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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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jim: i believe i did. nick: he went for the positive. how ridiculous was that? jim: i'm a believer. i know what peter is setting up now. the man who tried to foreshadow this by saying there'd be only one, even though all three were well-positioned. still got to earn it. nick: 10 feet or so peter? peter: this is the length that he's been making. nick: i know. i agree. if anybody can on these greens, snedeker can. that's left going left. so i win with my egg in activity. that's a great start. i'm going to get murdered for that. jim: do well for your whole career. [laughter] nick: thank you. jim:. no give us another chance tomorrow, will you, please? nick: i like the power of the positive mind,
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jim: yes. not quite what we saw last year on the weekend. heads? got -- monday finish. brandt got to sit around and watch because he'd already finished on sunday. he watched all these other players go out and battle kansas city his score held up for a second victory here. nick: he is the scrambling match but today there were a few shots that -- peter: the wind completely switched on monday so the players left on the field had virtually no shot on the inward nine. nick: let's see if this putt stays or breaks out -- to the right like ollie's. wow, that was hooking. nice five. jim: just one of those days
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justin. if i had to guess, though, tomorrow would be quite a different story. nick: well, he's a smart guy. he'll learn a lot from today. it's only 3:00. they have a couple more hours to practice and get things right, ready for tomorrow. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jim: then we'll be back tomorrow after basketball. about 3:00 eastern time. got the professional bull riding at noon eastern. michigan state-michigan at 1:00 eastern and then we're back here with co-leaders through 54 holes. brandt snedeker, patrick rodgers. another look at the leaderboard. we'll see you back here tomorrow, folks. farmers insurance open. 54 holes complete. a packed leaderboard and you're invited back to join us tomorrow
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there's your lineup tonight on cbs. jim nantz, sir nick faldo and the crew. thanks for being with us. see you sunday, everybody.
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a pretty decent day. near 50 believe it or not. tomorrow morning we start out okay. a disturbance tomorrow night that will give us a little bit of snow. i mean a little bit much snow. here we are at 5:00. snow out in west virginia moving towards us. could mix with a little bit of rain here sunday night and then overnight in towards early monday morning that's the timeframe we are looking at, that light snow event. not much, but the timing is pretty bad.
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light snow sunday night. the critical time is 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. we may get it a little bit earlier with a little rain-snow mix. most of us less than an inch. i think an inch or less, and that could lead to a few slick spots monday morning. yellow weather alert for monday morning. we will talk more about this in a few minutes. president trump's executive order calling for the temporary ban of some immigrants trying to enter the u.s. has left refugees in limbo. at dulles airport the virginia governor says a family is being detained. matt is there live where a protest is now growing. matt. >> reporter: thank you, debra. yeah, i am here at dulles airport in the middle of the international arrivals area. hundreds of protesters have come to call for the people that are being held to be identified and released. they are also welcoming people as they get off here at dulles international airport. about an hour ago it was these people th
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addressed, and media as well. he said according to non- government sources there is a family in custody. it's believed two children are involved. the governor is demanding that dhs, the department of homeland security, tell the governor who is being held and why. here is a little of what he had to say. >> people have boarded planes, allowed to come to this country. when they land in our country, they are detained. what kind of nation is this? we were built on immigrants. they have made our country the great nation it is today and it is sending such a discriminatory, racist. we are the greatest nation on earth. it's got to stop. >> reporter: i am joined with laura. she is one. protesters. how does this make you feel? >> i am here because i am appalled by the executive order of the president to ban access to the united states of seven predominantly muslim
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there have been detentions, that people have been held at the gates and unable to get onto their planes. and i am really here because i want people coming to this country to know that this is what america looks like. >> reporter: thank you for your time. i should point out, debra, that the governor said he understands the importance of national security. he wants to maintain that, and he is for vetting. he wants extreme vetting. in the meantime, he and the state's attorney general are working and looking at the law to determine how they can clear this up for the refugees and migrants in limbo coming from the predominantly muslim countries. matt yurus, wusa9. >> at new york's jfk airport a dozen people have been detained. wendy gillette is there where protesters are also gathering. >> reporter: protesters gathered outside jfk international airport in new york and nd
