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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 20, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EST

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our colleague, so happy you're here with us today. boy, this has really been an interesting day. talking about all of the protests that have occurred. the protests have really become the story. >> yeah. we knew they were going to do something. they wanted to be as disruptive to the transition of power and disruptive to the proceedings as possible. they wanted to block the entry points. doesn't appear that materialized. we haven't heard that. we can see the protests have played out since about noon. the protests, as far as getting violent, they've been active well before that. looks like they might be carrying well into the night unless the police take action to shut them down. you can't think unless it's unsafe the police would be anxious to do so. they'd try to see if if people would just disperse on th
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own. that's got to be in their niver thank you for being with us today. we talk more about this inauguration from the embassy of canada. recent inaugurations have not had this kind of punctuation behind it in tempters of the protests -- in terms of the protests that are going on. how do we move forward from here? >> this is just a symbol of this polarization and divisiveness. somebody has to break the ice in our politics. right now you have an entire washington controlled by one party. it's called a unified government. but it's a government that doesn't include half the country that voted, in fact more people voted against donald trump for president, more people voted for hillary clinton than voted for donald trump. not to recognize that, not to bring that into sort of e
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process, the process of saying how we're going to move forward. that will only make it worse. because people will feel that they have no voice and donald trump can say he's talking for the forgotten americans but if you have no say at all in a supreme court decision or on healthcare or on immigration or on taxes or on infrastructure or on how the economy is going to function, then you feel that you're forgotten too. that pours fuel on that fire of divisiveness and that becomes a cycle where people are at each others throats not listening to each other. >> this is not the first time there's been a unified government. there have been times where the democrats controlled everything as well and the same complaints come up. so the question becomes regardless of how that plays out, you know, who is going to help move the nation forward. we tend to think that the president is the one that sets the tone. and perhaps there's got to be someone in his inner circle to hopefully penetrate it and
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to him some of the things you're saying right whennohe de unified government in 2009 to 2011 the republicans said you're not hearing us, you should hear us, you should include us. you have to hope they heard themselves back then and say okay, we don't want to make that same mistake that the democrats do i think the president has to be able to set that tone. he has to reach out. he hadn't reached out much to the democrats at all. so you have to hope he does. you have to hope congress does too. that they don't just bully legislation through the way they were concerned that democrats were doing the same thing eight years ago. somebody has to play the adult in the room in american politics. >> some time in the next hour we'll be able to bring you more cumulative perspective on the protests and the other things playing out across the district today. dc mayor muriel bowser. we're expected to hear from her
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when she steps up to make a statement and or take questions. we'll bring that to you live. >> things have been relatively fluid here. the protests ebbs and flows here at franklin square. can you see the police with riot gear? -- all day today, this has been sort of a hot bed of all of the protesting action today. a car was set on fire. a limo that had its windows busted out. it was set aflame about ab hour ago. now things have been relatively peaceful. firefighters put out that fire. there were bricks thrown. pepper spray was brought out. things have quieted down for
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>> looks like it might disperse or are they summoning their energy for another round of activity? >> reporter: it's hard to say. the police are in and out in force. probably a couple thousand people here. it was a group sort of split in two along k street. then it gelled and got split up again. it's hard to say. doesn't seem like it's going to happen before night fall. >> is there a leader of this particular protest with an agenda for how the rest of this is going to play out or is this sort of morphing? >> folks are organizing on twitter. this is a lot of groups. a lot of anti-trump groups. a guy earlier was upset about repeal of obamacare. but also felt that president trump encroached on the rights or the ideals of
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so it is not er the place. talked to people from tennessee, from ohio. another guy from alexandria. it is far and wide here at franklin square. >> got to say it's so interesting. we've said this a couple times already. the juxtaposition of seeing the pepper spray in the street and the flames just down the road but at the same time to hear the university of tennessee marching band. a tale of two washingtons. a story we've been telling all day. >> it is the personification of the division in the nation; right? there's one part of this process that seems tone deaf to the other and depending on where you are you might say it's the pageantry on one side or the protests on the other side. bruce johnson is watching all of this from his perch over near lafayette park. what are your thoughts, bruce? >> earlier we could hear the demonstrations, protes
