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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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c1 usually when we tell you about a murder police are investigating we have a picture of the victim, but tonight that's not the case. all police have in prince george's county is this, a sketch of the woman who was killed. ellison barber is live with more on what i guess could only be described as a murder mystery. ellison? >> reporter: police are trying to identify the victim so they can notify her family. all they have to go off of is
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of her face and several tattoos. >> reporter: sunday night at 10:10 p.m., a call went out for a shooting. >> shooting. >> what shooting. >> reporter: officers found this woman dead near the condominium. police wrapped crime scene tape around the makeshift memorial. sunday's victim doesn't have a memorial because police don't know her name. 5'6", 125 to 130 pounds, between 25 and 30 years old, with five tattoos. they don't know who killed her or why, and finding witnesses may be difficult. someone murdered her at lynn hill condominiums. a lot are dark here. pepco temporarily shut off the power because of debt 3
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for good. >> it's time to go. >> reporter: but to solve the murder, detectives usually need help. for starters, they need to know who the victim is. police are hoping someone out there recognizes the woman or something about her, and if you think you know her, they would like for you to give them a call. reporting live in palmer park, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. >> ellison, thank you. >> reporter: more sad news into our wusa 9 news room. a toddler died after a medical issue at day care. the 3-year-old boy was at the child care sent either -- center at the labor department. he was taken to the hospital, but doctors were not able to save him. new information on the story you first saw here last night. fairfax county police released the name of a man shot and killed by officers. 32-year-old mohammed
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wounded two men in his townhouse and then set fire to the place while holding another man hostage. police confronted him at the front door, and he had a knife, and they fired rubber bullets and a taser at first, but that did not stop him. that's when an officer fired a shot that killed him. let the inaugural festivities begin. tonight the president-elect went to dc for a dinner on the national mall, and it was a black tie meet and greet with diplomats from around the world. >> he praised mike pence and acknowledged some offed his cabinet picks at the dinner and spoke of inauguration day. >> they just announced we are going to have record crowds coming, and i saw the bikers for touch. boy, they had a scene today. i don't know if i would want to ride one of those, but they do like me. that's like additional security with those guys. >> following tonight's dinner, mr. trump moved back to new
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>> also in the inauguration headlines tonight, the women's march on washington may have just gotten bigger. >> some protesters didn't wait for the big day to take to the streets. they gathered downtown just before rush hour, and they set off for donald trump's hotel on pennsylvania avenue, and there, just an hour ago, first responders were called to the scene, and it's a developing story at this hour. john henry is in our news room to tell us more. what happened, john? >> reporter: lesli, we learned emergency crews took a man with burn injuries to the hospital who happened to be at intersection of 12th and pennsylvania. that's where intersection of trump's hotel is located. a picture was sent to us saying the person set themselves on fire. we are told the man is in serious condition, and his injuries are described as nonlife threatening. a troubling end to the day in downtown dc. >> reporter: donald trump will make the white house his home in just 3 days. that's not to say that everyone is excited.
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clear message for dc's newest neighbor. >> no trump! >> reporter: they will not welcome him in the district. >> i don't like him. as an individual, i don't like him. >> reporter: protesters let mr. trump know their thoughts. they started at mcphearson square, through chinatown, and they ended just ahead of the trump hotel. >> join us in the street! >> reporter: this protester said it was important to make his voice heard. he said he can't stand silent. >> i believe he is illegitimate because of the campaign he ran on. >> reporter: these protesters are grabbing the attention of others downtown, too. people looking through the windows, taking pictures on the sidewalks, and trump supporters let them know their feeling as well. >> 4 years, ladies and gentlemen. >>
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>> reporter: 17-year-old supporter kenard mailer put issue with the way they protested. >> everyone has the right to protest, but i feel like it could be in better ways. >> reporter: either way carl doesn't care. he has no plans to stop his protest. >> you should never accept the injustice. >> now heads up for you driving downtown tomorrow evening. that same group will hold a similar protest on dc streets. lesli? >> we expect to see more as we lead up to inauguration day. we have more details on the women's march set for saturday, and that will kick off at the capitol around 10:00 a.m. with a rally followed by a march for the white house and the organizers permit preticketed -- predicted 10,000 people would attend, but the homeland director said they are preparing for more than thatment. get ready to share the skies, streets, and subway with more people. dc will welcome more
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the official inaugural event. it seems like the number of benches and blocks downtown are growing by the hour. restrictions near the mall will begin tomorrow night. you will see roads closed on thursday. if you have not already, download the wusa 9 app tonight so you don't have to worry about it when the time comes. you will find your way around to the app. it's your one stop shop for all things inaugurations, and we will give you a list of what is happening around town. senators worked late into the evening, questioning some of the men and women donald trump has elected to serve on his cabinet. the latest was for betsy devos the billionaire tapped to head up the education department. she has supported charter schools and the voucher programs for decades. republicans argue she could bring reform to the public education system. >> i'm
