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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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here that there was extremely high speed involved. as you heard the investigator tell us, it appears as though this car was flying up the road when there was some traffic in front of it and it swerved on to the median strip and struck the utility pole. a horrible, horrible accident. again, two dead and one flown out to a hospital. we don't have the condition of the survivor at this time. reporting live in waldorf, scott broom, wusa9. >> it is just heart breaking. scott, thank you. there are a lot of unanswered questions after a deadly shooting in the middle of the day. it happened at 12:30 this afternoon on great oak drive in district heights. that's not too far from silver hill road and pennsylvania avenue. police have not told us anything about the man who died, who pulled the trigger or why this all happened. the victim it was found outside. there are murderers still out there and they're tied to gangs. fairfax county's police chief said this after confirming the human remains of
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have been discovered at homes run park. stephanie ramirez is live where the search continues. do we know who the remains belong to yet? >> reporter: our sources are giving us information but police are not yet willing to say who they believe the two remains found belong to. what they are telling us is this is part of a greater problem of gang resurgence in the region. >> it was well lit right in this area. >> reporter: the red tape may be gone but there's still an uneasy feeling for neighbors who are now learning human remains sat just beyond their backyards. police say investigators had to dig to get to the evidence. they discovered the remains last night inside holmes run park, the same park that saw two gruesome ms-13 murders in 2014. neighbors tell me this is a hard location to get to because there's a steep drop from the homes to this area. there's also a steep drop down to the path and water below. >> residents wouldn't notice. >> it's concerning.
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nobody would walk back here. so you could abandon someone for many years and no one would ever see them. >> reporter: fairfax county police started searching off a tip they said is gang related. took that one step further saying the remains found will most likely be connected to other gang-related murders in the region. prince william and fairfax counties have around 16 people in custody for two separate but connected ms 13 homicides. police are dealing with two missing teens who are believed to be affiliated with gangs and are believed to be in danger. concerned for their own kids. >> knowing that they found a body just behind the woods it's kind of crazy. >> this is getting out of control and we need to stop it. >> reporter: now the investigation may be finished on this side but police are not done. they're actually set up in the parking lot of the park lawn pool area, continuing their investigation there. they said there's a possibility there could be more
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public plea. he's asking for the community to come together. parents look into their kids to try to solve this gang issue. in fairfax county, stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> seems like we're reporting on something new with gangs every day. thanks. many of the arrests in those other two ms 13-related homicides involved minors and very young adults. i.c.e. issued detainers against 6 of the 16 people in custody. a montgomery county school bus driver is accused of some heinous crimes tonight. police say salvador rodriguez had sexual contact with two 11- year-old girls while they were passengers on his bus. the north kensington man drove bus routes for three schools. police say he admitted to having inappropriate contact with the victims. president trump continues to defend attorney general jeff sessions over his contacts with russian officials during the campaign. the president is hitting back at a
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sessions to resign. now mr. trump is also calling for an immediate investigation into charles schumer and ties to russian president vladimir putin. the president tweeted this photo of schumer meeting putin in new york back in 2003 and he called the senator a total hypocrite. schumer said he would happily talk under oath about his meeting with putin and he challenged president trump to do the same. vice president mike pence is responding to reports he routinely used a private e-mail account to conduct state business while governor of indiana. that e-mail account was hacked last june. indiana law does not prohibit public officials from using private e-mail accounts and pence says he broke no laws. though he was an outspoken critic of hillary clinton's use, pence says his case is far different. >> no, there's no comparison whatsoever between hillary clinton's practice and having a
