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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news tonight. a federal judge in new york puts a temporary stop to the u.s. deporting travelers with valid visas who were subject to president trump's travel ban. they are refunding tickets and rebooking flights in the aftermath of that order. demonstrations broke out at major airports across the u.s., and at new york city's kennedy airport more than 300 demonstrators held homemade signs that read no
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wall, and refugees welcome. lawyers and advocates working at the airport said they didn't have a hard count on the number of people taken into custody. tonight new york governor andrew cuomo tweeted i have directed the port authority to jointly explore all legal options to assist anyone detained at new york airports. at dallas/fort worth international airport 50 people were detained. a crowd of protesters, some who have family members being held, showed upholding signs chanting set them free and u.s.a., u.s.a. a protest tonight near the portland international airport in response to the executive order. there were about 100 people marching in and around the airport holding signs and chanting. they said the president's order divides the country and does not reflect the values of america. closer to our area, a similar scene at dulles international airport, which has been packed with demonstrators for hours. vi
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mcauliffe announced at least one family, including two children, are being held at dulles tonight. >> reporter: a tough time hearing you. bear with me. i am here at dulles airport in the international arrivals area. as you can see behind me there are hundreds of protesters. they have been calling for the end of trump's executive order banning refugees from seven predominantly muslim countries. also being in the international arrivals section, they are welcoming foreigners how they see fit into our country. i will let you take a look. you see different signs. some read no fear, no hate, refugees are welcome here. others read no ban, no rentalstery, love trumps hate. they have been here since about 4:30. that is when virginia governor terry mcauliffe arrived and had a message. you will hear from the governor in a moment. before we get there i want to
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to see his family. they have been held here at the airport for hours. he is an iranian doctor. step up here, sir. >> i am a doctor from iran. i am also a researcher at columbia university. >> reporter: doctor, your family has been held here. what has it been like? how are you feeling? >> we cannot believe it. but you feel very desperate because you don't know what's going to happen. two of my cousins were held there for hours. we know from before, one of them is actually a green card holder and the other is citizen. five-year citizen of united states of america. he was held there for, i don't know, five, six hours. and the whole family was desperate because we thought they might send them back. we didn't know what's going to happen. his mother is here. she didn't know if he is going to see his child any more. >> reporter: you have been able to see
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>> reporter: how are they? >> when i saw my cousin, the 25- year-old lady, who is a student here, who she is a green card holder, she was all in tears because she told me that all the way in the trip she was crying. when she arrived here, she was all in tears. it was a very bad feeling. >> reporter: where are they now? >> they just left. they were very tired. the family took them. they just came out of the airport. >> reporter: now, you're a doctor. you work and focus on research and the treatment of diabetes. you contribute to america. how do you feel about this country this evening? >> look, first of all, i am from iran. i feel bad about this rule because, first of all, there is no everything of one activity by an iranian. there is no evidence. can you believe it? iranians are banned from coming to the united states where a
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literate people, it's like people in the united states and they are contributing to this country. i work 16 hours a day in the laboratory to find treatments for inducing intolerance for transplantation for diseases. we love people. i mean, we should love each other. this kind of rules are not constructive. they are destructive. i don't believe that it can help increase the security of the united states of america because hatred generates hatred and love generates love. this is a ruse. whenever you go against this rule, you are doing a big mistake. >> reporter: doctor, thank you for your time. i am going to take our viewers now, just have a walk and pan over to the back wall. you see a number of people standing. there are countless volunteer attorneys that are here demanding to see those
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might still be held. they want to know why they're being held. right now i'm joined by an attorney who has been here most of the evening. she is going to explain exactly how this executive order -- excuse me, the state that has come out of the eastern district of virginia, what it means, how it might help these people. please explain to the audience. >> well, the order that came out of the eastern district of virginia says that they have to allow access to the landfall permanent residents who are being detained at the airport. it also says that these same landfall permanent residents cannot be removed for seven days. >> reporter: these are green card holders? >> yes, they are being held there at secondary inspection. >> reporter: have you been able to see anyone back there up to this point? >> we have not had any access at all. all of our access has been texts and telephone. >> reporter: what are you hearing? >> i am hearing that some people have been there since 2:00 this afternoon. i understand that there is a couple of kids who came in early this morning. we t
