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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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avoids the jab, goes to the body. >> you know, danny garcia has done a better job of jabbing his way in the last several rounds than he did earlier. >> show them you're the man. show some combinations. under a minute remaining. garcia with a right hand. thurman goes back to the body. and, of course, anything garcia throws that looks like it lands will cause the crowd to erupt. it's the bull and the matador in round 12. garcia working the body. >> it's never too late, guys. >> thurman with a right hand that
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here in brooklyn, if you don't know, now you know. two of the best go to the distance to unify the welterweight titles. ( bell ) >> so a record crowd here at barclay center on its feet, 16,533 fans witnessed the fight that went the 12-round distance. ray, give us your a
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what you just witnessed. >> keith thurman talked trash, and he backed it up. so impressed. did an amazing job. danny garcia, also fought with his heart. i mean, there's nothing to say bad about either guy. >> a look at the shostat numbers are interesting. danny garcia, more accurate with his punches, according to shostats. not throwing as many, and that's why we see a disparity in the number landed. remember, it's all by what you land per round, how the fight is scored. but that's a fascinating, revealing look at what went on. >> they threw for-- they threw over 1,000 punches combined, and we will get the official decision right after this. ♪when you're morning is hell just go to taco bell.♪ and let us make you breakfast. like the dollar grilled breakfast burrito.
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keith "one time" thurman? or will it be the w.b.c. champion danny "swift" garcia. they are still tabulating the scores. let's go back and listen to what was going on in the corners. >> you got his attention now. he's going to be scared of your punches coming. >> overhand right. drop your knees! i told you not to do that. it's okay. >> it's going to be an easy night, but you've got to be careful. don't be-- don't be too crazy about it. you got this guy. >> stay composed and you have to stay active. in a smart way. listen. do not drop your left hand. >> you're looking like a champ, man. you're looking great out there. keep the hands up. keep pumping the jab, trying to be first. we're going home with two titles tonight. >> >> yes, sir. >> be smart out there,
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>> all right, jimmy lennon jr. is ready. let's find out who will be a unified welterweight champion. ( bell ). >> ladies and gentlemen, after 12 rounds of action here at barclay center in brooklyn, we go to the score cards. we have a split decision. judge at ringside, john mckai, scores 116-112, in favor of keith thurman. judge kevin morgan 115-113 in favor of danny garcia. and judge at ringside joe pascual, scores 115-113 in favor of
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he is still undefeated. he is now the w.b.a. and w.b.c. unified welterweight champion of the world, keith "one time" thurman! ( bell ). >> keith "one time" thurman, trainer ben getty looking down and smiling. keith thurman, uniifies the w.b.a. and w.b.c. title via a split decision. let's go to jim grairk who is standing by with the new unified champion. >> all right, mauro, thank you very much. keith, congratulations to you. what is your thoughts on the split decision victory? >> you know, the judges are judges, man. i thought i
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i thought it was a clear victory, you know. but danny he came to fight, so if a judge likes his fight style they didn't like that i was moving backwards, i understand. but overall you heard the scorecard, there was a wide spread, and i knew when it would split and i heard that wide spread that it had to go to me. this is your boy keith "one time" thurman, and still champion of the world. one time became two times, baby. ain't no robberies happening tonight. >> to unify this title and to do it. but in the later rounds, did you feel you were far enough ahead and gave some of those rounds away and almost by the basis of this split decision 115-113 on the card to win, might have given this fight away? >> not give it away. if there was anything, it would have been closer to a draw. you know, but i was not giving the fight away. we-- it was, like-- it was like winning the race fast start, you know. i felt like we had a nice lead. we could cool down. my boxes said, "box, box, box. you're giving him a hard time." and i felt like
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the three-minute intervals in each and every single round. he was attack. there were times he was throwing more punchs. my defense was effective. he wasn't landing very clearly anything. there were some tough rounds to score, but in the end of the day i knew that i did what i had to win to have the victory we had tonight. i want to dedicate this win and all my accomplishments to my original trainer ben getty. ben gety, i love you. thank you for believing in me before anyone believed in me so i could be here on this stage in front of this arena right here. you gave me a life i can only dream of, and we're living it right now. thank you, rest in peace. >> let's bring in danny. danny, what are your thoughts on this split decision? and getting the short end of it. >> first of all, i want to thank god. i want to thank my team, angel garcia, premiere boxing champion, cbs, for giving me opportunity to showcase my shilz and unify another division. i came up short tonight. i gave it my all. i thought i was
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i came to fight. it didn't go my way. oh, well. >> do you agree with the decision? >> i thought i won the fight. i thought i was the aggressor. but it is what it is. >> danny, he threw a lot more punches, and you seemed, in certain instances, not willing to want to engage, which we haven't seen from you in the past. why? >> i felt like he was trying to counter me, you know, big shots coming in. i tried to wait until he came in on me and get my punches off. bit thought i pushed the fight like a true champion, and i thought i did enough to get the victory. >> you're a great champion, danny. we hope to see you soon. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> garcia, gracious in suffering his first defeat. but to the victor get spoils, and keith thurman will return to clearwater, florida, with not one, but two, welterweight championship belts as we look at the official scores from the three judges seatedly at ringside, two of them had a 115-113, but one had it for
