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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 2, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. as president trump leaves for new port nudes, virginia. -- news, virginia and the se c
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as housing secretary there are new calls for attorney general jeff sessions to resign afterat least recuse himself from the -- or at least recuse himself from the trump campaign and russia. >> do you swear -- >> it was during his confirmation hearings in january that then senator jeff sessions failed to disclose he had two meetings with russia's ambassador to the u.s. in the last year. >> i have been called a surrogate at a time or two. and that campaign and i didn't have communication with the russians. >> reporter: a justice department spokesperson says that as a member of the armed services committee last year the senator had over 25 conversations with foreign ambassadors. this morning, attorney general sessions responded to the allegations. >> well i have not met with any russians at any time to discuss any political campaign. >> reporter: democrats say he didn't tell the truth while under oath. >> because the department of justice should be above reproach, for the good of the country, attorney general
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>> reporter: so far no republicans are calling for the attorney general to resign. but more and more are joining democrats in saying he should not lead any investigations into connections between the trump campaign and russia. >> i would recuse myself if i were in his shoes rice now. you know pending his ability to clarify you know, what actually occurred. >> i do think he needs to clarify and recuse himself, absolutely. >> reporter: the attorney general is consulting with department of justice lawyers about his role in the russian investigation. don champion, cbs news, the white house. >> which brings us to the eneen substantiate toll -- instant poll question. is a recusal enough or step down from the attorney general post? all right, so the results that we have so far i'm just looking at this screen, yes, here they are. still going back and forth. 50/50. i think people are just tuning in. take a look at the poll questions there and should jeff sessions the new attorney general, resign or
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himself over conversations he may or may not have had with soviet russian leaders and an investigation into their effect on the trump campaign? well, here's what some of you are saying on social media. how bad could it be tweeted? to all my republican friends, it's not just that he met with russians, it's the fact that he lied under oath about it. next is trump hashtag #sessions. one posed this question, kind of curious, did senator frankel know and finally thomas said this. if i didn't know any better i'd say that trump's cabinet is turning into the swampiest of swamping in presidential history -- swamps in presidential history. so what do you think? log on to my of the -- any of the wusa9 social media pages and join the conversation. and take part in our instant poll. several u.s. officials evidently revealed to nbc news there was no actionable intelligence gained so far from
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navy s.e.a.l.s got laptops, cell phones and hard drives from the deadly raid. and nbc reported ten current government officials briefed on the operation revealed the information they've gotten from the raid has not proven to be vital or actionable. navy s.e.a.l. william ryan owens died in the raid along with an 8-year-old girl. republicans on the hill want to replace obamacare but they remain at odds on how to do it. aldraft of one gop plan would lot tax credits to people based soldly on age and not income. the nonprofit kaiser family foundation says the plans currently discussed would most likely lead to fewer people being insured than under obamacare. recovery efforts are underway after deadly storms swept across the nation's midsection. more than two dozen tornadoes reported -- were reported from the south to the midwest. and if violent weather is blamed for at least five deaths.
