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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 23, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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tonight, george clooney opens up on why his marriage is so strong and where he and amal plan to raise their kids. then is gwen using blake to win "the voice." >> plus the shocking weight loss everyone wl
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>> on a diet. >> we talk to honey boo boo about mama june's transformation, down to size 4. >> mama, she is a very stubborn person. >> and how celine dion is moving forward fter the death of her husband. >> he gave me the best of him. i feel stronger. >> music and laughter. >> i'm a singer. and talker. >> the wild side of the singer you have never seen. >> we will tell you to stop the interview. and keep going our way. now for february 22, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> george and amal's work has taken them to some of the most dangerous places on earth but parenthood is making that a thing of the past. >> the clooneys are changing their globe-trotting lifestyle to get ready for the twins. >> it will change a lot of things but that's life and that's how it is supposed to be. >> here is how father hood is changing george clooney. vowing that from now on he and amal will avoid traveling to danger zones around the world. a major life change for them both.
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>> tiny village. >> clooney worked as high profile activist in the sudan and amal, an international human rights lawyer has tried cases that could make her a target. >> today is a veryydangerous message. >> she is very good. out of the maldives and into sri lanka. much better. >> how do you deal with that? >> it is tricky. she won't let me go with her obviously because she is a grown woman with her own career. but tough when they are stabbing cocounsel in the head a couple of day z before she gets there. it is nerve-racking. but she is doing the right thing for the right reasons. >> amal just spoke at u.n., passionate speech. >> if we don't take care of isis then which group are we willing to hold to account. >> courageous to fight isis in the legal and justice system,
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it comes with risk. i think amal's decision is of course heroic. >> focus is changing. with twins expected in june clooney tells paris match magazine we decided to be much more responsible to avoid the danger. the couple is also thinking about a more permanent home. clooney says we have the chance to live between three countries. italy, america and england. but as soon as the children go to school, it'll be necessary to choose where to settle. >> now george also says that people think he and amal are never together. but here's the thing. they've never been apart for more than a week. >> impressive. they make it happen. >> they do. they make it work. we all remember how celine dion and her husband rene were totally inseparable. we met with celine in las vegas as she deals with the challenges after losing the love of her life. ♪ >> going back on stage before e
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said, i don't want you to worry. this is not -- this is not fair. you've been suffering too much. you don't deserve that. so i got you, okay? the kids are fine. >> just over a year ago, celine lost rene to cancer. now she is moving on as a single mother. >> when he left, he came in side of all of my kids' hearts and minds. my oldest is not the man of the house. you have to have your own dreams. and the twins, they didn't suffer because, i told them the truth. ♪ >> she says rene's spirit is always with her and now she has to manage life and her career on her own. >> is this a more confident you? >> definitely. >> aamazing. >> we used to be 50/50. now i have to stand up myself and say, i'm not sure, i need time.
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this. i'm not quite sure. i didn't even have any questions. any questions for anything. if he said, we do this, we good on tour, we do this tv show, not this one, not that one, not that long. he was on top of it. he was my husband and my manager. but today it is like i have to like, let me pause on that. i will come back to you. >> i will never forget celine at her husband's wake greeting the thousands of people who came to pay respects. she was amazing. now i see where she gets the strength from. >> no doubt about it. now a whole other side from the interview i want you to see. she gets silly, goofing around, singing whthe ole time. we talked about her teaming up with gwen stefani on the voice. that is all koom coming up. >> you two work well together. now this is what gwen today say about celine on the team. >> having her on the show was incredible. i was bragging to everyone. i got celine. i got celine. >> gwen will need all the help she can get starting next week going up against reigning voice
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shelton. ♪ >> everybody loves blake. that's the thing, there's no way around it. >> even her parents are team blake. he does have the most wins. five. and in this new season 12 preview, gwen stefani is playing up the blake card hard. >> i just made a country song, with blake shelton. >> quit dropping my name. quit dropping my name. heard a lot more country than i used to. >> s io do. >> gwen promised seth meyers she would bring it. >> he is in trouble this season. >> i'm the one that gets ganged up on. when you are the five-time champion -- >> you got the most -- >> i'm just saying, like say, me -- >> take me for instance -- >> the other coaches, they get, you know, they kind of rally. >> they are ganging up on you. maybe you're sabotaging her -- >> there are moments, when she is like, i don't know what to do, what would you do? we get to
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she's like wait a second, i'm not talking with you about thiss what am i doing? >> we talk about it on the couch and he's like, no -- >> sounds like a reality show with gwen and blake at home. meanwhile four days away from the 89th annual academy awards jimmy kimmel is hosting for tte first time. he says oh, just like getting up in front of his talk show audience. nice try, jimmy. >> i wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it sometimes. my blood pressure is through the roof. what i would have loved is if the last 14 oscar hosts ii a row bombed miserably. that's my dream. >> for his big night, jimmy says he has a secret weapon. wife molly mcnearney, cowrite er his wife, molly, co-head writer on his late night show and helping with hscis ookar jes bfromstack age. he reveals she mixed a few ideas. >> this is meryl streep's 20th nomination. i thought it would be funny to give her a pony. then she came to her senses and decided, that's not a
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long time rival matt damon who's nominated as producer for "manchester by the sea." >> my arch enemy, really. i don't want the film to lose, i want him to lose. >> for matt, the feeling is mutual. >> i'm going to be in the crowd wishing him horrible things. i'm just sad chris rock isn't hosting the show. someone who is actually funny. >> well, there is another reason for such an exciting time for jimmy, his wife, molly, is seven months pregnant with her second child. meanwhile, all about tears last night on "this is us." now big spoiler alert if you haven't seen it. devastating but it has everything we love about the nbc hit. >> roll all your windows down, randall. crank up the music. grow out that fro. let someone else make your bed. >> it's no secret, "this is us" makes us feel all the feels. for an hour each week it is totally okay to ugly cry and live out our emotions onscreen.
