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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 30, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. we take a look at first alert doppler, sort of looks a lot lighter than it did earlier this morning. more snow could be on the way. still that triggers the yellow weather alert today. good afternoon. thank you for joining us for the news at noon. meteorologist alison ray tracking waves of storms that could br
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well, today we're looking at just some snow showers, there is something on the seven- day that i want you to stay tuned for that's worth paying attention to. let's get through this morning. this morning we did have 2 inches of snow for parts of stafford county, prince william and prince georges county. this is lighter. but it's going to hang around for another two hours. let's zoom in. we have snow showers just south of hagerstown. these are snow showers mixed with flurries. there are bands of more intense snow showers. but they're not long lasting. they're moving off to the south and east at 20 miles per hour. so this will be through frederick at 12:32. and lovettesville. this will stick around for the mid afternoon. by 2:00, a lot of these snow showers over through the eastern shore. as you head west
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will stick around not only today but for the next few days with that strong westerly wind. we'll see a little sunshine before the sunset. so your drive home today will be fine. this is 5:30, temperatures in the 30s. it's fine until you get out of the car, it's blustery, uncomfortable, and cold. temperatures feel in the 20s for much of the day, through the evening, it'll be cold. the winds will drop down to the 20s. we'll talk about snow showers, rain showers, what's coming up the next seven days, that's all ahead. thanks alison. a lot of students probably did a snow dance last night with hopes of getting a snow day and the day off today, the ground was too warm for the snow to stick in most places. road crews well ahead of the snow showers. pretreating the pavement yesterday and the days leading up to this. we had two-hour delays and a closure or two this morning. >> i think when they close down stuff it's ridiculous. but then again, in hindsight, a lot of side streets don't get taken care of. so i guess
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sorry. >> of course keeping your student safe is always important. get a full list of closings and delays on our free wusa 9 app. a chaotic weekend at airports all over the country, protesters flocking to the terminals outraged over president trump's executive order targeting some travel restrictions. wusa 9 reports from dallas airport with the details on that order and what the president is saying today. >> essentially this executive order can be boiled down to three main things the first policy change is that it would ban travel from seven majority muslim countries for 90 days. including iraq, iran, and syria. second of all, it would suspend all refugee admissions for the next 120 days with case by case exceptions. lastly, for refugees from syria, they would be suspended indefinitely. >> it was calm and well pretty uneventful this morning. night and day fr
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flocked to the gate to protest the executive order and greet those traveling from the middle east. >> i'm very happy to be part of this country. and i'm very glad to have these people and these friendly neighbors here with us. >> with protests comes activism, state leaders gathered to show opposition. >> there are three things government can do. they can do things that are good, neutral, and bad. right? you negotiate with neutral. but you can't negotiate with bad. you have to fight bad. >> as for trump, he told a different story through a series of tweets this morning. he said only 109 people were detained for questioning saying all is going well with a few problems. as for this morning the barricades still remain just in case protesters do arrive and lawyers are waiting too to offer services to those in need. >> there are immigration laws that aren't being complied with. and the right to council is extremely important. especially to protect people's due process violations. >> over the ween
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which i have right here. in part, i want to read some of it, he said this is similar to something that president obama did back in 2011 when he banned refugees from iraq for some six months. he then continued to go on and say that this isn't about religion, that's a quote. he says instead it's about terror and safety. reporting here at the dallas international airport, wusa 9. president trump doesn't hold any business interests in any of the countries on the list. but holds major stakes in several of those excluded from it. friday's executive order signed at the pentagon suspended the issuing of visas or travel permits to people from iran, iraq, libya, somalia, sudan, yemen. not a single american was killed between 1975 and 2015 according to statistics from the conservative leaning cato institute. the views about this travel ban have been pretty mixed on social media. ethan looks at it this way.
