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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  January 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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lawmakers on capitol hill. that's where senate democrats delayed a committee vote on the nomination of senator jeff sessions to become u.s. attorney general. >> reporter: republican senators say they need to move quickly to confirm attorney general nominee jeff sessions. >> this country without an attorney general, we saw last night was a major problem. >> reporter: monday night president trump fired the acting head of the department of justice sally yates after she refused to defend his executive order temporarily banning travel from citizens of seven mostly muslim countries. the white house said yates had betrayed the department of justice. yates an obama appointee questioned whether the president's executive order was lawful. >> that statement said what an independent attorney general should do. that statement took a steel spine to stand up and say no. >> the president's travel ban allows for some exemptions.
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who were already on their way to the u.s. when the order went into effect will be allowed to enter the country. >> reporter: the secretary of homeland security says a temporary ban is important. >> we are developing what additional vetting, extreme vetting might look like. >> house speaker paul ryan defended the measure. >> there is nothing wrong with taking a pause and making sure we have the proper vetting standards in place so that we do not have a problem like france had with paris. >> reporter: but some american diplomats warn terrorists are expected to use the travel ban as a propaganda tool to promote radical islam. >> legal challenges against the travel ban are growing and tonight san francisco is the first u.s. city to sue the president over his order to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities which protect undocumented immigrants from prosecution. ls
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senate finance committee boycotted a meeting to vote on tom price, and former goldman sachs executive steve mnuchin. they say both d deceived the committee about company stock and foreclosing when he was a banker. >> we have great concern that senator hatch is asking us to vote on two nominees today who have out and out lied to our committee. >> i've been here for a long time and i've never seen anything like this before. i'm really disappointed in my colleagues. >> at least one democrat has to be present for the committee meeting to go forward. so a boycott postpones votes on the nominations indefinitely. today a senate committee narrowly approved the nomination of betsy duvos to be education secretary and
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transportation secretary. >> president trump announces his nominee to the supreme court during an address from the oval office tonight at 8:00. he's narrowed his choices. mr. trump is filling the seat made vacant by the passing of justice antonin scalia. constitutional expert says with the president's pick that seat will remain in the conservative column. >> at least we'll be getting back to having an actual functioning court where five votes can be had and 5-4 decisions can be made. but no it's not going to make any huge difference. >> some senate democrats have pledge today fight whomever president trump nominates to the high court. and the president today canceled plans to sign an executive order aimed at boosting the government's cyber security. the white house offered no explanation. once its signed the executive or
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that federal agencies replace outdated information technology and make department heads directly accountable for security breaches. facebook is pretty toxic these days. the election is long over but the political fights are everywhere. >> it's really ugly. a quick look at our wusa9 facebook page and we have posts after posts of political fights. posters attacking former president obama, president trump, and each other. many of them are down right hateful. we're hearing your frustration, call it our city, your voice. >> to me it's making the world terrible. >> it's just been a bunch of bs on there. >> a lot of posts are everything has to do with battling, battling, nonstop battling. i'm like where is all the fun. >> i can hear you a little bit better. >> a recent study looked into this, more than a third of
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by the fur reason vor by facebook. budweisers vice president says the story is as relevant as it was 160 years ago. but it's not meant to reflect the debate over immigration today. >> 13d.c. public schools near the national zoo are going to operate under a partial lockdown until further notice. that's because a 25-pound female bobcat named ali got out of the zoo and is still on the run. she may be will lurking in nearby neighborhoods. we're outside the elementary school in woodly park to learn more nyc. >> reporter: what partial lockdown means for instance they keep all the kids indofo
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after school activities all because of this bobcat perhaps in the neighborhood. not a terribly large or dangerous animal. but dangerous enough that dment c. public school officials felt like -- that d.c. public school officials felt like they had to take action. visitors to the national zoo were not restricted. >> some cats are wild, and some cats aren't. >> zoo officials say an escaped solitary, secretive, bobcat is not a threat to people. a man this summer claimed he was ambushed by a bobcat after hiking in july. and this virginia turkey hunter posted this video on youtube showing what happened when a bobcat was lured by his turkey call. a dog walker also on alert. >> hopefully we don't run into it. >> small pets are
