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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 28, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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president trump speaks to congress and the country. >> i will not allow the mistakes of recent decades past to define the course of the future. >> over the next 30 minutes, we will break it down. we are fact checking everything. >> what you are telling us about the president's message. >> hello, washington, dc. >> and decade-long feud reaches a cross roads. rosie o'donnell is not happy with the president and is making it known. >> some confirmation it's not a structural problem. >> reporter: some residents say their homes recently began shaking, and we think we know why. >> reporter: tonight arguably the most important policy speech yet for president trump and his new administration. he got across his main agenda, repealing and replacing obamacare, build a border wall, but in a change from past speeches hexer reached across party li
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uniting the nation. >> from now on americans will be empowered by our aspirations, not burdened by our fears. inspired by the future not bound by the failures of the fast. guided by a vision, not blinded by our doubts. >> our garrett haake was on the hill all night, and he is talking with local lawmakers who have more on what they are saying. >> reporter: the reaction from the democrats range from sort of mixed to maddened by the president's speech tonight, and jamie raskin from maryland and montgomery county sort of summed up the democratic response in his level of frustration of what trump staid tonight versus what we have seen so far. >> i felt like i was witnessing an inaugural or, you know a state of the union speech in
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the hunger games or something like that. >> reporter: you will not be surprised to hear the republicans for the delegation here and across the country loved the speech tonight. they loved it not just in the substance but also in the style. it was the donald trump that the congressional republicans have wanted to see for a very long time. he was restrained, and he didn't get caught up in the petty personal grievances that have sometimes sidetracked him from the personal issues. you heard that from andy harris, a republican from maryland. >> i heard a lot of objectives i think we can all agree with. we didn't hear much on how to get there or how to do it, which was a lot like the trump campaign where he promised extraordinary things but had no plan to get there. the democrat of maryland, any other sort of spectrum, the democrats see some opportunity
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here to fill in the blanks of donald trump's lack of specifics on the plan. every democrat i spoke to from our area of delegations v you heard something in the speech that you can work with the president on, and a man and a woman each died maybe, and there just wasn't enough specifics there to make a commitment to try to work across the aisle. garrett haake. >> now we turn from the speech to substance. as part of our commitment to you, sorting out fact from fiction. our team of fact checkers were heart at work working to verify his speech. >> 94 million americans are out of the labor reforms, and 43 million people are living in poverty -- >>e
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i'm going to parcel it out and send it out for you first, the 94 million number is based on reality. according to the bureau of labor and statistics in january 2016, 94 million americans 16 and older were not in the labor force, but that number includes people who don't want a job, people who are retired, students, and stay at home parents and disabled persons, and now as for 43 million people living in poverty, true. that number is from the census bureau. 43million people on food stamps, also true according to the u.s. department of agriculture. 43.6million people were enrolled in the supplemental nutrition assistance program. data from april 2016, the most recent data available. one note, it is down from a high of 47.6 million in 2013. now to the president's comments on terrorist atta
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immigrants on u.s. citizens. >> we are also taking strong measures to protect our nation from radical islamic terrorism. [ applause ] the vast majority of individuals convicted of terrorism and terrorism-related offenses since 9/11 came here from outside of our country. >> okay, so in the president's argument for stricter vetting of immigrants, the president claims it would stop recent terror attacks but of seven countries on his travel ban list, none has produced a terrorist attacker. the san bernardino shooter was born in illinois, his wife in pakistan. the boston marathon bombers were born in russia and none of the 9/11 hijackers were from countries on the banned list. but data from the nonamerica
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group, the majority of jihaddist terrorists have been american citizens or legal residents. we are calling that statement false. if you see something on your social media feeds that has you wondering if it's legit or not, reach out toe me. we will try to verify it for you. i'm on facebook or twitter @adamlongotv. randy hughes, i see a lot of negativity on here, but i don't see anyone else trying to do his job. let him do his job. it may surprise you in 4 years. patty said he can't even speak one word without lying. we asked if you feel encouraged about the future of the united states after the speech. to vote go
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later in the show. it was a big night for speeches, and a woman he criticized throughout his campaign made one, too at the front yard of his house. >> reporter: as president trump prepared to address congress, at least 100 people came here to the front of the white house to protest him and hear a resistance address led by rosie o'donnell. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights. >> whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter and abolish it and to institute new government. that is why we are here! [ cheers ] >> reporter: as rain covered the city,
