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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 17, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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tonight, regis philbin takes on kelly ripa. their bad blood exposed. >> she got very offended. when i left. never once did they ask me to go back. >> was he shunned from the show he started and when we learned about kelly's side of the story. >> what does n'sync think of the britney spears movie? >> it didn't happen, guys.
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>> what really happenethd wi the scenes with jt and britney. >> it is hilarious. >> chrissy teigen, body conscious confession. >> i weighed myself three times a day. >> what inspired her to strip down just five monthtes afr baby. >> and matt damon's plot to ruin the oscars for host jimmy kimmel. >> what? >> sad c rhrisock isn't hosting the show, someone who is actually funny. >> now for february 16, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> his carousel of guest hosts continue to spin on live with kelly. but one star we haven't seen is -pher original star, regis philbin. >> now, regis spilling all and the picture he is painting is not pretty. >> you keep in kuch with kelly ripa? >> not really, no. >> no? >> did they ask you to come back for a day? >> not once did they ever ask me to go back. she got very offended when i left.
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she thought ways leaving because of her. i was leaving because i was getting older and it wasn't right for me any more. >> she took erit psonal? >> yeah, i think so. >> after regis made those remarks to larry king, we reached out to kelly for her comment. in response the production company responded saying regis has been invited as a guest and was confirmed for a date but was not able to make it at the time. they also shared with us the behind the scenes video from 2015. when regis visited the live studios to tape a halloween segment with kathie lee gifford. >> we knew you couldn't stay away. >> the former duo seemed relaxed. >> if you ever are free and want to come over one night and see the place. >> also we learned there may be another factor behind the so-called estrangement. a close source told us kelly was hurt by the way he handled his departure, blindsided by it, only knowingut
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world. kelly said her guest cohost bachelor's chris harrison is the latest fill-in as the show continues to search for a permanent replacement for michael strahan who coincidentally also blind-sided kelly with his sudden exit. >> i needed a couple of days to gather my thoughts. after 26 years with this company, i have earned the right. >> what is next? larry asked the 85-year-old legend about his come back. >> how often would it take? everyday? do you miss it? >> oh, oh, do they? yeah, i do listen. there are times when i really miss it. wish i never stopped. >> meanwhile, it's been an interesting three months with mariah carey. break-up. reality show. new man. of course the new year's eve debacle. i can't vouch for mariah's love life but last night she performed on jimmy kimmel live and it was sweet revenge. ♪
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>> that's mariah singing her new break-up anthem, i don't, live. her collaborator, back up singers, but no dancers because this performance and this day was all about the music, all about a come back. 2:30, mariah arrives in time for sound check and rehearsal. then changes for per performance into another form fit hugging, number, fiery red, fitting for a revenge dress and mimi made sure to slay her solo. ♪ her manager called our carly steel with more details. >> what made her decide to pick jimmy kimmel as her first performancc back? >> she loves jimmy. so happy. >> mariah did a second song performing vision of love a few minutes later only for kimmel's studio audience. next a celebratory sushi dinner
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brian tanaka. >> congratulations, mariah. >> if you think she was done sing g for the night? come on. 8:00 p.m. court side at the clippers game, given a mike as her song blares through the same staples center. while mariah in l.a., her ex touched down in new york with more to say about leaving "america's got talent." >> i got to stand firm. >> also thinks ryan seacrest be great to replace him. >> and meanwhile, members of n'sync in support about the lifetime movie about britney spears? we found out when lance bass invited us into his home. >>
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think it is hilarious to see someone playing yourself. >> n'sync looks more like the backstreet boys? >> they do. it's hilarious to see what they did not get right. >> everything is just a big blur, you know? >> one thing lance said the movie kinda got right, this happy birthday scene. except it happened on stage, not in a room. and justin and britney's break-up didn't quite go down like this. >> you and me, we're done. >> justin. >> what? >> it just didn't happen. it is fun to think it happened just like the justriin/b tney dance-off, it didn't happen. >> 20 years since n'sync came on the scene and justin revealed what he said the real reason is the boy band broke up. his words, i felt like i cared more about the music than some other people in the group. >> i don't think is true. obviously we cared about the but i understand where he is coming from for sure. at the height of n'sync, it was crazy.
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you feel like you're not in control anymore. >> and you talk -- >> we do. we talk daily. >> all five of you? >> all five. >> what would you text about? >> i would have to shoot you if you saw what we text to each other. >> how is justin? >> it's changed everybody and i've seen the change in him. and he is just so happy and so in love with his family. >> well lance said he and his hubby are planning to start the surrogate process and have baby themselves this spring. and continuing with my kitchen rules on fox. >> what would you do if you were asked to pose in bikini five months after giving birth? i would say, heck no. but chrissy teigen said heck yes. our senior news editor sat down with chrissy today along with si's editor in chief. >> always sending an e-mail and just to let you know, i'm not quite what i used to be. it is true, in pictures, text be pictures of her thighs. i'm like, they are perfect. i don't know what you are talking about.