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of refugees blocked from entering the united states. congressman jerry nadler said 12 people were detained here. hamid khalid darwe esh was held for hours before being released. >> i break the rules, i do something wrong? >> reporter: president donald trump's executive order suspends the u.s. refugee program for four months. cities like san francisco and dallas had the same situation. lawyers scrambled to file lawsuits challenging the order. >> this is an extraordinary measure and it requires every ounce of opposition that we can muster. >> reporter: the protests here at jfk was organized within hours of reports that people were being detained. hundreds of demonstrators are vowing to continue to voice their anger. >> this is america. everybody knows this is the country everybody strives to be like. >> reporter: among other things, the executive order
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iran, iraq, libya, osama bin somalia, sudan, and syria for 90 days. >> i am establishing new measures to keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states of america. we don't want them here. >> reporter: saturday mr. trump signed an executive order calling for the joint chiefs to create a plan in 30 days to defeat isis. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. >> iran is suggesting it may limit visas to american tourists in retaliation to president trump's policy. they say, quote, canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. in a tweet, justin trudeau says diversity is our strength. our news partners at "the washington post" are reporting that a girl is heartbroken over president trump's execiv
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order temporarily banning refugees from entering the u.s. she is heartbroken. the people who helped build your country ready to work hard in exchange for a fair chance at new life. switching gears right now. police are on a manhunt for a man who kidnapped a georgetown student. police say he took that student through finley town and bethesda. this was a criminal dressed like a businessman. >> reporter: that suspect took the georgetown student to several different atms and two stores to try to get him to take out money or purchase items using his credit card. this is all according to d.c. police who also caught video of the suspect and victim here. the victim's identity is being protected. you can see the suspect is in a suit and tie. d.c. police tell us all of the transactions were declined. thankfully, the victim wasn't hurt after that. this all started in georgetown by 34th
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plus say the suspect stopped the victim and asked him for money. when the student hesitated, the suspect grabbed him by the arm and forced him into his silver or light-gray suv. the police report says this happened in broad daylight thursday at 3:20 in the afternoon. it has a lot of students shaken up. you will hear from them later tonight. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. i want to show you video of that suspect again. price describing him as a white male around 5'9" to six feet in height. he is probably in his late 30s to early 40s with a dark beard and mustache. we are learning more about the deaths of three people whose bodies were found inside a mclean, virginia home. homicide detectives say the husband shot his wife and teenage son before fatally shooting himself. the bodies of 48-year-old shirley shu, zhou and
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friday. james chen attended langley high school. he is seen in performing in a school musical. friends and neighbors left flowers and other mementos in a makeshift memorial outside family owes home. a dramatic rescue at sea captured on video. how a thousand refugees are safe tonight. and do you like cars? well, we have got a look at the auto show revving up ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. would you pass the tissue test? see for yourself with crest whitestrips. they are the way to whiten. a dramatic rescue off the coast of italy. about a thousand migrants were saved in the central mediterranean. one person was found dead. an italian coast guard ship and a caribbean supply vessel went to the aid of six rubber dingies and three vessels. hundreds of car enthusiasts are checking out the latest and greatest at the washington auto show. the annual event is underway at the washington convention er
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newest models on four wheels, there are several ongoing exhibits, including art masterpieces painted right on the vehicles. organizers promise the auto show will deliver something for the whole family. >> one of the largest shows in all of north america. we have over 600 vehicles on display. you can see everything from the prius to this $250,000 bentley we are sitting right now. >> i wasn't thinking about buying that. just so you know. the auto show is open until ten tonight. it will continue at the convention center tomorrow through february 5th. it's a cold night and possibly light snow tomorrow night. howard has your full forecast straight ahead. and with cold temps they are no match for thousands taking the
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now that's disgusting. i want friends over! you want friends over?
