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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> protesters in the streets in dc hours after the march for women ends. some against trump, some for. >> we start with juliana diaz who has been with some anti- trump protesters. they have made their way to the trump hotel. >> reporter: they actually started their day this morning. they have been out here all day. it is now 11:00 which means they have been marching since the women's march that start at
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1:00. a long time. and we have been marching with them. we stopped here a couple of moments ago. they are now pretty much just talking now. i do want to point out, there are two or three trump supporters. but for the most part, they are anti-trump protesters here. a lot of them talking now. very peaceful. you can see all of the the police officers here, they have been escorting them throughout the dc area as they have been marching on the streets. a lot of them making sure that everything stays safe and for the most part, it has been a very, very peaceful protest. if you look at this video, this is them marching through the streets. this is a lot going on. we were at the white house, there for quite some time. it was very tense for about 30 minutes or so. that is when a handful of trump supporters showed up in the middle of this protest. and so again, it did get a little tense, people started to yell at each other. but overall, it has been quite a peaceful protest throughout the entire day. and, a lot of people say they just wan their voices heard. ta
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unprecedented, the election of donald trump. what is also unprecedented is the unification of so many groups. people are fighting because they are tired and ready to make a change. i think we can transform for centuries because of what we will accomplish starting now. >> reporter: and that was just carlos that you heard. he actually leads this group here we have been marching with several hours now. and, they are here, they say that they are starting to get tired naturally. it has been several hour. almost 11 hours i believe. they say they are going to continue to march. this is only the first day. they want to continue to mobilize. they said they do want to continue to talk to trump supporters to see where they can compromise and talking is important for everyone. that's the latest here live from the trump hotel, iliana diaz, wusa9. >> we have seen an ebb and
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here, just several hours ago, several dozen trump supporters rallying in front of the trump hotel carrying banners reading make america great again. they shorted donald trump's name hand cheered loudly. the women's march on washington drew people from all over the country policies support women's rights, immigrants rights and more. >> debra alfarone was in the middle of the march and joins us now to recap it all. >> reporter: the one word that standings out to describe this march is solidarity. this is one of the biggest demonstrations in washington's history. >> [ chanting ] >> in the 60s we were much less organized. this is wonderful. >> reporter: this could be mist history. or herstory. >> i want to make histfo
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her. >> reporter: women from saul over and men, half a million of them descended on washington to hold signs. and, be heard. >> this presidency is kind of scary for me as a person of color and for me as a woman. >> reporter: there was a feeling of sister hood and community. >> right now, there's tons of emotion. everyone is really upset about what is going on. we want to make sure that we spread as much love and positivity throughout it. and, i just made 10,000 stickers and brought them to pass out. >> reporter: this woman from seattle brought stickers she made. >> love trumps hate! >> reporter: many wore pink hats. some brought children. >> i want to be here for the women's march. donald trump is doing bad things to women and i don't support that. i believe we have to stand up and he has to hear our voices. >> reporter: more people showed up than anyone ever expected. police say that the march was peacefnd
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was arrested. guys? >> thank you. today's march drew dozens of celebrity speakers from actresses, ashley judd, scarlet johanssen to political activists like gloria steinem. >> this is an outpouring of energy and true democracy like i have never seen in my very long life. >> good did not win this election. but good will win in the end. we want the best for all americans. no hate. no bigotry. no muslim registry. >> congressman john lewis and senator elizabeth warren also spoke today at marchs in other cities. well, there were hundreds of marchs taking place around the world. some held as close to dc as frederick, maryland. others as par
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copenhagen denmark. demonstrators in chicago. and the center marching in london. now the first of about 230 protesters arrested during inauguration activities on friday appeared in court today. >> the u.s. attorney's office says all of those people will be charged with felony rioting and the punishment could be up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. they will be back in court for preliminary hearing next month. today was president donald trump's first full day in office. he started his morning by attending a prayer service at the national cathedral in northwest dc. [ singing ] ♪ [ music ] >> he was acompmynied by his wife melania trump and children. vice president mike pence was there with his wife karen pence. this prayer service is is
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>> then he made his way to virginia for a visit to cia headquarters. this comes after he voiced skepticism over findings that russia tried to influence the election. now, he says he supports the cia. the president spoke to a crowd of about 300 employees there. >> i am with you a thousand percent. and, the reason you are my first stop is as you know, i have a running war with the media, they are among the most dishonest human beings. [ cheers and applause ] >> right? and they sort of made it sound like i had a feud with the intelligence community. it is exactly the opposite. exactly. >> they will be
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rid of isis. shawn spicer told supporter theres are no official numbers for today's march. he criticized the press for the numbers of people attending president trump's inauguration. >> pricer said the press deliberately tried to make the inauguration look sparsely attended. >> these attempts are shameful and wrong. >> spicer offered no everyday to support the claim that it was the largest inauguration audience ever. he said the president plans to meet with british prime minister teresa may and with mexico's prime minister on the 31st. good news about former president george h. w. bush and his wife barbara. they may be released from a houston hospital tomorrow. >> the former first lady was hospitalized wednesday with bronchitis. the 92-year-old former
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hospitalized in intensive care for another few days. he is being treated for breathing problems related to pneumonia. he is breathing well without any mechanical assistance. he called his office friday night to check in. so local kids in rockville are learning at a young age that free speech is a right held by every american. >> even if that free speech is a protest for more play time. after the break, a small march with a big message. howie? >> guys, chilly and damp. drizzle and fog across much of the area. rain coming in from the south and the southwest. and it could be a lot more of that between tomorrow and monday.
