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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 23, 2017 1:35am-2:33am EST

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you okay? i've been digging further back into eric's father's past. what did we get? the alexander sharova you met doesn't exist prior to 1960. there's no matching birth record anywhere. what about travel visas? nothing in cuba, russia or the states. where this man came from is a real mystery. well, it can't be for long. tt(spiing) duquesne: we have got to get eric out of this mess. do you think this is gonna work? caine: it has to. (drill whirring)
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♪ (ceramic tapping) so what did the dna reveal? we weren't running the tooth for dna. since enamel on teeth forms during adolescence, it retains an isotopic record of the geographic region where someone lives during childhood. so, it's like a permanent mark of where you're from. exactly. on the map, the colors represent the different oxygen isotope regions across the country. eric's father's tooth has an oxygen ratio of 18. that's unique to an area over new mexico. and he wasn't born in russia.
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you were born in new mexico, and you're an american citizen, alexander. all that from a tooth. (scoffs) impressive. the boy managed to pull the information out of me after all. and that boy is in grave danger. he needs you to come clean. what, show immigration i'm a native-born american? that's exactly what i want you to do. the cia sent me to cuba in 1960. to organize the locals, set up factories, fight castro. we all agree that the bay of pigs was a failure. when this country turned its back on me... ...i had to become a russian-born citizen. i survived two decades in cuba.
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ed any knowledge of me, the russian brotherhood took me in. listen, i am alexander sharova. i'm russian. you are an american citizen, and your survival is not the only thing at stake here. derek: i'd like to be heard on my motion for reconsideration of the motion to suppress dna evidence against ken vogel. don't see how you can rightly do that since mr. delko can no longer testify as an officer of the law. that's why i'd like to have this read into record, your honor. i'm submitting to the courts the findings of the immigration judge, which states that officer delko was and always has been a us citizen. if immigration concurs, the court has no reason to question his standing as an officer of the law.
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thank you, your honor. however, you know better than anybody, a defense attorney will have a field day with the dna he recovered from that scuba tank. on what grounds, your honor? however wrong the information was, office delko chose not to come forward when he learned of his illegal citizenship status. speaks to the character of the witness. your honor, i'm the best defense attorney in the city, and i can't touch the character of this man. what's going on? the immigration court has expedited your paperwork, eric. you're gonna be released today. what? how did you pull this off, h? it wasn't me.
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delko: what's he doing here? caine: he's here for you. derek: this man was shot in the line of duty-- the bullet fragment is lodged in his head-- but he comes to work every day. he could've sued the city and been rich. but he took an oath to protect and to serve. the last thing this court needs to be worried about is the character of officer delko. well, let's hope a jury sees it the same way. motion for reconsideration granted, dna evidence not suppressed. thank you. you missed out!
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i was gonna marry you, but your dad stepped in. (chuckling) what makes you think i would say yes? maybe i met somebody special on the inside. i doubt his cooking is as good as mine. hey, why don't i take you back to my place? i'll make you a traditional american dinner, since you're new to our country. (chuckling) that's sounds good. but danger has been following me everywhere i go. calleigh, i'm serious. i don't want anything to happen... come on, i have the safest house in miami. do you know how many guns i have? you protected me; i'll protect you.
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caine: derek. so, this is over. i don't think i could represent criminals anymore. well, i could always use a new prosecutor. (chuckling) i heard about you losing your wife. how did you get over it? you don't get over it. and you never will. take care, derek. take care.
