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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 4, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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because my teeth are yellow. these photos? why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... ...and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. with new herbal essences bursting with argan oil of morocco and notes of jasmine sure to put more life in your hair and your head. new herbal essences let life in ♪ tonight, katy perry and orlando moving on. >> i'm going to cut all my hair off. that's right. >> her new break-up hairdo. and where we found orlando shirtless. >> then natalie portman's secret delivery. how she kept her baby girl under wraps for over a week. >> plus, schwarzenegger quits
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"the apprentice." the real reason he's slamming the door on the boardroom. then prince harry and meghan's weekend wedding in jamaica. who is saying i do and markle's romantic island connection. >> i would imagine going back to the island is going to have very mixed memories for meghan. >> and celebrity brits before they were famous. >> want to go out? i want to leave wherever i want. >> cordon before karaoke and craig before bond. >> come back to bed. >> now march 3, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi everybody thanks for joining us. >> let's get started. here is tonight's top story. >> katy perry making it clear she is moving on after her split from orlando with a dramatic new look. >> i'm going to cut all my hair off. bye. >> what do you think, chris? >> i love it. are you kidding? i've been wanting to do this since the day i met you. do you remember? >> i remember. i wasn't ready. >> katy's pixy cut is a miley gwen combo.
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and turns out that, platinum grammy do was just a preview. >> it's like the last color in the spectrum that i can do. and the only thing i can do is like shave my head which i'm saving for a public breakdown. i'm down for that. >> katy also addressed the attention surrounding her split and rumors that orlando cheated tweeting quote how about a new way of thinking for 2017. you can still be friends and love your former partners. no one is a victim or villain. get a life, y'all. if that weren't enough of a statement she released a 11-second snippet of new music and it was all about independence. ♪ ♪ i will not will not subside >> now here is where it really gets interesting. while katy was getting that cut yesterday, her ex, orlando, was hitting the beach. yes, that is back on the market bloom. looking good in boy shorts and a ball cap. the
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the rays and a lot of attention in malibu. as for katy's next move she makes her first post split performance sunday at the iheartradio music awards in > guys, i love it. i feel very free. now there are other more important things going on in the world. tune in to that. >> time to get you up to speed on more headlines. first up tonight, an oscar nominee's baby surprise. natalie portman gave birth to a daughter on february 22nd. that was four days before the oscars. the day before the academy awards she issues a statement saying she couldn't attend due to her pregnancy. turns out, she had already delivered her new baby girl. this is the last photo of natalie taken february 20th, two days before the birth. she and husband benjamin now have a boy and a girl and we're told by her rep mother and baby are happy and healthy. >> also breaking today, arnold schwarzenegger is leaving
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"celebrity apprentice." in a statement just released he was pretty blunt "everyone from the celebrities to the crew to the marketing department was a straight 10, and i would absolutely work with all of them again on a show that doesn't have this baggage." what arnold amanda r meant by thisag bgage something pretty obvious. since he first went on the air in early january, he has faced a an barrage of criticism from the previous host now president donald trump. for instance, wow, the ratings are in and arnold schwarzenegger got swamped. >> i want to just pray for arnold if we canning. > what ensued was a war of tweets between the two, from arnold, i hope you work for aal of the american people as aggressively as you worked for ratings. then from trump, yes, arnold schwarzenegger did a really bad. >> as governor of california and worse on the celebrity apprentice. ratings are down. more than 3 million viewers for his finale compared to six million for trump's
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the first season averaged 21 million viewers. no comment from nbc whether the show will be renewed. >> another big headline. prince harry and megan hearing wedding bells in jamaica. katie nikol has the details. nce his is bigger thrian p harry, one of his best friend getting married. this is a big deal for her to go as his plus one. >> meghan reportedly arrived via private jet. harry paid about $3,000 for his just above coach seats. this isn't meghan's first wedding in jamaica. >> where she got married in 2011 to trevor engleson. i would imagine going back to the island is going to have very mixed memories for meghan. >> we've confirmed everyone will be staying here, the bride and groom respected out the entire 1 10 acre round hill resort anvil laz where rooms cost between $600 to $7,000 a night. so will harry