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blocks away. you could hear that. it never got close. parade, what was going on here was never threatened. should also point out that the president, vice president, first family, vice president's family, they're inside the white house right now. they're going to be coming out in a matter of minutes, we're told to view the rest of the parade. i did want to weigh in on trying to unify the country and what donald trump can do. donald trump's position is that the country was divided. it's not my responsibility. i just wanted to add. it's not simply democrats versus republicans. each of these parties have their own problems from within. that's why bernie sanders was so formidable an opponent for hillary clinton. it's why the republicans were divided. at one point divided against donald trump and lost. those divisions continue as donald trump takes office. there are a number of republicans that we talked to in private who won't even go on camerata
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differences with donald trump. we're going to see where everybody stands. he says there's going to be insurance for everybody. somebody's going to have to pay for that the die hard republicans are going to say we don't have the money for that. we're not going to pay for that. his plan to tackle the infrastructures, the bridges, the highways in this country might get democratic support for that but there will be the tea partiers and others who will argue against that. we can't afford it. then they'll argue where's that money going to be spent. the red states or blue states. there are divisions all across the board here. i'm not sure it makes sense. he didn't fix it during the campaign. he was part of that problem. it looks like people have taken positions and they're just waiting to see what happens next. i don't hear a lot of people other than the people that lost talking about
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point. >> washington is always a difficult town. they'll work together to accomplish something. they have to. otherwise they don't want to see a debacle in two years in midterm elections. they'll have to figure out how to replace obamacare that they're going to repeal. they'll have to figure out where they work with president trump to keep some of his promises on immigration. they do not want to alienate the voters who were vocal and angry and passionate that got donald trump elected to the white house. they'll have to find a way to work together to compromise, to have their tradeoffs and donald trump is a deal maker so perhaps he's going to be able to figure out a way to sort of walk that labyrinth of congress and come out the other end with some solutions. >> a lot of big promises made. can he deliver? that's the big
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>> absolutely. might be just to -- just keep everybody on either mad at him. he all but said that he didn't say democrat or republican. he said these guys. he could have pointed in either direction. that's donald trump's strength. getting on that plane air force one if he has to. getting out there, holding those rallies which we totally underestimated before. we thought that was the limit of his support. the people at those rallies. he'll have to keep the lines of communication open and as he said reminding himself and everybody else that's who he works for. that's who brought him here. that's who will keep him here. >> just to tell us where we stand. the president, vice president, they're not back there in the reviewing stand yet; correct? >> nope. they are not here yet. a lot of their friends are. some family members. but immediate family, president, vice
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here. >> all ri use. of course when the president and the vice president and their families emerge and head over to where you are we will certainly take that shot and let everyone know. there is a parade going on in the midst of all of this. it's underway. let's see where we are now. >> i thought when i left knoxville, tennessee, ten years ago in 2007 i thought i'd heard the last of rocky top. there they were, the pride of the southland marching down pennsylvania avenue. much to the delight of the crowd below. it's transitioned to darkness. a lot of people thought they were going to be able to see a parade unfold under the lights. it's going to be dark. it's going to be a late night for folks heading home. also folks heading in. let's make this point about how we viewed it as perhaps sparsely attended because we've seen big patches of areas where people could have been and perhaps should have been out
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ridership than they had anticipated going into rning. and add that to the fact when you and i rode in this morning from our station up in wisconsin avenue down here, we didn't really encounter much traffic until we were right in the heart of the district. >> yeah. and actually we didn't really get it until we got close to china town in the area wheres the protests were starting up and some of the barricades were just beginning to form. that seems like so long ago now. we thought then there would be contained and not quite as large as they are now. though as we heard, police anticipated this. they knew that all of these permits had been issued. they knew there was a possibility that this could become voluminous. they have been ready for it. it's just this interesting contrast of the day. you have the pageantry that we see here and then we have the real world stuff that's playing out on the streets not too
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>> have we heard how many numbers about how many people have turned out? >> the park service doesn't like to make those estimates because they get so politicized. we haven't heard anything at this point. perhaps later on tonight or tomorrow. we're going to check in real quick with peggy fox along the parade route. the meat of the parade is starting to come through and people are starting to check it out. hey, peggy. >> reporter: hey, yeah. it's been cool watching everything. you can see the tractors. have you ever seen so many tractors? there've got to be 25, 50 humungous tractors. they are part of the rural tractor brigade. we've seen bands and troops, marching bands from all over the country. we saw the united states marine corps band. we've started to see the navajo association. the border patrol. pipes and drums. we have the university of tennessee right .
