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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 6, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, march 6th, 2017. withing to "cbs this morning." fbi director james comey rejects president trump's unsubstantiated claim that the white house wiretapped trump tower. >> north korea fires at least one missile over japan overnight. it's the latest in provocations that may be testing the trump administration. plus we look at a popular anti-aging skin treatment you can do at home. why some doctors are reporting micro needling may make your skin problems rswoe. but we begin this morning
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opener," your world in 90 sko 0 seco nds. >> heee twted that he just found out that obama had his wires tapped. >> to make that claim is very reckless. >> the fbi push backes against trump's claim of wiretapping. >>ould that be information you woknuld ow? >> yes. >> at this point you can't confirm or deny whether it exists. >> i can deny it. united states, japan, and south korea are strongly condemning north korea for firing off four ballistic missiles. >> heavy rain caused hail. >> the storm system in the west hais wt is going to move into the middle of the country. >> people could see the rumble of thunder, lots of lightning, gusting winds. >> they target isis targets in the western city. >> it's now being itinvesdgate by a possible hate crime.
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happen in our community was extremely disappointing. nt>> iaterste 95 along florida coast is open once again now that a raging brushfire is under control. >> all that -- >> in houston, an 18-wheeler jackknifed across all four lanes of traffic barely missing every car around it. >> unbelievable. >> -- and all that matters. >> we're constantly going back to where i sat, the negative of what i wore. >> you've still got the jacket. >> yes. the jacket is there. it may go into my private museum one day. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> they would say, oh, the president had this wonderful speech on tuesday night. he was heralded on all corners and now look at this, we can't talk about it anymore. why not. >> look at trum paul's face. >> the time for trivial fights
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>> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off and recovering nicely, so anthony mason is here with us. nice to have you here. >> john oliver has very good eyesight. i didn't see that. he zoomed in. >> i didn't either. lots of new this morning. president trump faces a showdown with his fbi director for making an unsubstantiated claim of wiretapping. former obama officials deny anyone bugged trump's campaign headquarters. >> president trump started an uproar by tweeting this on saturday, how low has president
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during the very sacred election process. this is nixon watergate. bad or sick guy. fbi director james comey wants the justice department to officially deny this claim. major garrett is at the white house where the president returned from florida. major, lots to discuss. good morning. >> lots to discuss and good morning. the president spent the weekend stirring up controversy and, by the way, lashing out at top adviser, angry about his stalled legislative agenda, and upset that he had such a short-lived boost to his speech from congress. he provided no evidence that turing the campaign the obama administration had him wiretapped. but he appears to have picked up they idea from conservative "breitbart news" formerly run by steve bannon. president obama's director of national intelligence denied trump's charge that the white house spied on trump during the 2016 campaign. >> there was n
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activity mounted against the president-elect at the time or as a candidate or against his campaign. >> reporter: in a series of tweets on saturday morning trump said obama had my wires tapped at trump tower just before the victory calling it a new low. department leadership has remained silent. in a statement the white house asked the republican controlled congress to look into whether executive branch investigative powers were abused in 2016, but white house officials could not cite a source for the president's wiretapping charge. >> he is going off of information that he's saying that has led him to believe that this is a very real potential. >> reporter: it was all news to florida republican senator marco rubio. >> i have never heard that before, and i have no evidence or no one's ever presenteding in to me that indicates anything like that. >> reporter: democrat senator
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charges were strategic. >> this, again, feels like an attempt where the house is trying to distract us. >> reporter: and nancy pelosi said the president is calling it dangerous power play. >> it's called a makeup spear. you have somebody write it and then say everybody's writing about this charge. >> it's difficult to separate fact from fiction. conservative supporters of trump would like to point out when he was under oath before congress dni director was less than truthful about counterterrorism investigations. anthony? >> garrett, thanks. president trump made his unsupported claim of wiretapping as the fbi investigates possible cooperation between his campaign and russia. under the foreign intelligence surveillance act or fisa,
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a power. jeff pegues has that story. law enforcement sources say the fbi pushed back because the president's claim falsely suggests the fbi broke the law. at the heart of mr. trump's claim is accusation that former president obama ordered wiretapping on the trump campaign, but according to doj, the president cannot order a wiretap if surveillance involves communication to which a u.s. person is the party. typically the fbi gets the washlts from the special federal court with the approval of the attorney general. former president obama's spokesperson says neither president obama nor any white house official ever
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surveillance on any u.s. citizen. to say otherwise is false. it's expanded to include whether trump campaign representatives were coordinating with the russians. part of the probe including examining electronic intercepts. if the fbi was intercepting communications at trump tower as mr. trump claims, it means investigators were able to convince the judge there is reason to believe the subject of the warrant is working for a foreign power and against the united states. gayle. >> jeff, thank you very much. president obama plans to sign a new 90-day refugee travel ban today. iraq will no longer be on the list of muslim majority countries where people cannot visit the united states. the ban, though, will still apply to syria, iran, sudan, libya, sew moll ya, and yemen. >> republican jason
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the head of the oversight committee. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is extraordinary. you have the fbi director issuing a stinging rebuke and disputing what the president of the united states made. are we in a crisis here? >> i did not hear that from director comey. i tried to contact him over the weekend to hear what he has to say or not say about this. i think it's interesting that the department of justice has not weighed in on this. i look forward to what they have to say. >> your colleague marco rubio said he has not heard anything of it. have you? >> i learned a long time ago i'm going o keep my eyes wide open. thus far i have not seen anything directly that would support what the president has said. >> but as you know the president of the united states cannot unilaterally order wiretapping. >> there is a process and you have to go to the court and you do go to the fisa court.
