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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a lot of new developments in the trump administration russia scandal. >> tonight a maryland family has their wish, a woman held in gambia is finally home. >> it's just unbelievable. it's the rumbling i don't like. >> a wake-up call
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our investigation into the new trains takes us to prince george's county. >> and we'll verify. tone we'll respond to one of the facebook messages you sent us. breaking news in northeast d.c., police investigating the shootings of five people tonight. ellison barber is there, a lot of violence there. >> reporter: this just happened in the last hour and a half, five people shot. where we're standing is just technically one crime scene. police say a man and woman were shot here on the 1300 block of brentwood road northeast about. 2 blocks away on 12th and rhode island away two other men were shot. according to police, a teen walked into an emergency room with some kind of gunshot wound. now d.c. police are telling me right now that all five are connected and all five of these people seem to have nonlife threatening injuries. they don't have any information on a potential suspect at this point in time, but as you guys can see, this is still a very
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investigation. reporting live in northeast i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> thank you. we've got more breaking news, this time out of prince george's county, a teen is dead after being gunned down near a playground in oxon hill. the shooting happened outside an apartment complex around 3:00 this afternoon. in teen was rushed to the hospital but later died and we do not know the name of the teen just yet and the suspect is still out there. and breaking news from the white house tonight, president trump responding to the controversy that is swirling around his attorney general and previously undisclosed meetings with the russian ambassador during the height of the campaign. wusa9's garrett haake has been following this story for us all day from the justice department. >> reporter: sessions is an honest man begins president trump's defense of his attorney general tonight. he did not say anything wrong. in a statement e-mailed out by the white house, the president claimed democrats created the controversy around sessions to save face for
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election. it is a total witch hunt the missive concludes. late this afternoon sessions used a justice department news conference to announce he would recuse himself from any investigations related to the 2016 election. >> i should not be involved investigating a campaign i had a role in. >> reporter: he said he misunderstood the question and misspoke when he told senator al franken in his confirmation hearing that he had had no contact with russian officials during the campaign. >> in retrospect i should have slowed down and said, but i did meet one russian official a couple of times. that would be the ambassador. thank you all. >> reporter: the attorney general defended his meeting with the russian ambassador in september as appropriate for his role as a senator on the armed services committee. they discussed terrorism in ukraine he said among other topics. sessions said he didn't know why exactly russia's long time ambassador requested that they meet. former counter ll
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official eric o'neill says russia's embassies and intelligence agencies work hand in hand. >> but there has to be that understanding that you're not just talking to a politician or diplomat. you're talking to someone who will feed into intelligence. >> reporter: tonight there are still a host of democrats calling for sessions to go one step further and resign his position. also tonight there are additional media reports of additional trump campaign staffers meeting with that russian ambassador during the campaign and during the transition. this issue may not be going any time soon for the administration. garrett haake, wusa9. almost a year after she was imprisoned in africa a frederick woman finally got a chance to see her family tonight here in the united states. john henry joins us from dulles airport where that emotional reunion took place just a few hours ago. >> reporter: i'm here at dulles airport where friends of jarawa finally got to hug and kiss her family tonight,
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american prison imprisoned in gambia while visiting extended family. the leader of that country claimed she was taking part in a legal protest. none of that matters now because she's finally back home. 10 months, that's how long this man had to wait to see his wife. >> so happy right now. >> reporter: balloons, signs, friends, even flowers, it all helps to make this moment unforgettable. when she walked out of customs, she made sure to hug every person in sight. this mother of two was just happy to see all of her loved ones again. >> i'm so glad to be home to reunite with my family. >> reporter: her daughters were overwhelmed, too. >> i'm glad to see her. >> i'm very happy, very happy. >> reporter: government officials freed her in december when the people of gambia elected a new president, but she had to wait to return to the dmv until march as the gambia's old leader contested the election result. the richardson center for global engagement helped to
