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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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possible popular -- the popular i.c.e. program. >> he will also work on sanctuary cities. >> he wants to launch a massive investigation into voter fraud. >> the president said he would have won the popular vote, if not for illegal voters voting for hillary clinton. >> i felt sad for the president making this claim. i felt sorry for him. i even prayed for him. >> they launched their own investigation. >> they're -- they've sent names. >> the state officials told cbs, quote, we are not aware of any evidence that supports the voter fraud claims made by president trump. >> president trump is promising to crack down on sanctuary cities. it's a term you've probably
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but just what -- before. but just what is a sanctuary city? and what would a crackdown mean for your city or county? debra alfarone joins us. >> the simple explanation is, it's a city that has a policy of protecting undocumented immigrants. they don't prosecute them for violating federal immigration laws. >> if you live in d. c, you are live --d.c., you are living in a sanctuary city. they are looking at this. >> we want them to have the tools they need to feel safe in d.c. >> maryland montgomery county says they're not a jurisdiction. they're not required by law to do so. they confirm they are a sanctuary city. and prince george's county, they say they've never established they're an official sanctuary county this.
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baker. >> we believe that the county is following the law and we're going to honor that. we're not changing. we're not afraid of what the president said he's going to withhold. we think we're doing the right thing and following the law. and as long as we're doing that, our policies will not change. >> let's look at virginia now. alexandria. officials are telling me they don't wear the label sanctuary. they said they follow all state and immigration laws. for example, if they pull over a driver and there's a warrant out for the feds, they report them. but they don't ask people for papers or whether they're here legally or not. now, officials in arlington say they don't consider themselves a sanctuary city either. they also don't ask people if they're here illegally. fairfax officials say they're not a sanctuary city either. so why is it important to establish who the sanct -- who is a sanctuary city and who is not? president trump has promised to strip federal dollars from cities and counties that harbor undocumented immigrants. when i asked all of these jurisdictions, they said it
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just too soon to know how much money that could mean. >> thanks for that overview. harsh criticism tonight on president trump's plan to restrict foreigners, fleeing pers persecution from syria. and six middle eastern countries. the president is expected to sign an executive order tomorrow. putting a hold on the program. while the administration looks to toughen up the vetting process. activists say the refugees already undergo a strict vetting process, which can take up to five years. >> physical there are physical people, it's hard to distinguish between the terrorists and the refugees. so what they are doing, they are mixing things together. so refugees can consider a threat when they are not. >> by the way, care, the council on american-islamic relations has denounced this, saying it wrongly targets muslims. president trump has tweeted he will announce his nominee to the supreme court one week from tomorrow. >> a lot
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anxiously awaiting that. a seat has been vacant since the death of conservative anthony scalia. denver based judge neil 64 shack is said to be the first runner. and william pryor is one of the top three. he said he'll send in the feds in chicago. >> at least 42 killings thus far this year. chicago's mayor had this response rahm emanuel says he welcomes help. >> where we do agree is in areas of investing in kids. investing in positive educational support. where we do agree with using federal law enforcement resources to help and support local law enforcement. that is consistent with mayors across the city. we'd like to see
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here in chicago. >> they disagree on a lot. the mayor flatly rejects any notion of the national guard hurting the windy city. the protest today is hundreds of feet in the air. protestors from greenpeace broke into a construction site. theybed in for the sign which says resist. the sign faced the white house so it could be seen from the national mall. organizers say the protest was to show the objections to president trump's policies on the environment. >> all the police cars out there. and to see these guys. and the guy was chained up to the stairs. and other guys was hanging down, letting the sign out. >> they didn't get to work today. because they tock over their -- took over their drain. >> definitely out of the ordinary. but it's letting you know, democracy at work. >> we're told the protestors are now in the process of
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they will be arrested. president trump facing another lawsuit from another local ticked-off contractor. aes of laurel maryland said it wasn't paid all it was owed for work done on the trump hotel near the white house. it is suing a company owned by trump. it's the latest in a string of lawsuits involving the construction of the pennsylvania avenue hotel. ♪ [ music ] she turned the world on with her smile. and mary tyler moore has died. one of the most beloved television actresses of the 20th century. she got her first big break on the dick van dyke show. later, starred in her own mary tyler moore show. it was one of the first primetime programs to feature a single mother. later devoted much of her time to raising awareness of those diseases. >> i have struggled
