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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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c1 big headlines from the white house and the hill. the three things you need to know. how a refugee family is struggling to achieve the american dream here in maryland. >> the proposal is illegal. illegal. >> it's not the right way
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it. >> a local city is discussing the future of immigration law. you don't deserve to be supported or protected. and this is a very uniquely malicious message. >> transgender students for virginia crowing to keep fighting after the supreme court decides not to hear a case. >> it was like a snow day without the snow. >> a day without a woman is a decision getting mixed reactions from parents tonight. a lot going on at the white house and capitol hill today. we will break it all down for you. first, president trump reveals an updated travel ban, and meanwhile, the white house is defending the president's allegations that former president obama wiretapped him during the campaign, and a few hours ago, house republicans announced their plans for replacing obamacare. and the
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to make all this retroactive to 2016, repealing the fines on people that don't carry the insurance. -- [audio difficulties]. -- preserve a popular feature of obamacare, and that's letting young adults stay on their parents' plans until age 26. earlier today president trump signed a new travel ban, and it's different in several way from the one signed in january, and the order was temporarily put on hold by a federal judge. the new executive order does not apply to current visa holders it removes iraq from the list of banned countries, and 6 muslim majority countries are still affected. [audio difficulties] -- the fire u.s. refugee program for 120 days, and it no longer singling out syrian refugees indefinitely. >> even refugees who made it into the u.s.
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extremely difficult to -- [audio difficulties]. the state department allows $275 for each refugees, each half going to the resettlement agency. that's intended to cover the first 90 days of expenses, including rent, utilities, food, clothing, and even furniture, and some refugees are learning that affordability and safety don't always go together. >> i just want to be safe. >> reporter: can you explain -- [ inaudible ]. -- [audio difficulties]. >> reporter: his teenage son was beaten in an attempted robbery, and with no car -- [audio difficulties].
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-- 6 months ago when they fled syria. >> it was a constant killing every day. >> reporter: a different type of violence and fear have followed them 6,000-miles to baltimore in the place our government -- [audio difficulties]. >> -- i never sat down for this long, never doing nothing. >> reporter: mohammed is desperate for a job, desperate to provide for his wife and three children ages 3-14. in syria, he was a driver, and here he is one of thousands of refugees struggling to learn english and starting over. >> it's heart breaking. >> reporter: our translator understands his despair. >> i was traumatized and shocked. >> she came to america 6 years ago. >> i was completely in another ple.
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body was here. >> reporter: with patience and determination, she made it. >> reporter: there's hope? >> there is hope. >> reporter: mohammed has been struggling to find work for 6 months. his life savings has dwindled to just $800. andrea mckaren, wusa 9. >> mohammed says once he gets steady work, he hopes to move his family to a safer place. more syrian refugees have been resettled in baltimore than any other city in maryland. hundreds of protesters gathering outside of the white house tonight. they were demonstrating against the president's new travel ban. the house intelligence committee plans to review president trump's claim that former president obama ordered wiretapping at trump tower just before the election, and the president made the claim in a series of weekend tweets, and he cited no evidence. the whitus
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offered none, and a spokesperson for president obama, former president obama, flatly denied any wiretap order, and virginia democratic congressman, jerry conley spoke to bruce on off script. >> we are rapidly heading into a -- free zone with this president. >> the president based on his information and belief has said that he was -- we were -- >> james comey denies the wiretap claim, and he has called on the justice department to refute it. ben carson referred to slaves as immigrants today while making his first address that the agency employed. >> there were other immigrants coming here in the bottom of slave ships working even longer and harder for less. they, too, had a dream. >> he is now taking a lot of heat
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immigrants who came here freely with hopes and dreams. the h.u.d. secretary went on facebook and wrote i'm proud our ancestors overcame the evil and oppression of slavery. gavin grim was in class when many heard the news, the supreme court decided not to hear his case. gavin was labeled female at birth but identifies as male. he sued his high school for denying him access to the boys' restroom. >> i have known for awhile now i would not get a decision before i left school, and for awhile my fight has been about the kids that are going to come after me, kids in school currently. it's an issue that is far, far bigger than myself, and that's my focus. >> with today's decision, the supreme court wiped off the books a lower court ruling that was in gavin's favor.
