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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 7, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane. republicans are unveiling their plan to replace obamacare and president trump is tweeted his support of the proposal. the replacement plan would keep many of obamacare's elements but it removes the individual mandate and most taxes. but as weijia jiang reports, it's still uncl
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people would lose health coverage and how much it will cost. >> reporter: republicans unveiled a new bill that aims to replace obamacare. this morning, president donald trump tweeted -- our wonderful new health care bill is now out for review and negotiation. obamacare is a complete and total disaster. is imploding fast. the gop proposal eliminates the controversial individual mandate. employer mandate and most taxes. it's replaced with a massive expansion of health savings accounts and refundable tax credits for low and middle income americans who don't get coverage through their jobs. ranging from $2,000 to $14,000 a year. the legislation would also keep portions of the affordable care act including protection for those with pre-existing conditions. dependent coverage until age 26. and weights until 2020 to roll back obamacare's medicaid expansion. >> the we think the system the -- we think the system the house
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actually provides more affordable health care for people. >> reporter: some 20 million previously uninsured americans gained coverage through obamacare. it's uncertain how many of them will be covered under the gop version. or how much it will cost them. >> trumpcare is breath takingly irresponsible. it shifts the costs and the burdens from the rich to the poor and middle class. it seems designed to make america sick again. >> reporter: democrats say the bill will cause many to lose their insurance and simply shift the cost of caring for them to states and hospital systems. weijia jiang, cbs news, capitol hill. >> house committees plan to begin voting on the legislation tomorrow. the white house is defending president trump's tweets claiming president obama ordered illegal wiretapping of trump tower during the presidential election. even some republicans say they need evidence before they'll back the president. senior fbi officials asked
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justice department to reject the claim, but three days later, no one is talking. critics say president trump is looking to deflect attention from investigations into russia's involvement in the election. the president's new executive travel ban, it's also receiving pushback from democrats and immigration groups. [ chanting ] >> no ban, no wall, no ban, no wall. >> this is some of the pushback we're talking about. police arrested five people who were part of a protest against the trump administration's revised travel ban. this was the scene this morning outside the customs and border patrol building in northwest d.c.. >> we're here today because we think that cbp as the enforcers of this ban has a responsibility and we must stand up to them. >> iraq is removed from the new version of the travel ban which takes effect march 16th. hud secretary ben carson
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niceness pledge meaning everyone would be nice for one week. however, many are having a hard time going along with the pledge given dr. carson's referring to slaves as immigrants in his first speech to hud staffers. >> there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships and worked even longer and harder for less. they too had a dream. >> after taking some heat for those comments, the hud secretary posted on facebook to clarify that quote -- i'm proud that our ancestors overcame the evil and repression that we know is slavery. the slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. however, it seem no one on social media is letting this comment slide so easily. zink writes what ben carson said will be the new way of teething youth about -- teaching youth about black and enislement in america. and -- enslavement in
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and butch writes, really? really ben carson? what is this guy thinking about? well, what do you think about ben carson's comments? log on to any of our social media pages and join the conversation. temperatures in the 60s sounds great. but there are also some showers lurking around. meteorologist howard bernstein joins us with the first alert seven day forecast. >> considering we're in somewhat of a drought andrea, a shower sounds great to me. we need them. we're going to need the water here. but they're going to be held down by some cold coming over the next few days. right now 67 in national. 69 in springfield. still in the 50s in northern loudoun county. rockville 63 with andrews at 59. but lot of mild ire out there and especially to the south and west, look at the 60. 71 norfolk. still a chill central pennsylvania to the northeast in the 40s. but the warmer air is going to win in the short-term and with the warmth some showers. might even get a rumble of thunder out of this activity in
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west virginia. and that could even impact us. want to show you closer in on first alert live doppler halfest stuff here between morganton and elkins and also north of cumberland but light to moderate just north of winchester cross junction flipped in towards martinsburg and just west of hagerstown now. i-68 is wet. out the door romney and pawpaw. this also goes up 522 to berkeley springs into green castle in pennsylvania. through the afternoon this activity is going to work its way toward us. again the satellite radar showing the activity there. and there's our futurecast. with the temperatures which might even get to 70 the way they're going now showing the best chance for those showers north and west of the afternoon. we'll get some of that here this afternoon. tonight and then tonight, this evening that is. tonight here comes a cold front. this comes through overnight. by tomorrow morning we should be seeing the sun return and looks like we'll be back in the 60s tomorrow. but andrea, we got snow potentially in the forecast sunday. more on that coming up and if you can't join us then you ca
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join us anytime right on your smart phone on the free wusa9 app. andrea? >> certainly hasn't been a dull spring or winter. a string of unusual attacks last night in the district that police are now investigating. police say someone shot at least two people but it wasn't with an ordinary gun. the suspect was armed with a paint ball gun and used it in four locations. mikea turner spoke to people where the victims were hurt. >> reporter: we're in the 900 block of long fellow street in northwest, this is one of four locations where someone drove by, fired off a paint ball gun three people were hit. if you've ever played paint ball and you know what can happen with or without the right gear if you're hit with a paint filled pellet during the combat game. >> probably sore the next day. or the next week. you know, depending on where and you know, the type of place. >> reporter: oscar perez played the game in a controlled environment in the past. >> you know, some bruises i have. >> reporter: even though he had a little pain he knows how