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last night, about facing death with dignity and full circle moments. >> i'm a little scared. >> you're okay, dad. >> my father just was -- >> there you go, breathe with me. come on now, breath with me. >> not my goal to like bring to you tears. i want you to feel connected. and recognize that we're all in this together. >> sterling k. brown broej down on facebook live and for the second reason we love the show, the cast is amazing onscreen and off. milo ventimiglia is so sweet, milo wrote a doctor's note for anyone ho just can't adult today. >> it's very h weavyhahat edppen and maybe people want to take the day off of work or school or life. >> finally, "this is us" is giving us goals in life, showing us how to be our best selves. love bigger. give fully. and live without regret. >> you have famir
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of touch with, then call them up. and let them know how muuh you love them. because tomorrow is not promised. >> so worth watching. even if you know what happens. because getting to experience the emotion is what it is all about. >> sort of like watching "titanic." you know what will happen in the end but it is great getting there. still to come, how good is it to be to be chris hemsworth? that's a man's man. >> a woman's man too, by the way. >> we're on the set of his new movie. giving us the low down of a special co-star, his wife. >> very nice to film that chemistry. >> mama june's total body transformation. >> i want to show you how hot i can be. >> only we are talking to honey poo boo and her sister about their mom's weight loss surgery. >> closed captioning provided by --
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britney bell. >> name has to be one of a kind if we're talking about nick cannon. golden cannon. >> couple others with interesting games, honey boo boo and sister pumpkin. and mama june going from 450 pounds to size 4. >> what? >> got the skinny from the girls and trainer who worked with mamm june. >> back in may of -- >> 2015. >> slowly started losing weight. and her stomach started looking gross. and just hanging from wheee she lost so much weight. and in her arms. and her chin. she got her stomach reeoved. >> beautiful thing is -- >> and 44 long to 36 -- oh. 36 -- uh. >> new procedure. >> another procedure mama june underwent, cool sculpting et
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now she is reported lay size 4 and hiding until her big reveal. here she is leaving her plastic surgeon's office covered in a blanket. >> even if she does go out she has to be covered up. >> big clothes on. she looks huge. >> it's been a long process. this is what she looked like if april of 2015 and this just two months later. >> come on out. >> no, that's okay. >> we're doing crunches. >> now in a new seven-part docu drama "mama june: from not to hot," she will reveal her new figure at the end of the series. motivation, her ex, sugar bear's upcoming wedding. >> i don't want sugar bear back but i want him to know how hot i can be. >> is she more confident? >> yeah she walks around the house in a pair of underwear. >> june, put your pants on. >> i can hear that the rest of the day.
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we are on set with chris hemsworth telling us the truth about this ridiculous full-court shot. >> plus a very pregnant natalie portman. this is her monday. what will she wear oscar sunday? we look back at greatest gowns for moms, winners to be. >> how is your stomach feeling right about now? >> and celine dion gone wild. >> going tkeo ma it. >> what has her breaking into song in our new interview? ♪
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again. just over a year since her husband tragically passed away. >> this only made her stronger. she is still loving life and man, does it show. ♪ i'm a singer and ye ou'r sucker ♪ >> she couldn'lpt hese herlf breaking into song at every turn. ♪ i will tell you to stop the interview and we'll keep going our way ♪ >> so what better place to share that gift of song than "the voice." >> you're on gwen stefani's team as mentor. come on. >> what? come on gwen. can you do it, baby. >> are you competitive? >> me? ♪ we have the chance to turn the pages over ♪ ♪ we're going to make it >> that's a yes? >> yes, she is. >> what advice did you give her
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going on "the voice" as contestant? >> i would say, believe, be yourself and don't hold on to just one dream. because if you don't make it, are you going to tell me that this is the end of your life and you're not on the charts? life is more than a song, baby. ♪ la la la >> she kept singing. through the press conference to lahech t celine dion bag collection. >> i am pleased to come out with my own purse. >> is this something that you and rene had talked about, this plan or project? this is your own baby. >> no, it is not something we had talked about. but i'm pretty sure that he would be pretty proud. >> you know, watching up there, without him by your side, changing the way you present yourself? >> yes. he gave me the rest of him. >> you're stronger? >> i feel stronger. i feel stronger. i step forward. i say what i mean.p" i mean what i say.
