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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 19, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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dental and vision coverage. even a fitness program at no extra cost. call a medigap specialist now to learn more. and get the support to find the answers, to every fearless question. carefirst medplus. live fearless. good afternoon. we are live from the roof of the embassy of canada. welcome to the news at noon, i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. we are just a couple of blocks away from where president-elect donald trump will be inaugurated tomorrow and also along the parade route here on pennsylvania avenue. >> and our vantage in
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>> we're starting to see people mill around on the sidewalk now. the security is intense. but it needs to be for an event like this. and there are plenty of events starting today. mikea turner is live near the lincoln memorial with details on the concerts you can see for free. two of them. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon mike. sorry there's some noise going on behind us, but this is where the voices of the people concert will be held today at 10:00. we don't see much of a crowd now but it's right next to the korean war memorial. the folks who plan to come out are going to have to go to a check point by the world war ii memorial. now back here on the scene here, check out these concrete designated areas, these are vip areas for friends and family of the performers. again, who will show up to perform at the 1:00 concert. the first act is a christian singer. she's going to be the opening act here and as we pan over to the reflecting pool, yo
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but what we have noticed is that none of them are over here. just yet. these are people who are getting in place preparing for that 4:00 big, big concert here. and of course at that concert the make america great again celebration will be toby keith. the piano guys. several people coming out to put on this concert. of course the president-elect will make some remarks and right after this concert will be a wreath laying ceremony that people can see on the screening right here. i'm mikea turner, back to you. >> all right thanks so much. and as you can seal right there, weather is pretty good right now. i mean come on it's 50 degrees and we're talking january 19th folks. the big question is what's the weather going to be like tomorrow for the inauguration? >> if you're coming down you cannot bring an umbrella. howard bernstein the standing by with a look. >> maybe the small totem bell la, the personal pushes -- tote umbriel wills,
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probably the best choice tomorrow. the friday forecast for the inauguration, king of cold tomorrow but not thunderstorm for january -- horrible for january. some rain mid-morning to early afternoon looks light but even a tenth of an inch when it's in the 40s could be kind of just miserable to be out in with temperatures midday mid 40s. so it looks like there could be some rain around attain inauguration time -- nation rig time. and clearing -- inauguration time. and clearing out some by early afternoon. this is what we have rain-wise. lower mississippi valley coming in to kentucky and western tennessee. now there's going to be much heavier down along the gulf coast but that's what we're tracking for tomorrow. for this afternoon partly to mostly cloudy and may have some sunny breaks and high clouds around. so temperatures comfortable as jan was talking about we'll be in the mid 50s this afternoon. and tonight not bad. some breaks but this t clouds will in-- the clouds will incross overnight into tomorrow morning. obviously 30s to around 40 for the early morning temperature. early morning couple of showers west of town. as we head into mid-morning, 10:00, 11:00 notice the showers
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shenandoah valley shenandoah valley to the blue -- shenandoah valley to the blue ridge by about 10:00 a.m. lunchtime into early afternoon, even by lunchtime, our futurecast trying to clear it out generally west of town so that by 1:00, 2:00 looks like most of the activity is pulling away from us and highs tomorrow near upper 40s to 50 degrees. in good shape by afternoon. or better shape by afternoon. let's find out about the roads can the closures, ellen bryan. good morning. you know to simplify everything and all the closure it's just avoid the national mall and going down there you want to take metro. let's take a closer look though. now today two big closures or two big bridges, memorial bridge is closed by lincoln memorial and then also roosevelt bridge by the kennedy center as well. you cannot get across either one of those bridges not just cars but pedestrians. you can't even walk across it either. we are also watching union station because at the station we're going to have some events some protests are planned for here as well. even traffic nd
