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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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from the white house. >> love trump! >> to the community park. >> , hundreds of thousands came to washington to make their voices heard. >> donald trump has got to go! >> reporter: after the inauguration of a controversial president, is living with protests the new normal? the lbgt community, scientists, and people who
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released his tax returns, some of the groups who plan to protest in washington. the women's march drew half a million people according to organizers and the district is preparing for half a million more. one protester organizer said he was inspired when he saw the sea of people taking part in the women's march after the inauguration, and eric sanchez applied for and got a permit for an immigrants march on the national mall scheduled for may 6th. so far they have 10,000 rsvps and another 60,000 who are interested in coming. >> we come here, live here, we raise families here, and we vote. our voices can not be ignored for the base that came to support him. >> lbgt leaders have a permit to march on june 11th, the sunday of pride weekend. and plans from the white house to pay for the border wall with a 20% import
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goods, it may not be as ironclad as it sounds. sean spicer was talking about it, and then it was said to be just an option the president's team is reviewing. the president himself favors a multifaceted approach. >> we are workologien a tax reform bill that would reduce our trade deficits, increase american exports and generate revenue from mexico that will pay for the wall if we decide to go that route. >> the debate over who is paying for the wall has led to a divide between president trump and the mexican president, but there's no secretary of state to patch things up. rex tillerson is waiting for the senate to confirm him. this image has become a familiar one, over the last 6 days. president trump signing an executive order, so what exactly is it? executive orders are essentially formal instructns
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certain area. they are legally binding, but they cannot reverse laws passed by congress, and congress can overturn them. our news partners at the washington post got a look at a draft version of an executive order on immigration, calling for the extreme vetting to begin. it blocks refugees from entering the u.s. for 120 days, and it calls for an immediate ban, and now it would last 30 days, and it would allow any travelers from countries whose citizens -- it would not allow countries whose citizens would be detrimental to come into the united states. iraq, iran, syria, libya, somalia. all countries where the majority of people are muslims. >> immigrants are under attack. what do we
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>> fight back! >> you can't be alent. the time to be loud is now. >> reporter: allison spain is being loud, not so much for her son but her son's friend. >> my son graham is 3 and goes to preschool with muslim children, and he's a little white boy, and no one is coming for him. his friends are in danger, and i'm worried about these children and their parents, and i'm poured about the rhetoric and the antisemitism -- i'm worried about the rhetoric and the antisemitism in schools. >> reporter: this rally was over restrictioning immigration to the u.s. from seven countries. >> we were downgraded in our democracy. >> this is in the land of national terrorism. >> the state is constantly dividing the policy and targeting your identity, and society is getting the cue it's okay to target groups of
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individuals it sends the signal you could be targeted. >> reporter: this young woman says she understands the concerns over terrorism, but not all muslims are terrorists. >> i do understand there's a concern that so many perpetrators of, you know, awful, terrible incidents do often apply to extremist islam idealologies, but that's not what it is about. >> i have family who are trump supporters. i don't now how to talk to them anymore. >> if i stand by, i'm complicit of the dehumanization that puts my own humanity at risk. >> the time to be quiet and pretend like it's not going on is over. >> reporter: mola lenghi, wusa 9. >> tomorrow brings the march for life to town, an organized event organized by pro-life crews. crews are working hard for the march and the national park service is getting ready. organizers hope to watch the mass
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match the massive turnout from the women's march, headlining the event, vice president mike pence and one of the most visible advisers, kellyanne conway. the group will start with a rally at noon followed by the march. expect road closures downtown at 6:00 in the morning. the permit calls for them to start at the washington monument, marching around the capitol to the supreme court. if you're passing through the area tomorrow, get ready for detours and delays. organizers expect the march to end and the roads to reopen around 3:00 in the afternoon. more than 8,000 kids participated at a prayer rally at george mason university, and many of them said they cannot wait to participate in the march for life tomorrow in dc. it was a packed house on thursday night at eagle banco arena. it was not to see the or
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mason patriots. instead their energy was focused on something else, praying for the rest of the country to share its views on life. >> i want to be part of something that is, like much more important than i am. >> it's inspirational to see thousands and thousands of young people, pilgrims who have traveled a great distance to be here. >> reporter: it's called the life that is very good prayer rally it's a spill yule way -- it's a spiritual way to prepare for the march for life on friday. >> it's important to save the new generation. >> reporter: the kids from louisiana will attend for the first time tomorrow. they are very vocal, and they believe that this rally gives them the chance to express exactly how they feel. >> i'm here to spread the word of pro-life. >> i feel like it's something that catholics are called to do. we are taught that from a young age. >> reporter: organizers say the rally is supposed to focus on more than the issue. >> the message is not just one of antiabortion. we want them to think about what
