonderful to have you. >> maybe she still don't know the different. >> you were just acting. >> we were acting. i miss that show. >> she said yshe wrote this sho, this charactus
8:47 am
you had to audition. >> it was my first tv regular on a television show and i suppose i had to prove to the network that i had the chops so i did and then there you go. i'm glad it worked out. >> what did you do in your audition because you're so good at accents. >> what did i do. my goodness. the script for the pilot is very different than what squebltly the pilot turned out to be. there was all sorts of things there, but i pulled out every trick i had to try to get that job, honey. yes, i did. >> now, some people say you're very similar to the character you play. but you say you're very different. >> i don't think -- look. i mean i certainly borrow from my personal catalog of failures, you know. >> you like calculus? >> no. but, you know, being an actor in the business, you know, you get told no a lot more than you get told yes. and, you know, there's a
8:48 am
list of things that it does to your self-esteem. and so it made it very easy to find an in to tituss's sort of struggle, trajectory, and plights. but in terms of his is senn tristys, i don't know that we share many. >> that's good to know. >> in between all of those rejections, i mean, do you keep the spirit up? how do you do that? >> how do you do that. well, i -- >> -- believe that the next one will be a winner? >> no. i don't so much look toward -- i don't look so much toward the future as the way to keep hope. i always have this ever-present you are enough, you are funny whether someone writes or you write it yourself, tituss. you are no less brilliant on screen than you are off, and so i just -- i've always had this sort of --
8:49 am
where i was in the world, who i was in the world, and what my lane was and i tried to stay in it. eventually, you know, someone's going to come and scoop me up. >> and they really did. you said being on the show is a political presence for you. what do you mean by that? >> well, tina and robert certainly don't shy away from all things political. whatever the social climate is, they seem to be actually ahead of it, and by the time it hits the air, whatever it is that they're talking about seems to be topical in the news or current at that moment. and i just feel like my presence is -- you know, i'm black, i'm gay, i'm christian, i'm all the things that get targeted. >> it's a great television show. >> you're
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it is monday january 16th and this is great day washington.
8:59 am
happy dr. martin luther king jr. day. happy mlkj day. we want to celebrate the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. with quotes that you send in. the first one is from wusa 9news anchor andrea roane. let no man pull you so low as to hate him. >> powerful. >> that is powerful. he's got a lot of stuff. there's two things he's done that everybody quotes. but he's done a lot of speeches. and he said a lot of incredible things. for the rest of the show, we're going to share many other quotes we received. and let us know which ones speak to you by sharing your thoughts on our great day washington facebook page. all right. by the way, when sasha
9:00 am
malia obama arrived at the white house they were 7 and 10. their parents for the most part were successful in keeping them out of the limelight. in the fall, malia begins at harvard. sasha is a sophmore at her private school in washington dc. this month, the swing set of the kids was dismantled and given away. the swing set. she's going to harvard. president obama on 60 minutes told steve what it felt like to watch his kids grow up. >> do you feel older? >> yeah. you know. it's interesting, physically, i feel probably as good as i've ever felt, i have as much energy as i ever did. but what you feel after eight years, and i think you'd feel this no matter what. but in time you have a big transition it gets magnified, is time passes. your kids grow up. i think they more than anything are making me feel as if you want to sque


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