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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 10, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> it's friday, march 10th, 2017. this is the cbs morning news. today president trump faces the opposition, making his pitch for the republican replacement to obamacare. winter weather heads into the northeast this morning while parts of the midwest are cleaning up after whipping winds. breaking overnight, two protesters are killed in south korea after the president's ouster. and it was a hollywood ending for the suspect in an l.a. police chase. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at
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good to be with you. i'm ann marie green. well, in washington today, president trump will lobby owe poernts of the obamacare replacement proposed by house republicans. two house committees approved parts of the measure, meanwhile more states joined the legal challenge to the president's revised travel ban. rocks anna is here in new york. good morning. >> good morning, ann marie. president trump tweeted yesterday that the new house care bill will, quote, end in a beautiful picture. he's pushing hard to make that happen. mr. trump twrieg to winnow conservatives critical of the plan. mr. trump meets today with key house committee chairs to discuss advancing the gop health care bill and vice-president mike pence will meet with abortion rights opponents to make it clear the bill would dee fund planned parenthood. >> in the last few years it's been hard enough for hard working americans and small businesses to get ahead. frankly obamacare has made it more difficult. >> today's push by the president and vice-president comes after two fresh and substantial
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house. the energy and ways and means committees both passed their portions of the bill along party lines on thursday to the chagrin of democrats. >> it doesn't lower cost. it doesn't improve benefits. and it doesn't expand access. >> the gop proposal eliminates the controversial individual mandate, employer mandate and most taxes. the legislation keeps portions of the affordable care act including protection for those with preexisting conditions and dependent coverage until age 26. it also waits until 2020 to roll back obamacare's medicaid expansion. meanwhile another court battle is looming for the trump administration over the new version of its travel ban. temporarily preventing all refugees as well as travelers from six predominantly muslim nations from entering the u.s. >> this new executive order contains many of the same legal weaknesses as the first and reinstates some of the identical policies as the original.
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are suing to block it. so far six states have announced they will challenge the travel ban in court. hawaii, washington, oregon, minnesota, new york and massachusetts. the ban is scheduled to go into effect next thursday. ann marie? >> thanks a lot, roxana. the white house says that president trump has grave concern about the wikileaks release of classified cia material. the president thinks the cia systems need updating and as reported, julianna sanction appears to agree with mr. trump. >> this is an historic act of devastating incompetence. >> in a nearly hour long presentation, wikileaks founder julian assange railed against the cia for failing to protect its secret cyber espionage tools. >> the central intelligence agency lost control of its
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>> wikileaks says it obtained the information from so-called gray hat hackers, contractors who work for u.s. intelligence. the 8,000 stolen documents detailed cia tools to penetrate smart phones, smart televisions and computer systems. in a statement a cia spokesman said assange is not a bastian of truth and integrity. the agency said the disclosures jeopardize u.s. personnel and operations. the cia was aware weeks before tuesday's disclosure that valuable information may have been stolen. the fbi is now working with the cia to determine not only who stole the information, but whether another country like russia was involved. jim lewis consults with the u.s. government and military about cyber security. >> there's good data that suggests ties between assange and the russian security services. and there's very strong data that wikileaks has a powerful
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anti-american agenda. >> wikileaks says that it is reaching out to companies like microsoft, apple and google so that they can fix the hacking vulnerabilities. they all say that they are working to close loopholes they already know about. jeff begay, cbs news, washington. >> this morning a south korean court upheld parliaments decision to impeach president park. following the decision two protesters were killed. park was impeached for her role in a corruption scandal involving a friend. she's the first democratically elected south korean leader to be forced from office. park could now face criminal charges. a presidential election will be held within 60 days. and this morning the northeast is bracing for a bout of march snow. winter weather is posted in pennsylvania, new york, massachusetts and connecticut, up to 5 inches of snow could fall in some areas. strong winds from an earlier