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chattanooga, tennessee where the storms left a trail of damage. >> reporter: the storms stretched hundreds of miles. whipping through the south and parts of the east coast. hail slammed alabama, heavy rains flooded parts of ohio. strong winds blew the roof off this car dealership in north carolina. and toppled trees in tennessee. crushing this mobile home and injuring a young boy inside. parts of the midwest are still cleaning up after the storm system roared through the area tuesday night. more than 100 homes in perryville, missouri were damaged with many destroyed. from above you can see the scope of the damage in ottawa, illinois about 80 miles outside of chicago. in the small nearby village of naplate. dozens of homes were also damaged some leveled. >> the windows are busted out. there's debris everywhere. in the house. the only room that didn't get touched luckily by the grace of god is my room and my daughter's room. the
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>> reporter: tornadoes that swept through these communities packed winds up to 155 miles an hour. one person was killed by a fallen tree limb more than a dozen others were injured. illinois governor bruce rouner toured the damage unwebbed. >> this could have been much much worse -- on wednesday. >> this could have been much much worse and now we want to make sure we help the community recover quickly. >> reporter: it will come slowly right now that side of the street has power. this side of the street is still in the dark. flush and the white house is talking to state and local officials about getting help to everyone who needs it. mark strawsman, cbs news, chattanooga, tennessee. we are dealing with some blustery weather and it appears we could see some flakes flying and before the week is over. howard bernstein has the first alert seven day forecast. >> yeah but we're just talking flurries or maybe some snow showers and not talking about accumulating snow but don't be surprised tomorrow if we have some of those flakes flying around. now we've got some clouds especially in the mountains some of them have been spilling east and yo
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here, when the wind hits the mountains it goes up and down and it goes up and down and whenever it rises, that's where you get these lines of clouds. and they're pretty consistent there. locally though we are dealing with a lot of wind still. no more wind advisory but it's still gusting almost 40 miles an hour in gaithersburg and martins bush in the upper 30 -- burg in the upper 30s and easton to 38 and yes, that's a 45-mile an hour gust on the coast there in atlantic city. the winds certainly have dropped temperatures, it's 31 degrees colder now than yesterday at this time in luray and winchester. we're down 25 here in the district. 27 in gaithersburg. with the actual tells in the 40s -- temps in the 40s. only low to mid-40s in the shenandoah valley. 39 in cumberland and 49 in town and fredericksburg right now the warm spot at 51 degrees. we're going to see these winds continue some snow showers in the mountains later on this afternoon. you know tonight we might see a flurry or snow shower coming
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now tomorrow starts out mainly dry. but as we get into if the midday and the afternoon, a little upper level disturbance going to squeeze out and notice the blue here, this is all going to be snow showers? n spite of of the colors because the -- in spite of the colors because flurries and snow showers by late afternoon. most of this will be pulling away from us and a cold day tomorrow. we'll struggle once again to get into the low 40s. now i'll be back in a few minutes andrea and talk about the weekend and when temperatures will rebound and just a reminder if you can't join us here on wusa9 news at noon, you can always join us on the wusa9 app. it's a free download for your smart phone. prince george's county police are asking for help to find a missing 8-year-old boy. his name is moe hummelled drain. he was last seen -- mohammed drain. will of he was last seen in -- he was last seen in the 900 block of lantern seven road. please contact police if you can help find mohammed. police in fairfax county continue the search for human remains in holmes run park. today, police blocked
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cul-de-sac in the 6,000 block of crater place. the one -- crater place one. the entrances to the park to comb the area. police wrapped up a search at lemon road park in falls church yesterday when nothing turned up. earlier this week, police got a tip that human remains could be in one of the parks. police believe this could be gang related. no word on whether it's connected to the gang murder of a gaithersburg teen. investigators continue to search for answers in all these cases. it's hard to believe that the two people trapped in this wrecked car survived this crash in waldorf this morning. first responders had to use the jaws of life to cut them out. the crash happened in the southbound lanes of route 5 near meadow brook lane near pearson drive. authorities are still investigating how the crash happened. and police in manassas arrest asked charged a woman with driving under the influence of drugs after she crashed her car into a home. authorities say it happened around 4:30 this morning at laman drive