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their heads with signs, grabbed umbrellas and stood in front of the white house. even when the rain cut the power, they kept going. >> fight back! >> reporter: this protest is not unique. for week critics have done the same thing. trump is still in office, but this rabbi says all of this is working. >> we are seeing concrete successes in slowing down the agenda. >> reporter: outside of the white house, i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. we are going to continue our coverage of the presidential address in a few moments in the meantime, you can join the conversation on our facebook page any time and on our free wusa 9 app. as you can see from the video there, you need to grab your umbrella tomorrow, and even tonight, and topper says storms are on the way. >> we are looking at a yellow weather alert into march, and meteorological spring tomorrow. we are changing the times making it specific, and in
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thunderstorms are the high risk. damaging winds are the biggest threat. stormy commute, not so much to work, but coming home tomorrow evening, you may have wet road tomorrow evening, and then hail, just a low risk at that, and let me show you the latest on the futurecast, and this is just coming in. 2:00, the hours, and they are right along i-81. temperatures mid- to upper 70s, and 3:00, through leesburg, back into culpepper and frederick, right through the immediate metro area by 4:00, and 5:00, they are into southern maryland and back into southern st. mary's county, and we will come back and talk about how strong the winds could be without the thunderstorms and talk about the prospects of snow flakes on friday. >> i would like momada to say we acknowledge this is happening. >> are metro trains to blame for shaking this home? we sent two wusa 9 reporters to find out. returning to his hometown
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durant injured early in the 1st quarter tonight. our coverage of the presidential address continues. we will introduce you to one woman who attended in person but not because she agrees with the president's policies. and what does the younger generation think of tonight's prime time event. we are talking to them live in the studios in northwest. >> i think the tone is uplifting, and there's a sense of unity in how he began talking about black history month and how we need to stand together against hate. >> i feel like we
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tonight we are tracking metro, and we have the results from a 2-
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celebrated new trains, called the 7,000 series. it's a nearly billion dollar post-game. the cars are supposed to be safer and more reliable, but there's a big problem. those living above metro tunnels say the new cars are shaking their homes. some of the vibrations are more subtle than others, and we put two reporters, one in a house and the other in a station to verify. >> i'm pete muntean. for this, we will be in two different spots. i'm here at the georgia avenue station, and my photo journalist will go up about half a mile to where evan is. [instrumental music playing]. >> reporter: we came here to 4th street. i'm evan koslov outside of the home of hannah martin. we will go inside and she says she hears shaking. let's go. [instrumental music
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hello, good morning! >> good morning! >> reporter: hi, how are you? >> reporter: so there it is? >> yeah. that was it. that's about how long it lasts. >> hi, there. >> reporter: hi, pete. let's face time. we just heard pipes rattling, and it should be on your way. >> straight up. coming down the stretch. >> that little bit of noise you heard is normally several seconds longer and louder. >> reporter: it's clearly the cars. the noise was not there before. >> the rattling was not there before the cars. they are a bigger car, heavier car, and potentially a noisier car, and they have caused disruptions in some communities. >> we have pr
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i think that's when we heard it as much. >> reporter: pete, we just heard it. >> sure enough. >> i would like to be able to hear, yes this is happening. i would like engineer confirmation it's not a structural problem. >> reporter: neighbors feel the response has not been great. >> we are taking it seriously. we have metro responding, and again we will come up with a solution to mitigate it i ask people to be patient. patient up to a point. if you feel metro is not responding, let me know. >> reporter: none of the spokespersons would go on camera about the issue. the agency did give us a statement saying metro's engineers have done tests
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vibrations and the results were negligible. a silent protest from democrats and republicans who brought many guests to represent the issues polarizing the country. stephanie ramirez says an undocumented immigrant relying on obamacare and a refugee were on the list. >> reporter: it was around this time at dulles international. that's how jerry conley met the iraqi immigrant he invited to the president's first congressional address to -- >> participate in a clear image about the refugees. >> reporter: she says the executive order calling for a temporary immigration ban would have banned her and did stop her brother, an iraq interpresenter for -- interpreter for the u.s. army. >> it was an emotional moment to see my family. >> reporter: the family she says spent years supporting the u.s. mi
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when she was 19 she says she and her family started an engineering company that helped our troops with construction projects. because of this she says her sister was kidnapped and her husband murdered. >> they work for protected american troops fighting in iraq. >> reporter: conley didn't talk about what he wants to hear tonight. his focus is on making sure the president sees her face. he is also fully aware of the president's guests and offer this. >> we should not let the one taint the other just like our story. >> reporter: her new husband is a military member with top secret clearance. before going into the address the family said they would not be married if vetting was an issue. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> now during the address, one of president trump's guests got a standing ovation from congress when he called her father a hero. the guests included the family