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>> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. >> 500,000 people march organizers say that's the estimate of how many demonstrators attended women's rights on washington dc. >> to put that in perspective, the current population
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658,000 meaning it nearly doubled in size. some tiny activists held a march of their own to make sure their voices are heard. >> this inspired a community. >> reporter: a small movement is growing in the town of rockville. >> someone is saying let's have equal rights. >> reporter: these pint sized marchers made signs with a message. some thanking their moms, others just wanting more time to play. >> more sports. and, freedom for all. >> reporter: five-year-old beck manderville is the master mind behind all of this. >> we are so proud of him. we are inspired bay great kindergarten teacher who did a lesson on martin luther king jr. >> reporter: like any great leader who is able to inspire others. >> i lover the people in our
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he believes in, he can talk about it no matter what it is. and he has a voice. >> reporter: his family says this march is not about politics, but for some participants, this is as close as they could get to the women's march. >> they wouldn't be able to march that far. but i think i give them a voice. hopefully, our president will be able to see that it is not just one location for everyone. >> we spent an hour at shady grove metro this morning before realizing we were not going to get very far. we decided to come here today and make good use of the energy. >> reporter: instead of a rally, this march ended with a stop at the playground after all these young anne tower cam vests in the making had to blow off steam somehow. i'm ty chandler, wusa9. always watching, always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. dc's most accurate. >> i hypothesize tomorrow might be the best
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and watch some football. especially in the afternoon when the rain start to crank up. >> for the march and everybody was out today. it wasn't the greatest day, but by far it was not the worst january day. we hit 50 degrees. but on our three degree guarantee, 50 just wasn't good enough. you know? we stay with the low clouds and the drizzle. and the fog. yeah, we missed big. 58. we missed by eight. >> you should have to double the amount you give to the charity for that. >> we will talk to the bosses about that. >> that is a whopper. >> 53. 53. it is my three degree guarantee temperature for sunday. all right, we have some rain coming in tonight. you see the showers in southern virginia. some of them on the heavy side. we have a few light ones out here. the stuff down south, you can see the yellows an the oranges. that is moderate rain from lady smith south. not quite to fredericksburg. it is moving east into southern maryland. colonial bc and some of that fort ro
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we go into saint mary's, down into prince frederick with the light rain that is going to slowly march off to the north. they are all seeing the light rain moving in crossing route 2 here. golden bc up in north and west of that, not quite. if it is not rain, the other problem is fog. some of it is sent. especially north and east. that is who we have, dense fog advisory. with visibility less than a quarter mile. look at these visibilities now. dense fog advisories here. gathersburg, a quarter mile. winchester, quarter mile. i know there were delayed flights coming in. we have widespread areas a half mile or less. that is why the dense fog advisory will be expanded and it goes now until 5:00 a.m. temperatures have not moved much. mid to upper 40s . 50 and orange is the warm spot along with oakland. annapolis, 44
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and in town, not too bad, visibility here in washington. on that weather camera. fog, drizzle and showers tonight is leading our weather headlines. rain, sunday and monday, in fact. yellow weather alerts sunday and monday. monday morning commute. and in the afternoon, it will be really nasty with the rain and the wind. gusts, 3, maybe 40 miles an hour. sunday night into monday as this nor'easter starts to crank. it will get nice tuesday. really nice. it looks fantastic. a lot going on. very active subtropical jet stream. big storm into california. this thing has 30 plus foot waves. more rain there. you see the action in the south with all of these tornado watches in january. yeah, and, this is moving our way with the first batch of rain now, we will have a subsequent batch of rain coming in tomorrow afternoon. early sunday, not too much activity. but during the afternoon, look how the
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monday morning looks to be rough before we start to clear out. and yes, that is a little bit of snow showing up in the western mountains. doesn't look like a lot. maybe a few inches of snow in the western mountains. mid to upper 40s tonight. scattered showers mostly south and east of dc along with the fence dog. cloudy and chilly form morning. steadier rain developing in the afternoon. low 50s as we head toward mono, yellow weather alert. rain and wind, it is going to be heavy at times. temperatures topping out in the low 50s . tuesday, 54, sun returns wednesday, the pick of the week, and here comes some colder weather with maybe some flurries in the second half of the week. >> all right howie. following the women's march, hundreds of thousands of people needed a way back home or back to their hotels. >> yeah. and for many of them, that meant getting back on metro leading to big delays, crowded platforms, and jam packed cars. wusa9's matt yurus was right there in the thick of all of it. matt? >> reporter: yes i was. i hopped on