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brad pitt is back. >> really special night. >> after lying low for a while, why
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lot different post-split. then exclusive lady gaga super bowl halftime secrets. >> that's what i want to do. ♪ >> her dangerous stunt, a guest performer, and the one thing you won't see in the show. also our day with j.lo. is she really dating drake? >> how are things going with j.lo? >> what she'snl oy telling "e.t." >> that's what we've been doing. >> plus -- ♪ did you ever know that you're my hero ♪ >> "e.t." behind the scenes of the beaches remake. >> a lot of people saying don't mess with it. >> then -- >> make a little mambo. >> our melissa mccarthy flashback. her new show with her husband and improv pal. which famous friends will be guest starring. plus star transformation with margot robbie as tonya harding, and how matthewon mcceyaught wen from a six-pack to packing on the pounds. now, this is "enterten
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>> lady gaga speaks out about her wild super bowl halftime plans. thanks for joining us. cameron mathison is off this weekend. we have new details from gaga's top secret rehearsal for the big show. but first brad pitt makes a rare public appearance, and by the looks of it, he was happy for a little boys night out. >> thanks again for coming tonight. it was a really special night. and i get to introduce a very, very good friend of mine. mr. chris cornell. >> looks like that charm and smile has officially returned. brad just hanging out with the guys, though got to say they're some pretty cool rock star guys. sting and chris cornell performing a private charity concert. ♪ ♪ every step you take >> while other celebs in attendance included cindy crawford, rande gerber and courteney cox, this is a scene you probably wouldn't have witnessed back when brad was still
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one pitt pal claims angie kept him away from his friends during their near 12 years together. the last time we saw brad and sting was when he was engaged to sting. brad even missed pal george clooney's wedding. well, call this how brad got his groove back as a source tells "e.t." quote, brad is slowly getting back into the geroov of things. but his kids still remain his primary focus. while brad moved on, where is angelina? well, she was spotted last sunday shopping in west hollywood along with their son, pax. the estranged exes were expected to have a court hearing this week to decide on more issues relating to the custody and the divorce. but that was tabled since their last agreement allows them to employ a private judge. now, wete waid a little bit longer to catch kim kardashian out and about, s butothe g back to work this week filming a cameo on the set of ocean's eight. kim is playing herself as a guest at the met ball where a
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>> talk about a little art imitating life there, right? well, this week for the first time, we got kim's side of her frightening real-life armed robbery in paris. >> how are you feeling? >> kim landed back in l.a. this week after filming her aegs's eight cameo in new york and after shooting her reality show last weekend in dubai, where she shopped, posed with a falcon, and went four-wheeling in the desert. all this as new details from her paris robbery released. >> the newspaper here got a hold of the police report of the initial interview done with kim kardashian. six pages of notes were taken by the police officer who hand wrote them altogether. >> according to the report, kim told police, quote, i heard a noise at the door like footsteps and i shouted to ask who was there. no one answered. then beyond the sliding doors, i saw two people arrive with a gentleman from reception, and he was tied up. that would be the hotel's concierge, who shared a simil
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>> she was screaming, and she was very terrified. >> kim also reportedly told police one of the robbers demanded her $4 million engagement ring. quote, he took the ring and asked where the jewels and the money are. >> he may have certainly helped police in identifying the robbers because she gave a description of their height, what they were wearing, and the fact that one had piercing blue eyes. >> kim estimated the robbers got away with around $5.6 million worth of jewelry, including two diamond cartier bracelets, a gold and diamond jacob and company necklace, lorraine schwartz diamond earninrings an gold rolex. she describes how frightening the ordeal was. quote, i was wearing a bathrobe, neighborhood underneath. they pushed me on the bed and taped me .up they carried me into the robathmoom, repe scacifi tllyhe tub. kim also describes the robbers as inexperienced. in addition to zip ties, t
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apparently used, of all things, scotch tape. >> when they left, she was able to get the scotch tape off, which she felt that if they had been more professional, that it would not have been so easy. >> well, the press has nicknamed the main suspects in this robbery as the grandpags ganters usbecae most of them range from age 54 to 72. ♪ >> oh, i know you do, gaga. let's bring it back here stateside. we got some big news on lady gaga this week. the super bowl halftime perform every has a plan to pull off one of the most daring stunts in big gave history. and we have a look behind the scenes. ♪ >> i've been planning this since i was 4. i know exactly what i'm going to do. >> gaga's 12-minute halftime show extravaganza just two weeks away. here's new video showing her hand picked dancers deep in rehearsal. >> i want us to have a gaga stand on the super bowl. >> what's on the lady's super bowl set list? we spied a little choreography
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♪ >> i want your love. >> the challenge is to look at it and say, you know, what can i do differently? how can i elevate certain little things here and there? and also make it about the music. ♪ >> but is gaga ready to risk her life for her super bowl halftime show? sure sounds like it. there's a new report out that the pop star wants to perform on the roof of houston's nrg stadium. a member of the field team described her plans this way. on a ticechnal stale of 1 to 10, it's an 11 or 12. in a statement, the nfl told us, quote, people will have to wait and see what we have in store. we never comment on speculation about the show because there is so much misinformation that surfaces. the pop star shared this image with her halftime team, writing, we build a tent in my backyard with a dance floor to practice.
