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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 6, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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as threats to our security continue to evolve and change, common sense dictates that we reevaluate and assess the systems we rely upon to protect our country. moments ago, secretary of state rex tiller son rolls out the trump mi
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executive order banning travel to the united states for citizens from six majority muslim stations. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. the new travel ban reveal comes as president trump is pushing unverified claims that former president barack obama ordered illegal wiretapping of trump tower during the presidential election. as kenneth craig reports, democrats say this is all a ploy to divert attention from alleged russia ties with trump surrogates. the trump administration announce add revised executive order meant to keep terrorists out of the u.s. the travel ban will take effect march 16th and last for 120 days. it applies to citizens from six majority muslim countries and removes iraq from the list. >> i think the role out will be better than it was last time. the new executive order addresses legal issues the courts had in striking down the first travel ban. >> if you're a legal permen
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under this particular executive action. >> the new executive order comes as the white house doubles down on president trump's claim that former president barack obama illegally ordered a wiretap of trump tower during the presidential campaign. president obama's director of national intelligence says it's not true. >> i can deny it. >> the white house wants congress to investigate. >> i would expect that he's going to want to provide our committee with any evidence that he has. >> democrats say this is an attempt to deflect from investigations into trump campaign aids colluding with russia officials. >> the president is the deflector and chief. anything to change attention from where the heat is. >> kenneth craig, cbs news, the white house. white house press secretary sean spicer
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administration will not address the allegations again. including offering up any evidence or proof until congress takes up the investigation. the president's unsubstantiated claims of wiretaps has many of you talking on social media. leia writes this is so dumb. if donald trump's people can't pushback on such an obviously false claim, they won't check him on anything. he could tweet why would you wiretap someone who says literally everything he thinks on twitter and literally just out loud on general. the president could be write. nothing surfaced. what does it take to convince. we'd love to hear you take on this. log on and join the conversation. they were set to hear the case later this month. instead the u.s. supreme court is sending a transgender teen's case back to a lower court without reaching a decision. the move comes in the wake of a
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administration which last month revoked obama e.r.a. protections for transgender students. the virginia senior is fighting to use the bathroom of his chosen gender not his biological birth. the man accused of firing a gun inside the comet ping-pong restaurant heads back to court this afternoon. he's charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, possessing a firearm during a felony, and transporting that gun and ammunition across state lines. he says he went to the northwest washington pizza restaurant because he believed a child sex ring was operating in his basement after he read about it online. the city of rockville will debate its illegal immigration policy. the mayor and council are holding a public hearing at city haul.
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currently rockville police follow some of the guidelines used by sanctuary cities in that they do not check immigration status unless a serious crime has taken place. this weekend's cold snap may have slowed down the progression to peek bloom for the cherry cheers the majority of the trees reached the second phase last wednesday when the temperatures soared to 80 degrees. so far they've not yet reached the next phase which is floret extension. a national parks spokesperson told us they did take this past weekend's temperatures into considerations when making the forecast for the peek bloom date and they're sticking to the march 14th through 17th prediction for now. the week was off to a cold start but it's warming up. temperatures and showers in the cards for later this week. really nice out there. light winds. sunny skies, 15 degrees warmer than th
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right now temperatures above 50 at joint base andrews. fair man town. 48 with a little bit cooler right on the bay. the water temperature are only about 44. that's what we're looking at at north beach in annapolis. the chill is in new england. pittsburgh's in the 50s. it's upper 50s in cleveland. it's 60 in lexington. the milder air is coming in. we'll feel that nice milder air the next few days. clouds are also trying to come in. see out west, dc east, lots and lots of sunshine. few clouds into upper montgomery county. loudon, and the rest of the blue ridge. the temperatures are responding nicely. and we expect them to be in the mid 50s for highs this afternoon. we might see isolated showers north of town tonight, pretty quiet over night and into the morning on tuesday with a few showers west of i-81. midday tuesday, look at the thmps, low 60s on our way to
