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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  January 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:56pm EST

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and they are also asking us not to release meto notify next of we do know there is an older child in this family, who goes to a virginia college. and we also know that there is a younger boy who is at langley high school. we're still trying to learn more about their fate. peggy fox, reporting live in mclane, back to you. >> thank you, peg. and this is going to continue. we will update the breaking story on the wusa 9 app. thousands march to support the key life movement. >> key speaker was none other than mike pence. >> 44 years ago, our supreme court turned away from these timeless ordeals. but today, three generations hence. because of all of you, and the many thousands who stand with us in marches like this, all
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ere 44 years rkroe versus wade case legalized abortion. many headed to the capitol to meet with their lawmakers inform and we have team coverage of the march. ileana diaz is talking to activists who say they are prolife and pro women. >> we are live with debra alfarone. she is listening to pro life supporters. deb? >> lesli, thousands of people came here today. they marched and we talked to lots of people. when we asked them why it was so important to them, some of them actually cried. here are three personal stories for being here. >> when i was 19, i got pregnant. and i -- had to go to planned parenthood and kalamazoo, michigan. and they closed early, the day was january 2000. and because they were closed, i ended up at a crisis pregna
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center. and they gave me hope, which is a prgift. and my daughter is alive today. her name is liberty. she's actually marching with her friends today. >> i was adopted. and my birth mother was really young when she first had me. so then my lovely parents adopted me. >> i'm thankful that they chose life than the abortions, or else we would not have the precious gift we have, our daughter, jasmine. she's a happy-go-lucky child. she sings all the time. she just has the best personality ever. >> if -- i march because my birth mom chose adoption. >> the birth mom, her name is beth. and it's open adoption. and she was 15 and she was raped. and she went to go abort her daughter -- abort whatever was inside her, she didn't realize it. and went to a crisis pregnancy center instead of an abortion clinic. when she went to the crisis pregnancy center, she had a son
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something living inside of her and this saturday product. she is 14 now, will be 14 this year. and she's the light our life. >> i feel like i can actually impact a lot of lives. >> reporter: lots of powerful stories being shared right here on the national mall. and vice president mike pence actually is a historic day, because he marked the first time that a vice president spoke here at the march in the 44-year history. we're live here on the national mall, debra alfarone, wua 9. >> -- wusa 9. >> we're going to go live to ileana diaz. you say you are talking to women who are pro life and pro woman. >> that's right. we just heard a lot of emotional stories stories from deborah, and the people she has been hearing from there. they say they want to feel part of the community. and most say that while last week, there was a big march here in town, th
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they could not be a part of it. some jump up and down with excitement. others rock out on the drums and hundreds of groups. >> it's great and young and youthful and happy and joyful. >> the march for life shut down constitution avenue. and those who have come here for decades, feel the energy and momentum is better than ever. >> i think we actually started marching before the official march started. because there was so many people, and it was funneled on the street. and i think it's great. >> this is the best thing i've ever seen happen. in this country. in probably 30 years. >> reporter: this woman used to work at an abortion clinic. and now she's here, marching for life. >> i'll never forget those people whose lives were lost. and i feel like the only thing i can do is to speak out. >> reporter: speaking up is why they're all here. so many people, shoulder to shoulder, it's hard to see where the march begins or endings. >> i'm over the moon right now. my heart is so full. >> reporter: and other hear
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many women hold these signs becae because they're pro life. >> i'm i don't support killing unborn babies. >> there's a whole wealth of women who are willing to march in support of prolife. >> and having vp mike pence lead the rally. >> it just shows the commitment that this administration has for life itself. >> yeah. i want to come back next year. >> reporter: well, you heard it. a lot of people saying there was a lot of energy and a lot of that momentum. they're hoping that again, next year, it will be just as good as it was this year. and just to give you an idea. it took us, we walked with everyone. it took us about 3 1/2 hours to finally make it just a couple of blocks. live from the supreme court, i'm ileana diaz, wusa 9. >> that's why she look so cold. a long walk. >> a lot of people out there. thanks, ileana. church and youth gr