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"e.t." online music editor. >> a source tells "e.t." that gaga will have a special guest with her when she performs. no word on who that is going to be yet. but the source also tells us that two big-name acts have been asked, and both said no. this is interesting. "e.t." has learned that there is one topic that is off limits for lady gaga, and that's politics. our source says that the nfl told gaga she is not allowed to mention the election or donald trump. >> the nfl responded, calling that, quote, nonsense from people trying to stir up controversy where there is none. adding, quote, the super bowl is a time when people really come together. gaga is already familiar with the super bowl spectacle. >> i really want to sing for everyone. that was the best part about doing the national anthem last year. >> kevin was with her moments after that performance. >> how was it? >> so the big question is who will join gaga onstage?
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with gaga saying they'll be back together next month. he's had huge hits with britney, madonna, beyonce, and bieber, so maybe we could see a justin/gaga mash up. let's talk about this mash up. j.lo and drake. now, we know they're working together, but is it really all business? we gave j.lo a chance to clear up these rumors. >> got a new project with drake. what can you share about that project? >> we did a song together, and we'll see if it's on his next album. but he asked me to do a song with him. >> j.lo confirmed a working relationship with drake, but was pulled away before answering our follow up about all the romance rumors. both singers have fueled it by posting cuddly instagram .pics drake was asked about it this week. drake nodded all good. a few hours earlier, j.lo was at people's choice award celebrating another project. >> jennifer
1:58 am
drama actress for her role on shades of blue and gave a sweet shout out to her kids. >> to my two favorite people, max and emme, my twins. everything that i do is for you. >> "e.t." was backstage with j.lo after her win. >> i thought it was so sweet that you thanked most of all your children. >> you know, everything i do is for them. you know, once you have kids, it's a whole different world. it's a very me, me, me business. you know, my career, what am i going to do next, what are my choices. when you have kids, it becomes not about you. it becomes about them. >> do they visit you on set? >> all the time. you know, the nature of my lifestyle is, you know, that we travel a lot, music videos and venues and shows and all kinds of stuff. so they're always there. coming up, the "this is us" couple both unmarried in real life. would they ever date? >> really not hard
1:59 am
him. >> plus melissa mccarthy's new tv show, and why she's calling out her "gilmore girls" co-star. >> that is a challenge to lauren graham. and chris pratt and matthew mcconaughey. their new project as matthew reveals how he lost o
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it's my decision ito make beauty last. roc® retinol, started visibly reducing my fine lines and wrinkles in one week. and the longer i use it, the better it works. retinol correxion® from roc. methods, not miracles.™ you make me happy. >> not always. not lately. >> i need my kleenex already. "this is us" is nbc's biggest breakout hit this season, pulling in nearly 10 million viewers each week. it just got renewed for two more seasons. now, mandy moore and milo ventimiglia are so, so good as rebecca and jack. you would never know that the first time they met is when they read for the roles. >> was the chemistry between you and milo immediate? >> he's such a special guy. it's really not hard to have -- to just love him. i feel very safe. i feel very like protected with him. i've never
2:02 am
before. >> so sweet. so it's no surprise so many fans want these two to date in real life. but mandy has been dating rocker taylor goldsmith since 2015, and milo says he is not into the idea of dating a co-star. we learned a lot of secrets on the set. did you know the cast gets just as emotional as we do? >> they're shooting an episode right now, and i read the script. and i like hyperventilated. like chrissy and i were both just like tears streaming down our -- like everybody was crying. >> if i think about it, i will cry right now. i saw a screening last week and almost had to excuse myself. i'm like, chrissy, you know not to watch the episode with anyone else around. >> i need to stock up and have my kleenex beside me. >> it's the truth. it's the truth. >> i know a secret. i know that it takes you 3 1/2 hours in the makeup chair, and it takes about an hour and a half to take it off. >> yeah. >> on the show, mandy
2:03 am