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but you essentially need a court order to get that. so the paper trail should be there. it's going to take a while for the house intel committee, devin nunez. we can weigh in on it at any time. we to thinks the house intel cannot do and vice versa, but we'll play a supporting role. >> heard youance anthony's question saying no, you hadn't heard of it. when you heard, i'm curious of your initial reachlkts tion. he was such a high on tuesday and now no one seems to be talking about that. is this a self-inflicted wound or what have you heard about it? >> we haven't been a week since the president's address amend look at what we've covered. look. it's a serious allegation. the president has at his fingertips tens of millions of
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i think he might have something there but if not, we're going to find out. >> yet congressman, we're hearing he might have gotten the news from "breitbart news" or a radio talk show. he said he has access to top intelligence information. >> yes, he does. he's called upon congress to review that. i'm going wherever the facts take us. i don't know what we're going to finding at this point. but we're really at the beginning of this. >> do you think it's responsible to continue the speculation? the reason i ask, the former dnr director said it's false, it didn't happen. >> mr. clapper doesn't come with the best reputation for facts as well. we're going to go in and look at th facts. we'll get there. it's not going to happen, you know, by wednesday. it's going to take us some time to unravel this. >> congressman, how to you feel about the president of the united states making this accusation on twig owner a tu
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backing evidence. >> i think it's -- >> if you make that, shouldn't you have evidence? >> if he goes out there and suggests that we should lead out in that investigation, we're going to go through that process, so it's still yet to be determined. >> a new poll shows that the majority of americans now want a special prosecutor. h all started from is there a tie between the trump administration and the russians involved in this election. 65% of americans now want a special prosecutor. are you one of those? >> no, i'm not. i think congress has a role to play. devin nunez at the house committee has been talking for more than a year that russia has engaged in corporate espionage. >> you don't think they need a special prosecutor? >> no, i don't. i think evidence is flimsy at best. i seelm
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direct ties between russia and collusion with the trump campaign in any way, shaep, or firm. were there incident tall contacts? yes. but was there intentional collusion, i don't see any of that. >> let me ask you this. "wall street journal" has some tips. this's a section that says how do we know if trump's allegations are true. in fact, the president himself can classideclassify a fisa ord. would you call on that? >> again, you have go into that process. the house intelligence committee can do that. he can declassify nfgsz. when we get to that point, we'll see what we have. >> as major gartd reported, president set aside the revised version of the travel ban. >> yeah. >> iraq is not goc be on this list at this time. if you're a current visa holder,
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how do you feel about the changes many the travel ban? >> i think the rollout, i hope, will be much better than last time. i to agree we have to have higher vetting in certain parts of the country. i do not buy into the idea that anybody should be targeted based on their religion and i don't want to see that in any way, shape, or fofrmt there are parts of world like libya, where there is no note. international outrage growing this morning about a new north korean missile test. the penalty gone says north korea fired at least one banned missile overnight. it flew about 600 miles and splashed down on the sea of japan. aid ya nan diaz is monitoring developments from beijing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we still don't know how many were fire order what kind they
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u.s. officials are saying they obtained one missile. either way, this is yet another strategically timed provocation. south korea's military says the launch took place shortly after 7:30 monday morning local time. at least one missile traveled roughly 600 miles east crossing peninsula before plunging into the sea of japan. coincided with high-profile events the region. a're holding annual joint military exercises which north korea considers a dress rehearsal for an invasion. china's biggest political event, the national people's congress is also under way. there's the shocking murder of kim jong-un's h
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>> it's time to coincide with these things but it's the larger pattern of instability and provocation out of edginess that this regime wanted to communica communicate. >> the obama administration tried to. they're keeping all options on table from military action to recognizing north korea as a nuclear state but they have yet to set a clear policy. the report's author david sanger said on "face the nation" that the president is running out of time. >> at some point president trump going to have to sit town and focus on a few threats lie this one. >> reporter: analystings say it was not the content of an intercontinental missile capable o reaching to the u.s. but with each day, they move closer to that technology. norah? >> thank you so much. they have cut a
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the de facto isis capital. city is surrounded on three sides. the only way out for isis fighters is across the euphrates rush. they kojts to battle in western mosul over the weekend. since late last month more than 45,000 refugees are reported to have fled the city. charlie d'agata is in london following the growing crisis. good morning. >> good morning. they say in the past 24 hours they've seen some of the deepest fighting yet. civilians are paying the price. they've lost everything in the desperate race to get away including the shoes on their feet. this man says it was raining so hard and isis opened fire as they tried to escape. as they ran away, they lost their shoes in the mud. freezing and pouring rain has not only added