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perfect day for a swim. dozens of people took the plunge. yeah, this is today, by the way. that's the polar plunge at national harbor. the event now in its 12th year. swimmers jumped into the potomac river to call attention to climate change. the money raised supports the chesapeake climate action network. they are stronger, more wonderful people than i am. >> a friend of mine that's doing this in february in delaware for the special olympics, that's a fundraiser. >> i think that's wonderful. i really do. >> right. >> no pain, no gain. >> i will make a donation. >> me, too. >> exactly. hey, weather-wise, up to 49 today. we will find out at 11 how we did on our 3-degree
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dropping. 46. south-southwesterly winds. feeling more like 40 out there. the air is dry. humidity is 35%. with some lighter winds, some temps have dropped into the 30s. no concerns, except for the chill. several inches of snow in the western mountains. the skiers very happy. need each other, right? weather headlines. some light snow tomorrow night. it might be mixed in with a little bit of rain in a few spots, but we're talking light. i mean light. looks like a dusting to perhaps 2 inches. that would be the max. that may be more to our north. critical time from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. it will end early monday morning, but that doesn't mean there won't be slick spots. there will be a couple delays. depends on where and how much. again, it's a light event. really watching the flow. it's coming out western canada. we willl
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the jet stream coming from edmonton towards bismarck. this will have a little piece of energy which will squeeze out a period of light snow. the cold air, lake snow is going on from lake superior all the way into new york state and parts of pennsylvania. we ended up with a nice afternoon once we got rid of the morning clouds. a quiet night. sun tomorrow morning. clouds increasing in the afternoon. in the afternoon we will have snow in west virginia moving to garrett county by late day. tomorrow evening we see that snow or a mix with snow at the onset coming over us monday night. sunday night, excuse me, to monday morning. early monday morning, you may see a little bit of light snow. it will scoot out quickly. perhaps a lingering flurry behind it. monday is a pretty decent day. we are not talking about a lot, especially here in d.c. just checking up on models. 0 to .07-inch. that's enough of a coating. the most we would see just maybe 2 inches around frederick
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nam. that's one of several models i look at. we will refine this. does not look like a big event. 29 to 34 tonight. mostly cloudy and cold. winds southwest at 5. 30s tomorrow morning into the low 40s by lunchtime. we will top out low-to-mid 40s with increasing clouds. a look at the three-day forecast. yellow weather alert monday morning with light snow ending early. tuesday milder. we will make a run towards 50. we head towards the middle of the week. temperatures back in the mid- 40s. could be a flurry or even a sprinkle on wednesday. then getting colder towards the second half of the week. all right. trending now i would like for you all gentlemen to meet the new berger new berger baby. he is the spokes baby for the popular babe goods company. riles
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expressions and his visual appeal. riley received a $50,000 cash prize. yeah, nice. $1,500 in gerber children's wear and a chance to appear in gerber ad. i should have entered your baby. >> is she old enough? she is only three months. >> she is cute. >> thanks. >> what are you doing next year? could maryland be winners again? we have the details
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> maryland basketball is quietly off to one of the best starts in school history. what's most impressive is the way they are handling themselves on the road. unbeaten in conference play so far. could they remain again at minnesota? the terps trying to take care of th
6:26 pm
a quick start by maryland. minnesota on a 13-0 run. look at this dunk. fans are juiced. second half terps trail by 2. tied the game. now mark turgeon is pumped. later in the half maryland in transition. cowan, mellow trimble. terps take the lead. it goes back and forth. less than two hins to go. kevin herder the freshman corner three ball into the pocket. put me in the pocket. terps remain unbeaten on the road winning at minnesota 85- 78. closer to home gw hosting st. louis. seconds half colonials trail by hit. cuts the deficit to 5. later in the half gw up for good. colonials rally in the second half to get the big victory at home. georgetown had a season- saving win over creighton this past week. they need another one on the road. it's going to be
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butler. they beat the hoyas earlier this month. need this one. the road has not been kind to the hoyas so far this season. when you talk about the greatest in sports, you got to put serena williams at the top after she captured her 23rd grand slam tennis title. a new open era record after beating who else? her sister venus down under. venus-serena in a grand slam final for the ninth time. set point in the first. serena gets the ace. she wins the first set 6-4. she is looking to regain her top ranking. championship point. venus hits the ball out and serena williams, queen of the court once again. seventh australian open title. 23rd grand slam title overall. >> i have been chasing it for a really long time. it feels like a really long time. when it got on my radar and i knew i had an opportunity to get there, and i'm here, i'
6:28 pm
feeling. >> she is amazing. >> >> she is really is an inspiration. >> wow. >> um-hmm. >> love it. >> all right. >> her sister got to share it with her. >> yeah. >> in a good way. tomorrow night a little bit of light snow. it will end early monday, but just have to watch out for a couple of slick spots. >> get your stuff done early on sunday. we will see you back here at 11:00 tonight. thanks
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