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occasion. we don't see as many protesters any more but we did see a number of signs. many, many anti-trump signs across the street. quite a number of people here watching the parade as we see various groups going by. high school groups. a lot of colleges. university of tennessee here. right in front of us. the marching band coming on strong. it's great to see any band go by. these college bands have put a lot of work into this. the crowd obviously likes them. after this division we're in the second division which was led by th
5:15 pm
corps. the third division will be led by the united states navy. the fourth division will be led by the united states air force and then of course the final division, the fifth division will be led by the united states coast guard. yes, i am waiting to see coming along in the next division the fishbourn military school where my nephew will be marching with the group. several parents are in the crowd waiting for their kids to come by. or friends of people in the parade as well. but, you know, it's a nice parade. what's great about it is we're not seeing the rain and it's really not that cold. but a lot of the crowd has left. so it's not heavily packed in here. but the participants are doing a great job. >> they are doing a great job. >> -- >> let's go back to the white house. >> yes. >> let's go back to the white house because president trump is going
5:16 pm
he's going to be emerging erict wife lara coming in behind them that -- >> tiffany. >> tiffany trump. i think she's there with her boy friend. although that's not her boyfriend. that would be her brother barron. >> they're heading to the reviewing stand to watch the parade. >> ivanka trump. >> one thing that's disappointing to be at this location. as darkness descends upon us. once the president and vice president and their families take their spot. with each passing branch of the military as they pass in front of the reviewing stand, that branch of the military will also do a flyover down pennsylvania avenue. that's going to be interesting for two reasons. the first of which is because darkness is coming. the second of which is because we have a lot of police helicopter activity right above our location, which obviously they would work that out in advance but we expect to see that happening at the
5:17 pm
house. >> they're walking to the reviewing stand where they will be able to watch the remainder of the parade that -- we're going to go right now to bruce johnson. >> okay, guys. here comes the first family. eric trump, barron -- >> there's ivanka trump. >> they're about to announce to this crowd. and jared kushner. about to be announced. the crowd at some point outside of the reviewing stand is going to see them and probably go wild. you're not going to hear a lot. i'm telling you, 90% of the crowd is gone in the vip section. over to the left of me, which would be to the right of the viewing stand. i mean, there might be 25 people there. maybe 100 to the
5:18 pm
i don't know if it's weather. got dark. people trying to get to metro. but the crowd here in the best seats in the house, they're just not here. >> bruce, there's also been a lot of criticism. this might hook on to that point as well. a lot of criticism about the organization of the transition and getting people in place and trying to be able to book performers and things like that. do you get the sense at all that this is any less organized than it's been in the past? >> performers now, you can't put that all on the trump transition team. a lot of the performers, with the progressive wing of the democratic party. they just said flat no. there were some
5:19 pm
course, big names who might have wanted to come but the exposure and they were told you really don't want to do that. nobody wanted to risk it, let's put that right out there. a lot of the big performers wouldn't risk that. for political reasons they just couldn't align themselves with donald trump. but that still leaves a lot of other people that could have been here. donald trump will tell you he wanted this to be small, but that's donald trump. what's the truth. >> it's interesting -- >> let's pause. here comes the president. vice president. >> yes, vice president. >> >> vice president mike pence, former governor of indiana. along with his wife karen. i think we've said before, they've got three children they're bringing to washington. michael, audrey, charlotte. >> they're already here. they've been in chevy chase for a coup
5:20 pm
>> absolutely. chevy chase dc. >> mike pence is credited with putting much of trump's cabinet together. he took over -- >> hey, bruce. let me just interrupt you for just a second because we see the president and the first lady. >> absolutely right. crossing the front lawn, you will, of the white house. between the white house and the reviewing stand. a lot of lights out there. >> you can see the marine casting quite a shadow on melania trump and her outfit. >> and they've still got miles to go after this is over and because it's gone a little bit longer they still have the inauguration balls. the inaugural balls. there were three of them tonight. they'll be appearing -- >> maybe bere
5:21 pm
over someboabout melania trump and ivanka outfp, you know the women out there watching they want to know who made it. how do i get one of those. >> it sounds like melania's dress may have been designed by ralph lauren. we'll have to look into that more. did you notice how the daughters tiffany and ivanka were coordinated in that sort of stunning winter white. >> i think with melania, evokes jackie kennedy. you have to think that they thought about that in advance. what image she wanted to portray. that's what it evokes. >> we'll pause for their entrance here as we wait to hear hail to the chief.