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th e kn that that's that's a life in the womb. and to end it er adopted from r at 14 months. i'm here today because of my birth mother, chose life. >> if life is the only thing that we can lose and not get back, it's a thing worth protecting the most. >> reporter: now, in addition to the crowd at verizon center, another 10,000 gathered for an early mass there as well. a lot of people are weighing in on social media, including our wusa 9 facebook page. helen writes, a whole lot more people here this year. thank you, administration for supporting us. harry writes, pro choice. if you don't like abortion, don't have one. why is this such a tough concept for people. and we would love to hear from you. please weigh in. 'v
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on the way, with the possibility of a few is here, the weather terrace. 26 mile-mile-per-hour winds out here. they're not quite as strong. but they're still generating a pretty good wind chill. feels like it's about 32, 33 degrees right now, which is why it's so cold in the mall. 9:00 tonight, this is the forecast of the winds. still gusting to 22 downtown. 22 in leesburg, and 15 in culpepper. it's still going to generate a wind chill tonight. i mean, it's going to be a late standards. but heavy coats, a good idea. by midnight. still winds, 20 to 25 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, still breezy in the morning. winds, west/southwest at 10 to 15. then we'll see it kind of die down as we go throughout the
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15. staying chilly mo about which days we could see some snow flakes fly. and it's moren >> thana local schoolteacher is accused of indecent exposure. fairfax police say 38-year-old thomas lenna han flashed two teenage boys. he was in the health sports club locker room. lenahan is out on bond. he is a teacher at yorktown high school in arlington. and right now, he's on administrative leave. the daughter and granddaughter of late malcolm x were arrested in charles county this week. the sheriff's department says malica shabazz is facing animal cruelty charges. while beta shabazz is facing theft charges. they were driving a u-haul truck in la plata that was found stole nen vermont. and inside, they found seven pit bull terriers
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inhumane conditions. some of re havejuries as well. a man with sex assault charges is about ready to enter a guilty plea. due in federal court in green belt next monday. he's accused of producing videos of young children, performing sex acts, at civiliania woods -- sillvania elementary. 15 counts related to those alleged acts. or our region might just have a serial pharmacy robber. the one on grown belt road was robbed. same farmalcy robbed just three days ago. and until montgomery county, police are investigating three fample pharmacy robs. all robbed yesterday. but we don't know if it's the same man who struck this greenbelt. the new british prime
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white house. ries-- theressa ma both remain coitted to nato. and they pledge to build a stronger trade alliance as well. >> today, the united states renews our deep bond with britain. military, financial, cultural and political. >> i'm convinced that a trade deal between the u.s. and u.k. is in the national interest of both countries. >> president trump said he plans to visit the uk, coming up later this year. he also said he had an hour- long phone call, with the president of mexico. he described it as very friendly. he said the and mexico will, indeed, negotiate the trade deals. tomorrow, mr. trump plans to make phone calls to the leaders of russia, germany and france. the trump administration will reportedly look into voting roles, and look into whether millions voted illegally. the washington post obtained audio recordings, of vice
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issue with congressman is about people people being registered in multiple states. it is not illegal to be registered in multiple states. and according to reports, trump's daughter, and secretary nominee steve menuchin, and press secretary sean spicer are or were registered in two states. a new report today on presumpt's obing -- president trump's obsession with the inaugural crowd. high ordered the -- he ordered the head of the national parks services to produce new photos. he is hoping this will prove that the media was lying about the attendance of the inaugustationeration -- inauguration. a ma
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a deer we've affecteddately -- affectionately named jughead. they're trying to rescue him from a pretty bad predicament. >> the deer seems to be wandering with what appears to be a plastic pretzel container over his head. scott broom is following near bel air. >> i've been staked out here in bel air, maryland, trying to get a glimpse of this deer we call jughead. but so far, she's been a no-