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outside of it for this morning. now this is a map i continue to show you because it's put out by the secret service. and everywhere inside the red is going to be the capitol. it's pennsylvania avenue where the parade will be taking place. the white house. washington monument. that's the area we're seeing most of the closures and you can't gosh you're going to have -- you're going to have to walk if you want to get inside of here, if you're planning on uberring, you have to even request uber outside the dotted groan line. tomorrow metro is going to open an hour early. today things are normal and it will close tomorrow at midnight. there will be near rush hour traffic until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. and today it's you're last time to get that smart trip card. you can still get it at some cvs stores in the district. like and jan we missed you have had -- mike and jan we missed you back here, get all the information of course on the wusa9 app. >> all right, we want to take you live now to a picture we believe is air force one. getting ready to
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down. there it is. with president-elect trump on board. >> that's right he left trump tower in new york city a little before 11:00 this morning. and then of course made his way to laguardia airport there in cones. and he's got a very -- queens. and he's got a very busy day on tap. a wreath laying ceremony at the cemetery before speaking at the memorial concert that ma kia just told you about. there's air force one a joint based andrews with president- elect donald trump. >> live picture there. okay, and of course it is one of the biggest security operations trying to make sure that the first family and hundreds of thousands of people stay safe during tomorrow's inauguration. with so many people heading down here to the mall and the concern of rain we just got the news that's really a good thing. >> that's right. there's that big chance of showers tomorrow and we have been told. we were told earlier this morning, that the collapsible small umbrellas, they will be allowed on the national mall tomorrow. but they have to be the kind that can collapse. that's what we're told as of right now. okay. wusa9, hilary lane joins us with mon
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measures you could see tomorrow as well. >> reporter: and at this time tomorrow, donald trump will officially be the 45th president of the united states. and there will be 28,000 law enforcement officials here from all over the country keeping us safe. now if you're one of the 250,000 people who have a ticket to the inauguration, this is what you're going to see. this is a security check point and you're going to go through a metal detector and there's going to be a bag check. and you'll also see these large fences all throughout the capitol area. these are eight feet tall. this is to make sure protestors and people without tickets stay out of the secure area. now the security stations here opened at 6:00 a.m. and lines are expected to be long. so you're going to want the leave those prohibited items at home. we have a full list on our website and on our app. on independence avenue, hilary lane, wusa9. >> thank you. of course tomorrow is a big day for the president-elect but for national guardsmen and
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before noon on friday. >> tens of thousands trying the make things safe here and wusa9's evan koslof at fedex field where about 3500 took the oath of duty. >> reporter: inside this stadium were thousands of guardsmen and they're from all over the place. i spoke with some from oregon, some from maryland and everywhere in-between. and now they are all participating in the tradition, more than 200 years in the making. >> that i will faithfully enforce -- >> that i will faithly enforce -- >> this is a big moment. thousands of young men and rim from across -- women from across the nation taking their oath after duty just as -- of duty just as it's been done for hundreds of years, that's not lost on staff sergeant sean may from the oregon national guard. >> it's a huge event you really can't understand until you're here, it's special to be a part of. >> reporter: may is one of many guardsmen in town for the inauguration. all in all there are 7500 of them from 44 states three territories and of course here in d.c.. staff sergeantco
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from maryland. >> -- is from maryland. >> we're here to be a part of history and never been able to witness an inauguration in person before. but that's a pretty incredible feeling. >> reporter: the ceremony suspect just for younger guardsmen. take these two. command sergeant bowser and both serve in the d.c. national guard and they've been doing this for almost 40 years. >> i think that mostly emotional one was my first one. a little girl from athens, georgia, part of the district of columbia national guard and i got to see reagan. >> this is something for us. such as what we like to call our super bowl. >> reporter: as for richard smith, also the oregon national guard, he says it's emotional seeing people from across the country come together. >> reinforces the fact that not only are we national guardsmen from separate states with our own separate missions of supporting out of state but we're one national guard coming together to support our local partners. >> reporter: now the national guard has been doing this for a very long time. the first