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england. some areas saw hurricane force winds, hundreds of thousands lost power. it is the same story in the midwest where clean up continues after a string of tornadoes and strong wind caused significant damage. a nude photo scandal involving marines has spread to all branches of the military. the pentagon is now investigating another website where men from all branches of the military exchanged nude photos of service members. overseas a suspect is under arrest following an axe attack at a train station in germany. seven people are injured. three seriously in the attack that appeared to be random. the 36-year-old suspect was captured after he jumped off an overpass near the station. police say he is from the former yugoslavia and has psychological problems. san francisco police are looking for a biker gang that beat up a driver. video taken by another driver wednesday shows one of the
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sedan. one biker started to punch and smash the car windows. the driver who works for uber [ inaudible ]. now potentially on life support. >> this morning detracters of the gop's bill are pouncing on a new report, this is the plan would not only pinch medicaid across the country, about with its strip of military people over mandated health and addiction services from coast to
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>> powerful midwest winds turned an ohio girls' return home into a thrill ride. whoa. when she opened her door weesday, a gust grabbed it and sent her soaring. the winds cut power to more than a million customers. the girl is fine, though, and she'll forever be the star of her family's home movies for sure well, the nfl is accused of painkiller abuse and ahead of the epa makes questionable claims about carbon dioxide. those are some of the headlines on the morning news stand. the new york times reports that the nation's environmental chief disputes widely accepted conclusions about climate change. scott pruitt said he does not think carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels is a primary cause of global warming. ui
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to lead the environmental protection agency. carbon dioxide is a recognized pollutant and the epa is legally required to regulate it. usa today says sex scandals are shaking the kalgt lick church in italy. several priests face orgy, prostitution and pornography. pope francis has urged better screening of men entering the priesthood. the washington post reviews court papers dlaming that nfl teams routinely break federal laws by giving players powerful painkillers. retired players are suing, saying they suffered long-term health damage. the league calls the suit meritless. time explains why the tap water in an alberta town temporarily turned pink. rather, a faulty valve released a potassium compound used to purify the water. the mayor says it's been fixed and that the residents were never endangered. the boston globe says
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today's employment numbers with a likely rise in interest rates on tap for next week. yesterday was quiet as stocks barely moved. the dow jones gained two points. the s&p 500 picked up a point, and the nasdaq finished one point higher. the price of oil continues to drop. oil is now trading at its lowest price since november after the government reported a huge buildup in fuel stockpiles. opec agreed to reduce production, but so far that hasn't stopped the price line. oil fell 2% to $49.28 a barrel. secretary of state rex tillerson has recused himself from deliberations of transcanada's application to build the key stone excel oil pipeline. environmental groups called on tillerson the former ceo of exxon/mobil to remove himself. the pipeline would carry oil from canada to the u.s., then president obama halted the project. president trump invited key stone to rmi
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application. e commerce giant amazon is now saying, hola, amazon flagship site is starting to offer spanish to appeal to spanish speakers in the u.s. spanish speakers can toggle between english and spanish on the site. the u.s. is now the second largest spanish-speaking country in the world after mexico. and there is a first-time champion in the nation's beverage battle. a trade group says bottled water outsold carbonated drink last year. worries about the effect of sugary drinks and tap water spurred the sales. the average american gluged more than 39 gallons of bottled h 2 o. ann marie. >> hey, where a well hydrated nation. that's a good thing. >> it is. >> it's a bad habit. it's okay. every once in a while. >>
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. defying storms and sharks, the south african man completed the first atlantic crossing ever on a stand-up paddle board. chris burr dish reached the caribbean island of an tiger ayed. it was the end of a 93-day 4,000 mile trip from morocco. he made an estimated 2 million