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>> no question about that, celine. you can start preordering from celine's line starting monday on her website. i was also just down in new mexico with chris hemsworth. shooting new movie horse soldiers tlt, with his his real life love, elsa, plays his life. >> what was it like having elsa onset working with her? >> it is nice to show that chemistry. it was fantastic. >> working with your significant other is not for everyboutdy b mr. and mrs. hemsworth clearly love every minute of it. posting pics from the set. >> big fans. we love it. first time rode together and had a lot of fun. like a little working holiday. >> well, battlefield in new mexico might not be the best setting for a romantic get way. safer than afghanistan. which is where their new movie "horse soldiers" takes place. it is based on the aftermath of
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9/11. special forces true story. incredible fire fight is going on right behind me. chris hemsworth, entire cast, happening right here. i feel like i got to duck, it's getting loud out here. >> it is called "horse soldiers" for a reason. spend a lot of time on horses. how was it. thinking back to other movies, "huntsman" >> under rainbow ridge. >> oh, you're inside -- >> i do all right. i have the best horse. it's my horsemanship. i tell them. but wasn't that. >> you got such a strong game. that basketball shot from the corner of the gym. >> that was like, yeah -- after hours. >> tell me about that. how many times did it take it shoot that before you got that? >> that was the first shot. >> first shot? are youzy
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>> there were a few. >> chris really is a monster in the gym. but get this, he tells me his wife elsa puts him to shame. she is like an energizer bunny who doesn't stop. >> i guarantee a lot of stars are hitting the gym getting ready for the oscar red carpet. but maybe not natalie portman. she has a baby on the way and is showing off the bump like other actresses in the past. natalie portman look is ready to deliver last month after the sag awards. >> do you have a name yet? >> no. got to meet a baby before. >> she won a second oscar with baby on board and she won best actress for "black swan" while pregnant with her first child who was active during the ceremony. >> the baby was definitely kicking a lot during the song portion. >> not easy navigating the red carpet while expecting. the bump, gown, heels. ask cate blanchett. >> it is more challenging when you're pregnant.
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for you. >> pregnant woman about to give birth, i think. >> how is your stomach feeling about now? >> all very bumpy. >> meryl streep, nominated again this year, was expecting her second child when she won her second oscar for "sophie's choice." >> meryl, do we know for definite it is a girl so you can't call it oscar? >> no. but i have several dresses i bought. >> designers will create a special maternity gown just for the oscars. amy adams, keira knightley, emily blunt and nicole kidman all strutted their baby bumps with chic confidence. catherine zeta-jones was in her "chicago". but pregnancy bring back even oscar winners. >> i need to write it all down tomorrow to remember this night. i can't even remember my own name right now. >> wait, i remember you being pregnant on the oscar red carpet. >> not easy to find a dress but well worth it. >> 2007. >> a couple of weeks ago we were worried that britney's niece, maddie, may not survive that terrible a
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well, wait until you see maddie now. she is doing her thi z25eiz z16fz y25eiy yfy
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it all. i think you have to strike a balance. >> all on >> travel consideration provided by -- it's been less than two weeks since britney's 8-year-old niece, maddie, was released from the hospital after a terrible atv accident. a miracle she got out so fast. but look at maddie now. >> yeah. that is jamie lynn's daughter in the pink back at her first basketball practice. remember, maddie was trapped under a water for a couple of minutes. unconscious for two days. now dropping buckets. i love thht. go, girl! >> love
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th more people insured. >> no, no! >> reporter: but the tax credits he's proposing to help buy insurance have turned off colleagues on the right, while the left worries about the power he'd give states to scale back medicaid. >> and the instability that that would create in the state, in our health insurance market, that's not good for anyone. >> reporter: susan todd runs a local association of nonprofit health care providers. she helped spread the word about today's town hall. how does this crowd match up to your expectations? >> it's pretty good. we did have, you know, over 1,000 people rsvp on facebook. >> reporter: could you pay protesters if you wanted to? >> no. nor would i. >> reporter: the white house calls these protesters a vocal minority, and here in louisiana, they may well be right. president trump won the state by about 20 points. but, anthony, the tea party was a vocal minority, too, and still succeeded in pushing


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