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heavy cloud cover has complicated air support for u.s.-backed iraqi forces. that makes it harder to detect and destroy car bomb over the weekend. as they fight it open many the western nakss of mosul, isis militants are battling back with everything they've got including suspected chemical weapons. the u.n. is calls for a possible chemical weapons 'tack after 12 people including women and children were treated to possible exposure to what the red cross described as blistering agents. >> what you could see on their body was extreme body reaction. a lot of them were coughing, vomiting, redness in eye. >> reporter: it took months to drive isis out of eastern mosul all the way to the tigress riv
7:19 am
the western side is where back dadi declared himself the leader of this so-called caliphate in 2014. isis has vowed to defend it to the death. it is never mattered how many civilians standthe way. >> it was the biggest city under isis control and losing it will mean the group no longer holds territory the country in any meaningful way. gayle? >> charlie d'agata, thank you. the scandal of sharing nude female
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police are now hooking for a suspect who shot a sikh man after reportedly saying go back to your own country. ahead, a
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crimes across the state and increased fears across the community. >> you're watching "cbs this morning."
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without offering any evidence in tweets, president trump accused president obama of wiretapping. he even tweeted. this is a very serious allegation for a sitting president to make about his predecessor and you know that it's very serious because his next serious was arnold schwarzenegger isn't voluntarily leaving "the apprentice." he was fired because of bad ratings. mr. president, forget about it. you're president of the free world. it's much more important and your ratings are dead last. >> it is interesting that both tweets would come at the same
7:31 am
they seem to have not the same weight. very interesting. to be continued for sure. that was "saturday night live's" take on president trump's weekend tweet storm. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the president's unsubstantiated claims continue to dominate the front pages today. fbi director james comey has now asked the justice dpts the publicly refute the allegations. "the new york times" reports the chances of getting audited by the irs this tax season are the lowest in years. just over 1 million people were audited last year. that's the lowest level since 2003. last year the number of people audited by the irs dropped by 16% from year before. the agency blames budget cuts. the "chicago tribune" says there were no homicides in the city for six days last week. now, that hasn't happened since 2012. through sunday there were six fewer killings this year than in the same period in
7:32 am
103 compared to 109 about, but there have been 19 more shootings. bird flu has struck a poultry farm. a flock of about 73.5,000 birds was being destroyed to stop the spreading. they say that's no evidence that any form of bird flu can be transmitted to humans from properly cooked poultry and the company is responding aggressively to the outbreak. the "washington post" reports that hundreds of marines were online. she said even if i could i'd never reenlist. the marine corps says it's deeply concerned and is investigating. jan crawford is outside the pent gone. jan, good morning.
7:33 am
so these marines are accused of using marines united which is a nearly 30,000-person private facebook group to share nude pictures of some of the female colleagues and post personal information about the women online. >> the photos to me were scary. >> reporter: in an online article he described how members of secret facebook group marines united were enlisted to post pictures of female colleagues, some promising free beer to troob kohn tributers. >> these frats had name, rank, and often their current military duty location and hometowns, it had contact information. >> reporter: the purple heart recipient said the photos drew in thousands of comments. he cites one lewd comment about a corporal in uniform said the servicemember who submitted the photo should take
7:34 am
and attack her. some talked about what they would do to her. some believe their former partners may have leaked the images. others say their accounts have been hacked or poached. accusations come as the military is trying to correct a longstanding problem with sexual harassment. in a statement the marine corps said the conduct ujds mines their core values. this behavior destroys morale, erodes trust, and degrades the individual. he's being criticized by some of the marines saying he's also fwlt of making comments on facebo facebook. he said he's never promised to be perfect. he goes back to the story. >> it goes back to me wanting my daughter to wear the uniform one day if she so chooses and i don't want her to have to deal with this. >> reporter: now brennan said his family is also being threatened. we reached out to facebook for comment. they said we d
7:35 am
harassment and remove content that appears to purposely target private individuals with purpose of degrading or shaming them and they've noted they've taken down the offending pages from the site. anthony? >> a really upsetting story. >> quite frankly, an opportunity for the department of tee fence to act very quickly on this and send a message. >> yeah. all right. police are searching for a suspect who opened fire on a sikh man of indian descent after allegedly saying "go back to your own country." it happened in kent, washington, 25 miles from seattle. a sikh coalition wants a federal hate crime investigation. mireya villarreal looks at how the attack is similar to the attack on the two indian man last month. good morning. >> good morning. the recent violence is not only a cause for concern for indians living here in the u.s. but