age 27 to 66, and she plays a lot of years in between. >> a couple of days of wearing the prosthetics, my face is just angry. in the first draft of the pilot, they had a line that jack was no longer alive, and then they took that out. >> i knew always that jack was no longer, and i was okay with it. >> we all know toby survived his heart attack and proposes to kate played by chrissy metz. but chris sullivan told us details about the fat sutd he wears on set every day. >> the costume pads me out about 150 pounds probably. it's a pair of pants that i pull up, wear sus spenders and it's a jacket that zips up the back. it only takes about ten minutes to get on, and it comes off even faster. >> the show oh original title was actually 36, based on the ages of the big three. >> there was also one called happy birthday and i remember we did our first photo shoot,
2:04 am
milo was like we're not putting on the birthday hat. >> i don't know if i can take it. this show has so many twists and turns and milo gave us a little bit of a scoop that there's more coming in the remaining episode of the first season, leading up to a very, very explosive end. up next here -- >> we were just trying to think of the nastiest thing we could say. >> reese witherspoonnd a laura dern show us their mean sides. why the best friends are urn itting against each other. plus everything you missed from the people's choice awards. thlde wi wish your skin could bounce back like... plus everything you missed from the people's choice awards. thlde wi used to? neutrogena® hydro boost water gel. instantly quenches skin to keep it... ...supple and hydrated... ...after day. with hydrating hyaluronic acid,
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monday, "e.t." has a bachelor exclusive. >> we've got to talk about corrine. >> before the new episode airs, "e.t." has the confrontation everyone will be talking about. >> do you think you're genuinely ready to marry a 36-year-old man. >> oh, my god. >> monday on "e.t." awards season is in full swing. the oscar nominations wl
2:07 am
announced on tuesday. the screen actors guild awards are coming up and the prep is under way. this week, carly steel talked to plenty of the big stars at the people's choice awards. >> thank the hottest date here tonight. >> hottest date of the night. >> she really is. you guys are a hot couple. >> that's blake shelton giving us all a lesson on how to win the best boyfriend category. gwen, she did her part with an adoring snapchat. >> what happened to you? >> won album of the year and won favorite male country artist. am i your favorite? >> pretty sure she said yes. blake made history as the first country artist ever to win the people's choice award for favorite album. ♪ >> do you make eyes with her when you're performing? >> i try to. i couldn't really see her. she was behind somebody. >> valentine's day is coming up. do you have
2:08 am
>> i'm one of those guys that's always last minute like, oh, damn it. it's here. it's here. get some flowers or something. we'll definitely celebrate. >> meanwhile, this blake, lively, delivered the night's most inspiring speech after her win. >> when you guys voted for this, you didn't just vote for this movie or me, but you voted for girl power. thank you for sending a message to hollywood that people want to hear stories about women, and we want to hear your stories. you need to be heard. you are valuable, and no one can limit you. >> it's so significant because it's actually voted on by the people we make the movies for. >> blake's sister, robin, was her date for the night. and daughters, 2-year-old james and 3-month-old inez were on her mind. >> i'm very sad to be away from them. they haven't gotten old enough for me to be thrilled to be away from them. i'm actually rushing home to be with them now. >> her husband, ryan reynolds was traveling back from an event in switzerland and couldn't be there, but he
2:09 am
>> thank you to my husband. yo's everything to me. u can't have him. he's mine. thank you. the one and only ellen degeneres. >> here it is. >> there were three tonight. where are the other two? >> here you go. >> oh, yes. >> this will put it over the top. >> these three. i know, it's crazy. you should see my office. >> ellen degeneres is now the most decorated star in people's choice history, and "e.t." has been there for every single one of ellen's past wins. >> congratulations. you rock. >> thank you very much. >> yay! >> i enjoy rocking. >> her wife, portia de rossi was there to share the moment and joined our interview. >> well deserved, right? >> that is insane. >> the meryl streep of the people's choice awards. >> good analogy, indeed you are. >> full house has never won any award ever. then "fuller house" won a teen choice award. so w n
2:10 am
favorite premium comedy series. it would be a huge win. >> congratulations to "fuller house." your choice for favorite premiere comedy series. >> we were the top five show every week. >> yeah. >> so it's nice to get all this now. >> the people that have kept us on the show for 30 years are the ones that vote for this. that means the world to us. >> 30 years? huh? >> hey, man. >> people were 2 years old and 3 years old when they were watching this show, and that's who voted for this. >> rob was 2 or 3 years old when he started this show. >> i have to call out stamos with the mask on. what other secrets do you have? >> i think the blood of lori loughlin. >> and then when it comes to fashion, jodie sweetin has a legit reaso
