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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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majority muslim countries. >> trump does not want people like me in the united states. >> any comment on the protest, mr. president? >> reporter: monday morning, the president ignored questions about the demonstration. but he defended his action on twitter, saying only 109 people, out of 325,000, were detained and held for questioning. others never made it to the u.s. government officials say at least 348 people were denied boarding planes over the weekend. >> reporter: the white house said it is working on a 90-day review of the vetting process for immigrants. so they needed to do something now, before the review is complete. >> the president is not going to wait. he's going to make sure he does everything in his power, when he can, to protect the homeland and his people. >> reporter: on capitol hill, lawmakers on both sides spoke out. >> the fact is, that president trump is protecting america by strengthening our vetting procedures. >> not one terrorist attack has been perpetrated on u.s. soil
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countries. not one. >> reporter: washington state attorney general announced he's suing the government, claiming the travel ban violates the constitution. 14 other states and the district of columbia, also say they will file suit. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. the spokesperson for former president barack obama said the former president fundamentally disagrees with things that disagree with people based on religion. it did not specifically mention donald trump's travel ban, but did refer to protests, saying president obama is heartened by the amount of engagement being seen across the country. in response to the u.s. travel ban, iraqi lawmakers are now considering a measure that would bar americans from entering iraq. on saturday, an iraqi family was escorted off their flight from cairo to new york. all of them held valid u.s. visas. >> it was a terrible situation. and we
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i was looking at the pages of -- faces of my family member, my wife, my kids. they were very pale. and they were about to faint. >> thousands took to the streets in london, to protest the travel ban. many of the protestors want the president to cancel his visit later this year. but the prime minister's office says that visit is still on. new at 6:00, america's churches, synagogues and mosques, have sheltered refugees for about as long as anyone can remember. but tonight, members of a church in columbia, maryland, are heartbroken. they are not sure if the afghan family they adopted will ever make it here to the u.s. bruce leshan shares their story. >> this is the day they're going to arrive. wednesday, february 8th. >> or not. >> reporter: the volunteers were expecting the family of refugees next week. >> an 11-year-old girl, we figure she gets the top bunk. and the 6-year-old is here on the bottom bunk. >> and you got a big
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that's for her to feel loved and welcomed from the moment she walks in. >> the pastor at the church and her parishioners have set up each room, everything the family could need to make a new home. far from the chaos in afghanistan that even an american invasion failed to contain. >> so we've got the crib for the baby here. >> the church members do not have a photo of the family yet. but the pastor has a picture of them in her mind's eye. >> they knew they were going to come to columbia, maryland. they knew we would greet them. and after all that, what are they feeling now? >> the kina mcgundy church has been working on this since september. four other churches and a mosque here in clumpia, have -- columbia have joined the project. last week, word that a mom, a dad and four kids, would be coming from afghanistan. and then within days, the
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>> our hearts are very heavy. i mean, we haven't given up on this family. we feel like they're our family. we feel like those are their beds. those are their toys. >> church members were shocked to learn president trump's executive order would apply even to people who were refugees precisely because they'd helped american troops in their country. >> that's where the outrage comes in. because people who are in the pipeline, it's not fair to them. and this feels very unfair. >> they're still praying for a miracle. in columbia, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> about 50 volunteers have stocked the kitchen, even plan said an afghan meal for the family. the family had been staying in a refugee camp. and they had applied to come to the united states since 2013. the pastor said they have been vetted repeatedly
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agencies over the course of years. president trump signed another executive order today. this one focusing on small businesses. the executive order mandates that for any new regulation on business, two previous regulations need to be removed. and the president announced this morning he will reveal his nominee to be the next u.s. supreme court justice tomorrow night at 8:00. cbs news reports, the leading contenders are federal appeals sports judge, neil gorshes, and pennsylvania judge, thomas hardimman. they are conservative. senate democrats say they want to name a main street candidate. and they could try to block the confirmation, unless republicans change the rules to confirm the justice with a simple majority. right now, we have breaking news out of prince george's county. police are investigating a deadly shooting inside a bp gas station inside district gas station of maryland. no immediate information on a motive or a suspect at this point.