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>> no american should ever feel abandoned when taken hostage or political prisoner. >> reporter: she said she always knew she'd come back one day. she just appreciates everyone's support. >> thank you. >> reporter: what she planned to do when she got back home to frederick, she told us she wanted to take a shower and then go to sleep in. dulles john henry, wusa9. tracking metro and we are getting more results from a week long investigation into the agency's new trains called the 7000 series, the nearly $1 billion project, but those who live near the track say the cars are shaking their houses. we just found out the problem is more widespread. >> reporter: the alarm is set to 5:20, but in in hyattsville home you don't hear it. you feel it. >> that rumbling, it's just the rumbling. it's just unbelievable. it's the rumbling that
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like. >> reporter: the green line is half a football field from barbara parker's kitchen. in 23 years living here this never happened until six months ago. it's like a little earthquake. >> i think i hear one coming. >> yup. you hear it? >> reporter: i really feel it. >> hear it? feel it? >> reporter: yeah. that's like five, eight seconds. >> it used to be worse. >> reporter: that was a real quick one. >> that was a quick one. >> reporter: is it usually that long? >> it's usually longer than that. >> reporter: you can feel it coming up before. >> yes. >> reporter: i feel another one. >> yes. >> reporter: that one wasn't as bad. >> it's on the other side. >> reporter: so it's trains coming down. >> the one that came through, that's what you felt. >> reporter: that's pronounced. >> yes. >> reporter: and you feel that all the time. >> yes. >> reporter: we recorded vibrations three times in an hour of the morning rush. barbara is convinced this is from metro's new
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trains. kawasaki is delivering the new cars at a rate of 20 each month. in part one of our investigation we tracked the new trains with our own eyes after they shook homes in petworth. >> i rode a train over 40 years. i feel the trains needed to upgrade, but they should have done better with putting them in and seeing that everything worked properly. >> reporter: it's clearly the cars. >> reporter: jack evans is the head of metro's board. the agency would not go on camera. it is about to contract with new engineers to check the vibrations. >> when we put up sound barriers, we put better shocks in the cars. what is it that we can do to mitigate the problems, the rattling, the noise that the residents are experiencing? i think we can actually do that. >> reporter: barbara says sometimes this happens every seven minutes. this time it was not that frequent. >> i think it slowed it down. >> reporter: what does that
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signify to you? wmatas says there have been no operational changes. neighbors say they aren't only running out of patience. they're running out of time. >> i am worried about this because, you know, the value of the house, you got to maintain and if the structure is crumbling, what do you think? >> reporter: in hyattsville pete muntean, wusa9. you can catch part one of our investigation on the front page of you can also see it on our wusa9 app. chesapeake bay is a national treasure, but a bay clean-up project might face a budget cut of 93%. the trump administration has proposed slashing fund for the chesapeake bay program from $73 million down to 5 million. that program works with the feds, d.c. and surrounding states to limit and monitor bay pollution. advocates say a drastic cut in funding could unravel years of progress. it might not be such a nice day to be out on the water tomorrow. >>
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topper, in fact, is talking about snow in some places? is that right? >> some of us will see flakes on the way to work, on the way to lunch and on the way home and dress tomorrow for winter. it will be cold. 6 a.m. temperatures mid-30s, around freezing north and west and there will be little snow flurries or snow showers in the early morning hours. you could see some in leesburg and gaithersburg. 10:00 we're still in the 30s. another little batch of snow develops off to the north and west. we'll come back and talk about that, your evening commute and the weekend. we've changed temperatures quite a bit. we'll explain why. what does it mean to walk a mile in someone else's shoes? tomorrow on wake-up washington jan and mike will bring you some new technology that will allow anyone to see what it's like for people who live with disabilities. >> and topper talked about some flurries for your friday. you'll see the impact it's having on the morning commute tomorrow morning
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i felt that i got my freedom when i just landed here. >> why a refugee family in virginia is feeling a little better tonight about president trump's travel ban. >> it's a story that is breaking the hearts of a lot of animal workers or lovers i should say. did the u.s. house just sanction the killing of hibernating bears and wolf pups? we'll verify that. >> training day on cbs, we've got new information how the show will go your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your
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p you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. following some breaking news out of rockville right now, sky9 live over the scene of a big house fire along the 16100 block of willow lane. part of the home collapsed and the flames have touched off some brushfires around that house. we do not know if there was anyone inside at the time that the fire was set off. we are working to get more information on that right now. we're still waiting for a revised travel ban from president trump, the one that sparked protests across the country.
