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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  January 29, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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check that. this is going to be a small -iron. nick: yeah, 43, these guys can 150.bly get 9's at the breeze is tiny, isn't it, peter? you just enough to make think. nick: did he roll his arms other? wickedly late hit on that one. concentration just had a smack over the side of the head. all battled so hard through 2 holes and they can see somebody's go the title and they best he and get in the can. peter: and also, the swing aren't e's working on quite instinctive yet and pressure exposed that. now, 111 yards. nick: yeah, drove it in the -- right-hand bunkest and -- bunkers and knocked it
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he has to be careful of the pin. jim: if he makes birdie, he ould tie second. i would think that would make your concentration statement nick: i agree. he's going to go too far. that will sit on top of the hill. no fun. it will have to be a sensible wo-putt. you keep looking at that pond, touch more. ng a jim: rodgers in a very awkward pot. peter: yeah, 65 yards, which is propmatic. is awful. nick: really? peter: you have to make your long, obviously. nick: yeah. keep the face square on this one. open it up too much.
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it could be a little scombet there.wn you could easily go straight under and the thing doesn't have any power to it. and he might think why not? last time. one one slip back to one over at minus eight right now. it could work. h. r not. jim: rahm's been finished long enough that he's had a chance to with a lot of the gallery here. een generous with his time and autographs. we'll see him next week at the phoenix great field. the following week, the at&t
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pebble beach pro-am. full coverage over the weekend d then the fourth of our four-week run. the genesis open at riviera. palisades, we'll take a little break for some and afterament action that, yes. yes, the masters. jim: here's the lineup tonight cbs. it all begins with "60 minutes" into a newestigation way that cyclists are cheating episodes of ew "ncis: los angeles" madam "elementary" on america's number one network.
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well, this is the defining year's farmers insurance open and an eagle putt that will be replayed at this years to come. and then left turn. expect that is. nick: i honestly didn't. en watching it track every time now -- there were four genuine little breaks. it e six inches or so but was definitely going right then left then right and then left again. jim: brandt snedeker on the green at 18. for birdie. nick: up and over the ridge. jim: easy. my goodness.
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oney winner at this tournament ehind tiger. about right ll there, trying cope with the fact it's not going to be a repeat for him. a player with his pedigree, what did at the ryder cup, his eight wins, including a couple here. t is all about the wins now. but we'll be seeing him on this west coast. ebble beach. he's got a record that matches what he's done here, with a victories. nick: yeah, he loves these california. s in jim: this is the one putt remaining that could actually be lot. a whole
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this is for a tie for second. inau for birdie. t's got to go. so howell and pan will share second. the way, for charles, it will be the third time he's taken second place here. .005, again in 2007 nd now 10 years later. youngsters will be taken solace after today. thing, you ortant threw yourself in the deep end and you learned. going to be re not surprised about with jon rahm is this is the first of the start
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this is not a flash in the pan. this is the start of something quite amazing. jim: rodgers for birdie for fourth place. hello. 72 ick rodgers, final-round to join rose and bradley and nine under. finau, just a little tap-in to in that group. t-4. for a dt this putt
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there you go. ninth tide and the last stroke of this belongs to finau. the father of four. another bright young alent. finishes in that group at nine under par. ing, hasn't stopped smil has he? for over an hour, rahm. how could you? -- get that wind that you win that you dream of when you start hitting balls as a young of making it big time. dat
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first about all these time winners here. as you see, rahm moves into in the fedexcup standings. the first time since 1919 that here. a first time winner when phil won for the first time, it was his first win as a professional. on the list because he'd won a tour event as an we'll see justin thomas next eek looks with matsuyama and others. again, there's the lineup tonight on cbs. basketball next week. pittsburgh is at duke. and sunday, scombrinled wisconsin. will take on the challenge. before golf.
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week? nick: it's going to be loud. truly a different experience and so much fun. an't wait to be reunited there with all the thunderbirds, really that group that has been tournamentod of that for so many years. it's a very special week. the ok forward to having broadcast next weekend for you. final thought on john rahm? nick: what excites me with john rahm and all these other oungsters. they're pitching against the big three, when are they going to out? it's woken everybody up. we e started the season and have total excitement and unexpectation of what's going to appen. jim: you can't predict it. you could predict before the guy had ed that this star qualities that were going to one day lead to moments like this. know this was going to be the week but it's so fun tching it unfold, especially
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green. amazing stuff. the roar that could be heard all he way to spain. spain delivering another big-time talent to the golf stage. nick: the spirit of seve was he holed that one. jim: thanks for being with us, iend, from the farmers insurance open. we'll see you next week at the waste management phoenix open. ian, gary, dottie and peter, lance and steve and the crew. jim nantz saying so long. congratulations to john rahm.