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canada's prime minister to offer condolences, following that deadly attack at a mosque in quebec city. >> they say there is only one suspect in last night's shooting. he is charged with murder and identified tonight at alexander bissonet. a second man, initially taken into custody, is described as a witness. the government opened fire, during evening prayers, killing six people and injuring more than a dozen others. canada prime minister, justin trudeaux, condemned the attack from the floor of the parliament. >> this was a group of innocents, targeted for practicing their faith. make no mistake. this was a terrorist attack. >> they also spoke to candidate's muslim community, he said, know that we are with you and that canada is your home. >> a not guilty plea in court today, for the man accused of going on a shooting rampage that killed five people at a florida airport ea
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the fbi says 26-year-old esteban santiago, smuggled a gun on a flight om alaska to force lauderdale. they say he loaded that gunat the bathroom at the fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. and came out shooting at the baggage claim area. santiago could be put to death, if convicted. federal prosecutors dropped felony rioting charges against three more journalists who were arrested after protestors torched the window in downtown d.c., on inauguration day. the three journalists are matthew hoppers, jon keller, and alexander rubenstein. charges against another journalist, evan ingle, were dropped on friday. two other people still face charges, though. the u.s. attorney's office has declined to comment on those cases. >> former president george h.w. bush is back home from the hospital. he spent more than two weeks in a houston hospital, receiving treatment for pneumonia. and during his stay, he
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where doctors connected him to a ventilator. through a family spokesman today, mr. bush offered thanks to everyone. the former president is 92. we've got snow today. milder temps tomorrow. chief meteorologist topper shutt is out on the weather terrace. top? >> we're tracking the possibility of a mix sunday. super bowl sunday. and to get you in the mood for that. this is a beautiful picture. there's the bay. that's just -- they got 1 to 2 inches. we'll come back and talk more about that super bowl sunday possibility.
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caught on camera. police knew something was up when the guy in the white suit was walking up to the altar. and that's when he punched the reverend in the mouth, knocking him to the ground. police tackled and arrested miller. they haven't revealed the motive for the attack. wow. an atlanta braves family nearly involved in a crash, involving a stolen miami police cruiser. >> investigators say the stolen cruiser t-boned sean rodriguez, his wife and two children in the suv. medics rushed the two young children to the hospital. they're in serious
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condition tonight. the unidentified suspect was killed in the saturday crash. a dramatic rescue, caught on camera, is trending on our wusa 9 facebook page tonight. a pickup truck burst into flames after it flipped over and was struck by a bus last week in san antonio. the woman who shot this video described what happened next. >> then i see all of these men -- i mean, they're civilians. and they ran to the trucks. one of them tried to open it. but there was so many flames coming out. and then two other men actually went in and unbuckled this guy. and yanked him out of the car. >> wow. that means rescuers suffered minor burns for their bravery. the driver has more serious injuries. well, if you live near the zoo, they say you shouldn't be worried. but you should know that a bobcat went missing from the national zoo. >> maybe she's hanging out with the red panda in norfolk. but
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public today in the child porn case that shocked all of prince george's county. >> the 28-year-old teacher's aide, deontae caraway, all heard as he said he coerced dozens of 9-year-old kids to make pornographic videos. >> reporter: deonte carraway agreed to a plea deal that will put him away in prison, anywhere from 60 to 100 years and guarantees his child victims won't have to relive the nightmare by testifying in court. >> i think he betrayed us as parents, grandparents. the children. he took away their innocence. >> reporter: be grandmother -- grandmother plea deal hardly mattered to her, compared to what was done to children. two of her children were in the place she ran. >> and know th
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is able to express himself. he now seems to have a problem expressing his emotions. and he breaks down in the classroom, cries a lot. >> caraway admitted to cretting cretting -- creating a special club, called aka, and rewarding kids for secret cell phones, and for using them to videotape sexual acts with each other. >> some while he had acky sess to the -- access to the school. >> when i first saw him, he had pajamas on. that was a concern to me. why would you let somebody come into the school with pajamas on. >> caraway will be formally sentenced in june. the plea deal he agreed to could put him away for life. prosecutors will be asking for the full 100 years. police are looking into what drove a bartender in
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the shooting happened at the blue sunday grill and bar. he is accused of gunning down the restaurant's manager and two owners. and what police are calling a senseless workplace violence. a memorial outside the restaurant shows messages of love for the three victims. >> terrible. terrible. and he was a real nice guy. >> police say moy shot himself twice in the woods. he's still in the hospital. police have a warrant out for his arrest. well, we all know what we eat can affect our heart health. but now, a new report finds when we eat could also play an important role. a statement from the american heart association suggests we eat more of our calories earlier in the day. and that may keep our heart healthier. it also says people who eat breakfast on a regular basis have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. >> consume a balanced
