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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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security budget. it. >> the white house says president trump's budget will propose $54 billion boost in defense spending by cutting cash for domestic programs and foreign aid. >> this defense spending increase will be off set and paid for by finding greater savings and deficiencies across the federal government. we're going to do more with less. >> the president says he will talk about his budget, tax cuts, replacement of obamacare during his joint address to congress tuesday night. democrats are already reacting. >> the president will come to congress with a populist message in an attempt to close what's been a hard right administration. >> some of the president's aids were reported to have been in touch with russian intelligence officials during the campaign. >> we can't go on a witch hunt againstri
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continue to ask for evidence of wrong doing within reason. >> we can't have mccarthy back in this place chasing down american citizens, hauling them before congress as if they're some secret russian agent. >> attorney general jeff sessions is leading the fbi investigation but calls for independent prosecutor is mounting. cbs news, the white house. >> president trump met with health insurance executives this morning to talk about the affordable care act. he warned the nation's health care system was in danger of imploding. so far the president has not offered details on how he plans to change it. >> the defense department has a frame work for defeating isis. he asked for a revised plan soon after taking office. he vowed to wipe out isis. he's expected to offer details tomorrow night when he addresses a joint session of congress here at t
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scheduled to happen about 9:00 tomorrow night. we'll have it here on wusa 9. the white house is dropping a long standing federal challenge to voter i.d. law in texas under the obama administration. the justice department argued texas lawmakers intentionally discriminated against minority voters by passing a law requiring they show photo i.d. the justice department asks a federal judge to dismiss that claim. civil rights groups will continue that night two jewish day schools in our area were among the dozens that got bomb threat today at the jewish schools. the bomb threat came in automated voice call form. students were kept in class and school was not evacuated. the school in fairfax was evacuated after it received a bomb threat at 9:15 this morning. >> ran to black top. me and all my friends just sprinted to the black top.
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we had no clue chaffs going -- clue what was going on. >> i heard there was a bomb threat. i was freaking out on the inside. a tried to keep calm and keep it together. >> a substitute teacher answered the call and wasn't certain if it was automated or real person on the line. police investigated in both schools and found nothing. for geesher, they told wusa 9, it's the first bomb threat in the school's 35 year history. leaders are raising money to repair and restore 100 desecrated graves at a jewish cemetery in philadelphia. a man visiting the mount caramel cemetery noticed the damage yesterday morning. the police are offering $13,000 as a reward for helping to catch the vandals. this vandalism comes less than a week after a similar incident at a jewish cemetery in st. louis, missouri. it's been one yearin
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was killed on her first day on the job with the prince william police department. wusa 9 janice park shares a thank you letter her mother wrote with the help of those she hoped to serve and protect. >> i remember this day. i remember her. >> she is a hero. >> makes me very sad for her mom. >> one year ago my daughter, officer ashley passed away february 27, 2016. the entire family and i would like to thank the many, many people who supported us following her death. >> your many acts of kindness and expressions of sympathy -- >> have been comfort to me and my family in the
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year. >> we can't thank jessica enough for rushing to hospitals and stay with ashley as they move her from hospital to hearse. you made she had her last ride. >> we were indebted to those in the community that did not know ashley personally but came to pay respects to my daughter and police officer. >> to all wonderful people that stood in solidarity -- >> on the side of the road waving signs. >> from the bottom of my heart, thank you for generosity you poured on me during the most difficult time in my life. >> words can't express the gratitude and appreciation. >> for the community of people that wholeheartedly provided friendship, kindness, sympathy, prayers, generosity, all of which will remain with us forever. with love, the entire family. >> that's powerful words. the suspect in the