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all aspects of the life. we want them to treat their neighbors, friends, and parents with the love they would treat anyone with. some parents have no problem teaching that at an early age. >> everyone needs to know the truth of what god intended for our lives. >> reporter: with the latest from george mason university, don henry, wusa 9. we are listening to what you have to say about the protests as part of our city, our voice campaign. do you think the protests are becoming the new normal? >> reporter: christopher says sure, the capital of the great nation, no better place to have your voice heard. jessica says i hope not it makes traffic a nightmare, more than it already is. mike is looking at the bottom line, posting, they just keep boosting the economy in the district. >> i just checked, and the conversation is still going strong tonight. you can join in
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facebook page. tomorrow the president is expected to ask military commanders for options to step up the fight against isis, current and former pentagon leaders saying the list will probably include several proposals the obama administration looked at but never acted on. on tomorrow's agenda, the wind. how cold are we talking? >> quite the change. low 60s today. low windchills in the 20s. that's big change. not crazy cold for this time of the year, but it will shock us a bit. windchills in the 20s at 6:00 a.m., but temperatures in the 30s. 9:00a.m., mid-30s to low 40s, and lunchtime low to mid-40s. 40s tomorrow, but dress for the 30s. we will come back and talk about how strong the winds will be tomorrow, and we have a couple of flakes on the 7-day. we will let you know if anything will stick. >> thank you, top. they made their point, and now they will pay the price. prosecutors in
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activists who climbed on top of the construction crane yesterday showing a giant banner that read resist, and all seven have been charged with unlawful entry, unlawful demonstrating, and obstruction of property. two are there suburban maryland, and the rest are from california. teens shooting teens. that's what we are looking at in the attack yesterday near the minnesota avenue metro in northeast dc. police say one teenager was grazed by a bullet, and another took a hit to the leg. the suspects then took off in a white sedan with maryland tags, and police say they found the gun, not far from friendship public charter school, and at least one victim had left the school when he was shot, and today the head of friendship met with all students to deliver a message. >> top priority is your safety and security, number one. before we can get to the math or the social studies and science, you to be safe. we will do everything in our power to get you here safe and
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safe. >> police recently stepped up patrols in the area, and that did not prevent yesterday's gunfire. time for a big makeover at the chili bowl. overnight the restaurant painted over the mural featuring former president obama, chuck brown, d.j. simpson, and comedian bill cosby. the restaurant says cosby's upcoming trial on sex crime charges was not the reason for the change. >> it's been 5 years since the mural was first put up there in 2012, and the weather has beat it up bad, and it needed a refresher or repaint, and we decided to let's whitewash and start new. >> they are asking you, who do you want to see on the new mural? check out our wusa 9 app for a link to their website. and there's a makeover for the nation's
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secretary. silvia matthews burwell will be the head of american university. she was the health and human services secretary until president obama's term ended last week. arlington update on a story from last month. virginia's general assembly is looking a the -- at a bill that would undo the towing regulations from the county. right now the law requires snow companies call businesses and get authorization before they tow a car parked there, but a bill in the house of delegates would get rid of that requirement, and it would raise the amount the towing companies could charge. arlington leaders say it's a bad deal for consumers. speaking of drivers in arlington a new study shows they are the fifth worst place to own a car in america. why you ask? they spend an average of 82 years sitting in traffic, that's 3.5 days
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behind the wheel. arlington, take heart. according to the study, your fellow car owners in dc are even worse off. us women, we do things, and it's not because we have
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settle in, grab the popcorn, and get ready for one great story. tonight our ellison barber attended a special screening of the block buster movie hidden figures, but the real thrill was not the film, even though it's phenomenal. it was the story she found talking to a woman there. you see, for that woman, the story of black women doing complex math for nasa in the 1960s is personal. >> reporter: joy ledhidic was a senior in college when she watched the first american orbit the earth, and she didn't know how much her mom had to do with it. >> she never came home
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look, guys, i'm responsible. >> reporter: but now the world will because of a new movie. >> you have to see what she becomes. >> reporter: her mom is the real catherine johnson, graduating high school at 14 years old, college at 18. >> she always liked numbers. >> reporter: johnson eventually applied for a job at nasa and went to work there in 1953 as a human computer. >> we knew she was working own -- working on the space program. >> reporter: an african american woman working in the man's segregated world. >> she accepted any challenge that came her way. her father told her growing up, you're no less than anybody and you're no better. i think it just said there's nobody that she needed to be intimidated by. >> reporter: she calculated the trajectory for the first american to go into space and did the majority
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related to john glen's famous flight. >> she is very humble. she was not one to say guess what i did today? she liked learning. >> reporter: the world knows less about johnson and her job, but there's no friendship 7 without catherine johnson, and many would not know her without the film. do you feel like it took a long time for people to recognize the contribution of what your mother did? >> absolutely. >> reporter: she is glad her mom is finally getting the recognition she deserves, a mother a woman of color, a thinker who gave an entire country -- >> 35 seconds. >> reporter: something believe in. >> 30 seconds. >> we choose to go to the moon and do the other things not because they are easy, but because they are hard. >> the mission, liftoff. >> she always said do your very best. if you do your best it will the same today as tomorrow. >>