2:11 am
fashiony, rock and roll. she was like, mom, i like the jacket with the dress. that looks really awesome. >> and priyanka chopra wins just for showing up. six days after her on-set accident sent her to the hospital with a concussion. >> you're not playing it safe here in heels. given the fact that you just got out of hospital, that's pretty risky, priyanka. >> how can a girl go without heels? don't tell my doctor that. i'll say, woops, i forgot. it was a concussion. i got hurt on my head, so i was supposed to forget things. >> shailene woodley was up for favorite action movie actress. she didn't win, but she is starring in a brand-new project with some huge movie stars. i'm talking nicole kidman and reese witherspoon. by the way, if reese ever needs a double onset, she has got the perfect one sitting right at home. >> do you ever have to sit and look at your daughter ava and say is that really me? >> it's
2:12 am
movie over christmas, and the head of the studio went up to ava and congratulated her on the movie. i'm so lucky to be her mom. >> reese's 17-year-old mini me might want to look away from her mama's newest role. in big little lies, the oscar winner goes full on dirty. >> she's a mom. she's young. like you used to be. >> like we used to be? >> we hate each other. >> we had so much fun. >> we were just trying to think of the nastiest things we could say to each other to make nicole kidman laugh. >> the entire cast bonded on and off the set of the seven-part hbo series based on "the new york times" best-selling book. reese is a divorced trouble maker. laura is her nemesis. zoe kravitz is reese's ex-husband's new younger wife. shay line woodley plays the new single mom in town, while nicole
2:13 am
from her husband. >> >> the ladies on the cover of next month's "elle" magazine and we caught up with them. shailene said although her characters are complex, the message is simple. >> a show like this proves you don't have to agree with someone. you don't have to understand them or relate to them to be able to empathizeit wh them. >> hurry up and get here, february 19th. well, straight ahead, new photos from the tonya harding movie set. how margot robbie went from this to this. then behind the scenes with chris pratt on the set of his wife's sitcom, "mom." >> dried apple. i would have given it to the horse, but that's another way to go. >> after matthew mcconaughey's new movie transformation, we show you his 80s fashion
2:14 am
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if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, gaga's super bowl rehearsal. >> i know exactly what i'm going to do. >> what's on the lady's super bowl set list? well, we spied her hand picked dancers doing a little choreography to bad romance. i want your love. >> a new report said gaga is performing on the roof of houston's nrg stadium. a member of the field team described her plans this way. on a technical scale of one to ten, it's an 11 or 12. the nfl told us, quote, people will have to wait and see. number four, will and grace will return after all. >> anything is possible. >> megan mullaly hinted about a comeback after the cast reunited for this viral get out the vote video. this week nbc made it official. the series is coming back for a ten-episode limited run later this
2:18 am
number three, outrage over the filming of "a dog's purpose." >> he ain't going to calm down till he goes in the water. >> disturbing footage shows a dog struggling to get away from rushing waters on the set. the commentary from someone nearby equally troubling. >> he wants to get away. >> the movie's director said he didn't witness the actions but, quote, i've been promised that a thorough investigation into this situation is under way. the red carpet premiere for the film which was scheduled for this weekend was canc.eled on thursday, the movie's publicity team released videos and photos of the german shepherd. the images dated january 19th showing herk lise relaxing on a dog bed. we're told the dog is happy and healthy living just outside los angeles. number two, michael jackson's daughter paris, the model. posing in a jeep with soldiers in front of the eiffel tower, paris looked happy and at ease during this ma
2:19 am
and a source close to jackson tells "e.t." she wants to try modeling, acting, and has been songwriting. >> she's trying to figure out what calls to her and speaks to her. >> and our number one story this week, j.lo and drake get close. >> we did a song together, and we'll see if it's on his next album. he asked me to do a song with hem and that's what we've been doing. >> j.lo confirmed a working relationship but was pulled away before answering our follow up. both singers fueled the buzz posting cuddly instagram picks. >> how are things going with j.lo? >> go to for the latest. aunt marjorie? >> how she signs her birthday cards. >> how good was chris pratt this week guest starring on "mom." for years, anna has been trying to make this cameo happen, and finally she got her wish. only we were behind the scenes. >> dried apple.