7:36 am
abroad. police say 39-year-old deep ri singh was working on his car in this suburban seattle driveway when he was approached by a man described as white, 6 feet tall, and wearing a mask covering the lower part of his face. he told police what the gunman said before he opened fire. >> he told him to go back home. >> singh who's now recovering was wearing the traditional headdress at the time of the shooting. the family is calling it a hate crime. >> it's a shock to him and for us, the whole community. >> reporter: this incident is sim already to the shooting of two indian men last month. police arrested this man, adam purinton after witnesses say he yelled "get out of my country" before opening fire, killing one of them. in a series of tweefts on sunday the
7:37 am
has raised alert. already the violence has caused some indians to reconsider travel plans to u.s. a software developer is declining a job offer in the united states. >> even though the killings may be isolated incidented, my parents are very, very worried. >> reporter: singh's family is standing together. >> no american can say those kinds of words. h is the time we hold each other's hand and we feel this is our home, our country. >> reporter: the governor released a statement on sunday. he called it hateful. he calls them attacks in the state of washington and across the country. gayle? >> thank you, mireya. glad that man is going to be all right. terrible story. thank you very much. ahead how president trump d
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good song for this story. a popular new treatment is helping a growing number of people search for the fountain of youth. micro needling is what it's called. it uses tiny needles t
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your skin. it was only available at dermatologists' offices or other offices. now you can do it at home despite concerns by the fda. michelle miller looks at whether this is a breakthrough or marketing ploi. good morning. >> good morning. it's not just beauty places. they're devoting copy to these devices. doctors say consumers should be aware of a few risks. >> the biggest beauty craze right now, which is micro needling. >> it's the latest in do-it-yourself beauty. micro needling is coming home from the office and demand for the product is outpacing the supply. >> you sold out not twice, but three times. >> it's one of those markets for home use. they use t
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the skin stimulating the body's natural regeneration response. >> what does the skin do? it says i've been injured. i need to create -- >> it doesn't hurt. >> it doesn't hurt. >> it's leak a tingle. >> yeah, tingle. >> reporter: prices for this popular product ranged from $30 to the $200 vibrating glow pro. compare that to in-office treatments that start at $500. >> a lot of these procedures done in office, fact that people can bring them home very appealing. >> reporter:" allure" editor in chief is a self-proscribed guinea pig. >> doing the at-home version feels like a cat licking you. when you have a professional do it, it hurts. >> rte
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even stretch marks, but she cautions against use of at-home tools. >> it can spread infection that can cause scarring and make whatever you try to treat worse. >> reporter: the fta has also offered several warning letters not including glow pro. >> the fda has safety concerns regardi regarding the potential for needles to damage nerves. what do you think of those warnings? >> i do hear that message and it has to do with copycat tools. trust your skin to the original. >> reporter: in addition to concerns about that, the tock tore has one more piece of advise. >> you're really wasting your time. >> reporter: they say protecting your skin from sun is the best way to combat skin damage. when it comes to cin
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care no place to scrub. that doesn't necessarily mean the most expensive tool is the best per you and your skin. make sure you do your research. we have them here ranging in price from $30 all the way to 200 dollars. >> all morning long, it says tiny little needles. the fact that i can do this, it doesn't feel like a need >> it's supposed to penetrate at a cell level. we'll see. we'll see what happens. >> it's not what i thought it would be. i might be borrowing this one. i've been pooh-poohing h all morning. that's why you should wait to hear whole story. airbnb looking into tourism. airbnb's co-founder and ceo explains how women play a huge role in the company's success story.
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what pain? advil. dangerous stunt posted on instagram is under investigation. the video shows a dirt biker soaring over cars on a busy freeway in southern california. after flying into the air the biker successfully lands on the other side. the highway patrol and sheriff's department are investigate iing. they've used heavy boulders and tree trunks to block this from happening again. >> not good. ahead, how the new rift over wiretapping claims is upending presidential norms. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right
7:52 am
>> every time trump associates are asked about russia, they respond like they're trying to hide something. >> to be clear, mr. trudge p had no financial relationships with any russian ol' i fwarks. >> if that's what he said, that's what i'd say. >> it's so unconvincing, it probably set off a polygraph machine sitting in a car somewhere. i don't know what happened, sarge. needle was just going crazy. norris comics. huck i heard at night, the boogeyman checks under the bed for chuck. i heard cats say they have chuck-like reflexes. do you think he's still got it? i bet you a buck he catches this salt shaker. you're on! hey! chuck! you owe me a buck. you can't always see what's coming but when you choose unitedhealthcare, finding an in-network doctor that's close to home is easy. so what happened? i had lunch with chuck norris. ♪ unitedhealthcare. how do you become america's best-selling brand? you make it detect what they don't.