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like some hot momma is about to come. it is just a momma. >> chrissy looking amazing to us. posing on the beaches. little luna didn't get to go but to see her mom's photos eventually. >> i would love to show luna one day like mommy just had you. when she shot this. >> gorgeous. >> this year is a particular women of all different shapes and sizes and ages. >> why did you decide to do that this year? >> women in general. evaluate themselves because maybe they beat themselves up for their size and i donnt want to be the catalyst for that. >> honestly, i was so stuck on the scale game. i was the kind of person that was, you know, prebaby i weighed myself three times a day. i knew how much i weighed at 8:00 a.m. i knew how much i supposed to weigh at 1:00 p.m. and i knew how much i was supposed to weigh at 8:00 p.m. you start to realize, it is not about the number on the scale. it is about how you project yourself.
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>> so christie brinkley posing at age 63. can you see yourself at 20, 30, 40 years from now -- >> i have no idea what i will look like at 63. eat a pizza before lunch, then lunch. >> did you see this post from christie today saying a typical day. that is taken in our new york offices. let's move on. kong's skull island hits theater's next month. this could be the biggest baddest ever. movie stars tom hiddleston and brie larson and only we can take you to the set. >> truly monstrous in size and scale. and scope. 90 feet tall. >> turn. turn. >> kong's skull island is set in 1973 at the end of the vietnam war, and hiddleston and larson are part of the team tracking the giant ape. >> captivated by kong's
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and majesty. mystery of the unknown, can captivating force of nature. where in intelligence we don't understand. >> and unlike past king kong movies, brie didn't play the typical damsel in distress, she is a photographer. >> it's huge. we are talking about one of the greatest myths of all times. i couldn't resist. >> the stars shot on location in australia, hawaii and vietnam. last year during awards season the best actress at golden he globes, sag and oscar winners for "womb," had to improvise her oscar winning looks. >> i'm filming king kong. i'm spending my days running around in the jungle with no phone signal. i don't have thee. tim nervous to try and find a dress. >> the most thrilling action rugged and more exciting. >> up next, with matt damon, who is the nicest guy in hollywood unless he is talking about jimmy kimmel. >> it's a testament to the
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yachbs his writing staff that he still has a job. >> will he ruin the oscars? >> plus, "la la land," with telling all about the stars. >> i'm terrible. >> and joey lawrence's surprising new career move.
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rmer "blossom" star today. >> kind of shocking. little embarrassing. ♪ jeremy jordan stars in disney's new musical coming to the big screen for three days only. the in-laws have moved in with us. and, our adult children are here, still. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? lasts up to two times longer. tide, number 1 rated. i'm about to pop a cap of "mmm fresh" in that washer with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy.
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which is longer than any relationship i've ever been in. freshness for weeks! look at matt damon at the premier of his new movie "the great wall" and his wife, luciana. that is one of the great relationships. matt's relationship with jimmy kimmel, oh, not so good. and he
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the ta show host last night. >> jimmy kimmel, my shot he will show up at the oscars? >> except for me throwing stuff at him. dion't anticipate -- he hasn't invited me. i will be in the crowd wishing him who ill things. >> of course there is a precedent. matt crashed emmys that jimmy hosted last year right after kimmel failed to win for outstanding variety series. >> you lost and now goyou t stand out here for the rest of the night in front of everybody. >> i have to say, it is a testament to the brilliance of his writing staff that he still has a job. yyu know. i don't think it is much of a secret that he is pretty unprofessional and not very funny kind of off-camera. >> he is here because the band & didn't show up, please welcome, matt damon. >> they have been trash talking forever. matt has been banned from jimmy kimmel live but sneaks on. >> i won the super bowl and i'm on your stupid show. >> jimmy even dissing the man bun matt sported. for epic war film. >> remember matt and b
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>> taunts you one way or the another. >> i've been doing a lot of therapy around this and i'm told to just let it go. just brush it off and just move on. chris rock should be hosting the show. someone who is actually funny. >> as for matt's loving relationship. his wife joined him on the red carpet the day after valentine's day. >> anything special? >> we had a really nice dinner. then went home and all our kids were in our bed so we slept in the kibuds' nk beds. still ahead. joey lawrence, pop star? in the studio with new gig with his brothers as they flash back to their musical past. >> mom would really love this. >> she would. >> and the movie ready to take on the oscars. meet the "la la land" choreographer who told ryan gosling his big moves. >> big step, one, two, yes! >> closed captioning provided by --
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hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate. are you okay? all your friends are worried about you. everything cool? you look great harrison. >> that's harrison ford today back at
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same place he took off from monday before he mistakenly landed on the taxi way instead of the runway, flying over a passenger plane. actor investigated by faa who could suspend or revoke his license. ♪ emma stone added as oscar presenter. of course she and ryan gosling sporting nominations because "la la land" has 14 nominations in all. >> unfortunately, no category for choreography. i say that because i took a lesson with the unsung hero who made sure the stars got off on the right foot. >> 5, 6, 7, 8. and 1. ♪ >> she is master who taught me some of the steps she created for ryan and emma. ♪ na
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she is not the mandy moore who stars on "this is us." >> i can't say enough about mandy moore. she is just, with the, you know, unstoppable force of goodwill. i shudder at the thought of her >> she is the most incredible patient, brave, amazing woman. that was honestly my favorite part of the entire experience is learning to dance with her. >> what was your first impression of his dance skills? >> very hard on himself. but that's really, that happens to me a lot. if you learn something and then immediately, like i'm terrible. oh, blah blah. >> he and emma worked with mandy for six weeks separately before they even started training together. >> i would work with emma in the morning. she likes to be in early. we would be in at 8:00. then ryan likes to have his day and come later.