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threatened by the escaped cat. meanwhile a parody twitter account has been launch and had there's plenty of joking around going on. >> all right. so this bobcat about 25 pounds, i've got to tell you, in d.c. i've seen raccoons approaching at least 20 pounds. so there's wildlife out here that's for sure. he's what zoo officials don't want you to do. they don't want people out here attempting to lure or capture this cat. all they want you to do is call authorities and note where you may see the cat so that the zoo officials can react. they do hope to recapture it. scott broom, wusa9. >> and the zoo has not confirmed any sightings sinceli a escaped that enclosure on early monday. now to an idaho family with a moose break in. yeah, a moose fell through an unlatched window and look who got trapped in their basement. toficers tried for three hours
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the steps, wouldn't do it. so they had to shoot it with a tranquilizer dart. it took eight of them to carry the nearly 600-pound animal outside. a few hours later the moose got up and ran off. it caused very little damage to the family's basement. but they won't forget that visit. >> and tomorrow going to be a bit mild for the first day of february. chief meteorologist topper shutt out on the weather terrace. >> i bet it did take eight people to carry that moose. a little treat tonight some of you can see the skies are going to be clear enough to see this. off to the west at about 6:45 you can see the moon, you can see venus, and mars all in a close grouping. and right now i can see the scamin venus. it's quite the sight. coming up we'll tell you if you
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like solar, wind and natural gas. we've reduced carbon emissions by nearly 25%, which is the equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. that french canadian shooter accused of killing six people at a mosque has recently rented an apartment nearby. friends say 27-year-old alexander bisonette expressed antimuslim sentiments. he walked into the mosque during evening prayers sunday night and opened fire. prime minister justin trudeau
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called the shooting a terrorist act. >> a georgia couple sentenced to 20 years in prison after being convicted on child cruelty charges against two of their children. they're accused of locking their oldest son in a basement for nearly two years. and withholding medical treatment for another son's skin cancer. an aanonymous tip led to their arrest back in 2014. even during sentencing they maintained they did nothing wrong. >> a florida pastors actions outside the pulpit is getting a little bit of attention tonight. >> tell me if you've heard this before. according to a woman, he went over to her house to talk about starting a clothing business to help less fortunate kids but they somehow ended up in bed together. the woman's husband came home early and he ran out naked. the pastor who is married talked about his sins during the service and asked for forgiveness. the congregation then g
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standing ovation. >> sharon wrote well he sure blew thou shall not covet your neighbors wife. >> coming up drivers in our area could face fines for driving too slowly in the fast lane. >> up next a man who pulled a driver from a ♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start.
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we're learning more about this viral video that shows a group of good samaritans caught on camera rescuing a driver caught in a fiery crash. >> tonight we're hearing from one of the people who pulled the man out of his vehicle. >> please help them. oh my god. holy bleep. . [ bleep ] >> we had to pull him out of there pretty quick because the truck was on fire. >> the man in the cowboy hat in cell phone video soft rescue watched a charter bus slam into a
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>> when i reached in to grab him my hand got burned pretty bad over here and on my palms and everything. my leg, my pants started to catch on fire. >> thompson and several others rushed to help despite the danger to him. >> we can't allow the man to be in that truck and burn to death. because when we got the door opened, he was moaning. and you know, and he was already on fire. if i didn't do anything, i would hear that the rest of my life. >> thompson and this man stayed with the man until an ambulance arrived. thompson, a husband and father of two, does not use social media. he was unaware of the comments people were leaving about him and the other rescuers. comments like wow, that's incredible. with all the hate going on in our country right now it's nice to see good people out there helping strangers, bravo. another comment, san antonio at its finest. thank you guys. and just like you'd expect none of
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>> the first responders like your policemen, your fire, your ems guys, that's what they do for a living. you know, what about the policemen that die in the line of duty, you know or the firearm or the ems you know, those people are real heroes because they put themselves in that position. that's what they get up and go to work to do. i'm just a carpenter. >> just a carpenter. the other good samaritan you see in the video wearing a hard hat, he was a contractor who was working on the side of the road. his company would not allow him to speak on camera. >> and prince georges county today a reunion, 58 years in the making. siblings michael and linda hart have been looking for their hero, a firefighter who pulleded them out of a burning home as children. firefighter stew newman was named in an article and knowing the firefighters name michael then contacted a friend and thanks to facebook the siblings who were only 2 an