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it's monday, march 6th, 2017. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including mr. trump's charge. we'll ask homeland security adviser fran townsend if that could happen. first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> so the president could provide no evidence that during his aisdminiotratn president obama had him wiretapped. >> james comey is refuting that. >> are we in crisis mode here? >> i think it's interein
8:01 am
weighed in on this. >> have you heard anything? >> either way, this is yet another strategically timed provocation. >> iraqi forces have seen some of the heaviest battle yet as they push to rae take mosul. as they move into heavily populated areas, civilians are paying the price. >> the biggest stars. >> cold play won. lead singer chris marten brought three background dancers to accept the honor. good morning to you. i'm norah o'donnell. anthony mason is with us at the table. i heard
8:02 am
may join us at the table later this week. he's publicly rejektsing the charge that president obama ordered phone tapping of his campaign office. he tweeted on saturday that president obama had my wires tapped at trump tower just before the victory, yet he offered no evidence of this. >> the obama spokesperson saiding the president never ordered surveillance against a citizen. former director james co-clapper also clarejektss the claims. >> there was no wiretapping against the candidate or against his campaign. it's in everyone's interest, in the current president's interest, democrats' interest, and country's interest to get o the bottom of all this because it's such a distraction. >>
8:03 am
investigate the claim. devin nunez agreed to look into it. senior analyst france town end, a former adviser to president bush is here to discuss. where do you begin? you know this very well, the wiretaps, the warrants. can you imagine any scenario where president obama would have ordered a wiretap at trump tower to see what trump was doing? >> gayle, while all have broad security authority. i know of no president including president obama that would have ordered the surveillance of a individual in the united states. by the way, washington is horrible at keeping secrets, so if a president tried to do such a thing, you can be sure that the bureaucracy would have pushed back and would have leaked. >> what do you see here, fran? what scenario do you see? >> it seems to me if there's a wiretap and there were reports.
8:04 am
will was a fisa request in october. >> o what? >> it's not clear. i feel confident it's not of president trump but could it have been of one of his associates? we heard of contacts between paul man i ford, mike flynn, paige, others. could it be others around him who was in transition working in trump towers? that's possible. >> what would that indicate? what would that indicate? what would the court have had to have seen? >> well, the executive branch doesn't do this on their own. they must establish a full affidavit, establish probable cause that he was an agent of a former power. in this case it would have been russia, and that the agent would have authorized it. let's look at the timeline. that was granted in october, it would have expired sometime in january sometime before or after the inauguration and if it was
8:05 am
investigation, and if it was, it's still up right now. >> do you think there was a fisa against one of the president's advisers and as a result that ensnared either president himself or someone close to him? >> well, that's entirely possible, norah, that they were able to establish probable cause, that they could have made out a probable cause case. when we say -- when you use the word "ensnared," it's not always a nefarious mode here. oftentimes they're looking for a visa or innocent reason and there's contacts ha come up. >> but president trump didn't say it was one of my associates or one of my team. he said that the president went after me, how low can he go, how sad, how bad. that's not what he said. >> look. it's 140
8:06 am
language is not always precise. i think it remains to be seen. as jason chaffetz says, we haven't seen evidence that it's clue but this remains to be seen. >> the fbi has asked the department of justice to publicly deny the wiretapping allegations, which he has not done. what does this stoug you? >> it would be interesting. i tell you you're reluctant to get into this. if you say there was no wiretapping when he was president-elect, next question would be is there one on his associates? which one of the associates. you don't want to get into a back and forth, especially if there's an ongoing investigation. i would not reach much into this. i would be surprised if the department of justice wouldn't want to continue this if it's ongoing. look, the irony of this is the attorney general jeff sessions
8:07 am
entire fifa process harecused himself. the nomination hearing is today. poor rod goldstein is going have a lot. who knew the expertise was going become so useful. >> we're all experts now. >> it's so good to have you here, thanks. >> fran touns end, thank. mr. trump claimed on saturday that his predecessor engated in mccarthyism and called mr. obama a bad or sick guy as gayle said. the attack broke the un's truce. . >>ip, good morning.