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disease and confront its tyranny every day of my life. >> mary tyler moore was 80. a spokesperson said she died with her husband and her friends by her side. it's not clear tonight the cause of her death. hollywood is grieving the loss of the tv icon. but the news was especially tough for actress betty white. >> a writer with the hollywood reporter said she was very distraught. isn't giving interviews today. ed asner, who costarred as lou, he tweeted my heart goes out to you and your family. know that i love you and believe in your strength. and rosemary, best known as sally rogers on the dick van dyke show, says, i shall miss you. we had remarkable and unforgettable experiences. rest well, my friend. after an early, spring-like day, topper says it's going to feel like winter by weekend again. tomorrow, still 56 for a high. i'll come back and tell you why you
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taking a look at headlines making -- stories making headlines around the world tonight. >> somalia's home grown extremist group, al-shabab is taking credit for a bombing that killed 33 people
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they rammed through the gates of a hotel. very popular with government officials scores were left injured for flying debris. >> she said she thought she was trapped by an earthquake. and didn't realize she was rescued. that she had been buried by tons of snow. >> georgia galassie and her boyfriend were two people pulled out of a hotel that was just crushed to smithereens. four others are still missing. actor and former california governor arnold schwarzenegger met with the pope at the vatican. the celebrity apprentice host was in italy to bromote his low carbon initiatives. ordered out of their homes after this sinkhole tried to swallow a pickup truck near philadelphia. residents say the hole covers a
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extends to the foundations of a lot of homes. authorities say nobody has been huthrt us far. and there was no obvious cause to have a sinkhole actually develop. >> it took a team of doctors 21 hours to separate two 11-month- old girls who were connected at the base of their spine. and this is the first time that bilani and bi biloni camacho were seen since that long surgery took place. the girls will spend several more weeks in the hospital. but doctors say their prognosis is good. they're like, wow. we can feel something different. >> and put the caption "precious" underneath. coming up, students surprise a teacher's aide with thousands of dollars and a car to help with cancer treatment. then they find out, it was all a lie. coming up next. the dow closes above 20,000 points for the first time ever toda
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after flirting for weeks with a huge milestone, wall street finally broke through to new co
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>> brook silva-braga has the story from the new york stock exchange. >> dressed for the occasion and let out a cheer. after the dow jones industrial average broke through 20,000 for the first time ever. >> you were here when it happened, right at the open. what was it like? >> we were all super excited about it. >> strong earnings reports have helped fuel the rally. but traders say it's also the trump effect. the dow is up nearly 10% since his election. >> president trump has promised both tax cuts and deregulation. and cleared the way to restart two major oil pipelines. >> it's business friendly. market loves it. >> stock watchers point out, the dow is a limited measure of the market. it includes just 30 big u.s. companies. the index first cracked 1,000 points back in 1972. when kodak, woolworth and bethlehem steel were members. 10 years later, it broke 10,000, with the help of newly- added hewlett packard and wal- mart. it took
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2009. but ever since, it has skyrocketing, tripling in less than eight years. >> by and large, anybody who is a 401k. pension plan, investment or side investment, typically, you own stocks, you are making money today. >> the dow stayed above 20,000, straight to the closing bell. but with stocks now at record prices, traders say it's hard to know how long it will last. brook silva-braga. >> city of baltimore has seen 24 murders in the past 25 days alone. they told reporters today, his department will stop at nothing to get a handle on the violence. commissioner kevin davis, seen here, said he is hiring more officers, beefing up patrols in crime hot spots. he says older criminals are recruiting teenagers. knowing they'll receive less punishment as juveniles and be back on the street. middle school in a small texas town is in sh
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is accused of faking a cancer diagnosis. this is video taken last week. students raised some $10,000. and even came up with a car for their teacher's aide. kevin mabone. and he accepted the gift. it wasn't until days later that the school said they found out that kevin didn't actually have cancer. >> no. >> mabone had already been convicted of misappropriating funds in west virginia. >> he's broken all of the kids' hearts is what really hurts me the most. that our children are affected by the decision that he made. >> awful. >> hopefully there's something he can be charged with. the school said they're embarrassed and hope mr. mabone will return the car and the money. a window washer is back on solid ground, after dangling 15 stories in the air. he was working outside a bank building in dallas when the scaffolding failed. fire and rescue workers on the ground and on the roof were able to get him down to the ground. investigators say high winds may be to blame. it is y