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thurman, one for garcia, john mckai, had 116-112 for thurman. and we tbling our unofficial scorer steve farhood. how did you have it, my man. >> mo, i had 116-112 for thurman. i thought he did enough to win even though the crowd didn't like his style. interesting. the judges were all over the place. they agreed on only four of the 12 rounds, and the last rounds, two of the three judges gave it to garcia, but the fight was gone by then. so maybe angel garcia should have said sade to his son, "you've blown it, son." >> on twisse twitter-verse, thet 61% in favor of keith "one time" thurman. and for the final time tonight, i throw it back to our maine, brian custer. >> thank you, mo. as keith thurman makes his way back to his dressing
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congratulations to keith thurman, unified welterweight champion. at some point we have to start talking keith thurman, on the mythical pound for pound list, inunbeaten and a unified champ. for more on tonight's fights, you can head to showtime boxing on facebook for the post-fight press conference. stay with us, we'll recap our full night of boxing as we continue here from barclay center in brooklyn.
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tonight. our opening belt erickson lubin, jorg
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man, this one in the fourth, watch that left hand by lubin. that dropped cota. he really could not recover. the fight was stopped. he walks away with a tko. in our main event, the w.b.a.-w.b.c. welterweight title on the line. keith thurman and danny garcia came out throwing haymakers. keith thurman threw more punches, connected more. it was a split decision. two judges for thurman, one for garcia. keith thurman walks away as the unified welterweight champion. what a night from barclay center here in brooklyn. for al bernstein, mauro ranallo, sugar ray leonard, steve farhood, john gray, and our entire showtime crew, i'm brian custer, good night from brooklyn.
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never waver. ♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> breaking news tonight. prince george's county police on the scene where a police officer and a suspect had exchanged gunfire. our ellison barber is live near the scene in capitol heights what do
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>> reporter: well, we are in the process of getting an update from police, they are still looking for a suspect involved in this exchange of gunfire. they believe he fled to dc. dave coleman says this started a little bit before 9:00. >> that's right. 8:50, our officers received a call for a fight. when they got to the scene, someone said they got robbed an described the suspect. the suspect fled into dc. during the pursuit, the suspect and our officer exchanged gunfire, our officer was not hit. we don't know if the suspect was. we are still looking for him. we are asking anyone with any information to give us a call. 866-411-tips. any information would be helpful at this time. >> do you have any type of suspect description? was he picked up in a car, is he fleeing on foot? >> we don't know. that is why we are asking for everyone's
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officers and detectives are going over the scene looking for any leads. we will put out a suspect description as soon as we can. hopefully, that helps the public help us better. >> reporter: thank you lieutenant. all of the cars here had their lights on. seems a lot calmer than it was a half hour ago. the vast majority of these cars are police cars. over here on fable street, just off of southern avenue seems to be where a lot of the investigation activity is going on. we are seeing crime scene technicians come here. this is all so very developing and we will bring more information when we have it. aisle ellison barber, wusa9. >> thank you so much ellison. more breaking news tonight take a look at this man. police say jamel carlos kingsbury stabbed a security guard to death outside of the burlington coat factory at potomac mills rand he is still out there. police tell us two security guards confronted him outside after
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shoplifting. that is when one of the guards was stabbed. larry donell drumgold died of his injuries at the hospital t. the other guard was not injured. police say kingsbury was involved in a domestic related call this morning as well. anyone who can help find him call the police. (703)792-6500: and download our wusa9 app to stay up to date on all these late breaking news stories. four people died in charles county in three separate car crashes over the course of 24 hours. all of it friday. two of the victims popular seniors at west lake high school. 200 people gathered together to remember their lives. wusa9's ellison barber has more. >> then i get a call. my son is not here. i asked
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>> reporter: on a cold night near smallwood and saint nicholas drive, two families huddled together and shedding tears. desmond cooke and colin bipat died yesterday afternoon when their car crashed into the pole in the middle of smallwood drive. a third teen is in the hospital can serious injuries. the teens were speeding. they swerved to avoid stopped traffic and ended up here. >> please. just think. before you hit the pedal. >> reporter: but how it happened doesn't change what happened. this grief. >> god, i ask that you help us. >> reporter: is far from over. >> we are broken now. we have lost our man. our heart. >> lift them up. >> we don't know what god's plan is in this situation. but we know he
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that is the only solace we can take. >> as we go through if next coming days to piece our lives back together, we ask that you all lean on one another. we ask that you continue to lift each other up. young people, please, stay safe. make wise choices. sloe down. we don't want to be here again. >> reporter: in waldorf, i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> we also learned today the mother hurt in a single car crash has died. police say 25-year-old akeema perry was traveling with her two children ages four and six when her car veered off the road and hit a tree. this happened a little bit before 6:00 last night. the children are expected to be anay.