8:08 am
during the tow 16 election mr. obama was a harsh critic of mr. trump and frequently campaigned against him, but their animosity goes much further enwhen mr. trump leds a fringe move mnlts. >> we're going to want to do everything we can to help you suck seeds. >> alf the vote he praised the man he once called worst president in u.s. history. >> mr. president, wit as great honor being with you. >> reporter: mr. trump and president obama spoke prior to it. it appears they buried the hatchet. >> do you like him? >> you know, i've enjoyed the conversations that we've had. >> we get along. doing know if he'll admit this, but he liked me. >> reporter: but with protests bogged down with allegations of collusion, mr. trump has talkin' the gloves
8:09 am
behind it because his people are certainly behind it and some of the leaks possibly come from that group. >> reporter: mr. trump now accuses mr. obama of directing a watergate type. susan page, usa "today's" -- >> he was critical of george w. bush but he never krit side him personally the way trump has criticized president obama. >> the two have been at odds since mr. trump was the face of the birther movement. >> no one is happier to guest past this than the donald. 's because he can look at other
8:10 am
things like did we fake the moon landing. >> also hard to imagine, but we'll see. >> former presidents usually avoid politics many early days of their successors' administration. mr. obama refused to be silent. norah? >> all right, chip. thank you so much. one million women around the world are airbnb hosts. one explains
8:11 am
judd apatow is a comedic powerhouse. we look at his new netflix series. it's described as an anti-romantic comedy. he'll be here sitting a
8:12 am
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home sharing company airbnb is a growing industry. nearly 80 million booked guests in 2016. that's more than 00,000 a day. ben tracy spoke with air bnp's co-founder and the role of women in his business and how he found success in silicon valley. >> reporter: michelle lai is getting her guest bedroom ready for her next guest. she takes in about $15,000 a year. >> it's been difficult to get by in san francisco, and the additional income has definitely made it more comfortable. >> reporter: as a female airbnb hoeftd, she's not the exception. she's the rule. a study found 1 million female hosts worldwide. that's 55%. >> i've gained a lot of confidence tgh
8:17 am
it's basically like running your own business and having a lot of control. >> reporter: brian chesky is airbnb's ceo. he co-founded the company in 2008 when he was 26 years old. he said airbnb is inherently more democratic than male-dominanted business. >> i think that spirit of anybody has just become a more equalizing notion than maybe other industries that requires connections, references, referrals, which has proven to provide greater barriers. >> reporter: airbnb study found since 2008 women have earned $10 billion by hosting. females in the u.s. earn on average $6,000 a year. >> what's surprising about this report? >> 50,000 women reported that they use this money to fund businesses or invest
8:18 am
entrepreneurial pursuit. become entrepreneurs. >> reporter: he wants to focus on how it's helping the hoeftd rather than dislodging lodges. rocked by allegations of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment, stealing trade secrets and the bash of its ceo 40-year-old travis kalanick. >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their [ bleep ]. he was recently caught on camera talking to an uber driver. they're friends. >> i think every company i admire has had their ups and downs. >> do you think you can still effectively lead uber? >> i would assume only he
8:19 am
one thing i know is i needed mentors. i've been pretty shameless about constantly seeking leadership help from people that are smarter than me and more experienced than me. >> cesky has not shied away from taking on the leader of the world. airbnb responded in a super bowl ad. chesney chessky says he's standing up for his business snut's nearly 10% of global gdp. i hope if there's a book wren, this interview would be the ending of chapter one or beginning of chap tirr two. a female pilot's heroism in afghanistan made her only the seco
8:20 am
distinguished flying. but she faced backlash over women's equality when she left the military. she's in toyota green room to discuss both on and off. plus a mother pleads for help at a fast food drive-up window. how a teenager saves a toddler's life. stay with me. are your allergies holding you back or is it your allergy pills? break through your allergies. introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. break through your allergies.
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♪ ♪ in your cup. surveillance video shows a teen racing to a toddler's rescue. the mother came to the drive-through window and said the boy was not breathing. she raced outside and gave cpr until he was faintly breathing. she saved the little boy's life. she learned it in school. >> that's terrific. new predictions for this year's allergy season. your local news is next.
8:25 am
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former university wide receiver john ross is the new 40-yard record holder at the nfl combine. i couldn't see him there. it's not your tv. it's not your tv. that's -- there. you can see him now. that's where players work out in front of the nfl team. he was clocked at 4.2 skonldss. he shaved .001 off his record. by the way, if he had worn adidas cleats, he would have won an island or a million dollars. he was wearing nike swoosh shoes. he said, that's oklahoma, i'm not
8:31 am
welcome to "cbs this morning." we've got judd apatow in the green room. there he is, catching up on the news. there's someone who still reads the newspaper. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. the pittsburgh "post-gazette" remembers pioneer transplant surgeon thomas starzl. he died in his sleep. he performed the first successful lever transplant on a human in 1967. he transformed the university of pittsburgh medical center into the busiest transplant center in the world. he was also the leading researchers into anti-rejection drugs. he died at 90 years old. "the wall street journal" says more officials are receiving million-dollar paydays. more than 2,700 got packages of more than $1 million. they