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a missing toddler who had not been seen since a deadly tornado hit his family's mobile home park. this is in albany, georgia. at least 15 people died over the weekend, from tornadoes and other severe storms in the state. officials say it caused at least $100 million worth of damage. a south texas woman is describing what it sounded like when a tornado hit her home. >> going, woo, woo, woo. woo. boom. >> shircelta williams said she was watching television, when she heard the twister coming. she raced to her bathtub. climbed in, just in time, as the tornado destroyed her home. listen. >> we was in the bathtub in the bathroom. when we woke up. got out. we heard this boom. and we got out. weeftion outside. -- we were outside. >> williams said she is pretty stiff from the impact, but
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injuries. to hear her describe it, they were inside the bathtub in a home. and when she woke up, she was not there. she was not there. and her house was one of 15 homes destroyed. >> and she did what she was taught. get to a bathtub. >> quick. >> probably saved her life. >> the reason they're more secure, they're usually anchored directly to the floor. like a toilet or bathtub. but for us, just feels like spring. feels like april out there. i guess that's good news for most folks. our 3-degree guarantee. i think we're going to be okay tonight. winds 15. thinking about going 50. we'll see how we do tonight at 11:00. tomorrow, i think we'll still be cold at 6:00. live outside. still 55. winds out of the south alt 3:00. and dew points are above freezing. it's not going to be a cold night now. not really that cold anywhere. 19 in casper. 21 in bismarck. chicago is above freezing. detroit above
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board is above freezing. we have one more day of mild air before some of this colder air begins to move in tomorrow evening. and especially as we get into friday, saturday and sunday. in terms of rainfall. this does not have a lot of moisture with it. this is the leading edge of the front here. and it's producing showers in through west virginia. yeah. they're showers. they're not snow showers. all showers. from morgantown to pittsburgh. back to charleston. and the best chance for showers tonight will be north and west of town. but again, not a lot of moisture. just clouds tonight. we'll keep a late shower possible. bus stop temperatures. 42 to 52. now, by tomorrow morning. showers will be oriented more south and east of us. in towards st. marys county. calvert county. maybe southern charles county. windy. winds could gust to over 30 miles per hour again tomorrow. breezy and colder friday. perhaps the flurry. i can't find a snowstorm. and i'm looking. believe me. tomorrow, 56. 46 friday. low 40s, saturday. and upper 30s sunday and mond
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january. except for tonight. 51 at 10:00. you can walk the dog with just a light jacket. clouds in the morning at 6:00 a.m. but here are your showers in through southern maryland, with temperatures in the low 50s. then we clear out. upper 40s, low 50s. and by 1:00, except for the winds, can you probably take lunch outdoors again, with temps in the mid-50s. low 50s to start. 56 by 11:00. and we kind of hold on to 56 at 1:00. winds west to northwest. flurry friday. seasonably cold. colder sunday and monday. maybe snow showers early on monday. upper 30s. briefly to 50 on tuesday. and then colder again with snow showers possible next wednesday. well, after 25 years on the d.c. air waves. andy polan, no longer with espn980. coming up, he reflects on his career and what he hopes
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game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. >> imagine being bumped from your job. no warning and being okay with it. that's the situation for sports radio veteran andy poland, who is no longer on the air in the d.m.v. >> okay with it? >> okay. >> diane roberts sat down with one of the most well-known and knowledgeable sports in all of d.c. >> this bouncing baby boy became one of the most beloved radio personalities. andy poland. you probably heard him talking about them from a studio inside
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rothville. >> r. >> what's the net net of the story? >> poland went on the air as wtem radio. now, espn980. the company did not renew his contract. and told him after he got off the air thursday, that was had his last day. >> i've been in this business 39 years. and i feel like i beat the odds. now that i'm in my late 50s, i'll have to grow up and get a real job at some point. but you know, so far, it's been a pretty good ride. >> that ride included an off- and-on stint with his on-air partner, steve zabin. in a twitter post, he said he owed his entire career to andy and that he's sure andy had more stories to right in broadcasting. podcasting might be that future. with more than 20,000 twitter followers, he may have a built- in audience. >> there may be opportunity in that, i don't know. but the thing i've enjoyed most is going ,
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microphone, and talking sports with other people. i'd like to do that again someplace. >> reporter: poland's nearly 40- year career in radio, means he has lots of memorabilia, and even more memories. >> when this happened. this is obviously one of the great moments in sports. >> reporter: diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. >> and what do they say? if you like it, it's not really work, right? >> doesn't feel like work. go to diane's twitter page. at diane sparky. this say love for you. >> it is. >> although you would love to talk about snow. >> i love weather. don't love the pattern right now. don't dress for the 56. dress for the 40s. gets colder. then 40s on friday. and upper 30s, sunday and monday. couple of flakes here and there. no storms. >> wr
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