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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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debate, they approved the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> this bill got obamacare and it starts the process of putting patients back in charge of their choices. >> getting the bill out of committee is one thing, getting approval from the full house is another. >> i repeal obamacare in total which is in direct contrast to the house leadership plan to amend obamacare. >> the congressman is a member of the house freedom caucus, a group of about 40 conservative republicans. >> i think the overwhelming majority will not vote for the bill as it now reads. >> president trump has invited some of the freedom caucus members to go bowling at the white house tonight in an attempt to win them over. >> if people have ideas that will help provide a more patient centered healthcare system that drives down costs, the president and the team would be willing to meet with them. >> house speaker
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there's not a lot of room for negotiation, but he believes republican holdout may come over to his side. >> this is something we've been dreaming about for decades. this is the chance and the best and only chance will get. >> they still have not reported how much the gop plan would cost. that's expected to be released monday. craig boswell, cbs news, capitol hill. >> 24 house republicans would need to join every democrat to block passage of the bill. the margin on the senate side is much smaller, only three republican senators would have to join every democrat to kill the bill in the chamber. the challenge president trump's new travel ban meets. massachusetts has find him, new york and oregon plan to do the same. yesterday hawaii filed its own lawsuit. washington state fought the original travel ban. the new lawsuit claims the revised plan imposes many of the same
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the new band shut down the refugee program for 120 days and for 90 days at bars new visas for people from six predominantly muslim countries. the white house says president trump has concern about wikileaks release of cia documents detailing the cyber espionage tools. today on facebook, wikileaks will share unpublished information with technology companies to help them secure their systems and that the exposure of the explosive material is the cia's own fault. >> this is a historic act of devastating incompetence to have created such an arsenal and stored it all in one place and not secured it. >> today the senator ca
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will help terrorists. the documents describe how the cia bypasses security features to hack into computers, phones, and televisions. the cia has not commented on the investigation. it was 10 years ago today. today the white house pledged an unwavering commitment to bring this man home. the former fbi agent was working on an unauthorized cia mission. there is a standing reward of $5 million for information that leads to his safe return. levinson turns 69 tomorrow. the top u.s. commander of the middle east says he's reviewed the raid in yemen that killed a navy seal. the general says there was no lapses in judgment surrounding the operation, and he sees no need for further investigation. chief special warfare officer william brian owens died in the raid. six other troops were wounded. the general sa
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instigation found as many as 12 innocent civilians were killed. the raids turned up valuable information on al qaeda. now to breaking news out of germany. a man used in acts to attack people at a train station. he injured at least five people, one victim is said to be in critical condition. the suspect is in custody. police don't know why all this happened, but at this point, they are not calling this a terror attack. an unusual sight on the national mall this week as teepees don the landscape. it's part of the pstrote to stop the dakota access pipeline. an executive order has a project on the fast track, but native american say if they can't win hundreds of miles away, they are taking their battle straight to the president. wusa 9 has the story. >> reporter: they are taking their flight from standing rock here to the national mall. this is the start of a protest that will take us from here to the white house tomorrow. through frost and fi
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thousands against the dakota access pipeline. it's 1600 miles away in the heart of the dakotas, but now a different backdrop. >> we are here. this is our home. we set up these teepees to remind them that we are not extinct. we are still very alive and thriving. >> her attorney -- her journey took her from central america, standing in solidarity. her home is actually in standing rock. now in dc after protesting for nearly a year. >> below point was being shot with rubber bullets, being maced and gassed. >> president trump says the makeup pipeline equals more jobs, but native americans here launch a say. federal law requires the government to consult with tribes but those tribes can be overruled. now they also find themselves shot at when tensions reach breaking points. >> the scariest thing was to see whatever value and morals
