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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 1, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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ka-bloom or kaput? did katy and orlando split because of another woman? what orlando was caught doing while katy was working. >> plus, dancing's controversial new cast. >> i caught him. >> how beyonce's backup dancer, caught his own star, and what her competitors have to say about it. >> "e.t." i pity the fool. >> then -- >> gary, gary from chicago. >> from 20-year prison sentence to the oscar stage. >> people can change. >> but if you think you know gary's story, think again. >> real men cry. >> and -- ♪ if i could turn back time life lessons from cher at 70. >> my mom said if you don't pay attention to age, it won't pay attention to you. that's the dumbest thing i ever heard. >> now, for march 1st, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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engagement rumors. katy perry's surprising split from orlando bloom, that is on the way. >> major new fallout from the epic best picture mix yup at th oscars. >> the question is, who has the key? >> we both have a key to this. >> "e.t." has confirmed accountants brian and martha ruiz will not be returning to the oscars after sunday night's best picture flub. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> the duo from pricewaterhousecoopers walked the red carpet, each carrying a set of winners' envelopes. cullen was under fire after he revealed he handed warren beatty the wrong envelope. it was the backup for actress in a leading role. academy present president said today the error was caused because cullen was distracted. in fact, three minutes before best picture was announced, cullen tweeted this photo of emma stone backstage. today several photos have emerged of cullen backstage just before the blunder. this image was snapped of him on
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his phone at 9:04 p.m. just moments after the backstage envelope mix-up. although cullenen and ruiz will no longer work with the academy, we have learned they will remain as partners at their accounting firm. cullenen has not commented since the incident. his wife was snapped out shopping with a bodyguard today. meanwhile, the academy said its relationship with price waterhouse coopers remains under review. the academy also apologized for showing the wrong person when they remembered costume designer janet patterson. >> well, you may remember that jennifer aniston was the one who presented the in memoriam segment. now, a new report claims brad pitt has been texting jen. since he broke up with angelina. a source close to brad tells "e.t." they have been in touch but they are nothing more than friends. meanwhile, katy perry and orlando bloom have split. reps for the couple said, they're, quote, taking respectful loving space at this time. apparently on oscar night there was already trouble in paradise.
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video of orlando leaning in close, whispering and laughing with a 20-something brunette and wait for it, she playfully rubs his ear. is this what caused the split? orlando's flirting behavior happened at a party in l.a. four days before the oscars, and that same day kkty was on stage in london performing at the brit awards. a source tells us the girl he was with, a recent college graduate, met orlando a couple of years ago through a chaaity and she is nothing more than a friend with the 40-year-old star. >> yeah, that's how you do it. >> orlando had just flown in from a unicef trip from africa the day before and reunited with katy at sunday's "vanity fair" party. even though they showed up separately. this is lathe st photo of the couple together. but were there signs of trouble? ka-bloom spent most of 2017 apart. >> i'm digging the look. it's like the last color in a spectrum i can do. the only thing i can do is shave my head, which i'm really saving for a public breakdown. i'm downor
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i'm always moments away from that. >>nd bloe catty showed up solo to the grammys. orlando missing her performance to the spotlight where she performed "change to the rhythm" and orlando was with his son on valentine's day and not katy. >> we've taught each other a lot. >> she is amazing. i'm super proud of the work she .does she is a voice that speaks for so many. >> of course the pair's statement about taking respectful loving space at this time indicates there is a chance katy and orlando could get back together. if they don't, we always have this moment to fondly look back on and say "thanks for the memories." >> yeah. there was that. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. also making news today, the debut of the new "dancing with the stars" cast. now, if finding love on television made nick "the bachelor" cry, wait until he has to face off against his competition. >> that's because season 24 is stacked with performers that have more dance experiencen
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here's the question. if the is the competition even fair? >> i pity the poor competition. it's on now. i'm ready to release the anger. release the beast. >> tough talk, mr. t. let's face it, you're up against two olympians, a couple of pop stars and beyonce's former backup dancer. that is "glee's" heather morris who talked to us at today's big dancing reveal. >> do you think you have an unfair advantage? >> i don't think so at all. i think the competn itiois completely fair. >> there's a gold medal gymnast. like come on, yeah. >> that is simone biles, who won four gold medals ann is poised to dominate yet another competition. >> performing in front of millions of people. does this make you nervous? >> i'm so nervous. you have to get out of your comfort zone to do things. nancy kerrigan jumps from the ice rink to the dance floor. >> i've been an athlete my whole life. as a skater, we performed to music. i think that may help me.
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>> as for singer to dance, chris fifth harmony's normani kordei is joining the cast. along with "real housewives" star erika jayne. she has nine number ones on the bill board chart. >> you are used to being on stage performing in front of so many people. why is this different? >> oh, my gosh, ball room, i have no idea what i'm doing. >> are you nervous, excited? >> all of it. nervous, excited. i can't wait. >> it will be a fun cast. so bachelor nick is also joining the cast. nick is in l.a. for "the bachelor" where rachel lindsay makes the final three. but that will not work out. rachel is also the next bachelorette. we found out rachel's casting requirements. >> describe yourself as a bachelorette in one word. >> direct. [ laughs ] >> i do not like the way they -- >> okay, so we know she can be brutally honest, so what does the dallas-based attorney want in a man?
