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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i was taken aback, a little bit, about this brand-new information, this allegation that a surrogate -- and i had been called a surrogate for donald trump -- had been meeting continuously with russian officials. it struck me very hard and that's what i've focused my answer on. with retrospect, i should have slowed down and said i did meet one russian official a couple of times, that would be the ambassador. >> the recusal comes after president donald trump said he had total confidence in the attorney general, jeff sessions and democrats said the recusal doesn't go far enough. attorney general jeff sessions agreed to step aside from the federal investigation into russian interference in the election. >> my staff recommended recusal. they said that since i had involvement with the campaign, i should not
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campaign investigation. >> reporter: the move follows the revelations that sessions met twice with the russian ambassador to the u.s. during the presidential campaign. sessions was a senator at the time and an advisor to candida donald trump and did not disclose those meetings that is confirmation hearings for attorney general. >> the idea that i was part of a, quote, continuing sustained -- disdain of information during the campaign between trump surrogates and intermediaries for the russian government was totally false. >> reporter: president donald trump said he was not aware of any contact between sessions and the russian ambassador during his campaign. earlier, the president was asked if he still had confidence in his attorney general. >> totally. >> reporter: and, whether sessions should recuse himself. >> i don't think so, at all. >> reporter: some
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while democrats won a step further. >> that would be better for the country if he resigned. >> he said he discussed terrorism and the ukraine with the russian ambassador. don champion at the white house. attorney general for the interim, dana boente, will handle the investigation. trump talked about plans to beef up the military and visit did the soon-to-be commissioned gerald r ford in virginia. he told servicemembers they would get the resources to keep the country safe. >> after years of endless budget cuts that impaired our defenses, i am calling for one of the largest defense spending increases in history. >> the president wants to boost pentagon spending by $54 billion. by the way, the gerald r ford is a $13 billion nuclear powered warship. it's the most technically sophisticated ship in the entire u.s. fleet and will eventually replace the uss
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lawmakers okayed former texas governor rick perry for energy secretary and dr. ben carson as hud secretary. local lawmakers and immigrants and advocates gathered at the site of a recent ice crack down. they came to rising hope mission church in alexandria to show support for immigrants and to call for a fair immigration policy. the church service free meals to the hungry and runs a shelter in the winter. witnesses said ice age and staged a raid early one morning last month and rounded up several men who had just left the shelter. ice said it identified two criminals in the race, -- in the rate, one from honduras and one from the el salvador. a rally had hundreds of people joining. in pennsylvania, there were interfaith leaders that condemned the recent acts of anti-semitism. they included vandalism at a jewish cemetery last weekend.
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a judge ordered two baltimore police officers to remain in custody until trial. they are among some seven up a discharge in a racketeering case that allegedly involves stealing money and drugs, falsifying police reports and lying to investigators. the pending hearings are later today and tomorrow for the other officers. breaking news out of prince george's county. police are looking for the killer who gunned down a teenager around 3:00 this afternoon, all outside an apartment complex near iversen street. the man was rushed to the hospital where he died and police are outside the complex looking for evidence and witnesses and they want to talk to anyone who has information. you are about to meet a young man who is teaching three- year-olds and four-year-olds to read and how to overcome odds. we are taken inside a special program in dc schools where men of color are empowering children.