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flight. >> they said computers could give the answer, and it was so unexpected, they would ask me to check and see if it was the correct answer, and they accepted whatever i said. >> she is phenomenal to hear her voice. she is 98 years old. and to see her be recognized, in this last season of her life, and to be here to witness all of this, she is taking this in. >> she is. it's funny because her daughter kept saying when i asked her what did she think of the movie and all of this and she said she's just interested in seeing how people receive it. she said i wonder how people are going to view the film. she is not focused on what she did and her achievements or her finally getting the ring in addition. it's just like, oh, this is neat. i wonder what people will think. >> i took my dauger
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it was an amazing experience, and at the end, everyone clapped, a long round of applause. and for catherine johnson, mary jackson, and dorothy vaughn, it's so good they are hidden figures no more. great story. >> top? you are pretty smart if you're checking the computer calculations, and they are going with your answer. you know you're smart. i'm not so smart. 3-degree guarantee. i thought it was a pretty good number today. i didn't think as warm as yesterday, i went 56, and it was 61, and we were 5 degrees off and that just simply means the warrior k-9 connection gets another 100 bucks. it's 47, dew points in the 20s, winds are calming down a bit. west, northwest at 12. wind gust at 44 at national, and 50 in the mountains. bus top mountains, 30 to 42, and windchills in the 20s. winds are still a factor tomorrow, not damaging winds, but they will kind of produce a windchill in the
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morning and 30s throughout the day, and a few flurries tomorrow, and mainly north and west of town, and staying cold over the weekend, and it's a cold day, and we are still tracking a few snow showers possible sunday and monday. no big storms for the metro area, and there's no big storms for the lower 48 for the next 4 or 5 days, but it gets colder, more late january. 48 tomorrow, 45 on saturday, and 39 on sunday, and mid-30s on monday, and back into the upper 40s on tuesday, and so generally average or below for the next 5 or 6 days. in the 30s, and the winds are west, southwest, and not a terribly cold wind, and everyone is above freezing, until you jump the divide. 25 in oakland, and it's going to snow in oakland and davis, west virginia, all through the weekend. good news for them. by 8:30 or 9:00, low 40s downtown, and upper 30s elsewhere, and we are at
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43 in laplatta. it's clear on your way home. temperatures upper 30s to low 40s, and by 10:00, colder tomorrow night when you walk the dog after dinner, and now we are hovering around freezing, up to frederick, and 37 downtown, and 36 in bowie at about 35 in fairfax, and a little bit colder, and in terms of the forecast for the winds, wind gust tracker, i'm showing you this because at 6:00 a.m., winds could be 22 to 26 miles an hour. they will drive the windchills down, and by noon, 20 to 26 range, and by 6:00, still in the 20s, and about 24 range. and no winds, 30 or 40 tomorrow, and the winds 20 to 25 tomorrow. upper 30s to start for the day planner, and 44 or 45 by 1:00 with some flurries possible north of town. chilly on saturday, dry, and snow showers on sunday, and upper 30s, and it gets colder as we get into monday, and snow showers are possible, and right now we are not concerned about the mornin
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it doesn't take much here. mid-30s, and upper 40s on tuesday, and your snow showers on wednesday, not a storm, and then cold on thursday. >> all right, this is a big game for the caps. >> absolutely. you want to go into the all star break on a high note, and the capitals visiting the devils. could they do
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hey, a reminder, the caps have the best record in the nhl, looking to go into the all star break on a high note. ovechkin facing new jersey, and maybe some of these other hockey teams should try to build a wall to stop him. great individual effort to give them the lead. and then andre and the double digit goals now. the caps take the 2-0 lead, and watch the great outlet pass. and the caps roll into the break, winning at jersey 5-2. congrats to john wall. he's an all star for the fourth
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time, named a as reserve and deservedly so. he didn't get the nod of a starter, but could have. he is helping the wiz get in the thick of a playoff run. all star game next month in new orleans. college hoops, maryland women at illinois, and yeah a lot of good seats available thi they continue their domination, and they beat up on their opponent. tiger woods is back again this time for the farmers' insurance open. first formal event since august 2015 after back-to-back birds, the wheels came off for the tiger. he misses the par at the 13th. two holes later, you know it's bad. he drops the club in disgust, and the ball heads way left. he would double bogey. part of the
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stretch. he's now tied for 133rd at torre pines. >> so much is different, you know, playing in slower conditions, softer, and it's much softer than what we have at home, and it's much cooler than what we have at home, and it's just different. >> just a come of showers to the north of torre pines, the staples center's home of the nhl's all star weekend, and they are going with the hollywood theme with beauty and the beast for the caps. >> oh! >> and here's one for you, rink of dreams like field of dreams, and the slogan, if you freeze it -- >> they will come! [ laughter ] >> okay! >> but will they your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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poor topper, not a real flake in sight. >> no. >> fake flakes. >> a flurry tomorrow north of town, and maybe a snow shower sunday into monday. it's a clipper-like system. you know, clippers break your heart, but it doesn't have enough potential to break your heart, and rain or snow shower on wednesday, and it's on the cold side. >> all right. that's it for us tonight, and have a great one, everybody. we will see you tomorrow. colbert is next.
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