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been through, if they have been passed on. we have been hearing they have been questioned, that their passports have been taken and their green cards. as you may have seen, there have been some people, some lawful permanent residents who were admitted. >> reporter: who or what is stopping you from seeing these people? >> dhs. customs border and patrol. we have a court order that says we are to have access. they said they are not gonna allow that. >> reporter: thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: as you heard, the department, dhs's department of homeland security. this is where governor mcauliffe steps in. he came to the airport around 4:30 surrounded by activists and demanded dhs tell him why and who are being held here. at last check he has not had any answers. before i sign off i am going to let you get a last look at the protesters here, the secure here. there is obviously no signs of this ending. you will get the governor's thoughts coming up
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moment. live at dulles airport, i am matt yurus for wusa9. >> thank you so much, matt. virginia governor terry mcauliffe is asking the state attorney general to review president trump's immigration order. he says the president's decision to restrict immigration from seven muslim countries is a bad decision and will have a severe impact on u.s. foreign relations. >> this is bad for the united states of america, number one. it's bad for the economy. i think what immigrants have done to help build this country. i am also very concerned about the national security implications of what this message has sent to members of the muslim faith and all faiths that we are no longer open and welcoming. i do believe this sends a message to the globe of how americans will be treated in countries all over the globe. we cannot tolerate this ty
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activity. so we are very concerned. discriminatory tactics breed hatred, and it will breed hatred towards our nation and breed hatred towards americans around the globe. this is not the nation that we know. this is not the nation that we love. i have instructed my attorney general to look at all avenues that we have here in virginia, all legal remedies that we have to help these individuals who are stuck at our airport here in virginia. you board a plane to come to america. you have the right to come to this country. yet, when you land, you are detained. we believe in vetting and we believe in strong vetting. nobody should be allowed in this country who would do any harm to any american or our country. you have taken vet to go a new extreme. we don't know extreme vetting, we don't know what that means. >> he says the commonwealth of virginia will remain, quote, open and welcoming to evyo
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reporters in the oval office said this. >> it's not a muslim ban. we are prepared to work it out very nicely. >> as part of our city, your voice, our conversation about the first 100 days of the trump administration, we are listening to you on all of our platforms. sean says we are a nation of immigrants. heather says i am glad our president donald trump is stopping it. let's make america great again. alisa says, thank you to our leaders in virginia. they will not stand down. this online conversation is still going strong tonight. join in on wusa9's facebook page. let's turn to weather. there may be a chance of snow tomorrow gh
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come across the season. we will have snow, a wintery mix before some snow. doesn't look like a lot. the timing could be such that the monday morning commute could be slick in spots. it's just that simple. we have a lot of snow on the west side of the appalachian ins here, the great lakes. it's cold enough. lake-effect snows are falling. temperatures tonight have dropped here while it's 40 with 38 at reagan national. in the upper 20s in germantown. 30 in andrews. owens freezing as well. a cold night. down in the 20s. looking at the futurecast i just want to point out tomorrow starts out with sunshine. clouds increase. it's gonna be tomorrow night when be see that snow or a snow mix develop into early monday morning. so we could have some light snow to start the day. 10, 11:00 this stuff is well east of us and pulling away. i am thinking right now not a big event. the timing is gonna be a problem. yellow weather alert for monday morning, light snow sunday night. most of us will see less than an numb
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it will be the secondary roads that could have slick spots for the monday morning commute. i will come back in a few minutes. we will take a look at the rest of your seven-day forecast and let you know if we have any nice coming up in the next seven. deb. >> thank you so much, howard. police on a manhunt for a person they say kidnapped a georgetown university student. they say the kidnapper was dressed in a suit and tie. stephanie ramirez reports thankfully that student is okay. students and neighbors are stunned and the kidnapper is still out there. >> i am scared because this is my friend's building and i walk home from here actually every night by myself. >> reporter: the kidnapping didn't happen at night. police say it was around 3:20 in the afternoon thursday near this quiet intersection of georgetown, 34th and oak. detectives say the man seen dressed in a suit and tie in this surveillance video approached a georgetown student and asked him for money. when he hesitated, police say the man pulled the student into his suv.
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>> surprising it happened in broad daylight. >> yeah. >> it's kind of the biggest issue. >> reporter: once in his car the police report and the university says they went through georgetown, penley town, even bethesda. that suspect took the georgetown student to several different atms and two different stores trying to get him to take out money or purchase items using his credit card. this surveillance video appears to have come from one of those stores. police say all of the transactions were declined. thankfully, the student wasn't hurt after that. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> police have video of that vehicle. there is $1,000 reward for any info leading to an arrest. she was a shop owner. he was a student at langley high school in virginia. tonight fairfax county police say the mother and son were victims of a murder-suicide at the hands of a family patriarch hong chen.