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challenge for wildlife workers tr monday by a deer wandering with a plastic container over her head. a life-threatening problem. >> i hope they can catch him and make him a little more comfortable. >> hey, a bunch of deer just showed up down there. >> reporter: too bad jughead was a no show this afternoon. they have been trying to tranquilize jughead with a dart gun and remove the container. seeing it back here. get close enough to shoot at them with a dart gun, say 30, 40 feet. two very different things. i just tried to sneak up on that group. they're out of here. >> but residents say the deer around here know how to take advantage when no one is looking. >> oh, there's deer all the time. probably, every y,
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in the fall, westay-- jughead, remarkably, is in pretty good ah but she can't stay that way long without aes crew. in bel air, maryland. scott broom, wusa 9. >> wildlife workers tell us deer like leftover salt. and its head got stuck. we'll let you know when they capture it and hopefully free it from the drug. >> 1 to 10 flakes. that was prettitony. >> yeah -- pretty funny were. >> yeah. not 1 to 10 inches. but one to 10 flakes. >> sad for you. >> sad for us. >> there's more snow lovers out there than you think. >> yeah. >> let's talk about january 2017. all right? these are the days, with temperatures above 32. the first four days. then the next six, we were below 32. then, since
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now had 17 ve2. i mean, usually in january, even downtown, you get below 32 degrees. might even have 18 in a row tomorrow. now, my theory was this. is one reason we're all sick. okay? this is red. if you're in a red state, you are generally sick. that's widespread flu. we'll zoom in a little bit. west virginia is not too bad. but maryland, virginia, pennsylvania, delaware, all of our friends are widespread flu. if i were west virginia, i- build a wall right now. because you're east to west, north and south. all right. 3-degree guarantee. i think we're okay. i was kind of thinking ever a midnight high -- of a midnight high. so i went 48 today. no, it didn't feel like 48. winds are still kind of a factor. not as strong as they have been. right now, we're 41. dew points in the teens. that's a little more like it. winds west/northwest, 15. still gusting to about 26. so just bree
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tonight. your date-night plans ar towerw and monday. those are our 1 to 10 flakes right there. maybe even 12 flakes. woo hoo. by 10:00 tonight, cold. winds southwesterly. 33 in gaithersburg. but 35 in fredericksburg. and still 37 downtown. when we get into the early morning hours, 33 at national. we might make that 18 days in a row, with temperatures above 32. snow continues out west of the divide. good news for the ski resorts, for wis, and for timber line. another 3 inches there. by 9:00, still in the 30s. but upper 30s. and by 1:00, we're 44 downtown. 44 in manassas. and only 38 in hagerstown. probably not going to quite make it to 40. hagerstown, martinsburg west. but you will make it to the mid to low 40s downtown. and by this time tomorrow night, low 40s in d.c. 42 in
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30s burb and tomorrow night, we go back in the 30s. unless it make its below freezing before midnight tomorrow night. that will beaby day -- be 18 days in a row, with temperatures above 32. that's crazy. for tonight. partly cloudy. still breezy. colder. 26 to 34. winds westerly at about 10 to 15. on the day planner, goes like this. low 30s to start. 38 by 9:00. 42 by 11:00. and 44 by 1:00. that's actually pretty close to average nterms of high temps. now -- average in terms of high temps. a little better chance of a snow shower monday. 39. and of course, with those temperatures, no worries about accumulation. next seven days. chillo tuesday. but back in the mid-40s. and low 40s on wednesday. could see a rain or snow shower, still not an organized or big storm anywhere in the lower 48. upper 30s on thursday. low 40s, still cold and dry, next friday. >> thanks, top. investigators have not turned up a personal relationship between the
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home of city teens who died in 16-year-old chloeve. the two went to the same crool. and during a struggle, crizer shot and killed zarim ba. her mother was shot and killed as well. then the teenager turned the gun on himself and died days later. police say crizer and two other teenagers had been burglarizing the neighborhood at the time of the shooting a-- >> allows people with hiv, multiple sclerosis and others to use thc oils. they do not create a high, to ep only used for intractable ilepsy. the measure still needs approval of the virginia house of delegates. still ahead this afternoon. how a wusa 9 reporter, maybe the one who kicked off a twitter battle that involves the national zoo.
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security measures.