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>> i'm 31 so i'm an older bachelorette. i might be the oldest, i'm not sure. and then at the same time i have a different type of job than the typical bachelorettes have. i've been through the journey so i know exactly what it is i'm looking for. >> she is the oldest bachelorette ever and is serious about settling down as we saw on nick's season. >> if i'm bringing a man home, it means something. >> i felt like rach and i became not only romantically involved while we dated, but best friends, and great friends. >> what kind of pool are you hoping to see in your group? >> i obviously expect to see a wider pool of african-american men, because that's me. what i'm excited about is i'm hoping my cast reflects what america looks like. i don't just date african-american men. i've dated all races before. >> what are your deal breakers? >> i need a funnn guy. you don't need to be a comedian. i don't need you to be kevin hart. i think you should be able to talk sports. bad breath is a deal breaker. ca
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is a deal breaker for me. >> first rachel and now maybe nischelle turner. >> listen, i think we were separated at birth, me and rachel. >> emma watson "vanity fair." >> can you believe that? she was showing everything, right? she's also showing off in the new live version of "beauty and the beast." and we've got all the secrets behind the music. ♪ there goes the baker with his light ♪ ♪ the bread to serve emma sings the classic seven-opening minute number that was in the animated version. plus she gets a new original song. >> we see what is kind of the story of belle's life before, you know, she meets the beast. ♪ song as old as rhyme ♪ beauty and the beast >> that classic title tune was sung by angela lansbury. celine dion sang one version.
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this time, the duet is with ariana grande and john legend. ♪ song as old as time ♪ beauty and the beast >> everyone envisioned us in the studio together. almost every time someone does a duet these days, we do it separately. we respect the song a lot and respect the original recording a pot. >> celine is singing on the new contract with "how does a moment last forever." a decision she discussed with her late husband. >> i kind of talked to rene and he said, you should. it was an amazing privilege again. "beauty and the beast" brought me to where i am today, played a big role. ♪ i'm especially good especially ♪ >> luke evans takes on the role of gaston. ♪ now that i'm grown ♪ i'm roughly the size of a boy ♪
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>> ever since i've told people i play gaston, without any prompting would come out with lines from the song "gaston." these lines that, i have answers in all of my decorating. at times people come up with that line and i didn't even remember that line. >> kind of like when people see you and "think this is "entertainment tonight." they do that. they really do. he appeared in "rent" and miss saigon. all right, coming up next, meet hgtv's new home improvement couple. are they taking over for the divorcing "flip or flop" stars. then, gary from chicago with his fiance, wearing jennifer aniston sunglasses. what's next for the couple? and our cher exclusive. how the single 70-year-old meets men. >> it's not like you can join >> closed captioning provided by --
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the dark brown house is going to look awful. >> their divorce hasn't slowed the progress on hgtv highest-rated series "flip or flop." it's going to become a franchise. as the network launches multiple spin of yous and we have your first look. >> vegas is the most difficult real estate market in the country. that doesn't go there. >> this is how you did it. >> meet the newest husband-and-wife team on the home front. aubrey and bristol. they look a lot like taric and christina. they even have that high five thing down. >> knock it out of the park. >> taric and christina's much-publicized divorce left fans wondering about the fate of their show. hgtv tells us they're currently in production with new episodes set to air this summer. >> that is great news. >> aubrey and bristol, they're not here to take over. actually, their show was in production long before the el moussa's split. >> two years in may since we first started films. >> their home base sin city. one of five new flip or flop spin-offs. >> vegas glam is what i call it. that's my style.
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faucets, hardware is like the jewelry of the house. if you don't have that kind of stuff, you've got a plain old house. >> the original series is among the network's highest-rated shows. that's a lot to live up to. so could we be facing another high-profile hgtv relationship meltdown? >> a green mosaic, geometric pattern tile. i spent $19 a square foot on the material. >> 19 bucks? >> our relationship is so solid. we just work so well together. >> still ahead, oprar h fo president? what she thinks about getting into politics now. >> then, our exclusive with the oscars breakout stars. >> behind bars for 20 years, his story of redemption you haven't heard. >> when you change your life and get out of prison, now you have to do the right thing. >> cher, a look at love. >> are you open? >> the new interview. >> would you like to see something amazing?
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♪ do you believe in life after love ♪ "i believe in life" after turning 70. because cher is teaching us all some lessons. the icon is rocking the stage. five decades after sonny. but is cher still looking for love? well, we got into everything. we sat down together. ♪ if i could turn back time >> do you ever think about age? or do you not even think about that because it doesn't matter? >> my mom says it doesn't. she said if you don't pay attention to age, it won't pay attention to you. but i think that's the dumbest thing i ever heard. but there's not much you can doo about it. you just do your best.
