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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  February 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> kevin: back in east lansing. let's take a look at the capital one cup impact performance. nick ward has been outstanding. dominated the interior when he's been in the game. look at him run right here. just runs down the middle of the court. cassius winston finds him easily. nick ward has been a load for on
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scored in the last 4:58. ward not getting any shots. bronson koenig, a senior from lacrosse has nine of wisconsin's last 13. wisconsin has trailed by as many as 13 points. the badgers have overcome a double digit deficit to win a game this season. their biggest comeback is when they were eight down. so they have to do something special on what is a big day. if they win, they're tied for first with two to go in the big 10. >> dan: they have to dig in on defense. that's what they've done the last couple possessions. if you're michigan state, you have to be tough with your execution and your half-court offense. an outstanding defensive wisconsin team. you have to be better. >> dan: three to go. ellis back in. in foul trouble. you can see wisconsin's defense tighten the
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mismatch. the three? no. rebound nigel hayes. he's got nine. >> dan: they have to get the ball in to the hands of ward. the perimeter defense by wisconsin is so good, you can't find the guys inside. a foul onward. that's his fourth personal foul. >> kevin: bridges comes back in with 2:31 to go. again, hayes. we mentioned this before. attempts more free throws than any other player in the big 10. he's 4 of 10 this afternoon. >> dan: he's a big free throw shooter. oh, wow! >> dan: here's tom izzo rolling the dice. his freshmen inside, four personal fouls. he needshe
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end. they have to score. >> kevin: they got winston. he's been huge. tum tum scores as well as winston. >> dan: just don't want to get conservative. you want to move the basketball. >> kevin: wisconsin is 11 of 21 from the free-throw line. hayes had to lunge in. the foul on hayes. >> dan: you know, you talk about guys making plays. he took the ball and saw he had the size there to beat hayes to the basket. got two shots.
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>> kevin: michigan state has not missed the ncaa tournament in 17 tries. trying for a number 20. a win over wisconsin would look impressive to the committee. wisconsin was number 7 in the country. >> dan: that got the attention of the big in big 10 country. koenig, three. close whistle. happ. happ gets the foul. setting the screen. number 4. >> dan: this is a tremendous defensive effort. watch the defense by tum tum nairn. if he doesn't scramble through that, they don't call the foul. if he tries to move through,
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happ takes a couple steps. >> kevin: that's also trouble. 2:03 remaining. michigan state, a team which has had turnovers, including this freshman right here, winston. only one turnovers in the last 11 minutes. wisconsin has to come up with something. on senior night. inside, winston. what a great play by ward. freshman to freshman passing. ward puts it in. 21 for hi
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to a flay grant foul there wrapping him up. ward, we talked about how big and strong he was. pushed that in to the basket. what a play. >> kevin: got 21 points. >> dan: he's a 57% free throw shooter. hasn't missed from the line today. put back up and in by hayes on the miss. the wisconsin time-out. 1:34 to go. badgers have lost three of four. desperation time in east lansing.
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♪ ♪ ♪ only at&t offers you all your live channels and dvr on your devices. data-free. entertainment. your way. only from at&t. >> kevin: rocking in east lansing here this afternoon. tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes presents." the forry of el
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"60 minutes" and "ncis los angeles." the free throw shooting of michigan stated has come through. 93%. previous best was 82%. that was against the golden gophers early in the season. michigan state with three time-outs. wisconsin one. >> dan: if you're wisconsin, down 9 points, you don't have a lot of time. at this point, 1:34 left. if you don't get a steal right away, you have to foul. >> kevin: it's mcquaid with the pass by winston. off of the finger tips of brings. a turnover. they've not had that many. just their second. >> dan: mcquaid gets the ball. nobody around him. nobody anywhere close to him. he didn't have to pass the ball. just stop. hold on to the
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then make the pass. >> k: foot was on the line. he hits the long two. >> dan: mcquaid was in the game at that point because tum tum nairn is a bad free throw shooter. this is the guy in the clutch that will score for you. to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! [echo] with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited. what's in your wallet?
