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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> it was amazing day. it is comfortable now, people were outside, february 18, wisconsin avenue, eating dinner on the patio on the outside table. we are at 63 in fairfax. 5 # in dc. 60 in waldorf. it is above average this time of year. the average is in the upper 40s . so when you look regionally, a lot of warmth out there. 60 in new york. providence. even that is above average. looks like this mild pattern, this warm pattern will be with us for much of the next five or six days. a little bit of rain we are tracking. nothing reaching the ground as far as i can tell, but we may get a couple of sprinkles overnight. by morning most of this is gone. and by tomorrow, look to be a sunny breezy at times day. onin aga, we will make a run to the 70-degree mark. >> thank you very much howard. get the forecast at your fingertips by just downin
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our free wusa9 app. an assault suspect barricaded himself inside a northeast dc apartment for about seven hours and wouldn't come out. our matt yurus was there when the stalemate ended. >> reporter: i'm here at 36th in northeast dc. behind me is the scene where this man barricaded himself in after allegedly using a sharp object to attack another man. it lasted some seven hours ending around 9:00 this evening. the call came in at 2:48 p.m. one man had been attacked. the other refused to surrender. cops communicated with him over a megaphone asking him to flick the blinds to make sure he was okay. police blocked off sections of 36th and 35th street in the alley separating the two blocks. >> our officers, everybody really came together. >> reporter: officers approached the house with their
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[000:01:59;00] for a moment, you thought the end was near. yet, the deadlock continued. >> i don't know what is going on. i have been out here about two hours. >> reporter: neighbors immediately surrounding the house in question were not able to go home. a nearby woman and small child were escorted out of the restricted area. the suspect was detained and loaded into a police vehicle. police say this all went by the book. it was as good as it could have been. the suspect was taken into custody without injuries. we don't know if he went to a hospital for a checkup or directly to the police station. we will stay on top of this for you. in northeast dc, matt yurus, wusa9. >> the victim remains in the hospital in stable condition. he is expected to be okay. a two-year-old boy is in critical condition after being struck by a car in a tacoma park parking lot.
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happened just before 4:30 afternoon in roanoke avenue. the driver of that vehicle did remain at the scene. the close call for a mcclain family. check out these flames. they managed to escape this burning home this morning. that family says smoke alarms told them to get out. firefighters responded to the mansion on turkey run road this morning. plastic might have contributed to the smoke. our partners at the washington post say the home is owned by the embassy of the united emirates and six people and two dogs were inside. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a man works on his car is dead tonight after he was thrown from it. this happened in the 6200 block of prince way in centerville. police say 29 david fuentes was working on his volkswagen when he asked an eight-year-old
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inside to start he tried to stop it but he was thrown from the car and hit the ground. he died at the scene. the car came to a stop after crashing into a townhouse across the street. a woman stabs her boyfriend to death after the two got into an argument. tonight, she is charged with murder. 41-year-old melba williams stabbed roger allen in her home. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. she has been charged with first and second degree murder as well as assault. and is being held without bond. a 22-year-old man has been missing since thursday. take a look at him right now. dc police want your help finding him. alec bonowitz was last seen at the intersection of fifth and 5 street. he is five feet 11 and weighs about 120 pounds. he has brown eyes and hair and
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was green jacket, and carrying a black and white backpack. if you have information, call the dc police. a woman is dead after the motorcycle she was riding crashed into another one. this all happened around 2:00 this morning in wood bridge, virginia. police say the driver of one motorcycle braked to turn and the second driver, the woman physical lowing behind was unable to stop. motorcyclist robert pots is charged with driving under the influence and police say other charges are pending. huge crowds stretch as far as the eye can see to attend a rally and welcome president trump back to florida. kenneth craig has the story from melbourne, florida. >> reporter: president trump was back in his comfort zone rallying supporters at an airport hangar in florida. >> i hear your demands. i hear your voices. and i promise you i will deliver. >> reporter: president trump
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was qu month in office as he ramped up his attack on the media. >> the dishonest media which has published one false story after another with no sources, even though they pretend they have them, they make them up in many cases. >> reporter: thousands of president trump's supporters waited in the blazing sun for hours to attend the rally. gene hubert was first in line at 4:00 this morn. >> he made all these promises to us and he is doing every single promise. what president trump says is going to happen. >> this is not the first time the president has rallied here at this airport. thousands of citizen supporters showed up in september in a county and state that helped him secure the presidency. >> this is my 14th rally. and i have been to three mike pence rallies. >> why so many? >> i just like to support donald donald trump.