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new guidance from the drug administration saying the transgender restroom policies should be left up to local school districts. alexandria public schools will be closed on wednesday. hundreds of teachers will protest in the day without a woman, and stephanie ramirez is on the story for us tonight. school leaders said they had to do what is best for the students, but they are getting an earful from parents about this. >> especially online. >> reporter: we asked on your facebook page what you thought, and some comments are supportive, like the comment here from mr. larry galvin i'm pulling up. he basically said it's great. our world cannot function without women in the workplace, but a lot of people also slamming this. monique writing are you kidding me? for once i would like someone do something in their own community, clean up a park or feed the homeless. i was in alexandria today, and i can tell you parents
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>> reporter: asking i not show their faces, these friends could not get on the same page. >> it makes a statement. >> what statement does it make? >> it's just one more problem we are adding to something that does not necessarily need to be added. >> reporter: the back and forth on monday after the alexandria public schools said they will be closed on wednesday, international women's day. the school's superintendent said they received 300 requests off from staff members planning to participate in the day without a woman strike. this a strike being organized -- [audio difficulties]. >> reporter: this parent says she can at least work there home on wednesday, but others outside of john adams are calling it a huge inconvenience. >> at least one week of notice would have been good. i have to take the
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the loss of revenue. >> then again -- >> it's something to do after the election for women's rights, and our mother is a woman, and a female girls, doing things -- [ inaudible ]. -- >> reporter: acps says the decision was not a political one, but more based on whether they could cover their classrooms, and the students will not have to make up the day, and some headstart programs will stay open as normal. we have the information on the wusa 9 app and website. so far we have not heard of any other school districts doing the same. >> hopefully they will at least have meals for the kids who depend on them in the school systems and classes. not everyone can skip work to observe the day without a woman, but there's other ways to participate. women are being asked to avoid shopping at stores except local small businesses or women-owned companies and to wear the color red. organizers said it represents
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sacrifice, and there are also rallies planned across the country including some here in the district. well, do you tend to buy your morning cup of go at your go-to coffee shop? tomorrow morning on wake up washington you can learn how to do it for yourself and save cash. tuesday is national pancake day, and jan and mike will tell you where to get a free breakfast. join them tomorrow morning at 4:25. is it true a gold star father's travel privileges are under review? we will verify that for you. i will sell my house immediately. >> plus a heated debate in rockville tonight about the way the city should enforce immigration policy. >> and it's the hottest ticket in town. how one museum is responding to the high demand for the newest exhibit. good news a little bit milder overnight, and bad news a couple of showers, 38 to 46 in the morning to start, 6:00 a.m., perhaps a shower. 48 to 52 at
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and low 60s and a shower by noon. we will come back an
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you are looking at a piece of maryland history. the last intact silk mill in america. located in western maryland, it's attracted preservationists and those who like antiques. tomorrow at 11, we will hit the open road and go behind the mill. you have probably seen the story on social media today, the gold star father from charlottesville, famous for taking on donald trump at the dnc, now canceling a speech in canada tomorrow. >> according to the viral news clips, cann said he was backing out of the speech because his traveling privileges are being refused. we asked garrett haake to try to verify the claims. >> reporter: cann was supposed to speak tomorrow at
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talk a paid speech like a ted talk in toronto. earlier today this statement was posted to facebook saying cann canceled because he found out on sunday his travel privileges are being reviewed. it's a turn of events not just of deep concern to me but all my fellow americans who cherish our freedom to travel abroad. the statement attributed to cann reads i have not been given any reason as to why, but cann who gained notoriety last summer as a muslim gold star father who spoke out at the dnc is an american citizen and has been for 30 years. many of you asked online what travel privileges is he talking about exactly? >> i spoke to government agencies to try to find out. the state expect could not comment on cann specifically but any american citizen with a valid passport can travel where they like. the tsa and dhs said they had nothing to do with the
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sent me to customs & border control. a spokesperson said they do not contact travelers about restrictions before they travel, and another official said simple "we don't do things like that." i'm waiting to hear back from the fbi and canadian government. digging in on this, i found cann also canceled an appearance in the u.k. set for last week. i texted and e-mailed with kahn tonight, and he twice declined to comment. we cannot verify the claims one way or another without more information from him, but for now i can't find any evidence they are true, so keep that in mind before you retweet or share stories about this. for now, all the facts here do not appear to add up. i'm garrett haake, wusa 9. >> our verify team is working around the clock to sort through your tips and feedback. if you see something or anything on tv or your social media feed that has you wondering if it's legit or not,
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we will try to verify it for you. find us on facebook or twitter or e-mail. this time next week, we should see the first of the cherry bloom. this weekend's cold snap may have slowed the progression. they have not moved from phase 2 to phase 3 of the life cycle, and that's most likely because of the cold weather. >> it was cold this weekend and will be cold next weekend, and we told folks 3 weeks ago f you're trying to get family in, 14th-21st is your best chance if you rearrange the airfare you made last year. the 3-degree guarantee, not quite a bull's-eye, but we did well today. almost an average day. the average high, 53. going 56