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his wife and teenage son before killing himself. their bodies were found friday inside their home on windy hill road in mclean. 16-year-old james chen was on the virginia science olympiad team at langley high school. you can see him right there performing in a school musical. the 48-year-old shirley zhou owned a permanent makeup store. today friends and neighbors began leaving flowers and other mementos outside the family's home. detectives haven't released a motive for what they are now calling a double murder- suicide. okay. he is not a lion. he is not a tiger. he is both. we are going to
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it's a rare animal kingdom. a liger is a cross between a lion and a tiger. they grow big. the largest in the world is called hercules
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pounds. >> cute right now. >> there is apparently a napoleon dynamite reference. >> pedro for president. >> there you go. talk to us about snow. >> a little bit of snow tomorrow night. >> not a liger amount? >> no, maybe a liger cub's amount. today we had a forecast high temperature of 46. that sunshine came out. 49. woo! we squeaked in there. we're okay. tomorrow i am forecasting the 3- degree guarantee temperature 46 again. now, tomorrow we will start in the 30s in town. sun in the morning. clouds thicken up. we get into the mid-40s and then maybe a little mix developing going over to light snow tomorrow night into monday morning. cold out there now. we are down into the 20s and low 30s in most spots. cumberland is 36. annapolis and d.c. and cambridge in the upper 30s flight. fredericksburg
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freezing. looking out on the weather camera, looks good tonight. 38. calm on the winds. no winds. air is relatively dry. weather headlines. a little bit of snow mix on the way tomorrow night into monday morning. right now looks like anywhere from a dusting to an inch or two. that inch or two really the higher amounts will be i-70 and north. critical time 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. we may adjust the timing on sunday. you can tune in starting at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. some slick spots monday morning. i think the main roads will be fine. the secondary untreated roads could get problematic. a northwesterly flow. we will seeing a disturbance taking place in the northern plains. this will ride our way tomorrow night. the cold air, snow showers are occurring up to the north and now our west into west virginia. around here a quiet night and it will stay that way until tomorrow afternoon and evening. in the afternoon we will see some snow develop
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across west virginia. that will approach us tomorrow evening late in the form of snow, a little bit of a mix if it's warm enough into monday morning. this will scoot out quickly monday morning. there may be a little bit of lingering snow left over for the early risers. the monday morning commute may be slick. we clear out monday afternoon. maybe a snow shower following behind us. not much snow. one of the things we look at, different computer models, we got different answers from .02 to .10-inch. the highest totals, and this is just one of the models, that 1- 2 north of town. our forecast then for tonight partly cloudy. it will be chilly. 29 to 34. light winds out of the southwest. tomorrow morning 30s to start. we will be in the low 40s by lunchtime. partly sunn
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highs in the low-to-mid 40s. snow developing tomorrow night and early monday yellow alert. milder tuesday, 49. wednesday maybe a flurry or sprinkle. groundhog day seasonable. flurries or snow showers especially south on friday. weather, you know, today was far from balmy. check this out. didn't stop dozens of people from taking in the polar plunge at national harbor. >> you weren't there? >> you know i wasn't. it's now the 12th year. swimmers jumped into the potomac river to call attention to climate change. the money raised supports the chesapeake climate action network. they are really cool. >> climate change is really one of the most important issues of our lifetime. i mean, it's a now or never kind of thing, and we have federal government moving in the wrong direction. very frightening. locally, we just have to be taking actions. we are going to ban fracking hopefully in maryland this year. we have to stop the pipelines and take climate change seriously and we've got
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start reversing these impacts. >> the one raised from this year's events supports the chesapeake climate action network. >> and another worthy cause. the 21st maryland special olympics polar bear plunge took place at sandy point state park near the bay bridge today. it supports special olympics athletes and draws more than 10,000 people. this year organizers are hoping to set a guinness world's record for the largest polar bear dip in 24 hours. yeah. good luck to them. i don't think i could do that. >> yeah, but this has been done on colder days. they do this every year. >> you're right. >> a wonderful cause. >> yeah. >> i would never. georgetown basketball news for you. we may be just starting to see things come together for the hoyas trying to pull off the upset at butler tonight.
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> all-star weekend is here for the nhl. alexander ovechkin plays tomorrow night. tonight was ha
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skills challenge in los angeles. hello. first with the caps. the first event with the skills, relay challenge. holtby clinched it by scoring a goal from distance. ovechkin took part in the event in the hardest shot competition. he didn't win. ofhe fered his thoughts of being named one of the 100 greatest nhl players. >> yeah, it's a great honor, obviously. nice to be in that company. you know, pretty happy. >> it's been a tough season for georgetown hoops. they showed life beating creighton, a top 20 team. tonight on the road. looking for that upset in indy. good night for jesse govan. training the three. he
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second half rodney pryor with the left hand. 3 of his 20 points. hoyas up 66-63. remember savage used to play gw? he ties the game for butler with the slam dunk baseline. the hoyas responded every time. l.j. pete game high 23. hoyas win. second straight big win for georgetown. mark turgeon and the terps looking to make minnesota fear the turtles. second half terps trail by two. the steal. hoop plus one. check out mark turgeon. he is excited and fired up. later in the half maryland in transition. tremble gets the hoop and harm. terps take the lead. less than two to go. kevin huerter in the corner puts it up with the triple. terps unbeaten on the road winning 85-78. gw hosting .
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cavanaugh cuts the deficit to 5 with that three. gw up for good. colonials get the home victory over st. louis. west virginia hosting texas a&m. big 12 versus the s.e.c. check out this play from taevon meyers. goes behind the back and gets the kind bounce on the rim. that's old school. mountaineers lead by 5. carter led west virginia with 19 points as the mountaineers win 81-77 at home. were you ready for some round ball? michael buffer doing the introductions. kansas and kentucky. kansas had a couple of hiccups. jayhawks have won 19 of their last 20. they win 79-73. they paid michael buffer 15 grand to do the intros. plus travel expenses. >> on a private jet probably? [ laughter ] >> nice gig. >> that would be cool, right?
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>> snow up state when we
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yo+u really have to join u on facebook live behind the scenes. howard is hilarious. >> tomorrow night into monday morning we have a chance for a little bit of snow. an inch or less. an inch or two i-70-ish. colder to finish the week. >> get updates any time on our app. thanks for hanging out
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