2:20 am
i would have given it to the horse but that's another way to go. >> this is the most fun i think i've ever had on a set. >> it's really nice to see your spouse in their work environment -- well, i don't know if it is for everyone, but it is for me. >> it was the first tv role since the parks and rec finale in 2015. a guest spot on mom was on his bucket list. >> on fridays when they would tape, part of me was a little jealous that i couldn't be out there on that stage with them. >> there's a way of -- >> what's up? >> it was also chris' first time performing in front of a live studio audience. >> when the audience is responding, you land a joke, and they laugh, and it just -- it just fills you with energy. >> he played a horse trainer, who catches the eye of kristi. >> where have you been hiding him? and why? is he single? >> put him in a flannel shirt and some reins in his
2:21 am
you're like giddy-up. let's go. >> this isn't the first time chris and anna starred together on screen. they co-starred in three films, one of them, take me home tonight. >> this is a big step, but i think it's the right thing. >> hell, yes. >> two years later, they tied the knot, and now have a 4-year-old son, jack. >> great chemistry together off and on camera, and it's been -- all of us are just -- >> we have a sex scene, like a sexy scene. we've been rehearsing that for ten years. >> well, it's about darn time y'all got it right. they are such a cute couple. by the way, chris, you look good, man. you know, he got ripped towards the end of parks and recreation. he did it for guardians of the galaxy. we've also seen this guy shape change pretty dramatically in the last couple years. i'm talking about matthew mcconaughey. although for his latest role in "gold," matthew actually packed on
2:22 am
everywhere with mcconaughey talking weight, his wivy, and why is he always showing off his behind. >> every one is comparing. >> same ass. one has a little more fat on it. >> remember him in "magic mike"? that's not the matthew we're getting in "gold." the one-time sexiest man alive packed on over 40 pounds and shaved his head for this role. yeah, that's not a bald cap. >> how did you gain all that weight? >> saying yes to whatever i wanted whenever i wanted it. my nickname wasta capin fun around the house because i was dr every night was pizza night in the kids wanted it. >> matthew made the transformmation for his role playing gold prospector kenny wells. at the premiere, jennifer learned what happened when his days as captain fun came to a close? >> we pulled back a little bi
2:23 am
back and tighten up a little bit. >> but there was one family member who was shocked by matthew's transformation. >> what did your mother say when she saw you for the first time? >> oh, she kind of said, matthew, what -- oh, well, i guess i like it better than when you were really skinny. golly, you look like your dad. >> it took matthew six months to drop the weight. he says wife camilla misses it. >> she loved kenny. i loved it. this is favorite guy i've ever >>ayed. camilla went all in on the precious metal. >> this lovely lady right here. >> she did it. >> she didn't have to sell anything. just wore the right color, the right mineral. >> her glittering marchesa gown, one of hottest trends. matthew said his wife gets a gold medal for supporting him while he made the film. >> what does it mean to have her here? >> we picked up the
2:24 am
uprooted everything. went to thailand. i have a wife to tell me when i go to work, don't look in the rearview mirror. go do your work. get obsessed with that. i got it. i got your back. >> when i touch the tiger, they scheduled that as the last scene to shoot in the movie because if -- >> god forbid something happens. >> we've already got all this footage. >> there's some pretty sick 80s fashion and hair and wardrobe going on in this movie. what was matthew mcconaughey's style like? >> the 80s? i remember '85, i got the perm. i don't think i've ever gone back to straight since i got the perm. >> this is still permed hair? >> that dude is a riot. but this lady is pure comedy. on the way, we're with melissa mccarthy talking about her new tv show. which famous friends will be guest starring? >> this is the most name
2:25 am
>> yeah, right. >> and betty white after turning 95. our time with her golden girls co-stars and her animal
2:26 am
2:27 am
whoa. >> i will never get tired of seeing that. frlissa mccarthy gives kech
2:28 am
business with a racquetball. classic. this was the behind the scenes visit to her upcoming movie life of the party. melissa hilarious. this news got us excited. melissa is coming back to prime-time eight months after mike and molly, starring alongside her husband, ben falcone. >> we're a happy and productive relationship. >> we're calling this melissa and ben's secret to success. that's them back in 2004 on the ground ling stage. the couple officially met at the school in 1998, and they've been making comedy gold together ever since. >> we've been together for so long. >> 20 years according to -- >> 20 years. >> secret number two, they keep their comedy posse together.