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before this 19-year-old can teach these three-year-olds and four-year-olds, they've got to get the jitters out. >> okay. >> harrison is one of a handful of young black men that are literacy tutors. >> people and pizza, do they start with the same sound? >> yeah! >> today is read across america day and he is working with these two kids that are in pre- k in ward 7 in northeast dc. >> not many have had a black educator in the school that was a positive role model. >> this 2016 high school grad is well aware he is just teaching children to read, he's teaching them how to be. >> don't let people ever tell you you can't do this. it's possible. >> the principal said
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think these lessons are little ones. every interaction would count. >> this is a community that is fighting a war. >> a lot have families with money. >> parents aren't in the home. they may be locked up. they are on drugs. they've gone to jail. they may have suffered from some kind of personal violence. >> walker said when the child hits the literacy goals, they moved to the next, teaching reading and also rising above and being a role model. >> i opened my eyes to the impact i had on other people's lives. >> and northeast dc, in ward 7, debra alfarone, wusa9. >> love it! he said his dream is to combine his love of teaching with his love of performing arts to help them use arts to heal. for slater melania trump visited
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hospital in manhattan. she met with doctors and patients and families and read to several children to mark national read across america day. this is the birthday of the late dr. seuss and she chose one of his books, oh the places you will go. a woman impaled by a falling tree branch during yesterday's violent storm said it happened with no warning. breanna clark was speared through the left leg by a tree branch that came smashing through the windshield of her boyfriend's car but they fled the incoming storms yesterday. she spoke with us by phone from the hospital bed today. >> i crashed in the initial impact, i didn't feel it. i had a lot of adrenaline and i was in shock.
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>> the rescue was more than one hour to carefully trim the branch so that she could be eased out of the car and taken to shock trauma in baltimore with her leg impaled above the knee. surgeons removed the branch. don't be surprised if you see snow around here tomorrow. this is not just wishful thinking. topper is tracking a clipper. clippers break your heart. high temps tomorrow, 39 and 37 in hagerstown and 42 in manassas. we will see if anyone will see snow and look ahead to the weekend.
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athletes at michigan state university will now have to sign a consent form before they undergo certain treatments, all in response to the molestation charges against sports doctor d'arc or larry nassar, the former gymnastic stock are charged with sexually assaulting women and girls he had been treating for sports injuries. today, his attorneys asked the court to ban the attorney general from commenting about the casing the statements jeopardize their clients right to a fair trial. as many as 50 women from baylor university came forward claiming they were sexually assaulted by members of the foot all team. several of those women have filed a federal lawsuit against the university alleging the will order or mishandled reports for
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the texas rangers are working to determine if there is action that should be taken. university officials are cooperating with the investigation. when someone kills an 8- year-old girl, everyone needs to worry. these words after the arrest of a 19-year-old suspect in the shooting of a girl that was shot in the back seat of her mother's car. someone in another car pulled out and started shooting, hitting her in the chest. hundreds gathered at the scene of the violence to support the family. >> she has been my little angel since kindergarten. when you looked at her face, you saw an angel. that's what she always was to me. >> she was really a good kid. >> she and her mother were not the intended targets. the 19-year-old suspect
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charged with murder. coming up,.that survived a tornado and a leg amputation and he is looking for a new home. next, flig
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bill paxton starred in the movie with denzel washington. reduction wrap up in december and the studios will air the remaining nine episodes. the first is tonight on wusa9. some people are afraid of flying and others are afraid of mice. if you are afraid of both, there's one plane you don't want to be on, british airways flight from london to san francisco that was delayed yesterday after someone spotted a little added passenger, a mouse. there was a mouse in the house. passengers were buckled up and ready to go and the crew said you can't leave. there is a mouse here. >> he made a joke th
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u.s. airspace without a passport. [ laughter ] in general, i think it makes sense because i really wouldn't want to be on a plane that had a mouse. we were all fairly happy with the situation. >> then, it could chew through the wires and get into the pit and cause all kinds of problems, four hours later. four hours later, they boarded a different plane and the flight landed without incident in san francisco. >> four hours later! >> i would be mad. >> what happened to the mouse, that's what i want to know? >> who cares. and dog's name wonder was found in the aftermath of a new orleans tornado and no one came forward to claim her. >> she had a leg amputated. dave cunningham reported it didn't stop wunder from enjoying her new life. >> reporter: this is wunder. walk up to her kendall -- kendall and you can see one happy pup. >> she is gentle. >>
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life has a story of survival. >> she had a severe leg injury that we think she got before the storm but because the offices were looking for injured animals, they came across her and if we wouldn't have found her, she probably would have died from the injuries. >> reporter: a worker found wunder along the highway in rubble from the tornado that hit february 7th and they said she was alive but in bad shape. >> he noticed a dog house and figured he would peek in to see there was no dog in there and there actually was. she was sitting there cowering and he noted how bad her leg was. >> reporter: her back dak mac -- her back right leg had to be amputated. it was a long and difficult surgery but she bounced back. >> see this a lot and this dog is us donkey and fun loving dog. >> reporter:
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and she is learning joys of life. >> she knows how to get around on three legs. >> reporter: right now, it does not include tennis balls but cuddles are a must. >> she likes people. >> reporter: there is hope that someone is out there to bring her a loving future. >> old baby. >> she is a great dog and an absolute wunder and good for any family. we want everybody to meet her. >> reporter: they said her surgery took about four hours and that was the longest amputation because of how much reconstruction was needed. train 28 healthy and ready to be adopted. >> you saw that tail wagging. tony romo winning over new fans on social media. the likely soon to be ex dallas cowboys feed yet -- quarterback turns to social media. >> hold on! are you ready!