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same suite. >> i'm told they're certainly sharing a room together. one of the top end villas at the resort and the luxury of a private butler who cook them breakfast. >> will the celebration turn into a wild wedding weekend. >> the groom tom "skipp" inskip has a reputation for being a party animal. >> whenever there's trouble, tom is never far away from the drama. he was with harry in that room when harry was during a game of billiards. he's very into practical jokes which harry absolutely loves. >> so does it mean anything meghan's first official outing is a wedding? >> i'm hearing from many of his friends, the popular question to meghan by the end of the question year. >> >> hello. >> anybody think it would be possible to make a live action version of beauty and the beast when the animated classic came out 25 years ago? >> no way. >> right, no way. >> that's what makes this a
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such a technological success. last night was the star-studded premier. >> emma watson showing off in this oscar de la renta jump suit. but the 26-year-old's been pretty much killing it on her global press sprit. >> i have to go through these. first one to comes to mind when you see these. >> modern ninja woman. this is like, classic but modern, just with the trousers. leather. but not leather. fake leather. monochrome, cape. >> spectacular. well played. >> it's been fun. ♪ >> if my 5-year-old self knew i would get to do this, she would have died. died. >> supporting emma at the premier, two former harry potter co-stars. making it date night? matt damon and wife, luciana. and these two without their adorable baby girls. >> first goodmo evi for little luna. yo
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>> yeah. she will be so proud of daddy. >> and in this movie, john puts a new twist on celine due from the original. >> i was at the beginning of my career. it put me on the map. >> i'm so nervous for her to hear the final version. >> if you want to talk about real nerves, watch the stars tackle our disney princess quiz. >> how many princesses can you say in ten seconds starting right now? >> snow white. pocahontas. aerial. mulan. belle. >> jasmine. >> belle. >> oh anna. >> oh, moana. >> the frozen girl. >> elsa. anna. rapunzel. aurora. >> only one i know is belle. because i have three boys. and otherwise it's batman and superman. so bye.
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>> i'm maverick. >> maverick needed more work. okay. luke bryan and dierks bentley last year still trying to get their act down before they hosted the acm award together for the first time. and must have done well because they were invited back to do it ain. we join them as they were getting everybody excited for the big show. >> why did they pick us? that's ease. they are two of the hottest and biggest selling country artists today who happen to be good friends. >> we know too much about one another. we can kind of cut up with one another and we don't get our little egos hurt. we're tough. >> dierks with three nominations and luke up for entertainer of the year. ♪ >> this will be the third time he has taken home the award. >> you've won twice? >> yes, i have. >> what would happen if there was an envelope snafu like at the oscars? >> i would just love to have my
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the wrong name. >> even if they had to run with it. see ya. >> recant it. too late. >> for three years luke was paired with blake shelton who had a little trouble letting go of the spotlight last year. >> ladies and gentlemen, my new cohost dierks bentley. >> the 529nd academy of country music awards air in las vegas on cbs, and it's gonna be a party. >> could be a very big fight for keith urban. he is up for seven acm awards more than anybody else including entertainer of the years, male vocalist of the year and album of the year. >> still ahead, bachelor bad girl corrin, the secrets you haven't heard. >> get ahold of yourself. >> then bryaann crston before
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till december 25th of 2018. emily said she can't wait to step into the role. >> the whole thing is so exciting. > monday night, the bachelor women tell all special. nick comes face-to-face with all thh ladies he rejected including bad girl corrin who broke down in tears when he sent her home. etonline caught up with her for an exclusive champagne spa day. >> oh, my gosh. >> all of our, you know, sexual passion for each other. >> how did that feel? >> bad. >> hat was he thinking? >> >> that's the kind of girl talk that happens when you get a pedicure at a four seasons los angeles. even though nick said good-bye, sounds like she is still very much on his mind. >> nick said he misses you and it was very hard to send you home. do you still miss nick at all? are there feelings there? >> nick t
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>> yeah. >> oh god. >> i want to ask you about nick's tears. he cried quite a bit on the show. >> he was really emotional. i'm like, whoa. my dad was like, he cried a lot, corinne. i'm like, i didn't realize that. >> well one guy we have never seen cry former bachelor in paradise bad boy chad. >> he says he's very into you. >> what? >> she seems pretty cool. on the show she seems intense and crazy but i think in real life she is pretty chill. >> he told me he wanted to date you if you guys both up in paradise. >> no. are you serious? >> yes. does that excite you? >> he's very cute. he's very cute. can i tell chad it's a maybe? tell him to text me. >> hear that, chad? but corrin is just getting started. we will have much more with her on monday when she drops major bachelor bombshells. >> there are laxatives in every bathroom. >> that's monday.