8:32 am
some lawmakers because the groups receive significant tax breaks. "usa today" is tracking the effects of an unseasonably warm february. the famed cherry trees might blossom earlier than f. pollen will botheralergy s al l suffers 10 to 20 days earlier. it's the warmest ever in over 2,000 cities. >> american midfielder megan repino knelt during the "national anthem" for two games last year. the penalty for breaking the rule is unclear. helicopter pilot major mary jennings haig gar and her crew were shot down in the taliban in 2009 after a rescue outside kandahar. despite her wounds she fought back and saved the lives o
8:33 am
major hagar received the purple heart. she received the flying purple cross for her valor and heroism. >> she returned home and joined a lawsuit that barred women from joining. >> it should not be a factor when selecting personnel to serve in combat rules. >> that rule has since been reversed. may jer hegar has discussed her battle in her book "shoot like a girl." i don't know if we should call you miss badass. >> m.j. >> your book is riveting. i look at girls like you i could never do that. you knew at a young age, you were watching "perfect storm"
8:34 am
>> from watching hans solo to watching movies like "a perfect storm," it would always get my adren limb up and i knew it was something i wanted to to. >> you got resistance along the way. you get a recommendation from a teacher you think likes you only you find out he's saying that's not for a girl. >> right. it was the first experience of many that i realized the vast % majority of people i encountered along the way were very supportive and only cared whether or not i was come pe tell. every now and then you get that person. >> how do you push past that? >> to be honest with you even from a young age it motivated me. from a young age it was almost like a dare, i'm going to show you. >> yeah. >> describe what you were doing in afghanistan, the helicopter you were flying. >> i was flying the rescue version of the black hawk. it's called the pay hawk. we were pulling wounded soldiers off the battlefield. >> how many women are flying those
8:35 am
>> more than you might think but less than there should be. i had two or three in maya it in. >> you take us to a very scare yo portion of your book. at one point you were shot by the taliban, you landed in enemy territory and there you are. >> yeah. at the time it wasn't really scary. we were doing what we were trained to do. >> you say trained to do. you were wounded and bleeding. >> it happened so fast, you know. >> you say, no, we were trained to do that. you say battle readiness has nothing to to with gender and everything to do with capability. >> right. i've seen men and women that were fit for combat that i'd want to fight with and men and women that i wouldn't want to fight by. it has to do with a warrior's hearst. >> what is a warrior's heart? >> a drive to protect people and run toward the emergency when everybody else is running away. you know, ihi
8:36 am
something you can choose to do. it's something you reflex do or don't. >> describe the backlash you experienced in trying to push women into combat roles. >> it was significant but a my jort. the vast majority is, please, keep doing what you're doing, you're inspiring my daughter or my son, you're fighting for us. but there are some really determined people out there who see it very threatening that a woman can to these jobs. >> and as you know, there were women in combat before they opened up the role. >> and for hundreds of years there have been women in combat and people have tried to stop that. >> does the military need to do more? >> absolutely. they should get credit for what they do. we have some amazing leaders but then we have leaders who turn a blind eye in a difficult cultural fur for women. >> i love the title of your book
8:37 am
"shoot like a girl." >> yes, we're taking the phrase back. the reality, hate to talk in stereotypes. we're better predisposed to being marxmen and fighter pilots because of the way we handle gs and because of our respiration and circulation and other factors. >> an instructor said that to you. >> yeah. >> there's a great scene where after you all have crashed. you're the only one in the meeting, m.j., who basically says, where the hell were you guys. you're the only one who said that. >> yeah, i kind of looked around. u can't understand why nobody else is speak up. later when i received the backlash, i understood why nobody said anything. when they didn't respond, i thought, i guess i will and that's been my whole life. >> what's the latest on your book? >> tristar has it. angelina is slated to play me
8:38 am
sniper" is attached to the project. >> it would be something to see on the screen. >> yeah. looking forward to it. >> "shoot like a girl" is on sale tomorrow. top grossing movies like "bridesmaids" is credited by
8:39 am
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judd apatow made a name for himself nearly two decades ago with a critically acclaimed series, freaks and geeks. the writer, director, producer is credited with many top producing moves like "bridesmaids," "knocked up," and "40-year-old virgin," kelly clarkson. >> do you think that's hair cut school? it's not. it looks like you put your justin bieber weg on backward sfwhoo what's up amanda? i have sex with everyone. >> i'm pregnant. >> with emotion? >> no, kelly clarkson. >> by the way,
8:43 am
put on a bathing suit because you'll be channel surfing in no time. >> everything is happening. what's happening. it happened. >> i never asked you. do you like guacamole? >> i don't want to freak you out, but i think that i may be the voice of my generation. >> apatow now has a new series on apo called "crashing." his world unravls when he discovering his wife's affair. >> i've never done anything about her. she supports me. >> supports you. you mean emotionally. >> no, money. >> she supports you financially? >> yeah. >> it's the stupidest thing i ever heard. >> no. it's like supporting a man in
8:44 am