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going with 65 tomorrow, even though we have clouds and showers in the forecast, and right now a live look outside, and it's our michael and son weather camera. clouds will be helping us out, winds will help us out. here's radar over the last hour. a couple of sprinkles to the west of i-81, and west of winchester, and the showers will continue to move eastward, and they are very light and we could see the morning showers east and west of town, and leesburg north, and gaithersburg north. we will keep a chance of a shower in, and it's a mild start, and the bulk of the showers will occur tomorrow afternoon and really tomorrow night, and it's not the yellow weather alert worthy. the coverage intensity is not that much, and then pleasant behind the system wednesday and thursday with temperatures in the 60s, and then cold over the weekend. rain or snow is possible on sunday, and now, i don't deal in percentages too often. we will talk about
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right now. the chance of seeing snow flakes right now 1 in 2. 50%, pretty good. the chance of measurable snow this weekend, 1 in 4. the chance of a total miss, also vn one in four. there's been a couple of storms this winter that have showed up, 5 or 6 days out, and then it disappears. the timetable will be saturday evening or night into sunday, and let's spring you back to winter. 65 on tuesday, 67 on wednesday, and boom, back to 49 on friday, and only 43 on saturday. all right, here is futurecast, and it's 6:00 in the morning, and some showers primarily north, everything is light. upper 40s around 50 downtown, and 9:00, there's clouds. 50 in gaithersburg, and 55 in fredericksburg, and you can see the breaks in clouds tomorrow, and if you're going to take your umbrella, okay, you're probably better off taking your sunglasses quite frankly. 68 in fredericksburg, and 64 downtown, and it's a nice day, even though we
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50 by 7:00, and 59 by 11:00, and 64 with a shower possible by 1:00, and winds are increasing a little bit. wednesday morning clouds possible, and then a nice day. windy to breezy, and 62 on thursday, and sunshine, and then colder on friday, and some showers, and then saturday into sunday, and winter is making a come back. back to the 50s on monday. a couple of things, if it were to snow, snow does not hurt the vegetation number one, and then it's march, and we will get warm quickly. >> that's the good news. >> you're supposed to say great news. >> bye bye. okay, bye bye. what role should local police take when it comes to enforcing federal immigration laws? that was the big question tot nighin rockville, and our john henry is joining us from there with more. >> reporter: i'm here at rockville city hall where a lot of people spent their time tonight making their is
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heard on immigration enforcement. >> reporter: the students are only freshmen in high school, but they felt the need to let rockville leaders know they should do whatever they can to protect all of the city's immigrants. >> it's my responsibility to speak up for people who are being targeted. >> reporter: the school is diverse, and they are worried about their friends. that's why they joined 70 other people to speak tonight at city hall. they support the ordinance that would call for fostering of community trust in rockville. >> how can we blame illegal immigrants for attempting to have a better life? >> we stand for all of our community. >> reporter: the proposal would stop the city's police officers in many cases from asking people about their immigration status or detaining them based on certain detainers and federal warrants, and she told us the city does not firmly do this, but it's a law she believes should be on the books. >> it would basically put the current practice into law. >> reporter: tonight everyone is on board with the idea, and
11:22 pm
>> how can you say the community will be safer, only because illegal aliens feel safe from the police? >> reporter: this rockville resident said he thinks it's devicive and believes unlike the ordinance supporters it could clash with federal law. >> my argument is there's a process. if you don't like the law, change it at the federal level. >> reporter: either way, both sides are just thankful for the opportunity to speak out. >> i have to do something. >> reporter: if the council were to vote on the matter it could take place in the next few weeks. john henry, wusa 9. >> the rockville city police chief did not attend tonight's meeting, and his department did not provide a statement, but a city spokesperson told us whatever happens ultimately, it's in the hands of the city council. >> it would have been a 16-game winning streak for the cavs, but it wasn't to be. breaking it down for you in sports, coming up next. and the soccer tournament that is about more than just thor
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well the cavs put a 15-game home winning streak on the line tonight only to lose against the stars. despite nicklas backstrom's 21st goal, the loss at home for the first time since december, and this is the final score r fo the two. it -- women's soccer tournament wrapping up tomorrow night at rfk stadium. the tournament features four of the top five women's teams in all of the world. team u.s.a. has a chance to win it all, and we caught up with players at practice today, and they support the message of encouraging young girls and women to accomplish their goals and dreams. >> bringing awareness to young women who may be having trouble in middle school and having them know the power of believing in one's self and others believing in you. it's a great message we are proud to bring to the field. >> besupport what they want to do even if they are hesitant on going after something they really want, i
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important to be fearless. team usa is playing france tomorrow night at 7:00. before the game, tune in to wusa 9 as diane roberts tackles afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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this museum is trying to make it easier to visit the infinity mirrors exhibit. it will stay open wednesday until 8:00 p.m., and there's more free walk up time passes available every morning at 10:00 a.m., and to reduce the complaints of long wait times once you're inside of the museum they are limiting the number of people who can visit each hour. the free timed passes are required to get you in, but good luck getting a ticket. the latest batch were released this morning and snapped up in minutes and it can make you think of how tough it
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to the new museum of african american culture. it's the hottest tickets in town. >> evidently. you have to know someone like topper shutt. >> yeah, i'm really tight with the arts. here's the 7-day. [ laughter ] 65 tomorrow, and upper 60s on wednesday, and really wednesday and thursday will be great, and then downhill. showers on friday, and snow over the weekend. >> was that an art fist? >> i don't know what it was. >> wusa 9 news for tonight. >> thank you for joining us everybody. colbert is next. we will see you tomorrow.
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