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ronald hamilton is waiting trial. energy open court without a tier in her eye, a montgomery county mom apologized for poisoning her son and locking his body in a locked car. why the judge was unswayed. he sentenced her to 50 years in prison. if she gets out, he ordered her to stay away from children. she killed her son, 5 years old, in the midst of a bitter custody battle. to this day, no one seem tolls explain why she took her anger out on her son. >> he was a happy, normal kid that anyone of us could imagine as our own, aryl at this, someone you see and want in your life. i don't if he wants to add to that. >> he loved basketball guitar, going to sunday school, and he loved his family. >> prosecutors say the gaithers m
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entire bottle of benadryl down her son's threat and then gave him more. cuts and bruises on daniel's face and lips suggest he fought back. after he was dead, she stuffed his body into a borrowed car, staged a crash, and set that car on fire. a human rights group says a fredricks, maryland woman will return home after being in prison for visiting family in her native country. she was arrested for taking part in an antigovernment protest. she was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison. she was released on bond in december after the leader lost a presidential election. japanese auto parts leader after the cat at that pleaded guilty to wire fraud in connection to faulty air bags n. the detroit courtroom today, takata agreed to pay a penalty for concealing that problem. 16 people died and close to 200 others were hurt when exploding takata
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sent shrapnel flying into the victims. parking meter rates went up today in the chinatown neighborhoods. area in question runs 11th to 3rd street northwest and 8th street to e street northwest. parking rates vary from $1.50 to 3 donald trump $25 3 -- $3.25 an hour during the week. this week's temperatures are going to go from march to may and back to march again. >> all over the place. >> we have the terrace forecast. >> going to be tough. we've got 70s, 78 wednesday, down to 57 on thursday. 46 friday, 50 saturday. we'll come back and tell you which day will feature thunderstorms and which day will feature snowflakes.
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new developments tonight in high profile court cases we've been following the judge in the sex abuse case rule had the jurors will be selected from outside montgomery county, pennsylvania where the trial will take place x. the jury will be sequestered once court proceedings begin in june.
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others testify to support charges because he drugged and molested a former university employee at his home in 2004. on friday, the judge rule had the only one other accuser can testify. a not guilty plea in court today from the minnesota police officer charged with killing a man during a traffic stop. 32-year-old castille said he was armed and licensed to carry before the officer shot him last july. his girlfriend was behind the wheel and broadcast the after math live on facebook. today in court, the attorneys claim the officer feared for his life and had no choice but to shoot castillee. he scheduled on trail in may. a -- on trial in may. a judge appointed public defenders for the 51-year-old charged for murdering a man from crane and wounding two
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india and wounding two other men. a double murder trial of former nfl star aaron hernandez, former new england patriots tight end is charged in deadly shootings of two men. one made hernandez accidentally made him spill a drink in a nightclub years ago. opening statements scheduled for wednesday. he's already serving a life sentence for the 2013 killing of a semi professional football player. coming up, negativity towards washington. delivering a big message. how about this, a car plunges seven stories off a parking garage. the driver lived to tell about it
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creating a cleaner environment by using cleaner energy sources like solar, wind and natural gas.
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equivalent of taking close to two million cars off the road. cleaner air and cleaner water. it's good for all of us. dominion. depend on us for more than energy. police in new orleans say it's too soon to discuss if new safety rules will be put in place after a car nowed into a crowd over the weekend. -- car plowed into a crowd over the weekend. he's accused of mowing down nearly 30 people during a mardi gra parade saturday night. police say his blood alcohol
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times the legal limit. a 1-year-old child and police officer are among the injured. here's a look at just pandemonium that unfoaled in rio. investigators believe slick roads from the rain caused float to slid out of control and hurt at least 20 people. three victims had serious injuries. authorities have now tacked to the crew operating the float about what happened. video of the next crash will have you wondering how anyone would have survived. look at this a teen drove his car off a houston parking garage and landed upside down on the roof of a shopping center seven stories below. somehow the driver was able to walk away with just minor injuries. witnesses couldn't believe what they saw. >> i looked up, and there was a car flying. >> that's how i feel about it. >> shocked someone could do