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something this week and as stephanie ramirez reports, all these delays are giving one virginia family some hope. touching his hand, sarah kavachi said it reminds her of her father still in iraq. >> his voice, everything. >> they were once afraid of president trump's travel ban, but now this iraqi refugee family says they have hopeful for one, this is the kamali family's 15th day in the united states. they finally made it on the third try after a court ordered suspension. they're also hopeful because of the recent washington post report saying the revised travel ban may not include a sweeping ban against iraqi citizens. >> i felt that i got my freedom when i just landed here, yeah. >> freedom from threats like this. >> where people like, you know, all kinds. >> the 33-year-old sa
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security and as interpreters for the u.s. military in iraq. >> engineering consulting company, which is my father's company. >> groups like no one left behind view the family and the nearly 19,000 more they've helped since 2008 as veterans. the nonprofit is now helping the family find a home and furnishings in virginia. this brother and sister tell me they don't agree with the ban. >> the people who supply for the protection is being denied for security. so it doesn't even make any sense. >> they're grateful to be here, but they also say they won't stop worrying until their parents and sisters can join them. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. you're sick and tired of crap on the internet that isn't true, right? you don't have time to go down the rabbit hole to see if something you happen to stumble across is wheel or not. that's what we're here to do -- real or not. that's what we're here to do in our verify segment, going deep to see what's real and
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isn't. patrick pace sent me a message through facebook, a blog of this article to the humane society, congressional effort to allow killing hibernating bears and wolf pups in their dens moves to u.s. senate. patrick wanted to know if it's true. the short answer, patrick, is yes, it is. now for the in depth explanation, alaska is ground zero for this controversy, okay? under the obama administration a law was passed that banned hunters from using certain techniques to kill wolves and bears like shooting wolves in their dens with their cubs and luring bears with food to shoot them at point blank range. well, now congress is trying to revoke that law. that law only applied to federal wildlife refuges. now alaskan politicians felt that this was a big overreach by the federal government, you know, telling them what they could and could not do on their own land. one side says the law helps to keep the bear and wolf
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good sense and decency. one side feels the law is another bad regulation. now if the senate approves revoking the law, it will go to the president for his signature. so again we can verify that story is true. now listen, we've spent a lot of time on politics with our verify segments the past few weeks and it's gotten some of you pretty riled up. i'm getting e-mail messages accusing me of being on the one hand a propaganda mouthpiece of the liberal media and on the other hand a conservative apologist for the trump administration. stop it. i know the world is unfair and you have to lash out at someone, but i'm the wrong guy. here. this i am apolitical. i have no agenda. i don't favor either side. i just lay out the facts and report them to you objectively. i'm going to keep on digging for our verify segments. our top works around the clock sorting through -- team works ar
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through your e-mails. if you see something on tv wondering if it's legitimate or not, let me know. i'll try to verify it for you. e-mail us. so we can verify this. washington wizards john wall was hard on the basketball court tonight. >> but he was wearing pinstripes and teammate marcin gortat traded his jersey for a play-by-play headset at dunbar senior high for an annual game hosted by special olympics d.c. the purpose? not making three-pointers but making this point, the need to end the use of the hurtful r word, retarded. >> i think what they have to deal with, they can't control that. we can't control that, but they get to play the sport they love to play. it's always a fun night to be here and come and give back.