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speed was a factor. we are also learning more about a third car crash last night. it took the life of an 18-year- old. kendall proctor was driving south when he lost control of his car on saint peter church road. he died at the scene. he was driving alone. and dc police need your help to find a man they say is a rapist. he blindfolded, bound, and raped a woman inside her home in northwest. and he is still out there. makia turner spoke to the people in the area. >> reporter: kathlene and her husband came home to police outside their door last night. she didn't know what happened or how bad it was at first, but eventually, she learned something was really wrong. >> when there were so many police cars out here, four, five, six, an ambulance, we assumed something more serious had happened. ep
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10:30 when a man somehow made his way inside the home next door. according to a police report, a man blindfolded, bound, and raped a woman inside. as neighbors learned what happened in the 2300 block of california street, they were really worried. some even wondered how this could have happened with tight security close by. >> there's a lot of secret service police because of the embassies in the area. there's always police coming around. so, for something like this who happen is very shocking. >> reporter: it is still not clear how the suspect got inside. but, lives next door, it's a big reminder to keep their home secure. >> we have a roof hatch on the fourth floor. i'll go up and check that. >> if you look at some houses that have been broken into, in the area. they have a lot of bars on the windows. >> reporter: extra security measures to keep people living in this neighborhood safe. makia turner, wusa9. >> if you have any information that might help police catch this rapist, give them a call. al
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gears now. it felt more like winter today, and howard bernstein says that is not going to change tomorrow. right howard? >> yeah, exactly. we are not going to see a turn around on temperatures until monday. in fact, it is our coldest weekend since late january, believe it or not. very cold. some of you will be in the teens by morning and that could give some of the early blossoms we had, yeah, the freezer burn. they may not look so pretty. so tomorrow, some of them look like it today. hey, with i have clear skies now. thankfully the winds are up or it would be even colder. 33 in town. but, it will get a little bit lighter. that is why i think some of these temperatures will fall to maybe 15 to 18 in the really cold spots. looking at the forecast, gathersburg, 17 manassas. 24 here in washington. the futurecast shows a lot of sunshine. but, a cold day. thankfully, the winds tomorrow, they will be a lot lighter. i think they will be five, maybe ten miles an hour starting south in the
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afternoon. by lunchtime, temperatures only in the mid to upper 30s and they are going to top out once again in the upper 30s to low 40s . but after tomorrow, we will see a warming trend. i'll tell you about that in a few minutes. debra? >> thank you very much howard. president trump in florida this weekend working from the winter white house. he start ed the day with a series of tweets making a serious allegation about his predecessor. >> reporter: the president waved to supporters in palm beach florida hours after mr. trump fired off four tweets accusing then president obama of wiretapping trump last october. how low has president obama gone to tap my phones during the very secret election process? this is nixon watergate. bad, or sick guy. president trump wrote it happened here at trump tower, but offered no evidence. the tweets follow a story published friday on the conservative website breitbart detailing similar claims of
11:26 pm
obama surveilling trump. a spokesman for the former president responded in part neither president obama nor any white house official ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. >> it would be the biggest political scandal since water gate. >> reporter: at a raucous town hall event. lindsay graham says illegally wiretapping trump would be troubling but it would be equally concerning if trump was legally surveilled. that could mean there is evidence between activity in the trump campaign and foreign government. >> it is my job as the united states senator to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions who recently recused himself from the investigation of links between the trump campaign and russia also traveled to florida for dinner with the president. cbs news, new york. near the washington monument and several cities around the country today. president trump supporters turned out for a march for trump. their goal, to show supporr
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unity under the new administration. today's march comes after weeks of protests against the new administration on such issues as healthcare an immigration policy. it carried the apollo 11 astronauts to the moon. we have a look at the first journey. and helping those who can't afford healthcare. hear from those who offered free care to the less fortunate
