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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 26, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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tonight "e.t." celebrates the life and legacy of mary tyler moore with the friend who knew her best. >> what will you miss most about mary? >> her smile. >> she was the best there ever was. >> she was someone who gave us an idea of who we might want to be in life. >> the stars she inspired. >> hats off to mary. >> the co-stars who inspired her. >> we have seen each other through some tough times. >> and her trend-setting style that broke barriers. >> we only had the one hat. and it was a print on the first take. >> kerry washington gives a scandal gossip before the premiere. >> it may not be what you expect. for january 26th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." welco
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stage 2, the home of the mary tyler moore show for seven seasons. >> our own "e.t." stage is just a few hundred yards away. >> we'll take you around and show you mary's historic influence on this lot. >> mary touched all of our lives. we're joining so many stars in mourning the loss of a tv legend. >> she was the best there ever was. >> she was in two different shows, in two different decades, and knocked them both out of the park. >> she made the idea of an independent woman, a career woman seem attainable to a whole generation of women. >> she was a pioneer in front of the screen, but also behind the screen as well. >> fans are paying tribute to mary tyler moore today at the hollywood walk of fame. there's no word yet on funeral plans. the 80-year-old actress died yesterday in greenwich, connecticut. they're rushing to include her at sunday's s.a.g. awards. mary received a standing ovation at the eventve
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when she was presented with the life achievement award. >> tonight i, too, am happy after all these years. >> she was introduced by dick van dyke, her co-star for five seasons, who spoke today to cbs this morning. >> the chemistry that happened between us was just serendipity. we became an improv group. >> mary is also honored byer h co-stars of the mary tyler moore show. >> thank you for being my family. >> cloris leachman told us, if i could see her one last time, i would hold her in my arms and say, we love you. we also spoke by phone to ed asner, he said behind the scenes mary was a fighter. >> very elevated. just a hard worker. she had a dance class. she strode large on the stage. she made deep footprints whenever she walked. >> michelle
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newhart who owes his tv career to mary. her production company launched the bob newhart show. >> you said she was sick. >> it wasn't a complete surprise, because i knew she had diabetes, and was losing her eyesight. >> what will you miss most about mary? >> her smile. what a great smile. >> if you could give a message to her, just about what she meant to you and your career, what would you say? >> probably what millions of people are saying, right now, thank you. >> bob really did love mary. let me show you something interesting. the main street on the studio lot is mary tyler moore avenue. it intersects with newhart street. so often while we were laughing along with mary, she on her groundbreaking television shows was changing the way women were perceived. >> i think that she made it okay that if you didn't have a date,
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we didn't do that in those days. we were just so grateful to be inside. oh, they gave us a job. she was one brave cookie. >> being single, having a career, getting equal pay, having a drive -- >> do you think i'm undersexed? >> mary was all about girl power before we even knew what girl power was. as a confident tv producer, she inspired many of the strong tv journalists we turn to today. >> she meant so much to a woman
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career in news, watching her on the mary tyler moore show. she was the woman who broke glass ceilings and showed she could accomplish anything she set her mind to in a man's world. >> she gave us an idea of who we might want to be in our life. she was 23 at the time. >> 23 and already a successful tv star. >> and we wouldn't have the oprah we know and love. mary's company mtm production produced numerous shows and said this logo gave her an aha moment. >> that was her graphic icon for her show. mary tyler moore first gave me the idea that you can own your own show and produce it. >> he was the one. >> she was the one. she was the one. that's where i got that idea from. mtm productions. ♪ she can turn the world on with her smile ♪ ♪ take a nothing day and make it worthwhile ♪
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know it ♪ >> by the way, gayle king will have a show mary tyler moore, love is all around. we found so many amazing moments with mary, that we want to share with you now. >> newsroom. >> i think mary richards was a real person. and i've always had a hard time separating myself from mary richards. their lives are different. she was single. i'm married. you know, i'm an actress, she was a career woman. but my reactions, my instinctive reactions to things were similar to the way i portrayed them on the screen. >> as much as the world loved her as mary richards, she also wanted audiences to accept her in other roles. >> i'm just going to have to rely on people to grow up and let go of her. because she's gone now. and there's another person here. >> mary took on all kinds of