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welcome back. study is holocaust remembrance day, when people around will pause to remember the 6 million jews killed by the nazis, during world war ii. survivors gathered outside the former polish concentration camps today. so they could pay homage to more than 1 million who died there. more than 3,000 holocaust survivors are still alive now. about half of them live in israel. and people in china, chinese new year. ng the the year of the rooster begins at midnight, which means it's already the new year in china. an estimated 1 billion people watched the new year's eve gala on tv, featured 13,000 performers, including headlineac
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>> looks on it's registered, al you have to do is the security key to told you about, mcdonald's is giving them away. and boy, they're having a hard time keeping up with them. some people are selling these limited edition bottles on ebay, for up to $10,000? >> why? >> it's sauce. it can't be that special. if it is, we could make some sauce and charge. >> whatever, yeah. >> that's a whole lot of big macs. >> this giveaway is part of the company's new promotion for a new big mac jr. and grand mac. what a family did to catch an abusive care giver. and kids, anxious about president trump. we'll tell you about a new survey. and right after the br
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possibly from government
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a virginia firefighter has been reassigned. >> okay. i hope we're on the right story now. a virginia firefighter has been reassigned after she was arrested during the
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inauguration day rioting charges for her alleged actions last friday. court documents say she was part of an anarchist group that smashed windows and set fires. wtvr in richmond reports that roncales is now working in an administrative position. okay. let's talk about a study over anxiety and president trump. it's getting a lot of attention on our wusa 9 facebook page. >> right. so study comes out of the southern law firm. shows that half of our kids are feeling stressed out over the new president. children of immigrants are among them. muslims and other religions reporting their highest levels of stress. a local therapist says the best things parents can do is talk to their kids and let them know that things are going to be okay. we have additional resources on our wusa 9 app as well. >> and teddy writes, i'm willing to
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is coming around parents discussing politics ou kids and not have parents' anxieties pushed off onto them. >> walt says, they should be afraid, very afraid, inhouse. we love to hear your opinions. bring them 24 hours a day. we'll read some on the air. so rogue twitter accounts are gaining all kind of traction. you may be hearing about them. they are allegedly run by current or former government employees. things like climate change. a little snark thrown in there, too. wusa 9 stephanie gayle stephanie gailhard explains. >> all right. okay. we're going to come back to that and talk a bit more about this assault in georgetown. so there's a search under way right now, for the kidnapper of a georgetown university student. police say that student was forced into an suv on o street near 34th street yesterday. and driven around
5:31 pm
the kidnapper is described as a that suspect reportedly tried to force the victim to withdraw money from atms and then make large purchases at retail stores. campus in d.c. police have stepped up patrols in georgetown. that student was not hurt. well, this is a story that is getting a lot of attention tonight. and it's a heartbreaker. a caregiver, arrested, after being caught on video, hitting the woman she was supposed to be helping. we've got a warning for you. because this video may be difficult for some of you to watch. >> i said, why did you feed that dog human food? why do you keep feeding the dog human food? >> oh. that was recorded earlier this month in houston. and police say it shows brenda floyd, hitting a 94-year-old woman who has alzheimer's. family members were concerned because they saw bruises on their loved one.
5:32 pm
camera, where the abuse was all recorded. and police arrested floyd this morning. >> some incredible video tonight of crews blowing up a bridge in oklahoma. this is part of a 15 billion -- or let's make that million, take some of those billions back. that would be $15 million rehab project. >> i'll take some of those dollars. >> yeah, we'll take it. probably goes saying, lanes were closed in each direction before it all went poof. if you love blue grass music, this is good news for you. going to keep broadcasting its mix of american tunes. there were worries it would shut down after amu worried that it was selling. they are transferring the station to an organization that is going to tweak it a little bit. the goal, they say, is to attract yuj younger -- younger viewers. that's the hope. late for work. what are your reasons? >> i'm sure
5:33 pm
between the national zoo and others whhas the cutest animals. and it's the person inside this t-rex costume that is turning this video viral tonight. you gotta watch this, top. hurry up so we can get to it. a little colder. in fact, some areas below freezing. still not downtown. 33 for a low. 28 in gaithersburg. we'll come back and talk about how many chances do we have for snow in the next seven days.