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>> what are you doing? >> the wide receiver! are you ready? go ahead. >> ready! >> run! run that way! >> i don't have the ball. >> you have to run without the ball. i will throw it to you. stop! that is too far! okay. there you go. good job. did you catch it? >> no. >> it's okay. did you hurt your belly, come here. i'm sorry. [ crying ] [ crying ] do you want to hit him in the chest? that's okay. >> leave your kid with dad. >> is totally ignoring that.
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>> we've all been there. the video got over 114,000 views and more than 4000 comments. he will post more videos of his crazy kids but declared this one was the end. >> i thought the brother would console him. >> egg great throw! [ laughter ] >> when you leave kids with dad there is always fun. >> some dads. >> we had that. >> i can't believe it. >> just in case it required stitches -- >> you are a shady dad? >> let's talk about the beautiful evening. it feels like march. austrian 47. wind chills in the teens. winds are gusting over 20 miles an hour and they will subside tonight.
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in terms of the windchill, 35 in leesburg, 34 in hagerstown. if you go out, it may not feel like a winter night. 28 to 44 the bus stop and a snow showers possible. windy and colder with some showers and then we can cold. we always had sunday cold but now we might not make 50 on sunday. tonight, temperatures are upper 30s and low 40s. it might look impressive, but don't freak out. 36 in the morning for downtown and some areas are around freezing. by 9:00, showers roll through during the late morning and a batch rolls through during the afternoon. temperatures are freezing and typical of march snow showers situations, 30 two start, 41 at 11:00 and saturd
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little breezy, 44 and sunday, we call that cold, too. temperatures just south of 50. monday, milder in back in th
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now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan, brought to you by xfinity. tough times for john thompson the third in the basketball program as
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likely miss the ncaa tournament for the second time in as many seasons and the third time since 2013. a lot of grumbling about whether jt is the right guy for the program. and espn article came out citing unhappy alumni. folks talking, but no changes for now. the big 10, the terps go for the tournament championship that starts for them tomorrow in indianapolis. >> no matter who you play, the intensity ranches up another level and things come out as the new season goes on. we have nothing to lose. [ cheering ] >> this is where the uetr competitors come out. i actually get calm are in these times because i'm built for this. this is what our team is built for. >> the capitals going for a franchise record. we see the debut of kevin shattenkirk. he is now a cap
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>> i'm looking forward to the environment. there is a great fan base and they make it very hard. i'm happy to be on the other side of things and be on a team that plays well. >> that is 14 and a row at home. >> that's right! get that! >> he's happy. >> both teams are doing well. >> will you check us out? >> it will feel like march tomorrow, temperatures in the mid-40s and a few flakes flying around. back in the 60s next week. >> all right. >> we forgot what that feels like, right? bruce will be back at 7:00 and we will be back
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