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welcome back to the news at noon. he's large, she's still in charge, but no baby yet. that's the word from upstate new york where a very pregnant giraffe could give birth at any minute. millions of people have been tracking the progress of april the giraffe from a live feed. now it was interrupted last week for what was called nudity and sexual content. officials from the park blamed animal rights extremists. after thousands of people complained to youtube a new live feed was established and the streaming resumed. four middle school students in a communit
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program in prince george's county will be competing in a national math competition at the end of this month. they are already regional champs and while they prepare for that competition, they need help winning a video challenge about math. mikea turner shows us how hard they've been working and how you can help. >> reporter: the martlets have been preparing for this all year. in november, they won first place at regionals and now they have their sights set on a national math competition. >> what is the smallest positive three digit number -- >> reporter: at the patriots training technology center the four middle school students are doing what makes any mathlete successful. that's practicing with one of their coaches david lie by their side. >> we've been working for four to eight hours every weekend. >> reporter: the team uses a special program that generates math problems from previous math counts competitions. >> the easiest is the algebra work. because that's what we're doing in class now. and then the hardest part is the geometry because that's a year above what we're doing. >>or
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christian and justice are all members of the national society of plaque engineers or -- black engineers or the junior chapter at the center. in november the team competed in the regional math competition for middle school students can came out on top. now it's all about the national competition in kansas city that starts at the end of the month. >> some problems they are allowed to use calculators, some of them they are not. for some they work in teams other times individually. >> reporter: the other challenge is getting enough votes for the online video. the team is a part of team math counts video challenge where teams of four apply a problem to the real world and illustrate the solution. the video was called legendary pizza. it's about a superhero delivering pizzas with challenges that are out of this world. the video needs as many voted as possible by mid-march. >> you need to register under e- mail, only takes a minute. >> reporter: the top shun videos moves to the -- 100 videos moves on to the next round. that's $1,000 per student for college if they win. >> that's also nice too. >> report:
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investment in their future. >> that was mikea turner reporting. and you have until march 14th to vote for the teen's video online and we have the link on our website. by the way, the team that wins the math competition at the national society of black engineers annual convention this month will win a sponsorship to compete if the 2017 -- in the 2017 math counts national competition in orlando, florida. so the best of luck to them. and we have al happy update about that boy who was missing from prince george's county. police say they have found 8- year-old mohammed drain. as we told you earlier, he vanished sometime yesterday from the 9100 block of lanham seven road. authorities say the child is fine but they would not elaborate on where he is found. you can call it one giant leap for woman kind. the women who work for nasa are no longer "hidden figures." lego is putting out a new toy set called women of nasa. it's highlighting the contributions of five women
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including astronaut sally ride and mathematician katherine johnson who is played by taraji p. henson in the movie "hidden figures." more good news about local students. a local student has been named a finalist in the doodle for google competition creating a design from an old dvr. his name is louis yen bell and he's one of thousands of students across the nation who submitted a design. all in all, 53 finalists were named. one for each state or district. >> it's nice. >> i think what's great about the contest is they're asking kids to think about their futures and all the designs are really inventive and different. >> here are the local finalists in maryland sixth grader thomas perkins of smithsburg was selected for a futuristic look at space travel. in virginia bailey wilson of
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a message of love and unity. new you can vote -- now you can vote online as the top five will be sent to google headquarters this year. the top selection will also bring home a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 award for their school. now to a heartwarming story a 10-month-old dog names picasso is exiting a very blue period in his life. all thanks to an oregon dog rescue group. the pit bull terrier mix was born with a facial deformity resembling a picasso painting. and executive director saved him from a shelter where he was about to be euthanized. now the group is fixing picasso's tooth and thanks to social media, they say they've received hundreds of offers from people wanting to take him home. but he's got to be with his brother pablo and apparently all those people are still willing to take them both. before you plan your spring break trip, you want