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andrews in "thoroughly modern millie. "and "a change of habit" with elvis presley. >> the fact that i'm a nun doesn't stop me from being a woman. >> he was very much in awe of me. he was a huge fan of the dick van dyke show. >> that no-makeup look is when she played mary todd lincoln who battled mental illness. mary studied her personal letters. >> i let it gel for a while. i think more than anything else i've ever done. i think that's because of her madness. >> she was a woman who treasured her friends, especially betty white. >> she is my dearest friend. we've seen each other through some tough times. and we have laughed together a whole lot. she's just a hell of a dame. she's just the best. >> gifted with boundless energy, at age 57 she made a workout video fo
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>> it reminds me of my early beginnings as a chorus dancer. but i was young then, i could handle it a little easier than i can now. >> on the day she received her star on hollywood walk of fame, in her typical humble fashion, mary looked at the honor with a sense of humor. >> one of the great things about it is, in the future, should i have any doubts, i can come here and realize that i wasn't a figment of my own imagination. >> forever embedded in our memory. mary's ability to make us all laugh will be something we all remember. >> take a flying leap. >> she was a brilliant -- >> more than what her character symbolized a lot of women, was her incredible technique and craft. >> i think it would be better if you went to your room. i can handle this.
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>> as far from your hip cal housewife, mary tyler moore delivered her feminist message and did it with the best kind of quick wit. >> this is our woman executive. what do you think? >> oh, usually hi. >> the thing about comedy, is that you can make great statements -- >> will you shut up! >> -- and it's not preachy when you put it in the hands of people like mary tyler moore, who just make everything very human. >> some of these guys have the nerve to come up and say, hey, i understand your wife can beat you up. >> and what difference does it make? >> yeah -- what difference does it make? >> there was something so real about her. and even on our show, that was one of the shows we tried to emulate. >> it was this kind of newer, can i say bitchier
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>> is that how you help me by taping me? >> but it's sort of an honor to be part of that tradition. >> mary tyler moore was my role model. >> we're not going to get anywhere putting on a calm face. we need to pick a fight. >> tackling similar themes with humor on her drama "the west wing." >> when i got the role, i thought of mary tyler moore. here i was, a woman stepping into the traditionally dominated male role, it was because of what she started. we all should bow down and thank her and be grateful. hats off to mary. >> and still ahead, mary tells us the story behind the hat toss and her famous fashion that inspired millions of women. >> i'm not going to give anybody credit. i've bought and paid for them. >> before luke perry's tv return -- a town without a zip
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it was a family affair working with her director husband and sharing scenes with her daughter.
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it was 26 years ago luke perry helped to make "90210" the most famous zip code in the world. now he's coming back to tv and his new show has a famous address as well. >> talk to me about riverdale. >> a town without a zip code. >> no zip code. but luke is taking up residence in a new series based on the comic book. he's playing fred andrews, archie's dad. >> i got a call from your coach today. >> how y areou putting a modern twist on such a classic iconic
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comic book? >> they got 21st century problems and relationships. >> college is a business school. business school s takeyou back -- >> back here. to work for you in riverdale. >> this is no saturday morning cartoon. >> you have no idea. >> luke's character owns a construction com.pany when he first talked to "e.t." over 25 years ago, he was fresh off a road crew. >> a year ago i was shoveling asphalt. a year from now i could be doing it again. keep a good perspective. >> luke went from that, to one of the world's biggest heartthrobs. >> people know who you are. you don't know who they are. you don't see them on tv. >> he's back in riverdale. after having two kids, he said he's completely at home in the role. >> i think i'm somewhat of this
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character, the closest one to me i've ever played. here's a guy that loves his kids. that's all he's really about. kind of what i'm about. >> well, archie's mom is all about molly ringwald because that is who is going toe b playing her. therefore, she's going to be married to luke. still to come, "scandal" stars, girl power on and off the set. he>> t fact that we are bonded together is really important for us to show that. then, the hidden talents of a-list actresses, who can ballet dance and who's showing off some serious pogo skills. mary tyler moore's lasting fashion legacy. knit pant suits, gogo boots and the story behind that beret. closed captioning provided by --
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i'm amy adams. i'm going to teach you sort of how to throw a football. that was a nice spiral. i'll take it. >> amy is o of the 11 actresses revealing their secret talents. greta gerwig spins, natalie portman read hebrew.