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>> dan: michigan state there with three time-outs. that's important. important for the spartans. >> kevin: the official just cleared it for us. >> dan: they called the time-out to check to see if it was a two or a three. wisconsin does have the one time-out. three for the spartans. ellis will inbound. picked up and taken by koenig. he gets the offensive rebounds. here's koenig. another triple launch and he misses from outside. off the finger tips, claimed inside by winston. bridges. a foul on the shot. a couple of wide open triples-to koenig
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he's usually money from pretty late in the game. >> dan: watch bridges come flying at koenig. because he did that, he's all the way down. watch this pass by winston. he's in deep trouble here. just take the ball and heaves it out of the double-team. that is another fine play by cassius winston. >> kevin: bridges with 14 for the spartans. >> dan: his free throw shooting continues to be amazing. bridges is a 62% free throw shooter. >> kevin: the other night, ohio state scored 83 on wisconsin. so far michigan state with 78. wisconsin is the number 7 scoring defense in college baskball. 61 points a game. >> dan: if you're wisconsin, you have to get it quickly. trying to get koenig open for a three. >> kevin: another miss. mcquaid is there. of
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hit by hayes for the foul. winning 21 of the first 24 games, the badgers were off and running. last three of four coming in. the second consecutive road game where they lost two in a row on the road. down by 8 with 44 seconds to go. bridges at the line. >> dan: very similar kind of experience for wisconsin against both ohio state and michigan state. they allowed their opponent to make easy shots early. get some confidence. even the wisconsin run at the end of the first half, michigan state came out in the second half and made some easy baskets. wisconsin with the breakdown defensively. very uncharacteristic. >> kevin: koenig again. that's no go
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nairn gets the foul for the spartans with 35 seconds to go. wisconsin getting outrebounded. number 14 in college basketball in rebounding margin. this afternoon outrebounded by four. >> dan: kevin, might come down to just being as simple as the fact that wisconsin struggles from the free-throw line. if wisconsin made 75% of the fr throws, this game has a different character about it. the wisconsin bench hasn't scored like they need to. in fact, it's been a season long issue. magnified late. reaching in, picks up the foul. the spartans can smell blood. five fouls on ethan
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>> dan: happ had a couple steals, a couple of blocks. eight or nine rebounds. wasn't able to get it offensively. one of the things we talked about, wisconsin's big three. >> kevin: the chance for harris here. 30.5. they're going to reset the clock. >> dan: koenig let it roll in. we're excited here at michigan state. we started the clock in way. >> kevin: michigan state is the only one to win
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last 20 seasons. they're on 17. they player that freshmen as much as anybody. trying for a 20th straight ncaa appearance. a win today will go a long way. a look at harris there. his mom sang the national anthem tonight. unbeknownst to eron. he didn't know. >> dan: it was a nice touch. just don't foul. >> kevin: that's what tom izzo was saying. i think he said something
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>> kevin: okay. a lot of motion on the senior days. after this game, a big program for the seniors, including harris. izzo said earlier, he blew his knee against purdue the other night. out for the season. ellis on koenig. gets the foul. >> dan: if you're michigan state, throw it inbounds and hang on to it. yes, you can get the 10-second violation but that runs 10 seconds off the clock. >> kevin: this has been some kind of finish to the season for the michigan state spartans. if they win -- that free throw says a lot -- they'll have won their sixth game in the last eight and the freshmen
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longer, huh? ellis taking the place of eron harris. koenig. >> dan: they're going to put harris in the game. >> kevin: how about that? time-out taken. they're doing to put harris in with van dyk. he's had a blown knee. his career is over. they're going to put him in. couple seniors. the
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had to sit out the first year. 2014. tom izzo said he's probably not had a harder worker in a short time. >> dan: this is an interesting strategy where you're trying to play. so you don't get your guy anywhere near the ball. >> kevin: across the line. they get it to go. if ticks of the clock. the travel. >> dan: he had the traveling violation. aaron harris could come up to participate in the tradition. kiss the floor. right at mid court. >> kevin: wow! michigan state comes up with that signature win they've been looking for. they go to
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10-6 in the big conference. they have won six of the last eight and four of the last five. they're peaking at the right time. and trying to get the double buy in the upcoming big 10 tournament. the wisconsin badgers who began 21-3 are reeling. ney now have lost four of the last five, three straight on the road. they've got work to do. it's purdue all alone atop the big 10. even losing last night, they still are on top and michigan state is number 4 and gaining steam. for dan bonner, this is kevin harlan saying so long from east lansing, michigan. tonight on cbs, it's back-to-back episodes of "60 minutes" and then "ncis los angeles." this has been a presentation of cb
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straight talk wireless. only at walmart. >> let's get t
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highlights. in orlando, cincinnati bearcats visiting ucf. >> taking a look. taylor gets the first win against cincinnati. that's a three with an opportunity in transition. the bearcats could have tied it. the alley-oop, not enough lift.
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much calmer day today. temps ran 25 degrees colder, but with the sunshine this afternoon those showers in pennsylvania this morning are gone. it really wasn't all this bad. right now 46 in town. we're down to 30 in the mountains and looks like a nice evening. we got a new moon, so you won't see it out there. we'll fall from the 40s to upper 30s by midnight. tomorrow sunshine and we give way to more clouds. we may see a stray shower in the afternoon. looks unsettled moving into tuesday


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