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>> the first few days, rehearsals of them together. >> a lot of giggles. a lot of, oh, i can't get this. that initial nervousness. >> emma has this face, i have a sweating thing. i'm sweating and ryan sweating on me. it's a thing. >> everybody's got their thing. >> mandy choreographed the big group numbers on "dancing with the stars." i competed on the show, so i'm not exactly a dancing rookie. >> 5, 6, 7, big step. go 1, 2, yes! >> look at this guy. [ laughter ] >> that's pretty good. >> your time on "dancing with the stars" came in very handy. >> i had seven minutes to learn, he had seven months. you know what i mean? in case
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mandy was a little bit distracted when she first met ryan. she said there is a couple of times when he walked in and she is like, dude, you're very handsome. >> who can blame her? >> sticking with the heartthrob theme, if you're watching tv in the '90s, there is a good clans you were watching one of these guys. the lawrence guys are everywhere. what are joey, andy and matthew up to now? throwback thursday, nischelle turner has the answers. >> we have been with you all at "entertainment tonight." >> years. >> take you back memory lane, show you a couple of things you've been through before. >> joey and andy playing the piano. >> come here. >> got a surprise for you. >> is that me? >> yes. >> no, dude, of course it's you. >> i haven't seen this. >> never seen it. >> never. will send it to me? >> she would. >> we first met joey on the sitcom "give me a break" but the
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catch phrase from "blossom" all. >> whoa, whoa, unbelievable. >> matthew's first big movie role was in "mrs. doubtfire" and youngest brother, andy, he has a recurring role on hawaii five-0 but we met him first on the set of brotherly love. >> i was given my first role -- >> blossom? >> i think it was probably. i always got jobs because they always needed a younger version of them. and it just so happened i was, closer -- >> a young version. >> dna compatible. >> but even though they grew up in the spotlight, joey 40 and married with two daughters says he doesn't want his kids to follow in his early career foot steps. >> i said, i don't want you to. you know what happens to 9 out of 10 of the young ladies is they get used and spit out and no one remembers them. all they want to do this and then they can't do it later. i gaveex
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howard's daughter who started later. >> is that because you are grabbing off of your experience of going from so young and being did -- >> absolutely. it's been tough. yeah. ♪ >> now joey, matt and andy are back working together again. pursuing an old passion, music. their new band, still three, released brand-new single titled "lose myself." >> the response is remarkable. kind of shocking. a little embarrassing a little bit. >> at first we were like oh, no. >> artwork. >> but the three of us. >> the guys also reveal they are close to signing a new deal for a tv project. a comedy and they will play themselves. >> that's going to be cool. >> big day for some superstars in country music. we will tell you all about it when we come back.
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go to for a store near you. this all on >> travel consideration provided by --
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>> a good day to be keith urban. ♪ >> keith found out this morning, he is nominated for seven academy in country music awards. congratulations, keith. phe most for any artist this year. >> blue ain't his color. >> we announced nominees, lady antebellum. in two categories. including one of their own nods for vocal group of the year. >> that's cool. i'm excited for kaine brown too. acms are april 2nd. you can see more on
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russia, close to 100 times, since 1991. but he denied working with the russian government. >> i had only said hello to a few russian officials over the courts of the last year or so. >> manifort denied any inappropriate contact with russian officials. last fall, u.s. intelligence agencies concluded russia carried out a series of cyberattacks, targeting democratic party computer networks. >> hacking is a very hard thing to prove. >> for months, president trump refused to agree with the intelligence community assessment. today in brussels's, mr. trump's defense secretary endorsed the conclusions. >> right now i would say there is very little doubt they have in the feared or attempted to interferen a number of elections in the democracies. >> reporter: complexity of u.s./russia relations was on display when the chairman of the joint chiefs met with his


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