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one skittle is poisoned, will you take a chance and eat one? that's the refugee situation. >> for anyone needing a reminder of why the travel ban matters a refugee is someone forced to leave home to escape persecution, war, or violence. >> do not call this u.s. travel ban, it is not my ban, i don't want it. it's the real donald trump's muslim ban and he is not america. #resist. what do you think. we'd love for you to log on to our wusa 9 social media pages. gunmen in custody following a deadly shooting sunday night at a mosque in quebec city. six kills. five in critical condition. canada's prime minister called this a terror attack on muslims. as vladimir putin reports, police say one of the suspects called 911 to turn himself in. the gunfire erupted in
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mosque in quebec city sunday night during evening prayers. first responders are seen rushing to aid the wounded. of the more than 50 people inside the mosque at the time of the shooting, six were killed. ranging from ages 35 to 70. >> quebec city today has been hit by terrorism. it's hard to believe in such a peaceful, beautiful city that such a thing could happen. >> one of the suspects was apprehended several miles from the shooting. >> the suspect contacted 911 and identified himself as being involved with the incident. >> the other was arrested near the mosque. police believe they're the only suspects. the prime minister condemned the attack and emphasized canadian diversity. saying muslim canadians are an important part of our fabric. >> i want to say a few words to our fellow quebecers, muslim quebecers. this is your home
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welcome here. >> here in the united states, all mosques city wide are being monitored. and there's extra coverage extended to certain mosque locations. cbs 2 news new york. police are investigating a motive. they did not release the names of the suspect but said they were in their late 20s and early 30s. here at home, we have breaking news from prince georges county, a former elementary school volunteer answered a plea in court to 15 counts of child porn, what happened? what's next for deonte? scott is joining us live from green belt with more on that, scott? the gravity of the caraway case cannot be over stated by pleading guilty today in federal court, caraway agreed to a potential sentence of 60 to 100 years of federal time. and that's not to mention the state charges he faces. caraway pled guilty to 15 counts of enticing and coercing kids as young as 9
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make sexually explicit videos with each other and with him while caraway volunteered at an elementary school and worked as a youth choir director. at least two videos show kids committing sex acts that were made inside the school. court documents revealed that caraway pled guilty to creating a special club at the school called aka. kids who performed sex acts were given cell phones as rewards by caraway. he's seen raping at least two boys in the videos that the fed seized and revealed to us today in court documents. all this while he had full and unsupervised access to kids at school despite bizarre behavior, like wearing pajamas to work. he told the judge he takes ritalin and depression meds. he said he fully understood the gravity of his guilty plea. again, a possible sentence of 60 to 100 years of federal
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time. that's guaranteed. the judge said she will decide the details of that sentence at a sentencing hearing coming up in june. reporting live outside the federal courthouse in the u.s. attorney's office in green belt, scott broom wusa 9. an investigation is under way into a fiery crash in convincing on kensington where a car rammed into a metro bus. no serious injuries. the driver of the bus was taken to if hospital for a check up. we have learned the identities of the victims in that triple murder ov the weekend. 46-year-old sherwood morgan of mitchellville, 27-year-old jen chen, and a 28-year-old from laurel were all killed. prince georges county police were called to the blue sunday restaurant on racetrack road after 2:00 sunday morning and they say it was an argument among employees that left the men dead. police say they have a suspect from silver springs. he's in the hospital with two self inflected gunshot wounds according
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a man is on the run after employees at a bar were attacked and stabbed this morning at la choza grill on lee highway and fairfax after 2:00 a.m. detectives say the three men walked into the bar and when employees refused to serve them, the suspects attacked them. one of the victims was stabbed. another two were injured. the suspect tried to take off. but police were able to arrest two of them. talk about a rough commute, you will not believe what happened after a pickup truck plows through a transit bus full of people. but first, a happy ending for a paralyzed young man after building materials for a huge home renovation are stolen.
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welcome back to the news at noon, a huge homecoming for a newport teenager
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us to the big reveal which is a long time in coming. >> with one move of a bus, a true labor of love is revealed. >> it's amazing what has been done. >> months of hard work have led to this extreme make over, a house now a home for a special guy whose presence was missed. >> it's been one journey i'll tell you that. >> back in june, this teen injured his spine. he dove into a sand bar on a graduation trip. the injury left him paralyzed chest down. he spent months in rehab out of state. >> there was a sunken living room here. that would have prevented trevor from being able to go any where. now you're looking at a brand new renovated home, new floors, ramps, spacious rooms, a wheelchair accessible shower, everything donated by the community, a process that's had its hardships. at one point, thieves took
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>> they didn't steal anything but copper pipes. they didn't get any of the energy or the love that's been put in this. >> people did a lot. >> in the mean time, family says trevor still has a long way to go in recovery. but he says it's a journey made better just by being at home for now. >> that was steven graves reporting. trevor has rehab sessions in atlanta and richmond coming up and his mom is hoping that her son will someday be up and walking in the next few years. firefighters tried to save a factory from burning to the ground but the flames were moving too quickly. this warehouse was a carpet factory most recently until this fire it was home to artist lofts and other small businesses. fortunately no one was hurt. new jersey doctors are pushing a new design they believe may help lower infant mortality rates. it's called