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national mall stop. i was one of the more than 597,000 people to afford it. >> reporter: hundreds waited to get into the smithsonian national mall metro stop. officers temporarily kept riders out working to maintain crowd control. on the inside, there was a strong security presence. >> very safe. very secure. lots of friendly people. lots of friendly police officers. we said thank you. >> reporter: crowded platforms. >> we decided to try to leave early. but had to wait probably 45 minutes to get onto a train. >> reporter: and for some, smooth sailing. >> great. just had to walk in and had our tickets. so, we are on our way. >> reporter: on the whole, riders were impressed with metro's service. but for one little girl, the train was moving a little too quickly. >> the train was too fast. >> reporter: that is a complaint most
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but in her defense, she could not reach the top step for support. it was slammed. only a handful of riders were able to squeeze into the car. everyone was shoulder to shoulder. >> all the years i have lived in washington, i have never seen the likes of this. >> reporter: despite the crowds, riders, shall we say, remained festive. >> we need a leader! >> reporter: and just like that. in a little less than two hours, metro was largely empty. it was easier to come into the city this morning. at 11:00 a.m., there were over 200,000 riders. adam, lesli? >> by the middle of the day, that number had doubled. huge crowds for the weekend. >> everybody was
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part happy. someone else happy tonight. >> there is a lot of good things going on in dc sports including the capitals. they have not won in dallas for
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>> of course, it was called the women's march on washington, but there were plenty of dudes out there too. >> lots of dads and brothers. >> i'm here to support all the women in my family and all the women in my country. women's right to choose. a strong part of my life. this is just a natural place to come support this community as we think about how to move forward. how to stop some of the momentum that is going the wrong way and make sure at the end of the day, people can make the choices that they think are right for themselves. >> i'm here to support the women marching as well. this presidency is a travesty. it is a real resistance to
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presidency which will be very harmful. >> i'm here to support anyone that hasn't been represented effectively in our congress. and, standing up for the people that haven't had a voice or are fighting to make their voices heard. >> this is about community, family, and making the right choices for the country. and women will make the right choices and the men following them will also make the right choices. >> you don't have to be female to be a feminist. now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> you know, it has been a little while since the capitals won a game in dallas. in fact, four years. a chance to snap that skid for the caps who have the best record in hockey. you know, they are taking their dads on this roadie. 11th in their last.
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in the game. alex ovechkin's 27th goal of the season. back on the power play. t.j. oshie get it is deflection right in front. and we are all tied. so we head to ot. caps waste no time. 19 seconds in. jay beagle gets his tenth goal of the season. the capitals win in dramatic fashion, 4-3 in overtime. and the dads are good luck. we know the the wizards have been hot at home. five wins on the road. the detroit pistons tonight looking for their fifth straight win coming off that victory over the knicks. they get off to a hot start. markeith morris hits the triple and washington scores gains first nine points. john wall at the lob. to morris. for the
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his brother marcus morris getting the put back at the buzzer and the pistons win, 113- 112. college hoops, virginia taking on georgia tech. cavaliers taking care of business. virginia wins to improve to 15- 5, 5-2 on the acc. west virginia looking to bounce back after the loss to oklahoma. they turn the ball over. can't do that. kansas state turns that into two and west virginia loses. second straight loss now for the mountaineers. army navy in hoops. this one is always something. army beats the buzzer to force overtime. the mid shipment proved to be too tough as they take care of army, 96-80. ladies in the early game under a minute left to go, army
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up one. serena connie puts navy up for good. they go onto win 63-58 leading the series 19-13 under a republican president. all right, we all have dreams. and he said this was a dream come true, he is being serious. adam jones sig gnina one year contract with a minor league hockey teams an served as a penalty box attendant. his new job responsibility includes manning the penalty box, providing refs with game pucks. his off season is out west. she a season ticketholder and says he always wanted to work the penalty box. >> resident hockey. >> a dream come true. >> howard would probably have something to say about that. >> i'm sure he was. >> why wouldn't you want to hang out in the penalty box? that is just fantastic. all right, right after the break, a look
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>> all right, so we have some
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>> yeah, a couple of showers tonight. some fog. an early shower, tomorrow night. monday, rainy, windy. monday commute looks just pitiful. maybe just stay home until tuesday. some cold returns by the end of the week. >> maybe we will come back tuesday. >> yeah. >> just hide out indoors the next couple of days. >> yeah,. >> that's it for us. you can get updates any time on our wusa9 app. >> and tune in tomorrow morning on wusa9 news at 7:00. have a great night everybody.
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