5:22 pm
♪ >> the president and first lady come into the reviewing stand. there have been a lot of questions about the stance that first lady melania trump will put on her role. i've been reading that it hasn't been discussed just yet. they have been thinking about it and it will be something significant and it will be revealed in time. >> they've been talking about changing the name of it from office of the
5:23 pm
this is going to be a family affair. something they all put their mark on. that they all put their stamp on. >> well ivanka has said specifically she does not want to play the role of the first lady. melania has said that she does want to work on cyber bullying and do a little bit of that. i do think her first priority is her son. and being a good parent. i think just the way michelle obama did and hillary clinton did, they want to insulate their children, particularly their young children from this public eye and i think she'll spend a lot of time just being a parent. >> being in this bubble that you didn't choose but you inherited. so everything about your life changes. where you live changes. your friendships change. the ability to just kind of go out and walk down the street. all of that changes. >> previous presidents, recent previous presidents have set is
5:24 pm
the media, and even members of the tabloid media have respected. we haven't seen that like we see in other countries. it's only that one opportunity where somebody who is related to the family or in the family steps outside the bounds of doing something that is socially acceptable. does that start to get a lot of coverage. you look at sasha and malia obama. they haven't been out there. people haven't chased after them or set up cameras outside of the school to try to get after them. you think that tradition of respect will continue. >> it was a joy to watch them grow up. i'm sure it'll be a joy to see what happens with barron trump as well. you're watching continuing coverage of the inauguration of our 45th president donald j. trump. we'll take a quick break the president, first lady and first family take their seats in the reviewing stand to watch what's left of the inau
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this is bruce johnson. we're standing just outside of the presidential reviewing stand on pennsylvania avenue. you can see the 45th president of the united states for some five and a half hours now, donald trump has been the man, so to speak. the 45th president. there's mike pence alongside him. melania, ivanka.
5:28 pm
children, grandchildren. the army marching band has gone by. u.s. military coming up behind the president. dignitaries. nominees to his cabinet. then over to the left, vips to the left and to the right. we've been covering this all day long. we'll be here until the finish. this parade is a good half hour, hour behind schedule. we'll be here well into the evening. but that's fine. we love it. we love the inauguration of our president. a lot of conversation about what kind of president donald trump is going to be. i think he laid that out. he said the power leaves washington, now it's being returned to the people. both democrats and republicans who have been here for a lot of time. quite frankly, i don't think that really tt
5:29 pm
to donald trump. he is still very much the map he was on the campaign trail. ask beginning with the republican primaries. following through the general election. city of new york police department. new york being donald trump's hometown. they'll be coming up into view. a lot of question as to whether donald trump will be a full time citizen of washington. trump tower has become a familiar site to most of us. the same for his estate in florida. ivanka and his youngest son barron will be leaving washington to go back to new york where barron is still a student in school. doesn't want to disrupt his schooling at this point. remains to be seen how much time donald trump will be spending here, how much time he's spending in new york. i should bring in the fact that former new york mayor rudy
5:30 pm
giuliani is here. >> we were just talking here about another woman who she sort of reminds us of jackie kennedy. the story about when jackie kennedy told john f. kennedy, take care of the kids. keep them out of sight. don't get in any trouble, then what happened. >> jackie kennedy was going off to europe and she said exactly that and the first opportunity john kennedy had, he brought the kids into the oval office, had them playing under the desk and those became those iconic photographs that showed up in life magazine that sort of helped to define the kennedy white house. the youth, the vigor, the sense of family. john kennedy stood visuals. he
5:31 pm
does as well. expect him to be of the visuals. >> he knows branding in the same way that john t. kennedy knew branding -- john f. kennedy knew branding. it wasn't quite as part of our lexicon as it is now. he understands the importance of the trump name and the trump brand. perhaps that's why it has taken so long to get some answers about how they're going to untangle this empire of sorts in this role where the president of the united states has his name on properties and entities around the world. >> to deal with those conflicts of interest as well. look, what he learned from his business is that if if you can brand your name, sort of brand everything you do then people will pay attention to it. if you give it a sense of glamour, of luxury, of status. something that people want to aspire to