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classified information, destroying e-mails when they were requested by the congress and by officials. we have fully complied with all indiana's laws. >> the pence e-mails covered everything from homeland security to syrian refugees, including items that state government officials considered confidential. earlier this week it was nearly 80 degrees. this morning there was snow. not a whole lot of accumulation, but a lot of you saw a dusting on your cars and porches this morning. topper shutt woke up like this. he's out on the weather terrace. going to be a chilly weekend but no more snow. >> except for a couple of showers we're tracking as we speak. they'll roll through in the next 30 minutes or so. some just north of frederick and north of leesburg. also around winchester. everything is moving off to the south and east about 30, 35 miles an hour. good clip. this is about to cross over 15. if you drive between leesburg. you might see a little burst
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minutes. this is going to head down to the south. headed towards sterling. the real story is going to be the cold. temperatures right now are well below average. it's only 40 downtown. mainly in the 30s in the suburbs. these are straight temps. we'll factor in the winds. dress for the teens and 20s. we were spoiled earlier at the first of the month. 32 right now windchill in waldorf. 23 up in hagerstown. we'll talk about the weekend. lower temps on sunday. we'll tell you when the 60s return. >> thanks, topper. sad news to report out of montgomery county. a man has been found buried beneath the rubble of his own home after a fire burned it to the ground last night. this was the fiery scene around 10:15 when firefighters arrived flames were shooting through the roof. the windows and other parts of
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the home. juanita hayden lives across the street. she saw it all, including the parked cars in the driveway. she called 911. she was devastated and said all she could think about was her neighbor who was gone. >> tell me about your neighbor. >> very quiet. very nice man. never mess with anybody. he just live by himself here. >> investigators haven't identified the victim yet. as to how the fire started and where, that remains under investigation in montgomery county. so investigators say that man charged with phoning in threats to jewish institutions, well he did it to get back at his former girlfriend. missouriless say they want to talk to juan thompson about the desecration of a jewish cemetery. investigatorssay thompson even mentioned hiss former girlfriend's name when he phoned in those threats. he i
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similar threats in our area. vandals struck the only jewish cemetery in rochester, new york. now investigators don't necessarily think this is a case of anti-semitism. they say that's because the headstones were toppled and not defaced like similar cases across the country. andrew cuomo announced an investigation into the rise in these crimes and threats against jewish organizations in the state. a $1000 fine for speeding? dc considered doing that. >> now it has cut in half the proposed fine for going 25 miles an hour other the limit. -- over the limit. bruce leshan is live. the district is heading towards implementing new, expensive fines, bruce. >> reporter: that's right. there are some questions about whether even the stiffest fines will work. some critics say that the best way to get people to slow down and
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know they are guaranteed to get caught. like here in chevy chase. almost all drivers know that if you roll through the light or speed you are going to get a ticket. the city calls it vision zero. it wants to cut traffic deaths to zero by 2024. they have been headed in the opposite direction in the last few years. >> if you don't like the fine, don't break the law. >> reporter: the size of the fines has some people pushing back. now cut the proposed fine for going 25 miles an hour over the speed limit from $1000 to $500. but that still seems high. >> i can see why that's a probably. $500 seems a little overboard. >> reporter: in an effort to spread the pain and the blame, dc would also hit cyclists and pedestrian
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collide with pedestrians. $50 for riding with ear buds in. and for pedestrians who walk in front of a car with the right of way, a $100 fine. >> the message that gets heard loud and clear is this is about fines. and it shouldn't be. this should be about making streets safer for everyone. >> reporter: there was push back at a dc council hearing. even some supporters suggested some scandinavian countries might have the right idea. positive reinforcement. >> if you were within the speed limit periodicly they would say congratulations ewe won the lottery and they'd mail them essentially a $100 check. >> wow. >> reporter: that driver here, i had the light, i had the cross signal and that guy just about took a left right into me. here are other ideas that ddot is considering. a 15 mile-an-hour speed limit around playgrounds,
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senior centers. a 20 mile-an-hour speed limit in neighborhood slow zones. and if you overtake a car that is stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk or at an intersection, a $500 fine. live in chevy chase, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> they want people to take notice by the large fines. we'll see what happens. thanks. if you like or don't like what the city is considering, you have until the end of the day on monday to let dc know. that's when the public comment period ends. we're tracking metro. the next phase of metro's safe track surge starts tomorrow. you may want to rethink your monday commute plan. on weekdays there will be constant tracking. also there will be no yellow rush plus