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the former mayor of washington, dc, and like betsy devos, i believe in school choice. >> among her supporters a familiar voice to be in the region. tony williams. in the minute long video posted to youtube he says devos played a key role when he promoted vouchers in the district. sources in the trump campaign said they are concerned about the labor secretary's upcoming confirmation hearing. they said he has not been diligent when it comes to getting ready, and his hearing could be pushed back to february because of the senate's schedule. dr. tom bryce, the pick for health and human services is facing allegations he acted unethically as a congressman. he bought up to $15,000 in stock in zimmer biomed. the purchase was just days before he introduced legislation to delay a regulation that would hurt
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company's profit, and the company's cac or pac later donated money to his reelection fund. >> if he's confirmed he would be passed with the promise to repeal obamacare, but if it happens without a replacement plan, a report from the congressional budget office says 18 million people will lose their health insurance, and as mola lenghi reports, maryland democrats hit the road tonight to make the case for keeping obamacare. >> reporter: if you want to get rid of obamacare, )-you were probably not in this prince george's church tonight. these marylanders not only like obamacare, but they fear what will happen if republican the vote to take it away. >> we are talking about premiums of $100 last year and $178 this year. >> reporter: they spoke to scores of marylanders about the possible consequences of the repeal of the affordable care act. folkpp
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with questions. >> are you going to actually trigger the loss? how will this repeal affect the health care of our congressional leaders? >> reporter: and they shared experiences how they have benefited from the aca. >> my son was born in the state of virginia in 1995 and was uninsurable. i have spent my entire life hostage to health insurance companies so my son will not die from bleeding. >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: prince george's county officials said they have cut the uninsured population in half since the aca was signed. people like kristie holden don't want to go back. >> so we are not at the mercy of people going for profits on wall street. health care is about people. [ applause ] >> reporter: in prince george's county, mola lenghi, wusa 9. a massive man hunt ended a
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a man wanted for killing a police officer is in custody. >> a community divided over immigration, hundreds showing up as a local county's leaders debated whether or not to be a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. wake up weather tomorrow, nice temperaturewise. on the breezy side. 42 to 52 to start. winds will gust over 25 miles an hour in the afternoon. we will come back and talk about the yellow weather alert fo
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why did you do it? that's markeith loyd, the man wanted for killing his pregnant exgirlfriend in december and an orlando police officer earlier this month. investigators said he shot lieutenant debra clayton as she tried to
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mart. she later died. they used lieutenant's clayton's handcuffs to arrest lloyd. president obama commuted the sentence of chelsea manning, the solder who gave secrets to wikileaks. chelsea manning was convicted under the name of bradley manning. she is now identifying as a woman and is set for release in may. we are talking to you in a segment we call your city, your voice. wusa 9 is hitting the streets, and you can tell us what is on your mind, and we will listen and get all sides. michelle collins lives in the district and is worried about how president trump will bring together the country. >> our nation is torn. our city right here is torn, and we have those in favor of him and those who aren't. it shouldn't be about money, but i understand that it does help the world, and you know, it's our tre
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and it's just going to be really rough on everyone. >> mr. trump's approvalling rating is 20 points lower -- approval rating is 20 points lower than any incoming team. pete muntean. >> reporter: new concerns about the most controversial inauguration in recent memory. kyla voted for the first time for donald trump. >> it's so divided. just trying to see what everyone thinks and if they will warm up to the idea of having him as president. >> reporter: a new washington post poll says americans favor trump only 40%. president obama coming into office with 84% approval. george w. bush, 72%. mr.trump responded on twitter calling the polls rigged. ♪ sweet home alabama >> reporter: the trump transition team has their own theories, blaming the president- elect's tense relationship with the media. >> all of the controversy and
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continues from the campaign, and in a typically american way it will vanish in that moment. >> the nays are 48. >> reporter: congress could take a cue from his approval rating. he needs them for promises like dismantling obamacare. republicans have helped him, but 35 house democrats plan to boycott trump's inaugural speech. >> like being the walking wounded. everyone is gunning for us, and we are supposed to look at other way. >> reporter: it means trump is the least popular incoming president in 4 decades. we want to hear from you about this. we are listening to you and asking what mr. trump can do better. pete muntean. >> your neighbors are speaking out on that very question on our wusa 9 facebook page. gary hahn said anything he does will be better than the last 8 years, and greg hoskins said dot right thing, and don't bend to the special interests. you can join the conversation, and it's happening right now over on