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. co mcast business. built fosir buness. >> hundreds of people attended a march in virginia to protest new parking fees at reston town center. the protesters say paid parking is keeping customers away from the planned working and living commune and helping the merchants. they are concerned they are gathering too much personal info for from those who use it to use the park. >> i think it is too high. but i don't think they have the right to invade my privacy and take information off
11:30 pm
>> completely intrusive. it is impossible to use. and, it is very likely if this continues for another six months, we will be completely out of business. >> usually go to the town center during the weekdays because i live there. and i see empty bars, empty restaurants. if they wont to do the paid parking then people will start boycotting. >> boston properties says the paid parking will remain in place. but, there will be free parking on weekends and holidays. revenue from the paid parking will be reinvested in the community. a local organization that is providing health and medical care around the world decided to bring their mission closer to home. the gift of medical mission sponsored help for the homeless. participants from homeless shelter ins the washington area were given free health en
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pressure and diabetes. a spacecraft that carried the apollo 11 astronauts to the moon and back was displayed for the last time today at the air and space museum. it has a new mission. to tour around the country. and as wusa9's stephanie gailhard tells us, it has not moved in about 50 years. >> it's a great day. we have a kid here really interested in space so it's a great experience for you. right bud? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: thousands of people got a glimpse of the apollo 11 command module saturday. >> it is amazing. it is historic. it is really good for the people to be able to get this close. >> reporter: it carried the apollo 11 astronauts to the moon and back 50 years ago. >> i saw this go up when i was 11 years old. so it was wonderful to see this and come back here and ask questions. >> reporter: the command module leaves the air and space museum in october for
11:32 pm
around the country. this spacecraft weighs 13 tow pounds so transporting it won't be easy. but preparations have been made so it goes smoothly. >> some of the important things are the heat shield. the astronauts lived and worked here so there's stories and evidence of them being there. >> 50 years after its mission, the spacecraft continues to inspire the public. and nasa. at the air and space museum, stephanie gailhard, wusa9. >> its national tour begins in october to celebrate the 50th anniversary to the apollo 11 mission. howard? >> good stuff. it is amazing. and, in prince george's county. smaller but the visitor's center has neat
11:33 pm
afterfacts. >> there is no limit to what you can visit. but are you correct with the three degree guarantee? >> it was 44 degrees. it was chilly. that is eight degrees below average. we were nine degrees, actually, 43. we got 44. got that backwards. either way, we were off by one. the actual high was 44. tomorrow, a three degree guarantee is 43 degrees once again. 33 at reagan national. here are some of the temperatures away from the water. it is mixing up the air. without the winds, when you see dew point ins the single digits, we could get a lot colder than that. we have the wind and the water keeping national warmer but 25 in fred rick. in the teens in the mountains. fredericksburg, still above freezing but just about er
11:34 pm
proximity to the bay, below freezing now. some of the temperatures will be in the phones by tomorrow morning. so, quite cold tonight. and again on sunday. sunday's highs like today, lower 40s . average high is 52. the 50s will return on monday. with 60s , probably low, maybe mid 60s in some range. the rain will hold up tuesday afternoon. and, the clocks ahead next weekend. yes. we go from standard time to daylight savings time. the shortest weekend of the year coming up. we lose the hour, but the sun will set an hour later. look at this. 60s here. watch what happens heading into monday. 80s in dallas. warmer air will be moving in. you see another storm in the west and northwest bringing more rain and snow. we have rain down in texas. this eventually is i believe what we will be seeing tuesday afternoon as the front heads this way. in the short term, high pressure is in control.
11:35 pm
a cold sunday with much lighter winds. won't feel as bad. much lighter winds. by monday, as the high falls away, clouds will increase in the afternoon. we have some showers by tuesday morning from buffalo to pittsburgh. columbus, ohio. we will watch that area of showers move our way as we get into the mid and latter part of the afternoon. so tuesday, we may need a yellow weather alert for the commute home. the commute should be fine. 15 to 25 tonight. clear, very cold. one of the coldest nights of the winter, 10 to 25. light winds, northeast to southeast at about 5. low 40s sunday afternoon. unseasonably chilly. if somebody got to 44, 45, that would probably max out. milder monday, 58. tuesday, showers in the afternoon, but 64. then, wednesday, early shower. cool off a little bit thursday, and milder again. 50s and 60s friday and saturday. >> it is looking better toward the end of the week, but, it is actually like, ice


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