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after facing a life or death emergency, a playoff game must have seemed easy for michigan basketball team. the wolverines scored a 21 point win over washington to reach the quarterfinals of the big 10 tournament. they survived a scare wednesday when their plane crashed during an attempted take off from ipsalanti. >> they played connected today like they were connected yesterday when we got 100 some people off an airplane it seemed like in two minutes. >> the wolverines played the game in their practice jerseys, though, because their uniformed are still on the wrecked plane. and parents often wonder just were their kids pretend to be embarrassed by them. it's things like this. a texas dad's eye catching moves to a bruno mars tune during a father/daughter dance. but he says his 12-year-old encouraged him and now the video is a facebook sensation. popping and locking, bringing back old
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friday is here. we have a yellow weather alert. rain is headed our way, snow, too. plus we're in for a pretty cold weekend as well. why gm oh , scott
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who's going to replace him. >> why some parents of middle schoolers are upset with the team's cheerleaders. today is going to be uncomfortable. how gorgeous was yesterday. we had temperatures into the 70s. we had a ton of sunshine. today not the case. we have some snow arriving and also a little bit of rain. lets get to it. a closer look at the temperatures that's going to be a key in our forecast today. we do have snow showers occurring in cumberland, a lot of that going to melt. garrett county, parts of west virginia, they could see a couple of inches out of this, anywhere along the mason-dixon line we're talking a dusting if that for some of those colder spots. this is all going to melt on its journey to d. c. when do i showers arrive, later on. if you're in frederick or
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snow falling and then it will get out of here. we're talking around the noontime is when the showers will start to head to the south and east. that's when the winds pick up, and it will be rather blustery today. ellen good morning. good morning allyson. there was a closure overnight, just opened a little over an hour ago on suitland parkway as you head eastbound. police have told us they have cleared that crash that involved some -- i think a fatal crash. possibly serious injuries as well. if you're on route 32 right now, we still have a crash. this one involves a fuel spill between bw parkway and route 170. and then some construction on pa 5 north and southbound, a couple leaps blocked. not seeing significant delays yet. hopefully that construction will clear up in the next 30 minutes. we're following brea
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the first one is in clinton maryland. a house fire now out. we have heard from neighbors. fortunately all the residents were able to make it out. we will continue to update the story. a deadly crash in prince george's county on suitland waif by the beltway. one person was killed. a child was rushed to a trauma center. another adult is expected to survive. rallied turned violent overnight as the impeachment of president park -- the former president involved in a corruption scandal involving samsung and now may face criminal charges and proceedings. he's the first to be. let's take a quick look at what's going on. the news at 4:30 starts right now. >> this is wake up washington
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. wait until you see this, hold on little girl, gone with the wind. this happened in ohio yesterday. you can't get enough of this video. we're going to show it again and again all morning long. it's that good. she is okay. >> momma says she's okay. >> she is just fine. i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. happy friday everybody. today is going to be a wet one. let's get straight to allyson right now. could we really see some snow. >> yes, we are going to see some snow. once it hits the ground it's going to melt right away. it will be wet out there for parts of your morning commute. as far as slippery conditions, that is going to be limited to pennsylvania. if you're traveling today to pennsylvania, that's going to impact your commute. garrett county, parts of west virginia, that's where we could see a little bit. i'm going to have a map coming up later. once you head south and east of hagerstown, we're not going to see too much as far as snow. showers, absolutely and a cold rain and a
4:30 am
down from the sky. 8:00 this morning, showers and moving through d. c. yes that is a blue snow. it doesn't take much to support snow falling from the sky through that column in the atmosphere. the ground surface was 74 yesterday. we're not going to see anything stick to the ground. we're at 38. we're not even near freezing. 9:30, fast forwarding that precipitation. this is why we have that yellow weather alert. some showers still hanging around, snow falling but melting on contact through parts of north and west of d. c. by noontime, 11:30 to noon it's still kind of fading away. what's going to happen for the rest of the day. it clears out after the lunch time, but then it's still blustery. you see this little kind of mix here, yeah, maybe a flurry, a stray shower, blustery, cold, temperatures are going to feel into the low 30s during the afternoon. you are just going to feel that cold air come on in. i'm going to f


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