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president was this 1789 when they escorted george washington from mount vernon, virginia to new york city. reporting here in fedex field, evan koslof, wusa9. >> and now to the rundown for tomorrow's top inauguration highlights. the swearing-in ceremony starts at 12:30 and runs for an hour, then after lunch the inaugural parade s tepsoff at 3:00 p.m. and then at 7:00 all those inaugural balls will get underway. >> to get all the information you need on the events and corrode closures, down -- road closures, download the wusa9 app. we've got lot more news at noon to report on. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to the news at noon. we want to take you live to joint based andrews and
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looking at air force one. the door is about to open. president-elect donald trump is getting out adjoints based andrews -- at joint based andrews there. he just came down from new york and left around 11:00 a.m. and want to see if he comes down the gangway there. >> he's got a very busy day on tap as we have mentioned also. he's going to attend that wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery for speaking at the lincoln memorial concert. service live at the -- she was live at the lincoln memorial to tell you about the headliners that are going to be there. voices of the people is doing to be first. >> at 1:00. >> and then at 3:00 -- >> make america great again. i think it's either 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. also at the lincoln memorial that's where you are going to see toby keith and lee greenwood and three doors down. the door just closed again. now until donald trump officially becomes the united states president, we believes this still called air force two. not inaugurated until tomorrow. then it will change to air force one and we're hoping 's
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for the first time at joint based andrews. >> we don't want to be on door watch though. i don't think. but we'll come back to it and our producer will tell us if the door happens to open again. men time -- meantime a spokesman for george h.w. bush says the former president is resting comfortably in a houston hospital. >> the 92-year-old is now stable and he's in the intensive care unit. he had to undergo a procedure to clear his airway. for the last couple of years he's been battling wamu moineau from time to time -- with pneumonia from time to time. millions though are taking to social media trying to wish them a speedy recovery. among them one tweets our they're thoughts and prayers are -- thoughts and prayers are with you and families of course. >> tyler writes my thoughts and prayers are with the bush family during this time. bush 41 george bush, barbara bush and finally one tweets i'm sending love and prayer to both of them. to offer your thoughts and prayers to the bush family, you can log on to any of our wusa9
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social media pages and of course join that conversation. some of you who won't be there for the big day wasn't of the people is -- one of the people is virginia congressman jerry connelly. one of 60 democratic lawmakers on the list now of not going to attend mr. trump's inauguration. the president-elect's inauguration. connelly said he made the decision because of the way the president-elect fought back after congressman john lewis called him an illegitimate president. every inauguration though had at least about 100 members of congress who don't show up for a variety of reasons. >> have you ever wondered how much this inauguration will cost and who's paying for it? we'll tell you how much it is -- we'll give you this picture right now of the trump family. >> coming down the steps of air force two. they just left new york and have since landed here at joint based andrews and you see ivanka there holding one of their children. >> lot of work going on in the house in the neighborhood. right now as we noticed yesterday. with the -- tweet and
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our colleague and enadam and we trump right now deplaning, marla maples' daughter and donald trump's daughter. >> want to talk to producer larry for a second. did donald trump come down the steps or coming down last raise it appears? >> we're still waiting for donald trump to come down and again as mentioned mike, this is air force two not air force one until he officially becomes president which will happen around noon tomorrow as he's supposed the take the oath after office and also give the inaugural address. here on the steps of the -- u.s. capitol right here the west lawn. >> right over our shoulder, what a beautiful vantage point we have. >> we were talking about this earlier, there's a sea of chairs. right in front of it to set up is -- the set up is pretty spectacular and we are also along the parade route here on pennsylvania avenue. just one of the best seats in the house right now for all of the inaugural coverage. >> so in about 24 hours, we will get a chance to get a front row seat to the 58th inauguration in u.s. presidential history. it's going to be very interesting. donald trump has promised to keep