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everything professionals give you. >> well you know you get -- you know your goggles and you know face mask and a real stick jack and some real thick pants and you have a whole bunch of layers on top of you. >> reporter: that's what you should be wearing when it's all fawn and games but for three people monday night within one hour it wasn't. d.c. police say between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m., someone shot three people with a paint ball gun. a fourth person was targeted on 8th street in northeast but the suspect missed. no one was seriously hurt. but they could have been. here's what being hit looks like in slow motion. according to the journal of the american board to have family medicine, tens of thousands of people are injured each year. skin lesions are most common. some of the more severe cases include eye injuries that can lead to blindness and injuries to the organs. that's a more typical case for someone who isn't protected like the wrongful victims hit by pellets last night. reporting from northwest, mikea turner, wusa9. >> police don't have a description of a suspect yet but they do say the
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in a dark blue suv with tinted windows. anyone with information should contact d.c. police. looking ahead to wednesday, alexandria city public school parents are scrambling to find alternate child care, schools will be closed tomorrow. hundreds of teachers are planning to participate in a women's protest marking the day without a woman. the school district says more than 300 staff members have requested the day off. reaction is mixed among parents but many tell us it is an inconvenience. >> i understand. but at the same time, i am concerned that my child is missing school. >> one week of notice would have been good. now i have to take a day off which represents a loss of revenue. >> it's something good to do especially now after the election. a woman's right. >> students won't have the make up the missed day thanks to unused snow days built into the schedule. but it will be considered their teacher workday for all alexandria school public school staff. not everyone can skip work
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woman. organizers are asking women to avoid shopping at stores except for local small businesses or women owned companies and wear the color red. they are also rallies planning acontracted the country including here in the -- around the country including here in the district. you are looking at a piece of maryland history. this is the last intact silk mill in america. located in western maryland, it's attracted preservationists and scavengers. everything remains the way it was when the doors closed for good in 1957. time is running out to save it. tonight at 11:00 we hit the open road and go behind the doors of the last silk mill.
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who can forget
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mother who was try and acquitted in the death of her 2- year-old daughter caylee. now she's breaking her silence about the case. nine years after she was found not guilty, anthony spoke to the associated press about her life today. the 30-year-old lives with a private detective who worked on her case. she also works for him and does some investigative work that compromises online and -- comprises online and social media searches and instated taking a political -- even started taking a political stance recently protesting against donald trump at a rally in palm beach. but what's interesting about this is what she says and doesn't say about her daughter caylee who would be 12 now. she imagines her a no nonsense type of girl who likes sports and classic rock. as far as what happened to prevent caylee from even getting to that point, casey says she just doesn't know but says she gets why people feel the way they do about her. >> i sigh whoo i was trite -- see why i was treated the way that i was. even had i been
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>> what weren't you truthful about? i understand it might have been out of pappic. >> no -- panic. >> no it was things that i didn't know at the time. i'm still not even certain as i stand here today. about what happened. >> it was a month after caylee wentmissing that casey reported it to police. when asked about claims her defense team made that her daughter drowned, casey didn't really give a clear answer. she just said everyone has their theories and she just doesn't really know what happened. just in time for spring travel, tsa is rolling out new patdown procedures for airline passengers. these apply to people who are pulled aside for secondary screenings. the new procedures allow for a more personal patdown. the new policy is in response to an undercover audit team that was able to smuggle fake weapons through check points 95% of the time. the tsa admits the patdowns could include sensitive areas but they will be conducted by an officer of the
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and travelers can request a private room. thai authorities seized more than 400 pieces of ivory estimated to be worth nearly a half million dollars. they recovered more than 600 pounds of cut up ivory stashed in boxes declared as rough stones imported from southeastern africa. customs officials have one man in custody. thai land is one of the top destinations for african ivory smuggling in asia. the country still allows the trade of ivory products domesticically. a day on the slopes turned into a rescue emergency for more than 130 skiers along italy's border with switzerland. strong winds caused the chair lift to derail. forcing passengers to wait out the strong gusts before rescuers could reach them. one person suffered minor injuries. residents are surveying the damage after more than two dozen tornado sightings across the midwest. emergency ofal
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15 people were injured but no deaths reported so far. hena daniels has more on the severe weather that has left a path of destruction behind. >> reporter: as the sun came up, residents got their first glimpse of the destruction left behind. the national weather service says at least two tornadoes touched down in missouri. >> there was just tons of wind. just all the sound of it just blowing all which direction. not just one direction, just sounded leek it was basically circling around the house. >> reporter: severe weather ripped through the midwest monday night. bringing massive flashes of lightning to kansas city. heavy rains flooded roads making driving treacherous. west of kansas city, heavy winds flipped planes and smashed hangars at the johnson county airport. blowing out car windows. in platsburg, missouri winds up to 50 miles per hour sent debris flying. matt pinkerton hid in his basement. >> you could hear boards hitting the side of the house. like -- big