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so rogue twitter accounts are currently being picked up here. and they're allegedly run by current or former government employees. >> they range. >> reporter: the twitter accounts claim to offer the true story behind some government agencies. take a look on twitter here. we have altnat. and nasa. and epa facts. and all of these twitter
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>> reporter: with the national service. temporarily, it was when the official activity shut down. after retweeting things about the attendance of the inauguration. and the disappearance of passages -- pageses -- pages on white all have tweeted negatively about donald trump's administration, claiming it's ignoring scientific facts about the environment. >> i think anyone who is running the act is doing it for the purpose of getting good information out to the public that needs to be heard, not restricted. >> i don't think i'll ever twitter. i text and i e-mail. and i'm fine with that. >> do you feel like you're missing any information by not being on twitter? >> no. no, i really don't. >> do you plan to follow these rogue accounts? >> i'll follow them. i'll check them out. >> rich edwards says twitter has changed so he can see news. heet
5:38 pm
>> it's like an instant postcard. you put a postcard in the mail, you can't put a lot of information. maybe a small paragraph. i would say like that. put together one or two quick ideas, and it's off. >> not long ago, this couldn't be imagined. now, it takes just one tweet to spearhead a social media movement. >> i think social media can be used in a productive manner. i just think it needs to be used responsibly. >> how do you know which website or tweet to trust. >> i don't think you know that. i think it's the friendships in which you have. some of the information is true and some is not. you just take it with a grain of salt. >> they say people behind them could be prosecuted as hackers. stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. >> that's interesting. i didn't know that. >> well, they're not misrepresenting their intentions, right? >> no, they're saying rogue. >>y'
5:39 pm
is trending tonight did you make it to work on time? >> i made it twice. >> and you're still going. you made it. a new career builder study shows that nearly 30% of us are late to work. never you, though. >> never. >> at least once a month. 20% are tardy, at least once a week. and 50% blame the traffic. and you know, in d.c., that would be a legit excuse. commuters like to blame subways and late trains. also on the list, oversleeping, bad weather. and you know what? i just didn't plan so good. but sometimes the excuses get pretty outrageous. >> managers share these. like my pet turtle needed to visit the exotic animal clinic. and my mother-in-law wouldn't stop talking. and i had to watch a soccer game being played in europe. about a third of bosses say it's okay to be late once in a while. >> sure. >> i remember filling in on the morning shift years ago, overslept and was late getting on the set. >>
5:40 pm
pemuntean who ignited a orter, twitter battle over which zoo has the cutest animal. >> started with this post from pete. the key to a great press release? seal pups. no doubt about that. he thanks them for the birth of their pup. right there. and virginia aquarium in norfolk tweeted, we'll see the national seal pup and raise it an otter ols pray com-- osprey combo. >> then the national zoo fired back with this endanger red. orangutan infant. others tweeted adorable pictures of their own. you can check out the entire twitter battle, the best of its kind. >> there's so much traction. i can't even pull up pete's twitter handle. so popular. there's a meeting with
5:41 pm
theresa may. >> it was a woman with a box of m&ms on her head. >> as if things weren't uncomfortable enough, nerve- racking enough for theories -- theresa may. coming to see this billionaire property developer -- >> what is that? he has no clue what is going on. the sign says, black candy matters. so far, people can't seem to figure out what the woman woman's protest was about. but it was tasty, apparently. [ laughter ] okay. anyone who is married will never forget the time they see their spouse on their wedding day. it's magical. >> it chokes you up. it does. >> what about this? a woman dressed up in a tr- -- t-rex costume. she shocks her husband to be. [ laughter ] >> great laugh. the bride eventually takes off the costume, but not before doing her part in the video. it's been liked and
5:42 pm
facebook. that is fantastic. great sense of humor. >> to have and to hold and to laugh, right? >> love it. >> also getting a lot of clicks. new video of a themepark in spain this. is right up your alley. it's called ferrari land. >> what? >> a high-speed coaster that sounds like a ferrari. >> ob, that's cool. >> -- oh, that's cool. >> would you do it? >> yeah. i'm a roller coaster kind of guy. my son patrick would do it. >> i am a feet on the ground kind of gal. ferrari land opens in april, by the way, in case you want to go. john wall with a bold prediction for the wiz. just howbig can this team actually be? they're kind of hot right now. first, we'll introduce you to a teen who is not letting his circumstances stop him from achieving a goal. i had to make sure he was proud of me. >> and jonathan did something unprecedented in his family.