5:32 pm
a successful brand. d. the question then becomes can he brand america. can he brand his white house. can he brand his policies in the same way. it's going to be more difficult now that he has to appeal beyond his base of supporters. he has a much larger audience. >> when you think about how he branded this inauguration, it's been very workmanlike. it's been very straightforward. there haven't been a lot of extra wells and whistles. this president has said i'm getting to work. i'm not going to dance at all -- i've got work to do. you get the sense of that. >> he's also trying to make a virtue out of necessity too there weren't all of these performers coming to washington. they were expecting a smaller crowd. donald trump might be very upset if the crowd tomorrow ends up being bigg
5:33 pm
crowd that showed up at his inaugural. he cares about things like that. >> let's stop and acknowledge this part of the parade here with the paralyzed veterans of america. the president has talked a good deal about his commitment to the military, to making it bigger, stronger. to showcasing it and there he is saluting those cherished members who serve our country and some who gave -- paid a strong price. >> i was going to say the same thing. and before them the wounded warriors project came by. they got the double salute from the president. they got the thumbs up and the salute. so they started it all and the crowd responded also. so did we up here in the press. thank you for your service. thank you for all that you do for us. >> of course we can never thank them enough. but the respect and the so
5:34 pm
what our veterans are due to them actually receives them in terms of the kind of healthcare they receive. the kind of respect they receive back here at home. it's important to remind americans that we are because of them. >> one way he can show his thanks and appreciation is through sort of fixing the problems in the va and the veterans administration. that has to be a high priority. if you want to honor them, show it through what you can do to make their lives better as a result of their service. >> that's been a continual problem we've seen over the past few years. it's be a big promise on the campaign trail to take care of our veterans. situations are happening where they're literally dying waiting to get care. this is something the president has pledged to reform, pledged to fix. that is easier said than done. president obama not for a lack
5:35 pm
off with the va healthcare system right now. once that story broke to the point where president obama left office. >> we weren't able to see this up close, but the president teared up as those disabled veterans bands passed by. he is moved by their service. and demonstrated that today. >> out on the campaign trail he gave shoutouts to veterans all the time and spoke about their service. look, i think that's consistent with every president. president obama too across the board you have to give thanks to people who put their lives on the line and sacrifice for the rest of us. >> we'll listen to the band real quick. check it out. ♪
5:36 pm
>> all right. so as we watch the parade unfold here. we have much more coverage of the inauguration of donald trump. the 45th president of the united states. adam longo alongside lenny and lesli fost
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we're coming back with continuing coverage of the inauguration of donald trump as the new 45th president of the united states. you see him clapping to the sounds of talladega college. the great tornado band. they are from talladega, alabama. historically black college. we talked about a bit of controversy with some of
5:40 pm
quite a deal of controversy with talladega. there were some members of their own community that did not support the band coming here to play for president trump. i think they decided this was about the country and not about a person. i love their musical selections. living in america by james brown, happy by pharrell williams and sweet talk. >> it's one of those things we were mentioning before. having to set politics aside. all these young men and women can say i performed in washington, d.c. at the inauguration of the president. 20 years down the road when they can tell their kids. is it really going to matter who the president was or how somebody felt about that president at that time? just the honor of being able to be there is something they'll be able to carry with them. >> for some people it does matter. in some communities this is il
5:41 pm
this is a big statement they're making subpoena bruce johnson, would you agree? >> i was so busy listening to the marching band i didn't hear anything you just said. i was watching the 45th president and the vice president. donald trump clearly enjoyed this moment. he was clapping in great rhythm. can't say as much for mike pence though. they clearly enjoyed the band. it was a huge band. as you said they were doing james brown. they were very good. very impressive. as you said also, they got a lot of flak. they got a lot of criticism for accepting the invitation to come here to perform. also raised a lot of money for the school. nearly a half million dollars. they were going to strut their stuff along pennsylvania avenue. >> re
5:42 pm
>> this is the united states marine corps staff element. there's the salute from the president and vice president. there they are in their navy blue finist.