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in the afternoon. but a front over night tuesday night. and before we wake up wednesday morning, take some showers, and get them out of here. so wednesday is looking better. as far as this weekend, got a couple questions we'll have to talk about. you can always get the forecast any time on the wusa 9 app. u.s. backed iraqi forces are pushing deeper into mosul. the humanitarian crisis is growing as more than 45,000 refugees have reportedly fled the city since late last month. the united nations is calling for an investigation into a possible chemical weapons attack after 12 people, including women and children were rushed to the hospital and treated for possible exposure to what the red cross described as blistering agents. some active duty and retired marines are being investigated for using
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a 30,000 person private facebook group to share hundreds of nude picture of their female colleagues. they're also accused of posting some of the women's personal information online. jan crawford has the latest. >> the photos were scary. >> reporter: in an online article. he described how members of this group encouraged people to expose pictures of female colleagues. >> these photographs had name, rank, current military duty station, it had their hometowns. it had contact information. >> the purple heart recipient says the photos drew in thousands of comments. besides one lewd comment about a female corporal in uniform which read the service member sneaking the photos should take her out back and sexually attack her. one victim told us group members talked about what they woul
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some women believe former partners may have leeked images. others said their accounts had been hacked or poaches. accusations come as the military is trying to correct a long standing problem with sexual harassment. the conduct undermines their core values. this behavior destroys morale, erodes trust, and degrades the individual. brennan is being criticized by fellow marines who say he's guilty of making derogatory comments about women on facebook. he told cbs news he's never claimed to be perfect. he doesn't want this to deter from the focus of the story. brennan says his family also is being threatened. and we reached out to facebook for comment. and they told us we do not allow harassment and remove content that intends to target individuals with the intention of degrading or shaming them. they have taken down the offending groups from
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jan crawford, cbs news, the pentagon. one of downtown washington's busiest fire stations reopened about an hour ago. its engine company on 13th street northwest. the station was built in 1932. dc's first fire house. it was closed for months for the 9 million-dollar renovation project. it's unlucky 13 for metro commuters. metro safe track 13 started this weekend. ellen shows us who's effected and for how long. safe track surge 13 kicked off over the weekend. but today has been the first day we've had it impacting our rush hour. things were rocky. we had additional delays on the yellow line out to huntington because of train malfunctions. the first one started on saturday. it ends april 1st. it means single tracking for the yellow line and the blue line. from braddock road to huntington. the real kicker of this, trains will be coming ever
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even during rush hour, phase 2 will start immediately. the blue line will have normal service. the yellow line will have single tracking. this time between king street out to huntington. trains will still be coming every 24 minutes. they got away from the violence in syria. now a refugee family is dealing with a different threat here in the united states. >> there's no safety whatsoever. >> one family's struggle to achieve the american dream here in maryland, tonight at 11:00.
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put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. welcome back. investigators say no evidence of vandalism has been found at a predominantly jewish cemetery in brooklyn. where more than 42 stones were toppled over. it appears the two stones came down because of age, neglect, and soil erosion. there
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vandalism at jewish cemeteries and 122 bomb threats against jewish organizations in three dozen states since early january. the fbi is helping police in washington state investigate the shooting of the sikh man as a possible crime. the father told the suspect of two to go back to their own country before opening fire. >> police are still looking for the suspect who shot a sikh man in his driveway friday night. the victim's cousin says the community is still in fear and disbelief. >> it's still a shock for him and it's still a shock for us also for the whole community. >> a husband and father is expected to recover. the 39-year-old was wearing a turban while working on his car when his neighbor says the gunman walked up to him. the shooting comes
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after two indian men were targeted in a kansas bar and were told to get out of his country. killing one and injuring the other. >> it was rage. and malace in an individual's heart that killed my friend. >> sikh leaders in western washington say the shooting raised concerns about safety. >> actions like this are things that all of us need to get united and stand up against. >> in an email sunday, the police chief said no arrests have been made. and while he does not believe anyone is in imminent danger, he is telling people to be vigilant. calling the case a top priority. henna daniels, cbs news. caught on camera, a marriage proposal far from the norm, imagine you're about to pop the question and the unthinkable happens on the eve of their first anniversary, kimble was going to