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this phase runs through april 1st. we have all the details on our news app. here's a question tonight. how do you feel about teacher salaries in our area? are they paid not enough? too much? or just about right? >> we'll tell you about a protest over higher pay in a couple of minutes. we want you to cast your vote. or head to and let us know what you think. chime in right now. >> look at those numbers already. this is one of our favorite stories. a guy who got into trouble when he was a kid is turning it around big time. >> your life is going to be challenging. the point is you still can overcome it. >> now this entrepreneur is opening up his
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the fbi is getting involved in the case of a missing teenager from fairfax. this is jamia holland. she was last seen on february 28th. jamia is 522nd, weighs 230 pounds. here's our poll question we brought you just a few minutes ago. do you think teachers are paid not enough, too much or just about right? >> teachers in the district they say they deserve more pay and better benefits. hundreds of educators rallied at freedom plaza this morning. union members rejected a compensation offer last week. they say it falls short of what they need. teachers claim they haven't had a raise in five years. here's elizabeth davis, president of the washington teachers union. >> when we look at the cost that managers are earning, the increases they've had over the past six years, it's
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given a cost of living increase. >> the median teacher salary in dc is about $58,000 a year. push that a little closer to us. chris is our wonderful floor director here. we are getting a bigger look at the results to these poll questions. >> generally speaking do you think they're getting paid enough? 84% of you saying you do not believe they are getting paid enough. now 85. 12% of you say too much. while just 4% of you say just about right. i think most people would agree that teachers need to be compensated because of what they do. >> i have enough trouble with three kids at home to walk into my first graders classroom and see the one teacher with 25 kids is like -- you deserve everything. >> they are
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yes. indeed. little bit of snow this morning. kind of cute. we'll start with the 3-degree guarantee. i think we're okay. i ignored the computer guidance. i went lower. thank goodness i did go lower. i went only about 46 today. the models were going 48. i thought that was too warm. live look outside. down to 40. look at the dew point. 8. that is a dry air mass. humidity outside, 27%. humidity inside, probably running around 12%. winds are still gusting. we had a wind gust of 40 at national. our last little batch of snow showers pushing through. we'll zoom in a little bit. this is what went through. leesburg crossed over 15. headed towards sterling. this is another one toward poolsville. everything pushing off to the south and east. this is going to move across 28. if it holds toer
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cross i-270. breezy and colder tonight. quite frankly the breezes tonight will help vegetation. howard and i were on the phone with a strawberry farmer. he's worried because the plants have gone so far. he doesn't need temperatures in the teens tonight and tomorrow night. the breezes keep the winds stirring around. that will help tonight. tomorrow night is going to be dangerous. you lose the breeze. colder tomorrow night. windchills 25 to 35. these those are the numbers you immediate to think about. light winds. so no club winds for the wind. if you're playing golf on sunday, probably a one or two club rule for the temperature. golf balls are cold don't go very far. milder next week, good news. showers roll back in by tuesday. small price to pay, really. 10:00 tonight, we're clear. upper 20s in the suburbs.
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these are stray temps now. by 7:00, 22 in gaithersburg. 28 downtown. hard freeze. except for the breezes. that may safe us tonight. by 10:00, we're still low 30s north and west. only 35 in la plata. 35 in manassas. it was 80 first of the month. by 1:00, maybe we're 40 downtown. maybe 41 in manassas. i got to say, you folks probably north of leesburg and frederick will not make it above 39, 40 degrees. by 5:30 we're back to around 40 downtown. tomorrow night, falling really, really quickly tomorrow night. 28 in gaithersburg. 29 in hagerstownerstown. tomorrow night we'll see temperatures in the mid teens in the suburbs as the winds go calm. tomorrow to start. upper 20s. then looking at temperatures around 40 by 1:00. next three days, still cold on sunday. we're looking at temperatures both days at 44. better day on sunday, less wind. 60 on monday. milder. with that mild air, me
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low 60s. right now we'll keep wednesday, thursday, friday dry. temperatures either side of 60. the models are all over the place. some models have it dry and mild. some have it rainy and cold. stay tuned for next week. end of next week still a question. >> thank you. straight ahead, arnold schwarzenegger will not be returning to celebrity apprentice. why he is blaming president trump. a hip clothing retailer is closing dozens of shops. costco is raising membership prices. i'll tell you more in my consumer alert.