5:43 pm
>> now to the marine band should be following. pretty significant band when we see them come by. they played for the first inauguration of thomas jefferson and at every inauguration since. they are known as the president's own united states marine band. >> of course following them the active duty company of the marines. they are stationed at the barracks there. these are components of marines stationed here. >> bruce, have you recovered from your living in america moment? what else are you seeing around you? >> it's impressive to see these members of the service. we should
5:44 pm
know how important it is. president trump, president obama, president clinton. the last three presidents we had, not the last three, but those three never served in the military. george bush was in the national guard. those three never served in the military. >> you're right, bruce. [ overlapping speakers ] >> struck me as interesting is we have a civilian commander in chief of the armed forces. and he salutes. he salutes the marines when he's going on marine one. he salutes as they pass here. >> because he's commander in chief. it's because he's commander in chief.
5:45 pm
>> we have the border patrol coming up now. what about the wall. seems our president trump has kind of backed off of that wall, hasn't he? we may have a partial wall. we may have additional security. we may have a higher fence. we may have stepped up patrols. that chant that got it started for him about let's build that wall, you don't hear that as much any more, do you? >> the union that represented the border patrol agents resoundingly supported donald trump in his campaign. he has them on his side. >> i'm looking at a tweet here on the screen that says barron trump is cracking me up. i'm remembering back during the first two -- the two inaugurations of president barack obama when we were getting quite a kick out of seeing the girls doing what they did and the second inauguration i remember -- and lenny you'll probably remember this too -- the girls had their cell phones and
5:46 pm
texting and taking selfies and reviewing stand. so it is so interesting to see what the kids of the family are doing. and barron is getting to be a 10-year-old today. >> one of the things they've done, the smallest children they've left behind. they knew they couldn't sit still through this. or maybe wouldn't be that empressed with all of the parade. some of the smallest grandchildren probably with the babysitters at this point, wouldn't you think? >> i would think so. sitting out here for hours upon hours can be challenging for the adults. >> all of us have gone through the experience of bringing our kids to a parade and getting out -- >> crying. >> getting out there to get the good spot. how am i going to entertain them until the parade starts. the parade starts. don't get run over by the float. come back. so they can be a lot to handle. >> t
5:47 pm
metropolitan police motorcycle drill team which is dear to vice president's heart. from his home state there. >> yeah, he's loving this. >> two thumbs up. we could see him mouthing good job, good job. >> mike pence is going to have a big job, isn't he? comes from the hill. he knows the house and you know the senators too because of his time in the house. he knows governors in the land. least going to have a big job under the trump administration, wouldn't you think? >> he is. he's the one who knows the ways of washington. he's going to have to work both sides of the aisle on capitol hill if if president trump is the deal maker, then vice president pence goes in to help pull it all together. >> he'll be the bridge between the oval office and to
5:48 pm
hill. they do know each other. mike pence knows how the language of legislation. knows how to speak the language of congressional politics. i think he'll play a big role in that regard. former vice president biden played that role as well with president obama. if you know capitol hill and the culture it helps get things through. the increasing scope of the role of the vice president as app active participant in the administration. the vice president office holds no power whatsoever. it used to be the vice president was the person who got the second amount of votes and didn't necessarily see eye to eye with the president and wasn't involved with the administration at all. but we have seen with dick cheney, certainly moving forward with joe biden and now with mike pence that that is an integral role in the presidency. >> you
5:49 pm