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>> i always did the mon centers. >> bye-bye, power rangers. >> you will not escape me. >> bryan cranston's power rangers return. >> you five are the power rangers. >> how the golden globe winner went from 50 bucks an hour to "breaking bad" gold. >> food isn't everything, you know. >> james corden before his 85-pound weight loss. baby-faced bond in bed. and two sexy a-listers back in the '20s. >> she was so beautiful. >> closed captioning provided by --
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y29pgy y16fy oscar winners susan sarandon and jessica lange face off sunday night as bette davis and joan crawford. >> lose the shoulder pads. >> beg your pardon. cut back on the lipstick. you play a recluse that you haven't seen in 20 years. >> i've been filming for six months then i can't believe we're actually finally sharing it. >> sarandon tells nischelle turner the bad blood between bette and joan is a lot like the reality shows of today. >> why do we have this fascination with the feud petween joan crawford and bette davis and their relationship?
1:57 am
>> any kind of conflict is a very easy sell. first of all, you know, look at how many of the reality shows run on nothing but drunken women with nothing to argue about but tear each other apart. it's like a ccr wreck. people want to see that. and then discuss it. but it is not something that's new. >> i'm just trying to help. >> you i'm trying to help you. >> at a height of their feud davis and crawford were in their 50s. susan is 70 and jessica, 67. >> i bet it was interesting that 15 of the roles in this film were for women over the age of 40. has that ever been done before in hollywood? >> probably not. although television is definitely much further they'd than film. >> you know, it's been nearly 25 years since power rangers became a worldwide sensation but the franchise is getting a big rezreennreboot with the bryan cranston
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the set discovering that bryan has a history with the rangers. ♪ >> i got a job. dubbing some of the dialogue from japanese into english. i always did the monsters and you will not escape me. you know, that kind of thing. >> good-bye power rangers. >> you snake. >> that was a long time ago. >> bryan was paid 50 bucks an hour for that voiceover work and now he is back in the $5 billion power rangers franchise playing zordon, the group's boss. >> you five are the power rangers. elizabeth banks plays the villain rit at that time repulse sa. she endured 4 1/2 hours of makeup will, make gold teeth and a stretchy green bodysuit just to achieve this sexy look. >> crazy, ig, bronze, brassy, ballsy and takes no prisoners.
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>> ask him. i've killed rangers before. >> "e.t." was on the vancouver set to meet the five up and comers playing the power rangers. >> you're dding stunts. you're here it, you're there, you're doing everything. so it's like you need to be strong. >> the day ranger who has a zac efron vibe going on transformed his body to play the leader of the pack. >> like a full-time job. you go and train and come home and eat and sleep and then you train again three times a day everyday and i loved it. >> jackie playing the yellow power ranger is also a singer, rapper. she has actually been on "empire," and also got jennifer lopez to appear in the music video with more than 50 million views on youtube. why j.lo? because the song is called becky on the block. >> who is this guy? you happen to be looking at some of the biggest stars in hollywood. don't feel bad if you have a hard time recognizing them. this is what they looked like before they weam
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were doing. >> there's nothing that can seriously help me. whenever i go out, i want to eat whatever i want or there's no point in going. >> food isn't everything, you know. >> neither is being single. >> 22 years old whe en hlanded his first big tv role in the british drama "fat friends." since then, he's lost 85 pounds and managed to carpool karaoke his way to becoming the beloved host of the late late show. >> how does this happen? >> i don't know. i have no idea. it's a mystery to me. i don't know. >> she just understood. she understood everything. she was so beautiful. >> hard to believe that plain-faced 23-year-old is now 51 and still looks hot in a bikini, elizabeth hurley. this is catherine zeta-jones role in the darling buds of may. a household name in britain but afterwards she moved to l.a. because she no longer wanted to be cast as the token pretty girl. >> let's be friends, emily.
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>> 10-year-old daniel radcliffe's first ever role in "david copperfield""led to him being cast as harry potter. plus our favorite is mr. 007 himself, daniel craig, 14 years before him and those blue swim trunks became the stuff dreams are made of. even back then, hh was good with the ladies. >> what do you think? >> i think you should come back to bed. >> do you hate having to take off your shirt for this role? >> it's a living. >> you get paid do it? >> yeah. >> you can see all of these performances when brit box is up and running, a digital streaming service for british tv fans right here in the states. >> when we come back, why does steve harvey have a phone with pick with this adorable little big shot?
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>> what is the best career advice your mom has given you? >> work hard. love what you do. stay humble. wear sunscreen. >> travel consideration provided by --
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steve harvey's "little big shots" is one of the biggest surprises of last year and it is back this sunday on nbc. how do you top the great kids they had last season? just like this, actually. >> here is a 4-year-old who can name every bone in the human body. and the way she pronounces them is adorable. bye, everybody. >> how many bones are in my hand? >> 54. >> do you know a bone in the body that won't break? oh, no, no. >> the what? is there another name for that? the nose. >> i thought it was like the funny bone. >> oh, no, no, the funny
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