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>> reporter: across the street, huds protested against him. >> the russian thing seems very suspicious and the republican congress seems unwilling to pursue that. >> reporter: supporters told us they were eager to hear more about the president's promise to create jobs. especially in the aerospace industry along the florida space coast. the former home of nasa's shuttle program in a county where many of the jobs have dried up. kenneth craig, cbs news, melbourne, florida. vice president mike pence is abroad this weekend. today, he met with the president of ukraine and assured him of u.s. support. the underline said the u.s. does not recognize russia's occupation of crimea. only two more days to visit the one and only bao bao: the nearly four-year-old giant panda will leave tuesday for china. people visited her at the
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national zoo and the zoo's panda cam as she dug into a special cake made just for her. you can visit her tomorrow and monday before she leaves tuesday morning for china. all right, hash tag bye bye bao bao trending on twitter. amanda said her toddler is crying saying why do we have to say good-bye to her? she doesn't have to go. she does. julie says farewell. we will miss you. and pam writes good luck. have a safe journey. a swim meet in dc was about much more than the score. we are going to tell you why. >> plus, we are hoping this next story could help save a life. some dc residents learn hands only cpr. and maybe, it will inspire you
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to learn it too. >> the woman at the center of roe versus wade has died. norma mccorvey died of heart failure at the age of 69 years old. when she was 22, unmarried,
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unemployed, and a woman using the pseudonym jane roe, her case led to the 1973 supreme court decision that legalized abortion. she later became an outspoken opponent of it. >> competition was tough at a swim meet in northwest washington today. the black history swim meet drew athletes of color to the tacoma water center to participate. the event is aimed at dispeling the myth that african-american people don't swim. as well as celebrating the fact they can participate in today's swim meet. >> in 1987, when the meet was start, it was started because the african-american swimmers were not allowed to start with the white swimmer. >> i am the first african- american to make the swim team at sherwood high school in maryland. >> at first it was to known as the first african-american,
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but, otherwiit blessing to even be a part of it. >> the three day swim meet started friday. and ends tomorrow. in fairfax, virginia on george mason university's campus, a group of college student haves been fighting a battle against their school since 2014. now it is playing out in a courtroom. hillary lane explains. >> i'm concerned about donors being able to influence my education with money. >> reporter: janine is a sophomore at george mason university. she is worried that a more than $50 million donation to her school by the charles polk foundation comes with strings attached. it is a charitable foundation that supports many conservative causes. >> i believe that education shouldn't be decaded by a donor. >> reporter: but they are worried that is what is happening here in fairfax, virginia. this after an independent group
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found the billionaire oil and gas mogul and big conservative donors, the koch brothers were influencing agendas in florida. the students don't know if the koch brothers are influencing their education at gmu because school officials are not releasing that information. >> now, students have filed a lawsuit after a request from 2014 was denied. >> students filed for a freedom of information act request to get donor agreement and the university denied the request. >> reporter: saying the efforts belong to the university foundation. a private foundation that would not be subject to the virginia law. but students say they have the right to know the terms surrounding the koch's donation. >> it's a public university. and we want transparency. >> reporter: hillary lane, dub dub. would you know what to do
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if you saw someone in arrest? dc mayor bowser wants as many people to know it as possible. they are hosting several free classes on the basics of hands only cpr and ade awareness. they hosted an event in trinidad northeast. in just a few minutes people learned hands only cpr. that can be enough to save a life. >> when someone is dying, their heart stops bating and they are not breathing so they go into cardiac arrest. at that point, what they need from you is not a two, three hour class. just a few good compressions on the chest. if you do that, the chance of saving that person completely or in the minimum saving their brain. >> the hands on cpr technique uses chest compressions only without mouth to mouth resuscitation. wusa9 is dedicated this
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entire month health. one key to keeping your heart healthy is eating right. but not everyone can afford the right type of foods. so, we are teaming up with l-wa mart for a project we call heart love. we are collecting heart healthy nonperishable food at wall wal- mart stores. everything donated will go to area food banks and it runs through february 28. okay, this is the video that is really making your stomach do a flip. not one, but two cars flipped into that massive sink hole friday night. this happened in los angeles. the cars fell 20 feet. one person was hurt. the first car that fell in had a woman inside. she managed to climb on top of her car. she was trapped for a while until the fire crews pulled her out. the second car didn't have anyone inside. it was swallowed up moments later. the city of la says it was likely caused by excessive rain
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combined with sewer failure and the rain wa storm that slammed the pacific coast catching many californians off guard. they flooded roads forcing half a dozen major highways to close. thousands were left without power. and more than eight inches of rain fell in some parts of southern california. >> came in half an hour later. it was time. we got out. yeah. >> the last time we had a storm like this was approximately 12 years ago. >> meteorologists say the area isn't in the clear yet as much as five inches more rain is expected on monday. i happen to have a meteorologist sitting right next to me. yeah. >> this is well forecast. if they are caught off guard, they are not paying attention is my feeling this. it is not a surprise. another storm or two coming. the oroville dam up near sacramento. there could be as much as eight inches of rain in the mountains that feeds into that reservoir there. they have to watch that situation carefully.