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short. he says look i want to just get back to work -- >> there's two things and that's the economy as well as the security. he's going to talk about bringing more jobs back the america which is a platform that he used when he was stumping for the presidency. and he's also going to talk about security and defeating isis and there you see him right there. president-elect donald trump. along with his wife melania. >> future first lady. there they are waving to the crowds at joint based andrews. and as we said he has a busy day ahead. going to attend a bunch of events today leading up to tomorrow. also we've seen the reports that president obama will have him over for coffee in the morning. and husbands and wives will get together. and that's the beginning of the transition of power tomorrow morning. so -- there's a lot still to get done today. and the president-elect now on the ground here in th
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>> one of the things we're also following right now and they are very fortunate that it's not raining here in our area. and the temperatures right now could not be any better, we're talking january 19th and it's 50 degrees. >> january 19th. 50 degrees and it may go up to mid 50s. let's check on the weather now as we worry about the rain for tomorrow's festives, howard? >> i'm here mike and jan. good morning everyone. yeah tomorrow we have a threat of rain unlike today which is very nice. we're going to have some mid- morning to early afternoon light rain showers but enough to make everything damp out there. and with temps in the 40s, it's going to be a little bit on the raw side. but better in the afternoon. i think we'll clear out from the rain anyway relatively early in the afternoon. with highs near 50 degrees. right now lots of high clouds coming through and some sunshine through that and here's a live look at the michael & son weather camera. you see the breaks there in the overcast. this afternoon, mostly cloudy but mid 50s. wind not that bad at all. they'll be west-northwest northwest 5 miles
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and turning to the east and south tonight. less than 5. and while it's 50 in town. lots of areas in the upper 40s except in the mountains where we're still holding on to the lower 30s at this hour. so while we're looking at -- again a reagan national, officially cloudy no wind. and the temperature right at 50 degrees. so where's winter? you've been wondering about it. it's up in alaska. fairbanks right now 41 below. they hit 50 below the other day. that's the coldest they've been in five years. that's the first time. but western canada, is in the 30s and edmonton and calgary and you don't see any arctic air across the country because the air is coming off the pacific. while that continues the really cold stuff that's going to stay up in alaska. now another storm coming in towards the west and this is what we're looking at for tomorrow. looks like we'll be okay. we've got the woman's march on saturday and the weather for that looks just fine. our three day forecast, today 56 pleasant. 40 tonight. tomorrow we're going to have the mid-morning to early afternoon i'm thinking 10:00 to 2:00 is the critical time for showers in the city. 49.
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as we head toward sunday and monday, looks like more rain moves in. clearing out after tuesday morning and wednesday looks nice upper 50s. jan and mike? >> all right howard thanks so much. back to joint based andrews where the president-elect donald trump just arrived on air force two with his family. he officially takes the oath of office tomorrow around noon right here behind us just two blocks from where we currently are right now. at the u.s. capitol on the west lawn there. >> and he's getting ready to get into his motorcade. i'm not sure what kind of way he travels in new york city. but this is much different when it comes to security. the highly protective suv there that we've seen the obama family travel around in the last eight years. so -- it's going to be interesting. he's got a lot of people with him too. not just you know one vehicle he can get them all in. >> got a big crowd with him as well. a big family and there's a lot escort also here on the national mall. we'll have more coverage of the inauguration of 2017 when we
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all right, let's take a look at donald trump's motorcade leaving joint based andrews, this is a live picture, we saw air force two land on the tarmac a short time ago. donald trump deplaned with what looked like his entire family getting off all the kids and his wife melania and they're on their way to big event today. >> pretty incredible because he just left new york city at 11:00 a.m. before making his way to queens and laguardia airport there to board air force two. we know that he is going to be going to a wreath laying ceremony but he's also going to be speaking at the make america great again inaugural concert at 4:00 p.m. the headliners there again toby keith and three doors down and lee greenwood and that will be after voices of the people, the 1:00 p.m. gu