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baltimore city fire investigators are working to find out what sparked a blaze at an assisted living facility that killed two people and left four others in critical condition. crews rushed to the cozy cottage assisted living center around 2:00 this morning and found the building engulfed in flames. officials say one woman risked her life and pulled two victims out. she was not hurt. arnold schwarzenegger will not be returning for another season of celebrity apprentice. he is blaming president trump. to
5:24 pm
people found out that trump was still involved with the show as an executive producer and getting money from the show they started boycotting it. schwarzenegger says it's a very divisive period and thinks the show got caught up in all of it. in tonight's consumer alert, costco shoppers are going to see a bump in that yearly membership fee. if you get an executive membership it's going up by $10. that'll go up to $120. those gold memberships will increase by $5 to $60. social media posts say costco's tumbling share prices and disappointing quarterly earnings led to this rise in fees. this was not greeted well by one poster who tweeted bad move. the retail landscape is getting thinner. abercrombie and fitch is closing an additional 60 stores. that retailer is really struggling. slashed lo
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continues to fail at attracting customers despite a full rebranding. more stores are expected to close when half of those retailers leases are up by the end of 2018. snap inc.'s ipo was a success. five years ago st. francis students told their investor dad that they love snapchat. well, the school should invest. they did. that $15,000 investment is worth now $24 million. >> man. >> did you hear that? >> well done. >> the school says all those earnings will go toward an endowment for financial aid. now that's how you do it. >> it's sort of like a new territory. parents might not understand how wide the scope of it is and how easy it is. >> all it takes is a few key strokes to cause damage. how students are fighting back against online bullying. a government car, an
5:26 pm
uniform and an armed suspect. new details on stolen atemperatures from a military center in prince george's county. from the big house to the big boss. how one man who started out with a life of crime is becoming an entrepreneur.
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it is a tough issue facing kids growing up in this high- tech world. teens say bullying does not
5:29 pm
it continues on social media. and in a recent study, 49% of school-age kids said that they were bullied at least once a month or at least once during the past month. parents, listen to this, 64% of children who were bullied did not report it. now some students in charlotte are fighting back. they are trying to stop this activity in its tracks. >> it started with a group of girls who got together. >> reporter: these days carly is focused on her next cheerleading competition. a year ago the 12-year-old found herself getting harassed almost daily. >> got pretty bad. >> reporter: bad enough that police were called to the school to talk to the five girls involved. >> how did it make you feel? >> made me feel sad and frustrated because they weren't true. it made me not want to go to school. >> it hurts your heart. >>
5:30 pm
rosemary collin attempts h -- >> they call me the n-word. they said a whole bunch of stuff. they were going crazy. >> reporter: collins' friend, a 16-year-old conducted a nationwide survey. she found 40% of kids say they experience cyber bullying. 75% say they've seen it happen to someone else. >> it's sort of like a new territory and participants might not understand how wide the scope of it is. >> reporter: the pages are created for the sole purpose of exposing someone for any number of reasons. it took us less than 30 seconds to find these examples. >> as soon as you see an expose page, everyone wants to follow it. >> the pages don't stay up for long but the damage is quickly done are there any apps
5:31 pm
>> any time a teen can get behind a screen and say what they think, opens the avenue to cyber bullying. >> reporter: the comments can have a lasting impact emotionally. >> a lot of adults can't handle it. we can no way expect our kids to take an ugly comment and not get a scar from it. >> reporter: experts recommend delaying a child's social media use as long as possible. then enable strict privacy settings. >> in the case of cyber bullying, turn everything off and take a moment. >> reporter: turned her experience into a way to help others. she created the just be kind movement. kids sign a pledge promising to stand up to bullying and spread random acts of kindness. >> i didn't want other people to go through what i went through. >> here's another strategy, encourage your child to ask themselves two questions before they post anything. would i say the words i'm texting to a person's face? and what would my
5:32 pm
a riverdale man who attacked five women at knife point while they were walking home alone from metro stations has been sentenced to life in prison today. on top of that the judge slammed demetrius banks with an extra 82 years behind bars. two of the women were sexually assaulted in those 2015 attacks. banks struck his victims victim. that deadly shooting that happened overnight in prince george's county. police have arrested and charged a man. he's charged with murder in the death of thaddeus tate. police found tate dead inside of his apartment. investigators say the men were neighbors and got into an argument before tate was killed. federal investigators and prince george's county police are hoping you can help them find a guy who stole a u.s. army dress uniform and a government-owned car. now this is a snapshot here taken from a securi
5:33 pm
4:00 this morning at the army career center on st. barn bus road. authorities believe the suspect may be armed. he's driving a black hyundai with government tags. if you've seen or know anything, call prince george's county police right away. former president george w. bush explains the origins of one of his famous mispronunciations. these two kids are not identical twins. don't tell them. their viral story of a color blind friendship is on the way. hard to believe the first of the month, 80 degrees. now we're looking at a hard freeze. low temps, not windchills. 28 downtown. 19 in leesburg. we'll come back and talk about even colder night is on our way for the weekend. we'll tell you which night that will be. when the 60s finally return.