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his girlfriend kayla. he planned to do it at their church in tennessee. but as he went to pick up flowers. he crashed his car on slick roads. that didn't stop him from asking kayla the big question. >> i was on my way to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. >> he did. surrounded by family and friends. the couple says they'll never forget the night. how could they really. they plan to tie the knot after finishing college. sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, some symptoms allergy sufferers are feeling. shots and over the counter medications help but specialists say there are other things you can do to minimize the misery. like knowing the pollen count. >> so for example, today the pollen count is five. and it's oak and juniper. figure it out. get a pollen prediction by
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try to do your outside activities more in the afternoon. the pollen count is higher in the morning. when you come home, take a shower, wash your hair, throw your clothes in the washing machine, and if you have shoes, keep them at the door. >> the cold helps. the cold dropped the numbers considerably. the tree pollen, the elm, juniper, cyprus. things have settled down a little bit. but i have good news for you. as we look at the allergy index. the tree pollen and the mold spores in the low category. grasses and weeds are absent. a few high clouds to the west. temperatures make a run into the mid 50s. maybe a few
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this evening, not bad. south-southeasterly winds. cloudy skies. 51 by 7:00. 49 by 9:00. we're not going to get much cooler than that over night. 40s in most areas opposed to the 20s. temps, 10 to 20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. 50 in easton. 48 in oakland. still in the mid 40s in fredericksburg. it looks nice on our weather camera. not seeing too many things blooming yet. i noticed some cherry trees. even here in northwest state. we had some damage to some of the early blossoming freeze out there. feeling like 45. southwesterly wind at 8 miles per ho
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after a chilly weekend, we'll see a few showers, one or two tonight, but tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow night, not a yellow weather alert at this point. we're still monitoring that. this weekend, your clocks, don't forget to set them ahead as we go back to daylight saving time. standard time ends at 2:00 a.m. we go to 3:00 a.m. speaking of sunday, cold and unsettled. we're watching a few things out there that could mean winter's not over. like this very cold air. right now in alaska pushing -40 in bettles. we have record cold air. that stays south. right now we don't see signs of it. but with the jet stream going west to east. if that cold coincides on the right time on sunday, we could have snow around here. the mild at least in the short- term. the showers you see in the south. trying to make
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but the air is very dry. it looks like the bulk of the rain stays north and west of us for this afternoon. isolated showers north. tomorrow a couple showers here and there. the best chance will be during the afternoon. showers by 5:00 northwest of dc. and then with this front pushing through over night tuesday into wednesday morning, this is probably the best chance of showers before we clear out before daybreak on wednesday. the forecast for this afternoon, increasing clouds. milder, 56. 40s tonight. cloudy skies, maybe a shower or two. especially north. tomorrow, a few p.m. showers. look at that temp, 66. showers, tuesday night out of here before daybreak, wednesday, 64. thursday looks pretty good. scattered showers friday. and we have to watch sunday morning to see if we get wintery or not. we'll be back with more in just a minute
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wow. while some children want a huge party with clowns and pony rides, that's not this six- year-old of chicago. all she wanted was to help the less fortunate. there were still balloons and a cake. but the main event was a meal for the homeless. her family gave out care packages and to-go boxes. we'll have one final look at the forecast, when we come back.
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we'll be in the mid 50s this afternoon. 60s tomorrow. showers tonight. a few tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. okay wednesday and thursday. a fe
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clock forward weekend with daylight saving time. and maybe wenter is not over yet. that's it for wusa news
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>> michael: thank you. you're still not feeling better? >> lauren: my head is pounding. >> victor: lauren, do you need to eat something? >> lauren: i can't. every time i try, my throat closes up. >> michael: well, you're exhausted. you were up all night. >> lauren: what if scott called or kevin? i couldn't risk falling asleep. >> victor: lauren, it is miles through very rough terrain. the authorities on the ground couldn't help him much, but they gave him instructions passed on to him by the kidnappers where to drop the ransom. now, he's on the way through that rough terrain right now to meet with the kidnappers and hopefully with scott. >> michael: there's nothing else we can do now except wait. >> lauren: forgive me if that's not very reassuring. >> michael: sweetheart -- >> lauren: you know, w


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