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♪ >> her show, classic cher, features a dazzling display of wigs and 11 costume changes that reveal her amazing figure. what are you doing here? what's your secret? >> well, i'm a big worker-outer. you know. and it's genes. my mom is 90 and fabulous. and it doesn't happen by accident. >> so you put a lot of hard work in? >> i certainly do. >> how many days are you in the gym? >> i'm in the gym probably five days. ♪ well i was walking in memphis ♪ >> i was going to ask you about your love life. >> you know, i'm not talking about it. every time i talk about it -- >> it gets you in trouble? >> yeah. it's like someone said to me, you know, what's something that's not true about you? and i went, i've been dying for a year if you're reading "the enquirer." ♪ half breed >> are you open to meeting guys? >> yeah. you know, it takes kind of the
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the herd down because people are a little bit frightened of being mr. cher. >> i'm certain they are. >> it takes a certain kind of guy. >> you can't go out in public and meet someone. >> yeah. it's not like you can join >> she's in residence at the park theater at the monte carlo in las vegas and later this month will be at the mgm in the d.c. area. cher has always pushed the fashionnenvelope and this look may be the most talked about one ever. >> i don't think there has been a more famous outfit than this, that bob mackie did for you. >> i ran into jane fonda and she went, wait a minute, this is the best. i mean, it was something that everyone got a kick ou.t of and the academy didn't love it so much, but it was okay. would you like to see something amazing that no one has seen? >> yeah. these are one of a kind booted created just for cher and
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show by famous designer christian louiebaton. >> oh, my gosh. that is phenomenal. >> how cool is that? >> oh, my gosh. >> i just said, you know, make them in a bunch of colors. and i bet a million girls would love these. >> seems like life is complete for this well-healed mom to son chaz and son elijah. >> do you want grandkids? >> yeah. but nobody seems to be coming up with them. >> give cher some grandkids. and she wants them to call her, listen to this, so perfect, chery grandmother. she ssid her friends' kids already call her that. >> i don't know if this guy has a fairy grandmother but oscar sensation gary from chicago, the tourist unknowingly thrown into the spotlight at the academy awards, went from prison inmate to national obsession to overnight. in his first tv interview an emotional gary told us if he regrets getting all the attention. >> if you change your life and get out of prison now you do the right thing. there is a good story to this.
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no, ma'am, i'm not ashamed. >> released after 20 years in prison, then three days later winding up on hollywood's biggest stage, it's the kind of turn-around that even an oscar screenwriter couldn't craft. >> your name is gary? >> gary from chicago. >> the pics snapped that night, unaware of his criminal record or his road to redemption. but now gary's still wearing his oscar jacket and his fiancee vicky, still wearing jennifer aniston's sunglasses. >> these are my jen sunglasses. >> say they are forever grateful they can share their story. it made headlines after they were approached to tour the exhibit. >> we thought we were taking pictures of dresses and jewelry and all that kind of stuff. >> even when the doorman came through, he said exhibit. and when they opened the door, oh, my god, these are real people. >> i said, i'm a big boy. when i saw that, i'm not star struck. i see my favorite actors and
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actresses and i'm like, good lord, how are you all doing. >> less than 24 hours later, when he revealed his criminal record, many were surprised to learn gary was behind bars for 20 years. his public defender explains. >> gary was sentenced to 25 to life under the former three strikes law in california. he had conviction for attempted rape and it was 40 years ago. he needs to get all credit for turning his life around and from someone who was committing crimes as a teen to someone who is now ready to start over. >> you are here with gary? >> my fiance. >> gary met vickie through an inmate. the couple is thankful their 15 minutes of fame has at least one undisclosed chicago company making a generous offer. >> they offered to pay for our wedding and my ring. >> gary said he is not interested in going hollywood. >> if there is some way i could turn this into a mentoring situation where i can help people that have been to prison like me before and have changed and would like to help in the community, that's what i would like to come of this. >> first thing for gary is finding a job.
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that will allow him to take care of his family. >> speaking of jobs, you may have heard that oprah said she is thinking of running for president! we will tell what you we found out when we come back.
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>> travel considern atioprovided by -- will you run for president one day? >> that is the one thing i can say will never happen to me. >> that was oprah with "e.t." in november. >> but she sat down with bloomberg the day that ruben stein show and it sounds like she might have changed her mind. listen. >> you don't need government experience. >> i thought, oh, gee, i don't have the experience.
7:57 pm
now i'm thinking, oh. >> now before everyone gets excited, here is the real story. the david rubenstein show cut the clip short. here's what she went on to say. >> have you considered whether you are running for president of the united states or not? >> that won't be happening. >> she would be phenom sir! there's been a breach. we need your password so we can lock down the system. my password? yes, sir, we need your password. the password that i use? yes, sir, your password. there's been another breach! sir! right. okay. i-h-a... ...t-e-m-y-j-o-b-1. ihatemyjob1? wanna get away? now you can with southwest fares as low as 59 dollars one-way. yes to low fares with nothing to hide.
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