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support of using hurtful words when referencing people with disabilities. >> they need a big culture shift when it comes to that. >> absolutely. it looked like they had a great time and educate folks at the same time. >> referee basketball is very hard. it's one of the most difficult exams i've ever taken. i took a course in it. >> did you pass? >> i did, but not good enough to ref. in my infinite wisdom last night, i knew it was going to be a midnight high and went 60. it was 63 last night. we'll go for a high of 46 tomorrow, although that's kind of deceiving. dress for the upper 20s and 30s. it will feel like winter tomorrow. right now 41, dew points in the low 20s, dry air mass, winds gusting 21 miles an hour but will subside tonight. bus stop temperatures 28 to 40. you could see a flurry, windy and cold mo
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shower both morning and afternoon, could see two periods of action, weekend cold and dry in the 40s. they keep lowering sun's temperature and may -- sunday's temperature and may have to lower it again, monday back in the 60s. here's futurecast, 6 a.m. a couple snow flurries or snow showers north of town, temps below freezing north of town. gaithersburg, frederick and hagerstown around 30, 31. by 9:00 we have a break, upper 30s. by 1:00 some more snow showers begin to move out of the mountains, cumberland around 40 degrees and another little batch of flurries and snow showers pushing through the metro area by 5 or 6:00, not a problem for the commute, just sort of conversational. now the arrows, they're pretty big. that means winds will gust strong tomorrow afternoon, probably over 30 miles an hour. by 10:00 we're back in the 20s in the burbs, clearing out and we get into saturday, looks like we'll hold low to mid-40s.
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at noon not so bad, 20 to 25 miles per hour, but look what happens by 6 p.m. winds again are gusting pretty routinely over 30, 31 miles per hour. that will draw the wind chill to the 20s tomorrow evening. on the day planner 30s to start, 31 by 11:00, only 40, maybe a flurry at 1:00. on saturday just cold, 44. i resisted lowering sunday. i think i want to bring it down to 47. right now we'll go 49, a dry weekend, but then boom, april weather again 60s monday and tuesday, some showers tuesday and hovering around 60 wednesday and thursday. you know we'll have payback eventually for some of our winter weather. >> thanks. caps tearing it up. >> hey, they're going for a franchise record in consecutive wings at
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked.
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crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> yes. we know the capitals are good and so good they have not lost at home in the new year, which is now march! caps going for 14 straight wins at home tonight. the
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camos in pregame warm-ups. caps flank the devils 1-0, 14 wins in a row. been a good week for the wiz kids, golden state and then toronto and now back home in the community with the special olympics, john wall refing, marcin gortat announcing, good time before they face toronto tomorrow. >> a lot of emotions the last couple of nights, the warriors in toronto, but we come back and kind of relax and get involved with all the special olympic athletes. it's a great night going into tomorrow night. >> coming off the break losing two games and now we get to come back and win two tough games. we have another game tomorrow to focus on and prepare for. it's always great to get a break and do something like this, put some smiles on faces, couldn't ask for mo
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but won the tournament all to themselves. it starts tomorrow against minnesota. maryland has enjoyed a great season so far but are just getting started with the conference tournament and then the ncaas, have a chance at being the no. 1 seed if they can win but first the gophers. >> the challenge for minnesota is we'll be playing them for the third time, so that's always tough, but just keying into our game plan, executing as we did the last time we played them. high school hoops, maryland, 3rd quarter richard montgomery, a triple gives the vikings a four-point lead. 4th quarter ckroets rallies, the hoop plus one. richard montgomery takes the lead. time running down for wittman. jack mcclelland, a desperation three for the tie, does not go
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the regional finals. >> it means the world to us, just how good they are and just how composed they are down the stretch and how experienced they are and also, you know, this is a team that's knocked out that side of the playoffs before the past couple decades. we're really like changing history in
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the cbs show training day was on right before us and it will continue despite the death of actor bill paxton. >> 13 episodes of the show were filmed. cbs tells me all of them will make air, but the network isn't telling us anything about what will happen to paxton's character. however, the show's creator and producer told tmz there is a perfect sendoff for the character. no one will be
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paxton's place if the show comes back for a second season. >> hard to fill those shoes, for sure. >> yeah. that would be impossible. it's going to feel like march. we're actually still in winter. a couple flakes tomorrow in the 30s, and back in the 60s on monday and showers tuesday. >> we won't know what to do with ourselves. >> hard to dress the next couple months, heavy stuff, light stuff. >> colbert is up next. sleep is super important. the kind of deep sleep i can only get on my tempur-pedic. it adapts to me. my shape, my size, my body.
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