2:29 am
tvland series, "nobodies" features long time groundling buddies. melissa and ben executive produced the show about three struggling unknowns trying to cash in on their famous friends' success. >> it was nice to meet you guys. keep working. >> you should have led with that. >> ben and i play. >> versions of ourselves. >> it's all very similar to real life and yet not if that makes any sense. that's the worst explanation ever. >> you guys mentioned you're going to have a lot of your groundling family make appearances. any names you can tease that will be popping up in the first season? >> kristen wiig comes in, maya rudolph. allison janney. jason bateman is in the pilot. >> this is the most name dropping we've done. >> that just proves secret number three, never pass up a good reunion. like melissa's return to star's hollow on
2:30 am
of "gilmore girls." >> if they were to do more episodes, would you come back as sookie? >> i would come back at lorelai. >> that is a challenge to lauren graham. >> challenge, lauren graham. i like it very much. you know, nobodies just got picked up for a second season even though the first season hasn't premiered yet. that happened on march 29th on tvland. now to a legendary comedian who paved the way for folks like melissa, miss betty white. this week marks a major milestone for betty. the woman who has made us laugh for seven decades turned 95. we put together a special tribute of some of our favorite moments with the hollywood legend. >> is there one thing out there that betty white still wants to do? >> just last month, kevin finally found something that betty hasn't done. >> we have to -- >> no
2:31 am
>> her sense of humor is as sharp as ever, and over the years we've tried to get the secret to her fountain of youth. >> you never seem to age, ever. >> oh, yes. i'm an old broad. >> i'm not saying that to be nice. i'm saying that to be serious. >> well, i appreciate it with all my heart. i don't have to believe it, but it's great to hear. >> her passion for animals her very first "e.t." interview, the then 60-year-old didn't mind being upstaged. >> he's not too thrilled. >> morris, i know you're a star, but you're forgetting your roots. >> at age 66, she was raring to rind an elephant. >> come on. okay. there you go. >> betty has outlived all of her golden girls co-stars. she actually was the oldest. >> they're all so cute together. >> isn't it romantic? >> no, it isn't. >> well, this season we're writing the other girls out and rose is doing it in one.
2:32 am
show. sorry about that. >> when the cast of mary tyler moore show reunited in 1991, she admitted she was just a big a fan as the rest of us. >> it is heaven. i cannot tell you the thrill it is to be back together. >> betty lost her husband, alan ludden, to cancer almost 36 years ago. although she has no children of her own, animals are her babies. >> i love children. the only problem with children, they grow up to be people, and i just like animals better than people. it's that simple. >> she's been awarded seven emmys and truly deserves the title of legend. >> i never thought i would still be blessed with working. you just don't expect that. you think you fade off into the sunset. well the sun sets every night, but i just won't go away. >> why do we have to celebrate 95? let's skip ahead to 100, shall we? happy birthday, betty. still to come. ♪ . >> the
2:33 am
remake. what the stars are telling "e.t." >> this is a daunting thing for us. >> then the tonya harding movie. inside margot robb ie's transformation into the disgraced skater. plus katie holmes is back as jackie o. we know she can nail the first lady's style, but what about matthew perry's ted kennedy transformation? >> someone take that compression suit and throw it in the garbage. in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which oscar nominee worked with both meryl streep and sir lawrence olivier before she was 14 years old. is it michelle pfeiffer, diane lane, or tiki barber running hambone!a barber shop?t hut! yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico.
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