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that happens everyday. >> what kind of car was that? authorities say it appears the driver pushed the gas instead of the brake. shouldn't be that easy to burst out of a parking gang. the crane removed -- parking garage. the crane removed the car from the roof. a picture receipt is making the rounds. a person handed the police officer a receipt with the word pig and two curse words. that employee is fired. the pizza chain apologized. some customers aren't happy. they've been getting outraged e-mails and calls. some threatened the business. >> we thought it was important to show in our initial reaction these were consequences. that we will not tolerate that behavior. >> the u.s.a. police department released the statement saying that
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employee and not that of owners or other employees at restaurant. f. you fly in or out of denver, you may see the country's largest political sign. >> a farmer is frustrated with the negativity in washington. he hopped on his plow and spells out how he feels. >> to the untrained eye, this looks like dirt sitting here on the ranch. these dark strips of dirt smell out a message. it's too big to see from here. >> the letters are 800 feet wide and approximately proximate 800 feet long. >> doug hasn't seen the whole thing. >> it's a mile long trump. >> is this the trump mile? >> there you go. it. >> we had to get a look that the thing. we drove out in the field and launched the drone. even from up above the wind turbines, it was hard to get
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eventually we got it. there it is in all its glory, the mile wide trump. >> you were a little worried you might have had a typeo. >> misspelled or something. >> pretty clean to read considering he eye balled the thing. a new lot of newer tractors have gps that spell out things like this. my son stepped it off. i drove the tractor to wherever he was standing. >> he paced it? how many paces? >> a lot. >> he said he wanted to show that colorado voted for hillary last fall, but trump has supporters on the eastern plains. he knows he can see his land from the airplane when he flies out of defer's airport. he has high hopes, maybe too high for that >> you're not telling me you think some hillary voter is going to
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airplane and see your sign and change their mind. >> they might. they should. >> i expect to see it on tweeter or facebook or whatever. >> you're going to catch hell for months. >> whatever. it's worth hit. >> doug has a big sign and equally big dreams. he lights up at the idea air force one will buzz his ranch. >> i'll buy him a beer. i'd love to shake his hand. >> your move mr. president. we have to land now the dang drone ran out of batteries >> tweeter is going crazy about now. the whole job took two hours to complete. he plans to leave it up until he needs to plow the rest of his field in the colorado springs time. >> if you've got a lot of dirt, might as well. >> that was clean, neat. >> yeah. it.
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it impressed me when driving by today. late february, almost full bloom. >> you do remember the full bloom in february? i do not. i grew up here. >> i don't keep statistics about that. >> i know you don't. >> i can't remember caring. >> that's actually beautiful. remember, it's going to hurt the things that's flowered and budded. super cold weather live look outside now, weather cam, 54. dew points in the 20s, not going to be as cold tonight. we have a south wind and clouds that decrease after midnight. bus stop temperatures 38 to 54. dry tomorrow. warmer with few showers tomorrow. best chance west of town. best chance in town tomorrow night. then windy with more thunderstorms on wednesday. we had to issue a weather alert for
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could see winter weather thursday. won't be as up stable as saturday. 49 tonight, 51 downtown. clouds on the way out. by morning, going to need the sun glasses. partly cloudy, 43 mananases in. by lunchtime, we're bag to 6 -- back to 60s still dry. afternoon evening ors, showers develop. and move through metro area tomorrow night. day planner, 40s to start. upper 40s at that. 61 by 11:00 and 66. partly sunny by 1:00. wednesday, there's the weather alert for showers and thunderstorms. that's a deceiving temperature. temperatures fall thursday. kind of blustery. friday snow showers possible 46. not going to stick. 50 saturday sounds cold that's average. back in low 620s sunday and monday. -- 60s sunday monday. >> thanks.
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since d.c. united start to play in 1996, there's one place they've called home, rfk stadium. that's about top change. the city and team broke ground on the new field located three blocks from cash street. the new stadium scheduled to open next spring. the construction schedule is pretty tight. coach olson
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>> you deserve more than anyone. it will be a great joy to watch you get the stadium done. ? why they get all stadiums done? >> it includes more than a 30 luxury suite. i'll never likely see the inside of those. now out of the top 25. they got one vote, same princeton got. two conference games before next week's tournament. in new jersey against rutgers. >> that's it. that's it for us. you'll be
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