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so the tweet of the entire week might be coming from the coluia
5:46 pm
department. the tweet says, looking for the owner of 5.5 pick it up, don't forget your id. > >> jonathan murillo credits h parents for the drive to make it happen. we are going on jonathan's journey. >> reporter: it is a typical room of an atypical teenager, where ap books stap up -- stack up next to game remotes. >> i've been looking forward to it my entire life. >> in his welcoming home, he is alone. mom works long hours, dad, two jobs. >> i had to do something to make sure he was proud. me when i was old. >> a kid, about to do something no one has in his family. >> dear jonathan -- >> reporter: go to college. >> welcome to college. i wo
5:47 pm
pinch myself real quick. i can't this is happening. >> reporter: his potential was recognized very young. he joined the leadership program. here, he was first, too. >> but jonathan's story is first, too. >> he's the first in the program to get into an ivy league school. >> i read, welcome to college. and i stopped reading there. it felt surreal. >> reporter: it is an acceptance letter he'll keep. the words, he'll cherish. >> just hits me in the heart, to be honest. >> reporter: his parents are proud. believe me, we'd talk with them if we weren't so hard working. and we'd ask about the moment their son mentioned the tuition. >> i remember her eyes going, 66,000. >> jonathan learned today, he got a scholarship. >> you just have to know, remember where you come from. >> reporter: because where he comes from. >> best wishes, jeremiah quind lan, dean
5:48 pm
admission. ne it is fantastic. welcome he is going to do great things, we just know it. nasa is taking one big step in the future. >> some say it's about time. check this out. the new space suits that astronauts will be wearing soon. they are 100 pounds lighter. that's a whole person than they're used to seeing. the helmet and adviser are now part of the suit. not detachable and spraivment and there's really cool vents. they can let water out and keep air in. which is important in outer space. the astrocaught -- astronauts can even use touch screens, too. >> most people don't realize how heavy those suits are. 100 pounds lighter? just to walk, you understand why it's this labored walking. >> i've had a chance to hold one of the old ones. they're really heavy. >> remember the old divers suit, dome over your
5:49 pm
of ible over the weekend. >> like two. >> maybe three. >> let's start with a live look outside. down to 41. notice the dew points are in the teens. might remember the dew points in the upper 30s and low 40s, which is unusual for january. this is where we expect them to be. teens and 20s. winds, west/northwest, gust to 26 still. winds are going to be a factor. but it will be breezy and cold tonight. weekend stays chilly to cold, depending on your perspective. flurry possible tomorrow night. your plans are okay. then we have another chance of snow showers on sunday and monday. i was just looking at some new data, hoping it looked a little juicier. it doesn't. but anyway, snow showers are still possible, sunday into monday. all right. 10:00 tonight. 37 downtown. looking at low 30s, north and west. and more snow west of the divide again. and by 6:00 a.m., still 30 in frederick. 30 in gaithures --
5:50 pm
gaithersburg. by midmorning, temperaturesaver by 1:00. we're downtown. holding in the 30s downtown. and cumberland and romney and martinsburg. probably won't quite make it into the low 40s. and then by about this time tomorrow night, 43 still downtown. and 38 in gaithersburg. and 42 in fredericksburg. notice, still clear through saturday evening, with temps in the 30s. for tonight. partly cloudy, breezy, colder. yes, 26 to 34. still nothing crazy. and by morning, partly cloudy, breezy, coal. 26 to 42 for temperatures. winds more west/southwest at 10 to 15. that's not as cold as a west -- noabts west wind. we'll hold at 48. good enough tomorrow, if you want to take a walk or jog. that's still a pretty good late january day. and winds will calm down a little bit, out of the southwest at 10 in the afternoon. >> high temps then, maybe 42 in frederick. 46 or so, for our nd
5:51 pm
southern maryland, st. mary's hagerstown. and 39 in cumberland. and maybe -- barely30 in oakland. in fact, you'll probably likely hold in the upper 20s west of the divide, with snow showers on the day. on the day planner, maybe we get to 32 downtown. don't think so, though. 34 at 7:00. then we're back in the low 40s at 11:00. and 44 at 1:00, with a lot of sunshine. very nice day tomorrow. and then by sunday, okay, a flurry. maybe a snow shower sunday night. 43. snow shower possible monday, 39. we talked about our streak of 19 -- of 17 days, rather, in a row, of temperatures above freezing. we might break that over the weekend, probably on sunday night into monday, we should make it below freezing at national. now, next week. maybe a snow shower monday, a little better on tuesday. maybe a snow or rain shower on wednesday. although that system looks like it's going to the north of us. and then cold but dry, finish thursday and friday, with temperatures in the 30s and low