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i mean just like bang, bang. >> reporter: in minnesota, officials confirmed the tornado monday night making it the earliest recorded in state history. at least 30 tornadoes were reported in missouri, kansas and, iowa and illinois hen in daniels, cbs news. i was saying earlier, this has been definitely not a dull weather year. we've that had flooding out west be we had tornadoes -- >> nationally the big picture. >> even here we have had record heat or record this or that but no snow. >> 1.4 inches so far at national. whoever. ooh yeah. i'm a snow western. we have ha expert witness -- person. we have ha chance for snow on sunday. believe it or not. so lot going on. we start with a look at the temperatures right now. and that's because i didn't load my weather computer. that's why we're looking at the temperatures which are well into the 60s here. by i didn't want to tell you andrea that we have an allergy update today for you. and of course as you're feeling it, the tree
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surprise there. is in the high category. grasses, weeds and molds, they are low. for the afternoon, temperatures mid- to upper 60s. in fact i know it's 65 on our screen here but national is 67 at the moment. maybe near 70 with a chance for some showers as the afternoon wears on. 5:00 on in town it will be earlier out to the west in fact already some showers not far from winchester and martinsburg. out of the west coming out of west virginia. much more so in pennsylvania headed to the north. but it's out west generally west of i-81 with the showers and some of them on the heavy side. in toward west virginia trying to move in to garrett county. mostly light to moderate shores from cross junction -- showers from cross junction north to han and kaiser and romney and cumberland and flint tone and pawpaw. all seeing the showers here and here it is just across i-85 in around the state line. north of winchester. right up into tigers how long and -- hagerstown and carlisle and green castle showing the showers and some of the -- seeing the showers and some of the sprinkles in northern freder
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few minutes. lots of clouds in town on the michael & son camera but quiet right now. and mild. 67 breezy too. we've got winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. helping to bring the warmer air here and you see them a moment ago the temperatures which are in the upper 60s in fredericksburg. it's 64 for easton and cambridge. in the 40s in cumberland with the rain and hagerstown. but the milder air is going to come your way in a little while and talking temperatures, these are the current air temperatures. in alaska, 43 below in battles and fairbanks 47 below. even parts of canada in the 30, 40 below range. this extends into north central canada. a lot of cold air and you need that for snow but it's all up there right now? it's going to come down thanks to a storm. this guy here is going to come on shore here and all that cold will file behind. ? come towards option. in the short-term, we're watching the showers and storms to our west. and we're looking at these showers coming through in spots this afternoon especially north and west of town. tonight we'll have a front that's going
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overnight should clear us out by morning. so we'll be at far better shape and as far as the weekend the cold is coming we'll have a storm developing but will the track be close enough to us this northern track, to give us a high chance for snow or will it be suppressed a little bit further south cloudy mean better chances south of town for snow in march believe it or not? it's a real possibility but something wear watching. i -- we're watching. i wrote a story yesterday and on the app at about the went weather threat. that's out there this afternoon. 67 if not warmer this afternoon. 50s tonight with scattered showers. tomorrow, early risers may see a shower the rest of us turning sunny and breezy 66. breezy at times thursday mid 60s. friday, colder. got chance for some rain or snow showers if that front 49. a cold saturday and then sunday a chance of snow and by the way don't forget clocks forward one hour saturday night into sunday morning. we'll be back with more in just a me
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welcome back to the news at noon. now some of you may view a wedding dress made out of taco bell wrappers as tacky. but it made perfect sense to diane nguyen. look at it she designed a mock wedding dress made out of taco bell bags and wrappers. now diane spilled the beans on instagram. saying she's not only wearing the dress on her big day, but she and her fiancee are also planning to get married at the taco bell chapel in vegas. nguyen's dress is part of her entry into the love and tacos contest the grand prize? a taco bell wedding for free. a woman in washington state is trying to find the young man who left an apology note at her door with r5 dollars in it. flush -- $5 in it. the note read i'm sorry
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stole your wind chimes, our mom died and she liked butterflies, my sister took it and put it by the window. he says i'm sorry, this is the only money i have. please do not be mad at us and signed it jake. well, chrissy marie doesn't condone stealing but she is not mad. she's actually trying to find jake so she can return the $5 and she also says she has an extra wind chime she'd like to give the siblings so each can have their own chime. we'll be back with one final look at the forecast. stay with us.
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asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, we're tracking new details about "washington post" reporter accused of posing as an i.c.e. agent. a day without a woman. and we talk
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in tomorrow's protests and our city your voice, what many of are you saying about the gop's new health care plan. well, that's its for wusa9 news -- it for wusa9 news. we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great day and keep the umbrella handy. [ captions by: cap
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[ doorbell rings ] >> jill: esther! always lurking except when you need her. [ gasps ] >> devon: hi. is it a bad time? >> jill: it just got better.


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