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unravel in front of us. >> it's not just home but sacred land for many, so they plan to take a stand on america's front lawn hoping they will be heard. >> they are not putting us at the table, so if they are going to make any decisions regarding our land or water, we want to be there so our voices can be heard. >> the protesters here tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. wusa 9. the national cathedral will host an interfaith prayer service for the native american activists. that runs tonight from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. learning more about the victim of this week's vicious fox attack in fairfax county. a former editor at usa today was on her daily walk in their neighborhood when a rabid fox attacked her for 10 minutes. we spoke to her husband today who says his wife lost three pints of blood but she should be okay. neighbors in great falls wrapped her bloodied legs in towels
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saved her life. >> she told me at one point the fox knocked her to the ground and was on top of her. she kept hitting it with her cell phone, which was the only thing she had with her. >> a fox was euthanized on monday. she could be released from the hospital as early as saturday. power crews from michigan and new york are working to get the lights back on for hundreds of thousands of customers who were left in the dark by those powerful winds overnight. customers from the midwest to the northeast are without electricity. wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour tore off roofs and toppled trees. police near detroit say to people were killed when the tree fell on their car. much colder weather is going to blow into our area overnight. >> tracking the chance of some snow. happy as we have seen him in a long time. >> not extremely happy about this, but good enough for a
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problems except for wet roads. i say moderate to high. here at the bus stop tomorrow morning, bring the umbrella. falling temps. high impact there and low wind chills. we will give that a moderate impact. here's a look at future cast. by 4:00 in the morning, a couple leftover showers around metro area, but here is the
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turf. following a developing story out of boston where organizers of the city st. patrick's day will hold an emergency meeting to reconsider banning a gay veterans group from the festivities. they've marched in the parade the last two years, but organizers say the group has been violating the code of conduct by displaying a rainbow in their logo. one of the sponsors pulled out of the event in protest. massachusetts governor says she's not going to the parade unless it's reinstated. the jewish children's museum received a bomb threat this morning prior to opening. >> the museum founder said the threat came from overseas via e- mail. it warned of three pipe bombs planted in
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they evacuated the staff but police didn't find anything dangerous and that museum did open to the public. this marks latest threat targeting jewish institutions across the country. coming up, food deliveries on six wheels. robots now dropping off meals to customers in dc. but up next, smash and grab at a local gun store is caught ♪ know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from
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watch this video. i mean, it's pretty crazy what we are about to show you. it's dramatic video that shows you inside an overnight burglary . the thieves stole 24 handguns and seven rifles or shotguns in just over a minute. >> police are now concerned these weapons could end up on the streets in the hands of criminals. >> the crooks have already proven themselves capable of a brazen crime here and now they are heavily armed. the thieves have clearly spent some time figuring out how to pull this off fast. mass and gloves, they carry crowbars to make off with the handguns
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methodical from start to finish . apparently, satisfied with 24 handguns, 55 seconds after they pried open the door, one of the thieves started grabbing long guns off the wall. then as if timing it with a stopwatch at one minute and 10 seconds in, the apparent leader says, it's time to go. one minute 22 seconds after they started, the criminals are out the door with the guns. it will be another four and a half minutes before police arrived. >> they could be using them for other robberies which i'm sure is what they had in mind. >> i have been inside the store repeatedly to talk to the owners about gun crimes. they can watch those cameras in real time from their home and buy one account at least they were watching live
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at 4:00 this morning as the thieves ransacked their store. >> there was at least one other camera on the outside of the store. they caught the crooks driving away but it was nowhere nearly as sharp. all police could make out is it was a white colored four-door sedan. federal investigators say they busted a gun trafficking ring that stretched up and down the east coast. they have arrested two dozen people from virginia and dc and sees more than 200 weapons. they say the suspects about the guns in virginia and resold them in brooklyn. they funneled some of the money to associates in jail and use the rest of the money to buy drugs, jewelry, and clerks. in prince george's county, police are looking for the person they say killed