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, he's witnessed drug deals, murders, and was even paralyzed
5:37 pm
now he's seeing the streets in a whole new way from the front seat of his new transportation business. >> lorenzo stewart is beet bating the odds and becoming an entrepreneur thanks to a little help from the district. this graduate from a special program. >> this is the -- where i was injured at right here. in front of this. we was popped where this right van is at. we went in, ordered the food, came back. when i got in the car someone shot the car up and from that result i end up being a paraplegic. >> reporter: lorenzo stewart was 15. he's now 41. telling us about his front row seat to violence on the streets of dc. later on he was a club promoter. >> to protect myself i decided every time i have an event to bring a firearm. ever to protect myself just in case somebody try to take from me, rob me, whatever th
5:38 pm
may be. >> police pulled him over and arrested him. he served time for having an unregistered gun. >> so hard to get jobs. i don't know if it was based off the disability or the criminal record. >> reporter: lorenzo signed up for dc's aspire to entrepreneurship program. it's a partnership with two district agencies and an organization called changing perceptions. they helped him get a loan, get office space, hire drivers and start vow transportation to help people who need it get around. the name came from his son. >> he said daddy, [ unintelligible ] -- when i'm playing sports. >> reporter: he has contracts coming in and he's provided rides for charity. he also says he wants to inspire kids on the street that if he can rise above, they can too. >> i can't change the world. two, three, people that feed help, neup
5:39 pm
i did my job. >> debra alfarone. >> he can be a great role model. goes to show that everybody has the capacity. you just have to put in the work. >> and the fact he was able to take that second chance and pay his life forward. i'd argue that every little change he makes is changing the world. >> absolutely. >> good for him. we'll get to what's trending tonight. this is going to scare the hell out of you. florida wildlife never stops scaring us. we thought we saw it all. no. a woman near tampa captured this. an alligator walking across a golf course with a massive fish in its mouth. now the woman who took this video is commenting on the size of the gator throughout the video. as it gets in the water she ends by saying yeah, i'm glad you got the fish. >> just showing off. >> and not some golfer. >> he's just showing off. take your food. >> just march
5:40 pm
>> that's a big fish. >> he is like -- parading. >> who is going to stop me? who is going to stop me? i will drop this fish and eat your brains. former president george w. bush may have mispronounced a word or two. >> last night mr. bush explained the origin of the word "strategery." >> you want to hear something terrible? so i had dinner with lorne michaels. he said i put a great speech writer on you and he came up with strategery. and i said wait a minute, i said strategery. [ laughter ] >> and he said no, you didn't say strategery. >> i said i damn sure said strategery. he said we invented it. well did he come up with misunderestimate? >> you know what, humor is said to be one of his best attributes. mr. bush says the best humor is when you can make fun of yourself. >> i read something that said he was
5:41 pm
least at any time when he was spoofed on snl. >> no, not at all. another story being shared tonight. a young boy who wants to be tips with his friend. -- twins with his friend. >> 5-year-old jax came home from school and asked his mom if he could shave his head so he could look like his buddy. jax was hoping his teacher wouldn't be able to tell them apart from his pal reedy. jax just happens to be white, his buddy is black. in his eyes all it took was a haircut. the teacher played along and mom writes if this isn't proof that hate and prejudice isn't something that is taught, i don't know what is. >> they're going to be friends for a long time. people across the country waited many line in the cold for hours to pick up the newest video game console. nintendo's switch went on sale at midnight. this is video from philadelphia. this is not cheap. this switch thing is going to
5:42 pm
cost you $300. the maryland terrapins are less than an hour away from their first game of the big ten tournament. we have a me preview in sports. right after the break, has attorney general jeff sessions done enough by recusing himself from the russia investigation? i'll talk to face the nation host john dickerson up next. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in...