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some local bands. and some bands also around the country that had to apply in order to perform and they are also going to be here. we actually saw some of them walking down pennsylvania avenue and we have a great vantage point of really everything here and we saw them walking down earlier going through the security check points. >> there must have been some of the high school bands. montgomery county has a list of bands from several high schools and they are going to be involved. the d.c. pipe band. is going to be involved as well. and as donald trump is known to do, he was tweeting this morning on his way here and he just said getting ready to leave for washington, d.c.. the journey begins and i will be working and fighting very hard to make a great journey for all americans. so he's excited to get started on a very busy day and of course the big moment tomorrow about 24 hours from now. >> and very excited to get started alone because we know that his son barron and his wife will be staying in new york city as barron finishes this year of school before they make the transition to the white house. as well. >> a lot of people are reaching
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to welcome them in. and of course the obamas have to be out of the white house by tomorrow. and they're finishing and moving over to the neighborhood in northwest d.c. and then in moves the trump family. >> along with the trump family too. we know that ivanka trump and her family are also moving not too far from the obamas there. they are going to have sort of a coffee -- ceremony. >> a little coffee -- >> breakfast in the morning. >> husbands and wives get together and then they have coffee in the morning at the white house. and then they go together and that's another symbol of the transition a peaceful transition of power. they go together to the capitol to start the ceremony. >> right what's also interesting is that presidents in the past, whenever they were done in office, they pretty much went home and their home was not in d.c.. the president's home of course is in hyde park near chicago. and illinois. but he's going to be staying here in town. so his -- youngest daughter can finish high school and at sidwell friends. that's why they are staying in the neighborhood to finish that. so interestingly he's going to be taking his final trip on air force one and he's going to take that to
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take a little vacation. >> play golf out there in cafor he wants to take it easy and also said hey look i'm not setting my alarm clock. forget it. actually relax. >> it's so interesting, i remember the first lady was interviewed and they said what's the one thing you look forward to when your husband is finally out of office. she said i can't wait to roll the windows down in the car and finally get the smell of fresh air because they had so much tight security for the past eight years. >> nothing likely used to have. >> now donald trump is going to get a taste of it. >> which is interesting i'm sure he probably had some sort of security around new york but nothing like secret service attention. >> 24/7. all day every day everywhere he goes. >> as we continue here. people are all coming down here today for the concert and tomorrow for the inauguration ceremony. howard? >> yeah guys no problems today. we've got some clouds and some breaks but looks pretty nice out. with temps in the mid 50s 68 tomorrow is going to be a little bit problematic, and you
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bring the rain gear, by mid- morning we'll have some light rain moving in but by early afternoon, it should be clearing out. with highs tomorrow upper 40s to around 50. wear a poncho one of the small personal like tote tapetum bale las -- type umbrella, but the big ones no. they're going to take them from you. the 49 tomorrow and 10:00 a.m. to 1:00, 2:00 that's about the big time for the rain. probably right during the inauguration. but the parade i think we dry out. 58 saturday. dry and mild. sunday and monday, more rain returns into early tuesday. temperatures then low 50s but wednesday looks like another golfable day guys, highs upper 50s to near 60. >> all right thanks a lot howard, drying out for the parade that's good news if the rain hopefully will move out and people won't want to get wet. >> all right that's it for us here at noon. we'll be accurate 5:00. by the way -- back at 5:00. by the way it's mike's birthday. he's # 21 today. >> again. >> 21 again. see you back here tomorrow
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take care everybody.
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>> devon: i'm gonna tell you the same thing that i told hilary. i don't want to dwell on new year's eve and what happened with the wreck that night and everything else. it's over. it doesn't matter. and we're moving on, okay? >> mariah: i know, i know. hilary told me. but i really, really need you to listen to me. >> devon: go for it. >> mariah: ever since the accident, i have been blaming myself over choosing a terrible time to try and get revenge on hilary. it was stupid. i am embarrassed for how i acted. look, i didn't think that the whole teleprompter thing would be -- >> devon: teleprompter thing? >> mariah: yeah, the one that hilary was using at the gala. look, i-i know that there are some things that you don't remember from that night, but now that hilary's filled you in, i really, really would like to apologize. i shouldn't haveha


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