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heights. a woman discovered the body last night and flagged down a police officer. family members say the father of eight was celebrating just getting hired at home depot yesterday afternoon and he was killed in his old neighborhood. >> i got to say goodbye to him one last time and he hugged me like he did. whoever did this, i don't have no hard feelings in my heart. i just wish you would've thought twice before you killed my child. you not only killed him, you killed all of us. >> the family has set up a go find me page to help with funeral costs. we've got that information on our wusa 9 mobile app. join us tonight as we begin to celebrate harriet
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her legacy in maryland. saturday the harriet tubman underground railroad visitor center opened in church creek where this great leader was born a slave. so tonight and tomorrow night at 11:00, we look at her connection to the state and what led her to risk your life to bring freedom to others. we will also give you a sneak peek on what your journey to the park will look like. and find all kinds of extras online. we've got an interactive map, photo gallery, and extended interviews. coming to a sidewalk near you, a robot with pastrami on rye. robots are making food deliveries. basically, they are high-tech coolers on wheels. customers make an order online, and it uses sensors and cameras to navigate to the customer's home or office. >> they have a unique code to enter. in order to open the compartment
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. >> robots are made in estonia. they are operated by delivery service. the company says is the first service of its kind in the country. they plan to expand across the country. would you use this service? >> absolutely. >> it makes me uncomfortable. >> your order has to travel through his neighborhood. >> how do you know no one has tampered with it? >> you might say i don't want pickles. >> i totally agree. >> you are a mess. let's take alive look outside. a spectacular day. more like a pro. i want to point something out. while it is 70 degrees today, it's about 20 degrees above average. payback is this weekend when it's 20 degrees below average. clouds move in tonight. bus stop temperatures 40s 250, and there
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showers. grabbed the umbrella. just wet roads. nothing slippery tomorrow, but some flakes mixed in.  future cast 10:00 tonight, no worries. 55 downtown. a late night walk with the dog. by don here comes the snow and rain showers. surface temperatures above freezing. 40 in gaithersburg, 40 hagerstown, and the atmosphere could support snow. when it falls, it melts on contact. by 8:30, the snow showers moving across 95 to prince george's county. also, if you're coming up from 301 into southern maryland, rain and snow showers. more rain and snow showers throughout the day. not quite as widespread. good snow showers by tomorrow evening with temperatures in the 30s. still above freezing, so still no problems on the way home. the biggest problem will be the commute to work with the red roads. 40s to start. temps don't move much.
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we drop to 41 at 11:00, 44 by 1:00 p.m. the weekend is just cold now. the storm system is well south. upper 30s both days. a little breezy on saturday. looking like this. temperatures generally cold. look at this. we lose an hour of sleep over the weekend, and then the next storm looking more and more interesting. most of them have looked great five days out and then, pulls, we see this one come to fruition. >> whatever you say will be better than what just we heard. >> the fans none too pleased with what has been happening at redskins park. when your highest-
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now, wusa 9 game on sports brought to you by extremity. redskins fans are not happy at all with the drama that is engulfing the franchise. there's a group on social media planning a march on ashford tomorrow and saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. at redskins park. curious to see how many fans will show up to protest what's going on with the skins. there is another redskins leak. asking daniel snyder to trade him to which he denied the franchise tag. one of kirk's big targets is the wide receiver . he's reportedly signed an agent deal wi
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bucs. there is one player coming to dc. the free agency, defensive lineman terrel maclean their plate for dallas last season. 28 years of age. 40 tacklesey. thl willose chris baker to the tampa bay bucs. michigan basketball may be a team of destiny after a scary plane ride almost prevented them from making their destination in dc for the big ten tournament which they started today against illinois. after their plane skidded off the runway and crashed in michigan, no one was hurt. michigan's game, their jerseys were stuck at the bottom of the damaged plane so they had to wear practice jerseys against you know it -- against illinois. also, a good team to get behind as well. >> this was just a relief once we got from the airplane to the bus. after that, i
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shoulders hang back and kind of focus on what we have to do today. >> i think the hardest part was getting back on the plane. once we landed i think everybody was fine, just excited to get back on the court and get back to normal. >> they play tomorrow. i expect them to be in those uniforms again. >> kirk cousins, what's going to happen with him? >> i think that he will be traded. he will be a lame-duck quarterback next year. >> if he's asked for a trade, you've got to do that. >> i think bruce allen and dan snyder will be owners. >> we are back to where we were. >> and it's an ugly past. >> sometimes we don't learn. temps drop in tomorrow. good enough for
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