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z23wpz z5yz y23wpy y5yy
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attorney general jeff sessions is recusing himself from investigating russia's role in the 2016 presidential elections. but some say that is just not enough. my favorite friday friend from face the nation is with us now, john dickerson. some people are going so far as to say that sessions lied in his confirmation hearings. he and the president were saying he could have given some better answers. do we think the scandal has legs? >> the people who were the most critical of attorney general sessions tend to be democrats. so if that's the extent of the criticism it's not going to have any legs. it was the fact that republicans were saying that the attorney general should recuse himself of investigations of the trump campaign that put him in the
5:46 pm
his recusal from the investigations. so if if there is going to be another turn in this story with respect to the attorney general it would have to be republicans putting pressure on him and on the president and arguing that whatever else happens is just too much. but right now since he's recused himself it looks like it's going back to the basically democrats being the harshest critics and the president and attorney general are not likely to change their behavior based on democratic critics. >> we don't see this going forward with perjury charges or anything like that? >> especially with democrats not in control of the senate, no no. i think this will move on. it's also not a perfectly clean case where the attorney general can claim he just had a mistaken memory. when you prove perjury, you have to prove intent. that's harder. >> found out this today. mike pence used a personal
5:47 pm
hillary clinton got raked over the coals for doing that. what's pence's argument? >> his argument is it was not illegal in indiana law to do that. illegal in indiana for a government official to use government e-mail for private correspondence. the coincidence here for a campaign that talked about hillary clinton's e-mails is an embarrassing one, but the order of magnitude is different. it not only was legal, it was not -- there is obviously a big debate about hillary clinton's use, but -- she set up her own private server. it was that that had the totality of all of her e-mails. mike pence as near as we can tell only had some e-mails on the private. the rules were different. so those are the two arguments
5:48 pm
he's putting forward. >> sounds like a gotcha moment that'll fade away. >> senator mark warner is your guest on face the nation. thank you. >> thanks. a review revealed tsa officers failed to detect 95% of fake explosives and weapons smuggled through check points. now the tsa is considering new scanners that produce 3d images similar to ct scans. the companies that make these devices say they are faster and better at detecting weapons. >> it may look good. but these technologies have to meet not just the technical requirements but safety requirements. >> one of about five companies developing these scanners. the machines can detect explosives in laptops, liquids and gels. we
5:49 pm
an amazon worker's typo cost dozens of companies $150 million. it caused tuesday's cloud computing outage that impacted thousands of websites. amazon says that employee was doing a routine fix of the company's billing system and incorrectly typed a command. amazon says it's taken steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> you'd be devastated to be that person, wouldn't you? >> usually you have something like are you sure you want to do this. i've even seen computers say are you really sure you want to do this? >> this is just gorgeous. 40 right now. dew points, single digits. that's a dry air mass. winds gusting to almost 30 40 at national. couple of leftover snow showers. one just
5:50 pm
we'll zoom in on this this looks intense. moving across 15 this is your second snow shower. this will move towards sterling. other than that looking at a cold night. a breezy night. upper teens. breezy and cold tomorrow. focus on the windchills tomorrow. 25 to 35. that's as warm as it's going to feel. still cold on sunday. lowering temps a little bit. light winds though. milder next week. future cast tonight. 34 downtown at 10:00. most everybody else below freezing. if you're going out tonight, it may be date night. it's going to be cold. 20s by 7:00 in the morning. even some teens. then by 10:00, low to mid30s. still a pretty good wind tomorrow. not quite as strong. enough to dry the windchills into the mid20s and 30s. by 1:00, we're
5:51 pm
holding in the 30s up toward i- 81. no doubt about that. by 5:30, still about 40 downtown. we get into the 8:30 hour, temps going to fall tomorrow. that's going to be the cold night of the two. plenty cold tonight. going to feel colder tomorrow. 10:00 tonight, this is actually a forecast of windchills. feels like it's 25 downtown. feels like it's 19 in gaithersburg. then by tomorrow morning, going to feel like it's in the teens. walking to get the paper early. going to feel like it's 15 in gaithersburg. 15 in hagerstown. 20s to start on the day planner. up to 40 with pretty much pure sun by 1:00. still cold on sunday. yeah, knock these days down by a degree. 43, 43. 60 on monday. clouds come in late. showers on tuesday. right now we'll keep wednesday, thursday and friday dry with temperatures upper 50s to around 60.