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but if this can be done in the context of more frequent meals during the waking hours, not so close to bedtime, and earlier in the day, that would be the ideal. >> now, studies show 20 to 30% of us skip breakfast. but doctors say eating earlier, when your body can better metabolize food, lowers your heart disease risk. and factors like obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, can play a role in whether you have a heart healthy or not. we want to recognize a gentleman who works right across the street from us. [ applause ] >> so that's david gaston. and he is celebrating 50 years. that's 5-0 years as an employee of the u.s. postal service. he's softspoken, but he's got the patience of a saint. and his coworkers just cannot say enough about him. >> i appreciate being appreciated. i just try
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rule and treat people the same way i would like to be treated. >> mr. gaston is a very pleasant person to work with. he's very patient with his customers. he's very friendly and helpful. he's certainly a model employee. he's just the type of person, he definitely will fill your heart with his pleasantness. >> surely need more of that. he's been there since 1982. he started as a clerk on north capitol street at what was then the main post office. congratulations to him. now, everybody is going to go by. he won't get any work done. >> that's right. if you spot a stray cat, wandering around northwest washington. be careful. might not be a stray cat at all. might be a bobcat named ollie. now, she escaped from her enclosure at the national zoo just this morning. so far, no luck in finding her. the zoo has closed the ar
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it returns to that familiar area, looking for food and shelter. now, the zoo says bobcats are not known to be aggressive to humans. doesn't mean they can't be. but they have been known to attack pets, especially small pets. >> they're having luck. >> she's woman of the night. >> small dog. probably won't want -- don't want to walk him offleash. >> we are looking over something over super bowl sunday. >> bring you joy. >> we're going to have to enjoy the journey. i'm not so sure the outcome is going to be enjoyable. there's a possible mix sunday afternoon. impacts, getting to your party will be no problem. wet roads. that's a moderate impact. but leaving the parties. remember, the games are late in the evening. so that means a high impact. that's the way it looks right now. and again, it's been a horrible winter, if you like snow. so sometimes we have to get excited about the prospect and just kind of find the
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week. we'll let you know, day to day. dew point is 12. it's pretty dry air mass. winds out of the west at 12. that said, it's still producing a wind chill in the 20s. 27 is the wind chill outside right now. also fredericksburg. at 19 is the wind chill in hagerstown. bundle up. colder tonight. everybody goes below 32. bus stop temperature, 20 to 36. we could see a snow shower tomorrow. it will be short lived. and milder in the afternoon, and milder on wednesday. nice end to january and nice start to february really. already low 30s. but in the 20s, in the suburbs. and by morning, notice the cloud comes through. that's the warm front lifting northward. future cast is not picking up any snow showers in our future. pretty good lift with this warm front pushing through. and after that, low to mid-30s. and by lunchtime, we're back to 40s. and by evening, we're still 50 downtown. pretty quiet end to january, temperaturewise. 35 at 9:00. 46, with sunshine by
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wednesday, even milder. maybe a shower. but 54 and 44, colder. for groundhog day. friday, cold. mid-40s. upper 30s on saturday. then there's the possible mix sunday. 34. right now, i think it's out of here by monday morning. back in the low 40s. coming up, quarterback tom brady has a message for fans before the new england pats arrive in houston. for super bowl l this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh!
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the washington nats, heading south to their new spring training sight. it was -- the day when the team was loaded up and taken to florida. this marks the nats first day at their new training facility in florida. super bowl week, officially under way in houston. tonight is media night for the players, when both teams meet with reporters ahead of sunday's big game. atlanta cal falcon -- atlanta falcons arrives. after their fans sent them off with a rally at the stadium in foxboro. quarterback tom brady fired up the crowd. >> get your rest this week. rest up. hydrate. and get ready for sunday. it's going to be a hell of a game. and hopefully we see you back at foxboro with the win. gots, pa! let's go!
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>> i've never seen brady that excited. >> did you see this play during last night's pro bowl game? curt cousins in for the nfc, for the chance to tie or take the lead. his pass bounces offer the hand of jimmy graham. into the hands of lorenzo alexander. laterals to khalid, who looks like he's goingul -- going all the way for a touchdown. then runs down and forces a fumble. keep in mind. cousins doesn't even have a contract for next year. >> that's a game that doesn't matter. >> that shouldn't. >> i tried to watch that game. >> it's hard to watch. it's not real. >> playing like it's super bowl. >> that's it at 6:00. cbs is next. >> first we'll see
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