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reportedly killed by undocumented immigrants. topper has a weather alert with what you need it know. >> 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. the numbers you need to know. we can remember these numbers. i was worried i lowered it. i didn't make a bull's-eye, but not bad. 68, one off. 76 tomorrow, i lowered it. 80 earlier, but 76 tomorrow. this is our live weathercam. temperatures not going down tonight if the all. 1:00or 2:00 2:00 -- if the all. 1:00or 2:00 -- if at all. 1:00or 2:00 tomorrow, there's rain showers, and there's individual heavier activity haggerstown to frederick, and wet roads tomorrow, and nothing severe, but wet roads, and this is what we are looking at right tow, haggerstown, down 68 down
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activity, and light to moderate activity from frederick to meyersville, and it's headed over to middletown at 11:43 and into frederick a little bit after midnight, and also, a lighter activity out to georgia avenue, and also out to rockville, and some light activity over the bridge into fairfax county, and so, for tomorrow, for the bus stop, well, warm, 54 to 66. and a couple of showers are possible, and nothing severe. yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon with thunderstorms, critical time 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., and the main threat will appear to be damaging winds. yes, we could have hail. isolated tornado not out of the question, but mainly talking about strong winds. 6:00a.m. tomorrow, and no worries in town. showers back in the mountains, and temperatures upper 50s, low 60s, and there's the showers skirting the north suburbs, especially around i-70, and the showers will move through in a hurry. they will really race
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the metro area. not long-lived, but it could last no more than an hour. we may have straggler showers behind, but not severe by any mean the. in terms of forecast for the winds, 41 miles an hour for gusts tomorrow at noon. that's without the thunderstorms. get ready. day planner, 60s to start. 76 by 1:00, and things will heat up about 1:00. behind the front, cooler on thursday, and 50s, and snow or rain shower possible on friday, and now saturday, cold, back into the 40s, and then the 50s on sunday, and 60s on monday and tuesday. a better chance of showers on tuesday. all right, i'm up here with a mix of millennials we have gathered to watch the president's joint address to congress, and we cannot talk to all of them. i can tell you, it's been a party up here in the conference room no beverages or alcoholic beverages allowed. there's been good energy here, and
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about what they heard. i guess in general, just your general take on what the president said. he wanted to be optimistic and hopeful. did he achieve that? >> i think he started off with the tone of unity and trying to bring people together. i think it was nice. i was happy he talked about tax reform and regulatory reform. we have not had a very good growth opportunity the last 8 years, 1.6% on average. i was happy to see that we are going to have a progressive environment now. >> reporter: it may be nice to know your name and your political affiliation. >> kevin young and the young county republicans. >> you have been listening to the joint addresses for some time as well following the candidate to this speech. were you affirmed? did you approve of what you heard? >> i think it's probably the best version of
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seen. i'm angela morbito and we see petitioners every day extremely concerned about taxes and immigration, and those two things are deeply connected. trump started to lay out some specifics about relieving the obamacare tax burden, but the details can not be packed into a speech with time constraints so the most important part of the speech is not what happened tonight, but it's what happens tomorrow and the next day and the day after that, and the details that get ironed out. >> i know you're looking to hear more details as well. you're a democrat, were you disappointed in any way by what you heard tonight? >> i was definitely. trump talks about putting america first, and in the entire speech, he only talked about health care and only talked about child care as well as women's care and paid for family leave in the entire speech. that's not putting america first or fighting for families. that's something i was disappointed. i did like that for the firs
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time in his presidency, we finally saw president trump in his tone and how he addressed the joint session. >> tell me your name again? >> sanjie martinez. howard university. >> the youngest among us here. tell us your name and political affiliation and really quickly your take on what you heard tonight. >> my name is ryan wincheck. i'm a proud democrat. overall i was very relieved i guess to say that he sort of changed his tone in this speech. it was like a completely different person that being said, i think his speech was a lot of empty promises. he opened the speech trying to reject racism and hate and throughout his campaign and presidency he failed to reject those things previously. i think it's a lot of empty promises. >> all right a lot
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they have heard a lot of good words and want to see good action, and the one thing that stuck with them, the widow of william
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toe the joint session, down at the capitol, not the only game in town tonight. less than a mile away, a sellout crowd at the verizon wizards. could they beat the best team in the nba? just under way here, and watch martin just man handle garza, throwing him right into kevin durant, and it's not good. >> oh! >> durant hyperextends his knee. look at that. ouch! he would not return to the game. he went off hobbling to the locker room. to the action, high-flying in deed. wizards with a big lead into halftime. a physical game, look at markeith in the face. flagrant foul, and on the other end, watch this pick. >> oh! >> just taking him down. >> final minute, golden state
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we will take you out with a look at the poll results. do you feel encouraged about the future of the united
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