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page. >> in the immigration debate, there's been a lot of discussion about the so-called sanctuary cities, and hundreds of people turned out to debate the issue near us tonight. >> first a little bit about what the phrase means. it's up to the federal government to enforce the immigration law and deport people illegally. sawns or counties that have local laws that limit the amount of cooperation that the jurisdiction will give the federal government when it comes to trying to find the illegal immigrants. >> there may be a law that says they don't notify when a noncitizen is released from jail. hundreds of people packed into a hearing room to join the debate tonight, and our wusa 9 garrett haake was there. >> reporter: the opportunity to make a comment on the bill drew hundreds of people looking for a chance to join the debate on what role the county should have on
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any. >> reporter: if howard county's five-person council votes to be a sanctuary county, they will
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county residents voted for a candidate other than donald trump, we know he will be our president. he has promised to build a wall, pledge and deport all muslims and then said they are just words. we know words matter, and while some dismiss the concerns of our immigrant community, we know the anxiety and fear is real. >> the debate is continuing on late into tonight, and nothing will be settled tonight with the vote coming in early february. garrett haake, wusa 9. are we going to get sanctuary from rain? >> yes, we will. today we were kind of sweating the 3-degree guarantee because we went 55, and it got to 52, but not until about 7:00 tonight. we made it, so there we go. we are going to go with 59 tomorrow, and more sun, and it will be breezy tomorrow. it may not feel quite as warm as the temperatures will
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winds tomorrow. 47, the dew point is 47, and when these two match, humidity is 100%. it bus stop temperatures, 42 to 53, and a little fog possible in the early morning. it should not be a huge problem. becoming breezy and pleasant on wednesday, and then still very nice on thursday, and in fact, some ways a better day because of less wind, and then the showers on friday, and inauguration day, and yes, we have a yellow weather alert. mild over the weekend. dry on saturday, and wet sunday afternoon. inauguration starting off dry. 9:00a.m., low 40s, and i don't think it's going to get quite out of the 40s over the course of the afternoon, and rain by noon or 1:00, and 49. it's light, and 3:00, rain and showers. 48 indications are it could be out of here by about 9:00 or 10:00 at night, and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and still 52 downtown. low 50s to the south, and upper 40s to mid-40s
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the mid-morning, and 53 downtown, and clouds will kind of be stubborn, and martinsburg, and winchester and points west, and around town, the right amount of sunshine, and 1:00, it's 56, and that will sound great. it's the arrow. strong north westerly wind, and it will make the 56 feel just a little cooler than it is. by january standard, we are stealing another day from winter, which i'm not happy about. 53 at 5:00, and it's 55 in fredericksburg, and by about 24 hours from now, we are back in the 40s, and winds will subside a little bit tomorrow night, and then we will get into thursday, and it's just 30s and 40s to start, and not that cold. overnight, 42 to 52, and mostly cloudy and cool. a shower is possible, and mainly fog and winds light out of the southwest at 5 to 10, and 50s to start on the day planner, and look at this. 55 by 11:00, and 56 by 1:00, and notice the winds, northwest, 17, 18
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some respects, thursday may be better because of less winds. friday, and rain and showers, and every street we know, it's closed off. yellow weather alert i think is reasonable. saturday, nice, near 60. 53 on sunday, and rain will develop in the afte this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? (laughter) come home with me! trade up to the silverado all star edition and get an average total value of eight thousand one hundred fifty dollars when you find your tag. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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sadly no screams of victory or defeat in the wusa 9 sports department tonight. no sound at all, in fact, and not because they misk.b. -- may miss k.b. and they are drowning their sorrows at a bar, but because it's the worst night of sports. george mason playing on sunday, and the red foxes, women's dive team dominated at the recent home meet against southern connecticut state. look at this place. a ghost town. down to charlottesville. the news
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depressing. jeff jones, the senior on the men's basketball team, right? not anymore. he's academically ineligible for the rest of the season. jones has only played in 5 games this season, and he's the son of odu who used to coach for the cavs back in the '90s, and 521 home runs, and the bay area legend, the cove outside of at & t park. the san francisco giants hall of famer, willy mccovey. one of 64 people given presidential pardons, and we are reminded he was convicted of tax evasion in 1995 after not reporting around $75,000 of income after a 2-year period from selling autographs and memorabilia. he never did any time and only got 2 years of probation. >> adam, fans of after hollywood legend are celebrating tonight, and we will explain whaf
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our producer scott broke out in a cold sweat this morning. he feared the worst when he saw betty white was trending on twitter, but he breathed a sigh of relief when he realized it was because she turned 95 today. she's best known for her role as rose on the golden girls, and she's not just a star on camera. she's recognized as the first woman ever to produce a sitcom, called life with elizabeth,
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it first hit the air in 1953 and at 95 and you're dabbing, that's good. >> we had the story late last year who the guy wanted to guard her to make it out of 2016. >> a lot of big birthdays today. betty white, michelle obama,. >> olivia longo. >> betty white was workology an new show today on -- working on a new show today on her birthday. showers on friday. dry in the morning and wet in the afternoon. >> you took a few degrees
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