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>> she didn't want to reveal too much. of course, she has that beautiful pregnant belly. >> oscar nominee emma stone showed off her pogo stick skills. and shared this interesting fact about "la la land" co-star ryan goss ling. >> ryan can eat more twizzlers than anyone i've ever met. he keeps them in his coat pocket. >> "vanity fair" once asked mary tyler moore when and where she was happiest, and she said it was when she was doing the mary tyler moore show, which was shot right in the sound stage behind me. from where i'm standing i can point to mary's influence all over this lot. a few feet away from here, they produced the spin-off "rhoda." >> and did lou grant. >> i have an apartment with charlie hill. >> and mary was behind wkrp cincinnati, hill street
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and reming deny steele. another star who's undoubtedly influenced by mary, kerry washington. "scandal" is back tonight and leann aguilera found out the women stick around on that set. >> we would like literally take our shirts off for each other. >> that girl power isn't just behind the scenes, kerry and bellamy's characters were once rivals on the show, now they're allies. >> we get to see my favorite dynamic. when liz and mellie get along. >> i love it so much. >> what's it like for you guys? are you guys close in real life? >> yeah. >> the stereotypes, you know, they would be thought to be enemies. theac
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bonded together, it's important to show that, to embody that. >> what is it like now being back to work as a mom of two? >> it's hard to be a working mom. but it's easier when you're going to a family. >> can you bring the babies to set? >> sometimes, yeah. >> anyone who needs to vote should go right now. >> season six picks right up where we left them in the mid did will of election night. it's pretty explosive. >> there is big relationship stuff, but it may not be what you expect. >> ooh! >> sounds like a "scandal" to me. of course, fans of "scandal" tune in to see what kerry washington gets to wear. but few women have had more impact on style than mary tyler moore. the outfits in the '60s broke barriers. in the '70s, it was all about that hat. >> i only had the one hat. and it was a print on the first take.
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>> the beret up in the air with such enthusiasm. it was a joyful thing that she did. >> she was the original power dresser. as mary richards, more inspired women ofwhere with her unique style and substance in the workplace. and she knew it. >> why is it so fresh now and doesn't date? >> i think primarily because of my wardrobe. >> she had the capri pants, she had the short skirts, the pea coat, the little purse, you know. >> even the way she dressed was ahead of her time. my boss wouldn't let me wear pants in the office, my first boss. so she was just pushing us forward in every way. i wonder if she knew that she was showing us the future. >> i was young enough to be spunky and say, you know, i see other wives on television doing this, and i want to do that. i didn't know what i was talking about. but i did say, why don't i wear pants the way i doo a young housewife at
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show. >> interesting. don't you this i? >> dresses, knit pant suits, gogo boots. and well into the 21st centu century -- >> they have for a long time spited her as a muse for their collections. mary tyler moore's fashion has stood the test of .time the pea coat has never felt more modern and at the same time classic. >> anything that she's wearing in that show, you could pretty much wear today. it's sort of timeless and classic and elegant. >> even in her personal life, mary had a style all her own. >> i bought and paid for them. >> she truly did do it all. millions of people are reliving her fashion. the first season of the mary tyler moore show has skyrocketed on
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still climbing. when we come back, breaking news on our own iconic mary, mary hart.
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anything better. >> all at travel considerations provided by -- we want to share exciting news that we broke this morning on our website our own mary hart will receive the lifetime achievement award on the 44th daytime emmy awards. she is the reason we're all here. and mary actually pioneered the entire genre of news for 29 years at "e.t." and one of the nicest and most genuine people you'll meet. congratulations. we're going to leave you now with a look at tomorrow's "e.t." bye, everybody. our night out with j. lo. >> look at tse
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project and giving style tips on how to rock killer heels. plus, our bachelor exclusive, behind the scenes in new orleans. and "dirty danc ting"urns 30. we have jennifer gray's screen test. tomorrow on "e.t."
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