you think about al gore. now think about walter mondale had a big role in jimmy carter's office. the job of the presidency expands and gets bigger, you're not just head of government. you're head of state. you have so many responsibilities that are public in terms of leadership on the world stage and also in terms of getting legislation passed and enacting policies. you need somebody who is your wing person. who is out there with you helping you out and getting things done. >> the only way you'll change that part of washington is by jumping in knee deep. it's not going to change overnight. there are processes. there are things that are done the way it's done and you have to figure out how to work that system to get what you want. coming up just behind the columbus north high school marching band we're going to see the tragedy assistance marching unit which will be coming up. they are
5:50 pm
arlington, virginia-based band. we'll keep our eye out for them as we see the president and the vice president taking it in. this is the columbus north high school marching band. >> as you watch this day play out. maybe it's too early to make this call. you're a professor of communications and history and politics. you'll go into class next week and undoubtedly this will be on the minds of so many people. what do you think are some of the take aways you'll want to discuss with your class? >> well you sort of just startling election of donald trump on november 8th when all of the pundits and pollsters didn't expect it yet as the numbers were coming in he becomes president. i think a lot of young people of still digesting this. this. >> we'll come away from that conversation for just a second. again, this is the tragedy assistance program for survivors based out of arlington, virginia. these are the wido
5:51 pm
fallen heroes. these are the ones, they're carrying many their hands photographs of the loved ones that they are honored. they're out of arlington, virginia. they represent something very important to all of us as well. which is the sacrifice, the people who are left behind when they lose the servicemen and women who serve our nation. >> we are all in a great deal of debt and gratitude towards them for everything that they have lost and how they continue to fight forward without their loved ones. let's listen now to the band and drill team. they are from northfield, vermont. 79 cadets from across the country. let's listen in. ♪
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
we're back now with our conch of the inauguration. you are
5:55 pm
of types pride of the southland marching band. that t stands for tennessee. this is their 13th presidential inaugural parade. >> i have a feeling we'll hear rocky top again. this time for the president of the united states. let's listen in. ♪
5:56 pm
>> we're going to go back to pete muntean who has been following the course of this ever evolving protest that's played out in the area of 13th and k street where things have been lit on fire, bricks have been thrown at vehicles going through there. how are things shaping up right now? >> the streets are unsettled but things are more quiet now. this is 14th and k behind me. seems like more people are coming here by the minute. i talked to a group of women here. they came from the san francisco bay area in california. they think this is the perfect mechanism to tell folks why they think that president trump's presidency is not legitimate. you can see back here, protesters about 10 minutes ago lit a fire over there. big congregation of folks
5:57 pm
there. there was a band playing. you can smell the smell of marijuana in the air here. let me show you on k street here exactly what's going on. up here there's a police barricade up here. police in riot gear have their visors up, shields out, batons out. that is where most of the clashes took place today. earlier today we saw some vandalized vehicles -- sorry for the profanity -- excuse me. sorry about that, guys. >> we'll check back in with you. you are watching wusa 9 news. we're going to continue our coverage of the parade, the
5:58 pm
right after this. i had frequent heartburn, doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago,
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last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed welcome back. you are watching our wusa9 news coverage of inauguration day. it's been a day of contrast. with pomp and circumstance and protest throughout the day. i'm lesli
6:00 pm
longo and our new colleague here. we're embracing you. we have grabbed him for the day. thank you for your expertise. our dear friend bruce johnson is out keeping his eye on things going on from the other side of the presidential reviewing stand. this is probably the best seat i've ever had. i think my coverage of the inaugurations begin with jimmy carter. the first president to get out on pennsylvania avenue. i think everyone has done it since then. this is the best seat in the house. i'm sitting immediately across from the 45th president, vice president. i'm seeing him salute right now. somebody actually texted me to tell me that he stood and saluted the new york military academy because that's his alma mater. he had gone to school there. we were talking about vice


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