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>> why it is important to have the wusa9 there. but you need to know when these things are happening. very important to stay in touch with it. talk to us. >> i tweeted it out a few minutes ago. >> yeah? >> looking at the forecast. don't be surprised if you are mowing by mid march. which will be really early. >> so weird. >> it is greens up already on the warm side of my house. okay, three degree guarantee. average is 48. when you forecast this high, you really are going out of your way. and it is a bulls eye. we are forecasting a three degree guarantee temperature of 70 once again at reagan national. dallas hit 72 today. look at these temperatures. ly tell you easton had problems. they came on late. they were in the low 60s . annapolis, only 58. the bay temperatures, the low 40s . you have north and west of town. look at all the 70s . leesburg, culpeper.
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up low 70s . cumberland, 27. it was a spring like day. more like april 18 than february 18. we have clouds that moved in. no wind at the moment. and the humidity only 41%. and what we have seen some returns on the radar, nothing that i can tell is reaching the ground. there may be a few light sprinkles out to areas in the blue ridge and west. but at the moment, it is pretty night. and fairly mild. 60, 62. 11:00 at night in february. in hagerstown. in new york. 61 fredericksburg. that is some kind of crazy warmth. there will be problems with trees coming out early. march 15, 1990 is the earliest record for the cherry blossoms to be in peak bloom. warm again tomorrow.
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around 70 give or take in tuesday. only around 60. and we are looking at maybe a shower tuesday afternoon. that mild to warm weather? around much of the coming week as well. highs, while they start cool may be back toward 70 midweek. 30s to 40s in the northeast. some of the rockies, what we are seeing is the first storm that hit la. that is over toward arizona now. there is another storm here. and behind it there is another storm. this is all moving off to northern california. the pacific northwest. meanwhile, what is coming tonight in the form of isolated showers in the tennessee valley. much of this doesn't appear to be reaching the ground just yet. looking at just a few showers overnight. this will be gone by morning. sun returns northwesterly winds kick in. we will be pushing for 70 tomorrow. a few more clouds here as we head toward monday, tuesday, but just a little bit cooler. mostly cloudy. mild tonight. mid 40s to low 50s . which is more like what the highs should
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be. the sun tomorrow, a stray shower early. the sun returns. northwest winds 5 to 10. in the afternoon, 66 to 72. more like april once again. could have some gusts here and there over 20 tomorrow. as we head toward monday and tuesday, closer to 60. we head toward the middle of the week. temperatures pop back up toward 70 thursday and friday. best chance of showers will be later friday. and in toward saturday morning. wow. >> i don't get it. but i'm not complaining. >> yeah. >> not one bit. it is like baseball weather out there. >> yeah. >> makes you think about the nationals and the team superstar has arrived in west palm beach. we hear from bryce harper! his thoughts on the upcoming
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season next. in sports. >> now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan. brought to you by xfinity. >> bryce harper is the face of the washington nationals league mvp two years ago. a bit of a down season 2016: but he is in camp ready to lead the gnats back to the playoffs again.
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he asked where is my ring. a lot of talent on the waiting on their first ngris of course. there is great optimism headed into the upcoming season. they forgot about the loss to the dodgers in the playoffs instantly. >> after we lose, you know, the day after. you can't really change anything. so, dodgers beat us. and, that was 2016. so, day after, you are going hope. get here as quick as possible. they are doing what they need to do to get better as a team. that is what we did. >> reporter: all right, capitals back from the bye week. 26 games left in the regular season. for the best team in hockey. started with a matinee in detroit to face the red wings. it was a sluggish start for the capitals. zach stanford. the goal in his second straight game. it is the caps on the board in the third. t.j. oshie gets denied.
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but alex ovechkin has to score the keep the caps alive. he does not. they lose in a shoot-out. but they pick up a point at detroit. you would think it would be a no brainer for former maryland basketball coach to be a finalist again for the hall of fame. not to be for a left hander. he does not even get that today as the 14th finalists were announced this morning. drazel was in the among them. he was the finallest last year. he told me last week, he has absolutely no idea why he cannot get voted in despite his great resume clinuding 768 career wins. still no love for lefty. virginia looking to avoid a three game losing streak in college hoops. it was all carolina in this one. a big game for justin jackson. second half was all tar heels in transition. carolina rolls 65-41.