5:52 pm
maryland women would love to cap off conference play with another big ten tournament title. have yet to lose since joining the big ten. quarter finals coming up from indianapolis. terps will face minnesota. does not expect other schools to hand them the title just because they're the reigning big ten tournament champs. >> new team, new season. the preparation remains the same. what we've done all season long. just because you've had past success doesn't equal what's going to happen moving forward. washington wizards are focused on having their best season in recent years. that does not mean they cannot do their part to give back. they did so last night with the special olympics unify game at dunbar high school in northwest dc. several wizards players and coaches taking part in the annual spread the
5:53 pm
the r word awareness day. john wall was a ref. >> a lot of emotions the last couple of nights. we come back and just relax, get involved with the special olympic athletes. it's a great night going into tomorrow night. >> we're trying to keep our winning streak going. got another one tonight. >> always great to get a break. to do something like this. couldn't ask for more. >> great stuff by the wizards. >> helps this bring a lot of light to what's going on there. >>od of them to do that. they're always out doing stuff. love that about them. a new controversy connected to these photos of kellyanne conway. the comment one congressman made that has people calling for an apology. the story of one lucky 3- year-old whose father built him a roller coaster in
5:54 pm
backyard. at 6:30 on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. how one of the best basketball players in the country changed his path in life by embracing the love of a stranger.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
how about this. the
5:57 pm
youtube video after 3-year-old boy riding a backyard roller coaster. his dad built that coaster himself. he just finished it this week. it's getting national attention. katie rush went to oak harbor, washington to see that coaster in action. >> reporter: wyatt has it pretty good. a comfy couch, cartoon cars racing on tv. >> hot wheels. >> reporter: but it's the wheels outside wyatt's house -- >> okay, it's ready. >> reporter: that have the 3- year-old screaming for more. >> okay. >> bye. >> bye. >> bananas. >> reporter: that's scott, wyatt's dad. the man with the roller coaster plan. >> we took him to disneyland about five months ago. he loved the roller coasters there. what can kid wouldn't. >> reporter: after a little internet research and with the
5:58 pm
engineer. >> one, two. >> three. >> reporter: this was the result. >> i'm crazy. my wife will tell you. i'm nuts. >> reporter: weekdays scott is a navy pilot. on the weekends he built this. >> it was less than a thousand dollars. the metal. the pvc. >> reporter: what does it use for power? >> just gravity. >> it has no motor. it does have a name. >> we started to call it the barn stormer. >> reporter: the tight system a work progress. scott has painting to do. >> we'll have some of his friends over soon. >> reporter: for now it's all wyatt. >> i like my roller coaster. >> good. >> reporter: better that an amusement park. most of all because it's from the heart. >> why did you build it? >> because i love you. >> i think that kid is going to grow up to be a pilot. scott says the roler coaster
5:59 pm
two by fours and it is not motorized. at 6:00, democrats are calling for attorney general jeff sessions to testify before the senate judiciary committee to explain why he didn't disclose his conversations with russia's ambassador to the united states. >> thanks for joining us. the list of trump associates who met with russian officials during the presidential campaign appears to be growing tonight. before heading off to his florida retreat for the weekend, president trump referred to the russian investigation as a witch hunt. >> reporter: president trump dropped in on students in orlando. >> beautiful class. >> reporter: after a week where he saw high marks for his address to congress and more controversy about possible administration ties to russia, the president spent the afternoon focused on education. >> education is the civil rights issue of our
6:00 pm
support a school choice bill. >> reporter: weighing on this white house, a growing number of mr. trump's surrogates and aides who met with russian officials during a time when u.s. intelligence says they were meddling in the u.s. election. attorney general sessions is recusing himself. it came to light he many et with russian ambassador at the republican national convention in july 2016 and at his senate office in september. >> my staff recommended recusal. they said since i had involvement with the campaign i should not be involved in any campaign investigations. >> reporter: mr. trump's son-in- law and former national security advisor michael flynn had their own meeting with the ambassador at trump tower in december. >> the russian influence is not just about this election. it's about what they want to continue to do here. >> reporter: president trump says democrats are on a wi


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