5:52 pm
the goal for the wizards this nba season is simply to get back to the play-offs. but with the way they are playing, the bar is now set a lot higher to go a lot farther. all-star guard wall as, saying the goal is to make the eastern conference finals. wizards right now in the fifth spot in the east. but only a few games back of second place, which is behind the defending champion. cleveland cavlers win -- cavaliers wins big tonight in atlanta. tiger woods' win is over before it even started. torrey pines in california. where it was 66 beautiful degrees. tiger needing to make a big move to make the cut. and it did not happen. here he gets a par to remain at 4-0. but dug himself too big of a hole, yesterday at plus 4. this is the exact
5:53 pm
so tiger will not play on the weekend in his first tournament back. even today, finishes at plus 4. who would have thought that in 2017, the williams sisters would be playing each other for another grand slam title. 9th time, in fact. the last williams final came wabay ck in 2009, which also was venus's last major final. venulls and serene -- venus and serena's combined age will be 71. which is the oldest in the era. that's why the dvr was invented for times like these. >> and on the men's side, federer has a chance, too. >> this is like turning back the clock. >> stay awake and watch. >> thanks, frank. coming up at 6:00, president donald trump makes his first visit to the pentagon as the nation's commander in chief. and you think you're a news hound? you got nothin
5:54 pm
you don't want to adorable. and at 6:30 othe cbs evening news, -- on the cbs evening news with scott pelley, does a popular weed killer cause cancer.
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in this digital age, there are still people who rely
5:57 pm
their newspaper. >> boulder, colorado is where marks in it. eddie randall explains. >> okay. let's go. >> every morning, paul godan gets up, gets his golden retriever, quincy, and heads out into the neighborhood to start a daily paper route. >> i feel like i'm just giving back a little bit. >> technically, the paper has already been delivered. they just make sure the person receiving it doesn't have to walk too far to get it. and most of that is thanks to quincy. >> quincy, get the paper. >> he grabs it. >> okay, on the porch. >> and he repeats this routine about a dozen times each morning. >> atta boy, good dog. >> it's something quincy has been doing for about 11 years and believe it or not, he's about the second to master this task. all in all, they had a dog deliver their paper for two decades. >> if he can chase a ball, why not go out and get the papers. >> after a few
5:58 pm
had it down. and he does it rain, sleet orsn dog can find the papers under the snow more easily than i can. >> it's kind of a treat. >> oh, yeah. he likes eating snow. >> they have become friends to their neighbor and kids. >> first thing he does, is wakes up and brings the paper. >> he continues with this routine every morning, because he says his neighbors have done so much for him in the past. and he wants to pay it forward. >> to some extent, it's fun to train the animal and to see how well they respond. but more important for me, it's just nice to give to your neighbors. >> once they're done, they go home. and do it all again the next day. >> don't worry. quincy's owner says this isn't all work for him. he gets a treat after he delivers every newspaper. right now at 6:00, for the first time ever, a sitting vice president addresses the tens of thousands gaed
5:59 pm
mall. goodgood evening. i'm lesli foster. >> first up, president trump wrapped up his first visit to the pentagon as commander in chief. the president was there for the swearing-in ceremony of general james matis as the new secretary of defense. he also signed one aimed at rebuilding the armed forces. the other one, establishing those new extreme vetting measures he's talked about, aimed at keeping radical islamic terrorists out of the united states. >> we want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country, that our soldiers are fighting overseas. we only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love, deeply, our people. [ applause ] >> now, the president says he is giving general matis the power to override his views when it comes to torture.
6:00 pm
believes that torture is an effective tool for g general matis rliedisatoday, pr trump welcomed his first foreign leader. the -- theresa visit. >> they pledged together to strengthen trade alliances at a news conference at the white house. >> today, the united states renews our deep bond, with britain, military, financial, cultural, and political. >> mays' visit comes as britain wrestles with fighting islamic extremism. >> i'm convinced that a trade deal between the u.s. and u.k. is in the national interest of both countries. tomorrow, president trump is scheduled to have his first fon conversation with vladimir putin since taking office. and the


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