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breaking news, demonstrations at major airports across the country and right here and a many are from the white house to the trump international hotel all in response to the president's travel ban. we begin with john henry who has been following that march. john? >> reporter: yeah, debra, it started at the white house, walked all the way down pennsylvania avenue to the capitol building and back to the trump hotel. thousands of people participated. it ended around 4:30 right here, once again peaceful protests in the district, but a lot of people are saying they plan to do this very often. three major protests nationwide, too, in the last nine days of the trump presidency. for one woman i talked to it was a very important protest because she was sundanese american and sudan is one of the countries that is under the travel ban the president ordered. hear what she had to say. >> what if someone dies in their
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>> your heart is heavy and you feel so much dis-- in their family? >> your heart is heavy and you feel so much dispair. >> reporter: there's been a couple days since the travel ban came down. over my shoulder you can kind of see the dark splotch on the trump hotel. that was actually some graffiti that said fascist international hotel, but the employees here were able to wipe it down quickly to get it off of the hotel. once again a peaceful protest. we haven't heard word of arrests. we'll be here throughout the ght keeping an eye on things through downtown. for the very latest from downtown, john henry, wusa9. today marked day two of protesters rallying at dulles international airport and that's where stephanie ramirez is to tell us about emotions running high as a crowd continue to denounce the president asian executive order. city of -- president's executive order. stephanie. >> reporter: yes. second day in a row here of tean
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protesters are carrying anti- trump signs and cheering in the people coming in from their international flights. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: you could see the emotion on their faces as this family greeted loved ones arriving from the middle east. protesters met them with chants saying no hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here. >> i think this was incredibly wrong, the policy that trump put in. >> american jews recognize the tyranny and we're fighting it. >> the orders that came down yesterday violated our constitution. >> reporter: sunday both virginia and maryland representatives joined the airport protests denouncing the executive order president trump continued to support in tweets. the president wrote our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting now. >> for donald j. trump and his efforts to save this country. >> reporter: at least one supporter came out agreeing with that message. back and forth continued after. >> i'm an american. >> so am i. >> so am i! >> reporter: this goes on. all this family can do is hold signs of the co
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us has been in a diabetic coma at howard university hospital. the family tells us ali's mother was stopped from flying out of the middle east to dulles yesterday. >> she said she had to come to say bye to him, right? >> name me one sundanese terrorist who are from sudan. why you put sudan as terrorist country? >> reporter: now the pro bono attorneys tell us they believe anywhere from 30 to 40 people could be detained here at dulles, but our area representatives do that and do not know that number. they actually tell us customs is not giving them that information even though a virginia federal judge ordered the attorneys to have access to the detainees. debra. >> thank you so much, stephanie. the white house chief of staff reince priebus was on cbs news face the nation with john dickerson defending the ban on immigrant travelers from seven muslim majority countries. >> this
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john. all this is is identifying the seven countries and the reason we chose those seven countries was those were the seven countries that both the congress and the obama administration identified as being the seven countries that were most identifiable with dangerous terrorism taking place in their country. now you can point to other countries that have similar problems like pakistan and others. perhaps we need to take it further, but for now immediate steps pulling the band aid off just to do further vetting for people traveling in and out of those countries. >> let's clear up some facts and fiction here about this travel ban. president trump's executive order issued friday, no. 1, bars syrian refugees from entering the u.s. no. 2, bars all refugees from entering for 120 days and three, blocks people from seven muslim majority countries, refugee or not, from entering
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those seven countries, iran, iraq, libya, somalia, sudan, syria and yemen. it does not apply to people from those countries already granted u.s. citizenship. saturday protests like this held at several major airports including dulles international when people were being detained. late saturday night several federal judges ruled and blocked part of the president's order saying the people detained should not be deported, but it doesn't say they can be let in and the white house chief of staff clarified today if you have been granted u.s. citizenship, if you have a green card and you're from those seven banned countries going forward, you will be allowed to enter the u.s. he also said border agents have what they call discretionary authority to subject any travelers including american citizens to questioning if they're coming back from the seven countries. the department of homeland security issued a statement saying they will continue to ac
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they'll also comply with the judges' order. coming up tonight on 60 minutes right after this show an inside look at what refugees go through. bill whitaker following syrian fami liesfrom jordan through the vetting process to the u.s. as part of our city, your voice, our conversation about the first 100 days of the trump administration, we're listening to you on all of our platforms. jane says #maga make america great again, people against the order do not understand it and jan says policies like this go against the very fabric of our constitution. clearly the president hasn't thought this through. the online conversation as you can imagine is still going strong. join in on our wusa9 facebook page. light snow is coming our way. will it impact your monday morning commute? howard has the answer coming up.