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it's made from card board. it comes with a firm mattress and a fitted sheet. they say it will help prevent sleep related accidents due to blocked oxygen flow. any parents of an infant can get a baby box for free after they complete a free short online course. nurses teach you how to do it before you bring your baby home, swaddling them tightly in a blanket. that snug feeling is to help comfort them and stop them from crying. apparently it's being used for adult therapy now too. these women in tokyo tried it out for the first time. they're swaddled in there. they say health care professionals aren't convinced it has lasting medical benefits but if it feels good why not? if you use facebook like most of us, you need to be careful about certain friend requests. we're learning that some hackers are using a
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called facebook cloning. they basically steal your facebook name, add your friends and use your photos to clone your account. then they use a fake account to approach your friends and family online. >> maybe it's a money scam. maybe they're trying to get you to send them money, however, other scammers are trying to do something nefarious, and that's stealing your identity. >> experts say the hackers will try to steal your entire social story online. the moral of the story, be sure you know who you're accepting as a friend. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa 9's first alert weather. so you said this morning the snow was going to stop at 6:00 a.m. it stopped at 6:00 a.m. then you said more would show up at 9:20. it showed up at 9:20. what now? >> it's still snowing in some parts. some areas, it's a cold, cloudy, breezy day, but the snow showers will continue for another few hours, the drive home will be clearer. today is the coldest day of the
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and probably the breeziest. but we have these snow showers hanging around for a little bit. much of the accumulation is over. the heaviest snow was into the over night hours for first thing this morning. and now we're dealing with a few flurries, some light snow showers, and there are a couple bands that could bring another dusting or so. but temperatures are above freezing. so what we're looking at is not much on the roads. and the roads were okay this morning. even when temperatures dropped below freezing. the roads were well treated. now on the grassy surfaces or on your parked car, a little dusting or about a half inch at best. 36 degrees right now. but notice that feels like temperature. we'll touch on that in a bit. but it's into the 20s. thanks for your facebook photos. this is from ethan in cull pepper. they saw almost two inches there. through stafford county. i think that was the bull's eye there. two inches or so. generally, not much to speak of. but we saw two inches for some areas. what's left over, first alert live doppler.
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[000:18:58;00] and we expect this to linger through the mid afternoon. that's what's going on right now. let's zoom in here. where we're being impacted. south of hagerstown along 70. howard posted a picture in clarksburg with some snow showers. 36 in frederick. here we are in gathersburg. lighter snow showers, a few flurries. this isn't going to stick around for long. by 2:00, 3:00, things wind down, we'll see a bit of sunshine before the sunsets. it's breezy though. we're not getting out of the 30s today. when you factor in the wind, it feels like the 20s for much of the day. maybe 32 at best. snow showers continue for areas west of 81. that will continue for a few days on and off. tonight, 5:00, your drive home, looking better out there. the roads should be fine. over night, we're dropping down to the 20s for a lot of spots. it'll be a cold night. the winds will relax. however areas to the north, a couple snow showers will slide on through, again, not much to
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speak of as far as looking at generally some sunshine for virginia, more cloud cover as yohead to the north. but yeah, bundle up tomorrow, it's going to be a colder start
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carefirst medplus. live fearless. welcome back. caught on camera, a mud slide in southern peru sent a car full of people slamming into a truck. three people were killed in this. the storms that caused the mud slides, there it is. look at the collision. the storms that caused the mud slides left 30,000 people without a home. nationwide, more than 7,000 homes and businesses were damaged because of this. and here's some startling video of a pickup truck crashing into
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a transit bus in syracuse that threw the passengers out of their seats. they only suffered minor injuries. police ticketed an 82-year-old driver who caused the crash. he got a moving violation ticket. one final check of the forecast, you see the clouds in the sky?
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will they bear snow? alison with the and with the billion pointme!!! giveaway, it's about to get more awesome. to claim your e sharof a billion shop your way points during the big game,
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download the shop your way or kmart app today!!! coming up on wusa 9 at 5:00, what the community is saying after that former teachers aid pled guilty to child porn charges. we have reaction and new information on president trump's controversial ban.
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and good news for the deer who got his neck stuck in a jar. a couple passing snow showers will continue. your drive on 270 will have a couple flurries. and we get mild for tuesday and wednesday. >> mild sounds good. that's a wrap for the news at noon. back for tv at
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only fios can. >> ashley: hello. >> jack: oh. it's you. >> ashley: well, you can try to hide your disappointment. >> jack: i've been expecting a visit from legal all day. it's late, and we haven't closed the fenmore deal. >> ashley: you already came to terms with lauren. the meeting with michael is just a formality. >> jack: i want signed contracts before lauren surprises me with any more leverage. bringing eric forrester into this was just dirty work. >> ashley: come on. and eliminating her investors -- what would you call that? >> jack: good business judgment. >> ashley: okay, i got to ask you this. i thought you only wanted fenmore's if you could have controlling interest, jack. >> jack: and you thought i would walk away when all i managed to get was 49%? >> ashley: well, yes, if the point was to run fenmore's. this is kind of reminding me of when we were kids and you


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