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time they were saved were able to thank their 84-year-old hero today. >> and sometimes the universe opens up and lets us see things that are amazing. and thank you for being there that day. and thank you for just doing your job. i hope we can remain friends forever. >> this isn't the only brave act by newman. he also delivered twins in the back of a cab. >> love when the good stuff comes out. >> it can be pretty frustrating when you're driving on the beltway and come up on a slowpoke in the slow lane or the fast lane. this is what topper says about me. he calls me old lady johnson. thank you very much. i consider that a complement. >> why johnson? >> we'll get into that later. apparently lawmakers in richmond feel the same way. a bill set to pass would fine drivers 250 bucks for blocking traffic in the left lane. virginia's current law is similar to maryland's law where police can pull you over for driving slowly
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but it does not carry a specific penalty. >> here's the deal, in many states it's illegal to pass on the right. so you then make someone break a law when you have to pass on the right. and when merge coming you don't want the fast people in the merge lane. but the question is what is too slow in the fast lane is it below the speed limit, be specific there. >> i think it's within ten of the speed limit. >> if you drive the speed limit that's probably. >> who drive it is speed limit? >> i do. >> that's on a good day she drives the speed limit. when she's feeling good. >> shut up. >> let's take a live look outside. 53 right now. dew points in the mid-20s so a fairly dry air mass. winds are light right now. breezy, not that cold tonight. we stay above freezing again downtown. bus stop temperatures 31 to 44. so chilly, mild again on wednesday. a nice quiet start to february. if you like that sort of thing. and
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friday. all right future cast tonight 43 at 10:30. 30s in the be burbs. but by morning we're still above freezing in most spots. 39 downtown, 36 in hagerstown. 37 in cumberland. and a fair amount of clouds heading up from the south. this may be a wee bit overdone. and more sun to the north. low 40s downtown. by 1:00 we could see a couple of sprinkles. more clouds than anything really. mostly showers south of town. by 5:30 in the upper 40s. and we could be a little warmer than that. in the upper 40s to low 50s tomorrow which is above average. to start look at the day planner, only 39 to start downtown. 45 at 11:00 and i think 48 maybe 49 at 1:00. on thursday, cooler, 49. and then chilly on friday. 44. but that's average actually. now on saturday, average, chilly. cold
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all of your plans are safe on sunday. back in the 50s monday. back to 60 next tuesday. >> well she's easily the best local coach out there right now. she's led the maryland women's basketball team to three final
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now wusa9 game on sports brought to you by cambricsfini by xfin -- xfy.
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led her team to three final fours and one national championship. >> she's really good and too long way she's given some great speeches. tonight we take a peek inside the locker room. >> understand we have a tremendous responsibility every time we play. >> besides x's and o's brenda free uses her pregame speech, but she is a coach and it is about the game. >> 40 minutes of maryland basketball. we defend, we rebound and run them out of the gym. >> she's hands on, and high intensity with her players. >> right here! here we go! why are we in the hole guarding nobody. >> when halftime rolled around if she's not pleased with her team, the defense, but they were up by more than 20 point. >> the game isn't won in 20 minutes, it's a 40-minute game. >> she's great at challenging us
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>> give them no life in terms of what we're doing and send them home. >> brenda is not like other coaches. >> i want to open it up and give our locker room to as many people so they can see and feel what phenomenal role models we get to coach each and every day. there's no secret so we all have enough film that we can digest on teams. and so you know, i want people to be able to see what makes our locker room so special here in maryland. >> defensively it's very average. >> she's part of the reason they are so special. >> leading them to 12ncaa tournament trips culminating in a national championship in 2006. her standards are high. and she has no patience for times her team doesn't play to their potential. >> you're damn right i'm pissed! >> the
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a 100-81 win over iowa. >> gave up 81 points, let them shoot 46% from the field. >> they've only lost one game this season. part of the reason is the family atmosphere they embrace. >> i slont to chew your butt out because you have a winners mentality in this locker room. >> love how she wants the to share that locker room with everybody. >> remember when the twins were born about years ago. and they'd be holding the babies while she did the interview. >> i like what she does when you're up you step on their neck in the second half. >> that's the news at 6:00. cbs is next. >> first we'll see you at 7:00, we'll
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