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ye island. patriots trailing by two. jenkins get it is plus one. george mason up by annulate. mason with a costly turnover. a chance to tie it where they would not lose 77-74. high school playoffs underway around the dmv. that's right. dc in the semifinals. wilson versus hd woodson. the tigers looking to knock off two time defending champion. isaiah jennings. tigers up seven at the break. woodson had a huge one leading the warriors. that one late in the third quarter. but, the tigers scored 26 points wilson including this incredible effort. look at this incredible spin mood. tigers will play in the final on wednesday. who will they face?
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well, it will be seeded theodore roosevelt. roosevelt led by four. dunbar in transition. easing with the rahe tiled by 14 at the break. third quarter, time winding down. miko leaves would bury the three. the rough riders cruise next week. a small town is getting ready to welcome a minor league baseball team. there is a great grandfather looking to leave his mark as well. lauren zacalac has the story. >> it's about the love of the game. >> reporter: if you ask don royals why he loves baseball so much. be prepared for poetry.
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>> the smell of the fresh cut as and, i a little mustard on the side of your face. >> reporter: like so many other little boys growing up in text texas, he dreams of playing in the big leagues. >> i wanted to play for the cardinals. >> reporter: he just never thought his chance would come now. at age 78. you see, the city of cleburn is nearing completion of a brand new stadium for the revived minor league baseball team the railroads are going to play. city manager steve polasec. >> baseball is magical. it has been a part of cleveland for a long time. >> reporter: the team is holding tryouts this weekend. and bless who is showing up? >> so i will try out. i will play ball again. even if it is for five minutes. >> reporter: during a game of catch, he told us he doesn't expect to make the team. in fact, he doesn't really want to. >> i don't want to have to get chasted.
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>> reporter: he wants to swing for the fences. >> it makes me feel envious. i think he is living the dream for a lot of us. we will be pulling for him for darn sure. >> i'm really kind of hoping that i can be out there and encourage somebody. >> reporter: to take those steps toward following your dream. [ laughter ] >> i love him! >> best of luck to him. >> oh! isn't he ... two things i love. the fact he is doing this at 78 and he wants to show people you can do anything. also, i don't want to make the team. [ laughter ] >> he has his reasons an we salute it.
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i love it. when we come know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values ♪ know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management® team.
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>> an act of kindness is her groove back and rediscover her confidence. >> reporter: as a little girl in harlem. taylor had a big personality and the hair to match. >> i saw a video of you with really big bushy hair. bouncing all over the place. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but one day ant two years ago, taylor's mother noticed the patch of her daughter's hair was missing. >> it is like that. in the snap of a finger. it is just something as a mother you never want to see. >> reporter: today, taylor is one of 6 million americans with alapecia, an auto immune condition that causes the body to attack its own hair follicles. it is not life threatening but it can be emotionally devastating for kid. >> when i had my hair, nobody used to bully me or say anything.
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they just used to play with me. >> you think hair is cosmetic? esteem, it is not cosmetic. >> reporter: they tried to get everything to make her curls grow back. from medical cures to more emotional fixes. >> we had a long relaxing vacation. to reduce her stress. >> reporter: taylor says the bullying got worse after she started wearing a synthetic wig to school. >> they kept on talking about me saying i know she is wearing a wig. that made me really mad. >> reporter: that is where daniel cooper came in. after hearing taylor's story, he had a stylist make taylor a wig from natural human hair. free of charge. >> if it was a paying customer, how much would it go for? >> $700. >> it is a big gift. >> yes. >> god blessed me to change my life around. so i pass the blessings onto other people. >> reporter: cooper was not always in a position to help others. he served 12 years in prison
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for drug you for owning a hair salon? >> when i first started. people know me from running the streets so it was a joke. >> reporter: and how does taylor like her new wig? well, it wasn't exactly a hit at first. >> she is a funny little girl. a pretty girl. she is really pretty without hair. she doesn't understand that. >> reporter: taylor's mom understands it will take time for her daughter to regain her big personality. >> i really want her to embrace her baldness. >> embrace her baldness? >> i want her to understand that she is beautiful bald. i don't think the wig makes her. i think she makes the wig. >> reporter: alapecia attacks a person's confidence as much as their hair. but with the help of her new wig, taylor has found the confidence to fight back. tony decopul, cbs news, new york. >> i think she is beautiful just as she is. and, a happy ening closer to


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