medical school. >> how is that? at the end of medical school, you're making $900,000 a year. >> at the end,'ll be a comedian. >> we welcome judd apatow to studio 57. >> it's like, this is your life. >> is there a moment that stands out for you? >> i'm happy that i can work at all. it's fun to just get a chance to collaborate with all of those people. >> so your wife is not supporting you. >> she does support me. i'm about to shut it all down. my wife is home right now, sick. so we should say hello to her. >> we hope you feel better. >> your new show "crashing" is about a man who's trying to pursue his dream as a comedian. you said that every comedian is seeking something. >> yes. >> what were you seeking? >> i don't know. i just wanted to get out of the house. i just have l
8:45 am
was a kid. kids are obsessed with baseball, they track all the players. i would track michael keaton and jeff altman's career. was a real comedy nerd. and i guess i was angry. to me, quietly angry. even sweet ones. >> when i think of you, i think of producer, writer, director. i didn't know about your standup comedy past and now you're going back to standup comedy. >> that right. >> scary? humerus? >> i was looking for a way to lower my self-esteem and my salary at the same time. >> how is it going? >> it's working out. i do standup at this place largo in los angeles. we do benefits. i'm doing one on the 21st. >> why did you want to do it now when you've already achieved such level of success. it's hard. >> that's all i ever wanted to do was standup and i got
8:46 am
sidetracked doing everything else. >> remember talking to jerry seinfeld when he went back to do standup. there was something validating for him. >> to think of an idea and say it that night -- you wait two years to see if it gets a laugh. it's a really long time and sometimes they don't laugh. you put up my grosses there, those are the good ones. you could have all bombs and it would be a whole different montage. >> and you've got the series, too, on netflix. i'm interested in your characters. they're weird but relatable. are you looking for a different character? >> it's hard to show people struggle. sometimes people say how did this guy get that girl and thaul and i think it's just fun to watch things melt down and i think everyone is trying to make things work. so sometimes a simple premise
8:47 am
fitter whole show. it can have joy and pain in it. >> your daughters iris and maude were in "knocked up" and they want to pursue a career in acting? >> yes. maude was in a movie and iris is on "love." she plays a child star on "love." >> i didn't know that was your dauter. yeah. i had to direct her because she doesn't talk to me in life. at 14, they don't talk to you for about 4 1/2 years. drive her to school every day. i go, what's going on at school. she goes, dad, you know when you try to talk to me when my music is on, that's my pet peeve. so we sit in silence every day. >> that's what you to. >> it's like a bad first date. it's like this is not doing well. >> i love my dad so much but i used to make him drop me
8:48 am
>> i love the relationship with you and lina. "girls" unfortunately for me is coming to an end. . put your tv on mute if you don't want to hear this part. norah hasn't seen it. >> something happens. >> something big happens. >> somebody is pregnant. >> yes. >> it's interesting to see her journey along the way. >> it is. you know, lina is so brilliant and she, you know, over six years has really, you know, created a lot of very complicated characters, so it's fun to watch her, you know, land the plane. it's like "the sopranos." you've got to figure out how does it happen. >> my mouth falls open, judd, with some of the things she does. again, it's like i can't believe she's done it on tv. but it's something we do but in the pricecy of our own home. >> so much of your stuff is nerdy guy stuff. >> right. >> how did you connect with her?
8:49 am
"tiny furniture," this movie that she made. i love what she was doing. people think i'm responsible for all the debtory stuff and i'm the person going, do we have do that? i'm the uncomfortable guy. >> judd apatow, great to have you here. "crashing" is sunday night on hbo and "love" is on friday. what makes this adorable new addition to the zoo unique. you're watching "cbs this pmorning."
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
a tiny new born is making history at the national zoo in tennessee. this rare clouded leopard was born last week. he's the first to be born of artificial procedure. this will help
8:53 am
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this morning we learn about some local kids that are making it all the way to a national math competition. >> plus, we tour the halls of the air & space museum to learn about history making women in aviation. >> it is monday, march 6th, and this is great day washington. ♪ [ music ] is it monday already, good morning my friends, my name is chris leary. >> and i'm markette sheppard. we're your hosts of great day washington
8:59 am
fly by. >> i know. >> and the weeks just drag on and on and on, but i'm excited for this week. >> me too. >> we've got a heck of a show today. >> we usually have bands on friday, but we have a band on monday to kick start your week. >> last week was so full we had to push it over on to this week. we also have live lobsters onset so watch your feet. >> it really is live. >> i told the lobster to chill before the show. >> it's on ice, so if you saw it, that joke will be great. we thought it was funny, you might not. >> i thought it was funny. i'll move on because nobody's laughing. >> we're laughing inside. the term brawny tough has taken on a new look as the popular paper towel brand is softening its image. they're celebrating brawny women on their packaging. make no mistake these ladies are tough. the brand is also highlighting four real life american hs
9:00 am
website including the first african-american combat pilot in the u.s. armed forces. she's an iraq war veteran named bernice armor and a technology trailblazer and latina american, her name is dr. patty lopez. brawny is also donating $75,000 to girls inc. to support science and tech programs. >> so they're going to be on the brawny paper? >> if you go to the brawny website they have like little vignettes and stories about these women and what they did, and they're tough. they're strong, and it's kind of inspiring. >> just like their paper towels. that is inspiring. good for them. that's brilliant. >> i feel like i need how to fly a plane and patent some technology. >> yeah, why not. try it this month, get everything done this month. jimmy buffett he didn't wait around. he is heading into retirement communities for us, not


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