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this. we know some people go to the bathroom in the pool. disgusting. a new report shows just how often. scientists in canada tested 31 pools and hot tubs and found urine in every single one of them. in canada? researchers are not trying to scare people off -- >> canadians are people too andrea. >> they just hope this information will teach people to get out of the pool if you need to use the restroom. sounds like a mommy there. come on people. >> yes. >> i got to follow that. thanks. thanks a lot. hey, weather-wise, let's get talking i mean allergy index has been coming in this whole season started early with the severe weather you saw in illinois and they usually don't see that for another month or so. look at the clouds. just whipping the -- winds i should say whipping the flags around the washington monument today. it is blowing out there. hey weather-wise, allergy index we've got high tree pollen once again. weeds, first time i'm seeing that they are low on and the grasses are absent and the mold
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for the afternoon, not as windy as earlier but still windy. no more wind advisory but we're still gusting over 35 in sports. temperatures -- spots, temperatures barely creep into the low 50 ever in the district. some of us won't get out of the 40s. with 30s and maybe a couple of upper 20s in spots tonight. already seeing 20s out in the mountains. davis at 20 and oakland 27 and we're sitting at 49 with couple of 50s down to the south and west of us. and just a cold windy day considering we were 80 yesterday. 80 yesterday. it's 49 degrees. so temps right now around 20 to 30 degrees colder than a day ago and the dew point is dropped cig significantly. 62 was the dew point yesterday and now it's down to 23. really dried out and there are your winds out of the west gusting to 35 miles an hour. so a little taste of winter is what we're dealing with today. tomorrow and into saturday. flurries and snow showers tomorrow. i don't think they're going to amount to much but if you're traveling into some of the mountains out west, there could be a little bit
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there. here they'll just be more conversational. now a dry weekend ahead. going to be cold on saturday. but milder sunday. by sunday, we should get back toward that 50-degree mark and i have 60s coming next week, what's coming for tomorrow? a squall coming out of canada and the northern plains if notice how the -- and notice how the clouds and radar echos are moving to the southeast. cold air out of canada and also bringing some energy that's going to come our way. meantime, what hit us yesterday, well the front is out here the area of low pressure spinning through areas of new england now. pulling up the st. lawrence valley here in parts of canada but for us just the cold winds behind it. up in pennsylvania a few snow showers and later this afternoon, we'll likely see system redevelop in the mountains of western maryland and southwestern pennsylvania. tonight we can't rule out the passing flurry or snow shower coming through a few spots overnight. tomorrow morning, maybe a stray snow shower but really i think midday, into the early afternoon, this little blue line is a trough of
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pressure. a little weak impulse. that's going to be strong enough just to squeeze out some flurries and snow showers for the middle of the day. so don't be surprised if we get a brief little burst of some snow showers you know 10, 15 minutes later the sun is back out. so that sort of regime and then this will pass us and we'll just have a cold night. frill night, saturday cold and then by sunday, start to notice the warming out in the tennessee and ohio valley. that will start to move in here especially early next week. today, windy and colder. 53 although windchills 30s and 40s. tonight we're in the 0s with some 20s in the 'burbs. 23 tomorrow and some flurries and snow showers, i would could be breezy and windy. gusts again over 30. saturday only 43 and breezy. now sunday back to 50 and monday 62 and then later tuesday into wednesday morning a chance for some much-needed rain. highs again above 60. we'll see you on the other side of the break.
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some interesting political dating news in page 6 of the "new york post." the paper says hunter biden the son of the former vice president confirmed he is dating his brother's widow. beau biden deeded of brain cancer in may 2015. he had two children with his life. hunter bide season separated from his wife -- biden is separated from his wife. former vice president joe biden reportedly gave his blessing to the relationship. we have one final look at the forecast when we return. stay with us.
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that's it for wusa9 news at noon. thanks for watching, we'll be back at 5:00 and until then have a great afternoon. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner.
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>> jill: so you found this in the mailbox? no address. just my name. >> esther: in mrs. c's handwriting. it's kind of like a miracle, isn't it? a letter from the other side. >> jill: [ mockingly ] oh, it's kind of like a miracle. how did it get there? >> esther: well, someone must have put it in the mailbox. >> jill: like who, esther? >> esther: i don't know! does it matter how it got here? mrs. c wrote that to you! why don't you just open it? >> jill: this is so bizarre! so what does she want to tell me? and do i really want to hear it? >> colin: my god. isn't she beautiful? i'm gonna love her all the more if she's worth the kind of money that we're talking about. but, you know, being a fauchet


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