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local crews in maryland, d.c. and virginia are already gearing up for the snow. major roads have already been pretreated. ddot says it's deploying snowplows from 10:00 toght through 4 a.m. monday in virginia. transportation officials are asking drivers to stay alert to allow extra time to get to work tomorrow. maryland highway officials suggest drivers continue using metro instead of driving just to alleviate the headaches during the morning rush. so how bad is it going to be? a
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prepare for. >> but here's the thing. today we were 47 degrees, so the roads are relatively warm. we also had these guys out putting the brine solution, see the lines on the highway throughout today. that stuff will help. the road surfaces are generally warm. temperatures will be borderline unless it starts snowing really heavily to overcome the melting, we should be okay on the major roads. your driveway may be the most dangerous thing you face tomorrow. >> oh, great. >> or the sidewalk if you park on the street because we could get a little buildup there. we'll start off by showing you what's happening right now. we do have a little rain and snow out there. the disturbance is really out towards west virginia. in charleston all the blue is the meat of what we're expecting later on. out ahead of it we've seen areas of light rain and a little wet snow coming down now. not all this is reaching the ground. i just checked here in northwest d.c. even though it looks like some rain, there's a couple wet flakes mixing in. you see this coming in
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college park and bowie out on 66 through tysons and southern montgomery county. out west we do have some snow showers now showing up here west of aldie over toward percyville and barryville on the shenandoah river moving toward frederick coming out of myersville. we may get a little -- burst here. early tomorrow morning a winter weather advisory is in effect until 7 a.m. for much of the area d.c. southwest and south. you get into upper montgomery, loudoun, howard, you're not in it, a coating to perhaps a couple inches what we're looking at now. the yellow alert impacts what about light snow tonight? i think the morning commute will have maybe a moderate to high. again i think the main roads are warm, treated. i think they'll be generally wet. so went roads aside there will be some slick spots on the lesser
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untreated roads. school delays, slow to maybe moderate. i think we'll have a couple delays tomorrow. i don't see this as a major event causing closures at this point. that doesn't mean it can't happen. i'm just telling you what my expectations are. 34 currently in front royal and hagerstown 36. east of the divide temps are comfortably above freezing, different story up in the higher elevations in western maryland and west virginia where skiers are really happen. no problems on the michael and son weather cam 42 feeling like 35 in town and a west northwesterly wind at 13, so a brisk night. we'll watch a disturbance coming out of the areas in the ohio valley. moving across we'll see an area of low pressure start to develop to our south, maybe right here by 1:30. notice this starts to wiped up. it gets to delmarva, so ocean city may get a couple, 3 inches of snow out of all this. by 5 a.m. futurecast is
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the snow down. that happens and it shuts down early enough, the crews will be out and the commute wouldn't be so bad. we'll start covering this at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning, a thorough start to wakeup washington. monday morning at 9:00 this is already offshore. snow showers follow behind it, but no big deal there with temperatures comfortably above freezing. how much are we talking about? is in just the output from some -- this is just the output from some models. here on the rpm less than 1/2 inch, so not in total agreement. looking at the nam, that stripe is right across the heart of the metro, maybe south, but not much north. on the rpm, another model i looked at, they've got snow south of town, barely anything north of town. right now it looks like southern areas are favored for the higher totals, but again an inch or 2 is not a big deal. the timing, though, could be a problem. 28 to 34,
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developing, coating to 2 inches by 7 a.m. monday morning the snow ends early, partly sunny, breezy and cold, 20s and 30s, some snow showers but no accumulations, in the afternoon blustery, 35 to 40. as we head toward tuesday, early flurries but milder. we'll run toward 50 and a little bit chillier there as the week progresses. groundhog day cold and dry. go red for women, on friday, flurries, around 40. >> excellent. thank you for watching. we'll see you right back here at 11:00. good night.
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